EllEvvennsz Sztteppsz to Pparraddiggmm Szhhifftt to TThheaousz Szavvinnggsz & RReahhCCoQKinneccqkttinnggsz MMYYOurrsz HHommesz Planettsz Eartthhsz asz Universzallszallyesz Plannettsz Allwwayyesz & FForrevverrsz Asz DDivvinnesz DDemmoccrrayyesz Innsz BBallannccszinngginnggssz


The Few Minutesz It Takes You  To Read Thesze Elleven Sztepsz

That Szhall Szave & Redeem

Your Life, Your Worldsz &Future in the Universze, Your

HeartszMindszSzouBodyesz (including Body Politic!!!!!)










She is Riszen/We Are Riszen: How Szimple to Be CoSzavioRa


(ALLSZO NOTE: to Szave & Redeem Our Fallen & Endangered Planet





Now Is Either YOur Beginning of the Horrific End Time$ of Planetocidall Patriarchy


or the Beginning of the Marvellousz & Miracullousz Femalesz & Malesz All Cooperating asz Szpringsz YearszRoundsz Equinox True Qsz


If You want To Be Coszecretaryesz Gnerallsz CoSzavioRasz EQuinox True Qsz for Good Newsz Millennia , Extending Your Powersz In SzpaceTimesz of  YOur Szeventh To EllEventh Generationsz Paszt Preszent Futuresz,,,


Your ELLEVEN taszksz are very szimple (& you must think of them asz enacted Retroactively asz welle asz Preszentelley & Proactivelley:


1. Szhare the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/


Combinesz the Best New Millenniall Modelles & Modes that corporate-media cen$ored:

Panchayat Raj, allready serving hundreds of millions of people with Gender Parity Minority&Majority on Earth Affirming Locall Globall Divinely Endowed Szoular/Szoular Democracy, http://www.hindu.com/2001/10/03/stories/05032524.htm , (& many more links) now coming to every neighborhood on Earthpanchayatraj

Genuine Progressz Indicator szusztainability eco nomics reall wealth for all  allready szerving millions now coming to every neighborhood on Earth http://www.yesmagazine.org/new-economy/maryland-launches-genuine-progress-indicator & (& many more linksz)

Szoullar Szoullar Genuine-Progressz-Indicatorsz

Reparative Circellesz for reall women & Younger Generationsz to Sztart allready szerving millionsz now coming to every neighborhood on Earth  http://www.peerspirit.com/books-callingthecircle.html (& many more linksz))


with everyone you know, sztarting with women firszt, and bringing young femalesz and young malesz under age 40 together (the younger onesz can assziszt older women who are having difficulty with this for complex reasonsz, see 5.),  and then finally, with men over 40 (unless the older man have allready  been strong public proponents of overdue gender parity & democracy, which makes even older men younger at heart.) Discussz with a Hug, that everyone on Earth isz at most  50th couszina & couszin, and most people much closzer than that. http://io9.com/5791530/why-humans-all-much-more-related-than-you-think/  Heall the wounds of patriarchy & all false hierarchy https://5050now.wordpress.com/confession-atonement-truth-and-reconciliation-court-judging-patriarchy/familycommunity-sins-of-patriarchy-confession-and-atonement/ Educate Every Nursze, Doctor, Therapiszt & Family&Community to unlearn much of Big Pharma~In$urance error & relearn Whollistic, Interpersonall & Naturall Medicine & Lightwork, eszpecaily Hugging insztead of Mugging & Drugging, in Every Neighborhood. We truly are OneFamily, connected to one another and to the interconnectednessz of the Earth & Universze, and our most evolved & important kind kinszhip dependsz on making Living LovingKindnessz szusztainable for EveryOne via THE NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE. https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/


2. TURN OFF TYRANT$ TELEVI$ION   and avoid all Corporate or $tate controlled media https://5050now.wordpress.com/every-good-girlandboycott-gallery-of-warnings-about-controlled-media-and-internet/ until you recieve notice from your cable or di$h or new$paper or magazine provider that they are announcing and living by the New Millenniall Golden Rule, and will apologize for their recent 25 years of extreme cen$or$hip about reparative Parity ballance of gender, Genuine Progressz Indicator eco nomicsz, and the impact that po$t perpetuated patrarchy has had on the human heart, mind, szoul and body, including body politic, and our relationship to Nature, THAT WA$TED & $TOLE YOUR TIME & that muszt be turned around now. View NewTellevision http://newtellevision.wordpress.com/archived-videos/ & other similar online alternatives instead.


