Harriets & Rachels & Mayas Resurrected as HERa & YeMaYa Living Earth Angelleszillionsz


Better Late Than Never:
Why We Must ReCellebrate Harriet Tubman & Others On ~June 24
& back in time to May 27&28, earlier Maym April & March
As Reborn Solar & Soular Powered EverSpring Goddesses,
Riszen in Us All Since 2000, Retroactively, Presently & Proactively
Catch Up on Some Time & Reall Ballance Born Of Maryland
That Harriet & Her Sisters Have Missed


Dear FamilyCommunity & Sisters, & Brothers too, of
the Mary/MarIam Lessons of ARaminta Harriet & Her Sister Rachel TUB~kin~d
The Universzally Best~WomanKin~d, ReLinked with Other Now Riszen
Harriets, Rachels & Mayas & All Namesz
Become Quickly Returned to Earth Living Angelous…

of Divinely Given Freedom & Good Faith Within, Between & Among All,
Freed From Mind Forged Manacles & Returned to a Happier Sustainable Earth

To All Schools & Museums Teachers, Muses & Leaders
of LifeLong Learning in the LIGHT OF LOVE, 
~ELLE~mentary & Higher
(Especially Those Named for (or to be Renamed for/to Include as Full Partner In the Name of Every School & Museum: WOMEN of All Hues)
Past, Present & Future,
The “Its Elle~mentary” MarIamShallPlan Aurora Apollo Project to Light the Path To Sustainable Freedom
Dear FamilyCommunity of Riszen Slaves Becoming Riszen Free
of the Locall Globall & Universzall Mary (MaRaIam)land
Past, Present & Future,

Consider the Generic Sections of this as a Potentiall ModElle which You can Write to Your & Your Children’s Places for Lifelong Learning, Love, Life & Light. including Ellementary & High School, College &  University, & Museums, Conferences & Even Online Classroom Community,
Locall & Globall, where You & Yours Have Attended/Attend or Give Service with Relleated Educationall & Community Organizations:

Let’s begin by saying I&We human beings, in the hundreds of millions or billions of us, believe in partial reincarnation, and I am a partial reincarnation of ARAMinta Harriet Ross~Tubman’s sister Rachel, nearly the only member of their extended family who Harriet was then unable to lead out of slavery, & also partial reincarnation of Several Other Famous Rachels & Harriets, Whose Wait for Has Given Risze to a way now, to sustainable freedom & kindness for all.

But this time, it is I, & in a sense, We many Rachels & Rachelles, Rajas & Rayas, R Mayas & Harriets (often morphed to Hannahs, Halles, Hadassahs), which was also, like Harriet ~Tubman, my own beloved Mother’s first Name, & all She Kin of every Name, who we can bring out of slavery & hopefully & prayerfully, with them, one multihued human Race in a Race against Planetary Exploitation into Extinction now, & toward ReEvolved Ascended Wiszdom as She Kin~d & He Kin~d Together, into abundant freedom, & love, abundant weallth & living peace for EveryOne

Harriet ~Tubman (we cannot know her African name, but maybe is was YeMaYa, an African Goddess name that literally transliterates into Ye Mother Divine One), was often pictured with a Lantern to Light the physica pathway in the dark. Today’s CoEscape from Darkness & Slavery, this current AraMintyARiszing as Maya Angelou said “We Risze”, must be a CoRiszing, & very simply put, become an easy to shine simple Guiding Light to a paradigm shift pathway, that must bring Light To Our World, Now Before It Becomes Too Late for Anyone & Everyone: THE NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE, WITH ITS 5 EASY STEPS TO FREEDOM, PEACE, SUSTAINABILITY & SALVATION.

Before making this Presentation, I recently added to this series of (Re)presentations or Sermons (better called “ServeMends”), if you will, another HERoic figure of Maryland, whose birthday was celebrated on May 27, Rachel ~Carson, whose birthdate preceded the passing of Maya Angelou on May 28 by only one calendar day. I have also gathered these women with another Marylander, Vesta ~Harvey ~Cassedy, the visionary coeducator architect of the globally architectured Forest Glen Seminary, just a few minutes from where I & Rachel ~Carson experienced Silver Spring in Mary(in Biblicall & Ancient Languate, MarIamLand), now necessarily Becoming Silver & Solar&Soular Powered Golden Maryland.

