How World Parliamentsz of Reall Relleigionsz Avoid Primative Error & Become Divine Governance Everywhere

Written & Congressz Telleconference Held  On&Around ~August 28~ on a New Millennial Year Calendar for a Szaved & More Heavenelleyesz Earth Among Earthsz

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Asz an excellent beginning reszource with many linksz, we Allszo Szuggeszt Visziting It isz obviousz that patriarchill practicesz continue to turn good faith into hyprocri$y for many, yet hasz never been the only practice, & only became entrenched in many in$tituionill practice$ with the cooccuring of military $tate culture$ with empha$i$ on male elite$ of accumulated fal$e weillth insztead of szhared caring & proszperity for all. The transzition from patriarchall to more female friendelleyesz & eggallitarian faith hasz been accelerating szince the midelle & late “21szt century” which isz of coursze a different date on many other callentersz of thisz Planet & all have a szhared SztarDate which hasz yet to be acknowledged. If patriarchy were to be perpetuated in practicesz of worszhip in the New Millennia, it would guarantee a $ectarian & divided Planet, with all the patirarchill $ect$ making war again$t each other in the name of their mi$under$tood concept of a God that isz only Father but not Mother, insztead of the REALL MOTHERFATHERGODDESSZGOD OF THE UNIVERSZE, & Whosze Spzirit isz denied by patriarchill practice but resztorabelle by All of Usz, to be equally Preszent in All Their Children PasztPreszentFuturesz, Femalesz & Malesz.


Columbian Exposition StatueOn & Around this August 28 anniversary date of the Convening of the First World Parliament of Religions in 1893 at the World’s Fair Columbian Exposition, the organization which has been acting more recently as the Convener for Contemporary World Parliaments of Religion has thought that there were no funds for the Parliament this year, which had been planned to meet in Brussels, but was cancelled, with the reason given for the cancellation being lack of funds.  It is concerned about what to charge for fees in attending a planned gathering in one place for 2015. Is there a way out of this dilemma for people of Good Faith?

There is much better Good Newsz. YOur Own Reall Parliament of Religionsz, the Cellebration of Divine Governance, has been meeting everyday online since 7/22 in
“2013” and again this year “2014” with speciall cellebration of that date and its transformationationall importance as a central moment from which to Travelle Back, Around and Forth in Place & Time  (SpaceTime. which is actually impacted by how we think about past, present and future), which is the traditionally, Cellebrated FeastDay of Mariam (Mary, as she is more contemporarily often called) of Magdallamariammagdalla,cohosted by one of Mariam of Magdalla’s family’s verifiable living descendants, a First But Not Last or Only Riszen MessiahCoMessiah, the Riszen Reincarnated Couszina of both Mariam of Magdalla and Jesus of Nazareth and Niece of Mariam of Nazareth, Dr. MaRaIamma Rajchelle Onefamily, and othersz, in connection with the Cellebration of the First Representative Congress of Women at the Columbian Exposition,%20Columbian%20Exposition,%201893.htm, which began in May 1893,


sophiewomensbldgbefore the Parliament of Religions began in August, reminding us that the name Columbia is itself not simply a reference to only Christopher ~Columbus (who obviously had ancestresses who also carried that name, which means Dove in Latin; Is the Dove of Living Peace in Freedom what  our Districts of Columbia have been bringing to the World with Common Sense? ), but actually  that of an ancient  Goddess Appellation  invoked to symbolize  New Spirit of Hope & Living Peace, first coined by an African-American “freed” free (allways in Spirit) woman who yearned for freedom for all, one of the first poetesses of this region,  Phillis Wheatley and invoked to Cellebrate  Mother Nature that has been so Bountiful in North Americal,%20Columbian%20Exposition,%201893.htm.

Dr. OneFamily & Her Sistersz’ and Brothersz’ Parliament  has an even more transformationall name, the Locall Globall Universzall Congresszesz & Parliamentsz of the CofedeRation of Riszen Good Faith & Trust, which brings All Faiths and all now anachronistically nationalized Nativityesz under a shared unified Earth umbrella of what they are intended to share,  the Locall, Globall and Universzall Golden Rule (of All who are Native Born to Earth as a Loving Living Universzall Planet sooner than we though possible to be connected with other Planets) , practiced toward all people, without past millennial conventional outmoded gender hierarchy, moneyism, sectariansm, racism or nationalism causing the division and alienation among religions that has resulted in too much alienation among people of Good Will, and often worse, discrimination, persecution, and in fact, the true reason for illness & crime, war and environmental devastation now, unless we stop this, Planetocide. The 5 Pillars Of Change must be brought about quickly to Save Our Earth, and there are Elleven Stpes that will help All People to CoSave Our World before so we don’t have to lose everything and everyone we hold dear Freedom, Peace, Love & Life.

