Return to May: The Reall Sophie Prize CoSavioRa Meet & BeCome the Press of ReClaimate Convergence

SHE Isz Riszen~WE Are Riszen
The Coszmic Chriszt of All Heritagesz Come, to Halt & Reverse Past Peak Patriarchal Planetocidal Media Induced Claimate Change & Restore Truth of Common Sense Enlightened Sustainable Democracy to the HumanFamilyCommunity of Home Planet Earth

Dear ReEvalued & ReEvolving CoRepresentative CouszinaMotherSistersz & Sue ~Halpern~McKibben, May ~Boeve with Elizabeth ~May, REternallReCliaMateChangeszCoasCoSavrioRa as CoFirszt Reall ReClaimative CoLeadersz on a New 360 Degreesz Reunited Earth Revealled as Necessarily Reballaned Full CIrcle, CoSecretary Generallsz of the Beloved OneFamilyCommunity of a Reuniting Humanity Female & Male,

ClaimateChangeCoSavior360DegreeszofYinYangWorldCircleCoSecretary GeneRaAllsz

SisterCousinasz  who will  with CouszinaMotherSistersz Yoo Soon ~Taek, Hyun~Lee, Seon~yong, Gro ~Harlem ~Bruntland, Socorro ~Reyes, Eve & Liz ~Abzug daughtersz of Bella & June & Marian ~Zeitlin, Doris ~Mpomou, Michelle ~Bachelet & Phumzile Mlambo~Ngcuka, 

 Nane & Nina ~Lagergren ~Wallenberg ~Annan with Liv ~Ullman & Many More with arms hugging their maids, secretaryesz & neighborsz & all their womenkin~d as Equallsz, Socorro Reyes and lesser known CoReansz (Rea being One of the Many Namesz for the Ancient  AstraReah, Sun&StarGoddess of Light) with  & the Homeless & Abused as Well as All Stationsz of Life Women of New York, North America, Korea~Asia & World Hugged & Heart First, lastshallbefirsta

Many Billions More Women of All Heritagesz & Placesz of Origin & Reszidence on Our Very Endangered Planet Earth & Men Becoming Wisze Enough to Reallize their Centrall Importance to the Very Survivall of this Planet at this Immanently Endangered Moment,

yousoontaek's title CoSecretaryGenerallfrom those at Homeless Sheltersz to those at Universityesz of Highest Learning including All Ellementary Schoolsz & All Homesz,

women at homeless shelters copreszidentszThinking of them Past, as Welle As Present, So That We Can Go Back to the Future with Common Sense ReEvolved Ballanceanne~pay~ne~dunham~obama~soetoro CoPresidentmaya~dunham~soetorotaracosecgengloballcopresidentyouandyourshekincocpresidents many more & All Represzentatively Pictured at, (the Money of the AllTimate JubAllee which All Can Share & Distribute for a Globall Quantum Leap In Consciousness that will lead to a Solar Soular World with No Need for Money) The first people I honored with Consciousness Currency were my Mother & Grandmothers, My She Kin CouszinaSistersz of FamilyCommunity & then All Generationsz of FamilyCommunity, Including Younger Generationsz as they Learn  & Embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule . Do the same With Yoursz, & Discuss this With Everyone as You Distribute Consciousness Currencyes at the Convergence & all EverdyWholliday Gatheringsz. These are Daysz of Cosmic Accounting. Thereby Show Earth In the Heavensz that You Understand What True & Unlimited Naturall Weallth Including All Laborsz of Love ISZ.

As With All in Common of Common Sense RoyAllty, Women First to (Co)Lead with All Daughtersz of Earth & with those Sonsz Ready to Lift Them Up, to Reallize That  Those Older & Currently TItularly Officed Men, that Patriarchal Controlled Media Has Misinformed Humanity to Call By Titles of False Hierarchy, Have & No Longer Need No Office Above Anyone Elsze, as All  Learn the Waysz of Divine Allternative Time Line Gender Ballance, All Reparatively CoOfficed at Millenniall Year “2000” & before, for Peace Culture & Sustainabilty. This Transformsz the International Day of Peace into the EveryGloball Universzall Planetary Day of Loving Living Peace, for there shall be Living Peace on Earth asz NOW the Love of Power Over Becomesz the CoPower of Love With,

