EveryDay Isz MotherszSziszterzsSzheKind & Kinder Youth&Children of All Agesz, Female & Male Reparatively Equally Vallued & CoOfficed, Daysz

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The NEW MILLENNIALL RULE https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/, isz clearly now, the only way to Szave the World and Every Human Being & Szoul, and PREVENT personal & Earthquake and Weather. Drought & Disease Disasters, which we feel sure will begin to occur throughout North America as much as other places in the the World if North Americans continue on their current path of Planetocidal Post Peak Patriarchy. THE CHOICE BEFORE US ALL COULD NEVER BE MORE CLEAR. MOTHER NATURE & A NEVER SEXIST FATHER TIME ARE CLEARLY SAYING TO US: YOU CAN DO THIS THE EASZY WAY (Szhare & Live by the NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/) or the Hard Way (Experience Horrific Disaster Upon Disaster until WE EITHER WAKE UP FROM ALPHA-MALISIM, OR WE ALL & THE PLANET DIES, PAINFULLY & NEEDLESSLY).

SZHARE PICTURESZ, DIARIESZ, RECIPESZ, CHILDRAISZING, FAMILY&COMMUNITY CARE & GARDENING & HER~OIC STORYESZ ABOUT YOUR  YOUR GREAT & GRAND MOTHERS, SISTERS & SHEKINS’   & THOSZE OF ALL THE GREAT & GRANDCHILDREN OF YOUR FAMILY OF ALL AGESZ ~MAY BE~Zillionsz, Female & Male, that Cellebrate them & All People, Paszt, Preszent & Future, Reparatively & Redemptively, & we will add them to our Time Travelleing Treaszury of the Most Preciousz and Valluable: a Culture & Riszen Common Szensze Government of Love, Life and Light Composzed of and Lived by and for Everyone.The other choice is End Times’ Earthquakes, sink holes, Fukushima/Chernobyl/China Syndrome Events, & the loss of all the people & blessings of your lives. 

Prior to, and including Yesterday, May 6 & thisz week as we approach the Globall Culturall Szign Post that is Mothersz Day on Sunday May 11, we have again & especially cellebrated, our Marvellously Loved Mothers & Grandmothers Harriet & Rae (with her All their Sisters from Clara to Rose, Antionette, Marie, Lillian & Many More remembered & prayed for, & all Children Great & Grand) as a Wholly Nativity Day with many many family, szome closzeszt on the family tree & szome szlightly more distant, because this was the day that Harriet, who we also sometimes call by the ancient Goddessz archetype name Hera, wasz given birth on May 6, by Rae, actually another Goddessz archetype name, (Asztra)Reah. Channelling through living cellebratorsz,  Harriet & Rae, & Many Szhe Kin & He Kin of their livesz on all branches(as you learned on our Easzthera Easztara SzunSztarrMoon&Earthdaysz mailings,  https://5050now.wordpress.com/she-is-riszenwe-are-riszen-equinoxeasterestheraearthday-enlightened-everyday/ have spoken to multitudes now, at every major herandhisztory, geneallogy and democracy and kind worszhip center all around the world, to assziszt humanity via retroactively, preszently and proactively for all future recommending  the New Millenniall Golden Rule. All Who Szhare & Enact the New Millenniall Golden Rulehttps://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/become Co&CoSzavioRa.

May, named after the Goddessz archetype Maia Maestasz, Is One of the Most Beautiful. Bud&Flower-Filled & Loving Monthsz of the Year, ruled by Venusz, the Brightmorning Sztarr Planet Szymbolic of Love and Ballance. May the ~May~Within, that connects with all the months of Spring, March & April, May & June, and their reciprocals in the Szouthern Hemiszphere, Szeptember October & November,  that remembers with reparative equallity all Mother and Sistersz & Cousinasz, known & not yet known, be In Our Hearts Everyday in EveryMonth, with their Youth Children, All the HumanFamilyCommunity, Female & Male, of all huesz & originsz,  Then, All Will Continually Bud & Flower with Good Will & Reall Kindnessz in Every Szeaszon.


