$o a Lo$t League of Women Votersz Becomesz Long Overdue Found Gender & All Reparative (Co)Reall DivineDemocracy

The Irony of the League of Women Voter$ on the Wrong Paradigm
Where 411 Mean$ Mi$$Information
& Perpetuate$ the Mi$$Repre$entation that is Cau$ing  Pa$t Peak Patriarchal Planetocide instead of Planetary Szusztainability with Ballance



puppet-of-corporate-patriarchymanchurian-mainjurian-cantidatesz-collageif it isznt parity if it isz paritytraquilizingdrugofgradualism

As women under the influence of a Interlocked Board Corporate Controlled Patriarchal Media of the 1% http://owni.eu/2011/11/25/infographic-media-consolidation-the-illusion-of-choice/ who actually controls U$ $ELECTION$, the once intelligent & usually well intentioned US League of Women Voters has become the most vacuou$, victimizing and vexing of all women’s organization$ on the Planet Earth (in addition to the minion$ of women working in patriarchally controlled media and other women’s group$  $alaried to bewn=wn $exi$t again$t their own gender $ therefore all humanity, that have, ju$t a$ $eriously, mi$$ed the importance of ballance of love and work & full represzentation of women & all people for decadesz, leaving the U$ with the wor$t $ituation for mother$ children and familie$ on Earth & now imman ently threatening the Great Mother, Mother Nature & All Her Human Children & all Her Life Forms onz thisz Planet)


The once  and would be fair maidensz of the ocalled  League of Women Voter$, have become the maven$ of imbedded mi$ogyny and mothers of impending mass destruction. Pleasze urgently assziszt the US League of Electra & Medea Complexed  Wraith$ Women Voters & all the candidate$ they $ponsored between 1996 & 2014, all who attempted to make $HAM $ELECTION$ seem legitimate & ethically acceptable,  to u$e all their web$ites & public $tatement$ to have themszellvesz & all cantidate$ to

