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Essential Gender Balance and Democracy Links:
How to Make Love the Way Of Your World Before It’s Too Late


The Gender Balanced True Government of the World is Already Present, and Waiting Upon Your Good Will To Take Office in Every Land and Save the Earth from Needless Disasters. Many official governments of many lands are already gender balanced, ( ideally at 5050 and at least or near about 75% balanced or 37.5% of each gender) or right now officially becoming so — including Wales, all of Scandinavia — Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, South Africa, Spain, Namibia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Zambia, all the cities of France, several US State legislatures, the Senate of Canada, and many parts of the Phillipines, China and all the village councils of India, which also has a national gender balance bill which is endorsed by 80% of the country. In addition Brief word continues at bottom:


International/Global Monitoring, Statistics, References and Issue Background
Countries’ ranks and percentages on gender in office
The world’s current imbalance, viewed by region
Stats on the current and dangerous gender imbalance at the UN.
Various stats on gender balance in government and society.
Gender and Good Governance:Resources on Gender and Good Governance
Why Geopolitical Couples in Leadership Must Lead Gender Balance; Includes Sections on UN’s Nane and Kofi Annan, IPU’s Najma Heptulla and Anders Johnsson; Many First Women, Men and Couples
The correlation of gender balance with disarmament and peace.
UN portal on Women; UN not yet living up to own promises on gender.
WEDO’s statistics on progress to 50-50 program; email them to see it revived.
Political parties by nation that have gender balance standards. Both the US Democrats and Republicans are missing.
Report on how too many governments, including US, have failed to heed Beijing Platform critical mass of 30% by 2000 by 2000 on women’s representation
How to avoid flood of disaster and have global rainbow of gender balance instead
An already present possible cooperation roster for gender balance in world leadership
Organization where current and recent women heads of state and major political leaders work together; includes Michelle Bachelet, Kim Campbell, Helen Clark, Tansu Ciller, Christina de Kirchner, Angele Merkel and many others
Extensive current and hisherstorical lising by Danish gentleman professor, Martin K. I. Christensen.
Misnomered article on need for balance; quotes unnamed warlord of choosing to install just that cooptable level of women, 13%, to office, that exists in the US, because it avoids any real progress for women or democracy
Plans on gender balance still awaiting implementation at UN
listing of the many world political parties standards and monitoring of their own gender balance
International organization on gender balance.
Gender balance international clearinghouse based in England.
Genie-Gender Information Exchange
siyanda-mainstreaming gender equality
International organization on gender balance.
The Quota Project has information on gender balance in all nations.
Volutary party quotas for gender balanced ballots in a long list of nations. Note Nordic, African and European countries with high gender balance
a grass roots online World Assembly that has a “yin-yang” task force
Extensive herhistorical site with documents of women’s progress to equal political representation throughout all ages and countries, including Declaration of Sentiments and many others. Note: This incredible site has disappeared from the Internet. Does anyone know who the webmistress is and how to reach her?
Global declaration, includes full explanation of “at least 75% gender balanced”, 37% of each gender as flexible minimum standard. Declared July 2002
The New Universal Earth Charter revises the earlier Earth Charter to highlight the importance of representing women equally with men in preserving and sustaining the Earth as a Whole and in human readiness for successful exploration of the Universe. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 4 5
http 6
http 7 8
All the above, as Universall REvolutionary Declarations of Gender Interdependence for Gender Balanced Government, Declared July 1st (Canada day) and July 4 US (Iindependence Day), 2012, also including Declaration of, by and for Women, also available at: Universall REvolutionary Declarationsz of Gender Interdependence for Gender Balanced Government, catalyzed by various progressive women/women of the Occupy Movment
Global list of women’s organizations.
Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI)
Famed Anthrologists-Scientist Authors on Gender and World Future
International Theologians of major faiths on what men owe to women now.

Regional and National!.b7C_wljYZL.ips
Nordic Countries website on coordinating gender policy.
Tarya Halonen of Finland, one of Scandinavia’s many women Presidents
Members of the Swedish Riksdag, a leader in gender balanced representation.
The Female and Male Members of the Riksdag pictured.,3604,952106,00.html
Welsh Governments recent ascension to 50-50 on gender puts England to shame
Scotland’s excellent gender balance, which puts England to shame
Ireland’s 50-50 by 2020 organization.
The 50-50 organization of England and the British Isles.
More on the 50-50 organization of the British Isles.
Canada’s Equal Voice organization.
Council of Europe Principles on gender balance.

