A Strikingly Different Women’s Equallity Day &  Everyday Now, Through & Beyond ~August 26~28~With Speciall Outreach to the Kinder Professions for New Millennia of the Golden Rule on Gender & Generationall Responsibility


Dear Teaching, Healling and Reparative Justice Professional, Human Service Providera and Care Givers.

First the Problem

(*Then, the Amazingly Easy Solutions; Weare~ing, Carrying & Being the New Millenniall Golden Rule )

It has been repeatedly shown that journalists, legislators. and lawyers are the least trusted and most comparatively overpaid professions in our country and world.

These most distrusted occupational professionals have been traditionally male and older male dominated, and lacking minorities at upper management levels. At the upper levels of salary and compensation hierarchy, they are essentially the face of the mostly older male 1% , and their portfolios more deeply invested in fossil fuels & non-renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, banks, real estate, insurance companies and weapons manufacturing than other people . . Very simply put, these old guys are ruling like it was the last century and getting in the way of American and Globall Society from entering  New Millennia. And, let’s face it. North American Women in the most influential culture in the world have been inciting this by complicity, in their self doubt. their overcriticalness of each other and gradualism. The Situation Needs some quick ledgerdemain. It’s Time to Apply a Better Measure of Presence, A New Rule. In Fact, It Is Time to Wear This Better Measure as Your Title, Crown & Peace & Sustainability Retroactive, Present & All Future Medall of Honor, since this should have been the case long ago, if You are A Woman or if You Are A Man that Knows that the Full Reparative Presence of Women to bring forth All (& not just 1% Majority Men Mostly) as Reall Divinely Willed Sustainable Government beyond Tokenism and Puppetry. Caring People Have Every Right to Bring Forth a Truer Measure of Decisionmaking than that offered by the most Mistrusted Professions.


Although there are exceptions of course, In general, studies have shown that taken as a group. women are trusted more and found to be more trustworthy and less corrupt than men and generally less egoistically motivated. Perhaps this is in part because our society has allowed one gender to dominate another so long that the most manipulative of that gender intensifies this error, to dominate instead of deliver kind service, and in part because women have more estrogen which inclines them so toward the welfare of others and particularly the young and vulnerable more instinctively, that they often neglect their own importance. Women are in fact, generally closer to children and more experienced at being responsible to more vulnerable people who cannot enforce but do reward caring and ethical performance with a viable future, even more than men. So, being ethical toward younger and future generations and those who have been unfairly excluded usually comes a bit more naturally to women & this is what the world needs NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.

Yet, women and minorities are found to underestimate their and members of their genders’ and groups competence, while men, especially majority men, tend to overestimate their competence. The thousands of years (since the eruption of Mt. Thera, & the loss of the egalitarian Civilization based in the Mediterranean that sustained for at least a thousand years, with unearthed wall painting that reveal equallity of the genders and a time of peace and plenty thought to be Atlantis have led to social structures where women routinely applaud boys and men, but no one, not even many women, applaud girls and women, even for equal and better performance on many tasks,

The self-doubt and all too frequent back biting relational aggressions that stem from low esteem among women and the obliviousness of yet too many men to the need to actively credit and lift women up after thousands of years of exploitation, are causing a deadlock on human talent that is actively harming our society and Planet.

Have the less gender balanced and less female populated socalled professions, in their gender imbalanced domination of our society, and too many of others, indeed some women, in tokenized, complicit acceptance of this domination, irrevocably lost their and our souls?

Or can we get our society, and assist these male dominated professions, and all professionals, to stop this dance of control and complicity, remember that all must be responsible to younger generations, and get their and all our souls back?

There were times on Earth when gender balance ruled, and they were two the best epochs in the human story: the Vedic period of India, and the ~Minoan Civilization (thought to be Atlantis), both of which lasted without much war and with highest levels of social happiness. This memory of this time was gradually dissipated, and humanity began to think patriarchy natural and inevitable, but these societies sustainable success prove that is NOT TRUE, and we really need to turn back time.

