YouthFull (All) Generationall Way to Media & Globall Loving & Living ReEvolution


The Gender & Generationall Problem &,,,

In the decades since the late 1980’s, American & World students and Younger Generation people have seen their future within democracy and sustainability threatened and endangered. Much of the problem has been caused by a corporately and patriarchal controlled media, which has been ignoring truth (and the  many worlwide stories of evolutionary soluions to our problems that actually do exist, and which We have distilled for easiest implementation in the New Millenniall Golden Rule

In fact, media & journalism/public discussion and communication has been the problem since 1789, when patriarchy and plantation ownership abrogated the original founding Revolutionary Document, Common Sense, which in January 1776 called for equal office of  all people, including women and people of all hues and origins without property or financial qualifications. Even the very flawed Constitution uf 1789 encouraged those in their twenties and thirties as qualified for office; but the gender, racial & property requirements are still hampering most young people from taking the decision-making presence of their own voices as seriously as those of out-of-touch grandfathers who apparently don’t think their wives & sisters & the children & grandchildren these wives, most of all, have labored to raise, are as worthy as these old geezers are to codecide a future, All generations are in fact born & nurtured by the intelligent subtle both distinctive yet necessaily overlapping shared cooperation of genderation, female and male, that is the hallmark of a Higher Intelligence Specie. In 1789, few people, especially women, youth & minorities were literate enough to read or write the truth of Common Sense. But now, most Americans, and especially those in Higher Education certainly are literate enough, & most Younger people are more widely read, via the Internet, than the $elf-$elected “decision-making” grandfathers of a few,  who likely spend very little time with either wife, children or grandchildren in the strange ways of our corporate media culture’s currently regressed concept of “leadership”.

The Gender & Generationall Paradigm Shift Healling:

The College & University Setting especially offers unique possiblities to a systemic approach to the problem with special focus on transforming Media via standards of accountability for Journalism Departments & habits of information and media in their region, so that we can Travelle In Time With Common Sense and Go Back to the Future, of our Planet Earth’s important place in the Universze that is the subject of study of every University, the Collegiallity that is College and Higher Learning,  (including on the Internet) with, especially with the Young & Young at Heart:

We are asking all students in general, and especially those in sociology, psychology, anthropology, women’s studies, political science, economics, geology, astrology, biology, environmental sciences, education, theology, philosophy, and humanites, in particular, and every student organization and newspaper, to connect the dots in their activities and activism and enact these four planet and generation savers with a focus on the Journalism Departments at their Schools and Media Headquarters in their Region:


If your institution has a Department of Journalism, hold a sit including a mock or rather symbolic but very serious trial there, using as modelles the famous Jean Giradoux play, the Madwoman of Chaillot, that was made into a film with Katherine Hepburn  as Countess Aurellia (because she & her friends Count what is most Golden about Humanity, the Golden Rule) and other World Famous players enacting poor people who put a President, General and Businessman on trial for greedily drilling for fossil fuel on their land; the Encounter at Far Point Station of Star Trek, which puts all Humanity on trial for its beastlike violence, and existing worldwide women’s courts and Truth and Reconciliation Commissions: of Women.htm , https.en, & More.

This is a powerfully moving way to assist students and faculty in the Journalism Department to join all students and young people in protesting corporate control of media , and announce a University Wide Corporate television and print boycott until the media apologizes for the worst and most dangerous malfeasance in journalism in the story of modern humanity – true corporate fascism and propaganda – especially by means of omitting the most important issues and discussions and 3/4 of humanity’s necessary voices, those of women, youth and minorities so important for peace and sustainability .The corporate media deliberately censored worldwide information about the importance of female and male cooperation in marriage and family and in coleadership – important news including the achievement of gender parity and public funding of elections in many places around the world, news about family leave ballance of love & work protections for children and next generations, and planet protecting environmental, eco nomic and sustainability news.


