Reactive CoOpted US Women’s Organizations that Betrayed Feminism, Balance and Nature



so they Can Find Their Way Back to Love & Kindness




Note: This Intercessionary Message Granting All These Public Leave of Absence Without Title of Office is Directed at Temporarily Reactive, Coopted or Fearful Women’s Organizational Leaders (See List Below*), but the Greater Self&Other Deceivers, Male Media & Corporate CEOS & their Puppet Female & Male & Minority Pundits & Politicians Whose Souls We Currently Also Intercede For with the Allmighty LovePower While Announcing Their Retroactive Leave of Absence Vacation from Office Without Title As Overworked Emotional Infants & Must Revisit & Recover from Childhood Emotional Deprivation (Raised by too Many Nanny’s Instead of Mother’s with High Self Esteem & Loving Family including Fathers) & Own & Serve Neighbors’ Children & Grandchildren, Famale & Male, In Order to Grow Up & ReEvolve



This is the Hierarchy of Primative Patriarchal Mi$information & Cooptation that’s been De$troying our Planet…. What Happens When Angry Infants Grow Up to Deceive the World?



And Here is the Loving Antidote that Will Save Earth & Soul







View  BELOW The Intercessory Pictorial Apologies, Announced Leave of Absences Without Title of Office, and  (On Behalf of Pending Public) Pledges to Adopt a New Paradigm, Conceptual Components of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, (Panchayat Raj parity & intersectionalism, Genuine Progress Indicator and Circle Process) of Leading Women’s Organizations, achieved via All Our Intercession work as Paradigm Shpft  CoWorldSavers Of Every Continent & Heritage

The greatest problem in recent decades, is that many women (and men) were slow in comprehending the dangers of patriarchy and all its associated engendered false hierarchy, because they were under the illusion that existing women’s organizations were “handling it”.

The fact is, the women who undertook official titles in organizations that allegedly were advocates for feminism, were themselves already greatly victims of thousands of years of patriarchy, in recovery, but by no means recovered psychologically, let alone politically and economically. After thousands of years of humanity’s practicing it, patriarchy, slthough not simply “natural” (the two longest sustained civilizations, Pasiphaen~Minoan & Vedic, were egalitarian, not patriarchal) is culturally so entrenched, that it induces habitual compliance & unwitting or induced perpetuation of this evil, a self-fulfiilling prophesy of widespread human failure, even among those trying to escape from or transcend it, unless they are very vigilant.

Lacking this vigilance,  many once trusted US women’s organizations have actually induced some of the misogynist CEO and political corporatism and conservatism on certain issues, as a backlash and reaction to a US “feminism” that has NOT, in fact, respected the feminine estrogen-linked nurturing strengths and need for bonding with less hierarchical leadership,  and concern for children and the Natural world, that is the hallmark of true feminism and has been more apparent and successfull in  other regions of the world compared to the United States region of our Earth.


Feminism in the socalled US (how can any region be United When More Than Half are not Present for Decision-Making?), particularly, because it is such a domination and competition/capitalist culture, was easily tracked into victim/victimizer mindsets operating within dominator/hierarchical and coopted models.  So, if you look carefully, you will see that very few US women’s organizations focussed coherently on family leave including time for adequate breastfeeding, the greatest balancer for society’s overall good, reall parity representation for half the human family, or ecofeminism, women’s important connection to protect Nature.

They have failed to seriously highlight worldwide success stories like zipper tickets, gender parity and the Panchayat Raj, transnational political movments like the Greens and many Labor parties,  and publicize the work of Marilyn Waring, Hazel Henderson, and the developers of the Genuine Progress Indicator, perhaps fearing it would initially cost them corporate support or governmental tolerance, and took the cowards way out, holding conferences for money and raising dues without ever saying that the money system, without transition to the Genuine Progress Indicator, itself is an aspect of patriarchy that cumulatively unvalues and impoverishes most women and people (i.e. men) who care about children.

The women whose leaves of absence vacations we are announcing here avoided any clear & timely path to full representation for the female gender, and did not demonstrate successful actions of noncooperation such as strike or boycott or hunger strike, related to full representation, like those that had achieved success for other oppressed and marginalized groups, such as the successful satyagraha for Indian Independence, the boycotts that ended aparthed in South Africa, and even the hunger strikes that brought women’s right to vote.

Instead, there have been many conferences and awards dinners,  and the only marches have been on important but derivative issues, such as the Million Mom Marches against weapons & war,  but the central feature of the lack of full presence of women as present decision-makers in democracy, that would result in a less violent, war-like and more sustainable world, has left on the shelf & put off to some vague “future time” in the US by most US “major” women’s organizations. They labelled the Republican Party’s War on Women, but somehow missed the fact that the Democratic Party and recentlyhad deceived Americans to think that they were progressing of family leave in 1993 with the crumbs given with the Family and Medical Leave Act, when other countries were way ahead giving years on that most important issue for human beings who all start out as babies, and both the Democratics and recently even the US Green Party, were failing to enact the at least gender parity on all tickets requirements that had occurred in many other places around the world, and seemed oblivious to the writings of Marilyn Waring, Hazel Henderson and many others about the importance of the Love Economy and changing the economic paradigm and the use of the Genuine Progress Indicator occurring in Maryland not even 25 minutes away from most of their organizational headquarters in Washington DC and failed to incorporate the work of Riane Eisler and many other anthropologists advocating women’s full inclusion for peace culture, with many US women’s organizations normalizing war and militarism.

