New Millenniall Prayers to ReUnite the HumanFamilyCommunity

In the Name of the MotherFatherGoddessGod, We offer you words and Prayers that you and your community can speak and sing, to overcome the Great Misunderstanding of False Hierarchy and Alienation that Patriarchy has Perpetrated Upon Faith. This Planet and the Entire Universe are the Creation of One MotherFatherGoddessGodMysteryinProcess. This is not a particular Women or Man, but an unfathomable Mystery of Interaction and Ongoing Process, of Creation and Sustaining, Love, Life and Light.  Every Person is a Child of this Mystery, this MotherFatherGoddessGod. All on Earth are meant to be Spirituall Sisters and Brothers. It is that Simple, If your prayers pray mostly only for your own gender, nation, region or sect or a few sects, you are leaving out too much, and unwittingly blaspheming that which Created You. Here are some of the growing possibilities for liturgy that reflect our New Millenniall  understanding, which is required both for humanity to Sustain this Planet, and to be acceptable to the Universe for settling and being in contact with other Planets.

GoddessGod and Interfaith Prayers that are NonSexist and Unite All of Good Faith Beyond Sectarianism. (*For Background on Confession, Atonement, and Apology During this Period of World Transition from Patriarchy to Balance, see below)

Our Mother/Father
Our Mother/Father who is everywhere
Holy be your names.
May your new age come, may your will be done
In this and every time and place.
Meet our needs each day
And forgive us our failure to love
As we forgive this same failure in others.
Save us in hard times and lead us into the ways of love.
For yours is the wholeness, yours is the power,
Yours is the loving forever, Amen.
–Joanne Still
Om Kalikayai Namah (Om and salutations to Kali)
Om Sri Maha Kalikayai Namah

*Because Patriarchy has cumulatively created so much illness and danger on our Planet, and all have been imbedded in this great Misunderstanding for so long, special background and Prayer are needed, especially in the period of two weeks before September 25 and two weeks after December 25. These are Special Days of Judgement, Truth and Reconciliation, and Resolutions for Enlightenment and a New Millenniall Way. For this period, please visit:

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