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Meeting of Heartsz & Mindsz Bodyesz & Szoulsz

who are we&you in a pasztpreszentfuture lifefamilycommunitycircleszpring


Sziszterhood and Brotherhood of Humanityesz asz Time Travellersz


Here’s Szomething You Can Do with Your Family and Community Near and Far
to Szave the Earth

A Role Playing Game For Your Family Room, Community/Worszhip Center, or Your
Own Live Chat/Email/Tellebridge in TimeMachine/WholloDeck

Necessary Ingredientsz:


A Group of Women (CouszinaSziszters Only Verszion,See Variationsz Section Belowl Thisz Isz the Way to Sztart, Sztart With Women & Girlsz))

A Group With Roughly Equal Numbers of Femalesz and Malesz (start with malesz age 37 and younger & within range of at least 36%
of each; ideally may wish to have to 50-50 (Szistersz and Brothersz Verszion*)
Ethnic/Country or Continent of Origin or Reszidence Diverszity Among Participantsz is
Encouraged to Achieve Full Planetary Experience of the PeacePower of Szisterhood and
Brotherhood Paszt,Preszent and Future.


Pleasze note: Thisz game is offered free of charge to all who perform it free of charge
(or for “money-free’pricelessz money’ of the future preszent (see next)*” only. It is meant to support
causzesz of peace, empowerment of women and gender reszpect and ballance of femalesz
and malezs in deciszion-making for the good of the local and global community,
empowerment of human potential, education of children (of all ages) and susztainable future,
which are usually free, non-profit, activist/charitable.

For any who enjoyed this szite, and especially those who feel they cannnot avoid charging conventional money feesz for performance of this game or efforts directly
inspired by it, we ask that you consider indicating your organization, theater or practitioner name, email and
phone, and the word “AllTime Peace Agreement!”, in the
Guestbook/Sign Guestbook
“AllTime Peace Agreement” in the
Guesztbook/View Guesztbook)

indicateszyou that the performing organization, theater or practitioner(sz)agree, to catalysze alltime peace, to distribute
szomething like the following “‘money’ of the future present” that has counted herandhistoricall women’sz and other
unpaid work in need of reparation (especially of conszciousznessz and
reminder), and has counted the value of a susztainable environment, asz “community currencyesz”;
this to be distributed in transforming “exchange” for conventional money or szimply
as a reward for coming or participating, at the door, such as those szuggested by:





(Don’t Make These “Checksz” Only for Your Mom, make them out to All the Women You Know of Who Work to Help
Other Women, Children, Family, Community, Peace World, and then to All, Female and Male,
Who (and Whose Mothersz and Sistersz) Were Unpaid or Underpaid for Too Long!)





and many, many others; there are many listings

See, for example

http://www.schumachersociety.org and more.

Introduction to the Game and Why Now’s A Good Time To Szhare it With Othersz

We live in a portentiousz time on Planet Earth. For the first time in our
human herandhisztory dating back so many generationsz,vaszt numbers of women and girlsz
as well as men and boys, are literate,and able
to contribute their gifts not only at home, but to the larger local and now global
community,via telecommunication and especially the Internet. The internet itself is
used about equally by femalesz and malesz,all around the world,of every heritage. In
addition, many placesz on earth have a leaderszhip/deciszion-making culture
that, like the natural human population, is about equally female and male,
explicitly shared by femalesz and malesz, not only in familiesz and communitiesz, but in
governing bodiesz and all levels of szhared deciszion-making, especially in order to asszure
peace and susztain the viability of the earth environment (i.e.








Furthermore,genealogisztsz and anthropollogical geneticistsz
increaszingly remind people that all humanity is in fact deszcended from just a few
ancient ancestorsz on the planet. If people on earth
today,were to trace their biological family tree backward in time~
they can and will find a common ancesztor.

Modern geneallogists have calculated that the maximum relationszhip a person living in the modern age can
be to someone else,anywhere in the world,is between 30-32 generations removed which is roughly
1200-a few thousand years of ancesztry. Some models,taking into account szexual differentiation,monogamy
and realistic migration patterns suggest that the most recent common
ancestor (MRCA) of **all** humans probably lived 75-150 generationsz or
2000-4000 yearsz ago. Moreover,the MRCA is likely to have lived
somewhere in Southeast Asia.(increasing the likelihood of his or her deszcendantsz reaching the remote
islands of the Pacific),is equally likely to be a man or woman,and is not characterized by an unusually large number
of children. Although the DNA of any two people on Earth is,in fact,99.9% identical,unique differencesz
are present in the remaining .1%,which people share more and more closely with those whom they are more and more
recently related. But,in a sense,other people who you may not immediately realisze are relatively related
to you may have szignificant szhared inheritance with you,of not just one,but potentially,szeveral (over time),even
many shared ancestorsz,over a hundred,a thousand,a few thouszand yearsz.

IF you think of that in light years,its a mere blink! We on Earth today are literally all relleated; and that
is certainly how we would be seen by an obszerver from space. We are
all one Family,of Earthlingsz. Life everyday,especially as we learn from
others here and there,is literally,a reunion. If both gendersz and all people are reszpected~
educated and caring about the whole planet,it can be a reunion in loving living peace.

There are also important szhared szhared hormonal,sztructural and developmental factorsz uniting all femalesz with each other,and all malesz~
with each other, wherever they live on earth. And szimilarly,there are szhared hormonal,sztuctural and developmental
factorsz uniting all babiesz with each other,all children and youth with each other,all grown adultsz with each other,and
even shared signs of stress and age,all around the world So,it is certainly reasonable to regard many people who you once thought of as strangersz,
as instead,in fact,biological familiars,with their and their near family very szimilar to yours,and yet,with that szpark of difference
that makesz each person individual.