Just How Overdue Is Equal Representation and Gender Partnership? Since the Constitution of 1789, made without the presence of women and minorities, abrogated the true Founding Document of North American Enlightenment, Common Sense, which called for full office for women and minorities, there have been .pdf 88 US Presidential/Vice-Presidential pairs, but not one a woman. At least 92% of Americans have been ready for a woman President since 2000, (and by inference, 5050, and interestingly, at the time of the poll, slightly more men than women thought the country was ready) but the games of corporately controlled media and parties have cheated them out of this since Geraldine Ferraro “lost” and ever since while Sweden (and now many countries, parties and jurisdictions like 700 million citizen Panchayat Raj of India, have was already moved forward to 5050 while the US has sunk to a rank of 94 in female representation if ties are counted) Indeed, a total of only 276 women have served in Congress, 176 Democrats and 100 Republicans. (no independents and third party members, even though these together comprise the majority of US women) Of these women, 39 have served in the Senate (again, Democrats and Republicans only) . In comparison, there has been over 59,000 male members of Congress, and over 14,400 male Senators. Only 34 women have ever served as governors compared to 2319 men. Even our city and state assemblies have been mostly ruled by thousands of more men. Assume that the courts of monarchs and emperors had similar numbers of bureaucrats/court members, and multiply the number by about 8,000 years of history (before then, many believe decision were made by both genders for many thousands of years.).

That means, until changes emerging just before 2000, that in “modern” history, 80,000,000 men to at best about 300 women have been the official holders of national-regional representative office. The current 17 becoming 18% in the House and 20 in the Senate is like taking an aspirin for cancer. Even though it the Universal Charter of Human Rights was greatly contributed to by Eleanor Roosevelt, and thousands of women have worked for the organization as staff, no woman has ever reached Highest Office at the United Nations, and its General Assembly is overwhelmingly male, with only about 20 women out of the 193, even though its own studies emphasize women’s full presence as central to peace. And these people are generally 1%ers who do not represent the grass roots of their regions. THE TIME IS OVERDUE FOR PARTNERSHIP AND 5050 MODELS and BALANCE, OR HUMANITY WILL DESTROY THIS PLANET. With wars breaking out all over, there is no time to wait for formal ellections. It is time that women simply declare that they have always been needed for 5050, and fill the lack by volunteering their names as the True Leaders with no fuss or muss of a costly $election.

There is myth about qualification. Literacy, caring parenting or community involvement including volunteering as much as salaried success, performance in traditional occupations for women, such as teaching and nursing, instead of only law ans politics, and the will to serve the general good above the self, should be the most important qualifications. The first woman President of Iceland was a nurse, the first women Prime Minister of Israel was a school teacher, the first woman President of Norway was a physician. The overrepresentation of lawyers and business men, is outmoded illusion of a failing system. Everything needed to govern responsibly can be easily learned today with a few clicks of a computer mouse, and that is not a moment to soon.

No wonder this planet has suffered so many wars, deaths and short lives, slaveries and exploitations, abuse, famines and now global warming, genetically engineered dying crops, and nuclear proliferation and earth-threatening disasters. Women are millennially overdue for reparative 5050 NOW (and so are decent, non-dominator men who want them in office, and minorities and younger people under 60, all habitually underrepresented under patriarchy), and the Planet needs women, youth and minorities as decision-makers at every level yesterday, This change should have come about around 2000, but was delayed by the US Media and patriarchal corporacracy that controls both major parties. No self-respecting woman should hesitate to claim and announce retroactive as well as current & future 5050 as a minimum for women, NOW, and men who want to live in civilization instead of domination and death, and care for children, future generations and the Earth, will announce this NOW as well.

As Archbishop Tutu said of our modern world: “What we need is a revolution led by women. I think women ought to be saying to us men: ‘You have made a mess, just get out and let us in”. Most women are gracious and kind, and not even wanting to exclude men as dominator men and their co-opted women) have excluded them. They just want in, in the the numbers that reflect their half of the world and sky, and the fact that Nature made not just one, but two intelligent genders, of all races, capable of sustaining real wealth, with reall representation.

Isn’t it time that our more female friendly and gender balanced professionals demonstrate the wisdom and courage for something better, and give some caring confrontation and feedback to these distrusted professionals, by turning the tables and separating their operaitons from them and providing a better model of human trustbuidling?