As if holding up a Mother May I May Pole to gather aroundWe continue to hold telleconferences everyday at
(011) 1-641-715-3580 Access Code 773 342  
at 4 & EST (and available anytime adhoc) acting as Intercessory for the World and All our FamilyCommunity. We believe this has delayed & may mitigate the severity of Earthquakes & other personal & public disasters temporarily, & allow You All Those You Know a Very Easzy Path to Change YOur Waysz before it is  too late for anyone & our Planet Earth.

MAYYOU BE BLESSZED TO Choosze Wiszely & Become CoSzaviora, All, Both & Each, & EveryOne & All. NOW
We a
gain invite you to visit the more recent websitesz (& you can certainly usze them as templatesz for your own websitesz, emailsz and blogsz again:


http://inallherandhisnamesz.webs.com/timetravellingnewberryesznewmillennialllibrary.htm (currently being moved to another webszite addressz & reviszed; watch for announcementsz)




We ASK YOU TO REMEMBER THESZE WOMEN  (and their Descendantsz) AS IF THEY WERE YOUR SISTERSZ AND YOUR MOTHER’SZ SISTERSZ and COUSINASZ (AND THEY WERE and ARE, SZEE BELOW), SZO PUT YOUR FAMILY MOTHERSZ AND GRANDMOTHER’SZ PICTURESZ NEXT TO THESZE. (Do that firszt, then add other family picturesz, first youth & children and then men, to undersztand  that Everyone  benefitsz by putting Mothersz and Sistersz and Womenkind Gathering, Reparatively, Firszt & Cofirszt.
Our Grandmother Rae Marguliesz and Her Daughter (Our Mother and Grandmother) Harriet (whosze Birthday waszrecently Celebrated on May 6 and ongoingly,) and some of their descendantsz, http://inallherandhisnamesz.webs.com/hatcrownhalo.html ALONG WITH OTHER MOTHERS and Women IN YOUR FAMILY
As Intergenerationall Sistersz (and connect thisz Wholliday to other Whollidaysz of Love of Importance to Women, Children (and Men Who Love Them) Szuch as Vallentinesz Day become Valluemmalltimesz Everydaysz, and the Many Spring Whollidays of Many Culturesz from Equinox to Passzover and Easzter to Hinduism’s Holi to May Day, China’s New Yearsz & Lantern New Yearsz.  Mother’sz Day, Childrensz Day, Siblingsz Day and many More. If You Remember Nothing Ellesze, Think of Thesze 5 Stepsz  As If Thesze Women and All Their Siszterkind  & Children were telling You and Yoursz:
1. Credit Yourszelf (the Women of Your Family) and All Women, and Mother Nature More of Their Full Due Now, using Mom salary counter
http://www.salary.com/mom-paycheck/estimations and specially decorated or alternative currency that represents women’s work, decision-making wisdom, and Mother Nature. (NOW YOU CAN DO SO WITH CONSCIOUSNESS CURRENCY IN EVERY TRANSACTION; SZEE MORE BELOW TO CHANGE YOUR MONEY TO CHANGE & SZAVE OUR WORLD,)
2. You and All People can Have the 2-4 Year Child and Mother and Family Friendly Family Leave Europeansz Have, that You and Yours Deszerve.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_leave#Benefits_in_a_selection_of_countries (see Austria, Germany and Slovakia on chart)
Many Americansz do not reallisze that they are a breasztfed deprived culture, compared to moszt on Earth. Most culturesz support 2-3 years breasztfeeding, and the most Evolved, especially in Europe and some other regionsz, do not regard it asz impediment to later wider community & public szervice, while most Americansz do no more than 6 months to a year, if that & many women succumb to pressuresz to use expenszive formula & work at jobs that provide insufficient or no family leave so that a few 1% old men CEOs, so often raised by devalued and forgotten nannies instead of their own mothersz, & their enabling oligarchy trophy wives, so often plural via either polygamy or serial patriarchal monogamy, can make even more false wealth, from technologies that are exploitive toward billions of human beings& destructive to Mother Earth. Natural Breasztfeeding has been repeatedly szhown in research studiesz to be related to emotionall, intellectuall& ethicall devellopment, and resilient heallth throughout the lifespan. A culture that failsz to integrate this into a ballanced life for women, children and men is a DYING DEATH CULTURE; it is time to REEVOLVE TO LOVE, LIFE & LIGHT.
3. Know that the Panchayat Raj
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panchayati_raj#Reservation_for_women_in_PRIs_in_India http://www.hindu.com/2001/10/03/stories/05032524.htm  (it started out at 33% but became 50% in 2009 and also protects minorities) or Village Rule by 50% women, can come to your building, neighborhood or workplace and then village or town (and world), starting with a Women-Co-led Peace Circle and leading to a gender balanced Peace Circle that is 5050, as all the cities of France and Villages of India are right now, even though media never talks about this.