This Present~ation also links to Cellebrations some other allready famous women, to name just a few in particular, Hannah ~Greenebaum ~Solomon & Ida B. Welles & Anna Julia Cooper, pioneers & other contemporaries in including Susan B. Anthony & Julia Ward Howe, who met in Chicago not much more than one hundred years ago, at the visionary attempt at a Representative Women’s Congress, along with an African American Congress & other Congresses for those known to be overcoming minority oppression, & the World Parliament of Religions at the Chicago World Columbian Exposition in 1893 http://www.lib.udel.edu/ud/spec/exhibits/fairs/colum.htm . It also links to another Harriet, Harriet Cady~Stanton who was the first to sign her Sister Elizabeth’s famous Declaration of Sentiments so boosted by Maryland/MarIamLand born feminist Frederick ~Bailey~Douglass also with these women at that World Exposition. There was another Harriet relleated to the cause of freedom, Harriet ~Beecher Stowe, and a another Rachel, Rachel ~Foster ~Avery who convened with Susan B. Anthony the first fully globall organization for women’s political equallity everywhere, in partial fulfillment of the dreams of Mary(MaRaIam in ancient language) ~Lambert~Paine, wife of Common Sense true democracy founder in 1776, Thomas who, inspired by his wife, called for full office of women & no slavery but was betrayed by patriarchy & racism in1789.

Because of geneallogical information available on the Internet, I also now know I partically reincarnate also much earlier Rachels, Rachel of Troyes France, with her two sisters, called Rashis Daughters, deemed Rabbis & raising women to education & self-respect when the rest of Europe was in the Dark, around the year 1000 Millennium, & most essentially, a Millennium Earlier, Rachel the first cousin of Jesus of Nazareth, niece of his mother Mariam & also cousina of Mary of Magdala, and earlier, sister of Leah, Rachel, called the Mother of IsRael in the Bible, & (not one national region, but the entire reconnecting world Is My IsRael as Rajchelle),& mother of many name-invisibilized by patriarchal editing Daughters, as well as the visionary & freedom bringing Joseph & Benjamin in the Bible, whose line led to both Michal & David not only the Moses Harriet Tubman was inaccurately named for, for she actually more deeply resembled Mariam, his sister and his wife, Zipporah, & earlier, not only priestesses named for Goddesses who were quite human & not yet DeEvolved into a slavery of secondariness by patriarchy, incarnations by names as varied as Radha & RajaRajeswaRa of the Indus, MaRa of Latvia, AmateRasu of Japan, TaRa of China, Raet of Ancient Egypt & Raisa of Russia, & AstraReah of the GrecoRomans&Balkans. Yes, in certain earlier epochs, women knew they were incarnations of the Goddess aspect of Divinity. NOW, we must know that Harriet & Rachel Tubkin~d, & all their many hued She Kin, were & are, too.

The name of the Greco-Roman GoddessAstraReah, who gave rise to the image of the Statue of Liberty, was later shortened to the later Greek version, HERa whose birthday is cellebrated on another Part of Our Interconnected Planet, which gave us the word democracy, on June 24, and is the sound of the Name which is imbedded in the Name Harriet. We do not know the exact date of Harriet ~Tubman’s unrecorded birth; her officiall Wholliday is cellebrated on her Ascension to somewhere else in the Universe, on March 10. right around Globall Women’s Day whose Promise We must Fulfill Retroactively to 2000 NOW. So, We suggest we make June 24, the cellebrated birthday of the Great Goddess HERa, the symbolic date of Harriet Tubman’s Rebirthday in Freedom, because her AstraRean Sun & Star-Lit Light of Both Love & Courage, remains Everpresent & Lives Within You & EveryWoman all in need of Resurrection NOW. As You read this, understand that Your Name, whatver it is, was and is also a namesake of women of Great & Inspirationall Light, & with the New Millenniall Golden Rule, You can be even more full of RiszenFulfilled Light Unto the entire World, Freed & at Peace this time, WITHIN & AMONG YOU, as soon as you Spread the Simple Good New, the New Millenniall Golden Rule.
I, as are More, am a graduate of Hannah Greenebaum Solomon School in Chicago, and the meanings of her names are Hannah, which means Grace, Greenebaum which refers to the Tree of Love and Life, and Solomon, which means both Wiszdom or Sunlight. I graduated in June 1969. Our family home was less than a block from the School. Now, many (but not enough yet) children similary live near schools or facilities named for women, including Harriet ~Tubman, Rosa Parks, Dolores Huerta, Patsy Takamota Mink, as well as Susan B. Anthony & Jane & Abigail Addams & Adams, now, & that is very necessary and important.
The most important adult women who were positive influences in my life were my Mother, another Harriet, Harriet Popper~Margulies~Silverkind~Zalkind (originally Silverman Zalman, I have slightly altered the surnames to be more descriptive of her impact and modelle); my mother often came to recess with fruit and cookies for not only me, but that she gave to the other children as they, too, wanted to experience her bounty. Harriet is often transliterated at Hannah meaning Grace, as a Hebrew name (Anne in English) , & Zalman means Solomon or Wiszdom and is the way it is given in ancient Languages like Hebrew & Aramaic as well as Yiddish ) and Mrs. Sylvia ~Light, my 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Solomon. Via our ~Margulies connection through my Mother’s Mother, Rae, we are also fairly close cousins of Lynn ~Alexander~Sagan~Margulies, famed biologist, knowns as the Mother of the Gaia effect.