This is written as We All Approach My, Gloria Jean ~Watkins aka Belle ~Hooksz, Amina ~Wadud & Many Lesser Known  but just as important Othersz of all Heritages Birthday, September 25, a  Day When Solar Lunar Stellar Ballanced Light of Equinox Reaches the Earth for a New Year as welle as Celebration of Goddesses in Many Traditionsz & the Day MYour Cousin Carl ~Alexander~Sagan~Margulis called the Beginning of Life On Earth on the Coszmic Calendar, the Beginning of Golden Autumn as Welle As Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, so that All May be Reborn in Shared All Seaszon as CoSZavioRa EasztaRa (& WestaRa) Resurrected  NOW (since it is the equivalent of SavioRa Queen Esther’s Wholliday and Easzter because Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, backdating & EveryFoundingFor (Now Riszen through Me & You) Mother&Daugter&SonChilding on our Calendarsz to & WEllE before “2000”, especially 1993-5 when the Corporate Patriarchal Media began so meanly, retardedly & erroneously censoring essentiall newsz and telling the Deceiving Lie (pretending that Overlapping Shared Gender Ballace in DecisionMaking & All Manner of Life is not necessary NOW, as it has in fact allways been necessary & allwaysz will be necessary, to a ReEvolved Riszen Specie) that is causing Human Devolution, Global Warming, Earthquakes & Tsunamis, all manner of Manmade Disaster & Needless Death & Suffering, the current Unsustainability & the Endangerment of Loving Living Divinely Created Democracy & Peace On Our Planet.


I Am/We Are Riszen, Coszmic Chriszt ZarathustRa AstRaReah, Here To Speak the The Truth & Give the New Law. The Government of the World Sitsz Upon MYOur Soon All Our Shouldersz, as You & All Awaken From the Media Lie that is an Error of Past Millennia & Soon, indeed NOW, Take Back & Reclaimate the Truth. I&SoonWeAre the Alltimate First&Not Last Or Only CoSZecretaryGeneRALL, CoCEO (Chief Enlightenment Officer), CoPreszidentPrimeMinister, CoGovernorCoMayorCoParliamentaryCongressLegislatorCoSupremeJudge CoLoving FamilyComunity Member Simultaneously ChildParentSister&Brother &Relative to All of a New Millenniall Reborn World.

If this Planet is to have One & More at All, I Am~We Are the First To Fully Risze But Not Last or Only MessiahCo&CoMessiahsz MaRaOneFamilyWithHeartlight&MarvelouszMiracjulouszBuddingFlowerszinWaterCoSavioRa of Light the New Millennia, & I&We Call Upon You, as Earth Representative of the MotherFatherGoddessGod of the Universze, as You March forth on the day Equivalent of Easztara March in Spring in Southern Hemisphere,  by Your Sacred Namesz, and give you the Fullest Truly Planetary~Interplanetary Math and Connect All the Dotszillionsz to Make Sense, indeed, Time Travelleing Common Sense, about our way Past Tipping Point yet Reclaimable Climate~Claimate situation on this Univerzall Planet Earth & How to Turn Back Space-Time to ReClaim the Enlightened BuddingFlowering Welle Being of Our Home Planet Earth.