The reasons American women think they have to wait for $ham $election$ to give themselves title of office is that our media is controlled by mostly old men of accumulated outmoded paradigms of weallth, that don’t have a clue about sustainability or don’t care about it as long as they die “on top”

The exploitative cruelty of the patriarchal media toward women is apparent in these infographics: (facts, and even more shocking statistics from around the world such as the huge death tolls from gender violence like the 14,000 women who die in Russia’s yearly domestic violence that has not been lessened since the fall of Communism  and the 163 million baby girls (a number researched carefully by freelancer Mara Hvistendahl, a number greater than the toll of both World Wars and about equal to the female population of the United States & this occurred in part because so US women have been so infotainteded by lying media continuing to not tell this story, that  they remained unaware of their importance in ending patriarchal misuse of any technology, whether on battle & mine fields, nuclear contaminated oceans, GMOs killing bees or patriarchal doctor’s offices) turns technology toward death in almost every instance, ) aborted where ultrasound was misused for sex selection, and the 125 million North African women genitally mutilated in North Africa and some of this now occurring in the US among people from this culture, is never even mentioned in the media, while it covers the far fewer risks to soldiers, as more important.)

The $11 trillion of unpaid especially family work of women, the hundreds of thousands every year for every woman who is doing most labor at home and local community (and a figure about half that for men. whose unpaid work is also invisiblized) is not mentioned in one TV economic report, Women are working two shifts, underpaid in the paid shift and not creditted at all for the unpaid shift. The New Millenniall Golden Rule includes the Genuine Progress Indicator, made known via easzy to make and carry Consciousness Currency Changes that, and not a moment can be lost in applying this, currently and retroactively if we are to rebalance our Planet and avoid collapse and destruction..

This controlled and patriachally sociopathic media propagandizes political coverage that is about as evolved at the Planet of the Apes

As you will read below, each profession can reach a large audience who they must now warn to TURN OFF TV.


With media this controlled and misogynist, it was all to easy to retard political progress toward gender cooperation, so necessary to peace culture, And so we must face these facts about officiall so-called “Law Makers”: (the US ranks a shameful 94th when ties are counted)

(although this infographic has important facts suppressed by media, it is imbedded in old paradigm thinking that forgets what huge changes are wrought by locall decisionmaking, neglects the most important stories of 5050 in a more locall globall paradigm, i.e. the worldwide 5050 of the Greens (except in the US where the Green Shadow Cabinet remained oddly sexist in number though not at “top” where two women seem to lead but also so fail to address gender as required by Green principles, unlike globall Greens, who do), and the Constitutionally required 5050 of French parties which also mandate minority presence, and cities, similar to most of Northern Europe, Rwanda and others, and the Constitutionally protected 5050 and minority protections of all villages in India, a population larger than that of the US and Canada combined and have wrought near miracles of schooling, water protection and solar power, in a few years.

But even these examples reflect a nationalistic and uphill approach for democracy achievement. It is actually easier to just say simply, as a globall citizen, that anywhere in the world that does not have official near 5050 and insure fair representation for minorities, no matter how prevalent this enormous error, is not recognizable to intelligent human beings of the Star Trek generations as government and certainly is not sustainable. And where there is not 5050, it is wise to recognize that the women not the men, are the more trustworthy de facto government. So, we offer these graphics, which can be worn by every woman on hats, and pinned or Velcroed onto upper torso or sleeve.

Wear it at away from home work in your offices of caring, and wear it at home.

The lack of women means also that professional presence is tilted toward the most individualistic, egoistic and money driven professions, and especially helping and educational professions are missing.