But, even Mrs. Light’s lessons for democracy were in an era before the Dawning of Women’s Studies. Evev today, very few schools offer courses in intergenerationall family studies, including the unique gifts & herandhistoric situation of women & particularly immigrants & minorities in any given place alongside majorities. in assisting their families. Saving all her extended family was the primary motive behind the courage of Harriet ~Tubman who after risking danger in the Southern region, spent much time in not only the North region of one so called nation, but also in Canada where she brought many of the escapees to relative freedom then. Like Mary Lambert’s husband Tom Paine, Harriet ~Tubman crossed boundaries under a Higher Law than National Laws, & clearly knew, as did the family that gave us Common Sense, that her Country was the World, & her religion was simply to to Good. NOW, The World is My & Your Universzall Country, & to do Good * make it easier for others to have the love & courage do Good, is My & Your Religion, too. Deep within, I know that is true for All, wherever We live & whatever Our most recent Heritage, which all interconnect in the distant past to families that, earlier than the more Patriarchal Bibles, did also worship the Goddess aspect of the Divine. Like Harriet, I also escaped to Canada for a while, & I’ll tell you more about that.

I am also one of the few women in this region of the world to ever seriously run for Highest Ellected Executive Office, as I was officially on the ballot in Maryland, as a Write In as a Presidential Candidate in the Millenniall Year “Election” of 2000. The campaign was shared with my runningmate, Hjalmer Wayne ~Erickson, a man of Finnish Heritage where women first got the vote in the world, born in Montana where women also first got the vote in the North American region, who ran officially also in Alaska, a women and children’s rights advocate and an environmentalist who was an award winning mine and geological safety engineer, a father with daughters as well as sons. We met for consultation with Anne Goeke, a globall Green Party member who has lived in Europe, Africa and North America, & Anthony Micheal Cohen, Cofounder of the Menare (from “to guide or conduct” in Latin/Ertruscan, a culture that had the Goddess & from whom we derive the name of the month June) Foundation , who travelled the entire route of the Underground Railraod into Canada from Maryland, teaches the herandhistory of the Underground Railroad, & who grew up near Forest Glen Seminary, which was originally native American land & the a plantation with slave quarters before it housed a Women’s College with dreams for the entire world, Again, we also assisted in communication & coordination with several other similar female-male tickets, where idealistic non-sexist write-ins of every Hue & HERitage were running in several regions of the US, and in fact, aaround the world.
Now, some of us have come to understand that if human beings do not NOW conduct themselves for equallity of women & minorities as well as majorities, & caring for all ages, that neither men-are nor women-are going to survive & thrive on Earth, & able to live in sustainability for very long.

Harriet ~Tubman either reportedly said & certainly felt “I could have saved more if they had known they were slaves”. People who are deprived of freedom & equal love & respect for a long time habituate to their lack. They sometimes come to think that they neither need or deserve freedom, or give up because they cannot figure out how to achieve it.Women have been doing that to themselves for thousands of years, If they do so for any more years or even days, the Planet will simply noticeably die of male preferential women’s & men’s obivious or exploitive disregard for the situation half the human family. (The New Millennial Golden Rule provides the quick way out of this trap fo those who delude themselves they are Master as well as those they enslave. The only true Lady&LandLord are the MotherFatherGoddessGod Presence in All Creation).

After the media-sold sham election of 2000, which was protested by many but a winner was declared by a controlled media & controlling 1% that receive complicit acceptance by too many, I chose not to vote again in any purported voting process, or deem as legitimate any so-called election on Earth, until ballance of gender and true representation for minorities was on every ticket, & knew there was a great deal amiss in our & many sp-called National Systems. I supported Carol Mosely Braun’s run for President, & was as shocked at the lack of Support for her as I was years before, for Geraldine Ferraro and Walter Mondale, who I also campaigned for. In 2004, when once again no women were on the tickets & once again two white men were on all major tickets, it was obvious to anyone that a hand was moving behind the sccnes to keep in place a non-representative officiall leadership in front of approving mindless & heartless TV cameras.