In addition, most of the larger of these organizations needlessly became organizational hierarchies, imitative of along male-modeled office holding patterns of Presidents and Vice-Presidents, instead of offering Co-Presidents & Cooperative Circles or Teams, and leadership was not rotated yearly or even more frequently in cochaired meetings.

Sadly, because so many women have been incested and raped, the victim preoccupation took over their agendas in a codependent way, such that these women continually exhorted sometime overtrusted mostly male lawmakers and courts to protect abortion and health issues, but seldom took on the unacceptable nature of the election$ $electing the lawmakers, legislatures, and judiciaries and executives, There was a lack of focus on the overdue need for gender reparative representation and gender parity,  along with the proper representation of diversity/minorities, without defining money as speech, the decision and language of the dominators. So, very strangely, these officers caused US women’s organizations exhorted their members to vote, never suggesting to them that the election proce$$ was an alpha male dominated $ham, predesigned to hamper the female gender especially, and therefore, any non-dominators, including men. These organizations somehow could not hold the average man accountable to change while also usually failing to highlight the leadership of profeminist occurring in India, France, Wales, South Africa, as well as Nordic Countries, around the world. Instead, they lauded the meaningless pandering to women of men in the Democratic Party used as a tool against Republicans, but not bringing forth reall change as was occurring in other parties around the world. In a word, these officeholders allowed themselves to be coopted, and therefore, misled.

There is anecdotal and some research evidence likely a birth order factor here in the officialdoms of women’s organizations, too, with more “older sisters” predominating in titular leadership and adopting wealth accumulative styles and salaries that reveal inner identifications skewed toward fathers, while treating other women such as support staff as the maternal, supportive but infantilized, unheeded & more poorly paid or creditted “lessers”.

Indeed, women since the egalitarian era of ancient past was lost (i.e. the thousand year Minoan Civilization where women held equal office)  have always had a substantial fifth column, born of the fact that, because society, including family, has been so long imbedded in patriarchy,  that many girls grow up feeling betrayed by already too compliant mothers, that they fail to see one another as allies to cooperate with by the time they reach adulthood. It is all too easy for some women to covertly subvert other women, and even themselves, leading many more alert feminists to note that women can be coopted to perpetuate cumulatively destructive, now world-destroying patriarchy, and become their and their world’s own worst enemy. Their infernal submissiveness around men, willingness to call men by political or corporate titles that are not in fact democractically derived, and their lack of support for one another as overdue and indeed retroactive truer coleaders, has continued unabated among some of the women’s group officers we are intercessorily apologizing for here.



All this gradually put women in the US at effect, instead of becoming successful causal agents of a better world for women, children and even men. Women in the US were needlessly divided into mommies and career women, and by race and race, by the failure to focus on very available and known solutions, by these titular officers (see more of thie article and website regarding progress around the world, distilled in a New Paradigm via the New Millenniall Golden Rule),


To add insult to injury, a smaller women’s organization, the Institute for Policy Research IWPR  recently released to the allready misogynist press that gender parity was “projected” for 2121; even if this was done for shock value to motivate change, the outrage was missing (there is not even a summary or link next to the report at the website and it is released there routinely as a research report and it was apparently with such an out of touch mindset that they did not warn that our Planet would almost certainly die of Patriarchal Planetocidal environmental catastrophe and war (which is certainly not plotted on their matter of factly presented graph long before then and such a situation requires boycotts, strikes and sit ins, as have occurred led by women’s groups in other lands.  Whether this organization is experiencing extreme despair, or willing cooptation in order to douse the hopes of women who know parity is possible here as it has been achieved in Sweden, Wales & Rwanda. cities and Democratic and Green Party equivalents in France and other countries, and the almost billion population Panchayat Raj  is impossible to discern, but the other mentions of this report on their website are devoid of the statements that hundreds of millions allready live with gender parity in their official government. Certainly,  the 2121 finding would warrant a video commentary from the officers of this organization, but there is none. While so many other organizations fail to mention representational  gender parity at all, this IWPR presents it as interesting but routine research instead of a life and death crisis for the most influential culture in the world, even as war (and indeed, the Russian situation can be viewed very simply as the failure of feminism in Russia as it moved toward capitalism without fixing its huge domestic violence problem, so that so many little boys who grew up watching often vodka drinking fathers excused for abusing women, with 14,000 women killed per year in domestic violence there, are all too willing to take out pent up emotion and identification with aggressors on others, especially if the pay is enough
and other social and environmental horrors are breaking out all over.