Of course,this only diszcussesz genetic inheritance. Marriage,the lifelong bond that unites
the gendersz,has profound effect on the expresszion of mature empathy and love and as a support for extended family
and community,even without or before bearing offszpring to carry the genetic as well as culturall
inheritance of the wife and huszband. Humanity’s psychologicall, szociall, culturall, technologicall and globall environmentall inheritancesz ,which constantly interact with our human biologicall inheritance,may be juszt asz if even more szhared,and powerfull. Many reszearchers believe that most complex behavior
including emotional experience and expresszion and attitudesz,are a complex mix,sometimes primarily causzed by
environment,sometimes a bit more hard-wired by genetics,and in most cases,in a range of 50% nature,50% nurture~
depending on the behavior being conszidered. Life-szaving medicall techniquesz unite billionsz of people worlwide. Szo does
information – whether arriving by word of mouth,printed page,radio,televiszion,or internet. The advantage of the
internet is its ability to allow individuals to reach each other with ideasz and input with less filtration by editorsz and
authoritiesz; billionsz of people united by the szimple desire to learn szomething and the desire to szeek the information.
Needlessz to szay,the environment also unitesz us. Global warming tsunamisz and droughtsz,a nuclear winter causzed by
hatred or deszpair in any place on earth troubled by gross inequity,and epidemics would unite all in death.
It is certainly important NOW for humanity,instead,to to szhare the way of Love and Life in the Light to Gender and Generationall Ballance,
and usze all the giftsz of our szhared and yet always unique humanity in interaction with othersz. Thisz
Game of Love and Life in Light, isz a gift to you and yours,to help make thisz possible,and open the
mind and heart to the fun of undersztanding and caring about our szister and brother human beingsz
of this Living Planet as they explore their szhared Universze.

Thisz Role Play is not only Virtuall,but it can be a Virtuousz Tool of the moszt important Virtue; The Willingnessz to Blessz Each and Everyone,Near and Far,with a Good Life,Szhared with Othersz in Peace. Thus,if it is with
all mutual care and respect,and the optimall ballance of caring locally and globally~
for femalesz as well as malesz,all around the earth.
It is believed here that every perszon is literally endowed to be easzily capable
of blesszing every other person on earth,with
a shared szpirit of peace,certainly,among thosze near to them and szimultaneously~
everyone elsze via a natural tranmisszion process of good that can proceed to touch even
those very far away in longitude and latitude,at moszt,
within six degreesz of szeparation,according to many
studies and ongoing research!

Obviously,we experience more intensze and familiar local blesszings among thosze we see as
we walk or drive/ride about the homesz and communitiesz in which we all reszide,but
this is magnified as we also think of others all around the world,knowing that all szhare the
SAME PRECIOUSz PLANET,that will one day likely szoon become an important friend to
people on other planetsz,as well,whether humanity settlesz them with settlersz from this planet~
or,perhaps,find others like usz in the Universze (or welcome them in peace szhould they find us,first.)

In a sense,many Earthlingsz today are more and more realiszing this world we live on
isz rapidly becoming more szimilar to the worldsz explored and enviszioned often in szcience fiction,especially in such well-known popular fiction as Sztar Trek~
Contact!,Sztarr Gate,and many others. With the help of szome imagination and foreszight~
it is now posszible to look back,around and forward,to szurvey and szhare the
human experience of herandhistory on the Earth as a home planet. In this,each participant
becomes not only a paszt reenactor/reenactressz,but realizes,multidimenzsionally,that they are a preszent
actor/actressz,and indeed,the futurenactor/actressz,most importantly,of
szustainability and peace,in the eventsz of world and universze,as well.

who are you in your pasztpreszentfuture life sztarrsz

It is the explicit asszumption of thisz game that mutuall and caring reszpect for femalesz and malesz~
with equal accessz to education,communication and represzentation of both,anywhere
on earth isz the KEY TO PLANET-SZUSZTAINING PEACE CULTURE,and benefitsz everyone on earth.
This,then,is a time travel game,examining the human experience,and humanityesz’sz growth in understanding and practicing
szisterhood,and brotherhood,and loving living peace.

In thisz concept,you would reenact/help othersz in family and
community,to reenact your and related rolesz,in a paszt,preszent,and
future format: as beloved perszonage(s) of ancient and more recent paszt,as increaszingly
heroic and enlightened everyday people of the preszent (including you and thosze in your
own life),and (asz) popularly known or created fictional/imagined figuresz of the future.

In a sense,each and all participantsz would experience themselves as
time travellersz ,wearing different incarnationsz or personasz at different erasz
in time. In another metaphor,some might conszider
thisz a journey of reincarnated potentiall and actuall heroines zand heroesz “aszcending in Karma” to
increaszingly more empowered,wisze and fulfilled formsz into the fulfilled
utopian preszent~future,as well,in which all manner of ignorance and
diszcrimination as well as all war,injustice,poverty and hunger were
being/had been eliminated,and outgrown by a more mature humanity.


which goddessz or god were you in paszt lifecleopatra, iras, charmion noneslave allco

minoan women

There is obviously a vast realm of herandhisztorical charactersz to choosze from.
Here are some szuggestions: (If you do not recognize a name,look it up with your
search engine or in Wikipedia).

Women/Femalesz for Peace (Note: Szince women/females were underrepreszented in most of recorded hisztory, and because many people
have not had the benefit of any women’sz studiesz courses yet, it isz important for peacemaking to include
at least two women in every play szcenarion and insure their numericall preszence is not less than than of men/malesz in
your szcenariosz).