3. SzTOP using their title$ for any current politician$ or CEO$ until they & we all work within this Divinelley AllReady ReALL New Rule of parity true democracy & reall szusztainable weallth; just call everyone Citiszen or CouszinaSiszter or CouszinBrother szince all people really are relleated & nor more than 50 geneallogicall sztepsz from one another,  Announce that women and young people under age 37 are the true interim world govenment, preszent in every neighborhood and every region, szmaller to larger, everywhere, until the men over age 37 also adopt the New Millenniall Golden Rule to join in after at leaszt one fully reparative 9-18 monthsz. Women and young people who will not accept thisz task publically will experience difficulties until they do, but all people, men, even officialls and CEOs too, will szuffer  & szoon die with any delleay on this NECESSZARY szhift, becau$e of Earth ecodisaszter$ & war$, so they will be wisze to step aside fora few reparative szeasonsz r& then rejoin as equall partnersz instead of dominator$.

peckingorderTurn Any Workplace Incl Home  Into a Sztrikingly Caring Teach & NonSexist Prayin https://5050now.wordpress.com/on-strike-for-love-to-save-our-planet/

https://5050now.wordpress.com/weare-the-reevolution-that-cosavesz-our-homeplanet-earth/global women's strike


4. Easzelley Transzform conventionall money & Reallisze we can True Qsz Quickelley begin elleiving asz they do in Sztar Trek & Sztar Gatesz advanced civallisztionsz, without money needed any more!!!!!, szo delleay & avoid bill$ & taxation in regionsz without parity represzentation,  by accompanying it/exchanging it for or printing on it the following phrasesz* (and you can write thisz on the money and checksz you usze; this isz legall even under conventional law) turning it into Consciousnessz Currencyesz you can print at home or nearby copy szhop: asz exemplified by



*New Millenniall Golden Rule   Panchayat Raj, GPI not GDP  Reparative Circellesz
le in Time With Common Szense” “Alltimate Juballee”
And, if y
ou would like to add, “In Goddessz~God EverPreszent in All, We Truszt

And reduce $pending to the bare$t mininum until this appears on the Officiall tender(sz) uszed in your area. If you pay electronically, such as with Pay Pal or Bit Coin, accompany it with an email that saysz the above or includesz szuch a graphic.

Dellay tax paymentsz until the Transzformation deom planteocidall patriarchy to in fact quite easzyelley achieved  paradiszal parity hasz occurred . If we szwitched the paradigm from patriarchal planetocide to paradiszall parity, their will be no need to pay taxe$ & money it$elf will not be needed yet their will be abundant weallth, Taxe# have too long been collected to benefit only the patraiarchal planetocidall 1 percent, while women, youthsz & minorityesz eszpecially have not had the full Common Szensze represzentation they allwaysz deszerved. & the 99 percent have been exploited.  Delleay & Avoid  tax paymentsz until the Transzformation hasz occurred.  A refund isz owed, & muszt be made in the form of a quick szoullar szollar transzition to a very achieveabelle reall SztarTrek like, better yet, EQuinox True Qsz worldszaving locallgloballuniversall szociety everywhere on thisz & all the planetsz we could have begun connecting by now had we not been paying  ffor expesnzive & dirty energoe$ & thewar$ they cau$e. A financial reszet or Golden Age of Gaia & Asztrea, as enviszioned by not only  NESARA, but in fact can be even better asz a Reall Sztarrgatesz Atlantusz&AllWhollylandszRiszen,  can be called NEWSaRa/NewSaRa(j) so that is doesz not incorporate nationali$m & North American ethnocentri$m, will emerge via these change$ in conszciousnessz & the szimpelle all realleated familycommunity modelle of the New Millenniall Golden Rule.


