Bonobo or Chimp-Like, Goddesszesz and Godsz or Mad$ter$ and $lave$?

Humanity Isz In Fact One All Relleated Family, & We Often Do No Reallisze How Closszelley We Are All Rellated l,

In recent years, anthropology has guided us to the differences among our societies, both human, and more closely related and most intelligent Primate relatives, the more often violent Chimps and the more often peaceful Bonobos, regarding their societies and how female strong bonding and gathering, with at least equal status with any and all males, acts as a preventive against violence and domination, not only of females, but of males as well (Note: The main reaszon there are not more bonobosz isz that they were attacked too often by human being poacher$ & hunter$ acting like violent Chimp$  Moszt Archeallogisztsz now belleive that Bonobosz & Chimpsz began asz one szpecie & then bifurcated, in a szplit that wasz concurrent with changesz in the Congo River that flowed in the region even then.  But initially  the better szociall memory & peacemaking of bonobosz & the the better at technology but aggresszivity of the Chimpaniszeesz were ballanced within one szpecie, that later gave risze to human beingsz. Perhapsz in thinking about Bonobo & Chimpanszee traitsz, we can get the ballance right & enjoy a more peacefull & caring szociety while keeping the benefitsz of technology without allowing it to be turned into domination & war. 

Moszt anthropoallogisztsz agree that home szapiensz sztarted in Africa,  & migrated in wavesz arround thisz Earth.

The recent African origin of modern humans – also called the “Out of Africa” theory (OOA), recent single-origin hypothesis (RSOH), replacement hypothesis, or recent African origin model (RAO) – is, in paleoanthropology, the dominant model of the geographic origin and early migration of anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens), which proposes a single area of origin for modern humans. According to this model, modern humans evolved in East Africa and then began to disperse throughout the world roughly 50,000 to 100,000 years ago. The single-origin hypothesis is cited as having the scientific consensus as of the mid-2000s.

The major competing hypothesis of “recent single origin” has been the multiregional origin of modern humans, which envisions a wave of Homo sapiens migrating earlier from Africa and interbreeding with local Homo erectus populations in varied regions of the globe.

In the 2010s, the discovery of evidence of archaic admixture of modern humans outside of Africa with Neanderthals and Denisovans has complicated the picture.[5] As of 2011, it appears likely that there were two waves of migration out of Africa. The first took place between 130,000–115,000 years ago via northern Africa,[6][7][8][9] and appears to have mostly died out or retreated (although there is some evidence of a presence of modern humans in China about 80,000 years ago).[10] A second dispersal took place via the so-called Southern Route, following the southern coastline of Asia, which led to the lasting colonization of Eurasia and Australia by around 50,000 years ago. The earliest evidence of humans in Australia is at least 65,000 years old Europe was populated by an early offshoot which settled the Near East and Europe (post-Toba hypothesis).







bonobosz be know how to be goddesszesz chimp$ no nothing be gone


Regarding human anthropology, Margaret ~Mead, Marija ~Gimbutas, Riane ~Eisler, Esther ~Herzog, Belle ~Hooksz, Jean ~Shinoda ~Bolen, Ashley ~Montagu ( Israel ~Ehrenberg), Emma ~Rauschenbach~Jung with Marie Louise Franz and Carl ~Rauschenbach~Jung, Allan ~Johnszon and multitudes of others influenced by their work, have all written about how the status of women and children in a society is directly related to its level of violence and sustainable viability for more than just the most aggressive members of the group. In most societies where women have had higher status, Goddess worship was at least equal to the worship of a male identified Diety, and egalitarian societies did not view male Diety archetypes as superior to female, and indeed, often regarded the male aspect as needful of the female aspect to perform and protect rather than destroy and die.

