Your She Kin & YOU MarIAm Lamb~ert~Tom~Paine Susan Be Preciousz Anthony Commemmorative Consciouszness Currencyesz Gallery Travelle in Time with Preciousz Common Szensze

                  Free Gallery of Templatesz of the Currencyesz of

                            Common Szensze Most Preciousz World

              Sistersz & Brothersz of Common Szensze Time TravEllE   

                                   A Starter Collection of Locall Globall



                                     Including You & Yourszillionsz  

To Give You An Idea….




This Gallery of Templates of the Currencyes of Common Sense And Precious Infinite Memory, Presence and Vision Within, Between and Among Us, Is Growing and Revised Daily, Especially in the Month of Valentimes and Presidents Day hereby renamed

Vall(YOU)AllTimeszillionsz and CoPresidentsAllCoLeadersEveryDayszillionsz,.

within the New Millenniall Golden Rule/Raj Many More ((the pictures of individuals are Circled by the Words “With Her/Their She Kin as a Circle”) of Women Together and With Men Who Have Supported the end to Patiarchy and Transition to Reparation and Balance Will Be Added Momentarily.  See Text Below Templates For GeneAllogicall Common Sense BeAll Precious RAtionAll and More Information.

Also Visit:

and In Addition to Yourself and Your Own She Kin, Past, Present and Future, then  HeKin Who Endorse This NOW & Retroactively for the Past 8,000 years and Prospectively for All New Millennia:,

and indeed, take the hour or so it will take you to get the Information You Have Been Deprived of By Corporate Media for at least 21 years since India passed the Panchayat Raj in 1993 and revised it to 5050 in 2009 and since Sweden began paid/creditted family leave in 1955, and by print Media since 1776 when the wisdom of Common Sense was filtered  and changed and Susan B. Anthony’s efforts were invisilized and coopted by patriarchal media and money and education deprived of True Herstory and HerandHistory.

Coming Soon: Mariam & Zipporah of Exodus Pictured with MarIam of Nazareth and MarIam of Magdala In Time TravElle of the Divine Heart, then joined by Not Only Jesus, but all their She Kin and He Kin Riszen in Balance, understanding their must be Reparative Equallity for All to Be Equall in MarIam~Sophia~Christ Consciousness to Save Our IMMANENTALY ENDANGERED PLANET EART



marylamberttompainecopresident  susanbanthonycopresidentalice~paulcopreszidentwomen at homeless shelters copreszidentsz



harrietcopresidentRaeClaRaHarrietJCoPresidentsHadasszah&Marian~MarianszCosecretaryGenerallszCoSaviora generationallcopreszidentcoszecretarygenerallszcoszavioraszreallmsojournertruthcopresidentRashiszDaughterszCoPreszidentPrimeMinisterSecretaryGenerallsz


marthajeffersoncopresidentsally~hemmingscopresidentIone vargus copresidentsecygeneralljoyluckhelenziakwanyiincopresidentszRashiszDaughterszCoPreszidentPrimeMinisterSecretaryGenerallsz



corettacorazoncommonqueensofheartsanne~pay~ne~dunham~obama~soetoro CoPresidentmaya~dunham~soetorotaracosecgengloballcopresidentmayaangeloucopresident




amara ~enyiah mayaurallcopreszidentcoszecretarygenerallkaren ~leiws~mayaurallcopreszidentcoszecretarygenerall

hannahgreenebaumsolomoncopreszidentcoszecretarygenerallmary~gage~peterszdottir Inspiresz All Daughtersz&Szonsz To Plant New Parksz & Gardensz