The United States
Center for American Women in Politics site has extensive data.
Gender rank/percents of various offices including every US State Legislature; only a few represent both genders yet.
Rutger’s University Center for American Women and Politics flashing warning that US is failing on women’s representation and current info on women running for election
US Women Connect devoted to the Beijing Platform for Women and 50/50 by 20/20.
Women’s Campaign School seeks 50/50 by 20/20.
Reach US Women Executives, including Women in Politics,83,203#1116
US Women’s Legislative Network
Gender Gap; Includes US Fed and State by State Statistics Sections
Institute for Women’s Policy Research.
The White House Project
A 50/50 by 20/20 group in Iowa.
Gender balance amendment to the Constitution calling for Senators to be one woman and one man from each state.
More about the gender balance amendment.
Humphrey School of Public Affairs questions slow rate of progress on women’s representation in Minnesota and US.
A Pennsylvania College for Women holds forum on low representation of women in US
Women’s Training Center acknowledges US low representation of women
Another woman breaks silence about low rate of progress of US women
An article with resources on women trying to overcome the US lag and failure to meet critical mass of 30% by 2000.
Barbara Lee Foundation admits low representation of US women and offers links and resources.
Occupy Movement Convention in July 2012 to have one woman and one man from each Congressional District.
The Occupy Movement one woman one man from each district document.
More on Occupy Convention’s one woman one man from each district reqirement.
Open Letter to Women’s Caucus on lag and failure to meet crtical mass of women’s representation in US
Woman candidate’s call for gender balance in US Congress.
A magazine but with usual lack of attention to US lag and failure to meet critical mass of 30% by 2000
Senator Barbara Boxer’s PAC for a Change for Women, shamefully says nothing about US lag and provides no links to InterParliamentary Union and other sites statistics showing US falls to 71st and fails to meet Beijing Guidlines critical mass for women
Senator Kirsten Gillebrands site on women in office fails to show the statistic that US has fallen to 71st on representation for women and does not show Beijing Guideline minimum of 30% by 2000 or compare US to more successful countries
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz site on women. Makes no mention of US gender lag and failure to meet critical mass of 30% by 2000, compared to other countries
Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala for President/Vice President. The Green Party has had women VP and/or Presidential Candidates on every ticket since 2000; the party practices gender balance in all its meetings
The Green Party Women’s Caucus.
Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan for President/Vice President. Roseanne has called Patriarchy “The Lemming Code”
Links to women of the Occupy Movement, Various women of Occupy Declared Declarations on/around July 4th calling for 5050 gender parity in office and related REvolutionary Changes in the US and around the world (see links above)
Democratic Primary Candidate in 2004, seemingly forgotten by her party and US women.
Summarizes efforts to get Hillary and Barack to run together for gender balance; exhorts Joe Biden to step aside for Hillary or some other woman. Advice has been ignored, though widely distributed to Democrats.
< Women and Pro-Women Men Advocate Boycott of 2012 US Election, Has links to many other sites.
India’ Panchayat Raj
India’ Panchayat Raj
India’ Panchayat Raj
The Panchayat Raj Official Site.
The Success of the Panchayat Raj.
Women’s Reservation Bill in India’s Lok Sabha in 2003.
More on India’s Women’s Reservation Bill
Shin Women and Gender Fair Men’s Equal Representation Party in Israel, founded by a living Esther (Herzog).
The Women’s Parliament in Israel.                                                                                                                                       
Center for Asian Pacific Women in Politics.
Center for Asian Women in Politics 50-50 kit
Center for Legislative Development in the Phillipines, founded by a Sister and Brother, Socorro Reyes and Immanuel Leico. Used to have an extensive section on gender 50-50 in office. Ask them to repost it.
European Women�s Lobby 50/50 Campaign for Democracy.
Resources of the European Women’s Lobby 50/50 campaign.
More on the European 50/50 Campaign.
The manifesto of Frenchwomen of all parties and independents that gave rise to Parite laws.
More on women in France.;col1
More on the French parity achievement;col1
South Africa’s 20/20 by 20/20
S. Africa’s Commission on Gender Equality Home Page
Gender Balance in Africa
More on Gender Equality and Africa
South Asian Womens’ Resources on Gender and Government
Gender balanced zebra tickets in Tunisia.
Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan Their, and all the world’s movement toward freedom and security will be short-lived, if their “liberators” are hypocritical about gender representation in their own lands.
There are many other national and regional sites. Use your search engine and the global exchanges and databases listed above to find them. If you contact them, tell them to link to global websites above, and to this website; because gender balance is a global cause important to all women and men and must trancend national boundaries.