  • As did Dave in the movie Dave, Apologize to the People of North America and the World & retroactively renounce all election$ szince 1996 (the year after the  UN Beijing Platform for Women where millions of women represzentatively called for at leaszt 30% women in all office worlwide by the year 2000 on the way to parity) insztead of promoting ticket$ whi ch have re$ulted if thi$ influential region nationali$tilly defined a$ the $ocalled United But In Fact Very Dominated & Divided United $tate$ which now horrifically rank$ 97 & wor$e if tie$ are counted, beneath $audi Arabia in repre$entation of women http://www.ipu.org/wmn-e/classif.htm & now outrank$ in global warming production of a dark & needle$$ly droughted de$potically deciding & dying carboni$ed www.cnbc.com/2016/07/05/us-oil-reserves-surpass-those-of-saudi-arabia-and-russia.html nuclear threatened world insztead of having the 50% to 100% renewable achievement of many region$
    which were attained within szometimesz a few monthsz by women in office with men who wanted them there in parity http://gas.sagepub.com/content/19/4/506.abstractsolarworldwidecomparison
    For the szake of their own szoulsz & honoring allth the women & young peopellesz of all Heritagesz pasztpreszentfuture, rather than herding the media mindprogrammed into diebolding in fooli$h fooli$h ignorance, the  League of Women Votersz muszt educate all to not vote in $ham$election$ that make all politician$ puppet$ of imballance & unkindne$$ to all, & assziszt all to Vote Szoullar Szollar eszpecially thosze who could szo easzelley fund a Planet Szaving True Qsz Quick Transzition from dark & plutonic energyesz to radiant Light in Body Politicsz & Szoulsz. Assziszt All Media Mogul$ familycommunityesz to fund thisz & publically  bring szusztainabelle politicsz & Parity Paradiszesz in$tead of Patriarchal Planetocide by publically inviting tho$e of accumulated fal$e wealth to help make thisz szo. If the 62 bloated mo$tly old men https://www.oxfam.org/en/pressroom/pressreleases/2016-01-18/62-people-own-same-half-world-reveals-oxfam-davos-report who own mo$t in error are reminded  by a reszponszible media to r emember they are relleated to the hundred$ of millonsz to whom they have cau$ed poverty stre$$, environmental horror$ & war https://5050now.wordpress.com/connecting-the-dots-of-disaster-due-to-patriarchy-instead-of-partnership/, who are in fact mo$tly female becau$e our wrong paradigm fail$ to credit the trillion$ of uncreddited & vallued but esszentiall work of home &community which isz 2/3 done by women,  they can yet Redeem the ir arrogance of hegemenou$ habit$ of imballance. Juszt usze half of their gluttonousz fal$e weallth to fun~d & inform the public how easzelley we can go 111% renewabellesz http://inhabitat.com/infographic-how-much-would-it-cost-for-the-entire-planet-to-switch-to-renewable-energy/, szusztaining thisz & all our Planetszillionsz insztead of uszing techology to impoveri$h & de$troy our szociety & thisz Earth. 62-people-now-own-as-much-wealth-as-half-of-the-world-s-populationconnectingthedotspatriarchyclimatechange   foundtheprimermusztszpeakTrue Q Szaving Planet from Ecohorrorcost-of-going-green-infographic-2
  • disztribute emergency  emailsz and flyersz (samples are attached) at polling and other public placesz szuch as librariesz and metro stationsz to assziszt unszuszpecting $heeple to not commit the act of szelfandothersz de$truction that “voting” in a $HAM $SELECTION I$
  • engage in a masszive phone bank or robocall effort to warn the $heeple of the now very corporately $o pointle$$ly (becausze 1% & 99% would szimpelley vote Szoullar Szollar insztead of szupporting Oily & Plutonic Oil & Nuclear Oiligarchie$ that keep themszellvesz fal$ley $ocalled rich while making people & planet poor)  $ociopathic-fa$ci$t and Animal Farm-like de$tructive US politicomediacorporate machine that they should not only NOT vote in and must everygoodgirlandboycott the dangerously  gender imballanced media $old unrepre$entative $election  this Tuesday November 4 ( the date  i$ a szynchronicity for information inverted  and which at be$t will have a turnout of likely le$$ than 40% of registered voter$ anyway and o clearly doe$ not expressz reall conszlent for any of the $elected, but they can allszo retroactively renounce (just let all your family& neighbors,z your workplace, the place where you $hop, your local library staff & local $election Commi$$ion – you can even call them anonymouszly using *67 & the embassies of every nation) and disavow the “vote$” they were induced to ca$t in the U% p$eudoelection $ham$ of 1996&8, 2000&2, 2004&6, 2008&10 & 2012&2014 and all the dog and pony (donkey and elephant) $how$  of US corporately controlled partie$, that have ignored the Beijing Platform for Women, the need for reparative gender parity, younger generationsz and minority represzentation & true represzentatation without regard  for $ for all in thisz influential part of our interconnected & needlesszly endangered Earth.
  • Insziszt that all Corporate & $tate Media Worldwide air uncen$ored all the $uppre$$ed $torie$ of gender parity, full represzentation of youthsz, minorities, the importance of ballance of love & work  to babiesz & children, parentsz, family trees & all familycommunityesz  True R Quick Fix of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, bringing forth the beszt ballance of human love & geniusz, the alternative  to the  outmoded Gro$$ Dome$tic Product GDP especially the Genuine Progress Indicator GPI, & Reparative Juszetice & Healling Circellesz, the common ground of all faith when the Universzall Divine Feminine is resztored as isz indeed the Will of the Universzall Divine Masculine (who is not a Primative Ape) who Love All Their in fact relleated  Earthly Children Paszt, Preszent & Future, http://io9.com/5791530/why-humans-all-much-more-related-than-you-think and Szpecifically, the New Millenniall Golden Rule. https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-changez/

I&We asz CoSzarioRaCoMessziahCoChrisztsz Apotheaoszisz Equinox True Qsz fof  Easzelley Attainable Heavensz on All Earthsz Sztarrgatesz Atlantusz & All Whollylandsz & Planetsz Riszen, Couszmic Chrisztsz f Women & Eggallitarian Youthsz Femalesz & Malesz of Reparation & EQuallitityesz, are Acting as Temporary Intercesszory for thosze $educed by media & culture into betraying their sziszter & brother human beingsz, themsellevsz & their world. Between September 25 & December 25, all the worst offenders, the CEO$, the$e Corporate, revolving door Nanny-Rai$ed $ociopath$ moszt in need of a Weallth of the Szpirit instead of Money,  the mo$tly male Chief Executive Puppet Presidents, Prime Ministers & Enabling First Families, shall make public apology, & convert to the New Millenniall Golden Rule to Save their Eternall Soulsz as welle as thisz Home Planet.  Here are some of the intercesszorily made atonements/confessionsz:


