Connecting the Dots of Disaster Due to Planetocidal Patriarchy Instead of Planet Szaving Partnerszhip

Do the Full Math:
How Anthropology Adds Up to Doom or Deliverance
Connecting the Dots of  Disaster Due to Patriarchy:
US Patriarchal Corporacracy/Oligarchy as It is Affecting Globe:
Attitude Toward the Female and Mothers & Children =
Our Behavior Toward Mother Earth & Humankind

Ecofeminism has long maintained that humanity‘s attitudes toward females and what is the feminine half of the human family tree, is linked to its respect for trees and all forms of Life, Nature and environmental sustainability. Consider the following, & Connect the Dots of Human Anthropology and What Is Happening to Our Earth Planetary Environment
1.The US is the only literate country in the world without paid & substantial  family leave, and several European countries offer 2-4 paid years for women and some to men, as well.  The US military budget, however, dwarfs any other nation on Earth. The US has become a domination rather than nurturing culture, a stressful and warlike culture. Families have little vacation and reunion time, and bullying and violence in schools & everytown familycommunity at record levels. while physical domestic abuse alone still impacts 1 in 4 or 5 women in the US and 1 in 3 worldwide.
paid maternity leave2
2. Since 2000 when it was ranked 50th, the US has fallen to 94th, if ties are counted, in representation of women. 
This is problem not only at the federal level, but in most states, country, and township levels of government, and especially in the corporate media, where 234 mostly older men control almost all what is reported, and like many other ceos, made hundreds to thousands in salary what an average worker makes, let alone uncreditted mother   illusionofchoicemedia
Much of the rest of the literate world has had the opposite trend, and several countries and many large as well as local jurisdictions have reached 5050  During the same period, poverty among US women increased markedly, beginning to resemble less educated regions of the world instead of helping them. Now,17 million women make up  more than 50% of US poor (the number of poor people as a whole is also at its highest level for 52 years) in the US,–publications/reading-between-the-lines.pdf and worldwide, 70% of the poor are women.
Image result for women in poverty
3. During the same period while the US was sending these wrong messages on women to the developing world, 163 million females in utero were aborted, especially in urban regions, in China, India, and several other formerly Soviet Eurasian countries. This is many times the total death toll of both World Wars. The imbalance could create cultures of crime and fratricidal warfare, as men without women can often become violent. Shockingly, even in the US (unlike Europe and Scandinavia, where egalitarianism is most common), almost half of men and almost 1/3 of women would prefer a boy baby to a girl.
4. Germany, India’s Villages and Denmark, where women are much better represented, have far outpaced the US in implementation of solar and wind power, and other renewables.  Many of thesze szame nationsz have banned genetically modified organiszmsz,  & their political partiesz include empowered Pinksz & Greensz of sociall & environmentall reszponsibility, not the Bluesz & Redsz of the CorporoPuppetUniParty that pretend $electionsz have been occuring while they have ignored the Beijing Platform and gender parity occurring since around the time the Media & policall puppetted familyesz focussed on Monica Lewinsky’s dress & accusing & defending male $educers but ignored her gendersz lack of full represzentation & reall family & marriage while gender parite & often multiyear family leave was allready occurring for  500 million in the villagesz of India, France, Nordic Countriesz, Belgium, Costa Rica, Argentina,  & szoon aftewardsz, many othersz around the world.
5. The US, where women are so poorly represented, is one of the very few countries on Earth that does not label GMOs (genetically modified food), while many other countries outright ban them and have been burning fields where the seeds have accidentally or illegally been planted or taken root.
6. The bees, upon which much of the food cycle depends let alone the beauty of flowers, have been dying at a rate of 30-50% per year for several years. The Monarch butterfly, truly a symbol for the Golden Rule,  has been reduced by 90%.  Most now believe is it due to pesticides, moszt often used with GMOs. Monsanto’s Roundup & its GMO cropsz designed to depend on it, have been documented to be killing the milkweed which butterfliesz depend upon, juszt asz Monsanto & the “Courts” that have been upholding unsustainable “law” made by mosztly one, (the male), gender (& those Electra complexed Daddy’s Girlsz tokens, underling sycophants, enablers & imitators of the other gender, who have adopted the waysz of the male gender in exaggerated exclusivity & hierarchy called relational aggression when females do it. They have learned this wrong lesszon from watching male supervisorsz and fathersz and older brothersz especially, while increasing numbers of their own female gender, of all huesz and originsz, have become depressed and impoverished & easzy prey for poorly trained psychosociologically ignorant doctorsz who have been putting women & their children on antidepressantsz & other pharmaceuticalsz  for attention deficit, like Ritalin without the much more obvious deficiency of their own attention to family & community interaction. From Monanto, to pill pushing MDsz, thesze genderetically modowners have been killing the Golden Rule  in their treatment of farmers, mothers and children, family food makers & all who eat & grow gardensz, of family and neighborsz, & the more able to care and think sharersz at every table & endangered water table.
