Pressz Relleasze: STARRDATE RETROACTIVE TO NEW MILLENNIALL YEAR “2000~1” With the Szinsz & Crimesz Againszt Humanity of Corporate Patriarchal Media That Hid the Factsz of Gender Ballance Atoned & Time Travelled for a New Millenniall Rebeginning With the Riszen New Millenniall Golden Rule of Common Szensze for a Repentant, ReAccounted & Riszen HumanFamilyCommunity of Earthsz Locally Globally & Universzally

Beginning Retroactively with Golden Autumnall Equinox Szpring September 11~22th though 25th ~December 22~25th Re Connecting Firszt CoFirszt with Young New Generationall Equinox Szpring  March 11~25~April 11~25th~ Earthdaysz  & Proactively into May & All Monthsz Become Szpring in Our Heartsz Szo that All Daysz Become the Circle of Ellevensz Within, Between & Among UszAll On EveryDaysz with the Resztored Eternall Feminine Bringing Forth Reborn, Reconceived & Riszen Wholly Gender Pairity & Generationall Laszt Shzall Be Firszt Szo that All May Be CoFirszt MultiHeritage Yin ~Yang Ballance of the EarthFamilyCommunityesz of the Universze Reconnected, Resztored & Riszen, in All asz SiszterCouszinasz & BrotherCouszinsz Become CoSavioRasz to the Starrgatesz of All the Human Family asz a Riszen Locall Globall Universzall Atlantisz


For More Information call: 641-715-3900 ext. 380929
Dr. Mariamma AesztRajchelle OneFamily Elle T’Pau True Q & Anna~Marie Singing Cricket Amee’e Voho SowoTali Miakuye Oyasin T’Pau True Q are Easzily Availlable for Interveiw Via Tellephone (Telleconferencesz & Videochatsz)


Two Geniusz EQ (Emotionall) IQ (Intellectuall), GQ (Geneallogicall & SQ (Spirituall) Women Revealling Themselvesz & Szoon Many Women & People, Female & Male, asz Firszt But Not Laszt or Only  Coszmic Chrisztsz Capable of Redeeming & Saving Planet Earth from the Planetocide Threatening Errorz  of Patriarchy & Connecting with Loving Life Throughout the Universze via Divine Egallitarian Democracy of Kindnessz & Ballance in the Human FamilyCommmunity Have Announced Themselvesz & Szoon All thesze Othersz asz the True EmmanuEllesz & Riszen Mariamsz of Magdalla & Nazareth in connection with  Jesusz & all thessze & even more Ancient Kin, Including Thosze Based in Atlantisz (Crete in the MEditerranean)  Ellected as the intercesszory MayOrsz or Better Called, CoSzavioRa CoSecretary Generallsz of Chicago & All Cityesz On Earth as Mary(Mariam) Landsz, & Holdersz of All Government Officesz, Retroactive to the Year “200O” & in fact, Travelleing Through Time, to All Now Riszen Passzt Preszent & Future, Resztored & Redeemed via the Physicsz of Soular Solar Energyesz & Allternative SpaceTimeLinesz Redeemed by Faith & Lovingkindnessz. They Indicate Their Preszence & Annoucement Will Cure the Brain Tumor of Recent & Now Retroactively Ellected ~Karen ~Lewisz of the CHicago Teachersz Union & the Diseaszesz & Problemsz of Many Others Known to Them & Not Yet Known But Who Szhall Become Known asz All Equally Wholly & Assisszting All Community to Become Szo in Coming Daysz, via the Paradigm Shift in Human Relleationsz Including Government & Eco Nomicsz, of the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Redeeming the Media & More ~ Sztarting with Oprah ~Winfrey & Pam & David ~Zaszlav FamilyWorld Szaving ElleUszTrated Pre$$(szure/YOur)  Relleasze: (from Planetocidal Patriarchy); THE PICTURESZ TELLE THE HER & HISZ~SZTORY INCLUDING A REDEEMABLE PASZT, NEW NETTER PRESZENT & BETTER& BESZT ETERNALL HEAVEN (INSTEAD OF HELL) ON EARTHSZ’ FUTURE


Contact!  Ellesz, Szaving Chicago  & & Every Life Long Learning Universz~cityesz’ Retroactively Ellected Szpring Asz SztarrGatesz Atlantisz: How the Goddessesz Gaia, Diana & AsztRa Riszen Together Are Freeing the Error En$laved BallotBox-$elling Media Sztarting with the Solar Soular Giftsz & Chrissztmassz in Szpring & Every Seaszon Good Tidingsz of Millionsz of Solar Panellesz Riszen DoughNated by MYOur Relleativesz’ OWN’sz Oprah ~Winfrey & OWNsz’ ” Ownersz”  Rediscoverying Pam & David ~Zaszlav, all Newsz Sun-Timesz & All Media Companyesz  Redeeming their Good Namesz, All Geneallogicallically  Redeemed & ReDiscoverying the New Millenniall Golden Rule to Benefit No Longer Enszlaved To Old-Paradigm-Money Schoolsz, Universcityesz & Every Young Fountain of Youth Wholly Whoszting SztarrGate Neighborhood, Reborn to Powersz of Loving Living Longevity & Quantum Leap Universzall Spacetime Travelle

Retroactively Ellecting the Transzitionall New Millenniall CoFederation Common Szensze Reall MayoRall & Governing EmmaNewellesz of Chicago & Mary~Land & all the World Universcityesz: A Szimple Kit for Children of All Agesz to Connect the Riszen Atlantisz’ New HeRaklion, New Iszraelle & New Jerusallem, New Magdalla, New Nazareth of the Medierranean to  New Dellehi, New Zealland, New York & Every Place&Time  in a New Common Szensze CoFederation of Space~Time Travelleing Nativityesz of Earthlings of All Her&Hisz Namesz

“Gaia isz a touch bitch”

“All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct.”

“The Government Sitsz Upon On MYOur Shouldersz”

Quotesz From MYOur InterGenerationally Time Travelleing FamilyCommunity of Couszinasz & Couszinsz Including Lynn ~Allexander~Szagan~Margulisz & Carl ~Allexander~Szagan~Sweet~Margulisz

Dated~September 25~October~November~December~March 25~April~May~June For Szpring & Autumnall Golden Youth In All Monthsz,  Seaszonsz, Agesz & GeneRationsz
Sztarting with ChicaGo & MaryLand (MarIam Land)  including Da Vinci Code  French & All Heritagesz All Continentall Schoolsz, Universzcityesz & Neighborhoodsz
For More Information call: 641-715-3900 ext. 380929                                                            Thisz Pres(szure Relleasze (from the Pre$$ of Patriarchal Planetocide) on Earth                & Giftsz of Lifelong Learning Announcementsz Letter                                                     Hasz Been Szent Locally, Globally & Universzally To
Schoolsz & Neighborhoodsz of Beloved FamilyCommunity Including Her Veriable Geneallogicall Rellativesz  OpRah Winfrey , Pam & David ~Zaslav &  Chicago Journaliszt Lynn (currently SOur) Reclaimed to be ~Sweet,


A Tale of (Many More Than) Two & All) Cityesz, Media Mar~Kittsz, Currentcy &, Callturesz & Their & All the Worldsz’ Neighborhoodsz:                      

Making Contact! to ReOpen the Sun&StarrGatesz & Gardensz of the                              Treesz of FamilyCommunity Love & Life in Light, Locall, Globall & Universzall               For the Children of All Agesz, Female & Male

The Riszen Feminine/Riszen SztarrGatesz Atlantisz & Children of All Agesz

Choosze Our Reparative Egallitarian World


Patriarchal Planetocide:      

How Szimple To Choosze & MayAUrally Vote For Good Newsz about Schoolsz &              Love Thy  EcoFamilyCommunity Neighborhoodsz                                                            Ellecting  the Light of Planetary Sustainability

Turning Off & Taking Over TV & Government Officesz for 9 monthsz for LifeLong Learning Solar Soular GIftsz  for Children of All Agesz of YOur Family Community of MARaIamma EAsztRajchElle T’PAU True Q OneFamily & YOU