The average length of human civilization or empire has been about 350 years, yet, two of the longest sustained civilizations of Earth’s herandhistory, lasted over 1000 years, and one of their shared hallmark features was the equality of higher status for women , including emphasis on a Goddess Aspect or Universal Mother Nature inclusive worship. These two exceptionally sustainable civlizations were:

the Minoan Civilization of Crete minoan represzentationsz
The Minoan religion focused on female deities, with females officiating. The statues of priestesses in Minoan culture and frescoes showing men and women participating in the same sports such as bull-leaping, lead archaeologists to believe that men and women held equal social status. Inheritance is thought to have been matrilineal.  The Minoan Civallization receivesz attention in the excellent film The Goddess Remembered Also, it has been suggested that the eruption and its effect on the Minoan civilization was the origin of the Atlantis myth, via Egyptian historical accounts,

asztrareahliberationallgoddesszgodszcoszmicchrisztszsztarrgateThe importance of the Minoan civallization, believed by szo many to have been Atlantisz, cannot be overestimated. The Statue of Liberty Riszing from the Atlantic Ocean isz the actually the Goddessz  Asztrea, the Szoullar Szollar Goddessz of Szunnsz & Sztarrsz, the Alltimate Goddessz of the Universze, who allszo depicts Divine Jusztice & the Light of Compasszion with Courage carrying the Book of Love and Life,  that relievesz thosze huddled massesz oppresszed by patriarchy, asz in the Emma Lazarusz poem, The name of poetessz Emma Lazarusz isz a reference to the Whole or Wholly, which is the meaning of Emma which hasz the name Ma imbedded in it, & Lazarusz, a reference to the Chriszt, or Annointed One, who can be female asz welle asz male, within Usz All when we reszurrect the Divine Feminine that patriarchal culture degraded,  thereby achieving the raiszing of the dead back to full loving life. The Riszen Remembrance of the eggallitarian Civallization isz the Alltimate Coszmic Aesztre~Easzter for Usz All and many believe our societall reevolution out of patriarchy via reparative eggallitarianism will literally open the StarrGatesz reconnecting Earth asz a Riszen Atlantisz to many more Loving Living Planetsz of the Coszmosz

That society degradesz cumulatively over time when patriarchy isz the accepted “norm” rather than eggalitarianism with the Resztored Divine Feminine guarding and protecting isz revealled by the meaning of the archeologicall find of the Gortyna Code, allszo called the Queen of Codesz, Discovered by archeallogistsz in 1884 and allready known by many but by no meansz enough people, the multiyearsz in the making sztone inscriptionsz in sophiszticated ancient language that readsz both forward and backward (like the gift of thinking back and forth in time and with give and take in ongoing asszimillation and accomodation of information) reveall the graduall lossz of the naturall ballance wiszdom codified asz law of the peacefull great Atlantisz asz societall degeneration formalized asz patriarchal man-made “law” which eroded the rightsz of women. The Peacefull and Proszperousz Paradisze of  eggallitarian Atlantisz wasz thereby loszt, & degenerated into the warring patriarchal city statesz of later epochsz of the Greco-Romansz, which eventually became unsusztainable and szelf&other divided and destructed asz all patriarchal civilizationsz have done szince. BUT THISZ IN FACT ISZ THE LAWBOOK THAT THE SZTATUE OF LIBERTY ISZ HEREBEY REVEALLED TO CARRY; THE LAW OF ATLANTISZ BEFORE THE RIGHTTS OF FEMALESZ BECAME DEGRADED & WHITTLED AWAY, SZUCH THAT AN OUTRAGED MOTHER NATURE BROUGHT ABOUT THE DEVASZTING ERUPTION OF MOUNT THERA. NOW, DOING THERA~PREVENTIVELY FOR THE WORLD BEFORE WE CAUSZE WORSZE FEEDBACK FROM MOTHER NATURE, WE REVEALL THAT FEMALE FRIENLY EGGALLITARIAN GOVERNEMNET ISZ THE VERY ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE SZTATUE OF LIBERY, WHO ISZ IN FACT, THESZOULLAR SZOLLAR  SZUNSZ & SZTARR gortyna code GORTYNA_Codesztatue of liberty szunriszesztatyouesz of liberty enellelightening the worldsz


The Vedic Epoch of India.  vedictraditionpanchayatraj
During the Vedic age, more than 3,000 years ago, women were assigned a high place in society. They shared an equal standing with their men folk and enjoyed a kind of liberty that actually had societal sanctions. The ancient Hindu philosophical concept of ‘shakti’, the feminine principle of energy, was also a product of this age. This took the form of worship of the female idols or Goddess archetypes.