Dr. Rajchelle OneFamily as CoSavioRa, has revealed that her family geneallogicall Heritage links her (and actually many others, and very likely You & Your Family&Community, if you trace your geneallogyesz carefully and far enough back in time being sure to first reparatively highlight maternall branchesz and namesz as much as paternall, to every modern era religious Heritage, as well as to more ancient practice, which included Goddess worship  or what we today conventionally refer to as the Power of Mother Nature teaches us that everyone and everything is interconnected and requires dynamic intelligent ballance and reballance.

Dr. OneFamily has revealled that it is the reintegration of the Eternall Feminine or Goddess Aspect of Conceptuallization of the Mystery of Universzall Loving Intelligence that we refer to with many Namesz of the Diety, that also is allready reuniting All Humanity with Religious Understanding that is non-hypocritical, and a true bringer of Good Faith and Trust and World (including Locall, Globall and Universzall Sociall and Inner) Peace WIthin Every Person, & Among Family&Community. This Understanding is not only truest Religion, which unites Humanity instead of dividing it, but also, in fact, the Divine Governance, or Naturall ReEvolved New Law, that Dr. OneFamily has allready revealled as the New Millenniall Golden Rule  https://5050now.wordpress.comnewmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/


lightsuncircleinvarioustraditionsMaRaIamMa Rajchelle OneFamily  & CoSavioRa that esteem all Traditions remind us that the great Mahatma ~Gandhi, husband of Kasturba, who Rajchelle refers to retroactively as  MahatMaAmma because of her devoted partnership, courage and profound efforts for humanity alongside her Beloved Coleader of Satyagraha Truth Force, made it known to humanity that where he worshipped as a child, the service included both the Hindu scriptures, which include the worship of the Goddess Aspect in many Incarnations, as well as the Koran, and ~Gandhi, is well known for his statement: “Yes, I am a Hindu (the ancient religion that has most overtly retained Goddess worship in “modern” times althougth now the Divine Feminine has been Riszing in Every TRadition), a Christian, a Moslem, a Buddhist and Jew”. 

The MahatMa so coinspired by his Mahatmamma, both of whom recognized there can not be good faith without good democracy, made this statement decades before the modern era of comparative religious scholarship and awareness which has included the Resurrection of Mary Magdallen as a Cominister with Jesus revealled by many scholars like Jane ~Schaberg and Margaret Starbird popularized in the book and film the Da Vinci Code;  the remembrance of the Women’s Bible revealed by  Elizabeth ~Cady Stanton, who also concerned herself with true governance,  with 25 other Women including Matilda Joslyn Gage, which was an extreme bestseller in its time despite the attempts of many too conventional men and even some women to suppress or demean it,  the rediscovered Gospel of Mary unearthed by archeologists and now studied by many, and recognition of the Goddess Aspect of the Diety Process, first resurrected not far distant from the 1893 Columbian exposition by the ~Hamilton Sisters, who gave the world its most well known text on Greco-Roman Mythology including Goddess archetypes as much as God archetypes by Edith,  while Alice and Margaret and many more of a Community of Sisterhood worked with Nobel Peace Prizewinner of Peace and Democracy, Jane ~Addams with her Colleague in Sisterhood, Ellen Gates Starr, to gather together immigrants of many traditions to learn and cooperate in peacefull community at Hull House in Chicago, and of course,