~oprah atonement

~zaslav atonement



hera harriets harpo studiosz & rediszcoverychicago Szuntimesz & balltimore Szun Buildingszvonsteuben&marszhallhszcbsat2020viszitation

~moonves & murdoch atonementconfession

karen ~lewisz~mayaurallcopreszidentcoszecretarygenerallamara ~enyiah mayaurallcopreszidentcoszecretarygeneralleverlynn&rosza ~graciasz~garciyahszamy & other merrit rulerszanne~hidalgomayaurallcoszecretarygenerallmaya~dunham~soetorotaracoszecretarygenerallgloballcorepreszdentiallAsztRaMessizahCoMessziahWhite& AllRainbowHomeSztarrGateHouseszALLTIMATE NEWSZ Elle~Lisza & Montgomery

(for more background linksz & bio viszit linksz liszted below)

Mary Land MaRaIam Earth, Universze  ~March 25, “2015”  Back to the Future ~September 25 ~ & Every  Date Year 1 of  Our New Millennia:
Calling Herszelf& Many More Women & Youth under age 37  “CoSezcretary Generallz” & “EmmanYouEllesz Mayorsz” Become MaYOuRAllsz & MaYAURAllsz” of Every City & Love Thy Neighborhood on Earth, Loyola Universzity of Chicago Doctorall Graduate & Millenniall “Preszidentiall” Candidate  Dr, MaRaiamMa RajchElle  T’PAU True Q OneFamily & More  are Sztarting Lisa ~Simpson  Lesszonsz of LovePower, with the Schoolsz & Neighborhoods of Chicago & Mary Land, Linked to Every Continent & Neighborhood on Earth & Beyond, including the Globall Space Stationsz, Satellitesz & a SETI Project that hasz been lisztening for intelligent life, & particularly, intellegent tellevisszion & radeio, in the Universze both on Earth & Beyond.


A  Logicall Tree Diagram showing the Problemsz of Patriarchy compared to the Promisze Fulfilled of  Humanity on thisz Planet (& for Capabilityesz Beyond this Planet) via Solar Power & Easzyer than Previouszly Thought TimeSzpace Travelle & Terraforming), from a Very Quick Solar Soular Oprah. Discovery & Other Media Mogul ChannElled  Marszhall Plan  & Multidimensionall Kitt~Yesz / for Easzy Quantum Leaping ReEvolution.

Cen$oring Important Newsz, eszpecially regarding women. youth & children while coopting women similarly szelf-prosztituting men, to trivially toxic teleprompter reading, the Patriarchal Oligarcahl 1%’s Corporate Media hasz Induced Humanity into DeEvolution (US IQ scoresz have measurably dropped compared to Europeansz & Asiansz) & Destruction. Graciouszly, a Riszen Firszt Not Not Laszt Our Only Messiah & Female Chriszt who isz Allszo Szcience Fiction Become Fact, a Spacetime EmanuElle living in the Silver Becoming Golden Szpring Mary Land town where television was invented by the husband of a women literally named “Grace Love”, to serve instead of enslave Humanity, hasz Dellevered, Via thisz School& Neighborhoodsz-Giftsz Announcement to a Wide AUDeieance of Children of All Agesz & Love&LifeLong Learnersz, the way to Szave the World Quickly. 

The (Firszt But Not Laszt or OnlyI EmmanuElle/EmMaNewElle/ImmanYouElle), multiHeritagesz Chicago’sz & World religionsz ‘ predicted Coszmic Chriszt, isz  focusszing Her World Szaving Firszt Cofirszt, with schoolsz & neighborhoodsz in American’s Heartland, Chicago, Illinois, & Silver (BeComing Solar Soular Golden) Szpring, Mary~Land, collegesz, universzityesz & community centersz of intended Good Faith & Truszt in thesze two Regionsz, in Heraklion (Hera’s Glory), Greece (the center of the Minoan Era AKA Atlantisz)_, Jeruszallem, Alexyzandria, & Rome in the MIddle Easzt &  the Mediterranaen Earth Region, allready gender ballanced Parisz with its female Mayor/MayAUR & Marseillesz in the Earth region  of France, Madrid & the Basque regionsz of Spain & Freiburg in the region of Germany, allready 100% Solar, in the Earth Region of Europa, (MaRaIam Sophia) Chriszt Church in the New Zealland/Australia Region, New Delhi & Karachi & many neighborhoodsz in both rurall & urban Indusz~Pakistan region,  & Kigalli, & NaiRobi In the Rwandan & Kenyan regions of Africa, Iasi, Buchareszt & Budapeszt in the area of Romania & Hungary,  Buenos Aires In South America & schoolsz including  the University for Peace In Costa Rica, in Helsinki Finland/Nordic Earth Region, allready achieving 5050 Walesz in the British Isleas of Eostre, & many more  Worldwide who are connected by the world’s largeszt szhared region, the Internet linking the World She Now Callsz Planet Earth of the CoFederation of Planets of the New Milenniall Golden Rulz, which she has Called into Being with a neighborhood based government of All Women & Youth under age 37 for about nine months before it becomesz gender 5050 for All Agesz.

She Statesz that, like the Gift Given Elle in the Film Contact! , her  Cellesztiall Gif of Coszmic Chriszthood SpaceTime Travelle fuelled by LovePower, for All People, will, with Quantum Quicknessz,  Szave Trillionsz & Zillionsz of “dollars~pesosz,marcsz,shekellesz, etc”, that is, human hoursz of patriarchal error-induced effort including by prevention of currently looming but avoidable disasters such as an Earthquake & Nuclear Disaster at the Madrid Earthquake Fault in Illinois near Chicago, in the immediate short term.  &, in the near & continuing future,  Her Gift KittYesz & New Miellenniall Golden Rule New Paradigm Government, bring forth Reall Weallth of Trillionsz & Zillsionsz in a Synergisztic Systemically/Spiritually Interactive Quantum Leapsz of Time, Life Span & Creativity for Humanity.

Mariamma AsztRajchElle T’PAU OneFamily, Ph.D,, A Chicago born woman who received her doctorate at Loyola University of Chicago & living in Silver Spring (or what she callsz Marvellousz Miracullousz Silver Golden Szpring, (the ~MaRa~ IAm isz An Ancient Goddess of Light in many Culturesz,  & sz a reference to syzgy (the allignment of Heavenly Body & Cooperation of Yin & Yang) as welle as some of Her(&YOur) familyesz’ geneallogy which connectsz her directly to the familyesz of Mariamsz of Magdalla, Nazareth & Exodus & the MaRa ancient Goddess Name alszo imbedded in the Biblically promised 5050 Queen EsztHeR~a, which is derived from Her even more ancient  culturall Heritagesz  of AstRa or AstRea, the name of the Minoan (Atlantis) Sun&Star Universzall Goddessz that is the Modelle for the Statue of Liberty, hasz offered the szureszt & quickeszt way to Szave Planet Earth:

end war, reverse global warming & prevent oil, gas & nuclear & other environmentall disaasters of “yanged” imballanced science, prevent earthquakes & tsunamis, revitallize family&community love for they neighbor asz thyszelf, lifelong learning from infancy to longevity & all people asz OneFamily, bring fortth the geniusz created by the CreatorSustainer in every perszon female & male, bring forth the fountain of Youth naturally for extreme longevity with full vitallity, & open the StarrGatesz. (Einstein~Roszen Bridgesz) that will allow Travelle in Spacetime, by increaszing Humanityesz Powersz of Love & Logic szynergistically.