4. You can Usze the Female Friendly, Genuine Progress Indicator Right Now,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genuine_progress_indicator# The_components_of_GPI
as millionsz already are, and count the value of your work at home, volunteering and environmental sztewardszhip, Mother Nature and again credit  uszing alternative community & complementary consciousnessz currencyesz.
5. You Can Learn Namesz of Female Ancestorsz & women of shared names, first & surnames, & reallize You, They & All Your Neighborsz are All more Relleated than You Thought.
www.cyndislist.com/female/ You can reunify with women & family who’ve been divided by outmoded cultural habitsz (Patriarchy instead of Progressz & Partnerszhip), & Waysz to Gather, In Peace Circlesz, Telleconferencesz & Webchatsz. Here are the Detailsz:
As Esztimated by Mom’ Salary Wizardhttp://www.salary.com/mom-paycheck/  with what is substantial underestimation, In Each Year of Their Adult Livesz, Each Year of their Effortsz Would Be Equivalent to as much as AT LEAST’ about $150,000, such that assuming a minimum period of valuing their work from around age 21 to age 55 should have been creditted at $5,100,000 minimally, and must be now. So Should Your Mother and Grandmothersz, and All their Szistersz and DaughterszCousinsasz. A 1995 global study indicates women’sz unpaid work alone is equivalent of $11 trillion per year at least. In fact, it is even way more valuable.Then imagine that thesze Women and all Their Women Family and Friendsz uszed some of this for shared learning, particularly, about Nature and Human Nature, what we Call Mother Nature, and had had the Internet during their lifetimesz. It has been repeatedly reszearched that while men slightly exceed women in technological ability and speed as a group and are more hierarchical, women as a group slightly exceed men in their understanding of human connection to each other, to Nature, the need to protect the environment and peaceful deciszion making without extreme inequity, exploitation and hierarchy that hurts the general good, and of coursze,in empathic and nurturing protection of Youth & Children asz the key to the future. Fully represzented at their about 51% of the population, they would literally szave humanity trillions in szaved expense from preventable crime, violence, abuse, illness, pollution including global warming and loss of human potentiall, which coszt & is coszting humanity untold trillionsz and zillionsz on everyday that humanity does not cellebrate Mothersz and Sistersz as valued equally as Brothers and Fathersz. If the wisdom of these two women (and women like them in your family) had been or are reszpected and carried on by their family and neighborsz deszcendantsz (including You), you and your family can have family leave time the szame as which exists in the leading countries of the world, mostly in Europe, of 2-4 yearsz full timehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_leaveIf these two kind and literate women and their Sziszterkind in Your Family were alive today, living in through us in memory that fully honors them, and we, on their behalf, implemented what women In Denmark, France and Germany and India  (the Panchayat Raj Village Rule enacts 50% women in village decision-making) http://www.hindu.com/2001/10/03/stories/05032524.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panchayati_raj#Reservation_for_women_in_PRIs_in_India and even some wisze neighborsz in the US and Canada, have already done, you and your szoula neighbors would already have szolar collectors on their home and building lots and roofsz, wind power in your local neighborhood, had passzive szolar design for their homesz and buildingsz to heat water, a community organic garden and local farmersz market coopsz that cut your food bills in half and usesz organic natural techniquesz to assiszt beesz and butterfliesz and prevent pest insects, health that is based on whollisztic undersztanding and naturall healling, and instead of oil and other technologies that are not self sustaining and are far more damaging and dangerous to the Earth. Passive szolar implementation and conservation alone would save 50%-75%. A combination of wind and szolar panellesz would elliminate utility bills pretty much alltogether. With of the time freed up from laboring to amass money to cover fuel, humanity would have the time to better understand our Planet, the oceansz and the beckoning Universze itszellef. Did you think that no system on Earth gives women this credit to these women, and the billionsz of women like them