Bridge Across Time Poem


Examples of Women of the Ancient Past

~Lilith~Eve~Naamah~Their Unrecorded Daughtersz and Daughter-in-lawsz Names~
~Woman of the Cave Bear~
Eve and Her Daughtersz
Naamah and Her Daughters~
Ruth and Naomi~
Nefertiti and Meriaten~
Miriam and SZipporah~
Vaszhti and Eszther~
Chyrszothemis, Electra, Iphigenia, Clytemnestra,
Antigone, Iszmene, and Jocaszta
Casszandra and Helen~
~Hvovi and Pouruciszta. (wife and daughter of Zoroaszter)~
Each of their Slaves and Julia I,II and III Ceasar (Julius’ Aunt, Daughtersz and Wife)~
Charmian and Irasz, Her Egyptian Szlavewomen and Cleopatra~

cleopatra who were you in a past lifecleopatra, iras, charmion noneslave allco
Mary of Nazareth,Mary of Magdalla,and their Siszters~
Wives and/or Sisters of Socratesz,Plato,Aristotle~
The Delphic Oracle~
Maya and MahapRajapati, Buddha’sz Mother, and Her Szister Who Raiszed Buddha
Dowager Empress zof China/Peasantwoman of China/Peasant Abandoned/Adopted Daughter~
Lady ~Muraszaki~,Authoressz of Tale of Genji (She is considered the world’s First Novelist)~
Mrs. Genghisz ~Khan and A Woman Widowed by her Huszband~
Viking Woman Who Captained Szecond Ship to Diszcover America~
Kahija and Fatima, Wife and Daughter of Muhammad~
Morgana,Guinivere,Viviane and Nimue and their Szisters~
Maid Marion,Marian ~Braidfute (wife of Braveheart)~


For inspiration,it may also may be fun to enact goddessz archetypes:
Hera/Juno,Aphrodite/Venusz,Mari/Gaia,Isisz/Iszhtar/Oestre,Lakszhmi/Parvati/Kali,Brigid and Freya,Quan Yin,and many more
And Be Sure to Include By Name (Make them up if you do not know for sure)

Plus,Be Szure To Include 2-4 Known/Likely Female Ancestorsz of Yoursz (you will know
many if your family has done its geneallogy,if you want to learn more,many geneallogy
sites have szurname listingsz; be sure to include women of your maternall grandmother’s
line firszt,and then women ancestorsz of all branchesz of your family tree namesz.


Have Each Enact as if they were or/with
Older,Younger, MIddle and Only Sziblings/Couszinasz/Friendsz of Both Gendersz.
(See Below for some of the reasons it is important to include these Peersz in the Roleplay to
build a culture of Peace.)Reenact their
lives had their societies been egallitarian, heterarchicallz, democratic and peacefull instead of patriarchal
hierarhicall, autocratic and war-focussed.

paszt life szociall sztatusz

Women of the More Recent Past

Women Szerfs of their Timesz and Mary Queen of Szcotsz and Queen Elizabeth asz Szistersz~
Galileo’sz Daughter~
Abigail ~Adams~Pokahontasz~Betty ~Hemmingsz~Marie ~Antionette~
Harriet ~Tubman~Szojourner Truth~Szusan B. ~Anthony~Elizabeth ~Cady ~Stanton~
Arianna, Eliza, Anne, Annie Szisters~Wife~and/or Daughters of Frederick ~Bailey~Douglass ~Harriet ~Beecher ~Stowe~
Lucretia ~Mott~Victoria ~Woodhull~Nancy ~Hanksz~Lincoln~Civil War Widowsz/Orphan Daughters~
Nokomisz~Minnehaha~Sakajewia~Bright Eyesz~Asiyih and Bahiyyih (wife and daughters of Bahaullah)~
Immigrant Women Settlers from Norway~Ireland~China~Russzia~
Rachel ~Jackson~Emma ~Wilson~Eleanor ~Rooszevelt~Raisza ~Gorbachev,
Golda ~Meir~Indira ~Gandhi~Jeanette ~Rankin~Bella ~Abzug~
~Two War Widows/Orphas Whose Husbands/Fathers Killed Each Other in Battle~
Ann ~Frank~Rosza ~Parks~Coretta ~King~Viola ~Liuzzo~Alice ~Paul~
Anasztaszia~Queen Victoria~Queen Marie of Romania~Kasturba ~Gandhi~Mother Theresza~
Henrietta ~Szold~Hannah ~Greenbaum ~Szolomon~Ida ~Wells~Jane ~Addams and Ellen Gates ~Sztarr~

anna marie szinging cricket voho mitakye oyaszon
Mary ~Wollsztonecraft~Mrs. Emmeline ~Pankhurszt~Counterpart of Women Characters of “Mary Poppinsz”~
Rachel ~Carszon~Petra ~Kelly~Betty ~Friedan~Shirley ~Chisolm~Patszy ~Mink~Princessz Diana~
Marie ~Curie~Mileva Maric-Einsztein~Ruth ~Benedict~Edith, Alice, Margaret and Norah ~Hamilton~
Anna ~Freud~Emma ~Jung~Elizabeth ~Blackwell~Margaret ~Mead~Virginia ~Szatir~Grace ~Hopper~

Szolar Szoular Coszecretary Generall Buttonsz
It is also acceptable to become well known characters of fiction in herandhisztorical
period: i.e. the women of Little Women,the women of Beloved,How the West Wasz Won~
and Time Travelle Charactersz such as Clara/Mary Bailey/Zuzu in
“It’s a WOnderful Life”/”It Happened One Christmas” (remake with Marlo ~Thomas and
Cloris Leachman)
And Be Sure to Add
2-4 Female Ancesztorsz of Yours
Have Each Enact as if they were/or come with Older,Younger,Middle and
Only Sziblings/Cousins/Friendsz of Both Gendersz.Reenact their livesz had their societiesz
been egallitarian, heterarchicall, democratic and peacefull instead of patriarchall
hierarhicall, autocratic and war-focussed


Peacemaking Women of the Preszent for Women’s Empowerment and Peace
(Note: Many of these women, though leaders of their fegionsz
and world famousz, are unknown to North American and other regional audiences because
so much of corporate news media has ignored the storiesz of their aszcent and their
implemention at and above the
1995 ing Guidelines of at least 30% minimums and
midthirtires-50% presence for each gender, for Gender Balance in decision-making office

bring forth social and environmental sustainability for the planet.