Discussion and Strategy Sites
Current work from WEDO on women’s presence at the decision-making tables
More on global governance from WEDO.
Gender and Governance. The Center has Resource Kits and Many Resource Papers on 50-50 in government. Email and ask.
International Federation of University Women
Gender-Balanced Operating and Organizing for Democracy;
European Pro-Feminist Men.
Gender balance international clearinghouse based in England.
Globally Oriented Announcements about real gender balanced government.
Plans and activities for gender balance.
A learning tool ballot for gender balanced tickets for family and community.

Why Men Advocate for Gender Balance
Europrofem Site with links to many profeminists men’s groups worldwide
American Pro-feminist Men; still lacks specifics about gender balance in office compared to European and International sites.
The granddaddy of recognizing women’s importance to men and the world. Song by John Lennon.
Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is…think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world Thelogian John Raines book on What Men Owe Women.
Ted Rall’s Goldilocks and the Two Parties, posted for Women’s Equality Day, August 26, 2012 Shouldn’t every day be Equality Day by now?
Mark. E. Smith’s Lanova Messiah.
and THRIVE, which is availabe for free over the Internet.
Raymond Lloyd Bring Gender Balance to England
White Ribbon Campaign in Canada
Domestic violence in Canada, for example, is estimated to cost some $1.6 billion per year, while for the United States, the losses are as high as $67 billion.

Gender relations are multi-dimensional, interweaving relationships of power, economic arrangements, emotional relationships, systems of communication and meaning, etc.;
For the first time in its history, the Commission on the Status of Women, in its forty-eighth session in March 2004, will consider the role of men and boys in achieving gender equality as one of the two thematic issues.–en/index.htm XY is coordinated by Michael Flood, with occasional assistance from a pool of volunteers. has good section on men’s groups and resources
We must not and indeed cannot speak of the importance of gender in peace and security without acknowledging that men and boys must be a part of its construction
Rio Declaration
The Rio de Janeiro MenEngage Declaration
We are outraged by the pandemic of violence women face at the hands of men, by the relegation of women to second class status, and the continued domination by specific groups of men of our economies, of our politics, of our social and cultural institutions. We know that among women and men there are those who fare even worse because of social class, religion, language, physical differences, ancestry and sexual orientation. We also know that many men are victims of violence at the hands of other men. As we acknowledge the harm done to too many women and girls at the hands of men, we also recognize the costs to boys and men from the ways our societies have defined men’s power and raised boys to be men. Too many young men and boys are sacrificed in wars and conflicts for those men of political, economic, and religious power who demand conquest and domination at any cost. Many men cause terrible harm to themselves because they deny their own needs for physical and mental care or lack health and social services.
Frederick Douglass was an ardent women’s rights activist, and was chosen as her runningmate by first US woman candidate for President, Victoria Woodhull
Thomas Paine on women. If Paine, who really started the US with Common Sense, had written the Constitution, women would have had the vote and full representation in office earlier than 1789.
The feminist transformation of society is a revolution-in-progress. For nearly two centuries, we men have met insecurity by frantically shoring up our privilege or by running away. These strategies have never brought us the security and the peace we have sought. Perhaps now, as men, we can stand with women and embrace the rest of this revolution—embrace it because of our sense of justice and fairness, embrace it for our children, our wives, our partners and ourselves. Today, we men are also coming to realize that gender equality is in our interests as men; that we will benefit from gender equality. That gender equality holds out a promise of better relationships with our wives, with our children and with other men. Nearly a century ago, an American writer wrote an essay called “Feminism for Men.” Its first line was this: “Feminism will make it possible for the first time for men to be free.”
Pairs Prominent Men of Gender Balance with Prominent Women; Includes Rajiv Ghandi of India, Lionel Jospin of France, Oscar Arias of Costa Rica; Rhodri Morgan of Wales, Jose Zapatero of Spain, Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Bernard Lietaer of Belgium connects to longer list with Amartya Sen of India. Pentii Arajarvi of Finland, Stephen Lewis of Canada, Michael Moore of the US and many others
Feminist forefathers; a list of men who fought for the rights of women.

