Background to EarthQuake Warning Press Release

Additional Background: Preventable EarthQuake and Nuclear Disaster Centered in Illinois/North American Heartland

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Not very distantly related to Dr. Onefamily were and are a more well known Mother and Grandmother of related Marian named and interrelated family and her next generations, Lyn PetRa~Alexander (the maiden name Alexander also means Savior of Humankind), who passed on a date, November 22, 2011, revealing she was, in the eyes of Nature, a truer CoPresident. Likely because this aspect of her being was unrecognized, even by herself and her family and community,  except by Dr. Onefamily who did discuss this with her briefly a few year before in a phone conversation, she passed from our midst, leaving us to build upon her work.

This famous Mother and Grandmother of the Gaia Effect Theory, came from Chicago, from where she and her several sisters and children, including a brilliant daugter who also has children, who are not very distant relatives of  Dr. Onefamily, once lived as contemporaries of Rajchelle and her family’ s Great and Grand Mothers Harriet and Rae. Harriet and Rae, born Margulies, both had sisters, and their progeny, are contemporaries of Lyn Alexander~Sagan~Margulis and her and her sisters and cousinas (what Europeans call female cousins revealing linguistic awareness of the importance of gender in this kinship relation) or She Kin and their next generations, who also include the intertwining family of Carl Alexander~Sagan  and other important contributers to our Planetary awareness.

Contempoaries of Lyn, Dr. Onefamily and her family’s Great and Grand Mothers, Rae (born Margulies on a farm in Romania) and Harriet, especially, worked to gather many women of family and community  and practiced a balance of love and work via home based work in which to raise a younger daughter assisted by women of the community,  and had deep instinct to promote democracy, as well as respect for the trees and flowers (often represented by adornments to the hats they made) of their world and neighborhoods.

The current author of this press release, Dr. Rajchelle Onefamily, was born on September 25th, the day Lyn’s first husband, Carl ~Alexander~Sagan, indicated was the beginning of Life on Earth on a Cosmic Calendar, in the series Cosmos, and other members of her immediate and near family and community have birthdates of similar, almost mythic numerological signficance..

Not only Lyn Alexander~Sagan~Margulis, but all All these women knew, and taught, with and/or without public fame during their lives, that, even at the cellular level, ALL LIFE and ACTIVITY ON EARTH IS INTERCONNECTED and EVEN SMALL or Unnoticed CHANGES, including failures of Connection and Memory, CAN AFFECT THE BALANCE OF Hearts, Minds, Souls and even Bodies and Actions, over time. The concept of Actions also includes Inactions, failures to act in a caring and connected way of awareness, of individuals as well as collectively, of so many of our family and clan groups, co~occuring simultaneously with the many other seemingly disconnected individuals and often misperceived as nuclear families,  who compose the population of our Planet which is actually one large extended family, co~occuring with both events of the Body Politic and the Living Systemic, Heart~Mind~Spirit~Body of the Earth as an organic and interconnected, often called Gaia…

Gaia is the Greco Roman name of another name imbedded in the name of this interconnecting, truly intercontinental geneallogical family, the syllable Mar or Mariam,
Mar I Am, embedded in the name for the State of Maryland where Rajchelle Onefamily now lives. It is, of course, the name of another nearby Planet that some believed once hosted Life before losing that Viabilility, Mars. which incorporates this syllable, and in most ancient days, a name for a both a Goddess and God (aka Marsyasz, in Romania) of  the flow of Water and of Life, especially Agriculture, (before the male version became associated with a God of War during a later, more patriarchal and less pastoral epoch.)

Amma, Mater, Mari, MaReah, MaryAmm or MaRa, and Mar, the root of the interconnecting with other surnames of this family, is the ancient Semitic, Balkan/Greco Roman, Japanese and Hindu name for the Earth Mother Goddess Gaia, and often Anglicized as Mary or  Latinized as Mater). During their lifetimes, not only Mariam of the Exodus, but also the famed Mother and Friend of Jesus, of Nazareth and Magdala, were called Mariam, i.e. Mar I Am, and the name Ra imbedded in Rachel l can be also reconnected to this as MaRa chel. Jesus is now believed to have had either sisters or cousins of the names Mariam and Rachel. The name Mar is of course, associated also with balance with Venus, Goddess of Planet of Love, and many now believe the Venus also once supported life, but like Mars, lost that Viability at some point.

The Press Release to the Background can be deemed the URGENT Intervention on behalf of all Mothers and Womenkind, She Kin, as well as Men who understand deeply the importance of the Mother. She Kin and their cooperative relationships, and Eternal Feminine, for balance, and who are not already “dumbed down” by a malfunctioning imbalanced consumerist/individualist  patriarchal media and officialdoms to URGENTLY Prevent Disaster.

To repeat and summarise, Dr. Rajchelle OneFamily Ph.D., a recent candidate of Executive Office in the Year 2000 on a ticket of World Leading Gender Balance, is WARNING that, if important yet very simple steps are not immediately taken with her own dearest and other geneallogically connected kin, particularly concerning a mind body interaction at the family as well as cellular level of members of her family, including her Nephew and Aunt, a yet preventable or mitigatable EARTHQUAKE AT THE NEW MADRID FAULT in North America, centered in Illinois, MAY BRING A FUKASHIMA-LIKE NUCLEAR, MISHAP & ALSO TRIGGER MASSIVE EARTHQUAKES AROUND THE WORLD, Severe Ice Storms, and even China Syndromes, around the world this or next week. She says this will happen unless quick and quite easy steps are taken to prevent this, to simply implement the New Millenniall Golden Rule at both the micro level of closest and related extended family and their important community, and at the Macro Level to political, economic and media paradigms.