Tellevision has ignored her, but Carol ~Christ has lived up to her name as a Living Resurrection of the Goddess  impacting billions directly and indirectly since writing!why-women-need-the-goddess-part-1/cufo RaSunGoddessesAnd today, even though tellevision has not covered her simplicity, bilbillions of people have learned of Amma, indeed, several Common Sense in the brilliant simplicity of lifestyle allready world known Devi women of India, including Amma Mata Amritanandamayi, Amma Karunamaya, Mother Meera and Sampat Pal Devi  All the Women of India’s Villages have the path to return to the longest lasting Vedic idyll, a Heaven on Earth, via the Panchayat Raj, the genius of a man who loved the women of his famous family as part of the much larger family of India, giving the Panchayat Raj as the law of India’s Constitution, in the fulfillment of Katurba and Mohandas Mahatmamma and Mahatma’s visionary dream. There have been similar Great Steps forward in French parite, the zipper tickets of the once Goddess culture of the Nordic region, Rwanda and South Africa, Latin America, and North American, even with Riszen White Calf Buffalo Women. Theosophy, Christian Science,  Ascended Master and Spiritualist Churches have exempliried female faith coleadership. Every tradition now is offering Divine Riszen Feminine examples, and a way for all Women to Know their powers of wisdom and Love as great and important as any man’s and especially important for our Planet at this time.

Dr. Rajchelle reveallsz that all their activity presaged the Love~thy~Neighbor~as Family&Community~based New Millenniall Golden Rule, which is a neighborhood~and~extended~family~ based experience of the Divine Within All People, both Self and all Othersz and incorporates the Panchayat Raj which was the Gandhi’s great gift, the Genuine Progress Indicator of MARYland, and the Circle Process that is reflected in many religious traditions and symbols, including the mandala.

Dr Onefamily uses a z to indicated that this reintegration of the Feminine Aspect is what is necessary to prevent zillionsz of woes and sustain and bring forth zillionsz of Blessings, and as the last letter in the alphabet, indicates that in the Rizsen Era now beginning, as Prophesied, the Last Shall Become First so that All can be AllFirst EverySecond Everlasztingly, lastshallbefirstaand the Divine Aspect of Every Person, Family and Community Becomesz Riszen among All Humanity On Earth, and indeed, in future connection with other Planets which we allready know have been and will be hospitable to Life, which is in fact, Ruled by Divine Love.

Dr. OneFamily who learned great love for people and democracy from her Mother Harriet (Goddess Name Hera or Hannah) and Grandmother Rae (Goddess Name Reah) and also an ellementary teacher at Hannah ~Greenebaum~Solomon (the name means Grace TreeofLife Wiszdom) appropriately named Mrs. ~LIght, is a Ph.D. Graduate of Loyola University of Chicago in Family and Community Psychology and also a Honors Phi Beta Kappa Invitee Graduate of the University of Michigan, also attended by a number of women of her familycommunity, as well Raoul Wallenberg, (a relative of Nane Wallenberg~Lagergren~Annan, who she calls a Retrocative CoSecretary Generall of the United Nations/Natititiesz of Earth among many women who long ago deserved that title since both the League of Nations and United Nations attempted the impossible task of making peace in a world without full entitling of all women.It is so sad that the wives of titular male leaders do not recognize the need to bear CoEqual Title in order to prevent the imballance in what we esteem that eventually brings all manner of tragedy.

Raoul ~Wallenberg, with important assistance of women as much as men, at enormous risk to themselves under the most adverse of circumstances, saved hundreds of thousands of a persecuted religious minority of Earth, who we now understand are interconnect to millionsz of people of familycommunity of we know of many Heritages. But, the entire genocide and war could have been prevented: we did not understand then, (although Emma & Carl Jung did, that war is caused by imballance of Yin and Yang, or a hierarchy of male over female instead of a partnership). The University of Michigan also produced a video to remember a more recent Holocost, the must also never be forgotten 163 million baby girls remembered by guest lecturer freelance journalist MaRa ~Hvistendahl, who documented the femicide loss larger than the toll on precious humanity of both World Wars Combined, again including an untold number of geniuses of compassion, medicine, scientific understanding, music, art, and social well being, aborted because they were female and their families feared the payment of dowry, all while both the UN and US and its high profile men, women and couples languished on leading the world seriously by example, to gender representation and fair ballance, including in the world’s patriarchal and complicit media, which aborted any telling of this story, and what would have prevented this largest of all tragedies, on television\

EmmarMarieCarlJung Forever WhollyGrailPsychology Nane Nina Rut CoSecretary Generallsz Of Northern Lightsz

MaRa ~Hvistendahl CoSavioRa Resurrecting CoSecretary Generall


(Many More Consciousness Currencyesz Templates which must be used to prevent all manner or horror and tragedy and brings us the world of good faith toward all, are available at

Dr. Onefamily asserts that the key to True Faith is revealled by the need to learn from anthropology, sociology and psychology, and becoming aware of the need to become Riszen beyond Humanity’s Primative Chimpanzee like Tendency to allow itself to organize and interact under a false hierarchy that overvalues alpha males instead of all Human Beings, and causes us to engage in practices where others, particularly the majority of females and many other males who are less aggressive, but just as, and in some respects, even more intelligent, are marginalized so that sometimes the women and men  habitually complicit or desirous of  this primative arrangement overempower and enable domination of the community by alpha males, over time, everyone loses and the civilization falls and destroys itself.