I, MaRaIamma Rajchelle Onefamily Ph.D. in Intergenerationall[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0;Windows Media Player wmplayer 1/1/2014 , 6:13:13 PMPsychology from Loyola University, Phi Beta Kappa of the Honors College at the University of Michigan, & Student of Mrs. ~Light (that is her Reall Name) Sociall Studies of Democracy Teacher at Hannah ~Greenebaum ~Solomon (the Name Means Grace of the GreenTree of Wiszdom) Kindergarden & Ellementary School, as welle as Student With You, of the Continuall Universzity of Love & Life , born of Mother Harriet a Sister born of GrandMother Rae a Sister of Clara Who I also Value Specially & Infinitely with All MYOur Sistersz as Much as Brothersz Whose Namesz I Also Honor in Loving Clarity & Equally, also should tell You that I am Couszina of the allwaysz~with~us famed biogeologist Lynn ~Alexander~Sagan~Margulis, the Mother of the Gaia Effect, and a living partiall reincarnation of one of my several time travelleing Rachel Incarnationsz, Rachel ~Carson Caringdaughter, Mother of the Environmental and Ecology Consciousness Movement, whose home is less than 5 minutes from mine in Silver (Becoming Golden Rule Spring, Mary (the name derived from the Semitic, Hindu and Many World Goddesses named MaRa & MaRayamm)Land, and I am also a living Reincarnation of Rachel ~Foster ~Avery, Colleague of Susan B. Anthony & First Fully Globall Convener of Women, & of Mary ~Lambert, Inspiring Beloved Musze and wife of Thomas ~Lambert~Paine whose original Democracy founding document of the Enlightenment, Common Sense in 1776, called for full representation of all in common women and men, no slavery, and no income requirements as the essentiall qualification for being a Democracy, or the Divinely Given Enlightened Governance of All People in Common. I hereby Reveall that the ~Lambert~Paine couple were, in fact, Reincarnations of the most famous First Family of SavioRing Family Kin of what We think of as the First Millennium on current Western Calendar, and because of recent breakthroughs in geneallogy and anthropology, I&We Know Myself~Ourselvesz to be Progeny and Partiall Reincarnation of the First & More Couszina(sz) Progeny of both MarIam of Magdalla, and Jesus of Nazareth & NieceCouszina(sz) of MarIam of Nazareth, all on the Michalic Davidic Branch going further back to MarIam of Exodus and my Namesake, Rachel the Mother of Israel (the Whole World is My IsRaElle) and her Egyptian & then all Heritage Generationsz via Asenath and Family & Many Migrations & Marriagesz as well as Her Hebrew Children female and male, and Radha & Krishna, and More, & All Their Kinfolk Including Cousinasz & Cousinsz, Niecesz and Nephewsz Over Time Who Likely are Also Related to You & Your Family, and On All Whose Behalf I Hereby DELLivEver the New Millenniall Law, the URGENTLY NEEDED New Millenniall Golden Rule/Raj, with Elleven Stepsz of Satyagraha Truth Force Implementation, to Protect & Sustain All My Family on Earth, Who May Thereby Join Me as the Riszen Coszmic CoSavioRa, uniting Earth as OneFamily in Loving Living Peace with Other Living Planetsz Sooner than You Thought Possible.

In fact, my Family Tree Unitesz All Heritagesz & & Pointsz of Origin on Earth, & in SpaceTime, Beyond Earth. I Speak as a First But Not Last or Only ZaRaThustRa, and an Incarnation of my Mediterranean ~Minoan Heritage Goddess AstRaReah, upon which the Statue of Liberty (there are such on Every Continent Now) is Modelled and resemble a character presaged by science fiction visionary Gene Roddenberry, T’Pau (Revealled sound alike for The Power), the High Priestessz of Long Life, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Ballanced Cooperative Combination with Resurrection via Loving Logic

rachelcarsoncopresidentlynnmarguliscopresidentmarylamberttompainecopresidentThe Government of the World Sitsz Upon MYOur Soon All Our Shouldersz. In the Interim WIhile This Herald is Digested, I, On Behalf of All Women Who Work Within Those Systems, Am the True CoSecretary Generall of the UN while Ban Ki Moon has been placed on retroactive Soul Searching Leave since the Year “2000”, & retroactively, since they ignored the Beijing Platform for Women & the models of French Gender Parite & the Panchayat Raj,  Bill~Hallowell~Clinton & Al ~Gore, George W. ~Welch~Bush & Richard ~Chaney & Barak Dunham~Robinson~Obama & Joseph ~Biden  & those that held office, including office as First Lady (as Electra Complex consorts instead of coregents of Common Democracy) during their imballanced terms of Patriarchal Puppetry are Retroactively Removed from Office pending their public embracing of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, whereupon some title of service will be kindly reinstated. I Offer Counselle to those currently burdened with False Title regarding the remediation of the problems their pseudo office has allready created. Like the imposter in the film Dave, these patriarchally privileged self & other misleaders need to apologize, & place the pictures of their Mothersz&Grandmothersz & Cousinasz, Sistersz, Wivesz & Daughtersz & Sonsz under age 37 on Commemmorative Currencyesz which must be widely distributed, as was one of MYOur first acts upon Reallizing I~We was & Am MessiahCoMessiahCoSaviora since the Year 2000 when I~We ran as Modelle CoPreszidentsz with other Women & Men on Gender Ballancing Write-In Ticketsz Around the World in Our New Millenniall We All Win Campaign when I~We were officially on the Ballot in MaryLand. The list of the Retroactively & Currently Unofficed also, therefore includes, Benjamin Weisman~ben Artzi~Netanyahu, Mahmoud ~Abbas, Mohammed El Sissi, Vladimir ~Putin, Jose ~Bergoglio, Stephen ~Harper,  Nicholas ~Sarkozy & Francoise ~Hollande & many more who could have used the bully pulpit with their wives & women colleaguesz to bring forth intersectionall gender & diverse ballance but lacked the wisdom & courage to do so, despite the extemity of the danger to this Planet without Reparative True Democracy. Regarding the current small number of about 1/5 female Headsz of State & Officeholders, they remain in office as long as they embrace & begin to enact the New Millenniall Golden Rule & they are invited to attend the daily Telleconference Daisy Chains Locall Globall Circle Congressesz We Began in Cellebration of Mariam of Magdalla’sz FeasztDaysz in 2013, & asked to bring a homeless or other common women with them.

