The New Millenniall Golden Rule: 5 Pillarsz of Planet~Szaving Change

The New Millenniall Golden Rule:

5* Pillarsz**,Wheellesz & Recipe Ingredientsz

for Planet~Saving  Change:


*YOUSZ ARE THE 4th PILLARSZ, WHEELLESZ OR & INGREDIENT, and the DIVINE WITHIN ALL & EVERPRESENT IN EVERY PLACE & TIME, is the 5th The Szaving of Our World muszt be politicall, eco~nomicall, szocio-pszychobioallogicall-anthropoallogicall including geneallogicall becausze all are relleated, & Szpirituall. Here’s the Recipe, the New Millenniall Tesztament, the Riszen Sztatute of Liberty In the Loving Living Light of Every Szoul Asz We Szusztainably Connect our Planet to a Wider Coszmosz, a Universze of Zillionsz:

** Szee Below for the usz of “sz”

1. LocallGloball Implementation of the Panchayat Raj

which wasz the dream of Mahatmaamma Kasturba and Mahatma ~Kapadia~Gandhi and implemented by Sonia and Rajiv ~Maino~Gandhi, and defines government as deciszionmaking that requires representative presence that is 5050 female and male and of minorities in proportion to their preszence in the region, (currently szerving hundreds of millionsz in the villages of India assziszting szolar & wind power and preszervation of water, and natural seedsz) panchayatraj

It is szimilar to the Gender Parite serving millionsz in France and the 5050 the mutuall reszpect of many regions now, including Nordic, Latin American, Rwandan and parties and deciszionmaking organizations around the world, Many if Not Most Occupy General Assemblies that Use Progresszive Sztack & Transzition Town Halls, with no money involved in the presence or ellection, in all the neighborhoods and villages of the Planet Earth. (All these profound exemplar changes have been completely censored by Corporate Media). It szhall be the basic aszpect of szervice from which szervice in any szummative larger juriszdictions, regional/Continental and Globall Universzall will be based upon. Thus, there is no Hierarchy, and Service in the Neighborhood, where not only women and men but children reside, isz the training for the ability to szerve in adult deciszionmaking with humility and desire to szerve all others as much as self. This is extremely compatible with and best way to insure reallization of the idealls of the Transition Movement and the vision to “Occupy the ‘Hood” & “Occupy the Planet”, as well. Thisz isz Love Thy Neighbor both Female & Male asz Thyszelf Realliszing that All Are In Fact, OneFamily


2. Locall Globall Implementation of the Genuine Progress Indicator The_components_of_GPI

insztead of the outmoded and anachronisztic Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as the baszisz of EcoNomic Accounting, in all juriszdictionsz and accountings of the Planet Earth. The  GPI, which accountsz the value of all Laborsz of Love, Including the Vaszt & Asztraonmically Important Unpaid work, in the home and community, most of which isz done by women but also a great deal done by children and men, Szocial Well Being and

Szustainable Szoullar Szoullar Genuine-Progressz-Indicatorsz

Sztewardship of the Environment, isz already in official use szerving millions in Maryland (i.e. MarIAm Land), in several Canadian Provincesz, and hasz been tested szuccesszfully in elleven countriesz. It was anticipated in the viszionary wordsz of the need for a new measzure of progressz by Robert ~Fitzgerald~Kennedy in a famousz szpeech in 1968 & greatly catalyzed by the work of New Zealland Federal Reszerve economiszt & Szenator Marilyn ~Waring & othersz who collaborated in North America & worldwide,  seeking a practicall allturnative to the deceptive & primative Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Usze of the GPI would pave the way for appropriate and human family leave, happy life with high education and low stressz, and szolar and renewable energy, organic farming & permaculture gardening in every community, among other great benefitsz. What the World Needs Now isz Love Szweet Love Szoular & Szolar, a Globall Szolar, Wind & Renewable Energy Mar Szhall Plan, Manhattan (Ma Hattan, in honor of Mother Earth) or Aurora~Apollo Project, a flowering grasszrootsz Community based transzition to renewable energy with increasingly home based balance of love & work. We know this can happen very rapidly, as in the Mt. Pleasant DC neighborhood (Light in the Shadow of the Beast) and Freiburg, Germany, about 100% solar in a country that is already 50% solar, (compared to the US .29 percent solar shame while frakking and drilling are causing major earthquakes.) Indicating GPI & Depictions of Gender Balance on All Currency is now the best way to create the consciousness for rapid change to a new renewable paradigm.