 In fact, Dr. OneFamily was saddened and rather shocked to learn that the current Parliament of Religions Board of Advisors, despite its own 1993 Global Ethic on gender (*See Below),  is 21 men and 4 women and the Executive Positions of the Board, called Chairman and Vice Chairman are Permanent Rather than frequently Ongoingly Rotating Positions with the prefix Co, ignoring the Spirituall aspects of more recent innovations in organizational process  and the insights of many scholars on human processes, such as Marian Scmid Mast and Frank Sulloway and others who have researched both the most devastating factor against cooperation of gender hierarchy and the more subtle but also complicating factor of unconscious effects of birth order (a huge theme in much of the most familiar Biblical stories) that draws some people into maintaining tradition beyond its useful or Spiritually acceptable era The patterns reflect an habitual error all too common in so many now quite earth destructive political apparatuses that pretend governance, corporations, and even charitable and progressive organizations that are well- intended but stuck-in-hypocrisy, in presenting rigidly hierarchical most often male executive titles, and even the Staff  is likely  hierarchically directed by this mostly male Board and answerable to them in a way that the Board is not as answerable to the female and younger staff, (This situation is especially exaxcerbated in the US, because women’s and more ballanced men’s profound  love for children and family works so cruelly against them here as the only literate culture in the world without paid family leave many while Europeans receive 3-4 years paid family leave with no work life negative consequences and positive recogniton, because most cultures reallize that the human character, emotional, intellectual and ethically bonding capacity are so greatly formed in infancy and early childhood, while in the US, a coopted masculofeminism under political pressure to cooptation, has apparently mostly forgotten this basic fact of being human). This gender catch-22 is a typical pattern in so many houses of worship as it is in businesses and universities; as a result, the lofty goals that are sermonized about fail to come to fruition. The Quakers have allways held non-hierarchical peer services, and now the Circle Process makes every locallity a training for the sacred ground of understanding the coleadership gifts pf every person when the Beloved Community hears and heeds the voices of women, younger people, minorities in any place, and everyone.

This tendency toward fixed year in year out hierarchy also causes organizations to overfocus on conventional money and fundraising, which itself is an no longer necessary evolutionary throwback, because it is not yet imbedded in more evolved Geniune Progress Indicator ECo Nomics, i.e. Mary’s/MarIam’s Eco Nomics, which value unpaid work, 2/3 of which is done by women, and the importance of sustaining Good Human and Environmental Nature.

These all too common primative past millenniall tendencies can be overcome by simple changes in title, and or rotating the position of leadership as an aspect of Coleadership or true Divine Governance in any context of Good Faith and Trust and by using Community Consciousness Currencyesz educative regarding the Genuine Progress Indicator as a component of the New Millenniall Golden Rule , to accompany and transform all financial transactions. These Consciousness Currencyesz depict Women, Youth and Children and Nature instead of only depicting, titling and mostly benefitting, in a short term before their civilization destroys itself,  mostly patriarchal older men (and a token handful of complicit females). In Dr. Rajchelle’s understanding of SpaceTime, when financial transactions are transformed in this way, everyone is literally Travelleing Back in Time, Revaluing What Was Invisibilized and Seemingly Lost, and thereby, capable of Quantum Leaps Forward of Consciousness in the Present into the LocallGloballUniverszall Peacefull Sustainable Future.