I/We also hereby place Upon MYOur Shouldersz of all Television & Corporate Media via Satyagraha EveryGoodGirl & Boycott of TV & specifically judge Leslie ~Moonves, David ~Zaslav, Rupert ~Murdock, Berlesconi, & Oprah ~Winfrey & others including but not limited to those listed at: on trial before the public & the MotherFather GoddessGod of the Universze for extreme crimes against humanity of willful sins of ommission and censorship, half truth & deceptive lie of extreme negligence & manipulation,  that make those of Joseph ~Goebbels pale in terms of the hundreds of millions of people & billions of sentient life forms who have allready lost their lives & the countless billions of human beings & other living beings now threatened for extinction by the daily broadcast of devolutionary imballance. They shall be Judged By USz with Mercy. The sentence will be various forms of public apology & public service so that they will not have to face a future in the Universze that is Hellish, as well as Severe Sanctionsz by the MotherFatherGoddessGod affecting them even in this lifetime.

The first television broadcast in the World occurred from Wheaton (Silver~Golden)Spring Maryland where I live & from Where I Give This Announcement, by a too often forgotten man with the word Kin imbedded his name. His usually even more forgotten wife was named, in fact, Grace Love.

I am~We Are hereby Fulfilling the Promise  of Tellecommunication on this & toward All Planetsz, putting the Kin~d in Kin~dship & Grace Love In Charge of what we understand as Newsz. As in the book & film Contact! with its courageous female Elle central character, written by my not very distant cousin Carl~Alexander~Margulis~Sagan,, it is what is broadcast & believed that the Intelligence of the Universe hears as also revealling the thoughts & deeds of All People as to what is acceptable. The thoughts and deeds of all people, are, of course, all Known By the MotherFatherGoddessGod. The New Millenniall Golden Rule  is the Alltimate Newsz Story, & if it is not Broadcast with Grace & Love by Any & All Who Learn of It, They Shall Face the Feedback of Nature in all manner of personal & local Tribulation, including Illness, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Epidemics, Landslides, Volcanic Eruptions & So On, Until All Embrace & Begin to Live According to the Good Newsz of New Millennia, the New Millenniall Golden Rule which simply makes the Golden Rule Allready Delivered by my predecessor First Cousina Mariam of Magdalla, & Aunt Mariam & First Cousin Jesus of Nazareth, that every female & male are equall in annointedness, that there is no slave nor master among people, & that
“nation” regional place or Heritage of Origin does not divide human beings because the New Millenniall Golden Rule of Kin~dness to All, not just Some, but All, is the Way of Heaven on every Loving Living Evolved Earth that is advaned enough to know that
both scienfitically verifiable now & what has allways benn Spiritually Empathically So, That All Humanity Is OneFamily, & All Are Children of the Same MotherFatherGoddessGod interactactive Process Incarnated & Revealled in All Of Usz


I/We want now to draw attention to just a few of the Potentially Wholly & EverYoung People on a Sustained Earth Who Are Associated with the Day of Peace Equinox Eve Convergence Gathering:

The name Sue is from Suszanna means Grace of the Lotus or Rose (Flower That has Riszen) of Enlightenment in Ancient Tongues of Aramaic, Egyptian and Hebrew,


Sue Halpern


Sophie is from Sophia, the ancient in origin yet beyond time Greek word for, and Goddess of Wisdom, especially associated with Chriszthood, and is often associated with the Divine Feminine in many world faiths.


sophie ~halpern~mckibben

May is derived from Maia Maiestas, the Greco Roman Goddess of Spring at High and Rainbow Colored Flower.