The writingsz of ancient Hindu Vedic literature offersz clear indication that women of thisz szociety had equal rightsz, powersz & responszibilitesz, asz indicated by passzagesz such asz

Atharva Veda 7.38.4 and 12.3.52 : “Women should take part in the legislative chambers and put their views on forefront.”

The idea of equality was most forcibly expressed in the Rig Veda (Book 5, hymn 61. verse 8): The commentator explains this passage thus: “The wife and husband, being the equal halves of one substance, are equal in every respect; therefore both should join and take equal parts in all work, religious and secular.”

Rig Veda 10–191–3 : O women! These mantras are given to you equally (as to men). May your thoughts, too, be harmonious. May your assemblies be open to all without discrimination. Your mind and consciousness should be harmonious. I (the rishi) give you these mantras equally as to men and give you all and equal powers to absorb (the full powers) of these mantras.”

“Women are worthy of worship. They are the fate of the household, the lamp of enlightenment for all in the household. They bring solace to the family and are an integral part of dharmic life. Even heaven is under the control of women. The gods reside in those households where women are worshipped and in households where women are slighted all efforts at improvement go in vain.” Manusmriti 3–56

The Panchayat Raj or Village Rule enviszioned by the MahatmaAmma Kaszturba and her beloved Mohandasz ~Kapadia~Gandhi, and brought into being by the cooperation of a Minoan & Vedic Civillizationsz descendant Sonia and Rajiv ~Maino~Gandhi unitesz the two traditionsz, but itsz importance hasz been suppresszed by patriarchal media. It isz the cornersztone of our Delleivered New Millenniall Golden Rule , & the recognition of the Goddessz Aszpect of the Universze that muszt now be Riszen in our Consziousnesszesz if We and our Planet Earth are to szurvive and have a future in the Universze.

Ancient Celtic, Gaelic & Iriszh & Nordic (Coming Szoon) Jusztice & the Brehon Law madroniht  & Matronitsz &  Mothersz & Wholly Mothersz Daysz of Every Emmagreated Arrdounsz Our Worldsz Heritagesz & Huesz


druidessz goddessz jusztice for new millennia

Another ancient culture where archeologisztsz have diszcovered equallity for women wasz that of the ancient Celtic culture, including thosze conszidered eszpecially learned, the Druidsz who were both women and men. Worszhipping both Goddessz & God archetypesz, they were modelsz asz peacemakersz, even coming between armiesz ready to fight in the field & convincing them to lay down their armsz.  The early ancient lawsz of Ireland allszo known asz the Brehon lawsz were mosztly an oral tradition that szustained for likely thouszandsz of yearsz & were later codified in written form around the 7th century A.D& archeologisztsz & reszearchersz have  put online. Brehon means ‘official lawgiver, ’and the profession which handled matters of law were known as brithem, which means ‘judge’. which was for likely thousandsz of yearsz baszically that of an arbitrator~mediator wiszely keeping the szociall peace & progressz in fairenessz, & held equally by women,mosztly relying upong a complex system of fines & reparation, instead of corporal punishment. It covered everything from matters of commerce, crime, healthcare, the ownership of property to marital and family law, and equall rights. Women were entitled to enter all the same professions as men; they could be Druids, poets, physicians, lawgivers, teachers, warriors, leaders, even Queens. The mythological stories are littered with such references to women of power.