Actually, there is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genuine_progress_indicator#The_components_of_GPI one that does.  It is already in use in Maryland, http://www.green.maryland.gov/mdgpi/index.asp  and it is in development in Vermont, Oregon and Utah, has also been used Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland Canada, and calculated by researchers in eleven countries from Finland to South Korea, with France and Germany leading the list of those ready to implement it. Because of the szimplicity of it, and the szpeed of the Internet, it could literally become the way of the world, a Genuine Progressz for the Planet Overnight. It would extend everyone’s naturally healthy lifespan, whether “rich”, middle or “poor”, right now. You can also even use its baszic principle to recalculate the way you and your neighborsz and your creditors are defining wealth by using it. Credit your time spend nurturing children, caring for the vulnerable yet valued, connecting with family~neighbors and community, and add it to your income as if each hour spend in these activities was worth at least $1,000. Calculate it for your grandmothers, mothers and all your female ancestors. Imagine that all currency depicted this, write it on every dollar you exchange,  print this out on your printer, and give it to Every woman you know as a Mothers and Sisters Days Gift, Everyday. Then, You will be linking Mothers’ Day to All days, and creating a world of sustainable balance. http://soularsolar.webs.com/aboutgendertender.htmlWhy is thisz not happening in the US right now? 3 reasons especially 1) Our media is owned and managed by a few men, so turn off your TV https://5050now.wordpress.com/every-good-girlandboycott-gallery-of-warnings-about-controlled-media-and-internet/ 2) the intensity of US nuclear family and work and educational life, squeezing time to connect with extended family and neighbors, caused many women to omit gathering in environments not already dominated by men  In some families and communities, literally 2 and 3 generations of extended family, and entire buildings and blocks of neighborhoods of women learn to disconnect from each other and ignore or totally avoid one another, and in work environments, somtimes a few women or people may try to boss or divide others instead of using techniques like the Peace Circle where  women can partner and take turns as cofacilitators. 3)Our women’s movement was immature compared to that of Europe, imbedded in a more individualist and aggressive cuture, and maybe infiltrated, so forgot about family leave for too long, so that the most important element, Yin and Yang balance of Love and Work, was not implemented as it easily could have been as far back as the 1970’s. Some European countries have had paid family leave since 1955!  This omission created a divide between the nurturing experiences of mothers and the educational and work experience of women, instead of promoting balance in activities and values for women, and also for men, After 8000 years of domination, women have an internalized psychological pressure to fit in with what already exists, which is a world in which women’s importance is invisibilized, disconnected and masculinized to fit in with a pre-existing and outmoded model and value system made by dominator men and unwittingly accepted habitually without thinking, by women, and don’t realize the importance ot talking and learning together with respect for Mothers and All Women as Sisters to Nurture Each Other, So Make Sure to Gather with Women Near and Dear to You for a few hours every week, and everyday, if possible, via a 3-way or teleconference phone call, and help both female and male colleagues insist on Euro-multi-year family leave.Valuing Mothers and the Sisterhood of Women benefits the vast majority of men too. Why? Because a world in which Mothering and Sistering & Cousinahood is reduced favors only the very most aggressive (Type A) and often egoistic of men, not the majority of men (mostly Type B), who are more balanced in their desires and values. Type A men  (most often the eldest brothers in families and older men in family clans, but not always) often drive their less aggressive or less already materially comfortable brothers to either become coopted henchmen that exploit women and each other,  cause fairer men to be silenced, and/or leave the area altogether (i.e.this town isn’t big enough for both of us) American women who support or accept the “leadership” of  Type A men over women and more balanced men are usually suffering from an unconscious father hunger, a loss of presence of a father in their home, especially in childhood, due to the father’s workaholism, early