anne ~hollander~frank coszecretarygenerallsz


MaRa ~Hvistendahl CoSavioRa Resurrecting CoSecretary Generallwinnonaladukecopresidentsylviagacinskijospincosecretarygenerallestherherzogcosecretarygenerallmaryrobinsonscosecretarygenerallmarie~wilsdaughtercopreszidentla leche league founders CoPresidentCoSecretaryGenerallszbessielillian eleanor rosalyn amy lynn ~smith~carterdoloresclarafernandezhuertadaughters&shekincopresidentszeliszabeth!~maycopreszdentprimeministerallrianeeislercopresidentsecretarygeneralljean~shinoda~bolengoddessrcopresidentsecretarygenerallMargaret~Mead CoSecretary Generallcosecretarygenerallszoflocallgloballcircleelise~boulding cosecretarygenerallvirginia~satircopreszidentcosecretarygenerallflorence & nadine copreszident cosecretary generallszVanessa ~Woodsz CoPreszidentswanee~hunt ambassadresscopreszidentRose Mukantabana & Rwanda PeaceCulture CongressbellhookswatkindcosecretarygenerallMarilyn ~Waring Making All Aware of the True TreasureWe Counting For Everything CoSZecretary GenerAllhazelhendersoncopreszidentsampaldevi&gulabigangcopresidentszEleanor Gro Phumzile Mary Najma Michelle Most Gifted CoSecretary Generallsraylene~dioncopreszdentprimeministerallVesta&ForestGlenYoungWomenCoPresidentszcyndi ~ingle~howellsz sharon debartolo carmack cosecretarygenerallszcosecretarygenerallssharonmijarescopresidentsharonriegiemaynardcopresidentlynnmystichealercopresidentCythia Winona Dorothy Hillary Chelsea Jenna Barbara Laura With Their Staffs & Colleaguesz Equall CoPreszidentszanna marie szinging cricket voho mitakye oyaszon

MotherDaughterSisters of Profound Servie to Mother Nature


lynnmarguliscopresidentpetrakellyascopresidentjuliabutterflyshillcoworldpresidentvendanashivaplanetarycopresidentWoriverasuncoworldpresidentmen In Good Faith ~Time Travelle with ReEvolved Spirituallity

“The World is My Country, My Religion is to Do Good”

~Mary ~Lambert Paine’s Husband, Tom, Who She Inspired to Common Sense.

“I am a Hindu (which includes Goddess worship), a Christian, a Muslim & a Jew

~Kasturba the Mahatmamma husband, Mohandas, the Mahatma

I see A Brighter Spirituall Era Emerge, of no England, no Germany, no France, (i.e no Russia, no Brazil, no Norway, no Australia, etc all nearly 200 names that should not come before the name Earth) no America, no this people or that (as more separated than commonly united), but one family, the human race, one law, peace, one need harmony (& we update slightly), one means, renewable & solar soular energy, one taskmaster, the MotherFatherGoddessGod, who is Within All

~Helen ~Keller, & All Given Renewed Viszion of the Brightest Truth, by Sharing the New Millenniall Golden Rule

In a time of globall destiny & reconnection, we affirm that the only True & Good Faith respects & integrates all faith & national areas, as a bouquet brings the beauty of many flowersz, To be Good in Any Faith requires to be Good in Respecting All Good Faith, honoring, loving & respecting females as much as males, SistersCousinaszMothersz&Daughtersz as much as BrotherszCousinszSonsz&Fathersz, & MotherNatureFatherTime in Every Language. Anything else is Hypocrisy. This is the Time of the Alltimate Jubille, which Counts Restoratively & Caringly All the Very Interconnected Human FamilyCommunityesz’ Laborsz of Love, at Home & For LocallGloball Community, & will soon assist Humanity ReEvolve in a Quantum Leap beyond the need for money. These are Examples of the Transitionall Currencyes to Make This Easzy, the Provident Gift of the MotherFatherGoddessGod that Instantly Makes All Sustainably Weallthy for a Heaven On Earth.

