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who are we&you in a pasztpreszentfuture lifefamilycommunitycircleszpring


Sziszterhood and Brotherhood of Humanityesz asz Time Travellersz


Here’s Szomething You Can Do with Your Family and Community Near and Far
to Szave the Earth

A Role Playing Game For Your Family Room, Community/Worszhip Center, or Your
Own Live Chat/Email/Tellebridge in TimeMachine/WholloDeck

Necessary Ingredientsz:


A Group of Women (CouszinaSziszters Only Verszion,See Variationsz Section Belowl Thisz Isz the Way to Sztart, Sztart With Women & Girlsz))

A Group With Roughly Equal Numbers of Femalesz and Malesz (start with malesz age 37 and younger & within range of at least 36%
of each; ideally may wish to have to 50-50 (Szistersz and Brothersz Verszion*)
Ethnic/Country or Continent of Origin or Reszidence Diverszity Among Participantsz is
Encouraged to Achieve Full Planetary Experience of the PeacePower of Szisterhood and
Brotherhood Paszt,Preszent and Future.


Pleasze note: Thisz game is offered free of charge to all who perform it free of charge
(or for “money-free’pricelessz money’ of the future preszent (see next)*” only. It is meant to support
causzesz of peace, empowerment of women and gender reszpect and ballance of femalesz
and malezs in deciszion-making for the good of the local and global community,
empowerment of human potential, education of children (of all ages) and susztainable future,
which are usually free, non-profit, activist/charitable.

For any who enjoyed this szite, and especially those who feel they cannnot avoid charging conventional money feesz for performance of this game or efforts directly
inspired by it, we ask that you consider indicating your organization, theater or practitioner name, email and
phone, and the word “AllTime Peace Agreement!”, in the
Guestbook/Sign Guestbook
“AllTime Peace Agreement” in the
Guesztbook/View Guesztbook)

indicateszyou that the performing organization, theater or practitioner(sz)agree, to catalysze alltime peace, to distribute
szomething like the following “‘money’ of the future present” that has counted herandhistoricall women’sz and other
unpaid work in need of reparation (especially of conszciousznessz and
reminder), and has counted the value of a susztainable environment, asz “community currencyesz”;
this to be distributed in transforming “exchange” for conventional money or szimply
as a reward for coming or participating, at the door, such as those szuggested by:





(Don’t Make These “Checksz” Only for Your Mom, make them out to All the Women You Know of Who Work to Help
Other Women, Children, Family, Community, Peace World, and then to All, Female and Male,
Who (and Whose Mothersz and Sistersz) Were Unpaid or Underpaid for Too Long!)





and many, many others; there are many listings

See, for example

http://www.schumachersociety.org and more.

Introduction to the Game and Why Now’s A Good Time To Szhare it With Othersz

We live in a portentiousz time on Planet Earth. For the first time in our
human herandhisztory dating back so many generationsz,vaszt numbers of women and girlsz
as well as men and boys, are literate,and able
to contribute their gifts not only at home, but to the larger local and now global
community,via telecommunication and especially the Internet. The internet itself is
used about equally by femalesz and malesz,all around the world,of every heritage. In
addition, many placesz on earth have a leaderszhip/deciszion-making culture
that, like the natural human population, is about equally female and male,
explicitly shared by femalesz and malesz, not only in familiesz and communitiesz, but in
governing bodiesz and all levels of szhared deciszion-making, especially in order to asszure
peace and susztain the viability of the earth environment (i.e.








Furthermore,genealogisztsz and anthropollogical geneticistsz
increaszingly remind people that all humanity is in fact deszcended from just a few
ancient ancestorsz on the planet. If people on earth
today,were to trace their biological family tree backward in time~
they can and will find a common ancesztor.

