Co-opted Complicit Women Media Misinformers Confess and Atone


mediaminionwomen's apologyThe most shocking aspect of the betrayal of the American and world public by Corporate Media is the participation of so many women in this. Many of these women are, although not as absurdly overcompensated and hoarding of false wealth as the almost all male CEOs and the 1% patriarchal oligarchies picking and influencing them from behind the scenes, are nevertheless extremely well paid in outmoded nonGPI world killing money, and certainly had the bulwark of ability to protect themselves if they became whistleblowers and rebelled. Yet, with a few exceptions, most, even those that started out as angels of women’s empowerment and compassion, have increasingly gone along with the patriarchal programming and mindset, and seductively and imposed it on their mass audiences, normalizing the subjugation of billions of people with an attractive smile as they carelessly and heartlessly read what is on the teleprompters prescreened by the mostly male upper echelon and advertisers.

It is time overdue that these female informational prostitutes of patriarchy, these haremlike minions of the devil, apologized in public and privately as well. As intercessor CoMessiahs, we are beginning this process for them on their behalf, putting them on retroactive vacation for soul searching via the Every Good Girl and Boycott of TV,  We do acknowledge the enormous pressure: threats of firing if they tell the truth, constant seduction of money and false fame that is oh so attractive to women who have been second class for thousands of years,  (while they are denied the family leave that would help them and the men of their industry all maintain their compassionate, nurturing natures), that these women have been placed under by their mammon media bosses These women exemplify a strange concept of success  in their culture of domination and identification with egoistic individualism, at this period of the endstage of patriarchy which humanity will either transcend and leave behind, or die of perpetuating.

These women, many of them, now have the moral compass of the Diana character in the movie Network with its famous scene with Ned Beatty describing money as God and Nature itself.  Like their even more devilish CEOs, who they apparently accept as corrupt Father Figures, emulate in sociopathic notions of “success”, and fail to unite to challenge, they require a period of  public confession, atonement, contrition, penance with whistleblowing, and immediate change and transformation by adopting and disseminating the New Millenniall Golden Rule . We offer them the confession line, as well, and will joyously absolve them as they turn themselves around and do the right thing.

Here are some of their pictures and confessions:

Jill Abramson, Editor of the New York Times, has thus far failed to connect the dots of 911  to tell the world simply that the attack symbolizes when one patriarchy attacks another, and could not have occurred in a gender balanced peace culture. In the shadow cast by the Goddess of Liberty Statue, she normalizes the functioning of a patriarchal Wall St and UN with headlines about horrific end times symptoms, but never about the cause. We apologize on her behalf.






Oprah Winfrey has lost touch with the characters she played in Beloved and the Color Purple, both feminist exposes of heart wrenching patriarchal hierarchy, and has let her OWN network be controlled by one of the most overpaid of CEOs, David Zaslav. Her individualistic brand of spirituality has left out satyagraha, the collective social Truth Force behind all successful change. She aired MissRepresentation once, but remains daily complicity in the underrepresentation of women and  hundreds of millions of US children with no family leave, eating GMOs and facing planetocidal global warming. But we believe Oprah is capable of much better. We Pray for the way to assist her to get her soul back.






Once a leader toward democracy who ran for office, Arianna Huffington has attracted many women journalists to her site, that do talk about patriarchy and our gender imbalance in office and in what we value explicitly, such as Soraya Chemaly, Bianca Jagger, Liz Abzug and many others. But Arianna herself has been mum on the issues.  She has learned how to talk out of both sides of her mouth about democracy when it comes to gender balance enough to play it safe. Now, she must do better.






Christine Amanpour complicitly allowed Naadaw El Saadawis attempts ot alert America that the US was undermining the Tahrir Revolution to be censored, according to Laura Flanders of Grit TV. Her reports on her native Iran and MIddle East as well as the US never even use the word patriarchy.  Via the Every Good Girl and Boycott of TV, she is on retroactive vacation until she recognizes the need to restore her gender as a whole, instead of herself and a few other tokens to prominence.






In all the years of 60 minutes, Diane Sawyer has never discussed the lack of representation of women, paid family leave, or ecofeminism and Mother Nature explicity. She can and must do better in the remainder of what may soon become our last hours and minutes on Earth if she continues as is. The doomsday clock has been ticking and is close to midnight because of her and the lapses of the cyclopic gender monovision of CBS.