Economics and Gender Balance
Switching from the GDP to a system of accounts that is more wholistic and includes women’s work; includes Marilyn Waring.
More on Marilyn Waring.
Marilyn Waring on an accounting system that counts womens work.
A Star Trekkian complementary currency that you can print that counts women’s work and the value of nature and uses the Genuine Progress Indicator, to bring about a moneyless Star Trek society.
The quantum leap inherent in gender fair economics.
Multinational unions and activists actions using always available method.
UNpac Canada’s terrific site on women and economics.
From UNpac Canada, on the Love Economy, and different types of economic systems.
Economics and coutning women’s unpaid work.
Economist Hazel Henderson’s famous cake diagram that counts Nature and unpaid work.
Economist Bernard Leitaer on the Goddess and Divine Mother archetypes in economics, and complementary currencies.
The GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator as a more gender fair alternative to the GDP.
comparison of the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator) to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
More on women and economics from New Zealand
From Canada, dangers of economics without counting women’s unpaid labor.
Achievements including counting housework, child and eldercare.
A science fiction putting of economics on trial as in the Madowmen of Chaillot and in Q episodes of Star Trek.
Irish view on women’s work, sustainability, peace
Gender balance as payment due for centuries of triple-taxation of women that is needed now to balance cosmic acccount.
Stats on gender and world situation.
Wages for Housework Campaign
Norwegian standards to monitor corporate gender imbalance, and insure 40% women on all corporate boards
Women’s severe underrepresentation on Corporate Boards in the US.
The wage gap between women and men’s earnings.
The wage gap for minority women.
Discusses academia’s inequities by gender.
Gender pay equity for universities.
Guide to boycotting goods and media that sustain gender imbalance.

Family Leave and Balance for the Family and Work
Family Leave Policy In th US and other nations clearinghouse.
Comparison Table of Family Leave Policies around the world.
Table on Family Leave Benefits in various countries.
Moms Rising On Family Leave.
An international assessment of family leave legislation.
Nordic family leave including fathers.

The Critical Need for Women and Fair Men Journalists
to Overcome and Get Around Big Brother’s Censorship and Suffocation
of Global Gender Balance News, Especially in the US
Media’s failure to cover women leaders and women’s issues
On how the media underrepresents women.
Report on the Status of Women in the Media
Fact sheet on the underrepresentation of women in the media.
Women in Media and News on women and the media.
Women’s Enews.
Directory of Women’s Media Organizations.
US male social satirist whose book advocates equal presence of women in leadership.
Casebook warnings on how women can hurt women’s progress toward representation
Strengthening the Voice of Women Worldwide
Ways to hold well known media accountable, including some “Women’s” programming
International Women’s Media Foundation.
International Association of Women in Radio and Television.
Televised with Keli Goff on Dylan Ratigan Show. Rare occasion where a TV show begins to address low representation of women in US. Read comments
A rare event:A male journalists covers the low representation of US women.
The Huffington Post offers Marie Wilson and Linda Basch on US ranking 71 on gender balance. When will Arianna herself take up the cause? send her an email at
A really good recent article on Huffington Post on US low rank on women’s representation
Association for Women Journalists.
European codes of journalism ethics
European Journalist Community

Gender Balance and World Peace and Environment/Sustainable Peace Culture
UNESCO’s Women and a Culture of Peace website.
United Nations Plans for gender balance for disarmament and peace.
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Women’s Action for New Directions
Harvard University Gender and Peace Studies Network
Women working on peace issues
Code Pink For Peace Coalition
Canadian Men’s Campaign Promoting Men’s Respect for and Partnership with Women
Reaching critical will; women and disarmament.
UNESCO on gender and peace and conflict.
Women’s negotiating style makes them better peacemakers.
A Star Trekkian Gender Balanced Cofederation for the Universe for the Future Starting Now>
Hague Appeal for Peace organizations.
How Gender Shapes the War System and Vice Versa.
Architectuural restoration and preservation for Peace Culture.
Brings the awareness of gender balance in decision-making, local and global, into celebration. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 PartPart 5 PartPart 6 The Chalice and the Blade by Rianne Eisler Part 1
Patriarchy vs Planet Earth by Lierre Keith