The people who must be included in immediate systemic prevention, a family circle or telleconference, include many geneallogically related female Cousinas and She Kin, some quite famous already and others lesser known, including  her Beloved Sister, Aunt and other much more famous but related women connected to these names and other interrelated with them, along with several currently marginalized or endangered related Female Cousinas and Young Male cousins under age 37,  including very importantly, with several of his female contemporaries,  her own Beloved Nephew (Sister’s son) who Dr. Onefamily helped raise as a child, his equally Beloved Young Woman Friend Vanessa (the name means of Venus, truly the balancing partner for a Mar I Am), and their Beloved Younger generation of cousinas and cousins, as highest priorty of concern.

But it must but then also involve and transform the misjudgements and anachronistic habits of many older males in the family and world system.

All these otherwise fine, educated and intelligent people of unusual giftedness, because embedded and passively accepting of, an outmoded anachronistic individualist and patriarchal paradigm, promoted by mass media and so called “law” in the United States especially. Because this propaganda of ommission, promoted by media, has been influential, many of these gifted women and people and their communities, are currently failing to interact optimally in positive circle gathering in honoring, especially women, of their own interrelated family tree and communtyes of memory and decisionmaking. This postive gathering, would at a deep systemic level, and as a model for others, prevent the most horrific Earthquake disaster of the New Madrid Fault in Illinois the surrounding Heartland, that would also trigger a series of such events all over the Earth.

The current imbalance and lack of gathering of the women of this and so many families in the US, is especially because of internalized male preference processes and widesprea often unconscious low self-esteem in US women, coupled with unhealthy deference to or identification with men and self-suppression or tokenism of feminine nurturing, connecting and decisionmaking power, even among too many women, and are also currently occurring in imbalanced interaction with family and community, government, science, technology and especially mass media.

Unless prevented from this current state of disconnection and lack of deeper systemic relational awareness, the geneallogical lack of connection with geneallogicall awareness among women and Younger people as first priority, is MOST LIKELY to produce a multisystemic Planetocidal disaster immanently, starting with a NEW MADRID Earthquake in Illinois triggered by simultaneous interpersonal events,

These interpersonal events of the US Culture especially, in which probably the majority of families have not even had a family reunion in one hundred years, are already of great offense to the Spirits of ancient related ancestors, especially of most Biblical and earlier female ancestors on this and all interconnecting Family Trees, but it is also the males, including Jesus and in the US, the American Jesus, Tom Paine, husband of Mary Lambert and men who have not forgotten these people (in ~Paine’s case, in the Common Sense first shared with a wide audience on Valentimes Day which is also one day before Susan B. Anthony’s (her name means “Enlightenment Precious” and she also sought equal office for women and all people, not simply the vote)  sought full equality and representation for all women as well as all men, and who also strove for Love and Life as best they could under patriarchy.

Because this Common Sense Precious wisdom, (which Dr. OneFamily, originally from Chicago but driven away because of intense patriarchal habits of her closest family), has been Delivering since 2000, continuing the Lambert Paine’s family’s original effort in 1776 and Susan B. Anthony and her great Colleauges Elizabeth Cady Stanton, with her Sister Harriet, Couins Gerrit Smith, and great friends including Frederick Bailey Douglass,  has not been recognized by either her family or world, the micro and macro systemically induced Earthquake at the New Madrid Fault, is most likely about two weeks after Valentimes, on Frday February 28, or between that date and March 8, called International Women’s Day, even though nationality itself is a product of overextended patriarchal thinking, because the Earth is one Native Land to All Who Live Upon Her, and the date needs to begin a paradigm in which everyday is as much globall and universzall Women’s and Children’s Everyday, as much as men’s.

Patriarchy, because it forces men into a hierarchy under the most dominant (most primative alpha) males such as CEOs, politicians and military commanders, usually also separates even kinder men from their children and induces them to ignore and sometimes divide the relationships of womenkin, or tokenize or elevate some women as henchmen or passive or frightened enablers of this hierarchy.  This process, still occurring cumulatively in Chicago and interconnecting with their families often dispersed throught North America and geneallogically connected with the human family on all Continents, is, via systemic interaction and deficiencies in interaction, is upsetting Gaia/MarIAm at her Heart, in the Heartland of the most geneallogically diverse Continent on Earth. MOTHER NATURE (WITH FATHER TIME, NEVER A SEXIST) HAS HAD ENOUGH OF 8000 YEARS OF PATRIARCHY

The Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster situation would seem triggered by an observable event, as the Chicago fire once was thought to be, but this time, and in fact, similarly more caused by acts of cumulative ommission as much as commission, among both women and men in the habitual pratice of patriarchy instead of reparative balance.

The danger will remain until, minimally, Dr. OneFamily’s repeated phone calls to related several family and community, not limited to, but including Office of Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s (a famous political father’s daughter, while her Mother’s/His Wife’s maiden name is missing from their Wikipedia biographies) coworkers, of her Sister, who has been refusing contact with many women kin who have reached out to her for 25 years, are simply returned with civility and this is communicated to her Sister, who they can also encourage to participate in l 3 way calls of women and subsequent immediate and easy to arrange phone and vidoe conferences and family therapy/reparative circles, until reparative in person circle gathering is possible on the ground in the Chicagoland area, as generally recommended by the New Millenniall Golden Rule..