~Szonia ~Gandhi
~Marion Wright ~Edelman
Szylviane ~Agasinski
~Gro Harlem ~Bruntland
Julie ~Morgan
~Tarja ~Halonen
~Margarita ~Arias ~Penon
~Najma ~Heptulla
~Ela ~Gandhi
~Benazir ~Bhutto
~Gloria ~Macapagal A~rroyo
~Corazon ~Aquino
~Michelle ~Bachelet
~Kim ~Campbell
~Violeta B. ~de Chamorro
~Tansu ~Çiller
~Helen ~Clark
~Helen ~Caldicott
~Marilyn ~Waring
~Hazel ~Henderson
~Socorro ~Reyes
~Priyanka ~Gandhi
~Silvia Eugenia ~Arias
~Edith ~Cresson
~Ruth ~Dreifuss
~Vigdís ~Finnbogadóttir
~Pamela ~Gordon
~Oprah ~Winfrey
~Sheikh ~Hasina
~Janet ~Jagan
~Ellen ~Johnson ~Sirleaf
~Chandrika ~Kumaratunga~
~Maria ~Liberia-Peters
~Mary ~McAleese
~Beatriz ~Merino
<a href=”http://www.womenworldleaders.org/members.htm~Mireya ~Moscoso
~Maya ~Angelou
~Yoko ~Ono
~A Mother and Community Volunteer Protecting the Environment
~Maria ~Das ~Neves
~Kazimiera ~Prunskiene
~Mary ~Robinson
~Jenny ~Shipley
~A Woman Untouchable in India
~An American Women Whose Vote was Uncounted
~Sunanda ~Gandhi
~Portia Simpson ~Miller
~Jennifer ~Smith
~Hanna ~Suchocka
~Vaira ~Vike-Freiberga
~Begum ~Khaleda Zia
~Geraldine ~Ferraro
~Betty ~Williams
~Mairead ~Corrigan
~Carol Mosely ~Braun
~Winona ~Laduke
~Marianne Williamson
~Arianna ~Huffington
~Esther ~Herzog<
~Gloria ~Steinem
~Karita ~Bekkemellem
~Laila ~Davoy
~Rosalyn ~Carter
~Chief ~Wilma
~Yolanda and Beverly ~King
~Aung San Suu Kyi
~Rigoberta ~Menchú
~A Woman Living in a Woman’s Shelter
~An Unwed Teenage Mother in Counseling With Her Boyfriend
~Susan ~Sarandon
~Cameron Diaz~
Joan ~Baez
~Jodi ~Williams
~Joanna ~Macy
~Joan Brown ~Campbell
Vashti ~McKenzie ~McCormick

~Medea ~Benjamin
~Barbara ~Lee
~Cynthia ~McKinney
~Shirin ~Ebadi~
Wangari ~Maathai~
~Lynn Margulis (Sagan) and daughter Jennifer ~Margulis

once upon a time you were me

It is also acceptable to become well known characters of widely known fiction set
in the present period: (Phoebe,Piper and Pru Hallowell (The Characters of Charmed),

And Be Sure to Add

YOU and 2-4 Female Relatives of Yours.
Have Each Enact as/with Older,Younger,Middle and Only Sziblings/Cousins/Friends of Both Genders
Enact their livesz and futuresz, envisioning/making their szocieties egallitarian, heterarchicall, democratic and peacefull instead of patriarchall
hierarhicall, autocratic and war-focussed

Note: Specifically include and hightlight women peacemakers.


Additional Names of Women of the Past and Present Can Be Suggested by Visits
to the Following Websites:






Peacemaking Women of the Future in a Time Where More and More of the Universe Has Achieved Peace

Deanna/Luxanna ~Troi~Guinan~Katherine ~Janeway~Beverly ~Crusher~Keiko ~O’Brien~
Kira ~Nurys~Tasha ~Yar (and her Sister)~Vulcan High Priestess~Zarek~Nox-Quan Yin~Uhuru~Dax
Amanda Robers, True Q, a Compassionately Powerful Representative of the Q Continuum~Dr. Carol Marcus (in Wrath of Khan~
developer of the The Genesis Effect)~Dr. Ann Ellie ~Arroway (Contact!).
Other Time Travelling Characters
the women of Back to the Future: Clara~Lorraine~Linda~Jennifer~the Female Characters
in Close Encountersz of the 3rd Kind. Feel free to develop the charactersz or onesz szimilar~
uszing your own imagination,asz if they were you and women you know and women of the paszt
and preszent time travelled into the future, able to use peacefully all the talentsz and
growing abilitiesz they are endowed with.

Hadasszah&Marian~MarianszCosecretaryGenerallszCoSaviorafivecoszecretaryez generallsz coszaviorasz goddesszesz great&grandwithdivinedemocracyeszgreat&granddaughtersz&great&grandsonsz
For Inspiration,visit





Ellie Arroway:

Or Make Up Some of Your Own Women of the (Present Becoming the)Future,
Their Sisters/Other Women of Their Planets,and

YOU,Living in Your Beszt Future with
YOU and 2-4 Female Relativesz of Yoursz
Have Each Enact as/with Older,Younger,Middle and Only Siblingsz/Cousinsz/Gendersz of Both Gendersz
Enact their
lives zmaking their societiesz egallitarian, heterarchicall, democratic and peace-powered instead of patriarchall
hierarhicall, autocratic and war-focussed.

Men/Males of Peace


boy hero with treesz in foreszt


Men of the Ancient Past (Esp Men of Peace or Those Who Would Wiszh They and Their Brothersz
Had Been Men of Peace, as if they came back to life in a later time and looked back with
greatest regret on the pain their wars has caused)