According to the Congressional Research Service 170 members of the House and 60 Senators are lawyers. Out of a total of 435 U.S. Representatives and 100 Senators (535 total in Congress), lawyers comprise the biggest voting block of one type, making up 43% of Congress. Sixty percent of the U.S. Senate is lawyers. Enough said. 37.2% of the House of Representatives are lawyers. There are 81 Republican lawyers in Congress who list “lawyer” as their profession. There are 123 Democrat lawyers in Congress that list “lawyer” as their profession. Some may have not told that they had a law degree or practiced law, because they were doing something else, e.g., doctor, industrialist, teacher, real estate agent/broker, etc. It seems that the medical and real estate professions are also heavily represented in Congress

Regarding Lawyers and the Legal System:

As Washington reels from the news of 10.2 percent unemployment, the Center for Responsive Politics is out with a new report describing the wealth of members of Congress. Among the highlights: Two-hundred-and-thirty-seven members of Congress are millionaires. That’s 44 percent of the body – compared to about 1 percent of Americans overall.

In fact, the study found a ratio of 40 lawyers to every one physician in Congress. In the general population the lawyer-to-physician ration is currently five to four, said the study. (And what about teachers, professors, therapists of a manner, where are they when decisions are made? And, just how many of these patriarchal grandfathers spent time with children and spend time now with grandchildren and not just their own children, but the children of their neighborhoods? Are these guys qualified to even say the words No Child Left Behind?

The legal profession, and its highest category, the Judiciaries, actually look like a dog chasing its tale, hierarchical snake eating itself, with bad decisions chasing reversed decisions, chasing unpopular decisions, all at public expense. What can one expect when most of the population is missing from full say in the proceedings? (Note: This story was online only and was not broadcast on msnbc or any corporate channel). (Just in case you thought this problem was new, look at this website, and just remember Shakespeare’s famous admonition: First Thing, Kill All the Lawyers). However, the situation has intensified with the wealth inequity now so out of control in North America. (And we don’t recommend killing any lawyers; simply reskilling every community in the circle process of reparative and preventive caring and justice.)

So, that is the problem

*NOW HERE ARE THE SOLUTIONS,Especially For All Women of All Hues & Heritages, & By Profession (which for most first and foremost includes the job of Motherhood &/or Allways also Includes family member, i.e. Sister, or  Aunt, or Grandmother, who cares about both the gender halves of humanity, as their Cousinasz and Cousinsz, Sistersz and Brothersz, as well as Children, Niecesz & Nephewsz, & Grandchildren – the z is for for the generationsz to come as well as generationsz current & previousz who sought a Better & Kinder World):

How do the more yin and balanced professions and professionals decontaminate their operations from the impact of these imbalanced and yang disciplines which have been increasingly dominating, aggressing and predating on so many? How do the kinder professionals do enough of a double take to be sure they are not mindlessly cow-towing and deferring to professions and professionals whose ethics and caring are lacking and making matters worse? And how can dominator professions and professionals admit and acknowledge they have been not playing fair, let alone kind.

Especially If You are a Woman (or Man Who Cares About Women & Children, female and male) of Any of these Following Professions: Starting NOW & On August 26 which is Women’s Equallity Day & Beyond Until our World is Fair For All, (& why wait, start NOW) wear a Button or a Placard that Says

Retroactive President, Senator&Congressperson, Judge & CEO; New Millenniall Golden (Co(Ruler,” and Decorate it with Our Graphic of the New Millenniall Golden Rule. And pin or velcro on your purse or bag, that with the letters GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator) . Like Ruth Buzzys character in the old comedy Laugh In, make the New Millenniall Golden Rule your Buzz words and you won’t even have to hit bankers or cashiers over the head with your purse for not realizing what a cog in the wheels of the 1% all our transactions have become, just let them read it and explain it to them, If you are a man, include the name of women you love, and then add your own.


1) If you are a Teacher or Professor (the third most trusted profession of those polled), educate your students to turn off TV until the conglomerated media apologizes, announces gender balance and representative diversity among reporters but highest management levels and rotating horizontal leadership, and reports in depth on the Components of the New Millenniall Golden Rule Rotate principal and superintendent positions to reparatively bring forth women where they most belong. “Say, No Child Will Be Left Behind as their Teachers and Mothers Receive this Credit for Retroactively Currently and Proactively Holding and Earning CoOffice”. Be sure to teach about solar and renewable energy, peace culture and permaculture reskilling now coming to millions in schools and neighborhoods around the planet, and gender and diverse cooperation. Indeed, assist your School & its Host Neighborhoods to Go Solar, or what we call Solar & Soular, Here are some resources:

maya~dunham~soetorotaracosecgengloballcopresidentMaria~MontessoriCoSecretaruGenerallMany More Are Available at the Website, & its Easzy to Make More.

