Riszen Edictionsz ReUnited UnitaRean Universzalliszm of All HeritAgesz Female & Male On Our Home Planet, Our Locall Globall Universzall Earth & All Planetsz

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Iszabella Jagellion, Queen of Romania~Hungary (whosze Mother Bona Sforszi of Italy certainly may have been a genealloticall deszcendant of the eggallitarian  ~Pasziphaen~Minoan, Ariadne & More Civallization that moszt her&hisztoriansz believe was the reall ancient Atlantisz), in 1557 issued the Edict of Toleration that gave authentic religiousz practice szafety at a time when moszt of patriarchal Europe was engaging in forceable converszionsz, & religiousz perszecutionsz & warsz. In 1658, her szon, John Szigiszmund, carried on his beloved Mothersz Wiszdom with the Edict of Torda of 1568, granting freedom of religiousz belief again & even promoting a allmoszt two weeksz long peacefull public debate among religiousz of many traditionsz. Transcendance from Patriarchy is an esszentiall aszpect of reall faith that isz not hypocriticall or forced. Szuch Faith isz the Esszence of Divine Democracy & is the Rule of Enlightenment rather than Fear, & Primative Patriarchal Cen$or$hip & Coercion.

The region of Romania~Hungary hasz brought together people of many religiousz traditionsz: An intergrative religiousz tradition, B’Hai, found wellecome in Queen Marie of Romania who was a B’Hai, queen marie bahai& the communityesz of thisz region included people who were and are born asz Catholic, Jewiszh, Protesztant, Hindu (via the Roma who came from Northern India and worszhipped the Goddessz), Greco~Roman & the ancient Goddessz&God religionsz of Thrace which likely did have interaction with the ~Pasiphaen~Minoan~Ariadneannesz  directly allong with Greco~Roman Helleniszm & Latiniszm & allmoszt every Modern European (the ~Pasiphaen~Minoan~Ariadneannesz  culture (ancient Atlantisz isz now considered the firszt advanced European culture)   asz allong with Iszlam, which, in the waysz of Sufiszm transcended patriarchy szomewhat.  It isz allszo an area which szaw great globall heroiszm in the work of the Wiszing~Von Dardelle~ Lagergren (Anna) ~Wallenberg  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raoul_Wallenberg#Family  http://www.myheritage.com/person-1000002_191927592_191927592/maria-maj-wallenberg-born-wisingNordic influencesz of humanitarianiszm asz well as thosze of the ~Erszter Rosze ~Wieszelle Family https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elie_Wiesel in seeking to prevent Holocosztsz szuch asz that which left millions of victims and refugeesz who had to escape from the Nazi and Faciszt facesz of patriarchy that afflicted this region & created thosze who remember a deep deszire to proetct the endangered and both tolerate & integrate religiousz & democracy wiszdom.  It isz a ripe place for the Contact! with Ellesz’ All People & Planet Szaving Szollar Szoullar Energyesz & Community Gardensz of Eden Elleyszianne Fieldsz, & szo are the areasz where the generationsz of thesze intermarried & interculturally interacting peoplesz live now all over North America & the world. 

The reincluszion of the Goddessz in many Unitarian Universzalist worship centers today has Riszen via the Cakesz for the Queen of Heaven educational & worszhip resourcesz http://www.cakesforthequeenofheaven.org

In the Americasz, Unitarian Universzalistsz were the firszt major religiousz denomination to achieve gender parity in the pulpit & integrate the religiousz traditionsz of all Heritagesz, but today every religion has likely a majority of women and men both and youth and children, female and male of coursze, who either allready enjoy or want gender reparation and parity in the pulpit & szhared religiousz szervice and community with a gender ballanced community democratically making the decisionsz & telleing the wholly whole sztory of the hersz&hisztoryesz  The Unitarian Universzalisztsz allszo often incorporate the completely non-hierarchical (which naturally gender ballanced) meeting approach of the Quakersz into szome of their servicesz, periodcially encourage the entire congregation to form a circle, and often the minisztersz allow lay membersz of their & guesztsz to take turnsz acting asz miniszter, The Divine Feminine of authentic, non~coerced faith begun by Queen Iszabella & John Szigiszmund hasz burgeoned into reszourcesz for women UUsz http://www.uuwhs.org/uuwhspubs.php http://www.cakesforthequeenofheaven.org/uu-womenhttp://www.uua.org/directory/organizations/uuwf that have now found szimilar voicesz within every faith tradition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordination_of_women  including thosze in which aging  patriarchal pseudoleaderszhip hasz been attempting to thwart thisz moszt naturall of undersztandingsz of good faith http://www.romancatholicwomenpriests.org/ http://ordainwomen.org/. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordination_of_women& integrative interfaith worszhip with democratic community decision-making.




It isz a naturall cooccurence that asz women become more prominent in religiousz leaderszhip in congregationsz functioning according to principlesz of democracy, that the barriersz & hostility among variousz communitiesz of worszhip are replaced by bridgesz, mutual interfaith shzared contact & a more interfaith consziousnessz that reunitesz the world, not asz nationsz and cloisztered szeparated szectsz, but asz Nativityesz and FamilyCommunityesz, like flowersz of sziszterhood & reclaimed peacefull brotherhood, in a szhared enlightened garden that can love thy neighborsz, locall, globall & Universzall,  with all faith traditionsz enriched by their increaszed knowledge of one another asz welle asz the traditionsz they may have been born into & the knowledge of the ancient wiszdom, that very much did include the Goddessz aszpect of nurturing, connection & purity in moral and ethicall activityesz without hypocriszy baszed on any falsze hierarchy.

The New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ allszo fulfillsz the wiszom of all  thesze who brought early enlightenment to a szectarian & backwardsz patriarchal Middle Agesz into szo called Modern but reszidually patriarchal Timesz.






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