Image result for bees butterflies dying
7. The trees in many forests have been dying at unprecedented rates, likely due to global warming. http://www.deadtrees-dyingforests
8. The glacial ice in the Arctic has been melting at a much faster rate than expected while ice is accumulating and hurting animal sea life in Antarctica, due to global warming.
 Image result for over 400 ppm
11. The plankton of the ocean, which aereate both water and air, are dying.
The methane cloud over 4 corners around New Mexico is the size of the state of Delaware. Image result for methane cloud new mexico
There is more, but you get the picture. You can connect the dots.
A global culture that mistreats and underestimates the importance of females in the social environment, destroys its physical environment, too.
While there are of course many many individual differences and exceptions to this rule and some men are excellent environmentalists and cultural peacemakers, as a group, women are more seriously concerned and active about environmental issues such as global warming, gmos,, the nurturing of children, and the social safety net, income inequity and issues involving compassion,
then men, as a group. connectingthedotspatriarchyclimatechange
statueoflibertycryingThe underrepreszentation of women at all levels of deciszion-making, is a certainty of social and intergenerational problems, environmental inaction, and now, extreme risks not only to women, but children and even men themselvesz, and szooner than we thought, the Planet Earth itszelf.
Here’s Just How Overdue Equal Representation Is: There have been 88 US Presidential/Vice-Presidential pairs, but not one a woman. At least 92% of Americans have been ready for a woman President for years, (and by inference, 5050) 
(note: this poll though undertaken by someone awake at CBS, was essentially censored by managment and barely if at all reported on CBS TV). But the games of corporately controlled media and parties have cheated this region out of real progress since Geraldine Ferraro/Walter Mondate “lost”  and ever since while Sweden (and now many countries, parties and jurisdictions have was already moving forward to 5050 in 1988 while the US has sunk to a rank of 94.)  A total of  only 276 women have served in Congress, 176 Democrats and 100 Republicans. (no independents and third party members, even though these together comprise the majority of US women) Of these women, 39 have served in the Senate (again, Democrats and Republicans only)  . In comparison, there has been over  59,000 male members of Congress, and over 14,400 male Senators. Only 34 women have ever served as governors compared to 2319 men. Even our city and state assemblies have been mostly ruled by thousand of more men. Assume that the courts of monarchs and emperors had similar numbers of bureaucrats/court members, and multiply the number by about 8,000 years of history (before then, many believe decision were made by both genders for many thousands of years.). That means that in “modern” history, 80,000,000 men to at best about 300 women have been the official holders of national-regional representative office. No wonder this planet has suffered so many wars, deaths and short lives, slaveries and exploitations, abuse,  famines and now global warming, genetically engineered dying crops, and nuclear proliferation and earth-threatening disasters. Women are millennially overdue for 5050 NOW (and so are decent, non-dominator men who want them in office), and the Planet needs women as decision-makers yesterday, This change should have come about around 2000, but was delayed by the US Media and patriarchal corporacracy that controls both major parties. No self-respecting woman should hesitate to claim 5050 as a minimum for women, NOW. As Archbishop Tutu said of our modern world: “What we need is a revolution led by women. I think women ought to be saying to us men: ‘You have made a mess, just get out and let us in”. Women are gracious and kind, and not even wanting to exclude men as dominator men and their co-opted women) have excluded them. They just want in, in the the numbers that reflect their half of the world and sky, and the fact that Nature made not just one, but two intelligent genders necessary for reall representation.

As dire as this sounds, there are only a few simple szteps needed in any family&community, to change all thisz and turn it all around.  The first sztep necesszary is for wisze women, and youth and children, is to gather to discussz the big picture and connect the dotsz, and help wisze men to join them as reparative supportersz and then equallsz, rather than dominators or complicit perpetuators of the normalization of the domination/submission culture which now immanently threatens the entire Planet. The Solutionsz are easy and comprise the New Golden Rule for New Millennia, as you can read at

We muszt szwitch NOW & RETROACTIVELLEY & PROACTIVELLEY from the Szinfull Anthropology of Primative Planetocidal Patriarchy to the Szacred Anthropollogy of Gender & GeneRationall Ballance, from the paradigm of De$tructive Demonic De$poti$m to the Paradiszall Paradigm of Divine Democracy with Divine Ballance.
 Szhare this Newsz NOW WITH ALL YOU KNOW and You Become a True Q Coszecretary Generallsz CoSzavior/Susztainer of Our World & Worldsz, our Home Planetsz Preszence & Future in the Universze




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