2)If you are a Nurse (the most trusted profession of those polled) or Caring , and especially woman, Doctor, or Health Aide, know that your setting may be intertwined with huge hospital corporations that are interwined with pharmeceutical companies and insurance companies that are also intertwined with media executives . Teach your patients to Turn Off TV and if your hospital provides television in every room, encourage patients to turn it off and talk to one another instead. Their heallth will probably improve! Remember Norma Rae, and Rosa Parks as well as the fearless Clara Barton and Florence Nightengale who saved lives while cannons were blasting, and dare to stand up, and come foward from the back of the healthcare bus, and Wear a placard that says: Trust the Nurse but don’t Trust the CEOs Hospital Board Until They Are at Least One Half Nurses CoPresidents. Use Consciousness Currency that shows you remember Vigdis Finnbogadottir, one of the first women Presidents, was a Nurse amd Gro Bruntland Harlem who should be called Retractive CoSecretary Generall of the United Nativities (since all are Native to one Nation, a Planet Called Earth). Nurses a profession have been very badly underpaid compared to doctors and certainly compared to Insurance CEOs, andyetoften are more knowledgeable and important to prevention and recovery. On your placard: also indicate “Hereby retroactively creditted mllions and put your and other nurses you work with pictures on that Consciousness Currency that you can attach to Your Golden Ruler.

ClaRa ~Barton CoPreszidentCoSecretaryGenerallVigdis~FinnbogadotirrCoPresxidentMany More Are Available at the Website, & its Easzy to Make More.

3) If you are a Therapist such as a Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist or Marriage and Family therapist, or a Family Caregiver, (these professions are notably left out of polling questions, but psychiatrists and clergy, with whom they have overlap, fair reasonably well; and therefore these professions might be among the most trusted in polls included them) accompany all your bills and receipts for service with a consciousness currency showing the word Love and/or the idealistic pioneers of your profession who were trying to make a better world for everyone, and even yourself and other heallers in your community, as gifts to your clients and patients and their family, Encourage them to be creative, and using their computers and printers at home or nearby copy shops, make such currencyes to give to you when they pay for services. Below are examples and there are many more at the above website. Many million Consciousness Currencyesz have been distributed; now make it more than a billion. Make sure you offer sliding scale while we are still pre Star Trekkian New Millenniall Solar (and thus Soular) Post Money ReEvolved Economy.

Of course, warn clients to Turn Off TV and help them understand that their thinking, emotions and self-esteem has been purposely manipulated by consolidation censorship, half truth and misinformation, Inform them how they can use TV and larger screens to view computer offerings , because the internet is more inclusive and noncensoring of caring information (It is our belief that if the Internet, the Crowning Jewel of Human Communication, becomes censored or surveilled in North America or remains censored  including self censored or privatized out of complicity, or surveilled anywhere to inhibit the Divine intention of  Reall Democracy , the result will be Sodom & Gomorrah like Earthquakes & Volcanoes and Landslides breaking out all over).

Transcend beyond state boundaries in your services to clients and families: the state legislatures that pass licensing laws that set geographical boundaries on service to the human heart and mind are needless and antiquated and derived from the male dominated and individualistic habits of lawyers; they have no place in a healling profession. Use free audio and video telleconferencing to connect important family/significant others for understanding and healling; and simply describe what you are doing as “coaching”, healling, therapy, or other non-regulated terms, and you can bypass “legal”istic and outmoded geographical limitation on your services until there are enough heallers of both genders in every truer decisionmaking body such that such absurd geographical limitations are no longer set upon skills and learning needed by people everywhere.