alltherahszsarahhajarahketurahszamma&allshe&wehugcopresidentszCarol Chriszt Goddess Enough For All Riszenpatricia~monaghancopresidentreusrrectorszofmariammagdallencosecretarygeneralcoministryahszmother theresa truer pope supramamapreszidentcosecretarygenerallromancatholicwomenpriesztszfeedthemultitudeszJoanna~MatireYa~MacyCoPreszidentmargaret & george~fell~fox~copreszidentszantionettebrownblackwellcoministerpresidentRashiszDaughterszCoPreszidentPrimeMinisterSecretaryGenerallszesthervashtifreeingslavewomenrachelandleahcopreszidentprimeminsterszcosecretarygenerallszcochiefrabbisz

henrietta~szoldbecomesznewparadigmcopreszidentcoszecretarygenerallesthervashtifreeingslavewomen esthervashtifreeingslavewomen


Isabellea&JohnCoPrimeMinsterszofAllFaithAmina ~Wadud Immamma Mahdi RiszenJetsunnaAhkonLlamoCoPresidentiallTeacherofAlldalailamacopreszidentcosecretarygenerallofkin~dworldsaoshyant her Wholiness AlexandRa CoPreszidentZaRaThrustRaTibetanWomenCoMaitreyaPremiersznaamahofallnameszwithjackie&juliacopreszidentcoprimeministerabbiszRaheel ~Raza Resurrection of Islam to Gender BallanceSistersz in Sufi Suffuzing a Dark Region with Light CoPreszidentszjacquelinelefthandbullcoriszenbahainativeofworldKateKelly&WhollyBabyGirlCoPresidentHighPriestesseszLynn~Kavenel~WhitesidesCoPresidentCoPriestesszEmmarMarieCarlJung Forever WhollyGrailPsychology



Soular Solar CoPresidents

This Website Connects the Paradigm Shift of Empowerment of Women for a Kinder World with the Solar Energy Transition, away from  hazardous and deleterious fuels, to Renewable Energy.  The most important energy in the Universe is Love, and the Gift of a Planet~Lightening Star nearby, the Sun, is connected to our Preserving all the Gifts that derive from this Light, from Photosynthesis that is the basis of all plant and therefore aniamal and human life. Here are some pictures of those Goddesses & Sun Goddess appreciating Gods Within, midwifing this so overdue and necessary change.


BarefootCollegeGoddessCoPresidentsGropoFenixSunGoddessCoPresidents katherineluceySoularSolarSisteredenfullcopresidentErica~MackieStrongMa Solar & Soularraina~russocopresidentkriseten~nicolecopresidentAruna&Bunker~RoyBarefootCoFounderssilverkind~abRamovitzCoPresidentslouise~rooney~katherine~dunne~rob~hopkins~naresh!giangrandecopresidentnoeljostcoq&richardkomp


Mother&Siszter SheKin Of Media & Tellecommunicationsz

Frieda~Werden WingszGloria~Steinem Asz Goddess CoSecretary GenerallJanine ~Jacksdaughter Making Media & Weather Fair



Enlightening Partners, Couples & \Familiesz of Ballance

& Men & Boysz of Ballance

marylamberttompainecopresidentashleymontagucopresident~gandhifamily&allcosecretarygenerallszshenxane~tutuszgloballshe&kin&hekinreevolutionaryeszcosecretarygenerallcopresidentszdoloresz~huerta&caesar~chavez copresidentsz locallgloballdoloresclarafernandezhuertadaughters&shekincopresidentszvictoriawoodhullfrederickdouglasscopresidentmahatmamma&mahatman~gandhicosecretarygenerallszJulie&Rhodri ~Morgan CoPrime Ministerszsylvianne&lionelagacinskijospincoprimeministerszPearl & Russell Meansz CoPresidentiall CoChiefszrajchellehjalmercopresidenthoward ~zinn copresidentjean~giraudoux madwomenofchaillotcoprimeministerszcopreszidentszmajelle~barrett&gene~roddenberrycosecretarygenerallszofcofederRationedwardanthonty~saltereacopreszidentgil ~gan~mor copreszidentallan ~johnson copreszidentsecretarygenerallbernard ~lietaer copreszidentcoprimeministerpaul~glovercocpreszidentcosecretarygenerallofalltreasyoureszBajram ~Maskanian Gender Ballaced CoPreszident