Because this intense family situation, blocking connection among Sisters and women kin and an Aunt from her next generations in a keystone family for humanity, can produce personal worsening or life threatetning illness,  i.e an emotional depression or relapse in Dr. OneFamily’s Nephews Crohn’s disease or her Aunt’s Alzheimers,  or accident, and the predicted deep systemically triggered  co~occurring Earthquake has been so difficult to predict perfectly in time, the seriousness of  Dr. Onefamily’s  efforts to bring about a more cohesive interaction with women kin, especially her Sister, and their next generations, have been ignored by many who know the various individuals of this family in the highly individualistic and overnuclearized family culture of the United States, since March of 2013, (and going back further, to 2008, 1988, the date of the passing of family Mother and Grandmother Harriet  on February 11, 1988, just before Valentimes Day, whose memory and those of related She Kin, has been dishonored by the patriarchal processes affecting and impeding Love in this and so many US families, so that the end of February, February 28, is likely the to be the closing period of the ancestral Spirit’s tolerance,  and Mother Nature’s tolderance. both micro and macro systemically, of this geneallogical undervaluing and underrepresentation of the so many generations of females, and the Goddess aspect of the Wholly, by so many Earth generations since the 8000 year ago earthquake and Volcanic eruption of Thera, ending the Minoan civiliations when it began to adopt the patriarchal ways of the Mainland.).

MOST SERIOUSLY, misjudgements of family process, an upset and defensive patriarchal cousin who has been dividing the women of this family with his young wife enabling the process, interacting  anachronistic  “law” court in Illinois. of a Judge Ominously named Strickland, a clue to his misjudgement’s ripple effect at a deep systemic level that will now turn Illinois into a Stricken Land because of this interaction of family patriarchy with legalized patrriachy also enabled by complicit women,  entrenched the division of women family, by allowing the court rule that Dr. Onefamily and counselors attempts to engage the family in family therapy or a reconciliation circle, was harassment, on Friday September 13 2013, This date was  the Highest Wholliday of One Ancient Major Faith Called the Day of Atonement/At Onement,and simultaneously yet also was also an important date in Goddess worship, Christianity, Indigenous Earth Religions, Hinduism, Taoism, and, in fact, all of the world’s interconnected faiths,  on any the many currently in use world calendars. The family interaction and the Judgement given by this ill-informed Illinois Court are serious deep systemic spacetime precipitants to the displeasure of Gaia/MarIam Goddess, embodied throughout the Natural Earth System, with the human family and institutional interaction in Illinois, so typical of patriarchal North American culture, afflicting this extended family.

Optimally, this situation will be alleviated and disaster avoided when these interactions are immediately understood, via this press release, to a wide audience, to be in complete error, based on Western illusions of patriarchy induced separateness and “legal”ized invidividualism valued more than connection, all aspects of the gender imbalance or patriarchy that more primative human beings and too many insitutions pertaining to lawmakeing and law remain caught in.

In this case, the situation, because this is the very Gaia family, this was deep systemically much more dangerous than even the Court that missed the opportunity to Prevent the Columbine Disaster in Colorado, by failing to order family counseling while also failing to look at the Gender Imbalance and work and family imbalance in its owns functionning and daily acceptance of what is called “Law”, but in fact produced nonrepresentatively, and manmade by mostly older males. In fact, in this case, the Ill Inoise Court, on Friday the 13th, 2013, this male dominated court/female tokenizing court and “legal” system actually ruled to prevent family contact with the goal of reconciliation and family therapy. Even therapists are not allowed to contact the family for the purpose of family reconciliation, thereby making extended family love  and the search for family reconciliation “Illegal”. So, Now, a Much Higher Court, that of Mother Nature, is ready to make her Judgement On Humanity, centered in Illinois, unless the New Millenniall Golden Rule is applied, both to this family, and throughout Illinois, North America and the World.

The prevention of this disaster must begin with immediate awareness at the family level of interaction of involved women and Youth, female and male of several neighorhoods in the Chicago area, who need immediate liberation from the limitations of individualism, media misinformation, and health practices disconnected from family constellation relational and mind-body wellness, and about what constitutes sustainable viable government, and a more in depth understanding that human behavior and Nature are very deeply interconnected.

Dr. Onefamily states this disaster, that would turn very quickly turn Heartland into Strickenland, it is quite likely (at least 77-95% likelihood), indeed, almost an absolute certainty, on February 28  or March 8 if humanity, especially corporate media, does not IMMEDIATELY change its individualistic  and patriarchal including tokenizing current course on female and male gender interaction, in family and community, including governmental and love and work balance and preventive and systemic health care life (which has divided females and delayed their gathering in intelligent cooperative, as opposed to token enabling, extremely disconnected and invisibilized modes),

This is all the product of unconscionable delay in the Genuine valuation and representation of all women and their younger generations, female and male, especially regarding decision-making and especially media news reporting, All this must be quickly transformed in the way of the  New Millenniall Golden Rule which Dr. OneFamily has been Delivering as the New Millenniall “Geneallogicall, GeoPoliticall, Eco~nomicall and Eco~logicall Doctrine” systemic New Paradigm for All Humanity.

Illinois and Heartland crops around the New Madrid fault, near the home of Caterpillar tractor, are also a key player in current agricultural practice worldwide, and indeed throughout North America, and  are also being affected by many families involvement with GMOs, and the use of oil and gas (frakking) based fuel for food production, and pesticides, instead of solar and organic methods, and this will have a similar devastating effect only slightly slower but just as tortuous impact on regional and world food and water, if this warning and the New Millenniall Golden Rule is not immediately heeded 

That would happen even if the predicted Nuclear Disaster Event is narrowly missed or delayed for a month or even a year or two, if that is even somehow possible under current conditions of outmoded individualistic concepts of law and patriarchal paradigm.  Both issues are central to a Heartland in which women became divided from intelligent and caring sisters and female She Kin, for too long, by superficially seemingly powerful or more traditionally, recognized as “successful” males of families, abetted by females willing to remain at token levels to please powerful father figures, in an now outmoded but perpetuated individualistic lawmaking and legal paradigm and  which has lost its Heart for Mother Nature and a Viable Earth.