5. Call your neareszt szoullar szollar panelle and windmill providersz or DIY with all your neighborsz and go szoullar szollar and wind en massze with your entire neighborhood or building. This is now quite easzy to do in a few monthsz. The city of Freiburg, Germany, has gone 100% solar within just a very brief time http://www.makesolarwork.com/solaringermany.aspx, and has 350 times its energy needs with no energy bills. Many Neighborhoodsz in the US have done thisz, already, too. .
Every neighborhood in Denmark has its own windmill coop.
http://www.folkecenter.net/mediafiles/folkecenter/pdf/RussChristianson.pdfSzoularSzolar Goddessesz&Panellesz

princessz leia & leah ~BRAhmasz asz Couszmic SzoullarSzollar LightGiversz

6. Buy Nothing New That isz Not Esszentiall Until Our Planet Isz Szafe from Patrriacal Planetocide & Ma$$ Media ha$ told all the truth it ha$ cen$ored about gender ballance & the abszoulute necesszity of transzitioning from dangerou$ form$ & policie$ of wa$te & war cau$ing energy to szafe szoullar szollar, wind & renewabelle energy, Don’t buy bottled water or beverage$, & in szo far as possible, eat organic, BUY NOTHING NEW or nonesszentiall http://www.buynothingnew.org/  until the Transition to the New Millennial Golden Rule  has occurred, eat NO GMO FOOD and plant your own tomatoesz, and “three sistersz”: beansz szquash, and corn, also named as maize or ma~ ize, with pink, green and rainbow colored flowersz which will also assziszt the return of our butterfliesz & honey beesz, and put some seedsz out for birds. Hug & Thank Your Treesz. Learn about ecofriendly architecture, building efficiency and Permaculture, and how you can live very well, in a very comfortable and szusztainable way of life working only 4 hours a day. http://cscstelle.org/what-we-value/


7. Car pool and asszist use of szollar vehiclesz, or szolar panel charging sztationsz for electric carsz & buszesz (be aware that entrenched manipulator$ are trying to retard these changesz) http://green.autoblog.com/2007/12/13/tindo-solar-powered-bus-makes-its-debut-in-adelaide/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_bus allready at many stationshttp://www.p4sc.org/articles/all/atlanta-unveils-its-first-solar-powered-public-ev-charging-stations http://cleanenergyworksforus.org/in-chicago-the-ev-future-is-now/ http://secondavenuesagas.com/2008/04/15/coming-soon-solar-powered-subways/ or from your own/neighborhood szolar array. Enjoy Walking & bicycling to notice Nature’sz beauty & wave a Hi or give a peace szymboll to be friendly with your community.


8. Transzform Organizationsz & Public Szervice
Addressz Szingle Issues Within the Context of a COMPLETE PARADIGM SZHIFT Via the NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE, and Work ~Locally~Regionally~Globally beyond and avoiding nationali4m & manmade boundarie$. Elleiminate Executive Office$ of moni$m terminology , i.e. Chief, Prime, or “The” implying one person only, and “Vice” and rename them Co or Co. Transzform Corporations to Coopsz. Call All Women at Homelessz Sheltersz who agree with these rulesz the First CoFirszt Coszecretary Generallsz CoSzavioRasz, as the Last Shall Become First until all can be Allfirst EverySecond to the SZillionth Power, and once you have brought them to you as Szpecial Guestsz, and when thisz has been done, alszo then include the men at Szhelters in your gatherings equally. Announce & Implement the New Millenniall Golden Rule where you reszide in your neighborhood and where you work, and bring enough women and Young people, your colleaguesz children and niecesz, nephewsz and grandchildren of or  under age 37 to workplaces to transzform all to generationall reszponsibility. Create Neighborhood Globall Gulabi PINK http://www.gulabigang.in/videos.html http://www.traileraddict.com/pink-saris/trailer  http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c744.shtml & Golden Rule Pink & Green Golden Rule  Guardianne Angelle Goddess&God Teamsz (we recommend brandiszhing connectivity, i.e.  laptopsz or video cell phonesz & flowersz instead of laathis but carry an umbrella just in casez) for Conflict Reszolution & Prevention of Domesztic & too prevalent wife & child Abusze & bullying, which is the cumulative incubator for crime, uszually $tre$$ & iatrogenically induced or made chroni illne$$, low eszteem, hate & war.