In the over 8000 years since the massive volcanic eruption that destroyed one of the longest lasting civilizations ever on Earth in recorded times, the Feminine Friendly as much as Peaceful Masculine Minoan Civilization of Crete (AKA Atlantis), when it began to adopt the Male Preferential and Warlike ways that were beginning to take hold on the previously pastoral Greek mainland, humanity has been using money based on a primative economics that does not value untold astronomically efforts of unpaid labors of love and the value of balance with Nature instead of an exploitative mode.

We were all born into this confused alpha male preferential imbalance, many of us raised to think it normal, and so was your undervalued Mother, Grandmothers and all recent and current She Kin, and He Kin, without the realization that THINGS HAD NOT ALLWAYS BEEN AND NEED NOT BE THIS WAY. 

Also born into this Error, during an Age of Enlightenment against entrenched Royal Privilege,  were  Mary Wollstonecraft (the name suggested Wholliness of All) beginning with W followed by the double ll of All) and Mary ~Lambert, born in Margate, wife of Tom ~Lambert Paine, who in loving memory of his wife delivered the Revolutionary  essay Common Sense, first on January 11 (EllEventh), 1776 and then published to its first wide audience on Valentimes Day, February 14th 1776, which called for full and equal office for women, all people of every hue without slavery, and no financial requirement for citizenship or office, Tom is famous for the words “The world is my country and my religion is to do Good” and his quotation of the ancient adage “Women, Without You Men Would Be Brutes).

By 1789, Common Sense had been subverted by the so called and strangely even now wrongly venerated Founding Fathers, (who in Enlightened understanding must be regarded as, in fact, the Failing Fathers Ignoring Common Sense) humanity’s primative patriarchal tendency of women to fail to talk seriously to one another about the human condition affecting them and their children, in mutually empowering groups, and men’s willingness to mindlessly follow alpha male “leaders”, who ignore and exploit women.

Some decades later, another great incarnated Spirit, that of Susan B. Anthony, born on February 15, realized, too, that women should be both voting and holding equal office. Often pelted with tomatoes by both too many women as much as men, she daringly voted while told it was illegal, suffering, in the Eyes of the Divine, False Arrest. With the mutuall support of Elizabeth ~Cady ~Stanton (who worked with many women, such as the Committee of the best selling Woman’s Bible, and ran for CoPresident with her Cousin Gerrit Smith), Lucy (the name means Light) Stone  who recognized that the born Name of  Everyone is also Sacred and must not be forgotten because they are female, and many other resilient women, she persisted in her efforts, but was slowed by both the arrogance of men of passing and sinful privilege and divisions and habitual self-and-sister deprecations among women, so many socialized to the Massive Mistake that Patriarchy instead of Egalitarianism is. A close friend was Rachel Foster Avery, Recording Secretary of the National Suffrage movement & also founder of one of the first globall orgnizaions for women (who is one of the Rachel’s the maintainer of this Website is a partial reincarnation, so that all May & Will Risze in Time to Save Our Planet.

Also born into this Misstake were Lynn~Alexander (the Name means Savior of Human Kind) ~Sagan~Margulis who passed from our midst on November 22,  2011 (Elleven) revealing that we had tragically lost another this time World CoPresident,  a World that could have been by then Avallon-Camellot, in the eyes of the Divine,  and her contemporary She Kin, our Mother, (HeRa) Harriet ~Margulies ~Silverkind ~Zalkind, (who lived most of her adult life within a block of Hannah ~Greenbaum ~Solomon School, the name meaning Grace of the GreenTree Wisdom) where the Kindergarteners were taught to Gather in a Circle, and her contemporary, Teacher Sylvia ~Light, who taught Democracy in her Social Studies Class, a few decades before her related She Kin Incarnation in World Teacher Sylviane ~Agacinksi~Jospin taught Gender Parite in Paris, the City of Light), passed from our midst on February 11th (Elleventh), 1988, within the year of the publication of Marilyn Waring’s work not reported in the Conventional News, Counting for Nothing, while her and her own mother, Rae ~Popper~~Margulies~Silverkind’s brilliant views on government, faith and years of devoted service to one’s family, remained uncounted until that Day this Year.