Officials: Gender Balanced True Government …Or Not Yet

The best sites that for monitoring gender balance among all countries are listed above in the first section above. But here are a few of the many additional gateway sites on government in general. They also can be used to see who are the current gender balance officials of countries that have attained gender balance and declare the need for gender representation and equality in laws and constitutions such as those of Sweden, South Africa, and now many others; as well as ways to see the names of shame: who is responsible for man-taining the anachronistic monogenderments of countries that have not yet brought Love into Office and are therefore still unnecessarily endangering their own people and the world. Many people already believe that officially gender balanced governments, along with national and international NGO’s, the collectively gender balanced non-governmental organizations of the world — and citizens like you who care — are the actual loving government of the world , that has been, in harmony with God-Nature, sustaining whatever peace there is, despite the prideful errors of many titular officials who have not yet embraced gender balance. Many international and regional organizations still lack gender balance, and have therefore been unsuccessful in preventing self-destructive Big Brother domination, war, violence, poverty and terror that still so sadly and unnecessarily threaten our world. These risks will subside as soon as the world recognizes that the only real government(s) that serves the people and environment of Earth best, is gender representative and gender balanced, and as soon as most people welcome such government to office, as the essential Loving Way of the World.
The InterParliamentary Union’s Database of Parliaments and Governments of World/All Nations
A Gateway to World Officials and Governments
Constitutions of Nations; many now have gender and democracy provisions.
Constituions around the world; many now have gender equality provisions.
Election Systems Around the World: Page needs gender and elections updating but helpful to gain an overview of where gender balance election laws are needed.
Women and proportional voting systems from Fairvote.
Gender provisions in many new national constitutions
Book on gender and constitutions.
About gender and constitutions.
Gender equality clauses in selected constitutions.

Note: Many of the websites listed above also have additional links sections that provide additional resources not listed here. If you know of a woman’s rights, a good government or a peace organization website that still does not list any of these essential links and does not yet discuss comparative gender balance among countries, essential levels of gender representation for functional democracy, inform their membership and their webmaster immediately to update their website to include them.

There are also many other excellent sites on these topics, and news stories occurring daily that are not being reported and are being censored in dominant-male corporate media. Search your search engine, and international news sites, with terms such as gender equality, gender representation, gender balance, gender and peace, women, women’s rights, etc. for even more.

The Goddess Of Democracy and the Importance of a GoddessGod of Presence and Process Concept; Including the Long Forgotten Goddess Aspect to our Concepts of Theology and Democracy/Full Representation of Women as well as Men as A Divinely Endowed Inalienable Right
The Stature of Liberty is a depiction of the Goddess. Specifically, the Goddess of Democracy Enlightening the World
As people consider the importance of gender balance in representation, this Statue reminds women and men alike of the qualities women bring to government.
There are Statues of the Goddess of Liberty all around the world.
The statue, a gift to the United States from the people of France, is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 Ironically, it wasn’t until the Declarations of Sentiments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1858 that the Declaration of Divinely Endowed Inalienable Rights was extended to women A broken chain lies at her feet. The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States: a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad. But at the time the Statue was erected, women did not even have the vote, let alone shared office
The New Colossus
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
Emma Lazarus, 1883 (yet the official US is still mostly ignoring the need for gender balance in its decision-making)
The Tianamen Square Uprising included a plaster Statue of the Goddess. Ironically, the Beijing Platform for Action for Women is almost is ignored in official China as it is in the US.
About Yin and Yang, the Feminine and Masculine Principles in Taoism
Avalokiteśvara in Buddhism
Kwan Yin, the female Buddha or Goddess of Compassion
Allat, the ancient female counterpart of Allah.
Shakti, the Goddess or Feminine Principle; Prakriti / Purusha , the Feminine and Masculine Aspects of Goddess/God in Hinduism.
The Shekinah or Feminine Aspect of the Almighty, in Judaism.
More on the Shekinah, by the author of the following, as well:
God, Our Mother Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Famous Medieval Woman Mystic on the Motherhood of God
A common title of God in the Hebrew Bible is Elohim (Hebrew: אלהים
); as opposed to other titles of God in Judaism, this name also describes gods of other religions, angels, or even humans of great importance (John 10:34-36). The root Eloah אלה is a feminine noun, meaning goddess, also used in poetry and late prose (e.g. the Book of Job) and ending with the masculine plural suffix “-im” ים creating a word that indicates a plurality of both masculine and feminine essences yet in a singular identity “G-d”.