The Result is the Clear Failure & Crisis we have before us:  the US officialdom, its corporations and even the  New York based UN, minutes away from Wall Street, rank lowest among developed countries in women’s representation and have failed to heed the successful models and examples that have occurred all around the world ( the US is now 94th in representation of women if ties are counted); the US is only one of four countries (the other 3 are all illiterate starving third world countries) that does not have paid maternal leave while many in Europe offer the developmentally sound 2-4 years with paid time off for fathers as well; the media has become consolidated in the hands of about 230 mostly old men & with females as coopted tokens & deceptive window-dressing; the US is one of the few countries that does not label or ban ecology-destroying GMOs; other regions, like Denmark, Germany, Sweden,  Spain and others have forged way ahead on renewable solar and wind energy and lowered their carbon footprint, and peacemaking lags while war erupts everywhere because US policies reinforce gender representation delays and regressions that have killed and maimed multitudes and now threaten Planetocide. All this is a direct result of the lack of women in decision-making, which is also a symptom of a lack of family work balance, such that only dominator males can have the time and support to run in “election$” 


*The Women’s organizations’ officers (list begins following)we are apologizing for here, have accepted gradualism, despite very clear warnings from the best and brightest, that gradualism is deception and disaster. Until Our Intercession on their behalf, this gradual, divisive and fearful approach by US “feminist” organizations,  IS better referred to as MATRIO-PATRIARCHY, FEMANATIONALISM or FEMASCULINISM, not TRUE FEMINISM toward Reparation and Balance.  This failure among US women’s organization officeholders and spokeswomen, has needlessly increased negativity toward even the word feminism, has reentrenched alpha-male and elderly patriarchal conservatives, and increased both patriarchal enabling among many wives, sisters and daughters of 1% patriarchs including CEOs and Politicians, while also inducing patriarchal imitation among token women politicians and Board Members & Coopted token female management, who now deny their workers family leave with the same callousness as any exploitative man. These women’s organizational titular officeholders have divided women by overfocus on abortion issues,  when it should have first united them with attention to family leave and more balanced family and work life, that would have made the now long overdue move to full and ballanced representation easier. They have endorsed token candidates & legitimized corporate fa$ci$m in unevolved $election proce$$e$ that would be illegal in over 65 countries and are a total affront to Common Sense.

Puppet$ of Corporate Patriarchy

As dismal as this may sound, what this failure leads to is something much better; a complete paradigm shift, that brings yin into balance with yang, and reall representation for all Humanity, All the Human Family, female and male. CRISIS BRINGS OPPORTUNITY. This is now easy to implement, via the New Millenniall Golden Rule which simply combines successfull solutions to gender malfunctioning, answers which are allready serving as least a billion people, and known about by several billion, though never mentioned on these women’s organizations websites.


We are therefore, hereby, publically  interceding, and confessing and atoning for many organizations and their officers, associated with the US Feminist Movement, temporarily relieving current officers of any Titles (except Sister or Citizeness), and henceforth referring lovingly to the lowest paid and unpaid volunteers within their hierarchies such as receptionists and including their janitorial office cleaner staff as their officers, until the officers named here admit these very human and forgiveable errors, accept the immediate need for retroactive vacation, without organizational office title, while others take their positions in a rotated & non hierarchical process, & with the courage necessary for any adult, announce immediately and clearly that wherever there is a lack of at least parity presence for women & wherever there is work without ballance to attend to family, there is neither true government nor societal  and environmental viability deserving of recognition under any national, international/global or organizational name.

We assume that any woman serious about democracy and sustainability  would be quite enthusiastic about the New Millenniall Golden Rule and its Components, & hereby indicate their endorsement of this publically, de facto, on their behalf until they do so publically and explicitly. We will engage in a multi-hour discussion with any such women organizational office holder who do NOT immediately endorse the New Millenniall Golden Rule‘s components ( Panchayat Raj parity based in neighborhood government, the Genuine Progress Indicator and the Circle Process, which are of proven value), and self-evidently desirable to anyone who cares about women, to allow them to explain any unwillingness to do so, and thereby, assist them to endorse this overdue paradigm shift now, & indeed, retroactively.. As they do so, we shall embrace and call them Governors~CoPresdient~CoSecretary Generalls of not just a state or nation, but a locall globall Planet.