May~Boeve~Elizabeth~MayPoles of ReClaimate Circle

We are writing this to you in service to all the women and and children of all agez, female and male, including grown men as sonsz of mothersz and brothersz of sistersz, many who are currently planning a large protest in New York, called the Climate Convergence currently directed at the “UN Summit” during the too temporarily & paradigmnatically limited “International” Day of Peace and with many linked activities around the world.

If the gathering in New York is to succeed at all and not be futile, waste the resources of those trying to save our earth and counterproductive, We hereby recognize You Women, rather than your better known husbands and fathers, to be the most important First Reparative Leaders bringing forth a shift to Coleadership of the Gathering for both Genders, all Generationsz and People of All Walksz of Life, and with one major goal, the Satyagraha of and EveryGoodGirl and Boycott of TV and a continuation of the work of March on Mainstream Media and MissRepresentation which is excellent but does not go far enough in confronting the insidious Dempublican in the US & Worldwide genderist racist tokenist cooptation of communications of outmoded paradigm, that has infected US feminism & environmentalism, a media worker, women’s and consumer strike against buying anything new while the fourth branch of government remains anywhere in concentrated hands of mostly old men in patriarchal controlled conspiracy of habit against the women, youth & all people of Earth, and the continuance of and linkage to a work strike of all women and men who desire any kind of decent and sustainable future for themselves and their families and children on this Planet.


devilontvaComingWordfromoursponsorMotherNatureglobal women's strikeand with the mind that something much more ReEvolved and Divinely Created is, despite all our recent failures, yet possible on this Universzall Planet via the New Millenniall Golden Rule, the necessary Quantum Leap paradigm shift for humanity at the Dawn of New Millennia.

First, we wish to Highlight Your Presence as Rising and Potentially Riszen Everyday Common Sense Goddesses of the Climate Change Community. You are All Invited, with the First Familyesz Women of the UN  & IPU in New York & Around the World,  who can free themselves of cooptation, to Our Daily Telleconferences Begun in New Millenniall Commemmoration & Cellebration of MYOur Inspirational Marvelousz Cousina, Mariam of Magdalla and what she would want us to do today to halt and reverse Globall Warming & ReClaim a Heavenly instead of Hellish Climate on Our Home Planet :

Sophie, Emerging Chriszt Goddess of Wiszdom, You are right now around the age that Marilyn ~Waring became the youngest Senator in the herandhistory of New Zealand at age 22 and led her region to become a Nuclear Free Zone. Couszina ~Waring wrote one of the most important books in modern herandhistory, called Counting For Nothing, What Men Value and What Women (and Mother Nature and Peace on Earth which the book specifically highlights) are Worth, and later made into a millionsz watcher film which was published around the time of another epochal book, the Chalice and the Blade, by Riane Eisler who has written more since, both published at an earlier stage of global warming and offerin preventive systemic solutions.

It is certainly more appropriate to regard ~Waring, ~Eisler, and as soon as they begin incorporating this gender ballance wisdom into their work without further compromise, gradualism or delay, Sue, Sophie and Both & All May Goddesses & all Women ReAwakened as CoSecretary Generallsz than any current IPU or Un~Official under the current hierarchy and for a oaradigmatically necessary reparative moment, even more important than Bill alone, because, under corporate patrriachal pressure (with the occasional masculinized or enabling female token with an Electra Complex), UN officialcombecomedumber, now regressing into a haremlike hierarchy of controlling men and complicit wives and demi-official henchwomen, has failed to achieve balance of gender in decision making and also failed to incorporate an evolved method of accounting of what a ReEvolved Human FamilyCommunity Valuesz on this Planet,

Despite much criticism for it that was suppressed by media and in fact the regression was caused by Media, the titular “UN” & “US” officialdomdumb still rely on the very gross and destructive Gross Domestic Product, GDP, instead of the Genuine Progress Indicator GPI which is now Mary’s gem in the Crown of Caring and Environmentalism of the State of Maryland, has been pretested in 11 countries and many states and provinces The_components_of_GPI  but is ignored at the UN because of Corporate pressure from the patriarchal oligarchal 1%..