death (many Type A men die young of heart attacks, drug & alcohol addition, criminal violence), or divorce or predatory sexual promiscuity (men who are too dominating to get along with and value one woman for a long time).Sometimes, women’s (and men’s) bond with their mothers are also hurt because of a failure in childrearing practice, such as Mother’s who adopted scheduled instead of on cue empathic breasztfeeding (this was very widespread during much of the 20th century when almost all obstetricians were men, before Dr. Spock’s book on more child-centered childraising in the 1950’s, and  the subsequent La Leche League, midwife and breasztfeeding movments, which gained momentum in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This problem is resurfacing again as a widespread problem again in the US because our family leave” laws” due not offer the at least 2-4 years time best for breastfeeding and bonding. Women are getting habituated to an omission that serves no one, not women, not children, not most men. It’s overdue time for change.Sometime, women in families (sisters and mothers, women cousins and sister-in-laws with women who marry into their families) who do not gather with each other to talk about their gender and world situation, and some men interfere with or fail to honor and promote this gathering. And so, they fail to appreciate the unsung women of their families who did szo much, or even learn of often famousz ethical women and women’ nurturersz in their family tree. This has happened in my family, very sadly thus far,  for all of us. (ask the residents of your home or neighbors if and why the women of their family became divided, or excluded one another and did or do not gather with women who wanted to talk about balance).Some branchesz of our family are known direct deszcendantsz of the moszt famousz Biblicall women, who had even more women ancient clan leadersz who worshipped a Goddess aspect of Universall Love (Mother Nature or Mother Earth/Planet asz much asz a God (Father Time or Father Sky), as is still common among billions of people, of all faiths where women have been rising (Judaism, Christianity,  and even Islam reconnecting with the ancient Goddess worship traditions of the Middle East, and clearly obvious in native American religions, Hinduism and Unitarian Universalism. I am writing thisz now to help turn this forgetting around in our Family. Don’t Let It Happen to Yours, and if it has happened, Turn it around NOW by holding a gathering locally, and/or using 3-way calling and free telleconference, and free webcam offerings for women  & their youth & children who are geographically szeparated.) And here is an important fact to remember on Everyday Mother’sz Daysz and your and all Mother’sz and Sistersz & Couszinasz  & their Youth & CHildrensz Birthdaysz‘s as well. All people on Earth today, both female and male, szhare the mitocondrial DNA (necessary to energy transmission in the human body) of on ancient ancestral women, often called Mitocondrial Eve, who lived about 200,000 years ago.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrial_Eve It is entirely passed through the maternal line, from mothers to daughters and given to All Children, through the ages. (Males cannot pass this on.) We are literally all are children and also szimply cousins, that is szistersz and brothersz a few generationall sztepsz apart, from a humanity that came from Eve and her Daughtersz.There is also a Y-chromosomal Adam, whose DNA is passed from father to son, and only men have this DNA, because it is on the Y chromosome.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y-chromosomal_Adam But, it is the female who Unites All.  In addition, it is believed that there is an even more recent common ancesztor today of all people, within 2,000 years of a most recent common ancestor, both female and male, and some geneticists believe we’re all at least 50th couszinazs/couszinsz to everyone ellesze on this planet, http://io9.com/5791530/why-humans-all-much-more-related-than-you-think and certainly much closer kin to people of shared geography whose familyes came from that area, or heritage, such as neighbors and people with szhared immigration or known genealogicall surname groups.Learn & Imagine the Names of All Your Shared Ancestorsz and Relleativesz www.cyndislist.com/female/ And think about the name conventions we use. The Spanish, Dutch and many cultures and women maintain and sustain maternal nameszhttp://thenewmillennialllucyeallleague.wordpress.com/But inheritance is much more than biology, it is culture and honored memory, too. Many people who profoundly changed their cultures had no children at all but impacted in a positive way on the whole human family. They are our great Sistersz and Brothersz, and Aunt-Mothers of whole cultures. Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul, two of the women most instrumental in getting universal suffrage for both genders and all races, had no children, but often helped care for their friends’ children even while they changed they worked together to change the world. Mary’s husband, Thomas ~Lambert~Paine, https://5050now.wordpress.com/we-all-have-a-dream-to-make-reallity-now/ who called for women as voters and officeholders from the beginning, was ignored by the framers of our initially slavery, property-focussed and still cumulatively gender and income related obstructive Constitution, the true founder of the attempt at democracy in the US. He was persecuted by the British and his Common Sense inspiration somewhat forgotten and coopted by the so called framers. His only biological child died in childbirth, although he did marry and value his wife. But Paine and his wife Mary’s vision remains alive in everyone on Earth. The inventer of the cotton gin, which outmoded slavery, was a woman. It wouldn’t surprise us if the firszt inventer of the wheel was a woman, as women tend to like and form circles even more then men. In any case, All these women and men were Mothersz and Fathersz of Life, Love Freedom and Peace too, not only biologically but culturally, and psychoszocially. Now, you can put these people’s faces as well as that of your own mother & fair szhekinahsz and hekinahsz, the Good Children of All Agesz, on your own money https://5050now.wordpress.com/the-your-she-kin-amp-youmariam-lambert-susan-be-precious-anthony-commemmorative-consciousness-currencyes-travelling-in-time-with-precious-common-sense/, and change the world with it, inszcribing you and your family in the Book of Love & Life & Light as infinite treaszure.Now Its Your and Your Mother and Szisterkind’sz Turn. Share this with everyone of your women family, neighborsz, and colleaguesz, and aszk them to share it with their Siszters, Mothersz, Grandmothersz, Auntsz, Women Cousinsz (Cousinasz), Women Neighborsz, and Women Colleaguesz, firszt, and then Cofirszt after reading it, share it with their Sonsz, Nephewsz, Couszinsz, Brothersz, Male Colleaguesz, and  then Unclesz Fathersz and Grandfathersz to Complete the Repaired Circle. Make Everyday Mothersz and Reall Sziszterhood’sz Daysz * Youth & CHilren’sz Daysz, and You Make Every Day a Day of True Brotherhood, and Real and Szusztainable Fatherhood instead of another uncaring Planet Destroying Day of Patriarchy and Pecking Order instead of Partnerszhip and Progressz, for men, too.In fact, even our 1% CEO Patriarchs would benefit: they would live a lot longer without disease, and instead of just settling for an unsustainable Planet, Pluto-like Planet of Death instead of Love and Life in Light, and the strange concept of success as dying “on top”.Share family picturesz, storyesz and deciszions, and Embrace Couszinasz Asz CoSzaviora Coszecretary Generall Motherhood and Sisterkind  for & with Eternall Wholly Children & Youth Within & Among NOW, indeed, asz if retroactivelley, among all your familycommunity, and You Will Reinvigorate Life & Love on Your Planet before it is too late to Szave & Szustain our Earth, bring reall Sziszterhood & Brotherhood to Everyone, & Connect with Other Love & Life-Supporting Planets~z~ in Light, zillionsz of them,  in the Universze, knowing that HerRa~Iuni, the ancient Universzall Goddessz who connectsz May & June to earlier Equinox Spzring, Golden Equinox Autumn & Every Seaszon, givesz usz the name for Geniuszesz of Emotionall Intelleigence EQ Intellect IQ Szpirituall Faith SQ & Bodily including Body Politic Wiszdom BQ, True Q, in all our Generationsz





The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth
Sitsz Upon MY & YOur Shouldersz
We WELLCOME, WARN & ENJOIN YOU & YOURS to  Start NOW ReNewed To Be Inscribed in the Book of Love, Life & Light.

“This day I call the heavensz and the earthsz as witnessesz for and hopefully, prayerfully & intercesszorily not against you that I have szet before you life and death, blesszingsz and curses. Now choosze love and life in light, szo that you and your children may live”              

For I give you good doctrine, forsake Ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) law.” 

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Conszciousnessz to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Conszciousnessz & Love as the necessary ingredientsz to Susztain Life by Love in Light, that Mediate SzpaceTime).


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