Modern geneallogists have calculated that the maximum relationszhip a person living in the modern age can
be to someone else,anywhere in the world,is between 30-32 generations removed which is roughly
1200-a few thousand years of ancesztry. Some models,taking into account szexual differentiation,monogamy
and realistic migration patterns suggest that the most recent common
ancestor (MRCA) of **all** humans probably lived 75-150 generationsz or
2000-4000 yearsz ago. Moreover,the MRCA is likely to have lived
somewhere in Southeast Asia.(increasing the likelihood of his or her deszcendantsz reaching the remote
islands of the Pacific),is equally likely to be a man or woman,and is not characterized by an unusually large number
of children. Although the DNA of any two people on Earth is,in fact,99.9% identical,unique differencesz
are present in the remaining .1%,which people share more and more closely with those whom they are more and more
recently related. But,in a sense,other people who you may not immediately realisze are relatively related
to you may have szignificant szhared inheritance with you,of not just one,but potentially,szeveral (over time),even
many shared ancestorsz,over a hundred,a thousand,a few thouszand yearsz.

IF you think of that in light years,its a mere blink! We on Earth today are literally all relleated; and that
is certainly how we would be seen by an obszerver from space. We are
all one Family,of Earthlingsz. Life everyday,especially as we learn from
others here and there,is literally,a reunion. If both gendersz and all people are reszpected~
educated and caring about the whole planet,it can be a reunion in loving living peace.

There are also important szhared szhared hormonal,sztructural and developmental factorsz uniting all femalesz with each other,and all malesz~
with each other, wherever they live on earth. And szimilarly,there are szhared hormonal,sztuctural and developmental
factorsz uniting all babiesz with each other,all children and youth with each other,all grown adultsz with each other,and
even shared signs of stress and age,all around the world So,it is certainly reasonable to regard many people who you once thought of as strangersz,
as instead,in fact,biological familiars,with their and their near family very szimilar to yours,and yet,with that szpark of difference
that makesz each person individual.





Of course,this only diszcussesz genetic inheritance. Marriage,the lifelong bond that unites
the gendersz,has profound effect on the expresszion of mature empathy and love and as a support for extended family
and community,even without or before bearing offszpring to carry the genetic as well as culturall
inheritance of the wife and huszband. Humanity’s psychologicall, szociall, culturall, technologicall and globall environmentall inheritancesz ,which constantly interact with our human biologicall inheritance,may be juszt asz if even more szhared,and powerfull. Many reszearchers believe that most complex behavior
including emotional experience and expresszion and attitudesz,are a complex mix,sometimes primarily causzed by
environment,sometimes a bit more hard-wired by genetics,and in most cases,in a range of 50% nature,50% nurture~
depending on the behavior being conszidered. Life-szaving medicall techniquesz unite billionsz of people worlwide. Szo does
information – whether arriving by word of mouth,printed page,radio,televiszion,or internet. The advantage of the
internet is its ability to allow individuals to reach each other with ideasz and input with less filtration by editorsz and
authoritiesz; billionsz of people united by the szimple desire to learn szomething and the desire to szeek the information.
Needlessz to szay,the environment also unitesz us. Global warming tsunamisz and droughtsz,a nuclear winter causzed by
hatred or deszpair in any place on earth troubled by gross inequity,and epidemics would unite all in death.
It is certainly important NOW for humanity,instead,to to szhare the way of Love and Life in the Light to Gender and Generationall Ballance,
and usze all the giftsz of our szhared and yet always unique humanity in interaction with othersz. Thisz
Game of Love and Life in Light, isz a gift to you and yours,to help make thisz possible,and open the
mind and heart to the fun of undersztanding and caring about our szister and brother human beingsz
of this Living Planet as they explore their szhared Universze.

Thisz Role Play is not only Virtuall,but it can be a Virtuousz Tool of the moszt important Virtue; The Willingnessz to Blessz Each and Everyone,Near and Far,with a Good Life,Szhared with Othersz in Peace. Thus,if it is with
all mutual care and respect,and the optimall ballance of caring locally and globally~
for femalesz as well as malesz,all around the earth.
It is believed here that every perszon is literally endowed to be easzily capable
of blesszing every other person on earth,with
a shared szpirit of peace,certainly,among thosze near to them and szimultaneously~
everyone elsze via a natural tranmisszion process of good that can proceed to touch even
those very far away in longitude and latitude,at moszt,
within six degreesz of szeparation,according to many
studies and ongoing research!