For example, in the world according to Corporate Media, there has been no discussions of facts like: Europeans & more have 3-4 years paid family leave and real vacations, Europeans & more have long had salary caps and gender quotas on CEOS and corporate management, and  that now Germany is at 100% solar in the most famous University town whose very name, Freiburg, means Freedom and around 50% overall , while the US, withs some rare and exceptional towns and counties, is overall at .29% solar ( , that most neighborhoods in Denmark have their own windmills for electriticy , that the $11 trillion in unpaid work that women do and $5.5 trillion unpaid that men do can actually be creditted using better economic measures like the Genuine Progress Indicator already in use by millions of people The_components_of_GPI , and news about whollistic healling, and gmo free nutrition and medicine and many more, for over 25 years.. Corporate media has censored stories and even paid-for ads of concern about global warming , nuclear power, frakking and gmos, misogyny, domestic violence & abuse of women and children and the underlying psychological cause of many dictatorships , crime and wars, since when children who have grown up with abuse become old enough, they are more likely to become criminals and victims, such as those related to the 4,000 US women who die in abuse per year, a much higher toll than US soldiers in Afghanistan, and, indeed, soldiers willing to shoot and bomb people & throw their own precious lives away for some old men’s money or hegemonic title, rather than make resolve conflicts peacefully, as we see now so cleary with Russia’s conflict with the Ukraine, since Russia itself has a domestic violence toll on women of 14,000 fatalities per year  with 14,000 women killed per year in domestic violence there, are all too willing to take out pent up emotion and identification with aggressors on others, especially if the pay is enough
and other social and environmental horrors are breaking out all over.
, a toll actually much larger than the corporate news’ reports focus on the resulting war remembers);  & certainly patriarchy even more than oil is the fuel of every conflict in the Middle East; there is no need to choose up sides among nationalisms or warring factions; patriarchy is the error that unites them in repetitive divisiveness against a nearby backdrop (including even literate Egypt) where millions of women in North Africa have been genitally mutilated or threatened by beating by men of their family and community,  & in Palestinian & Israeli & Iranian regions of this interrelated family of  Sarah, Hajarah, Keturah alike, on buses & as they walk about, their peaceful wisdom routinely ignored by too many, sometimes even other womenm so that their fathers and brothers then proceed to threaten and kill each other,  in a world where media is actually not much more patriarchal and controlled as it has been in corporately  “fathered” & Big Brothered into fascism North America.

The tragedy that more than 163 million baby girls were aborted by economically pressured Asian & SinoAsian women and their families to avoid patiarchal dowry expenses , a death toll greater than both World Wars put together and destabilizing the future of our world’s young men and all manner of human interaction, was never reported on corporate television at all.

With this extremity of censorship misogyny & misanthropy disguising itself as professional journalism, corporate media have deliberately made hundreds of millions of Americans and billions worldwide regress instead of evolve in their cooperative and preventive thinking, their ability to connect the systemic dots about gender ballance and inclusive diversity of the all related family that is humanity, as preventives of ecocatastrophe and war, at the beginning of a New Millennium. Their propaganda of vacuous thinking, especially the smokescreen of this nation against that nation, this group against that, or Red vs Blue (both have become Dumpublicans) instead of inclusive decisionmaking beyond party or nation but including both genders and all hues, has hurt more millions ability to think than Joseph Goebbels did, has resulted in hundreds of millions of unnecessary deaths during these years of media consolidation, and now threatens billions of people and all Life on Earth. No injustice has ever been more deserving of boycotts, sit ins and citizen public judgement, than the media consolidation that has turned the fouth estate into the corporate fascist state of misogyny and misanthropy. If your school is engaged in fossilfree fossil and nonrenewable fuels divestiture and your dorms going solar , add divestiture of stock in corporate media until corporate media is freed from its control by the 1%, But a simple turning off of television boycott is the simplest act of divestiture against deception that anyone can do.