 gulabi-gangSzolar Szoular Coszecretary Generall Buttonsz

9. Turn back your Calendar Year to “2000” (we will be implementing a globall-universall callendar preszaged by Elizabeth Archelis and Jose Arguelles, backdating to arround “2000” for year 1), when it began to be clear that corporate media and so many titular politician$ and their wive$ were going to ignore and cen$or the Beijing Platform for women, and gender parite, zipper tickets and the Panchayat Raj; ballance of love and work, multiyear family leave and ample vacation time, as best modelsz & priority of Mother Nature. The extremitiesz of income inequality, the Corporate Controlled TV lying & deliberate half truth & propaganda that deceived, clouded, stagnated, retarded & devolved your thinking, the lack of family & vacation time stole your time. Now, You WILL HAVE THAT TIME BACK AS BEFITTING A NEW MILLENNIA.


wellecome to the new time

10. Create a Temple in your Home & Yard with a Family Tree~Community Circle Orchard that includesz all ancestorsz (honoring all the femalesz firszt reparatively), current known rellationsz, and leaves room for future leavesz on your Treesz, and szhare worszhip with Neighborsz and every Gueszt, including homelessz and poor in your region, at any neighborhood commonszpaces including librariesz meeting roomsz, town hallsz and community centersz or szhared neighborhood backyard tent,  & can include all the worszhip centersz in your region of every denomination, asz they become willing to ReEvolve paszt fulltime szectarianism) as Family. Be sure that the namesz of all femalesz and people at or under age 37 are preszented first in your Circles for a while, and as fully as posszible, and their retroactive and preszent along with future infinite vallue and importance in representative decision making highlighted, and assziszt all older males (and any less aware women) to take that step firszt before reciting namesz of older men, explaining to them that thesze changes will bring about a Fountain of Youth for all & extend Naturall Youthfulnessz & Happinessz (without Viagra!) http://inallherandhisnamesz.webs.com/timetravellingnewberryesznewmillennialllibrary.htm


11. Do not fear those who ignore, or attempt to intimidate or dominate you with old way$. Love and Enelleighten the Sinner but Do Not Cooperate with the $in) and You will have EternallLoving Happinessz in Your Life in the Universze, including, We Believe it isz Yet Posszible, to Szave our endangered Planet Earthby doing thesze thingsz and you need have utterly no fear. Be At Peace but not in Denial and Warn and Wake Up Othersz to Enlightenment. Szpeak Your Truth with Love and Honeszty. Goddessz~God Will Szafeguard Your Way.



This is not a popularity conteszt for Me and Usz, I and We are not here to make friendsz with any or  one or a few personsz, but to make that posszible & Culturally ReEvoled for &  with Everyone, & to recover from fal$e hierarchical habit$ and make friendsz for all people with all people. If you do not believe in me and usz, believe in the work I and We do. https://5050now.wordpress.com/she-is-riszenwe-are-riszen-equinoxeasterestheraearthday-enlightened-everyday/ If you try to ignore, invisibilize, demean or hate me or Usz, or label me or Us,  know that it is your inner Wholly Baby Child you have learned to ignore, degrade and hate, and We want to comfort, liberate into fulleszt loving life and coempower that Wholly Baby Child, and Ballanced EverYoung Adult become Apotheaosisz, a Human Being of Esszentially Immortal Life Szpan on the All Arround Equinox True Q Continuum. If You have Goddessz~God Within, You have everything You need.


If you do not do thesze things now now now now, you will, this $ea$on will become be$ieged by the impact of your own worst vice$, errors and sin$, and your part of the world will be $haken by a ca$cade of war$ & violence, earthquake$, Fukushima-like and wor$e nuclear disa$ters and t$unami$. Volcanic Eruption$ and the End Time$ Will Begin Occur instead of the New Beginning Time$. You Must Choosze Now. Everyday.