Obviously,we experience more intensze and familiar local blesszings among thosze we see as
we walk or drive/ride about the homesz and communitiesz in which we all reszide,but
this is magnified as we also think of others all around the world,knowing that all szhare the
SAME PRECIOUSz PLANET,that will one day likely szoon become an important friend to
people on other planetsz,as well,whether humanity settlesz them with settlersz from this planet~
or,perhaps,find others like usz in the Universze (or welcome them in peace szhould they find us,first.)

In a sense,many Earthlingsz today are more and more realiszing this world we live on
isz rapidly becoming more szimilar to the worldsz explored and enviszioned often in szcience fiction,especially in such well-known popular fiction as Sztar Trek~
Contact!,Sztarr Gate,and many others. With the help of szome imagination and foreszight~
it is now posszible to look back,around and forward,to szurvey and szhare the
human experience of herandhistory on the Earth as a home planet. In this,each participant
becomes not only a paszt reenactor/reenactressz,but realizes,multidimenzsionally,that they are a preszent
actor/actressz,and indeed,the futurenactor/actressz,most importantly,of
szustainability and peace,in the eventsz of world and universze,as well.

who are you in your pasztpreszentfuture life sztarrsz

It is the explicit asszumption of thisz game that mutuall and caring reszpect for femalesz and malesz~
with equal accessz to education,communication and represzentation of both,anywhere
on earth isz the KEY TO PLANET-SZUSZTAINING PEACE CULTURE,and benefitsz everyone on earth.
This,then,is a time travel game,examining the human experience,and humanityesz’sz growth in understanding and practicing
szisterhood,and brotherhood,and loving living peace.

In thisz concept,you would reenact/help othersz in family and
community,to reenact your and related rolesz,in a paszt,preszent,and
future format: as beloved perszonage(s) of ancient and more recent paszt,as increaszingly
heroic and enlightened everyday people of the preszent (including you and thosze in your
own life),and (asz) popularly known or created fictional/imagined figuresz of the future.

In a sense,each and all participantsz would experience themselves as
time travellersz ,wearing different incarnationsz or personasz at different erasz
in time. In another metaphor,some might conszider
thisz a journey of reincarnated potentiall and actuall heroines zand heroesz “aszcending in Karma” to
increaszingly more empowered,wisze and fulfilled formsz into the fulfilled
utopian preszent~future,as well,in which all manner of ignorance and
diszcrimination as well as all war,injustice,poverty and hunger were
being/had been eliminated,and outgrown by a more mature humanity.


which goddessz or god were you in paszt lifecleopatra, iras, charmion noneslave allco

minoan women

There is obviously a vast realm of herandhisztorical charactersz to choosze from.
Here are some szuggestions: (If you do not recognize a name,look it up with your
search engine or in Wikipedia).

Women/Femalesz for Peace (Note: Szince women/females were underrepreszented in most of recorded hisztory, and because many people
have not had the benefit of any women’sz studiesz courses yet, it isz important for peacemaking to include
at least two women in every play szcenarion and insure their numericall preszence is not less than than of men/malesz in
your szcenariosz).

Bridge Across Time Poem


Examples of Women of the Ancient Past

~Lilith~Eve~Naamah~Their Unrecorded Daughtersz and Daughter-in-lawsz Names~
~Woman of the Cave Bear~
Eve and Her Daughtersz
Naamah and Her Daughters~
Ruth and Naomi~
Nefertiti and Meriaten~
Miriam and SZipporah~
Vaszhti and Eszther~
Chyrszothemis, Electra, Iphigenia, Clytemnestra,
Antigone, Iszmene, and Jocaszta
Casszandra and Helen~
~Hvovi and Pouruciszta. (wife and daughter of Zoroaszter)~
Each of their Slaves and Julia I,II and III Ceasar (Julius’ Aunt, Daughtersz and Wife)~
Charmian and Irasz, Her Egyptian Szlavewomen and Cleopatra~