Children who grow up with good maternal, family and community bonding experiences are more caring and intelligent about one another, democracy and sustainabilty, even their own wellness Yet, today, the faculty of your institution and any young parents and married students are currently exremely deprived of family leave and support for breastfeeding , compared to Europeans, where millions of women and men are afforded 3-4 years of family leave without impact on their ability to return to workplace activities . Ecopsychology requires that American institutions lead the way to optimal human development family leave, for the education of a human being’s emotional, intellectual and spiritual intelligence, including their respect for adult Collegiallity and the Universe that Colleges and Universities are named for, begins at infancy (& even before then). paid maternity leave2 Make sure you carry signs & make and wear buttons about the lack of family leave with a picture of a baby and the Earth (and some of your own faculty and students) that say: “Love & Work Ballance Protects Sustainability & Peace”, or “Family Leave Is the Best Beginning of Lifelong Learning”. And This reclaimed & restored Leave must refer to European multiyear levels; anything less is just criminally uncaring crumbs thrown to a population kept deliberately dumb on this issue. And, in a more systemic approach that counts all the important work of humanity reparatively, currently & proactively, Wear~e the New Millenniall Golden Rule on Your T-Shirts & Clothing, purse, bag or wallet, and declare Yourself a Retroactive, Present and Proactive CoRuler, a Solar Soular CoRuler to Save Our Planet & Come Back to the Future that this New Millennia is supposed to be


If you live at a dorm, quickly organize a task force to put solar panels on the roof, grounds or walkways of your dorm and other campus and community buildings, _7967761_universities-going-green-solar-panels.html and connect with all the dorms at your campus, region and world about this. If all the students of the dorm contribute 25$ and their parents contribute $75 (accompanied by appropriate community consciousness currency , and that will move use toward that Highest Education society they is beyond money as those presaged by Star Trek it should raise enough to install solar panels and green roofs on every dorm roof or walkway. This will relieve and essentially phase out utility bills, and lower the cost of education by reducing heating, cooling and food costs. Connect with other students worldwide and synchronize your efforts with others locally and around the world. Eventually, all learning will be lifelong for everyone, increasing the human lifespan by leaps and bounds for all on Planet ready to make Contact! with more of our Universze, that every Universzity is named for.



Adopt community consciousness currencyesz for dorm snack bars, student unions and bookstores, food coops and any and all financial transactions associated with your college or university and its home town. Put famous women, minority and progressive majority men’s pictures who were founders or graduates of your school or region on the money, as well as pictures your own current students , on a rotating basis 


Treat them as if they were gifts and trading cards, as well as actually using them with every exchange transaction that involves our conventional, and actually environmentally very outmoded money. Community and consciousness currencyes are the transitional step necessary to achieve the quantum leap of a world so advanced and sustainable that is no longer needs to use money, as presaged in the science fiction of Star Trek. It is becoming quite possible, via renewable energy, computer and other advanced technologies, to live abundantly with ongoing learning and work no more than 4 hours a day . No one has more right to make a New World than the Younger Generation & the currently so unnecessarily debt-ridden and employment uncertain college generation. Young Women & Men must not be deprived of egalitarian. loving & happier family & community life because older generations dropped the ball on necessary change for the Good of All & got stuck in old paradigm thinking. You Can Be the Change You Want to See in Your World. The fact that millions of people use community currencies , and billions use money with women’s pictures on them, has never been discussed on US corporate tellevision. Make sure your School Newspaper and any radio and tellevision broadcasts seriously discusses these issues.

Understand this is reparation for what especially your Mother & You (& to a lesser extent, extended family and fathers) have been so strangely not credditted for by our self&other sociopathic misleaders’ concepts of Economics. Taking it as seriously as famed economists Marilyn ~Waring–counting-for-nothing-be-careful-what-you-measure-for?trk=cha-feed-art-title-5806779816238034944, Hazel ~Henderson, who gave us the words  “the Love Economy” with the illuminating oft pictured birthday cake analogy, Bernard Lietaer and Jennifer ~de Groot , We have adapted this personalized presentation of what this means to each woman, especially, who performs the greater amount of family related work as a very reall profession,  from,


In our graphic We creditted this with an attached community consciousness currency of ‘trillions and zillionsz” to recognize the thousands of years overdue need to give a female pictured face, in addition to the check that’s unknown genius envisioned; but was too imbedded in conventional money hierarchies to quite fully grasp the importance of what is depicted with Mom’s Salary Wizard. Billions of consciousness community currencyesz worth many many time that,  have been distributed and are in use, a fact never told by corporate media, & many do depict women, both famous and less famous.