Shame and stop coopted or naive bureaucrats in your profession again, as they did in 1993, who are misguiding North American mothers to accept realpolitik sops from token levels of women in the 83% male Congress like the current almost sociopathically named FAMILY of (do they know this is evil; why would such anemic efforts be honored , ) tokens like the misguided and pressured De Lauro and Gillibrand which only marginally improves on the crumb that is the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act, and inform them honestly that American children, even in states like California and New Jersey which offer short paid leave, have been and are needlessly cheated by the lack of the 3-4 years with maternal paid leave and longer breastfeeding typical in much of Europe that lends itself, in this most critical period of life, to better bonding in adulthood and brings forth ethical and peace culture & prevents businessmen from becoming souless sociopaths & pushing humanity toward that malfunctioning to “cope”  & “succeed” in a mode that is destroying both people and Planet.

paid maternity leave2

As our society begins to credit the slower riszing nurturing and connection instincts of women with the same fascination it has had for the fast buck commoditizing technologies of men that even have made profit from weapons & waste of Nature that can destroy the Earth in an instant while forgetting most mother’s labors of breastfeeding & empathic communication for the earliest formative years, the importance of men as supportive husbands to wives and to their children, especially as they grow beyond babyhood, & the behaviors of caring of parenting, & extended family&communityhood from the beginning and throughout life, we will be on the road to understanding what we have failed to count & what we have counted too much.

Taking this as seriously as famed economists Marilyn ~Waring–counting-for-nothing-be-careful-what-you-measure-for?trk=cha-feed-art-title-5806779816238034944, Hazel ~Henderson, who gave us the words  “the Love Economy” with the illuminating oft pictured birthday cake analogy, Bernard Lietaer and Jennifer ~de Groot , We have adapted this personalized presentation of what this means to each woman, especially, who performs the greater amount of family related work as a very reall profession,  from,


In our graphic We creditted this with an attached community consciousness currency of ‘trillions and zillionsz” to recognize the thousands of years overdue need to give a female pictured face, in addition to the check that’s unknown genius envisioned; but was too imbedded in conventional money hierarchies to quite fully grasp the importance of what is depicted with Mom’s Salary Wizard. Billions of consciousness community currencyesz worth many many time that,  have been distributed and are in use, a fact never told by corporate media, & many do depict women, both famous and less famous.

 We have created Galleryesz of Consciousness Currencyesz to reflect the potential of the creavite power of consciousness raising  to right this perhaps most glaringly unjust truly dishonest  & cumulatively unsustainable and destructive aspect of conventional human society’s notions of what counts.  Until 1996, when unpaid work was actually estimated at $11 trillion/year for women and about  $5.5 trillion for men by some unnamed geniuses at the the United Nations, no figure had been actually published by any human being about this, although Marilyn Waring described it in other profound terms of valuation.   This publication and the discussion that millions have had about it indicate a profound ReEvolutionary Step. Again, that is $11,000,000,000,000 in today’s conventional US currency, and we can multiply that number by at least 5,000 years since the loss of egalitarian society based on Crete, thought to be Atlantis, so that minimal reparation needed in our thinking to women is $55,000,000,000,000,000. Mariam of Magdalla & Jesus both preached the equallity of the genders, & one needs to time travelle back to their time and further to understand the socializiation of women to not know their own story and value aka the Women’s History of the World. You can individualize that for women you know or have known & that are connected to your own family & community’s journey in time.  Mom’s salary counter’s yearly total must be multiplied by the number of years of a woman’s adult service to her familycommunity, so every woman, including not only you if you are either a mother or have helped raise children and care for family&community, but your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousinsasz, and more, is in fact, owed millions in invisiblized credit, & reimbursement, clearly more than the value of any apartment rent or mortgage or her many bill payments,  including tuition, so much of which is getting sucked into CEOs coffers that so often wind up invested in nuclear silos, oil & coal pollution & nuclear disasters.