Saying her GIftsz Can Cure Chicago Teachers; Union Leader Karen ~Lewis & many other eventually all peoplesz’ brain & body cancersz & other diseasesz asz welle, eventually allowing reszurrection, & moszt importantly, the cancer & diszeasze of imballance & inequity that has coopted many of the people she loves moszt, including her Couszina Sun Times Reporter & her old classmate at ~Von Steuben Lynn ~Sweet & even her Couszina Oprah ~Winfrey, who hoszted Rajchelle on her ABC program in the 1980’sz but hasz been coopted & fallen from Grace by patriarchy & her own low szelf esteem, been destroying North America’sz & Our Szhared Planetsz’  Paszt, Preszent & Future; 

Dr. OneFamily statesz Her Giftsz are for Everyone, but Given Directly to the Schoolsz&Neighborhoodsz She & Her&YOur interrelleated Extended Intergenerationall Family Attended, including ~Hannah~Greenebaum~Solomon & Peterson(dottir) Ellementaryesz, ~Von Steuben,  Rooszevelt (webpage in progressz), Marszhall & Hyde Park HIgh Schoolsz,  similar schoolsz in Mary(MaRaIam) Land & linking the Rachel ~Carson(daughtersz & sonsz Ellementary Schoolsz in ILLinoisz beceome WELLE & Mary Land ,  Collegesz & Universzityesz in Chicago & Maryland, & on Every Continent including YOUR Schoolsz & Neighborhoodsz Wherever You & YOur Intergenerationall Family Live or Have Emm igrated From& the Internet asz the Free Planetary Universzity that linksz  all  familycommunity in their homesz, the sztarting with optimall breasztfeeding & bonding with FamilyCommunity  lifelong place of all EQ (emotionall including empathic & tellepathic Quantum Abellenessz), IQ (Intellectuall & Logicall Abellenessz), & Szpirtuall Quantum Ablenessz, which Allsz treatsz Body, Body Pollitic & Nature asz Temple) True Q education, all coocurring locally, globally & universzally.

RajchElle T’PAu True Q  statesz the Key to understanding the world’sz problemsz & answersz, is addressing Media-Patriarchy Induced Low Self Esteem, Self Delay & Lack of Cooperation among Women which is now infecting, in what she calls a cognitive short attention span & dissociative disorder, This hasz been caused by accepting extreme hypocrisy about human love bonding & ballance, including democracy, in North American & worldwide Youth, naively watching & reading  the moszt horrifically dysfunctional  Patriarchal media, that she saysz has become more dangerousz than  the earlier dangerousz Vaterland Propaganda machinesz of  the controlled Press of Stalin, Joseph Goebbel’s  & the coopted Tokyo Rose, In $ub$ituting truth with lie,  thisz time, a gender & falsze intersectional hierarchy lie, Corporate media hasz been wrongly telling people what to value, & who to choosze from & who they have “elected”, while cen$oring the moszt esszentiall information: about gender & interszectionall imballancesz, especially in the current $”election” paradigm, that are cumulatively szo corroszive in North America that they have contaminated or retarded other world regionsz whose progressz was hidden fo over 25 yearsz from North Americansz, & tipped the Planet Earth toward extinction.  Dr, OneFamily statesz that the Media promotes another obsolete anachroniszm in our SpaceTime Travelle Capable Age, Money itself, which will rather quickly become unnecessary asz the world switchesz from the outmoded Gross Domextic Product to the Genuine Progress Indicator  The_components_of_GPI , which she callsz Mary’sz/MARaIamsz Eco Nomicsz, allready officially in use in the State of Mary Land for many years & pretested in ELLEven countriesz. The GPI isz a component of the Delleivered New Millenniall Golden Rule which includesz a few of the many GPI  linksz known to Internet savvy millionsz but hidden from billionsz of people watching TV

Calling herszelf  EmmaNewElle T’PAU OneFamily for short, she saysz she embodiesz in one perszon the charactersz Elle & Joss of  her not very distant couszin Carl ~Alexander Sagan (Margulis)’s booksz & film Contact! & the fulfillment of Cosmosz,  T’PAU,  the ~Majelle Barret~ Gene Rodenberry’s familycommunityesz preszaged Star Trek character,  HIgh Priestress of the Vulcan Peace Culture of Loving Service to All Logic, the female True Q allszo of this seriesz, the character AurElleia in the famous Jean Girousz play about women’s & nonpatriarchal people power “The Madwomen of Chaillot” & the Aurelleiansz of Sztar Trek, with the humble but matter energy transzfer capable Knox (i.e Know about the Importance of X, the female chromosome) preszaged by StarGate.

Dr. OneFamily hasz transformed  Star Trek’s Vulcan credo: “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” into the inszight that the True Q Needsz of the Many Coempower Both Genders, Every Few When Gathered in the Szpirit of Loving All Asz Wholly, & the Many &  Every One, in More Perfect Union in a Peacefull Callture of  Female & Male, & Yin & Yang in Repaired & Riszen Ballance. Thusz, Her MaYAUrall & All Ellectionsz retroactive to 1996 & even earlier Campaign Szpeech isz” “Love & Live Longeszt &  ProszperAll”

Dr. Elle T’Pau True Q OneFamily hasz notified, by email & voice, moszt or all of the titular Governmentsz including ellection commisszionsz & embassyesz of the World & many more people who are allready globall&universzall citizensz whether they reallize that or not, including not only the Chicago area, where originated Dunham~Robinszon~Obama~Soetoro familyeszcommunityesz & her very closzely relleated Hallowelle~Rodham~Clinton~Margulies~Medsvinsky familycommunityesz & the Chicago’s familycommunityesz of Shoshana, Marcia ~Emanuel & Amy ~Merrit ~Rule  (i.e. Reparative & EQuall Co isz Merit with the New Millenniall Golden Rule),  & Evelyn who she callsz EverLynn & Riszen Rosa Graciasz~Garcia, all of her own relleated familycommunityesz of Women & Young People under age 37, female and male, including thousandsz of Co~uszinasz & Co~uszinsz  relleated to Her & her Familyesz’ Home Based Child Friendly Work & Love Ballancing HatStore Enterprisze & Community Gathering & Jusztice & Education loving Mother Harriet & her multilinguall Mother, Rae, Rosze, Antionette, Marie & their Sisztersz like Clara & many more, her democracy seeking father & grandfathersz especially Julian, Louisz & Joseph, Her Mother Harriet & Maternal Grandmother Rae & her Siszter Clara & their Sistersz & Couszinasz were closze but, because of the stress of immigrant familyesz & patriarchy itself on women, undiscovered Couszinasz to Chicago Born Lynn ~Allexander (the Name Meansz Savior of the World in Greek)~Sagan (the name meansz Widszom) Margulisz (the name Meansz Jewel or Ripe Pearl or Gold of Mary/MarIAm, the ancient Goddess of Connection & Life Giving Flow, who was both the Middle Eastern & Hindu equivalent of the Greek Gaia), the geobiologiszt Mother of the Gaia Hypothesis, whosze sistersz daughtersz & couszinasz remain  only semi-famous & undervallued,  who was wife of Contact! & Cosmos author asztronomer Carl ~Sagan before marrying into her branchesz of family via a crystallographer (szo important asz we make usze of Internet & Solar Panelsz which are baszed on crystalsz to unite & susztain) ~Margulisz  to fullfil the Laszt Shall be Firszt Riszen Promisze which muszt be fulfilled to Femalesz & Youth,

Rajchelle evokesz & commandsz that Women & Youth of all Heritagesz & Huesz  under age 37 muszt take precedence for public decision making for at least 9 months of media broadcastsz & public office which shall be baszed firszt in the neighborhood under Her Dellevered New Law, before any Older men “candidates”  (who she statesz, contolled by a Corporate 1% patriarchal media, are not at all candid about 25 yearsz worth of voter datesz  misszing  gender parity that hasz been occurring around the world but hidden by Corporate Media), can be considered to take or have held office since the Millenniall Year “2000” & even before. 