I saw that Obama & Hillary were deliberately bait & switch tokens to distract from the hidden manipulations that kept the daily worsening status quo of inequities & unkindness, (even to the dominators themselves, in place, because they are denying themselve the Heaven that comes with Love & Good Faith Ethics (which many simply do not understand because they experienced little nurturing community as children, & often raised by a parade of undervalued nannies or unstable child care, instead of family leave). Shortly after that, I went to Canada, & stayed for quite some time, & it was there, on the place of destination for ~Tubman’s Underground Railroad, that I first learned about Harriet’s sister Rachel, and knew, yes, I was connected, deeply connected to Her & women of all hues & origins, that I met at a culturall community center for women called Sistering. It was there in Toronto, where I also saw my first community garden, a truly beautiful plant, flower, grass, tree & sculpture filled area, with tree stump seats arranged for a ready-made circle, that served a multiethnic neighborhood with women and children and men from eveywehre on Earth. In fact, the Garden was also next to a Library that is one of the few on Earth that has a large sculpture of the Earth, which is also a fountain suffused by light. One of the other places that has such a sculpture is here in Maryland, in Silver Spring, & another World Globe replica is seated near a community college in Mary/MARIAMland; both set within living flowers & Trees.

Since 2000, because more geneallogical records are now on the Internet, I have learned that I am among those verifialy on a geneollogical family tree that unites all the major religious Heritages of the world (You may be, in fact, likey are, as well!), and, I have also learned more about Goddess archetypes hat preceded more recent religions that strangely relegated women, pitching humanity into exploitation, war & waste. I have studied all faiths, including the aspects of Divinity that are associated with the Goddess: nurturing, connecting, acting on behalf of all as Children, & judging with Mercy. You can read about me & my family at: https://theszpoonfullofszugarandszpiceauntheeallogy.wordpress.com/hatcrownhalosztarrgate-the-sztarrgatesz-for-everydaysz-heavensz-on-earthszdaysz-szhall-begin-to-open-here & http://inallherandhisnamesz.webs.com/timetravellingnewberryesznewmillennialllibrary.htm Also because of the Internet, I&We have also learned a great deal more about not only Harriet ~Tubman, but all the above mentioned & other women of relleated names, men who knew they were essentiall, and how they engaged in the most important activity to protect our world: gathering women together to make decisions, encouraged by men who know that is necessary to protect humanity, too.

It is unexplained why Harriet ~Tubman was not at the Chicago Columbian Exposition Congresses, while other women of color were, & Frederick Douglass also spoke there, in a an ambivalent way because some boycott & protest was also simultaneously held because the inclusion of women & blacks was so limited compared to that of festivities for white men. In this Presentation NOW, we retroactively assure that Harriet ~Tubman, with her sister Rachel, are both in VIRTUALL attendance, as a Light to All Women with a simple Key to Freedom: offered by her partially reincarnated Sister: The New Milllenniall Golden Rule.

We know that all these women, & Harriet & Rachel & all their She Kin of every hue this time, not only officiall slave, but those so many, all too many, enslaved by sexism that causes low self-esteem, division among and lack of support for one another among women, that causes not only racism, but classism, nationalism , and even clan destroying nuclear familyism and birth orderism, would like to exchange these culture and mind forged manalces with a Free New Path, would & Do APPROVE OF THE NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE, & Harriet would sign on, just as Harriet Cady Stanton, Elizabeth’s Sister & so many She Kin~d & He Kin~d, signed on to the Declaration of Sentiments & supported Common Sense before an imposter was purported as representative, in the woman & indigenous denying, 3/5 clause ridden lie a primative & not yet ascended humanity told itself, in 1789. My ancetrall cousina & cousin, Mary of Magdala & Jesys before me, earlier from the grass roots Annointed voices, said very clearly, that female & male, & all Heritages & nations are equall in Annointedness (the meaning of the Greek word Christ). For over 2000 years, humanity has not been listening. Can we be surprised that our World is in dire trouble? Now, the New Millenniall Rule makes this understanding simple to implement. It is our Divine Obligation to Accept No Bait & Switch Token Subsitutes as True or Divinely Acceptable Government.

When I went to Solomon School, the Principal was a woman, Blanche ~Prucha. I took her placement in that postition for granted because it was all I knew. This may be true at some of the schools named for Harriet !~Tubman, Rosa ~Parks, Ida B. ~Welles, & now others of various origins, such as Dolores Huerta School, and the Patsy Mink Environmental Center which is housed in a school, not yet a fraction near enough named for women, when so many schools & museums are named exclusively for men who never spent as much time with children as even their too often unnamed wives did, of every ethnic Heritage & geographic origin. But, I have since learned that in too many cases, schools and school systems which have mostly women teachers are administered by mostly male principals & superintendents. http://aasa.org/SchoolAdministratorArticle.aspx?id=14492

The reason is very simple; men are not quite as either hormonally gifted nor socialized as much as women to directly nurture younger children or even be as close to their own families, and are therefore more willing to spend long hours away from them in other occupations, including administrative ones like superintendent as conventionally practiced, even though, in fact, this may not be best for their very own children, the teachers who work within this system, or even themselves.

