The Universzall Declarations


Because there are at least 3.5 billion females on this Planet,  who have endured second and third class status, abuse, threat and femicide,  for at least four to eight thousand years, and now, 163 million females in utero were aborted in the last twenty years, during the same period while the US was falling from a rank of once a leader, and then 50th in the world in representation in 2000, but now, to the shocking and shameful rank of 94th if ties are counted, it is fitting that  not just one, but Several Declarations are Available, and their most important commonality, gender parity in representation, be heeded.  See the Links Below to Access the various Declarations, which appear on several places on the Internet now, We urge you to post them on your website and disseminate them worldwide. We are seeking translation for the Declarations into every known language on Earth, Also below the Links, are some words for consideration about the Declarations and the context in which they became necessary.
(The Reality of How This Came to be Delayed and Ignored by some, Is in itself Evidence, of How Patriarchy Pervades the Attitudes of not only some men, but some women, even those who consider themselves progressive, pink and green and requires a global period of introspection and intentional change)
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(The founder of the Occupy Movement endorsed the concept of gender parity, but in an convuluted and complex way. The Reality of How This Endorsement Came to be, is itself Evidence of How Patriarchy Pervades the Attitudes of not only men, but women, who consider themselves progressive)
We will read and sign the Womens Declaration of Independence at Frances Stevens Park, 500 N. Palm Canyon Drive (at Alejo & Palm Canyon) at approx. 5:30 – See more at:

and one to help the Occupy Movement really fulfill its goals at

The Declarations are also available at UTube, in a 8 Part Video:

Fully Global Declarations for Gender Parity as a Human Right Were Given to the World, Some via the Internet in 2002, 2004, and again, on July 1st (which is also Canada Day) through 4th (US Independence Day) 2012,
How These Declarations regarding Gender Parity and other related issues of Intersectional Hierarchies, Grievances and Symptoms, Were Delayed from some Responsible Publication & Dissemination by Some, Totally Ignored and Forgotten by Some, and nearly Invisibilized and Suppressed, Gave Evidence to the Destructive Hold that the Patriarach and Pecking Order Mindset and Habit has, even on some of the most Vanguard of Change Agents in North America. North America has become like a failing modern Rome, of domination/cooptation/submission/corruption and yes, much symptom-focussed resistance and sincere protest and rebellion. But it has been missing the most essential anthropological and systemic elements of  ReEvolutionary Transformation, In the failure in 2012 and even earlier, from 1993 on, of too many, to disseminate these Declarations and related Best Practice Models on Earth, Not Only Men, But Women, Proved the Need for Conscious and Intentional Recovery and Rehabilitation from Patriarchal & Privileged Pecking Order habits of delay and distraction to these oldest of human maladies, even among those who would otherwise think they are progressive, liberal, green and even pink, feminist and non racist or classist.

But This Year, on July 1-4 2013 and throughout the month which is also the month of the Declaration of Sentiments, a year whose number has been considered lucky for women but unlucky for despots, these dates, July 1-4th and Each Day thereafter hereby become dates of beginning Reannouncement and Redeclaration Everyday, and  must be, for the entire human family to Save the Earth. We are bringing them to a first small ReEvolutionary Number, and Invite and Urge You to Indicate Your Approval.

Is should be remembered that the Paineful Common Sense of nonsexist nonracist Thomas Paine,( who also wrote to women that Men “ had been Brutes without you.”) that preceded it in January 1776, and the July 1776 Declaration of independence, were each both written by just one person, and the Declaration was endorsed by only two people, to begin with, before another 56 took the courage to sign it and begin to risk their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for something bigger than themselves. Initially, only a small percentage of the inhabitants of the region endorsed it. Then later in July 1848, the Declaration of Sentiments, the great step toward universal voting, especially including half of humanity, which stated similarly and even more clearly  ” Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of those who suffer from it to refuse allegiance to it, and to insist upon the institution of a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness” was also written by only one person, and has been mostly ignored by much of its own “Nation”, even America’s now remarkably delayed women.

As long ago as 1848 and 1879, inspired women and men who appreciated the value of the Word, knew the need for women’s reparative and women and men’s egalitarian Congresses, both. In 1870, Julia Ward How, author of the Mother’s Day Proclamation,,  the thoughtful and non-militaristic How The Fourth of July Should be Celebrated”, and Battle Hymn of the Republic, (she clearly understood that the real Battle was Within people’s Spirits) urged “That a general congress of women without limit of nationality May be appointed and held at someplace deemed most convenient And at the earliest period consistent with its objects, To promote the alliance of the different nationalities, The amicable settlement of international questions, The great and general interests of peace.” In the month of July, named for all Julia’s, which were the names of the unofficed sister and daughter and aunt and women of an earlier Rome, of Julius Caesar of gens Julia, the House of Julia, dare not longer delay on following her injunction.

But Like Naamah and Noah, this time, even literally only One Inspired Person, Two People, or A Very Few, is Enough to begin a Great Saving. Because we believe that Gender Parity, and an end to all habituated false hierarchy in Government and Wealth Calculation is a Human Right, is Will of the Allmighty, who billions believe is not a male-only entity, but Both Mother & Father in complex interactive ways we do not fully understand. And, because we believe that faced with the alternative of Planetocide that a Humanity embedded in tolerating patriarchy and all its derivative and intersecting pecking orders, is rapidly bringing about, Some, Hopefully & Prayerfully Most, Hopefully & Prayerfully All Humanity. both Female and Male, Will Come Aboard the Declarations of Reparation and ParnterShip, Before the Flood and Before the Fire Overtake Humanity in Irrevocable Cycles of Destruction, and In Time to Avert Both the Flood and the Fires of Hellish Global Warming.