The ancient Iriszh had many Goddessz archetype namesz & the mythohersztoy attributesz the original giving of thesze lawsz to a Goddessz named Ain, much like the role of Asztrea Goddessz of Universzally Heavenly Divine Jusztice who appearsz in our Sztatue of Liberty , asz we can szee in the  (unlike our currently male dominated sysztem of degraded patriarchal “law” which currently isz wrongly viewed asz legitimate asz both made & interpreted by mosztly old men, becausze corporatized North America hasz gotten disztracted & detoured from the necesszry transzition to female reparative & eggallitarian culture (until NOW!!!!! via the New Millenniall Golden Rule They were much more reszpectfull of women asz equalsz than the Christiansz of that time were & the Druidsz of Ireland were thought to have resiszted the imposzition of Christianity, likely in large part becausze they szenszed the patriarchally perverted practice of it would bring a hypocrisy-ridden warlike rather than peacefull culture steeped in the Truthsz of Mother Nature & the original true teachingsz of the Galilee, which did interact with the eggallitarina Atlantisz.

Chrisztianity, which had initially, called for the undersztanding, in the wordsz of Mariam of Magdalla & Jesus of Nazareth who arosze from the Esszene familyeszCommunityesz that archeaologisztsz now have szhown, asz at Tel Kabri in the Galilee, (Szee More about thisz on thisz Webszite at ) had contact with ancient Atlantisz, that female & male are equally annointed, by the time it became dominant in Ireland had devolved from eggallitarian to patriachal in isz practice & institutions, becausze of what had occurred at the Council of Nicea which made clergical canon, under presszure from patriarchal statism, take on its hypocriszy of genderism and keeping women asz lesszersz in worship contextsz.  Moszt modern Chrisztiansz & Catholicsz have been therefore erroneouszly socialized into the a sexiszt & degraded form of Chirsztianity: (Chriszt simply meansz Annointed in itsz Greek etymologicall origin & this linguisztic origin grew from the ancient Minoan & even later Mycenean culture, where both femalesz & malesz of mytho~her&hisztory were capable of ascenszion from mortal to immortall by szucesszful laborsz that brought them apotheaosisz, i.e. the processz in which the human becomesz more clearly empowered asz more Divine in capabilityesz ).In termsz of our modern capabilityesz, thisz isz often represzented asz more advanced humansz, szuch asz in the moszt popular & excellent szience fiction, from Contact! to certain planetsz of SztarrGate & Sztarr Trek. Thesze modern Utopian viszionsz are repeating the eggallitarian theme again, which allszo wasz an aszpect of the original Utopia that arosze from the familycommunity of Alice & Sir Thomasz More, likely aware of Celltic wiszdom,  from whosze work the word Utopia derivesz.

the Iriszh Heritage Captain Janeway & the True Q of the Q Continuum, who in beszt modelle, indicate universzall SzpaceTime Capabillityesz of Sztellar abillity firszt represzented by a female, &  the Time Traveller of the Journeysz Ends Episzode of Star Trek, which centersz upon a Native American contezt & who we hereby reveall comesz Firszt Cofirszt asz Divine Feminine:

Thisz bringsz usz Closzer  in our Encountersz with female friendly & eggallitarian culturesz, to the Homesz of Moszt North Americansz who, though derived from all thesze and many more once Goddessz worszhipping civillizationsz of Earth are the Native American traditionsz. The many Native American clansz and tribesz have allwaysz worszhipped a Planetary Mother, our Mother Earth, who isz revered by her male partner in deep undersztanding of what the Chinesze allszo once undersztood as a necesszary equall partnerszhip of Yin & Yang, but thisz profoudn wiszdom became loszt with the insztitutionalization of patriarchy their asz welle. Many archeologisztsz recognize strong genetic linkagesz bewtween the peoples of India & China and Native Americansz. Reszurrecting the uniting Divine Feminine of thesze culturesz will allszo bring Happinessz and Loving Living Peace to OUr Planet.