Pleasze Note: We are updating our graphic to szhow Current League Hierarch$ Henchwomen on the Wrong Paradigm including the very antiChrisztma$$ing Chri$ Car$on who appare telley ha$ little knowledge of what $he ha$ been coopted to do or if $he doe$ know needsz healling from end $tage patriarchy nduced identification with the aggre$$or

league of women voters making democracy fail because of no standards for acceptable representation

~iger~zaslav~owned~oprah~moonves ~murdoch ~couric ~sweet atonementconfesszion ~enlightenment for Ellesz Contact!

  1. No matter what some mostly old men dragging along a few women pretend in $upreme Idiocy, money was never speech & our media has been u$ing money to cen$or & hide newsz  of worldwide gender ballance in office, ballance of love and work & ball ance of technology within Nature. Working for the wor$t It has even cen$ored people who have money, such as Tom Steyer, an opponent of the Keystone Pipeline whose ads http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2013/08/07/2426211/nbc-keystone-ad/were not aired when ~Robinsdottir~Obama  https://5050now.wordpress.com/cosaviora-formall-counselle-to-old-errant-millennia-media-made-titular-officeholders-as-potentiall-cosaviora/ https://5050now.wordpress.com/she-is-riszenwe-are-riszen-allwhollidaysz-allseaszonall-libran-scalesz-divine-governance-judgement-new-millenniall-golden-rule/appeared on the Jay Leno show, if their me$$age does not fit the interlocked board portfolio$ of the CEO & oligarchic $ociopaths: mo$t of these guy$ who control major media. And ArchBishop Tutu’sz Plea for a Nonviolent but very now necesszary reall peacefull revolution & takeover by women in order to szave this Planet, wa$ completely cen$ored by U$ Corporate Media. http://www.thomhartmann.com/bigpicture/desmond-tutu-calls-revolution-women http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgii8o_archbishop-tutu-hopes-for-a-woman-led-revolution_news

Many Corporate CEO$ of Media (who typcially also $it on board$ of dirty energy companie$, bank$ & in$urance,  pharmaceutical & managed care health companie$, etc (* their enabling often revolving door trophy wive$ ) were rai$ed by a $erie$ of nannie$ in$tead of loving fully reszpected mothersz  in an egalitarian family&community context, $o they learned to bond with money & fal$e hierarchical title instead of bond to loving familycommunity, humanity & the MotherFatherGoddessGod).

These people & the people they tell us were $elected by their cen$oring habit$ on air time, DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWER to today’sz problemsz, & deszerve our collective pity, not admiration, on the way to their recovering from patriarchy, with all of Usz, & they & we all regaining our Ballanced Divine abilitiesz & the true & Beneficiall Naturall Szcience Fiction made Fact Blesszingsz of Love & Life, the Fountain of Youth & the Opening of the SztarGatesz, a world with energyesz & abundance so great that money isz no longer needed, Given to All by the MotherFatherGoddessGod as We Embrace the New Paradigm of the New Millenniall Golden Rule. 