We have created a Galleresz of Consciousness Currencyesz to reflect the potential of the creavite power of consciousness raising  to right this perhaps most glaringly unjust truly dishonest  & cumulatively unsustainable and destructive aspect of conventional human society’s notions of what counts.  Until 1996, when unpaid work was actually estimated at $11 trillion/year for women and about  $5.5 trillion for men by some unnamed geniuses at the the United Nations, no figure had been actually published by any human being about this, although Marilyn Waring described it in other profound terms of valuation.   This publication and the discussion that millions have had about it indicate a profound ReEvolutionary Step. Again, that is $11,000,000,000,000 in today’s conventional US currency, and we can multiply that number by at least 5,000 years since the loss of egalitarian society based on Crete, thought to be Atlantis, so that minimal reparation needed in our thinking to women is $55,000,000,000,000,000. You can individualize that for women you know or have known & who is of your communityfamily. Mariam of Magdalla & Jesus both preached the equallity of the genders, & one needs to time travelle back to their time and further to understand the socializiation of women to not know their own story and value aka the Women’s History of the World.Mom’s salary counter’s yearly total must be multiplied by the number of years of a woman’s adult service to her familycommunity, so every woman, including not only you if you are either a mother or have helped raise children and care for family&community, but your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousinsasz, and more, is in fact, owed millions in invisilized credit, clearly more than the value of any apartment rent or mortgage or her many bill payments,  including tuition, so much of which is getting sucked into CEOs coffers.

The saddest situation is that billions of people have been induced by Corporate Media to remain unevolved and ignorant about regaining a ballance on what and who is valued, as necessary for Love and Life on their Planet. The New Millenniall Golden Rule, via the Genuine Progress Indicator, the ReEvolutionary Eco Nomic quantum leap, changes this, & the GPI alone does not even include the vast treasure trove, an astronomicall amount, that would occur if all the women on Earth were literate at least to the extent that men are which would then increase the literacy of all, linked with each other and men locally and globally by computer, and the contribution of all adult women as decisionmakers better capable of conflict resolution and societal foresight than even most men, whose testosterone & physiology may equip them better for fast action and spatial technical genius but not not necessarily for longer term intuitive and as emotionally intelligent thinking into the future. But. as we in North America have to date ignored this wisdom, everyone here, both genders, are actually getting dumber & most people poorer while a few gain unsustainable accumulated “die on top” false wealth that is literally adding 2 + 2 for a sum of environmentally and socially unsustainable zero 0 and negative -, all illusions of wrong accounting & that misses what is of value with ballance. Only the New Millenniall Golden Rule will turn that around.


Starting August 26, Cellebrate Women’s Equallity Day and its herstoric Strike in 1970 as not Just a one Day, but this Time a New Millenniall Time, Important to both Genders especially of Child Bearing Age and all their Current or Future Children to the 7th Generation.