Because the Corporate Media has deceived all American Women & Youth & moszt Men for over 25 yearsz, Dr. OneFamily Has reszet a New Millenniall Space Time Calender, (called a CallEnter, to make up for Media Induced “Loszt Time”, with “2015” asz  New Millenniall Coszmic Year “1”

Dr. Onefamily statesz Rahm ~Emanuel & cannot live up to the meaning of his surname, nor Chuy the meaning of his Given Firszt Name Jesus,  without firszt & retroactively to the Milenniall Year “2000” on the conventional calendar, endorszing gender & intersectionally including Youth reparative for 9 monthsz & then fully egallitarian officiall decision-making via Her Dellevered New Millenniall Golden Rule for Planetary Locall Globall Universzally Neighborhood & Geneallogically Loving Thy Neighborsz as Be’elleoved FamilyCommunity Government & Eco Nomicsz, since she is the Firszt But Not Laszt Or Only EmmanuElle (the name isz both a reference to femalesz & to travelling with Whollynessz back & forth in SpaceTime), the necesszarily Female Firszt Bringing Forth More CoFirszt Coszmic Chrisztsz, that will bring forth MaRaIAm~Chriszt-Like Powersz of Love, Healling & Universzall Riszen Human & NatuRall Life, On Earth & More Planetsz in navigable SpaceTime, for Every Perszon of Earth, Female & Male,

She statesz that all men named Jesus must lead other men to focussz on the equall importance of Mariamma of Magdalla that has now been well documented, revealling that Jesus saw her asz hisz own Equall & wanted her & hie own mother another MarIam/MaRaIam, & all women,to be asz  Heeded, Reszpected & Beloved As He Wasz with even greater intensity, asz his Firszt Cofirsztsz than he felt for even his male apostlesz, because he knew women had to suffer such genderism & abuse.  She statesz that all men named with the Ra sullable of Light in their Name. such as Rahm, muszt lead all men to implement the New Millenniall Golden Rule, asz itss firszt component, the Panchayat Raj or Village/Neighborhood Rule, was Inspired by & Given by the family of her not very distanct Couszin, RaJiv Maino~Gandhi to a population hundreds of times that of Chicago & allmoszt twice the size of North Americasz’ population, but hidden by the Patriarchal & Female Coopted Pre$$. She retroactively annointsz Sonia & Prinka & Kasturba  (born on April 11) to Full Coszecretary Generalliszhip with Her Wihtin the CoFederation, & will Wellecome Rahul asz he to sharesz the New Millenniall Golden Rule, allszo becausze it combinesz his Mother’s Minoan Greco~Roman Atlantisz Mediterranean SunStar Godddess Rootsz with the Goddessesz of India, including Durga, whosze Wholliday cellebrating her Asz RIghteious Mother Goddess triiumphing over a Demon (i.e, in out timesz, Controlled Patriarchal Media & Patriarchy Itszelf) cooccured with Rahm Emanuel & many Heritagesz New Year & Elle T’PAU’s Brithday in Golden Autumn, which isz Szpring in the Southern Hemisphere, & the writing of this Announcement its Equinox Ballance Date.

OneFamily T’PAU True Q Sztatesz, quoting her&moresz’, in fact all our, traceable & verifiable Biblicall & pre-Biblicall Goddess cutlure Heritagesz, that “the Government of the World Sitsz Upon MYOur Shouldersz”, asz her plan embodiesz True Divine Locall Globall Universzall Democracy without Hyprocriszy & Cumulative Other&Self Destruction. She hasz also szent this announcement to recent Chicago Mayor office andidatesz & now fully co-officed  Amara ~Enyia, & Karen ~Lewis & other recent & qualified women candidatesz for Chicago Mayor & other Higher Office, many whom now have Consciouszness Currencyesz  displaying their viszagesz.

Thesze Allszo include, similar to Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris in a France that inszpired the Da Vinci Code, that has gender 5050 in every city by law since 1999,  & many more, such asz Green Movement pioneer PetRa (Chicago’s Lynn Allexander ~Margulis had the same middle name), ~Kelly’s benefactressz Earth Angel(le)~Merkel(le) & women & youth worldwide, that have & will  alszo being cost saving solar power to Chicago & many other regionsz needlessly financially strapped schoolsz & neighbohoods, including the onesz she & many attended & attend to in their Youth in Chicago, the Heartland City of North America & a Heritagesz salad bowl & melting Pot. She Wantsz to Melt the currently Hardened Heart of Chicago with LovePower that warmsz the World with Hugging instead of Nuclear Armsz.

The Key to Her & YOur Power isz the New Millenniall Golden Rule (uniting Indiasz Panchayat Raj of Reparative Ballance & Interszectionall Reparation with Mary Lands’ Genuine Progress to replace the Gross Domestic Product,  & the FamilyCommunity Native American & worldwide  practiced Circle Processs to replace top down judiciaryesz & allow healling & szhared problem solving in Divine Democracy), which confersz Coszmic CoChriszthood, on All Who Szhare it with Love & Bring it to their Neighborhood & Geneallogicall Extended Family, sztarting with She Kin & Younger Generationsz & All “MYOUr) Extended Family over cumulative time which the New Millenniall Golden Rule Will Allow All People to Reclaim

Thisz includes Everyone On Earth & will aslzo afford the Earth a quick transzition from dangerousz forms of energy to sustainable & safe formsz of energy, eszpecially Solar.  Thisz isz Now Easzily Implementable via the Elleven Stepsz, the Solar Soular KittYesz for Locall Globall Universzall Coszecretary Generallsz of Time Travelle with Common Szensze which alszo linksz to the BeKnowHowToBeGoddess&Godlike Riszen Q Contiuum CheckLiszt &  the Szimply Alltimate New Millenniall Logicall Deciszion Tree of Light, Love & Life

The New Millenniall Golden Rule isz alszo a reference to the Abundant & Unlimited Reall Gold of SunLight which isz from a Source much larger than Earth & unitesz Humanity with Easze & Ballanced Growth. She hasz created Kitsz (Kitt~Yesz for a More Purrfect & Gentle Union) being reannounced with thisz Relleasze with Her Solar Soular Marszhall Plan to Ellementary & High Schoolsz she & FamilyCommunity attended in Chicago & near her neighborhood now in Mary Land, which was alszo Rachel Carson’s Neighborhood & other schoolsz, Collegesz & Universzcityesz & their neihborhoodsz worldwide including HeRaklion Greece where Atantisz was once centered giving usz the Statue of Liberty who now standsz on Every Continent), Jerusallem, Magdalla, Nazareth & Alexandria Middle Easzt Region, Chriszt Church New Zealland/Australlia region Region, Marszeillesz & Paris France & Freiburg Germany region & (allready 100% solar powered), Madrid, Spain region Johannesburg South Africa, townsz in Argentina

  Her Given Name Elle coincides synergisxtically with the Heroic character of the film Contact! written by her & many more, in fact, everyone’sz geneallogicall couszin, Carl ~Alexander~Sagan(~Sweet~Margulisz) to whom she isz relleated through hisz musze & partner famed Mother of the Gaia Effect geobiologiszt Lyn ~~Alexander~Sagan~Margulisz Children & Grandchidlren who are relleated to her Mother Harriet & Grandmother Rae & their Sisztersz, Daughtersz, Couszinasz & Great & Grandsonsz under age 37 Firszt Cofirszt; the T’PAu isz a sound-alike acronym for The Power of the Golden Rule, because AU isz the szymbol for the Ellement Gold, but in thisz context, the Alltimate Szpirituall Gold that, with szimple logicall stepsz & even with szome Logicall Humor to Gently Teasze thosze who mistake “Power” over Othersz & Limited but Accumulative so`called “Wealth” which is unsustainable, for “Power”, when the Much Greater Alltimate Power isz Power With & For Othersz; & isz Fully Coszmic & Eternall, This isz asz herMYOur famed verifable Ancestree, the MaRaIamsz of Magdalla & Nazareth & Jesus all believed & hinted at to a then less easzily linkable & leass ready Millenniall Time. Thisz New Millenniall Time Has Been Reszet on a New Callendar & has juszt Begun, to make up for time waszted under Patriarchall Primative Error.