*Here are the former (and until they publically adopt the New Millenniall Golden Rule, now on Leave of Absence Women’s Organizations’ (Former) Officers On Whose Behalf We Are Intercessorily Acting:

National Organization for Women, NOW

Terry ~O’Neill, Bonnie ~Grabenhofer, Chitra ~Panjabi, Jan ~Erickson and Linda ~Berg, on Retroactive Vacation without TItle of Office Pending Their Public Endorsement of the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Now, the US’s National Organization for Women, betrays is patriarchy by its very name, focussing on nationalism, which itself is a product of patriarchy, rather than global Sisterhood that unites all women and humanity. (We suggest it change the name to New Organization for Women.) For many years, NOW has been missing any clear stand for gender parity in government including media the fourth estate, developmentally sound family leave such as that millions of Europeans have, or a new economic paradigm protective of Mother Nature. The meaning of the word NOW has been betrayed by its acceptance of gradualism; and under these women’s titles, the word NOW has come to mean Someday, Later & if left in their hands, NEVER. So, though we love them all as Sisters and are very sympathetic of the difficulties they have faced, we hereby publically announce their vacation, their willing & courageous apology, until they give their public and willing endorsement of the New Millenniall Golden Rule As soon as they do, we will publically announce them as CoPresidents & Highest Locall Globall Coleaders  of their neighborhoods as well as their organization.


Emily’s List

Stephanie Shrock, the spokeswoman for Emily’s List, now on retroactive vacation without title, pending her public announcement of endorsement of the New Millenniall Golden Rule,

Stephanie must take a vacation for soul searching because she has been so dangerously “successful” a cheerleader for a gradualist, tokenist approach, that has deceived women and world while pretending to assist them. She has distracted so many people, so many women especially, to donate millions to $elect a few, tokens in number who have never reached critical mass in office, a number less than the women in the government of Pakistan and 93 other national regions, instead of standing for full gender parity representation for all, suitable for the world’s most influential culture. Her inappropiate and democracy-subverting approach was severely criticized by Paula Xanthapoulo in Smoke and Mirrors  It is very likely Stephanie was chosen for this ruse by powerful patriarchs pulling the strings behind the scenes. Is Stephanie consciously misleading women, or is she simply herself a deeply wounded victim of patriarchy, easily coopted, without understanding her expensive and strident gradualism hurts instead of helps true feminism, which is essentiall now to a sustainable Planet  A vacation from public appearances is hereby begun, unless Stephanie is woman enough now to apologize, and embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule, upon which we will also call her a Common Sense CoPresident and a CoSavioRa of our endangered Planet.




Ilyse Hogue is hereby on vacation without title until her public endorsement of the components of the New Millenniall Golden Rule  Ilyse alone is indicated to be the leadership of NARAL on its website, but there must certainly be many women in this organization willing to share a coleadership while she goes on vacation without title pending her adoption of the New Millenniall Golden Rule.   In  its overfocus on abortion rights without attending to the context of patriarchy in this region as the underlying cause of much of unwanted pregnancy, NARAL has been enabling the notion that it is acceptable that this issue is to “protested” by women but decided by mostly male legislatures, presidents and courts, without connection to the whole list of reparations due women, especially full representation in fair elections not controlled by corporate money,  family leave & credit for unpaid as well as paid work. NARAL did what a Swedish woman friend (in a country where not only abortion, but representation and family leave and environment are much better protected) once said of those who focus only on abortion: “It aborted Feminism itself.” Again, we cannot know if this overfocus was intentional because of behind the scenes cooptation, or simply the overly narrow myopia of women who have been deeply hurt and traumatized by rape and incest that they do not even notice that the legislators and courts they are seeking protection from are mostly male, as if in some repetitive trance that induces them to be controlled and hurt by men, not physically, but in status of decisionmaking.  Any women’s organization that has failed to insist on family leave, family education that increases respect for all females, and full representation, while many parts of the world such as most of Europe have achieved this long ago, is guaranteeing setbacks even on its lone issue. It is simply too NARAL. i.e  too NATIONALISTICALLY-NAVAL-GAZING & NARROW. Although we recognize her as an important Sister in our world, We act intercessorily for Ilyse Hogue to announce her vacation without title of office until she publically endorses the New Millenniall Golden Rule. & will call her a Common Sense CoPresident as soon as she does.


The League of Women Voters

Elizabeth MacNamara, Toni Larson, Karen Nicholson, and Patricia Donath are hereby on retroactive vacation without title of office, pending their public adoption of the New Millenniall Golden Rule . To its credit, for a long while, the League of Women Voters fought for public funding of elections. But under current coopted leadership, even this emphasis on removing money from election was hypocritically shelved and marginalized in recent election cycles, and the League mindlessly, with no standards whatsoever, exhorted hundreds of millions to vote in anachroni$tic $ham election$ that would be boycotted in many places worldwide and totally prohibited in over 65 truer democracies (with parties and laws that require gender balance and minority representation), without sharing any global comparative information, for over two decades.  It made a mockery of 411, the notion of information, to voters. LWV’s titular higher office leadership is coopted, whether consciously complicit or simply naively exploited, and likely specifically chosen by political and corporate patriarchs pulling strings from behind the scenes. But women can change their mind. We ask them to make courageous informationall calls to every American who wasted their vote in recent $ham$ that the villages of India have had 5050parity and full representation in a population larger than that of the US and Canada combined since 2009, & apologize for pretending to inform Americans when they should have known Corporate media was deliberately keeping Americans, especially women, & younger people whose concerns about globall warming were ignored by the $ham$, in the dark. As soon as these Sisters endorse the New Millenniall Golden Rule , they can be called the true CoPresidents of their neighborhoods.