Ann Curry Greets Millions of People every day on Today over breakfast, but with no break from gender imbalance and thousand year old cumulative destructive patriarchy to save their world. She curries favor for a high salary, but dares not blow the whistle on her CEO, though she could easily afford to. She must do better or their won’t be many more todays or tomorrows for millions, billions and Life on Earth.







Helen Boaden, at BBC, presides over a Network in a land where there are more surveillance cameras of Big Brother than anywhere on Earth per square mile and the Parliament remains woefully gender imbalanced compared to mainland Europe. This stagnation continues with the Blessing of an anachronistic enabling Queen and spoilers of change like Lady Ashton, who thwarted the attempt of the EU’s Viviane Reding and many others to bring balance of gender to the cooperate boards of Europe and whose very name is now prophetic of looming doom. Boaden is a coopted token, playing the game of oil-addicted patriarchy instead of changing it the way Mary Wallstonecraft  and the communally oriented female Messiah, Octavia, Mabel Baltrop would have. In a land still sexistly called a Kingdom(dumb) instead of a Kinddom, this doesn’t Boad well for the future of women, children and men, without accumulated false wealth, of the region. All these woman need to remember that England means Angel land, and heall the apparent father fixation that hampered their ability to serve humanity.






Anna Wintour, who inspired the female CEO character of the Devil Wears Prada, distracts millions of women with concerns about their physical appearance, while their livable habitat is disappearing due to decisions made by men like her father, who she clearly identified with. Her injured female narcissism indicates a persona rather than a humane and life sustaining person, urging fur coats while  millions of poor people and polar bears and seals die in global warming. How sad that millions  and especially young women looking to cosmetics instead of character for self esteem, seek this nonsense and waste money on it. Not surprisingly, her nickname is Nuclear Winter.  Her best penance  and resurrected self, will be to devote her fortune to disseminating news about the Panchayat Raj and Genuine Progress Indicator, and adopting the ways of  loving female like Amma, who will give her and teach her to receive and give the hugs she clearly missed as a child.






Greta Van Susteren, of CNN and then Fox News, is an attorney out of touch with the Laws of Nature. Complicit along with the millionaire men of her Channels like Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Bill O’Reilly, she never uses the word patriarchy to describe the world in which she is imbedded.  This will Sust- ain no Love or Life for much longer. We intercede on her behalf






Tina Brown did try to make a difference at the New Yorker, Newsweek and the Daily Beast, which reveals the beast of the alpha-males ruling her industry and city. She might have occupied a tent in Zuccotti Park in the name of gender balance in all decision-making. That’s what would have made Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who also came from New York, proud. We suggest she change her name to Tina Pink and shine some light on truth with the focus the millions of New York females deserve.