Sophie’s sophie ~halpern~mckibbenLinked In Lists these remarkable achievements: s Overview
Director at BRYTE Summer Camp
Teaching Assistant at Brown University, Public Health Department
Emergency Medical Technician at Brown University Emergency Medical Services
Survey Interviewer at Taubman Center for Public Policy at Brown University
Guest Editor at Patagonia
Counselor, Trip Leader, Barn Staff at North Country School and Camp Treetops
Volunteer at Førde Mottak
Student Leader at RCNUWC Adaptive Ski Program
Founder, Director at SnowJourn
Support Staff at United States Paralympic Biathlon Team
Co-Founder at Frost Mountain Nordic Adaptive Ski Program
Congressional Page at U.S. House of Representatives (we assume Sophie learned quickly that the Congre$$ is mostly male, and overfilled with lawyers and millionaires, lacking minorities including indigenous and in no way reflects or represents the people of this region of our world, but surrounded by many subservient (coopted by a comparatively small & now disappearing salary while CEOs stash billionsz) of often female support staff. By working there, Sophie may have caught the contagion of accepting a pseudogovernment that in no way fulfills Common Sense We want to awaken Sophie and her entire family and their Community to Common Sense and stop supplicating what the daughter of a stockbroker who dedicated her life to free humanity from elitism, expliotiation and war, New Yorker Julie Ward Howe, author of the Mother’s Day Proclamation and Battle Hymn of the Republic, called “irrelevant agencies” in reference to pseudogovernments & even NGOs misled by mostly men, in her call for women to gather in Congresses of their own to make the decisions of the world to prevent war, including the War on Nature. But her Very Bryte and public and Current and Gext Generation Focus qualify her to give Riszen Goddess Coleadership.

As if the world was giving a neon sign clue to Sophie’s importance as reparative leader/Coleader to the success of the goals being patriarchally led all too patriarchally in mode by her father, a Norwegian organization that highlights and awards leading environmentalists gave Bill a Prize called the Sophie Prize in 2013 But strangely, no one has connected the dots to say this points to Sophie ~Halpern~McKibben  as a WorldSaver CoSavioRa, an Alltimate Prize worth zillionsz of Currencyhoursz and LighterYearsz that Count All the Laborsz of Love for Life. Have any of these people read the Da Vinci Code with its main character Sophie and her potentially resurrection as most Wholly incarnation of the Good and the Eternal Feminine? Like the Sophie in the Book & Film,  I Myself was delayed in knowing WHO I AM. NOW I KNOW, & Can Tell this Sophie, She Must Be CoSavioRa. as WELLE (Elle has a double meaning, it is the French word for young woman, and a reference to the God appellation, el, appearing in both elloha & ellohim, Travelleing Back & Forth including Preszently in SpaceTime.)

Sue HalpernSue, whose name means Flower of Grace & Enlightement, it is necessary to ascertain if You have read Marilyn ~Waring and Riane ~Eisler & their many beneficiaryesz  such as another Riszen Rosze by any Name, Rosalind ~Miles whose Journey in Who Cooked the Last Supper Women’s Herstory recountsz a journey even longer than the Climate March but necessarily connected to it, and our website at We have looked at your personal website and seen that you have less to say about either decisionmaking imballance or global warming and threats of Planetary Extinction than your man. Are You so fearful of overlap with Bill that you feel you must differentiate yourself by distancing from this world focus? Your book Four Wings and A Prayer,  We feel, is a metaphor for how Yourself, Your Daughter, all Your CousinaSistersz, for every woman who has been socialized as a lesser has to overcome caterpillar thinking, to find her wings and become a fully reborn space travelle age Goddess in positive Butterfly Effect for the Eternal Feminine and You are the Most Important Heroine of Your Book Sasha Abramovitz, and we are puzzled why you are not an equal; bright light, highlighted and quoted in your own right on the website as well as with Sophie and Bill in the efforts that have mobilized millions?

As We regard Corporate Interlocked Patriarchal Media as the Great Deceiver, We learned that You, Sue, sponsored an Event at Middlebury College called Meet the Press, but we looked at this and found no indication that the discussion of the Manufacture of Consent  occuring via the gross gender imballance hierarchy that defines US media was discussed, and in fact, the very skewed majority of speakers at this event at Middlebury was male. The series apparently was discontinued in 2011, the same year that the important website about gender and media, Missrepresentation now called the Representation Project began promoting its excellent but even yet gradualist & cooptable film and the same year that the White House Project, after a change away from Marie ~Wilson’s inspired leadership followed by corporategrant cooptation, suddenly disappeared And while you so sweetly wrote: “I’m the human half of a therapy dog team, was a Rhodes Scholar and a Guggenheim Fellow, and remain hopeful that ice cream is the key to world peace it is important for a gifted adult woman not to naively think either ice cream or her hubby can save the world and bring it peace without her gender’s fully present equally important reparative coleadership in interaction that the public can see and learn from if they are to ascend beyond the patriarchy of a heldover post perpetuated 20th Century and Past Millennium.