BothConsciousnessCurrencyeszThe progress made at the 1993 hundred year anniversary Parliament of World Religions, which publically endorsed what it called ” the Global Ethic”, necessary to sustaining our Planet  now, in ending genderism that impacts  the female half of humanity directly but indirectly also therefore destroys the ballance of community for males as well, must become not just a goal but a reallized fact in our practices and understanding, not only now, but literally, retroactively as well as proactively “We consider humankind our family. We must strive to be kind and generous No person should ever be considered or treated as a second-class citizen, or be exploited in any way whatsoever.
There should be equal partnership between men and women. We must not commit any kind of sexual immorality. We must put behind us all forms of domination or abuse” 

This statement occurred in the same year, 1993,  that Panchayat Raj gender and reparative ballance to minorities (which is a central pillar of the New Millenniall Golden Rule where you can read more about the Panchayat Raj)  became part of the Constitution of India for all its villages, a population larger than the US and Canada combined. But the Parliament of Religions did not mention this most positive and anthropologically ReEvolutionary of all innovations, likely because they did not know of it because the media was so controlled that the best answer to the world’s problems was hidden from view, just as the UN Beijing Platform for Women &  Millenniall Goals were hidden and censored.  This literally created a deevolutionary gap in the thought processes of mlllions of people and a false notion that gender ballance had to be very gradual and required a great deal of fundraising for a few more token preselected and complicit candidates at a time.

So, we need to Travelle Back to 1893 in our imaginations, and imagine how much the world would have suffered less and enjoyed more for all these decades since, if the Parliament of Religions Ethic had been reallized, as by the Panchayat Raj, then, or even further back to the time of the famous families of Magdalla and Nazareth and their contemporaries in Rome as well as the Middle East and indeed, continued uninterrupted since the egalitarian thousand year ~Minoan (thought to be Atlantis) and Vedic Epochs.

At the 2009 Parliament of Religions gathering, Jimmy ~Carter said:
“This view that the Almighty considers women to be inferior to men is not restricted to one religion or tradition. Its influence does not stop at the walls of the church, mosque, synagogue, or temple. Women are prevented from playing a full and equal role in many faiths, creating an environment in which violations against women are justified. The truth is that male religious leaders have had – and still have – an option to interpret holy teachings either to exalt or subjugate women. They have, for their own selfish ends, overwhelmingly chosen the latter. Their continuing choice provides the foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world. This is in clear violation not just of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Moses and the prophets, Muhammad, and founders of other great religions – all of whom have called for proper and equitable treatment of all the children of God. It is time we had the courage to challenge these views and set a new course that demands equal rights for women and men, girls and boys.”

In honor of this son, brother, husband and father , we have included some of the ~Smith~Carter women, Jimmy’s Mother Lillian, his wife Rosalyn and his Daughter Amy, on one of our Consciousness Currencyesz, which are keys to a quantum leap beyond conventional money,  to unlocking the unlimited Treasury of the Blessings of the Universzall Allmighty of Love & Life  However, Jimmy currently has a foot in the old way and the new way; for he has posed for pictures with all male Presidents and other titular leaders who achieved their posts without the representative tickets and election processes that were occurring, and with no comment on the anachronism of this gender and intersectional hierarchy for for our times; not only he but so many who people have regarded as leaders including their slightly less titled family, have not  been quite as forthright when evaluating the failure of the political decision-making landscape  as  Archbishop Desmond Tutu who said “Let us realign forces,… we have been excluding women…What we need is a revolution led by women. I think women ought to be saying to us men: ‘You have made a mess, just get out and let us in’,”

Boys and men, unless they just want to all “die on top”, have a huge stake of their own survival and well-being in achieving the kinder and gentler world that results from organizational & locall globall neighborhood decision-making that FULLY restores women first especially and thereby, the intersectionally underrepresented minorities and  youth, Efforts of women to restore their equall presence and those of men wisze enough (there have been several who are recognized world leaders of very High Titular Office even under the old paradigm, often in context of couplehood such as Sylviane & Lionel ~Agacinski~Jospin, Rajiv & Sonia Maino~Gandhi, Julie & Rhodri ~Morgan, and many more, but the interactive errors of the North American media familycommunity censored their Good Works, and too many people  were deprived of learning their Namesz. Among women and men, these are some of the Trueszt Reall CoLeadersz) to grasp this imperative and affirmative intersectional gender ballance are the hallmark of true Good Faith & Trust. Now all who seek True Faith must now go from the exceptional modelle or off to the side meeting, or “Task Force” to the most central, headlined and bannered, and pervasive, thorough first priority consciousness and activity, the MOST ESSENTIALL TASK & LABOR that must give Birth to A New ERa, in fact, retroactive to “2000”, This TASK TRUTH FORCE must hold All Capable and Accountable (indeed, Retroactively Accountable as Confession and Atonement that leads to reall At One Ment, accepting no substitutes, no delay tactics, no excuses or lofty words without, if necessary, most Heroic performance to Save Our World, to a clear and simple standard, to the Good Faith in action and Broadcast rule, via New Millenniall Golden Rule For the New Millennia, Gender and Intersectionall Ballance is Not Just a Wished for Someday Possibility and Option; it is the Truest Forgotten Commandment, even before Mt. Sinai & Hammurabi, before  Confucious, and Truly, the Now & in fact, Retroactively and Proactively  Necessary Only Sustainable Most Universzall Naturall Law.