The women of the U$, including League of Women Voter$ on the wrong paradigm, mo$t tragically, have deep and complex alienationsz from their own mothersz, often becausze. as a very mobile population, the US more geographically disperzsed population had for many years less intergenerational contact among women & lessz breasztfeeding and bonding with children szhared with mothersz with szupport of other women of family & community than Europeans and other regionsz of the Planet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breastfeeding#Extended_breastfeeding
, on average. U$ women, like Electra & Persephone in the Greek Mythsztz that were in fact allszo sztoriesz of real women after Atlantisz fell & patriarchal Mycenae began, are more easily attracted to and entranced by any Father figure such that they can ea$ily become the handmaiden$ of Pluto, the Father of Death. Dorothy Dinnerstein’s insightful Mermaid & the Minotaur reminds us that patriarchy first took fathers aware from their families with long hours at the office or in military service, even before the US naationationali$t masculo p$eudofemini$m mi$labled such imbalance as progre$$ for women who nevertheless do moszt of the childcare , leaving most children to grow up as adults who yearn for father figures in their politians as a replacement for the contact they missed as children,  while showing little regard for the mother’s work that is never done in this culture which has uniquely in the world denied mothers and family life necessary family leave. US Women desperately need to learn from & connect with European and worldwide women with stronger links to mothers and women in general, and Goddess tradition, to be aware of US women’s internalized deficits, their media lowered self esteem, their increasingly narrow intolerance of non-major party & politically independent non-partyized dissent, 
and now widely written of, relational aggression & difficulty with cooperation among women , because they have unconsiously eaten & accepted for too long the poison apple that is patriarchy and tokenism/gradualism instead of full ballance. The League of Women Voters are wiszer to declare themselves all the true officeholders, instead of all the $elected mostly men * the few enabling women tokens, that they comparatively, as Tweedledum & Tweedledee Pluto$ & token number of Plutina$ they “inform” voters about.  As these women can let go of their Daddy fixations & I Hate Mammy I Hate Myself Electra Complex  which have now morphed into Medea Complexesz tooT, they will easzily be able to become the truer good leadersz, not just the League of Voters  on the wrong paradigm but the League of Retroactive & Truer  True Qsz CoOfficerholdersz of the Cofederation of Earth & Planetsz of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, ready for New Millennia of Divine Democracy of a Szhared & Szusztainabelle Cousmosz,

electracomplexmedea & mediablindedwoman patriarchy indude$ women to attack their own children

Pleasze Note We Are Reediting the following to reflect szyzergyesz, pleasze bear with our szpelling errorsz until then,
Because the survival of this Planet is at stake, whatever the personal effort or risk, We All must assist women and wiszer men working in patriarchally controlled media corporations to massively either resign and post the truth on their own websites, or use all their time at work & on as much as possible on camera, ignoring the pre-censored teleprompters, to blow the whistle on their own corporations, & to hold teach ins and sit ins about the importance of women at all levels of decisionmaking to protect this Planet from globally warmed draught and missing bee and butterfly and plankton-loss induced famine on a massive scale.


Because on an intensely controlled patriarchal media (now also contagiously needlessly commercializing & threatening the Internet), https://5050now.wordpress.com/confession-atonement-truth-and-reconciliation-court-judging-patriarchy/media-consolidation-big-brothers-big-lie/


the people of North America & in too much of the world with state or patriarchally controlled media, do not know & were never told about the Beijing Platform for Women’s Requirement of at least 30% women in all public office by the year 2000 on the way to parity, and were never informed about French Gender Parite, the zipper tickets in use of Nordic countries and so many European parties since the 1980’s, and the Panchayat Raj instituted in India in 1993 with its gender (began at 1/3 now 5050) and minority representative and money free requirements that include a population larger than that of the US & Canada combined. (Brought into being by Sonia’s husband Rajiv ~Gandhi when he was Prime Minister with great support by millions in India but the story entirely suppressed by North American media, the Panchayat Raj is the fulfillment of the vision of Kasturba & Mahatma Gandhi, & interestingly, Kasturba was born on 411, & knew very clearly when it is time to engage in noncooperation & delegitimization of tyranny & disinformation regarding democracy). Because of the US Corporate Media & the complicit cooperation & enabling by the League of Women Voter’s  & most now clearly coopted women’s groups in the US, the US people, so hard hit economically as is the world, do not know about the Genuine Progress Indicator in use in Maryland, sought by 18 states struggling with patriarchal politics,  pretested successfully in 11 countries, & advocated to all globall organizations to count unpaid work (the labors of family community love 2/3 done by women & 1/3 by men) & sustainable society & stewardship in harmony with Mother Nature including renewable energy & recycling http://genderbalancerepresentation.webs.com/megalinks2.htm
http://genderbalancerepresentation.webs.com/megalinks2.htm http://magiqtrueqwomenofchaillotrek.webs.com/caseforanewtrueparadigm.html http://magiqtrueqwomenofchaillotrek.webs.com/numbers.html

The US public does not know because the US media suppresses the information that 65 nations have publically funded elections, many with guaranteed fair access to tellevision airtime. US women have no or miniscule paid family leave, so they live like drones, working so hard they have no time to think. They are being misled to destroy their own self esteem as necessary and important codecisionmakers, and induced into a trancelike codependency on mostly old men and a few clearly misogynist political and media women with severe Electra complexes, who they wrongly trust.  GLOBALL ASSISTANCE & INTERVENTION IS NECESSARY TO STOP THIS TRAIN OF TERROR UPON TERRA.

