Introduction for Saving the World NOW

Introduction to a Website for Saving the World NOW



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Our World is Immanently Endangered due to Human Misunderstanding, False Hierarchy and Strife

This Website Will Help Everyone Change and Save the World NOW, and Insure Planet Earth’s Sustainability and Future in the Universe
It is literally, a World Savior Website

We Regard the Actual Savior as not one Person but a Process Within, Between and Among Everyone, the Peaceful but Rapid ReEvolutionary Change from Patriarchy and False Hierarchy to Gender Partnership and Wholly Human Cooperation with One Another and Universall Nature, the GoddessGodProcess Mystery, But One Person Is and Can Catalyze the Change, and Each Such Person is Messiah, CoMessiah CoSAVIORA with the Authoress of this Website

This Website Offers The New Millenniall Golden Rule, 5 Pillars to Make that Change Possible and Realizable Quickly, YOU/WE ALL are the 4th Pillar. We Regard All Who Embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule and Share it, NOW NOW NOW, with FamilyCommunity, known and yet to be known, locall and globall,  to be WORLDSAVERS OF EVERY HERITAGE, COSAVIORA Reuniting All Heritages in Good Faith with One Another and GoddessGod.

Most Essentiall HIghlights of Website

The New Millenniall Golden Rule                  

Your Currency of Infinite Wealth  
A Systemic Understanding of Whats Wrong: Connecting the Dots
Why Reparative 5050 is Necessary NOW
Atonement Confession for Patriarchy and False Hierarchy Pages (this has several Page Sections for Unique Error/Sin/Anava/Truth and Reconciliation)
Apology Atonement Confession Redemption Enlightenment Phone Line                                                          

About: The Web Hostess: a First Not Not Last or Only Messiah CoMessiah from the  Branch of HumanFamilyCommunity Expected to Bring Forth Messiah.                                     

Reparative Gender-Balanced Flowering Grassroot Congresses and Courts                                                                               


Assemblies of Good-Faith and Sacred Meeting  

Women and Men of Restoration and Balance

Suppressed, Now Riszen Declarationsz of Gender Parity as and Inalienable Human Right                         

ESign the Declarations                                           

                                                                                                               World Examples of Parity and True Democracy

Resource Links                               Posts of Additional

Background and Resource Information

We Invite You to Link to a New Media  to Assist the Change:         New Tellevision                        

The Website is Added to Enhanced Frequently
If you would like to contribute content to this Website, send an email to






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