No one person or persons is at fault in this situation, which occurs when people do not realize that they are imbedded in a patriarchy that has passed its useful period on Earth, if there ever was one. All the Earth is riddled with these “human interaction fault lines” but made numb to them by a controlled media  and money system that fails to include most, especially, women’s works.   Some may hold to a delusion that some people, of accumulated false wealth or title, can survive Planetary disasters of these magnitudes, by hiding in underground bunkers or sending themselves to another Planet in rockets. In fact, No one can survive this, and the Earth will not survive this. Yet, all these portents of doom can quickly be changed, via the quick implementation of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, to reconnect these importantly related family in reparative order of She Kin and Youth female and male under 37 first, and protect the Earth, in OneFamily’s personal as well as larger Earth extended family.

Dr. OneFamily has a simple plan to avoid this disaster, at both the micro (family and community interaction) and macro level of Media and Government, that can quickly be implemented, as soon as the New Millenniall Golden Rule is recognized by both her known and geneallogicall interrelated family, The plan to prevent the Disaster would include starting with women and Youth female and male, and the systems of decision-making in North America, and later on, a few months later, reintegrating adult and titularly officed men as codecision-makers,

The prevention plan is one that is based on anthropology, psychology and sociology, eco-nomics, and the “soft sciences”, The plan includes not only her own geneallogical family women and Youth under age 37 female and male, but those of Amy~Merrit~Rule, (Wife of Mayor Rahm Emanuel) and her and their She Kin and Youth and their community in Ravenswood and nearby including housekeepers and maids, women contemporaries also from or in Chicago at many Universities who have been denied family leave, and Michelle Robinson~Dunham~Obama and her Mother and She Kin and Youth, female and male of family, and Hillary Hallowell~Clinton and her She Kin and colleagues in softer sciences, engaged in child care and more Natural Laws, from Chicago and Wellesley, and Lisa ~Madigan, Illinois Attorney General, who currently operates within acceptance of a gender imbalanced lawmaking System, and her daughters and all her She Kin, especially any involved in soft sciences and child and family care, It would also include, via urgent telleconference, similar currently leading and less known women on all seven continents that would be affected by the rolling Disaster.

It would also includee She Kin related to Lyn Alexander~Sagan~Margulis and others on related Family Trees of these surnames, and their Youth under age 27, It would also includ any women currently enabling legal and judicial anachronistic misjudgements of husbands and fathers, such as that given by an Illinois court of Friday the 13th, 2013 in Illinois, on the Highest Wholly Day of a major and must be interconnected to all faiths faith, among all those recovering from thousands of years of excluding women and laypeople in their understanding of the Divine and Natural Providence, that failed to bring forth needed family healing and  that could so tragically produce a Strickenland by dividing and too long failing to connect the Tree of Heritance of women and Youth of families.

 It would also include several other less publically known women even more central to WAKING UP IN TIME of this geneallogically interconnective family, to the New Millenniall Golden Rule of systemic and female reparative friendly and inclusive interaction and shared decisionmaking, and a resetting of a a Planetary Calendar with the understanding that the period between 2000 have been “lost years”,  in fact, since 1988, have, due to interactive family failures in the over nuclearized/atomized family life of North America, that have turned US feminism into a strange in fact masculinism, while perpetuating institutionalized Patriarchs and their patterns, and have been almost entirely destructive to the Earth and interacting human systems, and the underlying cause of “Natural” Disasters.

Any Attempt to Censor or Delay this Information from the involved parties, and concerned and responsible women and men who care about the Earth environment and human interaction, and the implemention of the New Millenniall Golden Rule via immediate gathering of involved women and Youth, will most likely certainly trigger the most horrific version of events.

If you think this warning is “crazy”, please remember that on first hearing of their wisdom and by the then in place titular leaders of their times, Galileo, Alice Paul, the mother of Sir Isaac Newton, Jesus and Marys of Nazareth and Magdala, Maid Marion, Common Sense author Thomas Lambert Paine husband of Mary, Rachel Carson, Mileva and Albert Maric~Einstein, and Buddha and his Aunt were all considered crazy.

The metaphor of how the most important  Battle was lost due to a missing horseshoe nail, in this case,  potentilaly, Planet lost because of a culturally induced inability to assembly a a reparative gathering of She Kin and Youth under age 37 in this most famously  interconnected family(see Longer Version of the Press Release) tree to communicate a new way, at both the micro personal and macrosystemic media, economic and official governmental levels of human interaction.

Dr. Onefamily says horror and worse worldwide horror triggering disaster will occur unless there is some STEPS OF DEEP SYSTEMS PARADIGM SHIFT OCCUR IN NORTH AMERICA, FOCUSING ON human interaction with Government and Nature in CHICAGO, & ILLINOIS & the Heartland, in connection with her own ~MARGULIS~interrelated Family Tree,

THE FAMILYES OF AMY ~MERRIT ~RULE & CHICAGO MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL, LISA ~MADIGAN, her old classmate Sun (shouldn’t that be heeded instead of Plutonium) Times reporter Lynn ~Sweet and her family, other women genealogically connected classmates originally of the region & OTHER both prominent and lesser known Chicagoans & in connection with BOTH THE Chicago/Illionois Born  MICHELLE~ROBINSON~DUNHAM ~OBAMA Family AND the Chicago area born HILLARY & CHELSEA HALLOWELL-RODHAM CLINTON FAMILIES & the FAMILIES OF other global leading families including that of  SYLVIANE AGACINKSI JOSPIN AND SONIA & PRIANKA ~GANDHI, Amma, Devaka Jain and Elizabeth and Eve Abzug, daughters of Bella Abzug, who worked with Jain to protect government and all life from gender imbalance.