At best, this offyear $election will bring forth about 37% of voters, & will not change the now chronic 15% approval rate of Congre$$ or the manufactured schism-making choice of lone male Residents of the White House when the entire paradigm should have shifted to a new, flowering grass roots based gender ballanced & truly democratic one, instead.

THE MOTHER EARTH will be destroyed more quickly than we thought possible, if the League of Women Voters continues to give imprimature and legitimacy to $election$ that have allowed a literate but overworked and severely time pressured multicultural people to accept Congre$$e$ fillled with mostly male millionaire$ lobbied by mostly male billionaire$, to retard adoption of solar & wind energy and subsidize such cancers upon the Earth as frakking, GMOs, the Keystone Pipeline, and Plutonium-laden potential Fukushima nuclear power plants as well as the bizarre concept in the US that children do not need Eurostyle multiyear family bonding with their mothers and vacation time with their families to grow up to be caring, capable and responsible human beings.  It is time that the US League Of Women Voters paid more than lipservice to their globall sisterhoods of every continent, all o which have made greater strides to reparative gender ballance.

Insztead of $ham Voting for thi$



newmillenniallgoldenruleforyouyouyou&allszeigeisztSzoullar Szoullar Genuine-Progressz-Indicatorszwe dont need money anymore
This Earth is Interconnected, & powerful US corporate money, accumulated false wealth at a time when solar energy which will lead to matter energy transfer, can make even the need for money obsolete,  has linked with regressive misogynists and with their too willingly caged bird wives and token masculofemalehenchman around the world. This means death of a Planet & must be stopped NOW & reviszed retroactively, resetting our calendars to 2000 before human behavior began to so hypnotically conform to lie$ of ommi$$ion. Apologies and healling must be offered and a new way of life that is gender ballanced and sustainable recognized as it should have been if the media, the 4th estate of government, had been been functioning properly, intelligently, responsibly and ethically & women’s organizations engaged in nonviolent disobedience & election and media boycotts instead of complicit enabling.

In a time before HIroshimas and Mercury Poisoning and GMOs and Fukushimas,  in a time before a cell phone in the hands of some little fellow who played too many violent video war games as a child & now is the dictator of some nuclear-armed land, in an earlier time when technology meant simply a musket or a cannon, or a few polluting plants & pipelines instead of so many, patriarchy could appear to be a viable system that might threaten some, but not ALL. But in our time of powerful and interconnecting misuse of technology, patriarchy instead of ballance of gender in decision making means certain Planetary destruction and death for everyone.

It is that simple, & everyone has to face this now, even little sweet but low self esteemed or masculinized because they have no family leave Daddy’s girls with Electra Complexes in adult bodies like the current and unnecessaily hierarchical and dissent suppressing officers & lackey lassies of the US League of Women VoterVictimVictimizers and our wrongly thought “successful” mostly highly paid US women “journalists” who are little more than the Diana character in the film Network, henchwoman of the even darker money ob$e$$ed immoral and amoral CEO.

Is it possible to stop a Planetocidal Patriarchal train and save the lives of all on Earth and the Earth itself?  We believe it is. In Europe in the time leading to World War II, when other nations fell willingly to cooperate with Nazi genocide, the people of Denmark over a period of about one week made massive phone outreach to each other, to evacuate all the Jews, Gypsies, Intellectuals and other endangered people of their land onto boats which took them to the safety of Sweden, which was unoccupied by the Nazis.

The same principle must work today, but today we are saving 7 billion people and all life on Earth & its future in the Universze, by stopping & currently & retroactively delegitimizing  $HAM $election$ even more genocidal, in fact, Humanitocidal & Planetocidal, in their falsehood and primative regressiveness.