Planned Parenthood

Cecile Richards and Alexis McGill Johnson are hereby  on retroactive vacation without title of office until they publically Co Deliver the New Millenniall Golden Rule .

Seeming to fight for women and wanted instead of unwanted children around the world and at home, Planned Parenthood never publically courageously questions the mostly male composition of the political bodies with whom they  lobby and “fight”. Their family planning has never included education about paid family leave of  3-4 years now common in Europe, the desire of all who want and love children and essentiall to reall planning about family life and best human development. In their focus on only a fraction of what is really involved in family planning, they have deprived millions and reall information, and become enablers of early childhood deprivations affecting millions of women and children, and planetocidal patriarchy. But this can change quickly and easily: Their membership and served population is as large as many countries; let these women inform everyone served to take the New Millenniall Golden Rule back to their family and neighborhood, and they will all become CoSecretaryesz Generall in heallthy happy locall globall  neighborhoods.



Eleanor Smeal, Peg Yorkin, Katherine Spillar,  Rae Wyman are now on retroactive vacation without title of office pending their publically embracing of the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

While using the name “majority”, Feminist Majority weakened the large number of independent women and many men ready for gender balance by partisan cooptation and muddled thinking and strange misleading. For example, its banner phrase, “Equality around the world” becomes meaningless when you read what the website highlights, mostly US stories related to abortion rights, and leaves out. Indeed, the word Panchayat Raj, the world’s largest most evolved example of gender parity and equality for both minorities and majorities does not even show results in the websites search database. Was this deliberate or just a sign of self-subversion? Either way, a great sin and error. But we do not doubt Eleanor Smeal and these other Sister’s potentiall for ReEvoled leadership. Their retroactive and present vacation which we hereby announce can end with a return to good works as soon as their website highlights the New Millenniall Golden Rule’s most important conceptuall components: The Panchayat Raj style parity for every neighborhood as the basis of all government, the Genuine Progress Indicator, and the Circle Process as the true goals of Feminists around the world. As soon as this happens we will add them to our list of CoPresidents retroactively.






Code Pink

Nancy ~Mancia & Medea ~Benjamin on Retroactive Vacation pending their publically arms are for hugging embracing of the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Code Pink is a Progressive and Very Active Anti-War organization for women. Their name is a turnabout reference to the hospital code for life threatening emergency, Code Blue, and very commendably understands that empowering women is the way to prevent war and militarism. Code Pink is the group most associated with the Occupy Movement among organized groups for women, and Code Pink ran a portion of their website as “Women Occupy” actively, until one of their officers, Nancy ~Mancias, failed to grasp the importance of several major Declarations just as important as the Declaration of Independence and More So, that were presented to the Occupy Movement in July 2012, for Women and also to benefit Children and Men,  including Gender Parity and crediting unpaid work, that came out of the efforts of conference calls sponsored by Women Occupy. For reasons that give evidence to the process that women are their own worst enemy, neither Nancy ~Mancias, who discounted their importance when presented and cancelled further conference calls after the Declarations were made, nor Medea ~Benjamin offered any public support for the many women in their ranks who were speaking up for gender parity, and explicit requests that parity and creditting unpaid work be added as central banners to their website were repeatedly ignored. The organization notices the terrible death toll from war, but has nothing on their website about femicide and wife domestic abuse, which have have caused even greater loss by the numbers. The organization exhibits hierarchy and group think that is all too common among women’s organizations, but we are sure that as the horrific results that are occurring right now even on the issues they have focussed on: new wars, increased militarism and oppressive activities around the world, and now the so impossible to ignore environmental degradation reach a point that go far beyond Code Pink’s well-intentioned but non-systemic approach, they will redeem their errors in squelching the Declarations about the importance of gender parity in politicall.and economicall decisionmaking as the defining characteristic of reall government, risze from being mere protestors to proactive new paradigm giversz, and transition to a less hierarchicall decision-making process in their organizationall & interpersonall processes befitting Heallthy Pink freed from some of the errors they’ve learned from too many years of the Blues (and “Reds” who are even Bluer).