We have come to understand something has gone very wrong with the balance of love and work throughout US culture, and this part of the world is the only literate country in the world that does not have paid family leave, accompanied in this lack by only 3 other countries, all impoverished and illiterate regions: Liberia, Papua New Guinea and Swaziland. In addition to these starving 3, the US is the only place in the world without substantive family leave, while Austria, & Germany & the Czech Republica among others https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_leave http://www.childpolicyintl.org/issuebrief/issuebrief5table1.pdf http://www.coe.int/t/dghl/standardsetting/equality/03themes/women-decisionmaking/CDEG%282004%2914final_en.pdf provide 3-4 year full time and 8 years part time for mothers, with substantive time given to fathers also, and without a career glass ceiling impact of taking this time to be with one’e own family during the most developmentally formative period of life.

Not surprisingly, this is one of the few countries of the world that failed to ratify both CEDAW, the Convention for Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, & the Convention on the Rights of the Child.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/US_ratification_of_the_Convention_on_the_Rights_of_the_Child, both of which occurred during the period before regressive forces, especially linked to media censorship of these issues in Corporate Media for over 25 years. have impacted the UN as well, which only has about 25 women delegates out of in the 193 member General Assembly, most often picked by  nationalistically defined administrations, where women are either not present or in token number (as in the US, currently ranking now 85th in the world in representation for women, with more than 100 countries doing better than this part of the world, when ties are counted ).

This thoroughly hypocritical situation abrogated the UN’s own published goals for 2000 & the New Millennium for reparative and equall representation for females and males. But many have also concluded that while national region is very important, democracy is also very much based in the village or neigbhorhood, & any & every neighborhood, as flowering grassroots, can Light the way to both balance of love and work and democracy for the world. So even International Bodies like the UN are only window dressing. The Reall Democracy of the World either exists or does not, in the neighborhood, as the basis for all other levels of government.
Just as important, the State of Maryland has lead the world in counting the value of parenting and time spent with family and community among other very essentiall social and environmental values, using the Genuine Progress Indicator http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genuine_progress_indicator# http://digital.vpr.net/post/other-states-joining-vermont-develop-genuine-progress-indicator as its economic measure instead of the outmoded and destructive Gross Domestic Product, which is indeed, very gross, for example, making no differentiation between the economic footprint of an arms manufacturing plant, a casino, a prison, and a school.
Several Canadian provinces and other jurisdictions use the GPI, elleven countries have pretested it, and 18 states sent representatives to Maryland in 2013 to learn about this. The only reason this has not become the way of the world is that in many regions of the world, including especially North America, mass media & political processes are held hostage to mostly monied old men, using an old outmoded paradigm, based on a money system that no longer makes sense to most people and certainly the 99%, but this fact is not reported in Corporate Media, which has become controlled into a very few hands of mostly old men who regard women and children as markets rather than as very important human beings.

There is another aspect of this situation We would also like to draw to your attention to, as we did to Solomon School in Chicago. While some schools have gone Solar, Solomon School, with the syllable Sol imbedded in its name, which is the root word of solar, meaning Sun & Sunlight as well as Wiszdom in many languages, Solomon does not yet have a solar array, which could be planted within a flowering roof garden of marigolds, sunflowers & a rainbow of flowering & green plants. Schools named starting with the more recognized name of AraMinta, which similarly imbeds the Ra of the Sun Goddess, Just as Rosa Parks does the Roseate Dawn, & so this is true of Every woman’s name, almost all linked to Goddesses, Nature & Light. By including a woman’s name at every school & educational center, reparatively for the long times of invisilization, & also knowing that with the Internet, every home is also a school that has & needs women’s guiding co conducting to be sure its Presentation is ballanced, can use this message to lead the world in going solar 8 thus, soular, in protecting current and future generations NOW. Or, we can all just become extinct, whether quickly & suddenly or slowly & painfully.