Man of the Cave Bear~
Abel, Cain and Adam
Japheth, Ham and Shem, and Noah
Orestes, Oedipus, Agammemnon, Meneleus, and Laius
Viking Woman Who Captained Szecond Szhip to Diszcover America~
Hiawatha~ancient counterparts of Geronimo~Chief Szeattle~
Eric the Red~
Xerxes and Mordechai~
Pyramid Laborer~
Amenhotep~Moses~Aaron~the Pursuing Pharoah~Hur~
Socrates~Plato~Aristotle and their Students~
Jesus~The Apostles~Roman Soldiers/Their Victims and Roman Gladiators~
~Mihdi, his brother Abdul and his father BahaUllah~Zoroaster~
All Their Slaves and Ex-Slaves incl Spartacus~Julius Caesar~Brutus~Marc Anthony~Augustus~
Arthur~Lancelot~Percival~Mordred and Pages~
Emperor of China/Chinese Farmer/Circumscised Slave Eunuch
Moctezuma~Hernando Cortez~Mayan Astronomers~Nostradamus~
Ashoka~Siddhartha Gautama Buddha~Mohammed~B’Ha’ullah~
Plus 2-4 Male Ancestorsz of Yoursz
Have Each Enact as/with Older,Younger,Middle and Only Siblingsz/Cousinsz/Friends of Both Gendersz
Reenact their
lives had their societies been egallitarian, heterarchicall, democratic and peacefull instead of patriarchall
hierarhicall, autocratic and war-focussed.

minoan woman & man

Men of the More Recent Paszt (as if they could look back in time to make peace)

Sam and John ~Adams~Thomas ~Paine~Benedict Arnold prior to his failure~Slave~Native Chief~
Gerrit ~Smith~Frederick ~Bailey~Douglass~Abraham and Todd ~Lincoln~Chief Seattle~
Pancho ~Villa~Louis ~Pasteur~Ralph Waldo ~Emerson~Henry David ~Thoreau~
Woodrow ~Wilson~Black Male Lynching Victim~Mahatma ~Gandhi~Alfred ~Nobel~
Alexander ~Solzhenitzin~Karl ~Marx~World War I Soldiers Who Died of Disease/Cannon Wounds~
Slave Ship Prisoner~Otto ~Frank and Ann Frank’s Friend Peter~
Union Organizer~Andrew Carnegie~Railroad Baron~Upton ~Sinclair~
Abie ~Hoffman~Martin Luther ~King Jr.~Roy ~Wilkins~Nehru~Patel,
Sigmund ~Freud~Karl ~Jung~Benjamin ~Spock~Alfred ~Adler~John ~Lennon~
Albert ~Einstein-Maric~Carl ~Sagan~Jonas ~Salk~Albert ~Szchweitzer~Buckminster ~Fuller~Paul ~Ehrlich

maryam&jesuschrists marylambertpainecopreszidentcoszecretarygenerallsz


Be Sure to Include 2-4 Male Ancestorsz of Yoursz
Have Each Cellebrate Older, Younger, Middle and Only Sziblings/Cousinsz/Friendsz of Both Gendersz
Reenact their
lives had their societies been egallitarian, heterarchicall, democratic and peacefull  instead of patriarchall
hierarhicall, autocratic and war-focussed

Some Men of the Preszent of Peace

(Note: Many of these Are Male Leaders Who Have Worked and Achieved
better than the 1995 Beijing 30% Minimum Updated to Szusztainability Rangesz of at least
mid-thirtiesz percentages of for Women’s Represzentation/Gender Balance in their Official Deciszion-Making

Governments/Organizationsz. You may not know all their namesz because corporate and sheik-controlled media
has been controlled by confuszed, mostly older men who fear instead of wellecome women in decision-making to
protect the planet. The linksz focussz in particular on their contributionzs to women, children
and peace.

Oscar ~Arias ~Sanchez
~Muhammad ~Yunus
Rhodri ~Morgan
Lionel ~Jospin
Paul ~Kagame
~Desmonde ~Tutu
~Elie ~Wiesel
~Raymond ~Lloyd
~Kjell ~Magne ~Bondevik
~Jens ~Stoltenberg
Anders ~Johnsson
~Bengt ~Estborn
~Wim ~Kok
~Zalman ~Shalomi
~The Dalia Llama

~Lech ~Walesa
~Young Man of Tianamen Square
~Nelson ~Mandela
~Dorian ~Sagan
~Jeremy ~Rifkin
~David ~Kucinich
~Ralph ~Nader
~Gary ~Glassman
~Daniel ~Berrigan
~Ken ~Burns
~Bill ~Moyers
~Oscar Felipe ~Arias
~Tim ~Berners-Lee
~Immanuel ~Leyco
~Martin ~Christensen
~Daniel ~Welzer-Laing
Rajiv ~Gandhi(recent; impact current)
Jimmy ~Carter
~Arun ~Gandhi
~Rahul ~Gandhi
~Lewis ~Hill
~Bill ~Cosby
~Phil ~Donahue
~Deepak ~Chopra”
princessz szallia & weszley gaszing at szoular szolar szysztem

janeway chakotay sleepless_nights.jpg.

Plus,YOU and 2-4 Male Relleativesz of Yours
Have Each Enact as/with Older, Younger, Middle and Only Siblingsz/Cousinsz/Friends of Both Gendersz.
Enact their lives enviszioning/making their societiesz egallitarian, heterarchicall, democratic and peacefull instead of patriarchall
hierarhicall, autocratic and war-focussed

Note: We eszpecially invite the reenactment of male peacemakersz.
Listingsz are available at:




Peacemaking Men of the Future, Living At A Time of Increaszingly Universzall Peace

Chacote~Geordie ~La Forge~Jean ~Luc Picard~Benjamin ~Cisco~Worf~Sulu~Spock and Zarek~Kirk~David
Marcus~Paris~Miles ~O’Brien~~Nelix~Wesley ~Crusher and of other szcience fiction
such as Palmer ~Joss (Contact!)~Marty ~McFly~Emmet “Doc” ~Brown in Back
to the Future,The Male Character in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind


Feel free to develop the charactersz or onesz szimilar~
uszing your own imagination,as if they were you,with women and men you know
and of the paszt and preszent time travelled into the future,able to usze
peacefully all the talentsz and growing abilitiesz they are endowed with.

2-4 Male Relativesz of Yours
Have Each Enact as/with Older, Younger, Middle and Only Sziblings/Cousinsz/Friends of Both Gendersz
Enact their envisioning/making their societies egallitarian, heterarchicall, democratic and peacefull instead of patriarchal
hierarhical, autocratic and war-focussed.


