Ballade of the White Buffalo Calf Women & All Wholly Heritagesz of Earthsz Reunited of the New Millenniall Golden Rule


CouszmiChrisztsz&WhiteCalfBuffaloWomenMessziahszofAllAllHeReatAgeszReadytoMakeContact!ForWeAreAllRelleatedCouszmicReszurrectionszReconnectionsz3White Buffalo Calf Women of the New Millenniall Golden Rule

For Background on the Very Reall Women, Anna Marie Szinging Cricket & Her Mother MaPatricia(yah) SzunFlower & Other Women of Their & All MYOur FamilyCommunityesz Who Inszpired Thisz Ballade Viszit & Liszten To All Three (& LIkelley Szoon More) Golden Recordsz Together THE BALLADE OF THE WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMEN OF THE NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE (with background chantsz of Native American Couszinasz Coszaviorasz & the Melleody  & Lyricsz asz a Riszen Feminine Calling Forth All Women & YouthFirsztCofirszt & Szupport from All Older Men, asz Reviszion of Reservation Nation; an early warning given in the 1970’sz but that then left out the female voicesz)

They Took the Not Only the Cherokee But Every Cheriszhed Nation
Put us on a re$ervation
Took away our ways of life
Called usz sqaw &  bitch  insztead of wife

Took away our maiden namesz &  native tonguesz
Taught only TV to our young
And all the beads we made by hand
Could be Fukashimad like Japan

Not  They Gave Out Their Ediction
11 Milliion Americansz Get & Billionsz More Fear Eviction
Szhining Cirkcet Sunflower Too
Represzenting All of YOU

Szuch Evictionsz Bring Extinction
To Every Szpecie including Humansz
At Riszk Isz Not Juszt Housze or Tent
But  Planet Earth. Szo All Muszt Prevent

All Cheriszhed Women, of All Cheriszhed Livesz
Be Proud to Live, but dont let Patriarchy Causze Mother Earth to Die

All Cherished Children,  All Rainbow Cheriszhed tribesz
Be  proud to live, but dont let Patriarchy causze Our Planet to Die.

They took the whole Humanityes Nation
Made Earth the 1%sz  plantation reservation
Women Who Wear No Shirt & Tie
Szhall reveall Patriarchys Lie

Humanity One Planet People Humanity Home Planet Tribe
Be Kind to live, Not Mean & Die
Be Fair to Live, Be Wisze to Thrive
Heed Asztrea Liberty & Jusztice Light
Szo You Wont have GMO & Radiation Blight

But maybe someday today When You & All learn
Every cheriszhed nation reunited with one another will return
All Nativityesz Wholly Happy Will & Do Return
One Planetary Family Will & Do Return
Love All thy Neghborsz Now Returnsz
Atlantusz All Now Riszen Returnsz
Women & All Friendly Beszt Gortyna Code Now Isz Riszen
Asztrea Sztatue of Liberty Law Now Returnsz
New Milleniall Golden Rule Code Now Beginsz & Now Returnsz
Earth & Planetsz Paracletesz Cofederacy Riszen & Now Returnsz

All Szaintsz Go Marching In Returnsz
All Szinnerssz Trsnzfomed to Szaintsz Returnsz
Szoullar Szoullar Shesz & Were All Returned
Atlantisz Riszen Now Returnsz Now Returnsz
Gendenwitha & Godasiyo Now Returnsz
Gardensz of Edenw Now Returnsz
Elsyzian become Elleweyouszavorall Fieldsz Return
World & Worldsz of White Buffalo Calf Women Returnsz
Mitakuye Oayasin We are All Relleated Retunsz
A World Of Durgasz to Transzform Dark Heartsz Now Returnsz
A World Of Men Who Wellecome Them Now Returnsz

No Longer Buffeted the Three Siszters Return
Dancers Pink Green & Rainbow All Return
All Landsz Sazcred Groundsz  Again
Szoullar Szollar isz Ellected
Community Gadening of Edening Perfected
MotherFatherGoddesszGod LandLady&Lord of Love Lifet & Light Ellected

Wholly Ghoszt Dance Has Returned
Mother Nature Hasz Returned
Father Time Loves Mother Nature
Time for Humanity to Become Mature