These Declarations Have Allready Been and Are Being Distributed to Thousands and soon Millions. But these efforts are being co-opted by complicitness, resignation and naive trust toward censoring and corrupt but smiling media and clearly co-opted organizations, who, for all we know have been threatened and covertly personelled with apparatchiks (but even they can realize their mistake observing the extreme threat from gender imbalance in decision-making to the Planet now) behind the scenes. In herandhistory, almost all ReEvolutionaryes of important change have been first ignored, then sometimes threatened, but an undaunted devoted few will always continue and attract even more to the just cause.

So, as in July 1776, 1789, 1848 and 1970, Declarations and gender and intersectional Common Sense, Distributed, Are Not Enough. Women and Women and Men of Good Will Must Gather and Work Together, Locally, Regionally (including “Nationally”) and Globally To Spread the Truth, and by simply refusing allegiance in a variety of easy ways,  Overturn the Lie, that Power Over Instead of Power With. especially due to Gender (the most common and habitual lie on Earth), Skin Color Hue/Caste/Ethnicity and False Wealth Is Acceptable in the New Millennia.

It should be always noted that gender and racial hierarchies impact the childhood experience of billions of people. It is as babies and children, that they also learn false hierarchies of one parent or grandparent over another, favoritism and unresolved rivalry in birth order,  of more male identified professional interest (i.e. math, science, traditional law and body-only medicine seen as more important than psychology, sociology, education and anthropology and balanced Spirituality) It will take a fully psychosociospiritual systemic approach to humanity to overcome these systemic perpetuators of patriarchy, pecking order and false hierarchy. But All Around the World, it has been done, it can be done, it is being done, and it must be done, especially in North America, if the Human Family and the Planet Earth are to survive.

If we fail to do that, The Fault is not in our Stars, but in Ourselves.
We have met the Enemy, and she is us. We have met the Enemy and he is us.
The Greatest Enemy of Humanity is Patriarchy and Pecking Order, Dominanation & Cooptation/Submission.
It is the oldest and most Primative habit on Earth.  But continued, UnEvolved, Now, It will Kill the Entire Planet.
The Choice of Focus and Action is YOurs.
Every Blessing to All

Rajchelle OneFamily Ph.D.
Taught Love Especially By My Mother Harriet, Heritage by my Grandmother Rae who Gathered the Women of Her Neighborhood in a Home Based Hat Store, Democracy by my teacher Sylvia Light At Hannah Greenbaum Solomon School, human rights at the first integrated High School in my city, Psychology at the University of Michigan Honors Program, Loyola University, and More About All These, Learning Everyday via the Internet which has brought me to some of the kindest and most courageous members of  our human family on every Continent and even in Space, and must remain free and accessible to all.

As A Younger Daughter of a Gifted and Nurturing but Unsung Mother Harriet and her Mother, our Grandmother Rae, she and all her family are direct descendants of the ~Margulies Family, including the Medieval Rabbi Daughters of the famed Rashi, who were likely also direct descendants of Mariam and her husband Hur who transported the Commandments, and therefore also Moses & Aaron, possibly both Mariams of Nazareth and Magdala, King David, the Biblical Rachel, mother of unnamed daughters as well as Benjamin and Joseph, and the siblings including sisters of Jesus of Nazareth (and therefore, of course, Jesus himself.) Like millions of people who don’t realize that they are, too, descended from these and related to many other luminaries of human herandhistory, including Morgaine as well as King Arthur, the women of Buddha’s family, Susan La Flesh and the wife and daughters of Chief Seattle, the women of Bhai Ullah’s Family, the women of Zoroaster’s family, the women of Mohammed’s Family, my mother and family, like yours like You, have been and are Living Example of the Da Vinci Code, of the great ethical members of all traditions.  Her and likely Your genealogicall roots also go back further, to women of the Goddess (sometime viewed as most important and the initiator of it)  & God-Worshipping Cultures of the Ancient Middle East, Thrace (Romania), and Africa and India, and even China, Korea and Japan. Yours go back that far and further, too, and your wings and visions must, while in the Present, soar to the 7th generation and beyond, and humanity connecting with other Planets, Universally. All people on Earth today, and the Souls of Those Passed, Present and Yet to Be Born, are related to one women, Mitocondrial Eve, whose presence on Earth biologically unites all living humanity, both female and male. But like even those who had no children who survived, like Susan B. Anthony and Thomas Paine, we are united by obedience to Allmighty Love, and the possiblities of Common Sense and higher specie Logic. We are literally all OneFamily. Within the Sight of the MotherFatherCreator, the Prakriti/Parusha, Shekina/Keter, Sophia/Christ, Yin/Yang Force that made and sustains us, May We Love All Our Family Enough to assist them to Overcome False Hierarchy, and to Love All the Children of Creation, Female and Male, to Help Them Acknowledge that Gender Hierarchy is the Central and most instinctively functioning-lowering Sin, From Which We Must Evolve from the Tendencies of our Chimpanzee relatives. It is the task of current generations to Live and Ascend to Our Fuller Humanity and Delayed and New Millennia. The task of all current generations is the PsychoSocialPoliticalEcoNomicSpiritual Recovery and Rise of the Female and Feminine from thousands of years of Patriarchy, and the Intersectional Resurrection of the Nurturing, Yielding and Connecting Yin or Feminine Aspect within All People, Female and Male, in balance with the Courageous and Active or Yang Aspect that is also within All People, Female and Male.
“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it”
― Frantz Fanon
If we, especially in North America, daily continue to ignore, invisiblize, demote, delay and betray this task, we will certainly and quite soon destroy the Planet Earth and all our future in the Universe.

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  1. Hi, Excellent declaration!
    See also my site, and history of patriarchal socio- economics in my book CAP-COM, The Economics Of Balance.
    Kent Welton,

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