Dr. Onefamily, as a Deliverer of Last and then First But Not Only Resort for Humanity, IS CALLING UPON ALL MEMBERS OF ALL THESE FAMILIYES OF INTERACTIVE COMMUNITY TO CoAPOLOGIZE & Immediately Redress Interactive ERROR Derived North American EMBEDDEDNESS IN PATRIARCHAL CULTURE & EXTREME INDIVIDUALISM and Birth Orderisms (i.e. what one author has called Cain legacies, usually of older siblings envy coalescing against younger silings),

This is pandemically and especially occurring among cousins and impacting cousinas in these familyes that live or lived in the Heartland, and their Heartless Habitual & Cumulative Ignorance and Diminution of the Intergenerational Family Tree, ESPECIALLY CONCERNING THE IMPORTANCE OF FEMALES, THEIR RELATIONSHIPS AND WISDOM WHEN THEY COOPERATE instead of habitually deferring to or preferring men as decisionmakers, AND ACT AS EXAMPLES to bring about a NECESSARY SHIFT TO THE WORLD TO AVOID A RIPPLING SERIES OF UNFATHOMABLE ECOLOGICAL DISASTERS affecting THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH..


Dr. OneFamily is a Ph.D. graduate of Loyola University of Chicago in Psychology with a specialization in intergenerational family and community processes. She has studied both lesser known but equally important families, and famous families such as those of the Mileva and Zora, and Maya and Pauline  ~Maric-Einstein families and that of Kasturba and Mahatma Gandhi. She was invited to be Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where she was an Honors Program student graduated with Honors High Distinction in Psychology and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Dr. OneFamily has also this year learned via women cousins (cousinas/she kin/she kin ah)  that she is a easy to verify descendant of the most famous and in fact interrelated family trees of the people of the Book, i.e.Christianity (of Nazareth and Magdala) who in France were connected  to those of Judaism (the Rabbinical Daughters Rachel, Mariam and Jochevend of Rebbitzim Name Unknown and Rabbi Rashi of Troyes, France around the year 1000), via their relation to the children of the Biblical Rachel intertwining with those of Leah, and their ancestresses and cousinas, SaRah, HagaRah and KetuRah connecting her to the women of Sufism, Mohammedism and MithRaism, and in Romania to  B’Hai including Queen Marie of Romania, Greco-Roman, Eastern European, Ukainianand Balkan Culture, (and likely also Unitarian Universalism and, via the Roma, Hinduism and Buddhism of Asia)

Speaking as a Riszen Daughter of Mother Nature, She is Calling Herself the First But Not Last or Only Great and Grand Child of the Mother Aspect of Diety, called MaRa or MarIam in many cultures, and Ra is often a reference to a Deity of Light and Sun and is warning that unless they receive immediate and retractive attention, interactive male preferential errors of her family and North American culture, that need immediate procedures of restoration of respect for women’s relational importance to one another and next generationsin the microsystems of familyand community life, and women’s full involvement in environmental decisionmaking in what we are willing to call government.

In the Millenniall Year 2000, even before she learned her unique and extensively researched family geneallogy on her maternal and grandmaternal branch which also somewhat intertwined with grandpaternal and paternal branches, Dr. OneFamily ran on a write in gender balance ticket for CoPresident with the passed but not forgotten gentleman, Hjalmer Wayne Erickson, an environmentalist and women’s and children’s rights mine safety engineer, son of Olga (the name means Sacred) from Montana where women first got the vote of Finnish Heritage where women first got the vote worldwide, but forgot to seek the other essentiall components, equal office and credit for all they do. She is currently Delivering the New Millenniall Golden Rule/Raj regarding the Whole Human Family to rebalance what she calls 8000 years of human primative error. since the eruption of Mt. Thera on Crete, regarding gender and decisionmaking,

She states that only the urgent adoption of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, retroactively back to the year 2000 in the way we perceive government, will save the Heartland, and the Hearts of All the World, from experiencing and triggering fully Planetocidal disaster. She states that our conventional understanding, which, because of interactive mistakes and not yet remediated mistakes in all these interrelatef families over 25 years ago, has been maniupulated by a media controlled by about 230 men mostly over age 70, have been causing North Americans and those who recognize current titular leaders as government, to inadvertently make all Life on Earth extinct, because it is currently making real Love and true participatory democracy of the whole and balanced Family Tree, especially among women and next generations, ” illegal ”

Again, On the highest Day of the Jewish calendar, Friday the 13th of 2013 a beloved but confused and emotionally defensivea and very dominating male cousin of Dr. OneFamily’s, whose name incorporates the word “Roll” as earthquake waves do under the Earth, was able to obtain a court order from and very patriarchal Judge with the ominous name, Strickland, (i.e a name portentious of a Stricken Land) preventing Dr. Onefamily from, with therapists and counselors working and reparative specialists working with her, from contacting her maternal aunt and this cousin’s wife (whose born name includes the word ~Brink, i.e. Brink of Disaster if causing women of family to become divided), about the need for family therapy and reconciliation regarding processes affecting the family. These patriarchal processes dividing women  and causing older siblings to marginalize or invisiblize younger sbilings in the family caused Dr. Rajchelle to leave the area in 1988 after the passing of tge Marguies ~related mother figurem, Harriet, and move to Maryland. In terms of its deeper systemic impact on a talented family that Illinois and the world needed and needs to work together in harmony, this blockage of contact and failure to order familiy therapy is as serious in the area of dangers family tree schism and family bullying and the current pandemic of this pattern in North American and especially Chicago culture, as the tragic decision in Colorado of a patriarchal Judge that failed to see the need for family therapy in the case of Eric Harris, who killed his mother and then scores of classmates in Columbine.