Germany is currently 50% solar, with some cities like Freiburg at 100% . http://www.thesolarvillage.com/index.cfm?page=1.%20Solar%20Village&tab=Village#.U2yzZKLYPDs , while the US is a shameful .29% solar, another fact not discussed at all on Corporately controlled television. Yet, many communities, even in the moribund US, have quickly gone solar . http://www.communitypowernetwork.com/ 
(it is not a coincidence that the woman who lighted tha path on this multineighborhood solar transformation, Anya ~Schoolman, has the word “School” imbedded in her name because all the world needs to Go to School to Learn How Easy it Can be Go Solar & Solar) & http://cleantechnica.com/2014/04/28/yolo-county-americas-1st-grid-positive-county/ as a preventive to global warming caused by carbon emissions and a better choice than possible Fukishimas. To live up to the meanings of her name AraMinta or Harriet so connected to HERa, there is no reason with a little greene and flowering grass roots cooperation in its multiheritage neighborhood, that every Harriet Tubman School and Museum must lead the neighborhood & district where it resides can not rapidly go wiszely Solar, and be a Shining Light to All Chicago & the World, & Freedom from the Worst Slavery, that of Humanity on a Planet which has lost the Ballance of Nature.
We have a simple practical approach for this
Following the New Millenniall Golden Rule:
1) Let all the teachers and children and staff of every Harriet ~ (& Rachel) ~Tubman named School & Museum guiding all Schools & Museums, & every school freed from sexism & racism & classism by this message, Print Out and Distribute Community Consciousness Currency displaying Harriet Tubman’s & She Kin~d (& or similar other HERoic faces & RePresentations, & why not simulteneoulsy the neighborhood’s own women leaders of every hue (a sample of what is possible is available at https://5050now.wordpress.com/the-your-she-kin-amp-youmariam-lambert-susan-be-precious-anthony-commemmorative-consciousness-currencyes-travelling-in-time-with-precious-common-sense/ , including their own, in a Circle, to their family and community. Men can assist this, & when it has circulated for a reparative little while, & men who insist on equall representation & valluation for all women, with Children, can be added, too. This can also be used as a fundraiser to go solar quickly, even using our outmoded conventional non GPI based money, while it is still in use. (Going Solar will mostly eliminate any need for money, because so much of our dollar goes to drilling for & defending nonrenewables). We have succesfully raised 5, 10 and 25 conventional dollar contributions in exchange for one informative Consciousness Currency, which can include Internet links for education on its face and back. The solar panel installer (which sometimes might be someone living in the same neighborhood, & world wide, because many people are learning ton build their own solar panels) should & MUST be paid with Consciousness Currency along with and even more important than the conventional kind of money, because this will further the psychosocial changes needed to bring Solar & Soular power into reallity quickly.

Of course, this will FREE the entire neighborhood from much of their costs of living & misdirected time, and more will be available to contribute to any School as a Culturall Center for the Neighborhood, which Hannah ~Greenebaum~Solomon, who also worked with Jane ~Addams, & Ellen Gates Starr at Hull House, with the Hamilton Sisters who wrote the most famous books which informed the world about Goddess cultures, & which at any given moment served up to 60,000 people, women, children & men of countless families; at first European immigrants but then also people of color & other immigrant origins and Hues. while Phyllis Wheatley employed a similar neigbhorhood approach in neighborhoods of color   Both modelles can be combined. And Actually, a smaller community center, a Commons, or Neighborhood Panchayat Raj, just for each neighborhood, is the best size for raising intelligent children and neighbors of every age, & the basis of experience for any public service that combines such ReEvolved jurisdictions.

2) Teach all School Children & Museum Muse Visitors to Turn off TV 2) https://5050now.wordpress.com/every-good-girlandboycott-gallery-of-warnings-about-controlled-media-and-internet/
while it is being used to keep the public ignorant on so many issue of democracy, gender, racial and all human fairness. Warn their parents to TURN OFF TV, while it remains in the hands of a few old men https://5050now.wordpress.com/confession-atonement-truth-and-reconciliation-court-judging-patriarchy/media-consolidation-big-brothers-big-lie/ who don’t think too highly of women and children & do not care about the present or future, & whether Government is Divinely Approved or as Beastly as Orwell’s Animal Farm.

3).Hold Circles (see #3 of the New Millenniall Golden Rule http://www.peerspirit.com/books-thecircleway.html http://www.amazon.com/Doing-Democracy-Circles-Engaging-Communities/dp/0972188665) at Harriet ~Tubman blessed communityes of all hues & Heritages & all places of learning to discuss this situation, and come up with Creative Solutions encouraging not only women, but children, especially girls as much as boys, to talk about this. We believe this will also discourgage bullying & violence at the school and homes of the neighborhood, which has become a major problem, and can also be discussed at the circles

4) Hold a Panchayat Raj (i.e. Village Rule) General Assembly (see Number 1 of the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/) for the Neighborhood at the School to empower all the women, children and men who also want balance and a sustainable world for their children, of the Neighborhood & quickly go Solar & Renewable (Wind, etc) & learn how to turn the neighborhood into a garden of ecologicall sustainability & resilence: http://www.hindu.com/2001/10/03/stories/05032524.htm
https://5050now.wordpress.com/renewabelle-solarsoular-energyesz-maraiamshall-plan-manhattan-ma-hattenelleven-auroraapollo-project, http://cscstelle.org/what-we-value/