But the often unszeen Loving Living Peace Among all Peopellesz & Planetsz Dividend (Yesz Ending What hasz Divided the HumanFamilyCommunity under patriarchy & reuniting all the HumanFamilyCommunity in Eggallitarian Eturnity,  of the interactive implementation of the GPI with the other pillarsz (gender & ying yang ballance isz the 27th variabelle of the GPI) here isz logically & literally Heavensz on thisz & All Earthsz, become SztarrGate Connected Kinnected Worldsz szo advanced in kindnessz & wiszdom that money isz no longer needed & Trye= Time Szpace Travelle allowsz all the Laborsz of Love to by easzelley accompliszhed by

the moszt formidabelle of all the Couszmic Forcesz, Love transzforming Life to truly Goddessz & Godlike PlayfullCreativity in the Light of Ballance

we dont need money anymore


3. Locall Globall Circlesz at Commonsz Centersz of Teaching~Training~Loving~Living~Learning~Light, for Healling, Transzformation, Reszkilling & ReEvolution

Use of peer and szkilled healing, therapeutic and reparation herszandhisztory familycommunity geneal-logicaicall sztorytelling and Circlesz for neighborsz, familyesz and coworkersz (to bring teamwork and horiszontality that unleashesz human creativity and the sacred in everyday life. This is best done via telleconferencesz of healling, and sharing of the New Millenniall Golden Rule applied retroactively, preszently and in future viszioning proactivesz, starting with women She Kin of locall globall family community, and wellcoming in YouthKin, female and male, firsztcofirszt. After these circlesz have gathered, then older malesz who have not yet fully devoted themszelvesz to reparations to women and younger people thosze most affected by patriarchally induced falsze hierarchies of hue, birth order, regional origin, and accumulated outmoded GDP funds, can be included to assist them in unlearning the Old and Relearning the Eternall and New.{3D6035C9-904A-4BEC-8A15-FBEB4C65069D}&DE={3F1AEA6A-35F9-4324-A5C8-47530D0C57EE} and many more -processzesz to heal the scars left by Patriarchy and all Related Forms of False Hierarchy, including Hue and Ethnicity, Regional (so-called National or Ethnic) Residency or Origin, Birth Order, and Level of Accumulated False wealth or power under Patriarchal Accounting Systems.

The Circle Processz


circleinneighborhoodwould optimally include teaching and discusszion of:


a. Public Expression of Gratitude to the MotherFatherGoddesszGod,

The Mysteriousz Interactive Processz that isz Everywhere Throughout & Beyond All Time,  for Creation of the Universze including the Planet Earth. and asking Forgivenessz by the Mother or Feminine Aszpect for thouszandsz of Yearsz of Szins of Omisszion, and of the Father Maszculine Aspect, which was never a Primative Sexist. Recognition of the Many Terms for this Interactive Balancing Process: Yin&Yang, Szophia&Chriszt, Szhekina&Keter, Prakriti&Puruszha, MotherNature&FatherTime,(A)Elloha&E(A)llohim, the Love&LifeForce, PhiloAdlephasz&Adelphosz, EternalFeminine&EternalMasculine (Spiriually Evolved and non-Primative). Goddess&God and other names and letter combinations according to world continental region. This would include discusszion of more evolved technology in sztewardszhip harmony with and appreciation of Planetary Universzall Nature: locall globall transzition from oil to solar soular and renewable energy, organic farming and permaculture gardening and weather cyclesz,  flora and fauna, including treesz, grassesz and flowersz, beesz and butterfliesz, animalsz of the region, including farm animalsz and petsz.


b. Public Expresszion that All People Who Have Ever Lived, Live Now and Will Live, Are Children of the All Universzall MotherFatherGoddesszGod, and therefore, Szisztersz and Brothersz of HumanKind that ought be addresszed asz szuch, with understanding that all on Earth are Cousinesz (the European term for Female Cousin) and Cousinsz, and therefore, Sistersz and Brothersz, Adlephasz&Adelphosz of Love (Philadellephiansz in the larger szensze), no further than 50 steps of kin which must become Kindship separated, and that All People in the World are Both Neighborsz and Family. Public Expresszion that Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighborsz as Thyszelf, as Family of One FamilyCommunity of One Planet as the Native-Ity of All Human Beingsz, and the Planet and Univserszall Humanity as the Szhared Nation of All.