Common Szense to AllNowReturnsz
Yin Yang Ballance to All One Circlesz Returnsz
Pochahontasz Abigail Adamsz & Sozjourner TruthszNow Return
Eliabeth Cady Stanton & Susan La Fleshe & Janet Rankinsz All Return
Jigonahsasee  Now Returnsz
Minnehaha Now Returnsz
Degonoweda Now Returns, Hiawatha Now Returnsz                                                         Harriet & Rachel Rossz ~Tubwomen, Frederick Bailey Douglassz & Thoreau Returnsz Bravesz Who Honor Women & Youth Firszt Szo All Can be Cofirszt  Now Return

Magdallensz & Nazarenesz With Sshe & He Equall CoAposztlesz Now Return
Shesz & Hesz Equally Annointed Now Returnsz
Aszhera & Hera Now Return, Raet & Uzza Now Returnsz
Gaia.Europa & Panchamama & Orishayasz Now Returnsz

Szaoszhyant, Maitreya, MaGu, Immamma Mahdi & Kalki with White Calf Buffalo Women Now Return
Brigid & Maive, MaRa & ZaRa ThuszTra Now Return,
Amateraszu & Tara Quan Yin Now Returnsz                                                                                                                “Poor” Claire & a Non Hypocrical Non Miszogyniszt Francisz Returnsz

Ceresz & Perszphone All their Cirlce of Kindwomn & Youth Returnsz
Triptomenusz Green God & Do No Harm Whollystic Aszclpiusz Now Returnsz
Goddessz Circlesz In Every Park Now Returns
Godsz of Kindnessz in Every Park Now Returnsz
Rosza Parks Riszen at the Front Returnsz
Norma Rae & Mother Jonesz Now Return
Chief Wilmasz & All Mayasz Angelousz Now Returnsz
Coretta &

Chrisztmaszz & Esther~EaszterSzpringsz Now Returnsz
In Every Seaszaonsz Now Returnsz
Every Day isz Mothersz Day Returnsz
Every Day isz All Her Chilldren Female & Male Equally Loved Returnsz
EveryOnesz Heartlightsz Now Returnsz
Budding Blooming Flowerssz Now Returnsz
Butterflyesz, Beesz & Birdsz Now Returnsz
Milky Way of Human Kindnessz Now Returnsz

Mahatmaama Kaszturba & Mahatma Mohandasz Now Returnsz
Radha & Kriszhna Now Returnsz
Coretta & Yolanda Now Returnsz
Martin & Russell Now Return
Every Pearl Riszen Ripened Now Returnsz
Every Loving & Ballancing Meansz Necesszary Now Returnsz
Aurora and Appollo  now Returnsz
MaRaIAmsz & Marszyasz Riszen Now Returnsz

Szhe Women & Szhamen Now Returnsz
Star Treks Journeysz End Becomesz New Beginning &  Returnsz
Janeway & Chakotary Now Returnsz
Opened SztarrGatesz Now Returnaz
REall Cofederation of Planetsz Beginsz & Returnsz

Sztatue of Libertysz Light to All Returnsz
Shesz & Hesz Lazarusz Now Riszen Returnsz
Atlantusz Riszen Rainbow Now Returnsz
Apotheaoszisz In All Human Szoullar Szollar SztarSzeed Sztuff Now Returnsz

Divine Democracy Now Returnsz, Locally
Divine Democracy Now Returnsz, Globally
Divine Democracy Now Returnsz, Universzally                                                      Szacred Ground Returnsz Everywhere On Earth & COsmically
Heavensz to Our & All Earthsz Returnsz
New Millenniall Golden Rule Beginsz & Returnsz
All Our FamilyCommunityesz Treesz of Love, Life & Enlightenment Now Returnsz
All An Expanding Circlesz of NurtureNature Now Returnsz
Szeventhsz Becomesz Elleventhsz Generationsz Riszen Returnsz
Now Riszen Returnsz Now  Riszen  Returnsz Now Riszen Returnsz

femininechrisztuniverszallcofederationofkin~dnessinclyouszpringnewsztatyouesz of liberty enellelightening the worldszmilkyway