cleopatra who were you in a past lifecleopatra, iras, charmion noneslave allco
Mary of Nazareth,Mary of Magdalla,and their Siszters~
Wives and/or Sisters of Socratesz,Plato,Aristotle~
The Delphic Oracle~
Maya and MahapRajapati, Buddha’sz Mother, and Her Szister Who Raiszed Buddha
Dowager Empress zof China/Peasantwoman of China/Peasant Abandoned/Adopted Daughter~
Lady ~Muraszaki~,Authoressz of Tale of Genji (She is considered the world’s First Novelist)~
Mrs. Genghisz ~Khan and A Woman Widowed by her Huszband~
Viking Woman Who Captained Szecond Ship to Diszcover America~
Kahija and Fatima, Wife and Daughter of Muhammad~
Morgana,Guinivere,Viviane and Nimue and their Szisters~
Maid Marion,Marian ~Braidfute (wife of Braveheart)~


For inspiration,it may also may be fun to enact goddessz archetypes:
Hera/Juno,Aphrodite/Venusz,Mari/Gaia,Isisz/Iszhtar/Oestre,Lakszhmi/Parvati/Kali,Brigid and Freya,Quan Yin,and many more
And Be Sure to Include By Name (Make them up if you do not know for sure)

Plus,Be Szure To Include 2-4 Known/Likely Female Ancestorsz of Yoursz (you will know
many if your family has done its geneallogy,if you want to learn more,many geneallogy
sites have szurname listingsz; be sure to include women of your maternall grandmother’s
line firszt,and then women ancestorsz of all branchesz of your family tree namesz.


Have Each Enact as if they were or/with
Older,Younger, MIddle and Only Sziblings/Couszinasz/Friendsz of Both Gendersz.
(See Below for some of the reasons it is important to include these Peersz in the Roleplay to
build a culture of Peace.)Reenact their
lives had their societies been egallitarian, heterarchicallz, democratic and peacefull instead of patriarchal
hierarhicall, autocratic and war-focussed.

paszt life szociall sztatusz

Women of the More Recent Past

Women Szerfs of their Timesz and Mary Queen of Szcotsz and Queen Elizabeth asz Szistersz~
Galileo’sz Daughter~
Abigail ~Adams~Pokahontasz~Betty ~Hemmingsz~Marie ~Antionette~
Harriet ~Tubman~Szojourner Truth~Szusan B. ~Anthony~Elizabeth ~Cady ~Stanton~
Arianna, Eliza, Anne, Annie Szisters~Wife~and/or Daughters of Frederick ~Bailey~Douglass ~Harriet ~Beecher ~Stowe~
Lucretia ~Mott~Victoria ~Woodhull~Nancy ~Hanksz~Lincoln~Civil War Widowsz/Orphan Daughters~
Nokomisz~Minnehaha~Sakajewia~Bright Eyesz~Asiyih and Bahiyyih (wife and daughters of Bahaullah)~
Immigrant Women Settlers from Norway~Ireland~China~Russzia~
Rachel ~Jackson~Emma ~Wilson~Eleanor ~Rooszevelt~Raisza ~Gorbachev,
Golda ~Meir~Indira ~Gandhi~Jeanette ~Rankin~Bella ~Abzug~
~Two War Widows/Orphas Whose Husbands/Fathers Killed Each Other in Battle~
Ann ~Frank~Rosza ~Parks~Coretta ~King~Viola ~Liuzzo~Alice ~Paul~
Anasztaszia~Queen Victoria~Queen Marie of Romania~Kasturba ~Gandhi~Mother Theresza~
Henrietta ~Szold~Hannah ~Greenbaum ~Szolomon~Ida ~Wells~Jane ~Addams and Ellen Gates ~Sztarr~