The Earth itself is either all Our Life Boat or it is a fast sinking Titanic. We must email, fax and phone & simply talk with one another NOW to protect & literally start a New Calendar with the time period of this allowed great Media Lie removed like the cancer it was on the human heart, mind and spirit. Waiting for titular “leaders”, male or token female, who the patriarchal corporate media has “told” us hold office after they have pre$elected them, cannot continue. They are entrenched in patriarchs and enabling women and their progress has become regre$$ de$troying a Planet. We the People Who Love This Earth & Women and Children of All Agesz are & must call anyone but the current officeholders, especially women, the Government and must be the Media Now, until reall ballance is fully achieved on this Planet, based in the flowering grassroots, everywhere.

Today, the Good Mothers, GrandMothers, Aunts and Cousinasz,  with those men who “get it” assisting them publically, such as Desmond Tutu who allready called for a ReEvolution run by women but was ignored by the League of Women Voters and too many US women’s organizations, must gather from every continent,  with the speed of the Valkyries & the Saving Goddessesz & Kinder Godsz of every tradition on this Planet, but this time to wage not a battle, but a wave of will, of gender reparative and peace peace culture as never before. so that we do not face the waves of earthquakes and tsunamis around the world.

BEFORE, DURING & AFTER ANY OLD PARADIGM IMBALLANCED $ELECTION, LOCALLY. REGIONALLY & GLOBALLY, A Wave of TURNING OFF TV, BUYING NOTHING NEW UNTIL WOMEN VOTERS ARE ALL ALSO OFFICEHOLDERS,, & phone calls, emails and faxes, flyers distributed everywhere, and especially in and among one’s own workplace, neighborhood and extended family, linking with those of others around the world by a simple email or phone call daisy chain and gathering of world Saving. Put a Sign in Front of Your Home Or Weat a Button. Tag or Sticker that says “I don’t vote in or accept gender imballanced, nonrepresentative $HAM $ELECTION$

And sadly, the waging of this wave of will must start with worldwide focus on US women, especially those of the League of Women Voters (among other organizations just as codependent, co-opted, myopically single issue & matriopatriarchal instead of reall & globally more responsibly feminist https://5050now.wordpress.com/confession-atonement-truth-and-reconciliation-court-judging-patriarchy/reactive-coopted-us-womens-organizations-that-betrayed-feminism/   and US Mammon Media, who have become their own, their children’s & their world’s worst enemies, who must simply face the fact that so-called “elections”, in fact, p$eudoelection$, held when the media is patriarchally & oligarchically controlled & deliberately cen$oring worldwide news and indepth discussion about women, family and work balance, Mother Nature & Peace Culture, are not elections at all, but in fact, deceptive frauds and the most serious of all crimes against Humanity, the Earth, and Sins Against the Source and Energy of All Love and Life.

In fact, the men of current titular leadership political & corporate will soon thank you for this, for the problems of a world without ballance of gender in decision making are allready becoming obviously beyond their ability to fix & the best they can accomplish is finger pointing and blame among one another.
Mostly Men alone cannot fix the problems made by Mostly Men Alone with women submerged & enabling; the problems require reparative retroactive valuation & empowerment to women & the underrepresented, & the more intelligent problem solving and prevention that is full gender partnership.

The problems we have now & the Planetocidal Catastrophesz we must avoid, are completely Unnecessary, because the best practices, the necessary Paradigm Shift,  for this New Millennia. that will allow this Planet to survive and thrive beyond our currently media mind-manacled limited imagination, are allready known, widely used and easzy to implement. They are, in fact, the Gift of the MotherFatherGoddessGod, hereby Delleivered to this Planet.



sztarrgate atlantisz with familytreegreat&grandmotherszwithgenerationszfmwcrownszbasziclargesztarrgate atlantisz with familytree allnativityesz

The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon MYOur Shouldersz 



“This day I~We call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and hopefully and prayerfully not against you that I~We have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose Love, Life & Light, so that You and Your Children may live”              

“For I~We give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime, which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE.


For More Information Please Contact Us COSAVIORA of Time Travelleing Common Sense Retroactive, Preszent & Proactive
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the

NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929 (24 hour phone answering service) & DAILY TELLECONFERENCES https://5050now.wordpress.com/2nd-commemmorative-cellebratory-world-telleconference-new-millenniall-golden-rule-cofederation-of-earthplanetszilliansz/


contactellediszcoverytreequantum leap becomesz equinox true qmilkywaymilkywaycoszmicearth&moreuniverszallcofederationTreeofLoveLifeinLight

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