The saddest situation is that billions of people have been induced by Corporate Media to remain unevolved and ignorant about regaining a ballance on what and who is valued, as necessary for Love and Life on their Planet. The New Millenniall Golden Rule, via the Genuine Progress Indicator, the ReEvolutionary Eco Nomic quantum leap, changes this, & the GPI alone does not even include the vast treasure trove, an astronomicall amount, that would occur if all the women on Earth were literate at least to the extent that men are which would then increase the literacy of all, linked with each other and men locally and globally by computer, and the contribution of all adult women as decisionmakers better capable of conflict resolution and societal foresight than even most men, whose testosterone & physiology may equip them better for fast action and spatial technical genius but not not necessarily for longer term intuitive and as emotionally intelligent thinking into the future. But. as we in North America have to date ignored this wisdom, everyone here, both genders, are actually getting dumber & most people poorer while a few gain unsustainable accumulated “die on top” false wealth that is literally adding 2 + 2 for a sum of environmentally and socially unsustainable zero 0 and negative -, all illusions of wrong accounting & that misses what is of value with ballance. Only the New Millenniall Golden Rule will turn that around.

There is clearly a complicit silence occurring among many professionals that deal with children and families about European levels of paid family leave, as if Americans can learn nothing from the rest of the world. In fact, Iran and North Korea already give more paid leave (a full year) than those late coming crumbs being promoted by US Politicians. In a very real way, the money that this society should have devoted to family leave went instead into CEOs sociopathic bloated salaries; and yes, they can give some of it back to your and your clients kids; they are owed not only money, but time with their families. If you work from home, go solar. If you share an office with other therapists or are in a regional organization, discuss how you can help your building & regions therapists to go solar (the process is quick, only a few days or a few weeks) and grow a green roof. The Soothing Effect of Nature will benefit your Clients & You. This is what we call Solar and Soular, with Making This “So” imbedded in the name of Social Work, and remembering that derived from the ancient word  and Goddess Psyche & Thera, to Care is, to practice Psychology is to Care the Soul of people & Culture, & keep it moving toward Eros (the Love, Life & Enlightenment Force of Eternall Youth) & not Thanatos (the Death & Destruction & Darkness of Decay & Extinction)

EmmarMarieCarlJung Forever WhollyGrailPsychologyflorence & nadine copreszident cosecretary generallsz

4) If you are a paralegal, court reporter or mediator (or anyone disgusted with the court & legal system, including women kept out of the board rooms of most large legal firms and left out of judiciary seats so that media-hyped socalled decisions so often demean women), wear a placard that says “Lawmaker and Judge” and especially, hold “mock” trials in the gathering areas of your building, or outside the building, videotape them and share them with people in your community as reallity role plays and street theatres of truth and reconciiliation: Here are some examples: including the famed 1943 play Madwoman of Chaillot where articulate and brilliant “poor” women and men hold court and pass sentence on President, oil drilling businessmen and generals, and the famed Encounter at Far Point episode of Star Trek where and advanced planetary race holds court on humanity’s injustice and violence, which the Barret-Roddenberry family understood very clearly were outgrowths of patriarchy; all the advanced and peaceful races of Star Trek are most female friendly and gender balancedl that must become Humanity’s Present Now, or this Planet has little future. of Women.htm , Nari Adal Truth & Reconciliation Commissions http://en,

Then gather 3-11 people together to hold a model Circle Process{3D6035C9-904A-4BEC-8A15-FBEB4C65069D}&DE={3F1AEA6A-35F9-4324-A5C8-47530D0C57EE} which is part of the New Millenniall Golden Rule and make or show a video of some from your laptop, to demonstrate family and community empowering reparative and preventive justice models instead of high price sharksmanship and hierarchical hubris.


5) Starting Now, and leading up to & Beyond August 26,  Women’s Equality Day,  (designated, hypocritically and ironically, by a Congress then and still now of mostly men) after the strike in 1970 in its hopeful but immature beginning, (see below), remains an oxymoron, especially since Everyday, not just one day, should long ago have offered reparationa and equallity to slightly more than half of humanity. So, Declare Sadie Hawkins Daysz for Government: if you are a female, and put wear a placard or pin on you hat or in your hair or on your clothes, that says “Reparative & Retroactive CoMayor CoPresident, CoLegislator CoJudge & CoSecretary Generall “. as those picture above and at

Call and tell every male, official, lawyer, judge and CEO in your region or that you know, work for or pay bills to, that he must accept your proposal of new form of marriage, governmental marriage, to you, (as you and women around the world allready have already have proposed to him but been scorned to long) as a representative of every woman citizen everywhere in the world, locall and globally.