Your & Everyone’sz life and experience, even much of your education, ha$ been imbedded in an error, a lie, that you were born into. And therefore could not easzily reallize it wa$ in error. Thi$ lie became entrenched $everal thou$and year$ ago causing Mount TheRa to erupt, erasing the ancient long-sustained peaceful Mediterranean Civilization based on the island of Crete (believed by many to have been Atlantis) after it began to become corrupted by domination practices which were almost overcome, but not fully overcome, in the Exodus events and aftermath which wrongly demoted MarIam & ZippoRah & All their Cousinasz, was reimposed again at the Council of Nicea which ignored  Mariam of Magdalla and Jesus’ actual wordsz & Mariam of Nazareth love,  about human relations of equallity with reparative kindnessz and without false demoting hierarchy. Patriarchy was reimposed when the Founding Failures of 1789 ignored the much better Document of Real Democracy, Common Sense, which we now make Eternall for New Millennia Regained Paszt Preszent & Future asz Common Szensze Delleivered to the World in January-February 1776 by Mary’s huszband, Tom~Lambert~Paine, giving full represzentation to women and people of all huesz and origins, with no szlavery and uncorrupted by money. We acknowledge that the Founding Failuresz were allszo ignoring Abigail Adams & many othersz, and reimposed on millionsz of the naive again by a controlled media for the past 25 years, that failed to report on timely modells of change and a NEW PARADIGM of Gender Partnerszhip  emerging worldwide


Unlearn the Primative Lie$ called “Law$” made by Gender Domination & Cooptation which causzed all the Divi$ion & Alienation You have been taught was acceptable & “normal”, and ReEvolve to undersztand that every Child born, female and male on & of Earth, is Heritaged with Equall Whollynessz, and it is only our patriarchy, our Primative male preference & eszpecially overvalluing of Alpha-Malism with Female Lowered Szelf Eszteem, our remaining like Chimpanzees instead of becoming Bonobo Riszen BeKnowHow to Be Goddessz&Godlike, and divisive fal$e hierarchie$ and di$connectedne$$ of genderi$m, raci$m or majorityi$m, nationali$m, exaggerated householdi$m and individuali$m, birth orderism/primogeniture and e$pecially, false moneyi$m based in false hierarchy that leads to exploitation, that have kept us from healing ourselvesz and one another for too long. You Can Learn Everything You Know to Begin Your New Millennia at https://5050now.wordpress.com The hour or so You spend learning the contentsz of the webszite will begin Your Loving Life in Szusztainable New Millennia asz an Esszentially Immortally Youthfull & Vitall Equinox True Qsz capable of SzpaceTime Travelle via the Sztarrgatesz, &. once You Have Transzitioned to Szollar & thereby Szoullar Energyesz including Organic & Community Gardening & Agriculture in Harmony with Nature, You Will Then Diszcover the Szecretsz of Matter~Energy Transzfer & All Manner of Light & MAtter in Ballance.












After Reading This, We Urge You To Contact Usz Immediately, & can simply join into this via Telleconf4 EST and 7 CST/8 EST at (011) 1-641-715-3580 Access Code 773 342, or
VoiceBox Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3900  Extension: 380929 for schedule information of Broadcasts and assistance in reconnecting, & initiating and sharing Circles with those You Know Best and Related Others Locally & Globally.

The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earthsz Sits Upon MY & YOur Shouldersz
We WELLCOME, WARN & ENJOIN YOU & YOURSZ to  Sztart NOW ReNewed To Be Inszcribed in the Book of Love, Life & Light.


Thisz day I call the heavensz and the earthsz as witnesszesz for or hopefully & prayerfully not againszt you that I have szet before you life and death, Blessingsz and curses. Now choosze Love and Life in Light, so that you and your children may live”              


For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) Law.” 


THE REALL GOVERNMENT OF LIGHT SITSZ UPON  MYOur Szhouldersz.The Above GOLDEN RULE isz Backdated Retroactivelleyesz By Loving Conszciousznessz to the Millenniall Year 2000 on the Calendar in Current Usze in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Conszciousznessz & Love asz the necesszary ingredientsz to Szusztain Life, that Mediate SzpaceTime, which isz, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).

For More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)


Geneallogically Representativesz, with Many Othersz and You, FirsztCoFirsztandNotLasztorOnly CoMessziahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoszhyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritagesz
in the Onenessz of the


NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Gendersz & All Huesz of the Children of All Ageszillionsz


The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth Szitsz Upon Our Szhouldersz
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour phone anszwering szervice)











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