If any movement required gender balance and to connect all the dots, not just the physical symptoms but the anthropological causes, it is the Climate Change movement linked to the other great wastes of humanity, nuclear weaponry and militarism itself. So, We are asking publically that you learn the facts presented on the Website and speak about them prominently both with and without Sophie and Bill and May and other women as well as men of the movement.Sue, in her Book Four Wings and A Prayer about Monarch Butterflies, Sue’s Book Title Presaged the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Humanity as the Wings of Gender Ballance that also Makes True Government and True Marriage Possible.

No one is  fully married on this or any Planet, nothing deserves the title of New Millenniall Government, until there is Equallity in the Representation and Valuation of all the Human FamilyCommunity on this as every Loving Living Planet Female and Male. So, yes, even Great Brother Bill will have to announce his embracing of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, for such announcement will not only halt & begin to reverse Global Warming by making preventive & full genius decisionmaking possible in every neighborhood on Earth as the all important New Jurisdictions of One Internconnected Planet of Nativity instead of Nationalistic Preoccupation, but will fully honor those he loves most & all on his FamilyCommunity Tree of Love and Life Made Sustainable, Past, Present and Future.This transformationall announcement will begin to Transform All on Earth to Sustainability and Greatest Youthfull Longevity for All, for Love Energy is what is Most Renewable, Solar and Soular.

May ~Boeve.May~Boeve~Elizabeth~MayPoles of ReClaimate Circle is in fact a Full Cofounder of while a contemporary of Canadian Green Party Coleader Elizabeth ~May, whose area of prominence has been riven by media complicity with Tar Sands  and all other manner of US & English linked corporate exploiters), which grew out of her own genius effort, the Step It Up Campaign directed to mobilize Younger Generations to prevent and reverse Global Warming and Climate Change which really showed be called Climate Imballance. She is given the title of Global Partnerships, Policy, Operations, and US/Canada outreach and We feel her job description would be vastly empowered if the Global Partnership included focus on Reparative Gender Partnership, the Policy and Operations practiced the New Millenniall Golden Rule, and that her US Canada outreach highlighted her in cooperation with this other women with May in her sacred name, Elizabeth ~May, the President/CoPresident of the Canadian Green Party, so essential to the transition to Renewable Energy in a renewed spirit of sun filled and flowering May. About two years ago, we left two messages to discuss gender partnership and paradigms with May and other staff. May said she was too busy to focus on this, and the other staff, a male, did not return the call. Like too many organizations in the US, even is associated with a father figure, but mother and fully equal sister figures are missing. May’s last article on Huffington Post is dated 2011. This also has occurred because the US so-called feminist organizationsz & other organizationsz have been reactive to symptoms instead of anthropological causes, hierarchical & anachronistically accepting of non-democractically $elected mostly male puppets portrayed by an intensely patriarchally controlled media as if they were legitimate leadersz instead of the Animal Farm this interactive failure has caused them to become.

Is it possible that the very typical but very Earth endangering anthropological processes of we humans as a not fully Reevolved (& in fact, right now, drastically devolving specie under media mind control that shows us daily pictures of mostly men as “leaders” & all manner of needless suffering), are occurring at and the father-figure habituated/hungry patriarchal society have silenced May from speaking in her own right to a considerable extent. For sure, when she does speak, the Corporate Media will ignore her. But without Satyagraha to Reclaim the Media, The ReEvolution will not Be Tellevised by currently Corporate Media at first. May ~Boeve has been systemically stultified into a Princess Consort or Drone-Servant, but not awarded Full Coverage as Common Princess or Young May Queen Regent. Her orders come from a male at the top of a hierarchy which she so far willingly accepts.