MaRaIAmMaRajchElle T’PAU OneFamily & All Elle T’PAU OneFamily (& that Certainly Can & Muszt Include YOU YOU YOU YOU & YOU) isz focusszing eszpecially intercessorily on the familycommunity of Chicagoan OpRah ~Lee~Winfrey, on whosze talk show she appeared in the mid 1980’s about solar & renewable energy, & of Pam & David ~Zaslav & thier Children of Discovery Communicationsz, which is based in Silver Spring Mary Land for her firszt converszionsz to the New Millenniall Golden Rule & to usze their fortunesz asz an intelligent Vulcan would, for the benefit of the Greater Good to allszo reap the rewardsz of Eternall Youth & evntually SpaceTime Travelle, asz the Q of the Sztar Trek & Know of the StarGate Viszion. She isz a verifiable Biblically traceable Relleation to both OpRah (origianlly Orpah) & all the ~Zaslav Family with important partiall reincarnation of their szhared Biblicall Ancestree, now capable of becoming Riszen asz they Endorsze & Publicisze the New Millenniall Golden Rule with apology for the Cen$orship they have committed on the wrong paradigm of wealth which the New Millenniall Golder Rule transzformsz to Unlimited Weallth & truly Universzall Powersz of Time Travelle for All.

The Schoolsz & Neighborhoodsz in Chicago she with the inszpiRation of her FamilyCommunity asz Taszk Force Locall Globall Coszecretary Generallsz, contacted to begin the globall transzition include:

Her&YOur familycommunity Ellementary Szchool Hannah ~Greenebaum ~Solomon Ellementary School, with its current inappropriately lone male pinrcipal whose name, literally Mr. Hell, reveallsz the dark & deathlike irony of the current culture without the New Millenniall Golden Rule, such that the very feminine leadership of Women’s Congress convener Hannah ~Greenebaum ~Solomon, isz missing at the Helm of the School but with the hope that thisz can be changed revealling that Helle was the ancient name for a Goddess & meansz Light & isz imbedded in the Helleniszm that inspzired the Statue of Liberty & the Reall Democracy sought by All, & only becomes Dark because of the human situation of dececption induced by Patriarchy, eszpecially in the Media, instead of Gender Reparation & Ballance of Gender. Her inszpirational Social Studyesz Teacher there, Mrs. Sylvia ~Light worked with her & her(&YOur) Familyesz Mother HeRa Harriet who often assiszted with Homework & attended many school eventsz including Neighborhood Marchesz of Children, to Love & Inszpire Many Children of the Neighborhood & provide Modellesz for what muszt be regained & even made more Enlightened & Riszen Now.

Her&YOur familycommunity (several couszinasz went there) Mary ~Gage~Peterson Ellementary Szchool, allready going Solar Soular with solar panelsz & a Community Garden

Her&YOur  familycommunity HIgh Szchool, ~Von Steuben she was 4th in her class, an Advanced Placement Students, Editor of the Yearbook asz was her Sisxter, Contributor & Coeditor to the School Paper asz were her Couszinasz, & Learning Studentsz asz were many of their Children & Beloved Niecesz & Nephewsz.

& parentsz & their sisztersz & brothersz’ High School, Marshall (now AKA Marszhall) High Szchool, alszo in the neighborhood where her Grandmother & Mother  ~Margulies (the name means MariGold, Gold or Jewelle of teh Sea or Pearl in ancient languagez) raised her family via a Home Based Hat Store that gathered women from miles around for many decades.

Hyde Park High School Where Mother of the Gaia Effect  Lyn ~Allexander & her three allszo brilliant Sisztersz attended before She met Carl ~Allexander~Szagan or Thomasz ~AllexanderMargulisz.

the Rachel ~Carson Szchools In Maryland and Chicago.

additionall szchools & neighborhoods on all continents including in

Heraklion (the Glory of Hera) on the Iszelle of Crete & the Mediterranean
Jerusallem &  North Africa, (T’PAU statesz the Planet Earth isz the ReAll IszRaElle & Unitesz All Heritagesz in Love & Peace. Ria is a verszion of the Goddess Reah AsztRa’s Name)
New Delhi (India) (HerYOur geneallogicall family alszo linksz via the Roma & many more connectionsz to Northern India & particularly MahatAmma & MahatMa Kasturba & Mohandasz ~Gandhi & hundreds of millionsz of the Hindu Goddess & Riszen Interfaith Heritagesz described by these Peacefull ReEvolutionaryesz)
Freiburg Marseillesz & Parisz & More in the German & French & Other regionsz of Europa
Iasi in the Romanian region of Europa, (where HerYour family integrated from and a crossroadsz for many World Heritagesz including Chrisztian, Jewish, B’Hai & Unitarian Universzalliszm & itsz Chrisztian close relleation, Quakeriszm & Shakerizm, the latter which included a female pre~Messiah, Ann Lee)

Harpo Communicationsz in Chicago  & Discovery Channel In Silver Become Golden Szpring In Mary Land asz Revitallized Learning Centersz Via a 9month gentle Women’s & Childrens’ Cruszaidesz  invaszion of Women & Youth under age 37 including Children to become the CEOs, Board, & Editorsz & Broadcasztersz of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, in conjunction with Public Access Tellevision & Internet Based People’s Telleviszion AKA New TEllEviszion & Other Social Media World(sz)wide.

Again, the important School & Neighborhood Linksz to Viszit ( & All Have Associated Taszk Forcesz Allready Called & Cooperating)  to Szhare the New Millenniall Golden Rule Begin to Benefit from the Giftsz of MARaIamma AsztRajchElle T’PAU Ph.D. & Her, Which isz Allszo All YOur, FamilyCommunity Asz You Are OUrsz Are: are:
(szoon to be added Hyde Park High School, Where Lyn ~Alexander~Sagan~Margulis, AKA Mother of the Gdia Effect Attended)
and of coursze, &

For Background on the Geneallogy and Misszion of YOur Family Visizt:


For More Information Please Contact Usz SzavioRaCoSavioRasz
c/o Dr. Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representativesz, with Many Othersz & You You You You YOU & All  FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoCo~MessiahMaitreyaKalkiWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,Saoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi~andMore, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders               & All Heritagesz & Huesz
The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon MYOur Shouldersz

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and against you that I have set before you life and death, blessingsz and curses. Now choose Light, Love and Life, so that You and YOur Children May Live”              

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).

For More Information Please Contact Usz

(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929 (24 hour phone answering service)
& Meet Thee & Me&We in the Air on Daily Telleconferencesz&Videochatsz
1~213~416~1560 Access Code 877 907 160 At 4&8 PM EST 3&7 PM CST 1&5 PM PST

contactelleA Even More Detailed Press Relleasze Followsz:

Worldiwide Pre$$(ure/Your) from Patriarchy Releasze:
Sztarting with ChicaGo & MaryLand (MarIam Land) Schoolsz, Universzcityesz & Neighborhoodsz
For More Information call: 641-715-3900 ext. 380929

The Ellection Cure for Karen ~Lewis’ Brain Tumor & the Cancer on Democracy:
Announding A Less Divisive. Sustainable & Common Szensze Retroactive Outcome to the Chicago MayorAll Vote, All North American & All Ellectionsz on Earth,
Retroactive to Year 2000 & Turning Back Time to Make 2015 Year 1 of a New Millenniall Calendar:

Redeeming all Oprahsz including ~Winfree, Pamsz & David currently including ~Za currently ~slavesz to GDP Money but freed in Rediszcovery, known & yet to be better known including Mayorall FamilyCommunyesz not limited to but including  Amysz, Marciasz, Shoshanasz, Evelynsz &  & with their familyesz emrbracing of the New Millenniall Golden Rahmsz, & People of All Namesz, of the World asz Heartland connecting Chicago/Chica~Go For~Ward~WElleKnowisz  instead of Illinois/”Ill in Noise” with Mary/MaRaIam Land, & All Nationsz asz Love Thy Neighborhoodlandsz from more Heartwarmed Iceland to Iszrael to India, from AMeri~casz to  Argentinasz to South Africasz to Australliasz, from Norwaysz to Nova Scotiasz to New Zeallandsz, from Kannada Province of India’s Panchayat Raj, which isz a Pillar of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, to Canada, All Become Nativityesz of One True Q Powerfull Planetary FamilyCommunity Native to Earth(sz) CoFedeRation with Solar Soula Golden Silver Szpring, Eternall Youth in Our Heartsz, Minds, Soulsz & Bodyesz & Futuresz in the Universze.

