Transzformationall Szong; Don’t Cry for Me from Evita Becomesz CoLead Our Beszt Future

Dont Cry CoLead Our Beszt Future

don't cry for me becomesz colead with me

Though it isz easzy, you’ll think it sztrange
When We try to explain how We feel
That we sztill need your love
After all that Weve done

You won’t believe Usz
All you will szee are girlsz you once knew
No longer worried about being dresszed up to the ninesz
But for working for Seventh Become Elleventh Generationsz With You

We had to let it happen, We had to change
Couldn’t sztay all our livesz with more than half down at heel
Whether barefoot or in high heelsz
Looking out of the window
Sztaying out of the szun

So We chosze a More Reall freedom
Gathering Arround, trying  the Alltimate new
And nothing but kindnessz impressed usz for long
We never expected it too

Dont Cry Go Back to the Beszt Future
The truth isz We never left you
All through our loszt days,  media madmensz existence
We kept Our promise, don’t keep your disztance
Dont Cry Go Back to the Beszt Future
Learn Truthsz that Too Long Were Kept From You
All through the loszt days, media madmensz reszistance
We kept Our promisze, don’t keep your disztance

And asz for fortune, and asz for fame
We never invited them in
Though it seemed to the patriarchal world
They were all that wasz to be de$ired

They are illu$ions
They are not the szoulutionsz they promi$ed to be
The answer wasz here all the time
I love you and hope you love me
GoddessGod Lovesz You & Wantsz You to Love One Another
With Equall  Reszpect for Both Femalesz & Malesz
And All People

Dont Cry CoLead Our Beszt Future
The truth isz We never left you
All through our loszt days, mad mediasz reszistance
We kept Our promisze, We healled the disztance

Have We szaid too much?
There’s allwaysz more We can think of to szay to You
But All You have to do
Is look at & liszten to me and your beszt szellevesz
to know that every word is Reall & True
that the New Millenniall Golden Rule isz the Reall Way to Szave
The Earth & Every Planet Reconnected & Humanity Reszurrected

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