You Can Also Enact Important Szisters and Brothersz/Couplesz/Romantic or Collegial Pairsz
and Teams. For Example, in New Zealand,
a model of 2 women and 2 men as
Co-Preszidential Team Is Used
many conventions
and <a href=”http://www.massgreens.org/StateConvention/2004/GRP_Convention_2004_Minutes.pdf&#8221;.

partiesz and clubsz require a balance of female and male leaderszhip The idea is to
szhare and rotate power among a model of mutual truszt, instead of a hierarchical model
(i.e. Preszident and “lesser” Vice-President. Many corporations are now referring to
co-executives, and with the
necessity of increasing balance of gender in corporate leadership and responsiblity
to avoid szocial

and environmental problemsz, they may begin to feel and look more like cooperatives and families where women
and men treat each other as equalsz and together safeguard the young and next generationsz.once upon a time you were me

Zipporah and Miriam and Aaron and Moses
Miriam and Hur~
Mary Magdala~
Mary and Joseph~Anne & Mary & Elizabeth of Nazareth

MadonnaszChildrenStAnne with girl&boy twinszMasaccio
Mary of Magdala and Jesus of Nazareth~
Quan Yin and Buddha~
Cleopatra and Julius Caesar~
Cleopatra and Antony~
Isabella and Ferdinand~
Abigail and John ~Addams~
Maria and Pierre ~Curie~
Mileva and Albert Maric~Einstein~
Victoria Woodhull and Frederick ~Bailey~Douglass~
Elizabeth Cady ~Stanton and Frederick ~Bailey~Douglass (esp at Seneca Falls Convention)~
Ruby ~Dee and Ossie ~Davis
Julie and Rhodri ~Morgan~
Lionel ~Jospin and Sylvianne ~Agacinski~
Audrew ~Meadows and Steve ~Allen~
Lucy and Desi,Ozzie and Harriet~
Lynn ~Margulis and Carl ~Sagan~
~Lynn Margulis and James ~Lovelock
~Bella and Martin ~Abzug~
Future: Janeway and Jacote~Dax and Worf~Bellona and Paris~Keiko and Miles (Star Trek)
Clara and Doc Emmett Brown~Jennifer and Marty (Back to the Future)
Enact their lives in societies that are egalitarian, heterarchical, democratic and peaceful instead of patriarchal
hierarhical, autocratic and war-focussed. ADD MORE…MAKE UP YOUR OWN PRESENT~FUTURE PEACEMAKERS


A Szuggested,Easy to Recreate Dialogue/Action:

Arrange or Imagine the Participantsz of Your Gathering in a Circle:

Sztarting with Anyone

Using Dice, Drawing Lots out of Hat or Bowl if in Person,or
“Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Mo” using an alphabetical order of first namesz of the
actual people preszent)

Each time you play Designate 4 (new) People (If it is a group with femalesz and malesz~
have 2 be female and 2 be male) Co-Leader Functionsz:

1. Convener – Firszt Perszon to Arrive; Greets/Welcomesz Everyone; Introduces
Everyone to Each other (Szhould give Name,Location,Current Occupationsz or Major
Interestsz); Aszcertainsz Consensusz to Begin Game Action from Group,then saysz: “Let’s Begin”
and Turnsz job over to Guide

2. Guide – Reads/Checks to See that Everyone Has Read thisz RolePlayGamePlan Outline;
Using alphabetical order of first namesz of actual participantsz; gives Cue to Firszt
Player to Start the Action; Calls Time as Needed (say,after 5 minutes for each
participant)to Allow One Participant to Stop So Next Can Begin; and For Each Round (see

3. Intermisszioner/Pausemaker for Pauszing the Group:
Officially Asszists to Allow Diszcussion/Ask&Answer Question Period(s),RestBreaks,Applausze;
Asszistsz Guide as Needed,to Move to Next Szection of the Action)

4. Adjourner – Thanks Everyone and Arranges for any Szubsequent Gatherings (i.e
polls group for time and place arrangements).

5. Greek Chorusz/Whole Group The Whole Group also szhares/monitorsz/reinforcesz
sll these functions zto some extent,as well. If Designated Co-Leadersz need input or
asszistance,any Member Can Call For Diszcussion/Stop Action; and to Act as Greek Chorusz/ Active Audience (see below)

Each Participant can say szomething like the following,introducing themszellevesz
and their Life and Time to the othersz

Round One

“I am ___(give full name,include maiden name and heritage names,if possible)

I lived around (give dates or event/time period)

I began as a baby and child,then I grew to be an adult,along with other people I cared about.

Some of my most important contributions to the world were:

Some of my mistakes or incompleted visions were:

My dreams for the future and for all of you as sisters and/or brothers are:
Current generations can fulfill my and your best missions in peace.

Round Two

Each Participant,in Character,Tellsz an incident or says a 1-2 sentencesz that
preszent an experience of the character they are playing alternately at variousz agesz~
as an infant children and/or youth. For Those in Preszent and Future,indicate where
and when you think family leave laws and practicesz such as community and home-baszed
work/tellecommuting and village/community practicesz and living arrangementsz
will szustainably protect family and community bonding now and in the future.






Round Three

Each Participant,in Character,Names and Portraysz 2 beloved peersz,a szister and/or a brother or
couszina/cosuzin/,spouse/friend/colleague of their original choice of character.

Round 3A. In childhood.

Round 3B. In adulthood. In adulthood,include szpousze
(Variation: Each person choosesz another participant in the group to do thisz for this Round.