The National Council of Women’s Organizations

Dawn Aldrich,  Shireen Mitchell, Heidi Hartmann, Kathy Bonk, Marth Burk are on retroactive vacation without title of office pending their public endorsement on their Website of the New Millenniall Golden Rule An umbrella organization that tries to unite many women’s organizations, NCWO could easily have undertaken boycotts and strikes to bring forth overdue change quickly and painlessly as has occurred around the world, but the leadership is either too timid or co-opted currently. Are they being threatened? Even it they are, their responsiblity is to dare. Change is overdue. These women are all brilliant and talented, yet something is very lacking here. Their most recent press release is from 2011. The blog, which has more recent material, has an article on family leave, for example, that is clearly the conventional and quite societally destructive apparatchik approach of US partypoliticoopted “feminists” that entirely fails to communicate what is now an open secret to anyone who uses Wikipedia, that Europeans usually have between 2-4 years paid family leave and this is consonant with the needs of babies and young children, mothers’s own instincts, and human development. The issue of lack of representation for women is absent and powerful success stories like the gender parity of French cities, Norwegian corporations and Rwanda, South Africa and the Panchayat Raj are absent.  These are the best ways to lower incidence and social tolerance of domestic violence, as well. Are these women afraid to tell any truth?  The failure of their website to focus on globall examples such as the Panchayat Raj, European and many other regions successful zipper tickets signals something very odd occurring with these titular officeholders. We hereby announce their retroactive leave and vacation, without organizational office title, until their website publically announces all the Components of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, and then, we will call these women the Reall CoPresidentsz, too.


Too many more such organizations could be and soon will be added. Ultraviolet (which appears to be connected with which at its inception failed to note lack of gender representation  as the underlying cause of the Bill Clinton’s distracting harrassment behavior and impeachment showtrial – just as France was gaining parite), and even some other organizations run by women, such as Free and Equal elections as if our Earth could wait for another round of even slightly reformed debacle, are missing the boat by ignoring locall globall best practice success innovations, the Panchayat Raj, Genuine Progress Indicator and Circle Process, now combined in the New Millenniall Golden Rule, that changes the paradigm in ways friendlier to women, and all men who really love women and children,  and ushere us into a true, more evolved New Millennia. One of the few organizations that really focused on Representation, the White House Project, has mysteriously disappeared. And while MissRepresentation has bannered this issue effectively regarding media,  it too needs to adopt a New Paradigm not soon, but NOW & retroactive to yesterday & proactive for every tomorrow, that empowers and credits women without needing to wait for $ham Tokenist $election$ as they did when naively or cooptedly endorsed the Rutger’s Center for American Women in Politics clearly disengenuous and coopted DemPublican strange “goal” of 20%–20-Percent-in-2012–Pass-it-on-.html?soid=1101446129151&aid=aJPgPf297o4 as acceptable for the most recent exercise in deception, knowing full well that Pakistan, Afghanistan and about 90 other countries were allready above that insufficient & nonreparative number that is so far from long overdue 5050 parity, that it reminds one of Hitler & Stalin’s understanding of politics: the more obvious the lie, the more it will be believed. To err is human, and the women of US women’s organizations may be subject to fear, low self-esteem & internal identification with seductive-abusive father-brother figures and passive, resigned cheated mothers (very common in US women) or bribery and personal corruption. They may have Electra Complexes, or hidden repetition compulsion to allow the democracy to be raped at a systemic level even as they try to sustain abortion to counterract the rapes that many of them or their family members have suffered.

To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine, and All Is Easily Forgiven as these Organizations lead, as they should have lead, the way to true reparation and ballance, all along. & let’s be clear, they are no more guilty than male CEO  media and  male titular officeholder politicians  and their female tokenized celebritized anchorwomen &  partyist henchwomen & publically adoring wives (retroactively & presently, no one really holds reall title among any of these according to Common Sense) and media who are also discussed in depth on this website. And Those members of the Animal Farm are certainly more financially and publically rewarded that the women of these women’s organizations. We recommend these most dangerous of errant (but even they yet redeemable because, yes, even sociopaths are, with the assistance of Allmighty LovePower, the ~MotherFatherGoddessGod~)  folk simply be called Errant Citizen or Citizeness, or Confused Cousina or Sister and Brother or Cousin than by any official title,  until they too, face that only the New Millenniall Golden Rule will keep our Earth viable, not only with quality of Life, but even its very existence, for long, given the threats of environmental, economic collapses and potentially nuclear war.

Regarding women’s organizations, We are starting out with this list to bring forth a wave of conscience, higher consciousness and change. And we do not want to focus only on women’s organizations, either, and do so only because we want to see women take themselves as seriously and importantly as they really are. Many environmental organizations, youth, justice, democracy and progressive organizations regarding many causes are so symptom-focussed that they have lost the forest for the trees: only when both genders, all generations and minorities and majorities (and birth orders & perspectives of not only nuclear but extended family role) are all fully revalued and represented is it possible to solve the human and environmental problems of our time & really understand the Times of Past, Present and Future. This is a New Millennia. It requires a New Millenniall Paradigm.

Also necessary to be added in your thinking about this are the women of political cooptation: those working in various political parties as candidates and aides, claiming to work for women, but in fact, busily maintaining tokenism, patriarchy and actually preventing the transition to gender balance and ignoring Mother Nature completely. With friends like these, women and humanity itself does not need enemies. It is particularly sad when mother and grandmothers betray their own children and grandchildren by their patriarchal mindsets and habits of subversion.