The common derivation of Shakti and saktiman, i.e. Female and Male principle in god implies that Shakti and saktiman are the same. Each and every god has its partner, ‘betterhalf’ or Shakti and without this Shakti, is sometimes viewed being without essential power.”>”>
The Minoan religion focused on female deities, with females officiating.The statues of priestesses in Minoan culture and frescoes showing men and women participating in the same sports such as bull-leaping, lead some archaeologists to believe that men and women held equal social status. Inheritance is thought to have been matrilineal.The frescos include many depictions of people, with the genders distinguished by colour: the men’s skin is reddish-brown, the women’s white.Also, it has been suggested that the eruption and its effect on the Minoan civilization was the origin of the Atlantis myth, via Egyptian historical accounts.””>
Joan Marler on Marija Gimbutas, archealogist who rediscovered the ancient worship of the Goddess.
Starhawk and Donna Read on Marija Gimbutas.
Reclaiming is a community of people working to unify spirit and politics
Sex, Power & Politics of the Sacred Feminine
Famous theologian Carol Christ on the Goddess
The Chalice and the Blade/Riane Eister
The Native American Female Messiah/Goddess-Redeemer
Mother Earth Father Sky
Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s The Woman’s Bible
Women, the Church and the State
Video with truly inspirational quotes from from Matilda Joslyn Gage


In addition, viewed as a global chorus, many organizations (so-called NGO’s, from women’s groups to good government groups and other watchdog organizations, often called NGO’s or “non-governmental organizations” but ethically speaking, they are already the real government that has been, in fact, sustaining Earth) are actively embodying and/or advocating more re-present-ation, the presence that more reasonably and cooperatively reflects and re-presents gender presence in the natural population, or gender balance, in democratic decision-making government.
Are the officials of your town, your political party, your land and your international diplomacy organization (i,e, the UN and IPU) gender representative and balanced enough ( ideally at 5050 and at least at or approaching between a reliable range of 75-100% balanced, that is, between about 37-50% of each gender, in legislative, executive and judicial office, to really serve democratically, non-destructively, most constructively and with Love?
Gender Balance in Local and National and World Government, is easy to bring about once the current and past cumulative imbalance, and the problems and risks it has wrought, is publically acknowledged and discussed, and many quick and painless mechanisms have brought it to many lands. But the failure of officials and citizens to discuss it widely now, especially regarding any offices currently in session, or for tickets on elections planned, contributes to increased likelihood of horrendous economic, social and environmental disaster happening to the world soon. All people are now at urgent risk until they speak out for gender balance in office as the best way to insure that Love rules the world.
Especially because of the and failure to meet critical mass of 30% by 2000 on gender balance in the US and England, time is running out before the world disaster cycle begins full force. Gender imbalance in a highly technological world spells ethical errors and reckless risk on a massive, globalized scale. Isn’t it time all acknowledged that the given, endowed balance of God-Nature’s Love, of gender balance, must be present in governmental office, to assure that the Golden Rule of brotherhood and sisterhood, and not BIG BROTHER IN PRIDE-BEFORE-THE-FALL ignorance of God-Nature, is what is understood to be humanity’s part in Real Power, Love, on Earth? Yes, the Time has Come.
Gender Balance is both Pro-Female and Pro-Male, and safeguards the common man, and the Earth as a Whole Belonging to Everyone, against exploitation and predation by the eventually also self-destructive BIG BROTHER, as much as it safeguards every woman. Gender Balance in Office is Waiting in the Wings. Only Gender Balance in Political Office, and Assisting Officials and their Spouses to become Accountable to Acknowledge, Make Way for, and Announce It, as the True Government, Ultimately Redeeming Themselves and Saving their Own Children as Much as the World, Can Both Avoid World Disaster and Bring All God-Nature’s Blessings to You, All You Love and All On Earth.

This and other related websites are dedicated First to my Mother, Maternal Grandmother, and Sister and then all the women of my global and universal interconnected extended family/community past, present and future, especially those who have worked and are working for equal representation of women and the equal and appreciated status of women and girls with men and boys, and equally to my First Brother Nephew, who was raised in part by by me and my Mother/his Grandmother, who was an undervalued Living Goddess of Love on Earth, to all the girls and boys of all ages past, present and future especially those living during, around and since my Nephew’s birth, and to all the men of my extended global and universal family/community, past and future who have worked and are working for the equal representation of women and the equal status of women and men and girl with boys, to my redeemed Father, who was redeemed by my gender balance work, and these websites were assisted, preserved, and saved for the Internet by my husband, who first encouraged me to appreciate the Value of the Internet. I have used it to transform the local/global human family/community to gender balance in thought, action, decision-making, economic paradigms, and belief in the MotherFatherGodGoddessOneinInteractionProcess Mystery that Loves All Divinely Endowed Children who require gender balance to meet their Divinely- Endowed Full Potential. That MotherFatherGodGoddessOneinInteractionProcess Mystery was and is still and Eternally Always Present, awaiting our Full Recognition and Ready to give Humanity a Wake Up Call for delaying and not evolving to gender balance for too long.

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