Tell titular officers that You currently intercede to hold their title of office, and create an agenda of laws and statutes you want to pass: i.e. 3 week vacations and multiyear family leave as in Europe, ban GMOs, fund renewable energy, end war and teach peace, & a Hug for Everyone. Tell every male official that he is your governmental suitor and fiancee and can only hold title until gender parity gets hitched with government in your area (the Alltimate model is a neighborhood based government, connected locally and globally, via the New Millenniall Golden Rule

The problems have not been caused only by men: When people are held down for thousands of years, even by the fathers and husbands who should be lifting them up with love, recovery is difficult. Even US alleged feminists are timid compared to those of cultures where women and children are thriving better. We must seek apology for the strange and glaring failure of US ” nationalist feminists” (as well as their female and male detractors, as there are many women who have failed to outgrow being Daddy’s girls with untreated Electra Complexes that induce them to betray their gender, the future of their Children, and Mother Earth) in the then very early feminist movement’s strike and march of 1970 and much more seriously, since then, to include reparative equall representation and family leave in their demands. The token number of women in government has hurt everyone except for sociopaths, masculinizing the women and turning the men into evil emperor monsters.

traquilizingdrugofgradualismpaid maternity leave2

Governments with better representation for women usually bring forth the best for children and family life. Sweden began to offer several months of family leave in 1955 and though not the top leader in Europe (Germany and Austria are with 3-4 years full time & 8 years part time), continues, as does most of the world, to offer many times the inhumane and insufficient leave given by unrepresentative “lawmakers” to American women, children. and families including fathers.


It is essentiall to tell coopted feminist officholders of too many women’s organizations, that all children and families deserve not just of the dumbed down several weeks time being tossed out like crumbs to desperate time and money starved US families while CEOs pockets bulge, but of 3-4 years that millions of Europeans in far less wealthy countries, who also often have caps on CEO salaries have. If you have children, bring them to work and any titular governmental offices near you, until your employer & officials agrees to publically offer European levels of family leave, and publish their support, with apology to children, parents and family, on the internet on any company website. US monster CEO salaries is where all the funds that could have brought children & families the best beginning & future went. This must be reclaimed NOW.

6) Don’t be afraid to take these overdue actions. If any man makes fun of you, show him a picture of Ruth Buzzi with her umbrella or Sampat Pal Devi and the Gulabi Gang and ask him if he needs a visit from women in that mode. If any women discourages you saying “Don’t Rock the Boat” or “Wait for the Next Election”, remind her that the last Election in Pakistan brought more women into office than in the US and you are tired of coopted doubletalk from deceptive political token Daddy’s Girls who pretend Co$tly Circu$e$ of mostly men are respectworthy reall elections. And, if you are really so confused to think that men will handle this better without the equall assistance of women, then you simply have not been paying attention at all. Men, without women, will soon enough kill each other off,( & take all the women & children with them), so it really is no favor, even to the most dominating of men to not ReEvolve. And let them know a much better world, a Truly Heavenly World,  with Divinely Given Blessings of the Fountain of Youth & Opening of the StarGatez, is wellecoming all, via the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

If you do not take these actions NOW, the United States of America with decisions being made mostly by old men of weallth that has been sucked from most people, will soon debt, frack, drill and war itself into so many bankruptcies, foreclosures, earthquakes, forest fires, and foreign wars and experience so much bullying, school and workplace shootings and crime and surveillance at home, that you would deeply regret you missed these opportunities to fend off these currently looming catastrophes and the needless extinction of humanity and loss of our Common Sense, Our Souls, and our Planet Earth.

And by the way, its FUN as welle as Truthfull to tell Everyone You Know that You are a CoPresident, and more deserving of the title than most, maybe all of the men right now, who must not continue the centuries of needless war and waste, this time into Extinction, whether slow or fast, that has been humanity’s lost wandering detour in the desert we call Patriarchy.

or More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoCo~MessiahMaitreyaKalkiWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,Saoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi~andMore, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the

NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues

The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon YOur Shoulders

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and hopefully and prayerfully not against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,

which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


For More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the

NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour phone answering service)


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