But even these women (and men) can and must now turn away from this sin, this error, this anava, and find their way back to respecting their own (and their reciprocall) gender and caring for all humanity as familycommunity again. All they and everyone needs to do is share and enact, in their locall globall familycommunity, the New Millenniall Golden Rule

We must Love Them Enough to Shame and stop coopted or naive bureaucrats & organizationa apparatchiks, who again, as they did in 1993, are misguiding North American mothers to accept realpolitik sops from token levels of women in the 83% male Congresslike the current almost sociopathically named FAMILY of (do they know this is evil; why would such anemic efforts be honored tokens like the misguided and pressured ~De Lauro and ~Gillibrand which only marginally improves with pay ” target=’_blank’> the crumb that is the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act, and inform them honestly that American children, even in states like California and New Jersey which offer short paid leave, have been and are needlessly cheated by the lack of the 3-4 years with maternal paid leave and longer breastfeeding typical in much of Europe that lends itself, this most critical period of life, to better bonding in adulthood and brings forth ethical and peace culture, divinely created human genius & prevents once more heroic  businessmen from becoming souless sociopaths & pushing humanity toward that malfunctioning to “cope”  & “succeed” in a mode that is destroying both people and Planet.

paid maternity leave2

As our society begins to credit the slower riszing nurturing and connection instincts of women with the same fascination it has had for the fast buck commoditizing technologies of men that even have made profit from weapons & waste of Nature that can destroy the Earth in an instant while forgetting most mother’s labors of breastfeeding & empathic communication for the earliest formative years, the importance of men as supportive husbands to wives and to their children, especially as they grow beyond babyhood, & the behaviors of caring of parenting, & extended family&communityhood from the beginning and throughout life, we will be on the road to understanding what we have failed to count & what we have counted too much.

Taking this as seriously as famed economists Marilyn ~Waring–counting-for-nothing-be-careful-what-you-measure-for?trk=cha-feed-art-title-5806779816238034944, Hazel ~Henderson, who gave us the words  “the Love Economy” with the illuminating oft pictured birthday cake analogy, Bernard Lietaer and Jennifer ~de Groot , We have adapted this personalized presentation of what this means to each woman, especially, who performs the greater amount of family related work as a very reall profession,  from,


In our enhancement of this graphic We creditted this with an attached community consciousness currency of ‘trillions and zillionsz” to recognize the thousands of years overdue need to give a female pictured face, in addition to the check that’s unknown genius envisioned; but was too imbedded in conventional money hierarchies to quite fully grasp the importance of what is depicted with Mom’s Salary Wizard. Billions of consciousness community currencyesz worth many many time that,  have been distributed and are in use, a fact never told by corporate media, & many do depict women, both famous and less famous.

 We have created Galleryesz of Consciousness Currencyesz to reflect the potential of the creative power of consciousness raising  to right this perhaps most glaringly unjust truly dishonest  & cumulatively unsustainable and destructive aspect of conventional human society’s notions of what counts.  Until 1996, when unpaid work was actually estimated at $11 trillion/year for women and about  $5.5 trillion for men by some unnamed geniuses at the the United Nations, no figure had been actually published by any human being about this, although Marilyn Waring described it in other profound terms of valuation.   This publication and the discussion that millions have had about it indicate a profound ReEvolutionary Step. Again, that is $11,000,000,000,000 in today’s conventional US currency, and we can multiply that number by at least 5,000 years since the loss of egalitarian society based on Crete, thought to be Atlantis, so that minimal reparation needed in our thinking to women is $55,000,000,000,000,000. Mariam of Magdalla & Jesus both preached the equallity of the genders & infinite weallth within each Child of the GoddessGod of Every Age, & one needs to time travelle back to their time and further to understand the socialization of women to not know their own story and value aka the Women’s History of the World. You can individualize that for women you know or have known & that are connected to your own family & community’s journey in time.  Mom’s salary counter’s yearly total must be multiplied by the number of years of a woman’s adult service to her familycommunity, so every woman, including not only you if you are either a mother or have helped raise children and care for family&community, but your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousinsasz, and more, is in fact, owed millions in invisiblized credit, & reimbursement, clearly more than the value of any apartment rent or mortgage or her many bill payments,  including tuition, so much of which is getting sucked into CEOs coffers that so often wind up invested in nuclear silos, oil & coal pollution & nuclear disasters

 This is what Patriarchal Conventionall Thinking Induces us into, instead of the Vulcan & Betazoid insights combined, the friendly spirit of a Risa Prime or Atlantis. That is the danger of alpha malism, on our Current Planet of the Apes.  The saddest situation is that billions of people have been induced by Corporate Media, with complicit inciting of too many women’s organizations, to remain unevolved and ignorant about regaining a ballance on what and who is valued, as necessary for Love and Life on their Planet.

The New Millenniall Golden Rule, via the Genuine Progress Indicator, the ReEvolutionary Eco Nomic quantum leap, changes this, & the GPI alone does not even include the vast treasure trove, an astronomicall amount, that would occur if all the women on Earth were literate at least to the extent that men are which would then increase the literacy of all, linked with each other and men locally and globally by computer, and the contribution of all adult women as decisionmakers better capable of conflict resolution and societal foresight than even most men, whose testosterone & physiology may equip them better for fast action and spatial technical genius but not not necessarily for longer term intuitive and as emotionally intelligent thinking into the future.