Declare Sadie Hawkins Days for locall globall and all levels of Government and Media & Corporate often dictating University Management: if you are a young (or young at heart female), call and tell every male, official and CEO in your region and certainly any in student government especially, that he must accept your proposal of new form of marriage – governmental marriage – and marry you, (as you and women around the world allready have already have proposed to him but been scorned to long) as a thinking representative of every woman citizen everywhere in the world, locall and globally with something more on your mind than shampoo. Tell titular officeholders that the media keeps telling us are “leaders” that You currently intercede to hold their title of office, and create an agenda of laws and statutes you want to pass: i.e. 3 week vacations and multiyear family leave as in Europe, ban GMOs, fund renewable energy, teach peace and end war, and guarantee a free and nonserveilled Internet and affordable education as in Europe. If you are female, tell every male official that he is your governmental fiancee and can only hold title until gender parity and representative minority presence gets hitched with government in your area (the best model is a neighborhood based government, see the New Millenniall Golden Rule) & Pin or Velcro Your Own Title of Coleadership onto Clothing & Hats.If you are a male, call the female 19% tokens in office (a number less than Pakistan & many illiterate rregions) and ask them why they are acting like Mrs. Robinson & betraying not only their daughters by delaying so long on some courageous sit ins for gender parity and Euro Style family leave, but young men who have a clue, too.


Just as important, apologize for the strange and glaring failure of US feminists in since the strike in 1970 that gave this Day its Name to include family leave in their herandhistoric demands since Sweden began to offer it in 1955, and tell coopted, corporate-media “major” party label-defined dependent US “feminists” that all children and families deserve not just of the dumbed down several weeks time being “given” by male dominated non-representative bodies of millionaires, to desperate time and money starved US families while CEOs pockets bulge, but of 3-4 years that millions of Europeans in far less wealthy countries than the US. , If you have children, bring them to work, class and any titular governmental offices near you, until your employer, professor & officials agrees to publically advocate for this and publish their support, and apology to children, parents and family, on the internet and any company or insitutional website. If You are a young man who like most younger people are not (mal)adjusted to misogyny yet, call older male officials and tell them that they have shamed your gender by their anachronistic misogyny and predatory exploitive attitudes toward youth. Tell female tokens in office and on their staffs, that their numbers are no longer an achievement as they were two decades ago. Ask these rather either confused or evil stepmothers why, at their ages in their 60’s they have shown so little courage on behalf of younger generations and children to sit in (as women in other part of the world have) and protest the sham of representation that is occurring in too many legislatures and executives regarding gender and minority presence. ‘

Insist on public apologies of all complicit officeholders including CEOs, especially to younger generations, all women, minorities and men who care about Planet more than Money. Tell then that you and EVERYONE BUT THEM, are the interim government until they publically announce the New Millenniall Golden Rule and similar paradigm shifts and make it clear you will call them citizen or sinner, but not by any governmental title until the Paradigm Shift of Reall Democracy that befits New Millennia is achieved. And tell them it will actually increase their own life span and quality of life because the increase in the talent pool of decision makers will bring forth unforeseen blessings, like the Fountain of Youth and Interplanetary Travel, so even these old paradigmer have nothing to lose but everything to gain from this New Paradigm, made easy for even aging kindergarteners still growing up, by the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

6) Don’t be afraid to take these overdue actions. and don’t be concerned if Corporate Media doesn’t cover them. Just cover them yourselves, locallu and globally, linkingwith others around the world. The REEvolution will not be tellevised, but a Greater Power, the Universzall Power of Love and Nature EverPresent and Watching, If you do not take these actions NOW, Corporate United for Greed & Domination States of America and its Interlinked Corporate oligarchies around the world, will soon frack, drill and war itself into so many earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes and tsunamis, oil spill and nuclear disasters and foreign wars, and experience so much bullying, school and workplace shootings and suicides, crime and stifling surveillance at home, that you would deeply regret you missed ANY opportunities to fend off these currently looming catastrophes and the needless extinction of humanity and loss of YOur Planet Earth. CRISIS IS OPPORTUNITY. A Better More Universzally Fit World is Possible. Make It YOur World NOW & EveryDay at Your Universzall Universzityeszillionsz

Generic Elleven Steps Needed to Become CoSavioRa & Save Our Planet are also available at: This is Your Most Reall Education in the Knowlege that:

Weare the ReEvolution

The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon YOur Shoulders



This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and hopefully and prayerfully not against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,

which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


For More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the

NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour phone answering service)


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