This situation and other family complexities complicated the relationship of Dr. Rajchelle to her beloved Sister, who Dr. Rajchelle believes suffers from undiagnosed childhood trauma in infancy as a result of a childhood patriarchal pediatrician, and elements of Munchausen’s by Proxy in the manner in which she has been ruling out any psychological or mind-body interface understanding of her son, Dr. Rajchelle’s Nephew, who has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which Dr. Rajchelle Onefamily is wrongly being treated by overmedication instead of a healthier mind and body Whollistic approach and attention to the underlying fault lines of a family emotional cold civil war that is also affecting several young women associated with this family.

Dr. Rajchelle has come to understand that her Sister, and indeed, several women of her family, have become alienated from her own connection to maternal and grandmaternal figures, due to interaction with both the cousin attorney, the highly male preferential women of his family, and people of the very individualistically and  currently often generally distrusted legal profession, with whom they have been interacting. A Reconnection of Both Sisters and with Nephew and other women and young family of the family system is necessary at the micro level of systems to prevent personal disasters that would trigger the environmental ones, because our too long unheeded and forgotten Mother Nature knows when her human Children are hurting one another and exposing one another to life threatnening danger as much as she knows when to let a flower bloom or an earthquake to occur.

In 1984, Dr. Rajchelle OneFamily cosponsored Illinois’ first Solar  and Renewable Energy Fair on Daley Plaza, directly across from the 77 W. Washington (aka the Temple Building) and 69 W. Washington Buildings, where her family had accounting practice offices, and now currently housing current several but still gender imbalanced Interfaith and governmental offices, including the Illinois Attorney Generals offices, where her sister works under Lisa ~Madigan (it is noteable that the Madigan family biographies on Wikipedia make no mention of Mother’s or Grandmothers or other women of that family), who is herself wrongly tokenized because her gender is underrepresented in the unnatural laws and paradigm she is asked to enforce.

Dr. OneFamily now advocates the New Millenniall Golden Rule, which includes a retroactive adoption of the Genuine Progress Indicator, already in use officially in the State, and What She calls the State of Mind and Heart and Soul or Maryland, where she currently resides, instead of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for all accounting on Earth, a more gender balanced understanding of Universal Process (Deity Process, i.e. human awareness that Mother Nature must be fully revered as Full Partner on any Loving and Living Planet, as She is By Father Time) and particularly necessary to a revised understanding of humanity’s continuance of error on decisionmaking and gender since the year 2000.

Here’s Just How Overdue Equal Representation Is and why Ma, the Mother Nature whose name is imbedded in the word MadRid is upset with humanity that has lost its Heart, including those of so-called Presidential families that began in the Heartland: There have been 88 US Presidential/Vice-Presidential pairs, but not one a woman. At least 92% of Americans have been ready for a woman President for years, (and by inference, reparative 5050 in decision making at all levels of governance )  (note: this poll though undertaken by some one awake at CBS, was essentially censored by managment and barely if at all reported on CBS TV). But the games of corporately controlled media and parties have cheated this region out of real progress since Geraldine Ferraro/Walter Mondate “lost”  and ever since while Sweden (and now many countries, parties and jurisdictions have was already moving forward to 5050 in 1988 while the US has sunk to a rank of 94.) 

A total of  only 276 women have served in the US Congress, 176 Democrats and 100 Republicans. (no independents and third party members, even though these together comprise the majority of US women) Of these women, 39 have served in the Senate (again, Democrats and Republicans only)  . In comparison, there has been over  59,000 male members of Congress, and over 14,400 male Senators. Only 34 women have ever served as governors compared to 2319 men. Even our city and state assemblies have been mostly ruled by thousand of more men.

Assume that the courts of monarchs and emperors had similar numbers of bureaucrats/court members, and multiply the number by about 8,000 years of history (before then, many believe decision were made by both genders for many thousands of years.). That means that in “modern” history, 80,000,000 men to at best about 300 women have been the official holders of national-regional representative office. While this may be somewhat natural to humanity since its fall about 8000 years ago, in fact, the two longest surviving civilizations on Earth were egalitarian and even somewhat women-centric, that of the early Vedic period of India and the Minoan Civilization of the Mediterranean centered on the Island of Crete, which both lasted over one thousand years with high quality of life for all their citizens. Yet, because of our chimpanzee-like tendencies and short memory and attention span, human beings are forgetting this wisdom.

No wonder this planet has suffered so many wars, deaths and short lives, slaveries and exploitations, abuse,  famines and now global warming, genetically engineered dying crops, and nuclear proliferation and earth-threatening disasters. Women are millennially overdue for 5050 NOW (and so are decent, non-dominator men who want them in office), and the Planet needs women as decision-makers yesterday,

This change should have come about around 2000, but was delayed by the US Media and patriarchal corporacracy that controls both major parties as well as microsystemic family factors, interacting. No self-respecting woman should hesitate to claim 5050 as a minimum for women, NOW. As Archbishop Tutu said of our modern world: “What we need is a revolution led by women. I think women ought to be saying to us men: ‘You have made a mess, just get out and let us in”. Most Women are gracious and kind, and not even wanting to exclude men as dominator men and their co-opted women) have excluded them. They just want in, in the the numbers that reparatively reflect their invisiblized half of the world and sky, and the fact that Nature made not just one, but two intelligent genders necessary for reall representation.

