The ApologyConfessionAtonement Line

This Website provides a confidential telephone line

Simply Dial (011) -1 -:(641) 715-3900
And enter Extension: 511940         

and leave your Confidential Message.

for those who wish to confess their sins, errors, mistakes, and anava that did harm to self and other and apologize for them, because they accepted patriarchy and false hierarchy as a way of being in this World. It is also available as a Truth and Reconciliation Line, for those who have been hurt by those who perpetuated patriarchy and false hierarchy  upon them, and became victims. Victims and Victimizers, and Bystanders who allowed this to happen and did nothing to stop it share something: all are imbedded in patriarchy and are dehumanized by it.  If you want to confess, or want to blow the whistle and hold someone accountable, call and leave your message on this confidential line. There is no time limit to your call.                                                

If you want assistance with how to further atone and become Blessed, and become redeemed from the sins of Patriarchy and False Hierarchy, read this website and disseminate our New Golden Rule to as many as Everyone You Have Harmed,and any who have Harmed You, under the Big Lie that is Patriarchy trying to Perpetuate itself in New Millennia..

This Confession Line similar to the famous Apology Line developed by Alan Bridge and promoted by his wife Marissa, and other apology and forgiveness and human experience projects on the World Wide Web, including the Experience Project and others, and will attempt to work with them and dovetail with those, as well to bring about the social changes needed to prevent sin and such error in the first place for all Present and Future.

With their permission, We will make public any confessions of current authorities or prominent persons who wish to be whistleblowers on Patriarchy as a way of not Life or Love, but Planetocide, and will make every attempt to connect apologizers with those they are apologizing to, to faciliate reconciliation and redemption.

Who should use this line:

1%ers, including CEOs, media pundits, banksters, politicians and their family members and staffs,  feeling guilty for the false hierarchy that is destroying society, assaulting Nature, and tipping our world toward Patriarchal Planetocide.

Wife and Child Abusers

Victims of Wife and Child Abuse

Bullies and Bystanders
(whether it be in the family at home, at school or at work)

Victims of Bullies and Bystanders (whether it be in the family at home, at school or at work)

Practicers, Bystanders and Victims of Institutionalized Patriarchy: Legal System and Psychiatric Survivors and Whistle Blowers

Guilt ridden police officers and soldiers involved in suppressing dissenters or evicting the foreclosed upon.

Coopted and Complicit Organization Officers who have taken the “tranquilizing drug of gradualism” such that they have delayed progress on the attainment of true democracy for all people, women, minorities and non-“wealthy” and , necessary to protect our society and World,

As part of your confession, we ask and encourage you to endorse the New Millenniall Golden Rule, our 3 Pillars of systemic Planet-Saving Change, and indicate your plan of how to redress the suffering you caused, complicitly accepted or endured, including by sharing and disseminating the New Milleniiall Golden Rule, to systemically prevent such hurt and loss of Divinely Endowed human potentiall,  from happening to others.

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