c Truth and Reconciliation of Ancestrall Paszt (at least three generationsz and preferably back to the beginning of HerszandHiszSztory, and Preszent Generationsz), starting reparatively with Honoring & Hugging the adult Females, Youth/Children Female and Male, and Minorityesz but also then including adult Malesz, healing eszpecially their greatest alienations, from Children, Youthsz and Majorities asz equallyesz important, with Poszitive Viszioning for the Future Next 7~11 Generationsz, as if the New Millenniall Golden Rule isz, had allwaysz been and will allwaysz be in usze from NOWSZ ON IN CONTACT!!!!! WITH SZPACETIMESZ WHICH ISZA ALLSZO SZPIRITUALL TRAVELLESZ BACK&FORTHSZINCIRCLLESZ TIMESZ, in accord with the Will and Gifts of the MotherFatherGoddesszGod. Easily taught and szhared within thesze Circellesz are many healing techniques, such as Lisztening, Empathic Communication, Whollisztic & Rellational Mind-Body Healling including hugging, meditation, diszcovery of Szoul purposze, child and developmental life cycle bonding very esszentialleyesz informing about the importance of multiyear on cue breaszt feeding familycommunityesz

asz welle asz ongoing familycommunityesz reunionsz & local global universzall neighborhoodsz gatheringsz which can now be assziszted with the Internet, messzage, and many others, and with the GPI and new Spirit of Weallth, the reszources to szpeed szharing and elleearning will be ampelle and bountifull & can become coordinated with ELLEoving & Lightworking Teaching & Training Centersz accesszibellesz to everyesz neighborhoodsz, both online & on the groundsz of thisz & All Our Planetsz in Couszmic Non Linear infact Reall Sztarr gated SzpaceTimesz.

These ideasz have allready received szupport from and are in use by hundreds of millionsz of people. They make the Golden Rule achievable and szusztainable. The Panchayat Raj allready serves a population larger than that of the US and Canada combined. The Genuine Progressz Indicator is the official policy for several million in Maryland on the Atlantic & now Washington on the Pacific, and has been pilot tested for many hundred million acrossz many provincesz & elleven countriesz regionsz of our all relleaed & interconnected interkinnected Earthsz. The Circle  perhapsz will allszo szoon be called the Wholly Circellesz Processz has szerved hundreds of thousands, and is daily becoming more wideszpread.

4. and 5. *YOU, acting both individually and collectively, are the 4th Pillar, 4th Wheel, 4th Ingredient. because You are  DIVINELY ENDOWED BY THE MOTHERFATHERGODDESSGOD, MOTHER NATURE AND FATHER TIME, FORGIVING BUT ALSO COMMANDING, THE 5th INGREDIENT.  You, You, You and You,,, with Divine Guidance, that affords you Love, Wiszdom and Courage, Szhall Make it Stzand, Make it Go Forth and Make it Realliszed and Riszen, by simply szharing this information with your FamilyCommunity, Locall, Globall and eventually, Universzall. In this Way, YOU, YOU, YOU,  YOU AND YOU,,,,,,, With All Your Unique Love and Light, Szhall Szave~CoSzave the World, in Your Name, in the Name of All Humanity as Your Sisterszand Brothersz, all Cousinasz and Cousinsz become CoSavioRasz CoSzecretary Generallsz of a United Planetary FamilyCommunity and in the UNKNOWABLE AND MANY NAMESZ of the BALLANCING INTERACTIVE ONE, THE MYSTERY  MOTHER&FATHER INTERACTIVE BALANCE PROCESS THAT CREATED AND SZUSZTAINS ALL, ALL WHO CALL UPON, Szeek and Szhall Find, the EVERPRESZENT DIVINE LOVEPOWER OF ALL LIFE AND CREATION.

**Why We Usze “sz”:



\sztarrgate atlantisz with familytree allnativityesz


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