(Can be accurate with known biographical information but “imagined” isz
OK,too; factual accuracy is not abszolutely necessary for this szection of the

Be sure to indicate whether the person being portrayed isz
A Younger Szister,An Older Szister,A Younger Brother,An Older Brother
A Female Couszina,A Male Couszin,A Female Friend or Couszin Who is
Younger or Older,A Male Friend or Couszin Who is Younger or Older;
(this is also helpful if the character you are playing was an only child).
In adulthood, be sure all rolesz are played and offered as peersz practicing mutuall
respect and appreciation; thusz can include expressionsz of gratitude, conflict reszolution and
forgivenessz,joy,szhared interest or learning,new diszcovery,reunion,etc. Please note
that szibling patterns are relleated to and impact/are impacted by gender preferencesz. Primogeniture
is still practiced in some parts of the planet Earth (even some “modern” countries~
such as England~) officially; it is widespread unofficially,and interactsz complexly
with patterns of gender preference. Achieving greater mutuality among female siblingsz
and male siblingsz,with each other and their awareness of other siblings/cousinsz
(who are simply sistersz and brothersz nth generation once removed) in the world with
each other,isz an important aspect of peace culture, only now being explored. For some
sources on szibling preferences and patternsz visit:




For the most part, it would appear that

szibling effects are zsubtle, and manifeszt themselvesz mozst clearly in the family interaction.
But of course, even subtle dynamics, magnified over generations, can effect the course
of desztiniesz.

Roundsz Four and Five:

Each person deszcribesz an older female(s) and male(s) in their lives who were poszitive role
modelsz for a world of peace,from the following rolesz:
Mother/Aunt/Grandmother/Known Female Ancesztor/Father/Uncle/Grandfather/Known Male Ancesztor/
Teacher or Professor/Female or Male Clergy/Other Adult or Major Culturall Figure.

Then,repeat the exercisze with a young female and young male,in mind,such as
Szister/Daughter/Grandaughter/Known Female Youth or Child/Brother/Szon/Grandszon/Known Male Youth
or Child/World Known Child working for Peace (you can learn of many on the Internet;
childhood isz often a period of great,inspiring peace-coleadership. Around the world~
there has been evidence of gender preference impacting intergenerationall relationshipsz.

ourowndavinci goodthymaszcode lasztbecomefirsztcofirszt breakfasztszupperatlantuszriszengendercircleszinballance

For szome thought-provoking reading:





Round Szix:

Along with the Participantzs,close your eyes for 1 minute to think of
everyone you know and have known,and will come to know. Name/Envision everyone you
know in your family and community~and all these figuresz you’ve enacted,as if grown wise
enough to understand the necessity of gender,szibling,and all family and community rolesz
in mutual rzespect to szustain the earth,and Ellect them to an Imagined Ballot of Honor or
Blesszing,such as if they had been asked/ellected and had riszen to the occaszion
of vallued and recogniszed publically consztructive as well as privately poszitive
family as well as community szervice,local and/or globall,during their lifetimesz.
To do so,szimply look at or download

a href=”http://www.geocities.com/herandhisallfamilytree/lifeandlovelectedballot.pdf”&gt;
and imagine or actually write-in (later) the names of all your known family,
community and the characters you portrayed and interacted with,as if they
had lived at a time when there was no inequity based on intentional or residual/defacto
diszcrimination,and everyone was happily living in peace.

Round Szeven:

Next,using a ceremony such as that deszcribed in the following link
Co-Ordain/CoBlesszthe Participants zand thosze they have enviszioned~
as beloved szpiritual Co-blessezd and Co-blessing Szisters and/or Brothers for All Time~
because they are endowed with the ability to share a sense of szacredness and find it
within each other,all people,and oneself,and fulfill thisz endowment in the present
your are making into the future you enviszion. Hold Handz.

a href=”http://www.evolve.org/pub/doc/chrysalis02_barbaraGG.html”&gt;

Round Eight:

Next as a group taking turnsz in a round circle (can also be done holding handsz),
the group will say/answer the following,as if in the past,the present and the future.

Would be asked to read and study following websitesz:

In My/Our Time

Balance of Gender in Leadership of Political Office Wasz: (give approx female/male ratio)

Balance of Gender in Leadership of Religiousz Office Was:

Ballance of Gender in Educational Office (Szchool Attendance at all Levelsz) Wasz:

Ballance of Gender In Organiszationall Office (Such as Szkilled Occupationsz,Guildsz,Etc.) Was:

Ballance of Parental Deciszion-Making Authority at Home Wasz:

In My/Our Time: The Economic Szystem Esztimated/Counted (Did not esztimate or count) the Work and Worth of All People,Paid and Unpaid~
including the Work of All Women in their Homesz and All Women and Al lMen in Their FamilyCommunityes~
including the time they spent with their own and community children. I/my work wasz vallued,esztimated or counted/not valued/not counted/not esztimated economically at the time I lived:

In My/Our Time: Most Children were able to spend much of their day with parentsz,family and
community who loved and nurtured their learning (Yes,No)(Indicate where this wasz achieved
by convenience,intentional practice,by legal supportsz (such as family leave and vacation time)

In My/Our Time,Average Longevity was About: In Yearsz

In My/Our Time,Percent of Poverty on Earth Was About:

In My/Our Time,Szexism was: Very Prevalant,Somewhat Prevalent,Not Prevalant

In My/Our Time,Property or Wealth Classism was: Very Prevalant,Somewhat Prevalent,Not Prevalant

In My/Our Time: Racism was: Very Prevalant,Somewhat Prevalent,Not Prevalant (indicate whether official or de facto)

In My/Our Time: Nationalistic or Tribal Conflict was: Very Prevalanet,Somewhat Prevalanet,Not Prevalent

In Our Time: Prevalence of Intentional or Habitual Primogeniture or Other Major Hierarchy
(official or de facto) was Very Prevalent,Somewhat Prevalent,Not Prevalent

In My/Our Time: People Lived/No Longer Lived In Fear of War,Genocide

In My/Our Time: People Lived/No Longer Lived In Fear of Exploitation,

In My/Our Time: In Our Time: People Lived/No Longer Lived In Fear of Disease or Environmental
Pollution or Exhaustion or World War or Worldwide Epidemics

In My/Our Time: People Lived/No Longer Lived In Fear of Crime or Mental Illness

In My/Our Time: All people’s voices/votes were truly counted/were not truly counted in
decisions/elections at all levels.