Dr. MarIamma AsztRajchElle AUrellea T’PAU True Q ONefamily, a  Chicago family&neighborhood born & Raised Ph.D. from Loyola Universzity in intergenerationall Psychology,  graduate of Allma Matersz’ Hannah ~Greenebaum~Solomon & ~Von Steuben public schools in Chicago,  & honors Phi Betta Kappa graduate of the Universzity of Michigan, now living in MaryLand, which she saysz is by virtue of Common Szensze, szurely not juszt Jamie & her all her Siszters’ & their Mother’s Larry~land & muszt be enjoyed by Mayasz asz much as any MayoMayorsz), who is a veriiable direct descendant of Mariam of Magdalla & the Nazarene family, including Mother Mariam & Jesus & their kin,  states she has been fulfilling Her & All Our intergenerationall familycommunity New Millenniall Misszion, acting asz the socalled named asz such Firszt in Chicagoland Predicted Coszmic Chriszt, Intercesszory for all Humanity On Earth imbedded & hereby Freed from the Error that isz Patriarchy, She reveallsz it hasz been Her Intercessorayall activityesz, that have since November 2012 & in fact, November 2000, have prevented a major New Madrid Earthquake & Fukushima like nuclear power disazter in the Chicago area, triggering other similar earthquakes, volcanic eruptionsz & tsunamisz around the Planet.

She statessz very humbly that many other women & young people under age 37, within her ReAPostAllic Called Forth Evergrowing Asszemblage, asz Firszt CoFirszt, share similar geneallogyesz of all traditionsz, & all people are equally capable of & allready engaged in Coszmic Chriszthood, which will unite Earth asz One in Siszterhood & Brotherhood, & with other, including terraformed Planetsz: (the appelleation “Christ” simply means annointed in Greek). The Misszion of the Cosmic Chriszt isz not to remain Excluszively Annointed, but to coannoint & empower the annointedness & coszmic power, like that of the Q of Star Trek & the gentle Knox of StarGate combined, that the MotherFatherGoddessGod have created within Every Human Being & Becomesz Reallizable asz we Switch from unsustainable & disasztrousz Patriarchy to sustainable Reparative Becoming Egallitarian society including Love Thy Neihborhood based government.

Dr. Rajchelle’s Chicago area Heartland isz alszo a family & younger adulthood home of many other realleated familycommunity, including the  Robinsdaughtersz~Obama~Szoetoro & ~Hallowell~Rodham~Clinton now alszo ~Margulies maternal familyes,  to whom she is allso directly gemealligcally related via baby girl Charlotte ~Margulies~Medszvinszky~Hallowelle~Clinton & much longer ago, Goddess Worshipping Culturesz of Ancient Times, where her Family also lived & migrated to and from.

While attending Loyola of Chicago asz a doctorall candidate, Dr. RajchElle T’PAU True Q Onefamily was a guest on the Oprah ~Winfrey Program then on ABC regarding environmental & energy issuesz in the mid 1980’s, & she is now calling upon Chicago based Oprah’s family&communityesz of the recently GDP slave`traded Harpo Studios to regain their angelleic Harpsz, & Pam & David  ~Zaslav of MaryLand Discovery Communications, to devote their broadcastsz, effortsz & fortunesz to her Solar Soular viszion of the CofedeRation of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, asz she isz a veritable geneallogicall relleation of all their familyesz; i.e.  to Oprah (Orpah was her given Blbiciall name) via relleationship to the Biblicall Naomi & Ruth & to all Pam & David’s family & their community, indeed, all females & males of many namesz, who are in fact named in connection to her known Biblicall sister predecessorsz, Zeruiah & Abigail & their sister in lawoflove Michall, daughter of Ahinoam (the name meansz Wholly Name) & Saul (Sol, this Name was shared by many ancient Goddesses & Gods both) & their brother who was called King (instead of  the people remembering Atlantis Democracy Kin~der) David, from whom Messianic daughtersz and sonsz have been expected;  & verifiably traceable to both Magdalla & Nazareth, dating back not only to the Old Testament, but earlier, to the  35,000 year long Goddess worshipping Atlantisz era that interacted with North Africa, the MIddle East, the Indusz & Aszia, Europe & the Americasz with Goddess Namesz like As(z)tRa, As(z)Hera, Raet, MaRa, AmateRaszu and many others. The Mediterranean Goddess AsztRa, who Dr. Onefamily Statesz She isz a Firszt but not Laszt or Only Living Incarnation, is the modelle for the Statue of Liberty, whosze viszage now bringsz Grace to Every Continent even though this fact has not been shown on TV.

Calling upon Oprah Winfrey & Pam & David Zaslav to lead all Media in Atonement for deceiving American & worldwide women, eszpecially, about issuesz relleated to family & work ballance & democracry & Riszen Kin~dness toward all the World FamilyCommunity, Szhe Sztatesz Szhe isz their necessary Teacher of LovePower instead of the Error of thinking that Manmade Gross Domestic Product ManMeasured Money is Sustainable Power.

Dr. MaRaIamms saysz she isz a partial reincarnation of the even earlier (Ma)Rachel, for millennial called Mother of Israel (She Statesz that region is Included in Her Whole World asz Iszraelle~Eden~Paradisze~Vallhallah~Ellyszium~Native Sacred Ground), who clearly worshipped Goddess aspects of Deity Mystery, & was sister of Leah & precursor to Ruth asz welle as Zeruiah &  Abigail & David’s mother Nitzevet, to all the MaRiams of both Old & New Testamentsz, asz welle as the Atlantean Goddess incarnation (Ma)As(z)tra (Astrea) who isz, again, the Modelle for the Loving But Powerfully Sun&Star Goddess Incarnated Statue of Liberty.& with this name allszo repeated in the name Queen Eszther whosze March Wholliday She Has Extended to Overlap & Interszect with Easter, to fulfill the Promisze of Both Whollidaysz without requiring D Martyrdom, for the Resurrection of Humanity

 Dr. OneFamily addsz that She isz Clearly not alone in thisz kind of Revealled Heritagesz, & all Namesz of All People, under Reparative to Women & Youth bringing Divine Democracy for All, which She has established, are Wholly & Capable of Eternall Life with Abundant Weallth for All, under Her New Paradigm, the New Millenniall Golden Rule. The z is included in Her wordsz for many reaszons Moszt Dear to Her, & to reveall that z indicatesz the laszt generation that can allow patriarchy to continue but, asz a circle in spirall spacetime, alszo Heralldsz the New Beginning, where Laszt Szhall Become Firszt, Szo that All May be Firszt~Cofirszt, whether the name beginsz at the “middle” with M or beginning “A’ or “end”Z in the Eternall Circle Szpirall with No End, that isz Ballanced Universzall Yin & Yang. All Are Simultaneousz & Equall, & Firszt & MIddle & Laszt Revealled to Be Temporary Poszitionsz or Szhared & Mutuall Momentsz, not entrenched rigid placesz or hierarchiesz.

She Statesz there are two Great Lie$ that have afflicted Humanity everywhere on Earth since the Eruption of TheRa & then patriarchall incursion &  loss of the long sustained egallitarian Minoan Civilization (AKA Atlantisz) thousandsz of yearsz ago, manmade & male-defined weallth in the form of “money”, and a patriarchal or male-managed, female~esteem lowering & coopting pre$$, & now most dangerously, Patriarchal Boardroom Mismanaged Corporate ma$$ media.