Anthropologists now confirm that all people on Earth are cousins, or more aptly put by Europeans who cellebrate the overlapping shared commonality yet with Vive Le Difference, cousinas and cousins, the sisters and brothers of sisters and brothers of interconnected mothers and fathers who were simultaneously of course sisters and brothers.of sisters and brothers. The lives and values of all these people have been and until NOW, as you read this and share the NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE are distorted under primative tendencies and pressurized tokenisms that delay their full counting of women, and their service and wisdom toward the Children of All Agesz, in a non-divisive way. What if simply the all mothers and teachers, from ellementary to university, worldwide simply gathered to talk about their own condition, as well as that of their children as second class citizens?

By using these templates, You You and You and You reveal the True Enlightenment of Be Precious, with Common Sense. We hereby retroactively, presently and proactively convey the Title of Co-President and Global Co-Secret-Arey GenerAll to all those in this daily expanding G(eo)Allery, starting (for now the Last Shall Be First until all are in a Circle of Radiant Equallity) with You and Your Own SheKin, Past. Present and Future. Love and Live Long with Light and Prosper, Retroactively, Presently and For Now and the Future, in Time TrEllEing Consciousness.

Those mostly men who have held title of public office without this Balance for not only over 200 years, but 8,000 years, have been and are in fact, Presiders of All Our Unwitting Error, and, because they lack Common Sense most Precious, cannot be called True Presidents or Prime Ministers or Secetary Generals or CEOs or Kings of Enlightenment, Love and Life, until they and We, On Their Behalf, All Deliver the Common Sense of the New Millenniall Golden Rule Only True Governance is that of the CoPresidents, the Common Queens and Kings. If Tom had simply called himself Tom ~Lambert ~Paine and focussed just a bit more on the primary leverage of Remembering the Ladies, he and We All, of All Hues and Potentially Infinite Weallth, might have succeeded in 1776.

Remembering TheRa’s warning in restrospect, and the Gaia Effect, with every transaction and conversation and gathering not had, with every name quantitavely submerged by Media and what we talk about, instead of Remembered, it is either Avallon or Avalanche of Disaster NOW. Mother Nature is watching. So is Father Time of Enlightenment and Kindness, Never a Sexist, Racist or Nationalist, Divider or Separator.  What’s in your Wallet? What Shall Be the Consciousness and Words shared with Your Next Trans~Action? Will You Gather With SheKin, or will you try to pretend our Planet can be sustainable without Your Circles of FamilyCommunity She Kin Ah and She Kin Ah Respecting & Full Valuing CoopeRation?

For More Consciousness Currency Templates and Credit Cards, also view . All of these Temples of Restorative Democracy Travelleing in Time with Precious Common Sense May be Freely Copied, and Give Risze to Your Own Best Be Riszen and Abundant She Kin Ahs Versions.

 ~Raj(SH)EManyYouElle                                                                                                         CoPresident CallingForthCoSecret~AreYeGeneRAll           MaRaIAm OneFamily, the Riszen Mary ~Lambert, Rachel ~Carson, Rachel ~Tubman, ~Rachel ~Foster ~Avery, Biblicall Rachel, Radha advisor to Krishna, and other Partial Nature-Nurture Interactive Incarnations of TheRa, AstraReah, MaRa, AmateRasu, HeRa, AsheRah Raet & Many More Goddess Incarnations of Sun & Light, Love and Kin~dness

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