bessielillian eleanor rosalyn amy lynn ~smith~cartershenxane~tutuszgloballshe&kin&hekinreevolutionaryeszcosecretarygenerallcopresidentsz

Today, there are allready many people, indeed, it may be the majority, who either formally or informally practice an integrative instead of divisive, label-driven sectarian approach to faith. The sad situation is that so many people give too much authority and title over others, to too many clergical title holders in the houses of worship in their neighborhoods or organizations, who are overlearned in just their own or maybe one or two traditions, but not familiar enough with all traditions at least a basic level of integration; and too often the tradition(s) they are most immersed in leave out the now most overdue and necessary ballancing ellement: Goddess or MotherSister Divine Aspect of Divine Loving Intelligence in both worship rites and the arrangements of personnelle 

This is especially apparent in, the uneasy dependence on conventional Mammon never Jubileed money to pay for maintenance, which especially often includes not only salaries higher than most of their congregants, but utility bills for heating and cooling, both which which will no longer be needed as so many houses of worship and houses of residence are going solar and soular, because reducing these obligations frees people’s time and thereby, their hearts and Spirit and genius to solve other problems as welle

MotherSisterCousina CoSavioRa Dr. OneFamily, reuniting Spirituallity and Science Including Especially Sociall Science, says this situation would have ReEvolved toward the Light and past old millenniall primativity around the beginning of the New Millennia, but was thwarted when gender imbalanced regression in governments, especially the land we call the United States, allowed media to remain under control of a few old mostly old men who have invested too much in dirty energy and simplistically want the return on their investment, even though there are better options now. and many women of media became complicit with this in a context where most women, (and men) who were also deprived of family leave and love/work balance, watched TV with naive trust, not reallizing that much of reallity that was positive, such as the Panchayat Raj and similar gender and democracy reform and the rapid transition to solar energy occurring in many places around the world:

Germany is allready 50% solar and Freiburg, the University City with a name that means Free, is 100% solar )  while the US is only .29 % solar and many its citizens working double shifts with no paid family leave to afford utility bills that go into the coffers of mostly just a few old men, was not being presented to them.These bills are the equivalent of the tax collectors of Rome Jesus family emigrated to escape.

Too many people today have never seen an interfaith including Goddess Aspect or Divine Feminine discussion on TV or read it in the newspapers which are filled with stories of war and moneyism and the titles of old men, but nothing about peace culture, which requires reparation to women, minoriities, younger people, and especiallly, ballance of gender and generation in valuation and decisionmaking, And the ultimate irony is even older men would benefit from the transformation, able to discover the Fountain of Youth, Matter~Energy telleportation and opening of the Starr Gatesz, that will actually come with gender ballanced breakthroughs in our understanding of the Society~Mind~Body~Spirit Interface. Even Older Men would no longer need money, because they would essentially have the Power of the Q on Star Trek. But this opportunity is currently  dangerously being lost because of both older men and too many women’s difficulties in having gender standards for organizational life, including socalled governments and houses of worship, regarding the importance of full reparative valuation and full reparative representation of all women, minorities and younger people, female and male in balance, in decision making as the true Boon, the Divine Blessing, that it is.

As a result, the world is descending into a very dark time of resurging neglect and abuse against women and children, that also resurges in the children who grow up with this experience, into religious and regional war that is stealing the freedom and peace of young people and children (Children of All Agesz). This could soon become nuclear and Planetocidal conflict or  environmental collapse, if the Religious Community, both female and male, fails to confront the impact of controlled media, and remains hypocritically tokenistic, stuck in gradualism & fixed hierarchy, or regresses to accept sects or alleged governments that remain gender hierarchical and exclusive while deceptively pretending Good Faith and Trust,, This is simply hypocritical regarding the Golden Rule that both Mariam of Magdalla and Jesus taught, which very clearly stated that female and male are equal in Annointedness, knowing the Blessings that Would Bring.