Dr. Onefamily states that unless there is an immediate shift at both micro and macro levels of human interaction; (At the micro or interpersonal level, with private attention among the women of her world connecting geneallogical family of the need to gather in a circle to discuss the emotional cut offs, extemities of male prefenence among some and bullying processes occuring on many branches of their geneallogically key family in relation to perpetuated kinship patriarchy, and on the macro systems level, an announcement on major media of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, this horrific gelogicall event is likely to occur by this Friday, February 28, but the actual occurrence or level of magnitude could be slightly delayed or lessened by this warning and announcement, if heeded seriously.

The triggering factors will likely be co-occurring: a life threatening Crohn’s disease episode affecting her beloved sister and nephew’s attempt to continue or hide the family feud paradigm of maternally deprived male first cousin’s against/dividing females in their family tree, an undetected or continuation of bullyings event directed by an older brother toward other young female in related branches of this family tree, coinciding with a frakking event in the Hearland, and/or possible repeat of the February 13 2013 fire at the Zion nuclear facility in Illinois, apparently cooccuring while the Stricland Order was given, the  injury of death from falling or premature senility and passing of some other older women in the family tree, and the release of the Hollywood Movie, Son of God on February 29th, with the usual hubris that ignores the more appropriate Twenty First Century wisdom that  Mary of Magdala, and indeed, Mary of Nazareth herself, and all women and all people were the Children of GoddessGod, Nature and Time, and that cousins are supposed to treat female sisters and cousins (cousinas as the European’s call this relation) are  with as high respect for their sisterhood, especially, which will allow them to treat younger brothers and  male cousins with kinder brotherhood, without forced division, dimintion and exile or bullying of intelligent females.

Dr. Onefamily She has observed that some women of her family and community are primatively willing to abuse and avoid each other emotionally while showing preference to men, even overlooking overt abuse by men against women of their families. This is occurring in Chicago and in related Maryland, even to women in Rajchelle’s neighborhood herself, right now, and in these and related families. These events, if allowed to occur, are the social-emotional equivalents of the story of a likely similarly maltreated and alienated from women family Mrs. O’Leary and the cow, that allegedly caused the fire that destroyed most of Chicago in two days in a previous century where women’s status was also ignored by conventional political, economic and religious paradigms.

But in this case, the real event is the non-event of the positive relationships among women, and with men evolved enough to act  as coleaders who respect their essentiall connection to one another and importance now, that should have been occurring for the past 25 years and must NOW if our Earth is to survive.

The Central Features of Dr. Rajchelle’s warning and emergency prevention plan to all in Illinois and around the world are as follows:

Recognize that, even if she is reluctant to serve, wife Amy Merritt Rule is a more appropriate to be called CoMayor for he City of Chicago,  and should sit and help call forth  an interim mayoral team composed of women from the various ethnic groups that make up the quilt of Chicago and Heartland families. Dr. OneFamily Miller suggests that to allow for figures the public knows or can easily learn about, this could include a Native American such systemic sociologist Christine Lowery, Carole ~Mosely ~Brown or Oprah Winfrey, Jane Byrne  WITH a female cousin especially if there is one in “soft sciences” or humanities or currently engaged in child or eldercare or extended family care or environmental protection, possibly Grace DuMelle of the Newberry Library as specialist in family and community and herstory when she overcomes her father preference working with other women Herstorians in Chicago, Drs, Katherine Quigg of Barrington and Shayna Shineflug who warned of this in the 1980’s, two Polish American women, suggesting Krystyna Bednarszyk WITH a woman of her family who is either devoted to Child Raising or in the Soft Sciences or a young Polish woman of the Occupy Movement known to Rajchelle, two similarly skilled Hispanic Women, and two similarly skilled Asian woman, two similarly central or Nordic European Women by Heritage, her own sister  Julianne Marie ~Popper~Margulies~Silverkind~Feldmar, (as soon as she is healed by urgently overdue family therapy of her breach in Sisterhood with Dr. Onefamily due to her need to please a male cousin, and the Memory of their Mother and Grandmothers, and of her patriachy induced Munchausen’s by proxy syndrome that has lowered the health of Dr. OneFamily’s nephew and is also causing depression in several of his young women cousins and young woman friend), Julianne Marie’s  employer Illinois Attorney General Lisa ~Madigan WITH a cousin of Lisa’s engaged in “soft sciences” or primarily devoted to family, elder or extended family care, in cooperation with all the cousins, especially those engaged in soft sciences or family care, of the women working at this office.

~Madigan’s and her prominent patriarchal father’s names are imbedded in the New Madrid name, because it is has been called, by famed authors such as Belle Gloria ~Hooks~Watkins, and Geneview ~Vaughn and men such as Allen Johnson, a form of habitual recurrent madness again, for women to either be mostly absent, or work as coopted tokens in governments where the “laws” are made mostly by men, just as it is madness for neither women and men to have a full balance of love and larger systemic work in caring for family. These women must be sure to serve without hierarchy along with any women currently serving these women as their family’s child care providers, assistants and also include articulate but poor women currently in homeless shelters in Illinois. Any wiser men of Chicago, the Heartland and World must also demand this, assuming these women will have the courage to gather to protect the region and the Earth from continued ripple effects, and will immediately endorse the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Similarly she calls upon Michelle Obama to wake up from her very obvious father preference, honor her mother and any female cousinas more overtly as  coleaders even more important than her husband right now, ask for an emergency shut down of usual government operations before they are again shut down by and even worse ice storm and possible tsunami if the New Madrid fault earthquake triggers the landslide at Cumbre Vieho that will bring tsunami to North America’s East Coast, and work urgently with Dr. Rajchelle and Women Herstorians, Soft Science and Anthropology Leaders such as Laura ~Nader and many others, to act as Interim CoPresidents and Global Coleaders with similar women and their mothers and daughters, both highly place and lesser known, in all lands, until the New Millenniall Golden Rule is fully implemented worldwide, which could happen as quickly as under 3 months.