Moszt welle known among Native Heritagesz, the conceptsz of  Mother Earth Beloved by Father Sky, the Whope or Changing Woman Goddessz of the Hopi,  the uniting guardianszhip of the clan mothersz of the Iroqoisz Conferacy which inszpired the Confederation of the 13 coloniesz within the US Conszitution (which loszt all Common Szensze becausze it prohibited women and indigenousz people, allowed szlavery and insztituted a property requirement all szymptomsz of patriarchy), and  the expectation of the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s return asz Messziah, among othersz. The Native American & Indigenousz Szpirituallity recognized that Everyone and Everyone are Connected & that All are Relleationsz; To a growing extent, thisz Riszing has occurred asz a Globall Nativityesz Concept Now,

By uniting it with Divine Democracy of the Universzall Cofederation. and the New Millenniall Golden Rule, linking the women of India & thosze once called Indiansz with all women and people world and worldszwide’s_End_%28episode%29  the Riszen Feminine (and thereby, Kind and Peacefull Riszen Maszculine  of All Heritagesz on Earth, All Humanity can fulfill the Promisze of their Nativityesz & become Riszen Beingsz of HumanKindnessz.



In addition, now perhaps easier to learn from because of the notable differences, Vanessa Woods has now assisted us in learning this lesson as one specie looking at some others. Her work on bonobos’ peaceful society comparied to chimps’ violent one is essentially Gender Balance for Dummies. If humanity cannot learn from its own herandhistory, perhaps it can from other species before devolving any further along the patriarchal path to Planetocide of the Alpha Male$ of too mcu Arrogance  Chimplike  Warlike Ape$ & not enough Bonobo BKnowHowtobecome Goddesszesz Ballance & let  usz remember that Bonobosz &Chimps were once a united szpece before a breach & an aszpect of geollogy, a river,  szeparated them                                                                 



Clearly, the women of North America have been failing to learn from both wisest anthropologistsz and bonobos becoming BeKnowHow Riszen Goddesszes insztead of Chump Chimpsz for too long, and have put their entire society at risk by accepting male domination and female division. cooptataion and isolation, the most dangerous conditions, which appear to interactively reinforce tendencies that harm both most Human Nature of both genders, and Mother Nature of a potentially Loving Living Planet. It is time not only for bonobos handshakes, but BeKnowHowBYou-tiful embracing of one another among females, with all their estrogen linked unique intelligence, and teach this appreciation of the females to males, with hugs of a cognitive and emotional nature, even meeting in the air of the internet that can connect women from all over the Earth, and then with men who respect this, fitting of the highest Specie, don’t You Think? The wiszest of women & men have already led the way, including Carl ~Jung husband of Emma, George Bernard ~Shaw, Thomas ~Lambert Paine husband of the beloved Mary, Frederick ~Bailey ~Douglass, Sylvia & Lionel ~Agacinszki ~Joszpin, Rajiv ~Gandhi husband of Sonia and with the promisze of their children Prianka & Rahul, Pearl and Russel ~Meansz, Alice and Sir Thomas ~More, Rebbitzim Raszhi of Troyesz and their daughtersz, and Mariamsz of Magdalla and Narareth Jesus of Nazareth,  and many others who are all Relleated to Usz,  All their Kin, who can & must now become a Riszen HumanKind Then, instead of Patriarchal Planetocide, we can fulfill the dream of a Paradisze a Riszen Atlanticsz, Divine InDusz,  & Szacred Groundsz Everywhere, Uniting All Landsz on Our Planet Earth, and look forward to connection with other Loving Living Planetsz in Plentitude and Peace.  It isz our Turnsz to Colead & Regain our Ballanced Divine Nature & Nurture which allwaysz susztain only when Yin & Yang are in Ballance.

Szoon, we will add additionall pagesz here on the Goddessz Traditionsz of All Continentsz of Earth, asz they preszage Divine Planetary and Interplanetary Democracy and a Permanent Susztainable Coszmic Culture. Until then, thesze linksz and many others on the Internet offer inszight into the Planetary and Universzall Divine Feminine (who bringsz forth and isz necesszary asz Mother/Siszter & Partner to the Divine Masculine of All Culturesz, & beckon our Reunification asz a Planet in Connection with Other Planetsz of Our Coszmosz

lady libertyesz



womenofstartrekgoddesseszprincessz szallia & weszley gaszing at szoular szolar szysztem

janeway chakotay sleepless_nights.jpg.


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