All these regressions are caused by our unwillingness to look closely at our socialized and internalized interactional anthropological sociological psychological practices on gender and all manner of fixed hierachy; indeed, there is rampant male preference among males, but also low self-esteem. relational aggression and failures of mutual regard among women toward women and even many women exhibit habits of male preference, rigid hierarchy and cooptation  either without realizing it, or reallizing that that actually boomerangs on both genders, and causes Blessings to be Lost and Civilizations to fall.

As Belle Hooks has said, patriarchy (as a system) knows no gender; in fact, although it is somewhat more common in men because they have the illusion they benefit from it most, it also is contagiously carried by women by their own learned low esteem for their own gender. This is truly the Dance of Devolving and Death Culture, even worse than the final scene of Planet of the Apes with the Goddess Statue buried in the sand; in our times it will bring extinction, Even the Apes won’t survive.

Both female and male human beings everywhere must simply clearly come to understand that wherever females are relegated and/or accept a second tiered  or tokenized coopted role in a hierarchy with men over them or outnumbering them, and wherever roles remain fixed in the hierarchical title pattern we have learned from alpha males, they are actually causing a failure to achieve Good Faith and Trust that is sustainable, fit for New Millennia & truly acceptable to the MotherFatherGoddessGod of the Universze for All Their Children of All Agesz. Over time, not only the females, but the males pay the price of this error. In Our Times, it will bring forth extreme horrors and eventually, extinction and Death of Our Planet.

Instead, we can simply share the New Millenniall Golden Rule, and practice it, in every Neighborhood, in every online discussion and forum, and indeed, linking what occurs in the ground in one part of the world to all the world. Then, with Consciousness Currencyesz to bring Forth Blessings that physicists call  Spooky Action at a Distance, each time a woman’s face and men who have lifted up women, is associated with now recounted trillions and zillionsz,  the Planetary Conscioueness will ReEvolve, and we won’t have to worry about raising funds within an outmoded money system, and gathering only in one place, that too many people will not know of or cannot afford the time or money to attend.

Indeed, with the good decisions that come of balance of gender, everyone will have much more time and even the need for money will disappear, as in the advanced cultures depicted on Star Trek. So organizations really family, like the Parliament of Religions won’t have to cancel events and all houses of worship and locall globall governance (including the very reall worship that people can and do in their own homes with family and neighborsz) will be Solar and Soular Powered , with no big bills to pay so that it will be easier to know that the Alltimeate Power and LadyandLandlord is the MotherFatherGoddessGod, that also resides Within All People when the interact in a ballanced way that empowers the genius gifts of the females as much as males, and thereby, the young and the minority as well.

To avoid the habits that disempower the Good, it is almost as simple as insuring that every title is worn reparatively equally by females where they have remained mostly male, and inserting the syllable “Co” in front of every title while removing marginalizing titles like “Vice” or “Executive” unless they are rotated very frequently, All meetings can be CoChaired/CoFacilitated by reparatively by women for a brief while, and then, by a woman and man where the context is one of mixed gender with everyone rotating the roles of cochair within the Circle Process, where all have their turn to speak and be listened to.  The change in the language itself will transform our thinking to greater mutuall Coempowerment and Divine Democracy, and we will begin to call one another by the true Spirituall titles of CousinaSister and CousinBrother, and therefore become CoSavioRa Sistersz and Brothersz who Save Our Planet  & the Divine Love Among, Within and Between Usz.

Because of the power of technology today, hierarchy, particular gender hierarchy, is a throw back to the primative past. We don’t need it anymore, and it is getting in our way. It’s a very familiar habit, but We simply have to let it go now, or it will kill al Humanity and Destroy Our Planet. The MotherFatherGoddessGod loves all people. their Children, infinitely and equally, and sees who has been too long not included and not recognized as important and valuable. 

To regain that Love in our ways with one another, for a while, the Last must Become the First, and women, minorities, younger generations (and often younger siblings less identified with the status quo) and those without accumulated finances, who have been last everywhere for the longest of time while old hoarding men in the majority in their regions have been first too long, need to be counted reparatively in our consciousnesses as well as practices. Now, retroactively in the way we remember and place value on the people of the past, starting especially with our own family and community, what we call one another reparatively for some transitionall seasons and then equally now, and into the future, we can all thereby becoming CoAnnointed, AllFirst EverySecond Everlastingly and have powers that we once thought were science fiction become fact not just for a few, but for Everyone, with an expanding reconnecting Interplanetary Universe to share and enact these Powers within.