Onefamily also enjoins that all marriages in Illinois, North America and worldwide in countries without already excellent representation for women, youth and children, be considered temporarily annulled until birth certificates and marital records allow for the hyphenation of names or both matrilineal and patrilineal surnames, and until a period of family vacation, allowing for family reunions, and the balance of love and work allowed by the GPI, which credits unpaid work and all the labors of Love for Life, are officially creditted in a period of retroactive accounting for the region, and then for the world, Starting immediately money’s exchanged carry the Good News of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, and reparatively carry female as well as male faces and depictions of that balance to that of Nature.

Dr. OneFamily also suggests that they work in concert with the women of the Alexander~Sagan~Margulis families, including Lyn ~Margulis daughter, Jennifer and many female cousins and Sisters of interrelated branches in Chicago, Europe, the Middle East and indeed, on all continents. Dr. OneFamily enjoins Rahm Emanuel to live up to the Emmanuel in his name, share the syllable Ra which he shares with her and means Light, realize that this time, the name must start with an EmanUElle, a female, and then lift all others out of primative patriarchy, and step down (as Edward Anthony Salterea, of the Occupy Movement says: “sit down so she can stand up”) from leadership for a period, in favor of any and all his female sisters and or cousins, and retroactively, in the name of his Mother and Grandmother,

He must also publically join Dr. OneFamily in expecting ~Dunham~Robinson~Obama and ~Jacobs~Biden to do the same, and especially, Mr. ~Summerstone and Mr. ~Moonves of CBS and  ~Zaslav of Discovery Communicationsto Step down in favor of Oprah Winfrey and their wives, daughters or receptionists as releasing the news of gender balance worlwide thas has been censored for over 25 years by all media, starting with Marilyn Waring’s work, Counting for Nothing, on counting women and Nature in economic accounting models and the India’s Panchayat Raj, as a model to male political and media (missingtheTruth) misleaders in every enighborhood of every land on earth.until the women of their familyes can repair two millennia of misperception. These men can then resume in coleadership that is 5050 anywhere from three months to a year later, under the provisions of the New Millenniall Golden Rule after it has been widely announced by all media. .

If Rahm, Obama and Biden, Summerstone, Moonves and Zaslav are unwilling to do this, let it be known they is as unfit to serve as the Humprhey Bogard character in the film, “The Caine Mutinty” and should no longer be heeded of called President or CEO, nor should any man in office. OneFamily asks all people to turn off TV and cease buying corporate media if this warning and the plan to change is not reported immediately. This is the Entire Earth at Stake, and their is no time left for delay, at either mico or macro levels of human interaction with government and media interacting with Nature, the human and Nature interface of the Gaia effect..

Rajchelle Onefamily does not regard men alone as the agents of perpetuated past peak patriarchy. In fact, is is especially the divisions among women triggered by their 8000 years of induced Electra Complexes, psychological identifications with fathers or brothers who they and whose modes they misperceive as more valuable than mothers and sisters, and other needs for adult preference for males over females, hard sciences valued over soft sciences, technology over Nature protective environmentalism, and earning income in outmoded moneyism that puts finances over family, that also has substantially perpetuated it in North America because of the intensity of relationships and emotional cut offs, where the nuclear or divorced family is seen as more important than the bonds of extended famil and the valuation of connections, feelings and ideas of among all women and younger people as important as any roles of adult and older men.

It should be noted that FEMA, the acronym for preparedness for Natural Disaster, has letters that are embedded in the word Female, and Ma, the Name for Mother Nature, the Mother Aspect of Universall Process on any Planet capable of Love and Life.

Dr. OneFamilysays that, as presaged, as she VERIFIABLY, through her connection to the French Rabbinical family of Troyes, is the Riszen partially Reincarnated First Youngest Female Cousin of Jesus, niece of MaRIAm of Narareth and either Sister or Cousin of MarIAm of Magdala, and also the partial reincarnation of MarIAm Wallstonecraft, MarIam ~Lambert, wife of Thomas Lambert~Paine whose Common Sense, which called for equal cooffice of women, indigenous people, no slavery or economic exploitation and no money involved in the choosing of public officials, was first published on January 11, 1776 and first distributed to a wider audience on
Valentimes Day, February 14, 1776. A region that ignores Common Sense longer than two weeks after this anniversay, and also the February 11 passing of our Mother Harriet Margulis~SilverKind~Zalkind, setting itself up for the worst kind of feedback from Mother Nature. She has been working behind the scenes with many others on these issues. But with Light and Intelligent Action/Perception at all levels, we Pray this Will be Avoided and Mitigated.

“I have hereby, retroactive to 2000 in our accountings and indeed, for 8000 years, Delivered the New Millenniall Golden Rule at both the micro and macro levels of human anthropology/kin~dship, as well as government, and interaction  with Nature.”

I warn Humanity severly against the old pattern of discounting the words of a woman. I am acting as the character T’Pau (a sound alike for The Power), of the Star Trek Saga, to stop the immanent Planetocide of a Universzall Planet named Earth.

For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.”

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

Rajchellemmanuelle of the New Millennia and Riszen Common Sense
For More Information Contact:

For More Information Contact: Rajchelle OneFamily. Ph.D.
(641) 715-3900  Extension: 380929

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