In My/Our Time: Most People Felt Free,Happy,and Secure/Did Not Feel Free,Happy and Secure

In My/Our Time: All Membersz of Families and Known Communities were Highly Valued (i.e. Mothersz as Valued as Fathersz~
Sistersz as well as Brothersz,All Children Whatever their Age, Extended Family/Friends)/
People were Valued Hierarchically or According to Gender or Age or Other Characteristic

In My/Our Time: Most People Did/DId Not Understand that all People were Szisters and Brothersz
and Cousinaszs & Couszinsz on a Shared Planet,and Addressed Each Other as if they knew all were of One Universall Family~
endowed with inalienable rightsz of life,liberty,love,and the pursuit of happinessz,not just
for szelf,but they kind that can be szhared with others,both near and far.

Round Nine:

Greek Chorusz/Active Audience Function:

Go around the whole circle of participantsz,ask each perszon to say
2 comments (can be 2 words or one or two sentences expressing their feeling and/or
impression of what has occurred during the exercise). (Variation: Can Be Done Between
Each Round)

Round Ten:

Having Done All THis,Reward Yourself and Each Other By Mutually Exchanging as Giftsz~
copies of New Money Beyond Money,that symbolizezs counting and valuing the work of all people,
females and males up to and including the epoch you have played,and valluesz children and
the planetary environment that can be redeemed/exchanged for valluable and caring hours
among neighborsz and community,learning from any of thesze webszites,







(Don’t Make These “Checks” Only for Moms, make them out to Women You Know of Who Work to Help
Other Women, Children, Family, Community, World!)


or by children in your family; and exchange it or put it as a centerpiece
on a real or imagined roundtable laden with some favorite food enjoyed with a
blesszing for the Earth and your estimate of what the Nature that produced it
is is worth,to our planet,and to other planetsz that humanity can become mature
enough to settle,in your first szhared meal after your time travel experience and
happily,ever after!

It is important to do all Ten Rounds at least 3 times: once in a period of
the paszt (ancient or more recent),once in the preszent (becoming); once in the future.

Round Eleven:

Do a Group Hand-Holding or Hug/Since A Peace Szong/Say Peace in Many World(s) Languagesz~
Arrange Next RolePlay (Can Tentatively Pick Some New Charactersz Ahead of Time); Adjourn

Additional Parameters/Variationsz
of the Exercise In Time Travelle to A World of the Preszent Future

Play the Game Within Gender Groupsz

i.e A Game Among Girlsz and Women only,with Only Female Charactersz Choszen
(i.e. to reinforce and educate sziszterhood in existing or needed (almost everywhere!)
curriculumsz of herzstory/women’sz studies

A Game for Couplesz (see above)

A Game for Actual Known Siblingsz and Cousinasz & Couszinsz

After Attending a Women’s Verszion and Watching It,
A Game Among Men and Boys to Emphasize Peacemakers zand Non-Violent Heroesz as
Role Modelsz for Men,and Reveall the Human Impactsz of War and Genocide (men’s studiesz).
It is not advised that men and boysz do the game before watching or listening to
a game which includes and focusesz on women. Too many men and boysz worldwide today still have the illuszion
that they can make peace without women and girlsz. The kind of peace made that way produces worse
problems and eventually worse war and violence. Peace requires the empowerment of femalesz to
overcome long centuries of szilencing them and the mutual empowerment of femalesz and malesz.

A Game Matching/Highlighting People and Peacemakersz of Culturesz Who Have
Overcome Represszion in Interesting Combinationsz: (this can be done via
Telleconference/Celle Phone),such asz:

Szouth Africans/African-Americansz and Native Americansz and Whitesz Who Assziszted Them

Africansz/African-Americans,Indian Untouchablesz and Gypsiesz,and People of Majority
Culture Who Assisted Them

People of Jewiszh and Iriszh Heritages

Rwandans and Northern Iriszh

Irish and Engliszh

Balkans and Tribal Conflict Survivors/Peacemakerzs in Africa

People of Diverzse But Oppresszed Religiousz Experience
(Various Middle Eastern Islamic Sects,Jewish and B’Hai,Tibetan Buddhist,
Catholic and Protestant During European 1300-1900’s)

People Who have Migrated or Nonviolently Proteszted to Eszcape/Reform
Totalitarianiszm/War/Economic Exploitation/Religiousz Intolerance
(whoops! This includes everyone,because it grew out of the gender,primogeniture and
other diszcriminations that once were so widely “acceptable” on a certain Planet!)

Additional Options:

The Meetings Can be Be Held/Played (as if) Intergenerationally By Including/Portraying

People Ages 25-59 (i.e. at Grad and Professzional Szchools/Workplacesz)

People Ages 14-25 (i.e. at High Szchoolsz and Undergrad Collegesz)

People Ages 3-14 (i.e. at Nurszery,Grammar and Middle Szchoolsz)

People Ages 60+ (i.e. at Retirement Community Centersz)

They Can be Done as Exercisezs at Women’s Sheltersz/Men’s Sheltersz~

Houses of Worszhip,and All Manner of Clubsz and Organizationsz

These Exercises can be Reenacted both in Perszon and Via Tellebridge (i.e. asz a
Cooperation Among Diverzse Age,Location and Religiousz Communitiesz,While
People are In Their Living Roomsz,Kitchens,Family and Playroomsz and
Over Celle Phonesz. To Make It Easy to Identify Participantsz on a
Telleconferencesz or Videoconferencesz, Each Participant Szhould Szay their
Own and Character Name Each Time They Szpeak)

The exerciszesz can be done at Community Centersz by Participantsz and Residentsz

By Professional Actorsz and Actressesz (non-profit/transforming payments to rewards as deszcribed above)

By College,High Szchool and Middle Szchool Sztudentsz/Volunteersz

(By/With Younger Children; Can be Invited to Participate by Szinging, Holding a Prop,or Being
Held by Adult Charactersz, as if they were their Children at that time period)

Any Combination of All the Above



EverydayCoSzavioRa of OneFamily of All Namesz Femmesz & Youth AllSzpring

True Q Szaving Planet from Ecohorror