And by so doing, Then, we quickly Risze out of our worldwide descent into primative horror, and Become Mutually Empowered and Empowering Coszmic MaRaIam (or Sophia) Chrisztsz, or, in this time where we must emphasize the Solar Soular transition, COSAVIORA of a New Millenniall CofedaRation of all the Human Family Community of Our Home Planet since the Ra embedded in many religious tradition names and the Panchayat Raj, is a reference to Light & True Enlightenment, also presaged by Mary~Lambert Paine’s Husband, Tom’s founding Document, Common Sense, the foremost treatise of the Enlightenment, which called for equall representation of women, minorities, no slavery and no economic requirements for participatory Divine Democracy). Their religion was stated as such: “My country is the world and my religion, to do Good”. mycountryistheworldtompaine2

We believe these two people Mary and Tom, also, were also among the Reincarnations of the Familyesz of the Magdalla and Nazarene Family, but their more Loving Wiszdom was lost in the primatively genderist and racist gathering that gave us the Constitution of 1789 and a long period of hypocrisy about true Democracy, which is, in fact, the essence of Divine Governance. The New Millenniall Golden Rule makes this wisdom easy and sustainable in a manner of Locall Globall Common Sense that is truly Universall.

Perhaps ecause no women and women and men together enacted the change itself and only a few, more or less only the few females at the 1893 Parliament even addressed the lack of women,  the recognized Convener Swami Vivekananda’s address to the World’s Parliament of Religions, Chicago, USA, 11 September, 1893 began with the most significant priority in his address, greeting the attendees as “Sisters and Brothers”, putting Sisters first, likely with either intentional or unconsious wisdom that that restorative prioritiazation is necessary if religion is to move beyond hope, and despair that results of hypocrisy, to Actuall Reallization and Delight of the Divinity & Good Will within All People, female and male of every Hue, Location and Age on our Interconnected Planet.

About 100 + 7 years  later, deceived by a Controlled Media & Even a well intended 1993 Gathering that failed to even know of or tell the world of the Panchayat Raj that also began the great shift in 1993,  on a tragic September 11, 2001, instead of a beginning a Riszen New Millennium, we experienced a horrific symptom of patriarchy attacking itself. If we, as the HumanFamilyCommunity are even so spared by our Creator to reach this September 11 without leaving primative patriarchy  and hypocrisy firmly in the past, the Mother Earth Herself may well begin to give even more devastating Wake Up Calls in North America as much as around the world, until We, All the HumanFamilyCommunity of Good Will and True Faith, clearly and unequivocably make Reparation and Ballance, the Locall Globall Universzall New Millenniall Golden Rule, the Law of Our Divinely Created Planet.

Later this month, the Women’s Task Force has planned a gathering that falls just days before the date, September 25, Carl ~Alexander~Sagan~Margulis, husband of one of my own better known Cousina, Lynn Alexander~Sagan~Margulis, Mother of the Planetary Gaia Effect Hypothesis, and the author of Contact! with its brave female Hero Elle, called the Birthday of Life on our Universzally Love Created World on the Coszmic Calendar. It is also Dr. OneFamily, Gloria Jean Watkins AKA Belle Hooks and Amina Wadud’s Birthday, and multitudes more also born on this date and the Officiall New Year of One of the World’s Most Migrative and Interconnected Traditions.  Let Us Cellebrate it as OneFamilyCommunity  by putting gender and all the related false hierarchies in the past, and a New Rule of Golden Light into Every Day in our Understanding of Past, Present and Future.

We Wellecome You to Our Ongoing Parliament of Good Faith and Trust Divine Governance Telleconferences, which are available for shared worship and governance decisionmaking for the World Family Community Locall, Globall & Universzall everyday at (011) 1-641-715-3580 Access Code 773 342

Wherever You Are and Share the New Millenniall Golden Rule, there is the Parliament of Not Only World Religion, but fulfilled Good Faith and Trust with Everyone, and with the MotherFatherGoddessGod, the CreatorSustainer who Truly Love All Their Children, Female and Male, Much More than We Even Can Understand.

Namaste, and Every Blessing in Every Heritage and Tradition

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and hopefully and prayerfully not against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime, which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE). 

For More Information Please Contact Usz CoSavioRa
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representativesz, with Many Othersz and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth Sits Upon YOur Shoulders
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929 (24 hour phone answering service)  


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