There is clearly a complicit silence occurring among many once trusted feminists about European levels of paid family leave, as if Americans can learn nothing from the rest of the world and many decades of research that have shown the first 2-3 years to be essentiall for best development emotionally, intellectually and for resilient youthfulness & heallth even later in life. In fact, Iran and North Korea already give more paid leave (a full year) than those late coming crumbs being promoted by US Politicians who likely saw more of maids than  their own mothers as children. In a very real way, the money that this society should have devoted to family leave went instead into CEOs sociopathic bloated salaries; and yes, they can give some of it back to your and your neighbors and even their own kids; they are owed not conventional money, but new weallth currency that carries the truth, and time with their families. 

But. as we in North America, including these prominent women’s organizations have to date ignored this wisdom, focusing on paid salary while ignoring unpaid work, focusing on $ham election$ & training a few women to be better or gradually a few more token$, accepting puppet Presidential front men (or women) while fully gender ballaced demoracy itself that millions in other regions of our Planet have allready achieved is needlessly ignored & never mentioned when using title$ for incumbent$, ,everyone here, both genders, are actually getting dumber & most people poorer while a few gain unsustainable accumulated “die on top” false wealth that is literally adding 2 + 2 for a sum of environmentally and socially unsustainable zero 0 and negative -, all illusions of wrong accounting & ellection processeses that miss what is really representative and what is of value with ballance. Only the New Millenniall Golden Rule will turn that around quickly enough to save our Earth from horror & extinction.

One More Word: The Panchayat Raj is the truest form of reall government on Earth, and the largest. It has a population at least equal and even possibly larger than even the cities of India, & just because a controlled money-driven media in that or any part of the world has announced any man or mostly men as :”winners”, no one need to take that as reall truth.The Only Winner Is Everyone Via the New Paradigm, the New ModEllE of Thinking that moves back and forth in time in the Present.

In almost every region or level (the Federal apparatus of India is regressing because of the wrong economic paradigm based on outmoded GDP instead of GPI) of the world where there is not allready gender ballance in government, a corporate or state controlled media has manipulated “election: coverage, and possibly, even the votes of voting machines, just as has been done in North America. Only reparative parity gender ballance and representation for both minorities and majorities, without moneyism necessary to presence, can be fully trusted as reall government Divinely acceptable for New Millennia.

So, Please Ladies Who are In Fact My & Each Others Family, do not be offended that we designate You as on Vacation Retroactively Until You Publically Embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule; the Corporate Media, CEOs and Politicians both “National” & “InterNational” have not held any legitimate office in the eyes of the MotherFatherGoddessGod either, & their ignoring of allready present innovations for years weighs even more heavily against the future of their Souls than Yours, until they publically correct the Error, more properly leading to Good all men who must also see the need to be reparative toward women so they can be too their own gender, too, via Embracing the New Millenniall Golden Rule, which makes it Easy, & Even to ReTravelle SpaceTime Here On Earth & Catch Up on What Has Been Missed. As soon as these here discussed women shake free of accepting cooptation & gradualism retroactively, and move from Protest to PraActive ReEvolution, they will regain their LovePowerfull Goddess Nature & Be CoSavioRa all. to Save Our Great Mother Earth & All Universzall GoddessGod’s Children of All Agesz, Female & Male & EveryOne.

The New Millenniall Golden Rule makes reall government easy and even fun, locall as much as globall, creative and Revolved, and a sustainable & enjoyable Planet, in fact, a Heaven on Earth,  reallizable for Everyone. It Will Bring Forth the Fountain of Youth & a Humanity Genius Enough to Travelle Through SpaceTime Via the Starr Gatesz. This is what MotherFatherGoddessGod wants for All their Divinely Created Locall Globall Universzall Children of All Agesz, Female & Male.





After Reading This, We Urge You To Contact Us Immediately, & can simply join into this via Telleconference, occurring everyday at 3 CST/4 EST and 7 CST/8 EST at 213-416-1560 access code 877 907 160, or
VoiceBox Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3900  Extension: 380929 for schedule information of Broadcasts and assistance in reconnecting, & initiating and sharing Circles with those You Know Best and Related Others Locally & Globally.

The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth Sits Upon MY & YOur Shoulders
We WELLCOME, WARN & ENJOIN YOU & YOURS to  Start NOW ReNewed To Be Inscribed in the Book of Love, Life & Light.

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for or hopefully & prayerfully not against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”   

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) law.”

THE GOVERNMENT OF LIGHT SITS UPON  My~OUR Shoulders. Love Thy Neighbor as ThySelf as OneFamily. The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the Millenniall Year 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime, which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


For More Information Please Contact                 MARAIAMMA COSAVIORA
Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the

NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour phone answering service)







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