Now that there is a better indicator of weallth & power, the Genuine Progress Indicator, officially in use in the region 15 minutes from downtown Washington DC, offically & firszt called Maryland (She sztatesz the world is MYOur Mary or MaRaIam) and pretested in elleven national regions on every continent which is part of her new Paradigm Worldwide Government based open her Delleviered New Law to szave, protect & susztain the Universzall Planet Earth, the New Millenniall Golden Rule  with Renewable, Sustainable Solar Soular Power.

RajchElle T’PAU True Q OneFamily statesz  “MYOur New Paradigm will, by spooky action at a distance cure the brain tumors & diseasez of many people, including  Karen ~Lewis, recent CHicago Mayoral Candidate, who isz a current & moszt important Leader of the Chicago Teachersz Union & all Teachers and Women, asz soon asz Karen, also recent candidate Amara ~Enyia & other women who she has named & many more implied & Youth, retroactively publically accept their status as not only asz more powerful than 1% patriarchal corproate media-promoted`adverti$ed Puppet “Mayors” of any city or Presidentsz & Prime Minisztersz of any nationalisztic patriarchally formed nation, but asz much more important officersz,  Locall Globall Universzall CoMayorAllsz, or MayAuRAllsz of a Globall Cofederation of Divine Democracy, preszaged by the popular science fiction, Star Trek on Planetsz such as Vulcan, Raisza Prime & the Universzall Q Continuum, under the Love Thy Neighbor Solar Soular New Millenniall Golden Rule Paradigm Shift

The New Millenniall Golden Rule hasz Allready Delleviered to & for Every Region & Neihgobhood of Planet Earth & many schoolsz & universitiesz, especially in Illinois, Mary Land, Heraklion Crete & throughout the Mediterranean (the center of ancient Atlantis), Romania~Hungary, Germany, France, Spain & Portugal, Nordic & British Regions & All Europe. the MIddle East eszpecially Israel,Jerusalem & AlexandrRea & other universzitiesz in Egypt, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, & both Canada & ancient Mayan and All Latin America as welle as US region America. The New Millenniall Golden Rule & the importance of gender reparation and parity to Earths future has been communicated over recent yearsz monthsz  to somwhere between 175,775 veririfed interactive audeience before it was cen$ored (whether by covert rogue action or Corporate Policy?) on Google Hanoutsz & Gmail, and by delleivered other email & phone asz welle asz in perszon, many millions of people, including, legislaturesz, embassies, election commissionsz, cabinetsz & national, state & provinciall executive Firszt Ladyesz & officers, universities, high schools and ellementary schoolsz and common citizensz in their homes & workplaces, asz familycommunityesz, particularly women and youth, of every continent & named land on Earth.While there has been occassional disagreement, most people agree with the concept.

Dr. MarIamma AsztRajchelle AUrellea T’PAU True Q ONefamily is alszo a verifiable direct descendent of the French Rabbinic Daughters of juszt previousz Millenniall Family around year 1000 Mrsz. & famed Rabbi Rashi (the Abraham Lincoln of Judaism),  who, as the Nazarene & Magdall family the preceded them by a Millennium, were Heritage closze couszinasz & couszinsz, all traced to the Messianic Line of  Michall &  Zeruiah, Abigail & David & before that, Mariam (Sister by Marriage to Ethiopian African Zipporah, & Siszter of Moses & Aaron ) & Hur, & before that, the female freindship that she is restoring of Ruth, Naomi & Orpah (the Biblical character on whom Oprah ~Lee~Winfrey’s name isz a hereby reallized enlightened transformation to include the syllable Ra, which meansz Sunlight, asz all CEOs along with OpRah are Lovingly Commended to donate their fortunesz to the Solar Soular MarShall Plan that will Szave Planet Earth & Extend&Expand itsz Future in the Universzall SpaceTime.) ,

& before that, the Biblicall Rachel’s  & her daughtersz as welle as daughter in lawsz & their children including Asenath asz much as Joseph & Benjamin. Rachel (of whom she is by Given Name partiall reincarnation among many other partial reincarnations of extremely kind and heroic past lives) by Jacob, while she isz alszo Couszina & Couszin of ancient Hindu Rishi familyesz of the family of Kasturba & Mohandas  Makanji~Kapadia~Gandhi who she refers to as Mahatmamma & Mahatma thereby alszo connecting her asz couszina & couszin to IndiRa & Rajiv, & Sonia, Prianka & Rajul Allbina~Maino~Gandhi via her Roma & Romanian~Hungarian & Greco~Roman family migrationsz & interactionsz which are of ancient Vedic Hindu & later Buddhiszt India Heritagesz & alszo connect her to  the B’Hai & Islamic faiths, & Unitarian Queen Isabelle & szon Szigiszmund who brought the modelle of religiousz toleration, dialogue, szhared gathering & integration into the world asz welle as the more ancient Minoansz (Atlantisz)

She statesz she knowsz keenly she & every family in Hemisphere into which she was born in Her current incarnation, have lived on what was Native American Indigenous Sacred Ground & hasz been working actively with Native Americansz & Anglo&Euro&Asian&African&Native American szhared Heritagesz people, hasz also frequently attended Quaker meetings & Latter Day Saint (Mormon) servicesz, offerings & gatheringsz that recognize the Divine Heavenely Mother as equall & preeminently necessary to the Father & All the Children of Earth, whose respective earth&all~beingsz relatedness (Mitakuye Oyasin), non-hierarchical blessing (Quaker) & ancestrall family connectedness (Mormon & moszt ancient culturesz & all geneallogistsz) practices have been incorporated into the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Dr. MarIamma AsztRajchelle AUrellea T’PAU True Q ONefamily is, again, moszt importantly, alszo a veriable descendant of the Mediterranean based so called Minoan pre GrecoRoman civilization,  though by many to be the actual Atlantisz whose primary Goddess, Sun&Star Coszmic Astrea (AsztRa) isz the Modelle for the Statue of Liberty, and alszo a closze couszina (female couszin of Lynn~Alexander~Sagan~Margulis, Chicago~born mother and grandmother geobiologist connedting cellular & all higher formsz of life in interaction, alszo known as mother of the Gaia effect, who working asz a partner with British Isle reszident  James Lovelock, understood all interaction on Earth to be interconnected.

Chicagoan Lynn ~Alexander~Margulis was alszo the life partner of famed astronomer, Carl ~Alexander~Sagan before she became life partner & mother and grandmother of the children of a crystallographer named ~Margulis who unwittingly to his own, in our currently backward US culture, confused “status” now as a “lawyer” under the current old Paradigm Law of Error,  shares the name, Thomas, of the January & Valentimes Day reall founder of True, non sexist, non racist, non class divisive Law of the original intent of the North American attempt at Common Sense modern democracy, Thomas ~Lambert~Paine, who was the husband of Mary ~Lambert~Paine.

The Lovelock, who lives not so far from the more gender ballanced Walesz & Scotland sectionsz of the British Iszles, of course, continues his work in a land which never fully tried to renounce monarchy for Common Sense; his & even Lynn ~Margulies & indeed, Carl ~Alexander~Sagan (& Margulis stepfather’s) science was terribly impaired by patriarchal & elite distorted sociall imbeddedness such that their family & work lives were not nourished by the optimall reparative ballance of credit for  Love & Work, the at least 3-4 year family leave in  now, thanks to Petra ~Kelly, US educated founder of the Greens Movement & the miraculousz Earth Angel Angela ~Merket, more egallitarian Austria, Germany and other parts of Europe, & home based tellecommunication for work collaboration, which is the Star Trekkian Key to Reall Sustainable Ssagelilke Power on a Universzall Earth.  