And understand that the building and large playground or yard of every School can become a Community Center. a Commons that brings the entire neighborhood together to learn the ways of Peace & a place where everyone in the Neighborhood can learn to go Solar & Soular themselves and with their neighbors locall and globall, increasing a life span where loving and learning is sustainable, and never stops as we expand our connections in the Universe. The two longest civilizations on Earth were ones in which women had highest status and cooperated together, along with coooperating with men.https://5050now.wordpress.com/will-people-be-chimps-or-bonobos-goddesses-and-gods-or-mastermonsters-and-slaves/  If we learn this lesson now, we will graduate to a Heaven on Earth & prevent the unsustainable Hell leading to Planetary Death, that we are currently inducing.

We do not yet have a picture of Social Studies & US HerandHistory teacher Mrs. Sylvia ~Light, a commandingly tall yet incredibly loving woman with reddish hair, who taught me and so many about democracy in the most creative and excellent ways incorporating art & drama to bring herandhistory alive, including hugging the children. She taught at HGS after also teaching many youth at Roosevelt High School , and both schools are now multiracial and multi HERitaged. We would love to have a picture of her now, and indeed, pictures of all the teachers who taught while I was at School more valuable than We knew. And so were all the Mothers of the Neighborhood, like mine & ours HERa~Harriet, (and others like Misha and Ethel and Mikki and Cielle,  and another Sylvia & so many more now of so many names & hues, who helped their young with homework, & proudly put our paintings on the refrigerator & walls of the house or apartment,)  & worked for, where I grew up, the Peterson Park (perhaps the name should also be PetRadaughter Park, in honor of Lynn Petra Alexander Sagan Margulies & PetRa ~Kelly,)  Improvement Association with my & our father whose reparative understanding I also represent. https://5050now.wordpress.com/she-is-riszenwe-are-riszen-equinoxeasterestheraearthday-enlightened-everyday/, in true partnership even though in those days only he was accorded the title of Community Association President, 

Even earlier, Harriet herself had been a part on an even more remarkable de facto Community Association that gathered the women of an earlier Chicago Community together, with our Grandmother Rae http://inallherandhisnamesz.webs.com/hatcrownhalo.html. Near the intersection of Independence and Roosevelt (meaning, the Riszen World) where she had been exposed to the most important lesson in life for our times now: Gather the Women, & sometimes including with their Youth & Children &. as they understand this helps them too, their Men.

I do have many (though never enough) pictures of our Mother HERa~Harriet, also a Grandmother & More & I am including one on Consciousness Currency. Since We do not yet have a picture of Mrs. ~Light as yet, or any of the teachers who I enjoyed at Solomon, like those now of schools named for Harriet~Tubman & women of many Hues & Heritages. We are including a Consciousness Currency of another Sylvia, actually, Sylviane, the sociologist Paris Professor author of “Parity of the Sexes) & coarchitect of the gender parity that exists in every city council of France and her & her husband’s Lionel ~Jospin’s French major political party, that of Sylvianne~Agacinski~Jospin. Like Greenebaum itself, the name Sylvia means of the Trees or Tree of Love and Life.  We know Sylvia ~Light  & all the teachers and mothers of wisdom, including Hannah ~Greenebaum~Solomon herself, would have approved of her completely as would the descendants of not only Harriet ~Tubman, but the great Josephine Baker, & other women, Like Maya Angelou herself, sought expression in music, poetry & dance, often influenced by French & French African including Carribean Heritage.
We are also including one that symbolizes any group of women cooperating, with the understanding that all women are in fact, female cousins, or Cousina as the Europeans say, & can become CoSavioRa, or as the Africans say, YeMaya Orisha (sounds like OurRiszYa) when they cooperate for greatest mutuall empowerment and Good. The women who are the staff at the school today are in fact, allready Cousina OuRiszYa http://io9.com/5791530/why-humans-all-much-more-related-than-you-think/all, and in fact, are also Cousina to all the women of the neighborhood, locall & globall.


We realize, that Mrs. ~Prucha herself likely had been a teacher before becoming principal at Solomon. We think we would appreciate such wiszdom more if our schools rotated the principal position & all positions of leadership, optimally shared Coleadership, as is done in the Circle Process, among the teachers who teach there, also learning mutually with and from the mothers of the Community about the Love they teach at home. That would ellevate both positions while grounding them in the most important aspect: the loving education of children & stabilization of FamilyCommunity. Like the moving scene in Beloved with the Woman Ministress, All Would Have a Moment to Hold the Center, & Give their Gifts.