Lynn ~Sweet, Washington Bureau Chief of the Chicago Sun-Times is currently a personal extreme disappointment, because I  lynnsweetwent to High School with Lynn, was friends with her there and was the editor of our High School Year Book so I remember that she indicated her life goal as “To Do Something Noble”. Although I had not seen Lynn for many years because we lost touch after high school, around 2003 I contacted her so we could meet as old friends at a restaurant midway between her office & my home, suggesting the place and time,  & I invited her to get together anytime. I told her I had run for CoPresident as an official Write In 2000, & urged her to report on the statistics at that showed how the US was failing on women’s representation. She invited me to her office  sometime but did not suggest a  specific time and said she would get back to me about that.  When I did not hear from her, I called her about five times but she did not return my calls. Finally, I reached her & just said very loudly “Women’s Representation IPU,ORG”  & she hung up.  In 2007-8, while I was living in Canada, when the primary battle between Hillary and Barak was occurring (I & many wanted them to run together & smelled the male white racist culture rat behind the scenes that was pitting them against one another) I repeatedly emailed her the IPU information and other related links as very important to report on at this time, via her email address at the Huffington Post (I also sent them repeatedly to which also never did a piece about this, so understand that Lynn’s ommissions are part of a larger pattern of avoidance that has been occurring in  North America since the mid 1990’s.  Around 2004, I took out a classified ad in both the Baltimore Sun Times and the Chicago Sun Times honoring our Mothers, Harriet and Ione, with a beautiful poem that solar power & love of our Planet and one another. could make the New Millennium a very loverly Sun-Times everywhere. I communicated this to Lynn through her Sister, Neesa, IMG_2200edit crop copy who is a corporate consultant I also gave extensive information about how the US was a complete failure on family leave, asking her if we & other women we knew could work together on that, but received no response. I am pretty sure that Lynn has never reported that Freiburg Germany is having Sunny Times everyday because it is 100 % solar, and much Greener Germany with its woman President & much higher representation of women is 50% solar soular with children & parents enjoying that, while the US is under 3% & having Katrinas and Sandys & potential Fukishimas from Global Warming & needless reliance on costly nuclear power.  Both Lynn and Neesa are up to their eyebrows in corporate cooptation & complicity with corporations controlled by money obsessed old men, accepting tokenism and the value of money over people. They have not yet connected the dots of their complicity with the wars and Big Brotherism that are cooccurring, endangering People, Nature & the Earth. But I have not given up on these two women, who are actually not at all distant Cousinasz, whose family veriably intersected with my family on known geneallogy websites. If they adopt and promote the New Millenniall Golden Rule, & offer some apology to the communities and family who they have both interacted with & those even closer, like me & other women they grew up with who their corporations have harmed, they can yet do Something Noble & more Naturally Sweetend, before people they ought to care about & our Planet simply die of their & too many Couszinasz on the wrong paradigm clearly quite conscious sins of ommission.heirarchytokenismcorporatefascism

Paula Kerger of PBS has failed achieve any coverage of gender balance and family leave, even by Jim Lehrer. Once a public icon, the PBS System is riddled with cooptation from corporate money, that never challenges the basic patriarchy which uses women like Kerger and then discards them, and causes so many staff and volunteers to live without family leave. To her credit, her salary is far less than most media women. She has a more socially responsible audience easy to reach and should what she has learned to do so.






The women of the View have lost any Global or Universal Vision. Their view is narrowly complicit with media CEOs in the US and worldwide that are the most lying deceivers, primarily by what they omit as well as what they headline, that humanity has seen since Goebbels. Distracting women with fluff and predigested topics, they have been blind to the failure of gender balance in representation and culture occurring especially in the US. It is so sad to watch Barbara Walters betray her generation, and Whoopi Goldberg learn nothing from her visionary and uniting Star Trek character, Guinan.Their complicity has endangered this Planet before we have had a change to connect with any others. We intercede on their behalf, and as them to change NOW, and disseminate the real truth: that a Planet where  decisions are not decided by both genders, at every level, cannot much longer survive. patriarchyisasystem




We intercede for these women if they will have the courage to defend the human familycommunity, whistleblow on their profession and industry, and organize to either change their work communities from within, or coalesce for a new media that will rebalance and save our earth, our concepts of success, and our understanding of wealth and power.

There are more Heroic women in the media who have blown the whistle and made for change. Women like Amber Lyonamberlyonfiredfromcnn fired from CNN when she exposed how money from extreme patriarchy Bahrain was censoring coverage,  Jane Akre along with Scott Wilson janeakre scott wilson fired over gmo exposefired for their unwillingness to have their GMO coverage censored, and truest heroineslike Sarah van Gelder sarahvangelder yesof Yes Magazine who has provided a real positive solution-filled media over the Internet as alternative to TV, and now New Tellevision, offered as part of our CoMessianic All Good Faith delivery of the public from patriarchal Corporate Television seduction and mass deception.  IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE SO, for the sake of your World, Creation itself and everything decent and respectful of Love and Life,  BOYCOTT TV AND LEAVE YOUR SET TURNED OFF AND unsubscribe from any corporate magazines and newspapers until humanity has evolved past the alpha-malism that threatens all.  Be the Good News, disseminate the transition to balance of gender and end to false hierarchy and wealth. Your Planet and Your own Soul’s Future depend on it.

A more extensive list of socalled powerful but actually now clearly coopted women of only antipower is coming, and we intercede for them while assisting them to confess, atone, admit their error, and start a New Day of disseminating the New Millenniall Golden Rule every hour and day, to save our Planet, and all its people and Llive, with Love.

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