LocallGloballUniverszall Parliamentsz of Good Faith: Home and Neighborhood Tempellesz Everywhere


Asz an excellent beginning reszource with many linksz, we Allszo Szuggeszt Visziting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordination_of_women It isz obviousz that patriarchill practicesz continue to turn good faith into hyprocri$y for many, yet hasz never been the only practice, & only became entrenched in many in$tituionill practice$ with the cooccuring of military $tate culture$ with empha$i$ on male elite$ of accumulated fal$e weillth insztead of szhared caring & proszperity for all. The transzition from patriarchall to more female friendelleyesz & eggallitarian faith hasz been accelerating szince the midelle & late “21szt century” which isz of coursze a different date on many other callentersz of thisz Planet & all have a szhared SztarDate which hasz yet to be acknowledged. If patriarchy were to be perpetuated in practicesz of worszhip in the New Millennia, it would guarantee a $ectarian & divided Planet, with all the patirarchill $ect$ making war again$t each other in the name of their mi$under$tood concept of a God that isz only Father but not Mother, insztead of the REALL MOTHERFATHERGODDESSZGOD OF THE UNIVERSZE, & Whosze Spzirit isz denied by patriarchill practice but resztorabelle by All of Usz, to be equally Preszent in All Their Children PasztPreszentFuturesz, Femalesz & Malesz.

Although somewhat later than years when the Goddess was revered and included as the Source of Life and Love, there is a very ancient tradition of true wealth and wisdom, called the Essene tradition. Many believe that Jesus’ lifestyle was influenced by it, and the same simplicity was also integral to the life of Buddha, who renounced princely material wealth and power for a greater wealth and power. Both these men offered flowers as the examples of greatest glory. There are many modern versions: close knit neighborhoods and small villages or ecovillages, ashrams, kibbutzim. These communities are low on hierarchy and high on loving communication. Many, including Jesus in light of recent scholarship about Mary Magdalen and other women in that community, retained some attention to a Divine Feminine, when patriarchal hierarchy that assigned a chattel status to women,  was raging and rampaging everywhere else. Can such ideals become the norm locally and globally, everywhere, and bring us closer to the greatest wealth, health and wisdom made available to all by the MotherFatherGoddessGod? Can we thereby better realize our Divinely Given potential as the Children of their Oneness via Balanced in Process Creation, and become evergrowing, flowering Kinder Kin, true Sisters and Brothers to all human beings, past, present and future?

We and Billions Have Faith We Can.

You are Being Called and can also Volunteer to be CoMessiah/Maitreya/Kalki/WhiteCalfBuffaloWoman(or Man); Zaosanct, Ascended One, or whatever Name You Give to a Planetary Savior, which is actually quite a humble and simple task though Divinely Endowed and Inspiring with Indefatiguable Power. We will provide you with a Simple Recipe, and Kit and Path, simply spread the New Millenniall Golden Rule, https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ to make the Change easy and enjoyable, although it will require a bit of courage and deep faith in a Higher Power that exists beyond what is immediately known. We will find You and ask You also to act now to find Us.

We are starting with calling forth women, to overturn centuries of False Genderist Expectations that have lead humanity astray and to alienation from the Motherhood and Sistehood aspects of the Oneness of which all are ineracting members. But men who understand this are fully wellcome, as well, as long as they nominate at least 2 women to join the effort with them. Thereby, they become the True Brothers of All Humanity, Female and Male, Younger and Older, and free themselves from the blindness of false privilege that seductively and materialistically alienates the Spirit from the One. We will call You CoWorldSaviors, accrording to the name given by your own tradition, but also simply Riszen Sister and Brother of Kindness.

There is not one faith tradition on our Home Planet Earth, that has not been making progress toward ending false hierarchy, especially gender hierarchy. Some are a little more or for a longer period, ahead of others. Some are more comfortable combining and integrating their activities with others, than some others.. But via the New Millenniall Changes Offered and Made Possible and Simple by this Website, Everyone can colead and coworship together at the Temple of True Democracy, True FamilyCommunityhood, and True Good Faith, present in every Heart. Mind and Spirit, and in the ways of every gathering and human encounter. It is possible to cherish ancient traditions and languages that make one’s experience unique, while integrating them with shared practice with others, everyday.  The Golden Rule appears in every Faith, but due to genderism (alpha-malism) and all the false hierarchies that it engenders in the human psychology, most cultures destroy themselves in hypocrisy, daily flaunting the Golden Rule. Yet, the hope remains that it can be Realized. This is what the worlds greatest religious leaders, including Mary Lambert and Tom Paine, Alice and Sir Thomas More, Kasturba (we’ll call her Mahatmamama) and Mahatma Gandhi and many others offered as Divine Common Sense, the Truth Force, the way to Utopia. Now, it is possible, practical and sustainable.

This is also welcoming to atheists and agnostics who keep Good Faith with their Sister and Brother Human Beings, although we hope they will come to say, too, that the spark within every human being and all Life, is indeed, Divinely Endowed, as such certainly did not create themselves, and cannot long sustain themselves without a Divine sense of wonder and gratitude for what has been, what is, and what can be if Humanity integrates Heart, Mind, Spirit and Body according to our simple New Millenniall Golden Rule, a simple Recipe and Repair Kit.

DeVolution and Death for a Planet:





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