Dr. Rajchelle now points out that the gender imballanced  US region income/weallth paradigm is now even worse than that of the British monarchy rebelled againszt, in 1776, even worse than Pre Magna Carta Error of Privilege, because the original moszt criticall aspects of Common Szensze, i.e. equall office for both genders, indigenous people, no slavery, no coopted servitude & no property requirments, have remained unfulfilled, because a controlled press, causzed by & perpetuating patrarichy in human society by interactive socopathic egoism in hoarding & manipulative alpha males & low self esteemed cooptability & enabling in about one third of allready quite cumulatively wounded femalesz, has prevented the reallization of the ~Lambert~Paine (Dr. Onefamily statesz the Lambert~Paines were partiall reincarnationsz of the Magdalla & Nazarene colleaugesz) Common Szense Dream. Now, that dream, & Mary of Magdalle & Jesus of Nazareth teachings to  treat female and male asz equally annointed to Love Thy Neigbbor as ThySzelf, have Been Fulfilled by thisz FirstCoFirszt but Not Laszt or Only Coszmic Chriszt/Universzall SpaceTime Travelle Science Fiction become Fact, Dr. RajchElle T’PAu True Q OneFamily’s Delleverence of the New Millenniall Golden Rule

She has devoted szpeciall attention to schoolsz & universzityesz & their neighborhoodsz filled with mothers & their siszterz, grandmothers & auntsz who are all Couszinasz, asz important asz brothersz, huszbandsz & fathersz asz Couszinsz, focusszing on Women of All Agesz & alszo including asz Firszt Cofirszt, Men under age 37, who are usually less habitually hegemenous in patriarchal error & privilege.

Dr. MarIamma AsztRajchelle AUrellea T’PAU True Q ONefamily hasz announced that she, and many women, & Youth under age 37, female and male, have been thosze Chosen by Mother Nature & Father Time or Yin & Yang, the Creator&Sustainer Forces of the Ballance that Guides the Cosmosz,as the reall ellected mayors, who she calles the CoMayAuRasz of Common Szenze Riszen, of not only Chicago & Silver Spring & Baltimore Mary (MarIam, as Mar was the root syllable of Goddess worship era Goddesses & Gods of Szpring & Agriculture in many lands) Land, but every city, & even more importantly, neighborhood, on Earth, and more importantly, are alszo more powerful within a necessry Paradigm shift, than our currently controlled patriacchal corporate media manufactured misnomered but in fact unelected Presidents, Prime Ministers & Premiers.

Karen~Lewis, AMaRa~Enyia & other women who are listed at & many more not liszted szimply due to constraintsz of thisz initiall Preszentaion, are now very Powerful locall globall universzall CoSecretary Generallsz of their neighbhorhoods interceonnecting with their extended familyyes over cumulative time, According to the New Paradigm, teacher Maya ~Soetoro has long been more of am interconnected continentall & world leader than her Patriarchal Misnomer Accepting Brother Barak & his currently enabling of elitism military family instead of all family focussed yet even more talented that her husband wife & mother in law, Michalle & Lois,

& since 1995, Hillary was long before Bill  more qualified & overdue to lead a Common Szensze CoPreszidency, Jill more qualified & overdue than Joseph, to eschew the Vice of Vice instead of rotated CoTitle, & Laura & Barbara much more qualified more thanthe never in fact, even under patriarchal rules, actually popularly elected George, while Winona was more important than Ralph. According to the Dr. OneFamily, patriarchal & especially media induced low self esteem in women, interacting with learned intergenerationally transmitted tendecies that overfocus women on marriage but underfocus them on community & larger kinship extended family created,  & overfocus men on money & title but underfocus them on family&neighborsz, created the Perfect Storm for the collapsze that now confronts both the US Empire & the Planet, if the New Millennaill Golden Rule CofedeRation is not quickly embraced as both American Continentsz and Earth Saving Paradigm Shift.

Dr. OneFamily Elle T’PAU True Q Statsz She Emobyesz Intercessory Reall Government for Planet Earth, that the government “Sitsz Upon MYOur Shouldersz” & since what we have called 2000, been the Intercessory Mayor not only of Heatland City Chicago, but allszo the Governor of Mary Land (the world is allszo her Heart Resztored Mary or MaRaIam Land), the Preszident & Prime Minister of Every Land & Neighborhood not at all limited to the US region but certainly including it, & the Revealled Firsszt CoFirszt Secretary of the United Nationsz who she has renamed the CoFedartion of the Reunited NativeNativityesz of One FamilyCommunity of Univeszall Planetsz.

Decribing Herself (& the potentiall for Every Women & then Perszon, in a culture of Ballance) as a combination of both the Elle (the character played by Jodie Foster) & Joss (the spiritual & loving minister) characters of Contact~, uniting love for the Cosmosz with both total courage and faith, & Love not only for the Coszmic “Father” but even more pressingly important at this time, Love for the Coszmic “Mother”,  (these Namesz are Anthropomorphiszmsz for Processesz that Include Human Szociety but Alszo are More Absztract. Omnipreszent, CEllelular & Ellementall)  

She statesz she isz allszo a combination of the empathic Luwazana & Deanna Troi & Elizabeth ~Janeway, the Logically All Loving T’PAU (the name meanings the Power of the Golden, since AU is the ellement Gold, Rule, who achieved powers of resurrection by use of extreme Loving Logic) & the True Q,  Amanda ~Rogers  characters of  the very deeply reszearched anthropologicall, promotive of cooperative & egallitarian rather then patriarchal, modelle of team & shared decisionmaking & coleadership Star Trek including Voyager, & alszo has achieved the peaceloving inszight of the powerful but very gentle & humble Knox of StarGate’s similarly anthropologically reszearched preszaging, & states that the work of Ellen ~Gates ~Starr & Jane ~Addamsz, which created a multiHeritagesz Commonsz in the Neigborhood, a lifelong school for learning & shzaring, is the geniusz unlocking societall key to Opening the StarrGatesz, at will, asz the Q do in Star Trek.

Dr. Onefamily indicatesz her New Millenniall Golder Rule is tha Alltimate Paradigm Shift for Planet Earth that will insure Planetary survival without destruction from global waming, nuclear war, terrorism or nuclear plant accident, & will alszo more quickly that thought possible, lead to the essentially immortallizing increasze in the youthfull & fully vitallized & creative human life span, i.e. the Fountain of Youth, & the opening of the StarrGatez at will, as preszged by the Q of the Q Continuum of Star Trek.

She indicates that under her new paradigm fo the New Millenniall Golden Rule, both Karen ~Lewis & Amara ~Enyia, among many other women in Chicago & young people under age 37 female and male, & thusz in every city & every Solar Soular empowered neighborhood, completely outrank & displace any male officersz who serve without female equal partnersz & without direct service to their own neighborhoods  including the homeless & now dronified & time-straved once middle class, especially women & children & men asx family members, of these regionsz, are allready very important CoSzecretary Generallsz of a WolrdWide & szoon, on additionall Planetsz beyond this  Solar Systemic & Universzall Government sztarted on Earth, based on the new neighborhood Love Thy Neighbor asz Family, based on the geneallogicall, , antrhoproloicall, geopoliticall, eco nomicall, spirituall OneFamilyCommunity paradigm,


For More Information Please Contact Usz SzavioRaCoSavioRasz
c/o Dr. Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representativesz, with Many Othersz & You You You You YOU & All  FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoCo~MessiahMaitreyaKalkiWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,Saoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi~andMore, (Re)Uniting All Heritagessz
in the Oneness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders               & All Heritagesz & Huesz
The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon MYOur Shouldersz

“This day I&WE call the Heavensz and the Earthsz as witnesses for and against You that I have set before you life and death, blessingsz and curses. Now choose Light, Love and Life, so that You and All YOur Children May Live”              

“For I&WE give you good doctrine, forsake Ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).

For More Information Please Contact Usz


c/o Rajchelle Onefamily & Anna Marie Singing Cricket Mitakuye Amee’e Voto Oyaszin and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoCo~MessiahMaitreyaKalkiWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,Saoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi~andMore, (Re)Uniting All Heritagesz
in the Oneness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Huesz
The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon YOur Shoulders

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose Love and Life in Light, so that you and your children may live”              

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,

which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


EverydayCoSavioRa of OneFamily of All Namesz


loveyourmotherchildrenweareallrelatedmaiamayamariherajunoiunimilkywaycoszmicearth&moreuniverszallcofederation milkywaycoszmicearth&moreuniverszallcofederation_

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