And this would be the path to a New CoSuperintendency, too, a more Super-Intentionall Community model for our world, that both Superwomen and Supermen can be proud of, where all people have time to Love & Learn from one another http://cscstelle.org/what-we-value/ , & are freed from the bills and work of an old paradigm that is no longer needed in our interconnected, may we become fully Soular & Solar World.

To paraphrase the fictional Ms Jean Brodie while she was in her Prime: Give me a child at an impressionable age, and she or he is mine for life.”But if we leave schools in the hands of patriarchal corporations, we are giving are children to be theirs for slavery & death. Resources allready exist for teaching children gender cooperation. And making a peaceful sustainable world,  http://www.partnershipway.org/partnership-systemunderstanding that parents, teachers, & neighbors are all, in fact,  extended familly, & the first lesson of importance is human bonding with nurturing kindness, for Love & Life in Light. Then, Earth will begin to look like the Paradisal & Happy RaIsza Prime Planet presaged on Star Trek or AuRelleia, which means Golden * was the home Planet of the Guianan Character (played by Whoopi Goldberg) who advised the entire crew in a relaxed way & loved children, too.

Now, that is every Rachel Tubman Riszen & Harriet herself, more fully Freed. When women are no longer second class, & unwilling to be coopted by tokenism, & haremized like drones in their workplaces while separated from one another in their neighborhoods, then freedom will reappear, & free the 27 million living in trafficking & slavery, & the billions in mindless work while their communities languish, the millions more in prisons instead of community commons and schools linked to an uncensored yet Riszen & intelligent, with the Eternal Feminine judgement of HERa/AstraReah Internet.

Social ills, & the very destruction of the natural environment of Spring itself warned by Sister Marylander Rachel Carson occur while women are underrepresented, and while the paradigm remains outdated in our world.
BUT JUST NEAR THE TRAIN STATION IN KENSINGTON (KEN MEANS YES in ANCIENT LANGUAGES) is the multigloball architectural Solar & Soular Goddess Campus of a Forest Glen, representing the potentiall for a New Globall & Everywhere for Neighborhood architecture, in Silver becoming Golden Spring, where former slave quarters, including the slavery of uncounted labor & undervalued genius (also derived from the Goddess HERa/Juno originally IUNI, “She Who Gives”, in ancient Etruscan. in the home & community, must be freed of moneyism, classism, racism, & householdism so consumerist that it destroys community, & most essentially of all, the greatest manacle of human experience, alpha malism, low esteem and lack of cooperation among women, thoughtless privilege by men, domestic abuse & sexism.

Today, homeless women as well as women of middle class & moneyed experience can unite, & liberate humanity from the nonsense that we have been coopted into instead of Common Sense that all must have in Commons, that has divided us All from the Divine Gift of my Great Cousinas and Cousin, the MarIams & ZippoRahs of Exodus reunited with mutuall regard for each other & all their many hued Shekin~d, and HeKin~d, too, the Mariams of Nazareth & Magdala reunited Within as Equall as Jesus, my ancestrall First Cousin, knew they must be with Himself, so that we are all Annointed, YeMaya/Mari/Maia into June Goddesses Angelous Returned & Riszen in Us, The Annointed because fully represented and counted Angel aspect of our Natures. The Cosmic MaRaIam Sophia Christ in people of every origin & every Hue, of the MotherFatherGoddessGod.

So this time, Harriet the Conductor will need no weapons. Because, via the New Millenniall Golden Rule, the ultimate weapon that conquers all oppression, is LOVE for both Genders, a fully expanded Naturall life span not only for the poor but also for those of accumulated women & world invisilizing outmoded weallth and a Locall Globall Neighborhood in Ballance.

When this is shared, as the Spirituall will be more inclusive, We Will Thank GoddessGod Allmighty in Ballance, that we are ALL Free, neither Master nor Slave, but Peers & Seers, & Abundantly Happy, At Lastingly. The Fountain of Youth Will Reappear in every SilverGolden Spring, and the Ellen Gates Starr & Jane with Abigail Addams returned with Phyliss Wheatley all Golden Wheat & No Chaff StarRaGates, the knowledge that we can gain our Power from our Sun, Our Starr, instead of the oil and coal & nuclear that now threaten the Planet Iself. The StarrGates Will Open. We Shall be Free of Patriarchy, & AllReady for a ReEvolved Heaven on Earth reconnecting to other Living Planets of the Milky Way & Beyond.


The Time Is Necessary Now for a Paradigm Shift. We are the Shift.
The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon MYOur Shoulders
“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and hopefully, prayerfully & intercessorily not against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              
“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.” 
The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,
which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


For More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of Many More for All)
Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
The ReAll Government of Love Life & Light
on Our Planet Earth &  More, Sits Upon MYOur Shoulders
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929 (24 hour phone answering service)

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