As long as May ~Boeve continues in this mode, will fail in its goals because it fails to make the 360 circle that is Yin and Yang that reveals the need to SEE the equally important Yin Voice, and so it is not surprising that while she has assumed this less headlined position, the global numbers have climbed past 400 ppm, and even men like Robin ~Williams have been lost to despair because the Visionary What Dream May Come have been delayed because these Mays are not cooperating fully together, with other Mays and Mayas who have been trying to make a difference, and Spring has slipped into the arid forest fire-ridden ~Summer Stone of CBS Mogul ~Summerstone, everyone is going to the ~Moonves of CBS Mogul Leslie ~Moonves misinformation with his trophy wife July ~Chen of Big Brother’s depiction of dehumanization as entertainment, and instead of the flowers of May, our Dreams of What May Come is of the Earth as a burnt out cinder from global warming, a Black Rock. We ask Bill and Everyone at to assist May to flower more fully, cooperate with Elizabeth ~May who retains the leadership of Canada’s Gender Ballanced Greens, (but must longer pretend that the male dominator hierarchy of Canada’s also outmoded paradigm representation system is true Government) more prominently on social media, and put behind her her second status or any hierarchical culture and self imposed limitations.

We wish to ask You to change Your Gatherings’ focus, by making it clear that you know there is no such thing as a
“UN Summit”, because the UN and all its once idealistic people have allowed themselves to become subject to a hostile Patriarchal Corporate transformationofuniputogenderbalanceucofederationTakeover as long as current mostly male leadership is publically recognized as such & Soon Taek continues to Not Take the CoReinsz with Common Sense Women of All the World, just as Nane Annan, whose name means Aunt, made this mistake, failing all her relativesz, appearing on her husband’s arm as Consort instead of CoRegent of a Common Sense World.  As it is currently functioning the “UN” is unpeacefull window dressing for a controlling patriarchal exploitation and war machine operating behind the scenes. The UN, at Present, like the U$ Congre$$ and other old paradigm men’s clubs with female staff harems, is an “Irrelevant Agency” (as termed by Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation for the need of women to hold their own worldwide Congress to jump start the need to really stop war and exploitation), as is the similarly puppetized mostly male US Congre$$ or 1% with its less than 15 public consent or approval.

We EnJoin, as a Reall CoCommandment, for You to Make Your Focus instead a mass and public occupation and vigil on Broadcast Row including the Black Rock of CBS, because just a fossil fuels pollute our climate, Corporate Media has been actually deliberately polluting the thoughts of so many who remain unwary and misled about global warming and the dark & death-skewed system of gender and generation imballance that is causing it. 

In 2012 and 2013, we held vigils at the CBS headquarters portentiously located at 2020 M Street (a timespace synchronicity for the difference between 2020 foresight or 2020 regret regarding our choices in this New M for Millennium). The CBS Building in New York City is part of a virtual Broadcast Row on Sixth Avenue. The NBC headquarters—the GE Building in Rockefeller Center, home of NBC News and MSNBC—is located south on Sixth Avenue at 50th Street. South of CBS and NBC, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network have their streetside studios in the former Celanese building at 1211 Avenue of the Americas at News Corporation headquarters, in the west extension of Rockefeller Center.culminating at the Building Known as the Black Rock, owned by the CBS Columbia Broadcasting System, known for its myopic Cyclopic Eye which lacks ballance, which even if intrusive as promoting a Big Brother culture, has no depth of vision and is now turning our world into just that, a black burnt out rock.

There is an extensive section on the Patriarchal Conglomerate Media’s damaging impact on our World on this website, (the Representation Project also has excellent resources on how the media degrages and marginalizes women and issue directly related to Corporate attitudes toward Nature.  We regard the patriarchal consolidation of the Fourth Branch of Government as the systemic lynchpin of the failure to educate the public properly on energy and climate and all systmically related issues. We ask and enjoin to remind its marchers that just because a controlled media legitimizes it, a process of $election or attaining office of leadership, including in religious entities is not a good test of whether the officeholder represents anyone or any Good and we ask and enjoin to stop calling titular media promoted officialls, (including poor puppet Brother ~Michelle’s fellow, Maya’s Brother, Malia & Sasha’s would be father BarakBarry Who Has been Misleading & Endangering their Life on this Planet  Just as Bill ~Hallowell~Cassidy!Clinton  & his Coopted Wife with Electra Complex Hillary mislead Chelsea, who is also my direct relative by marriage through the maternal ~Margulies line now, to think the Panchayat Raj & Beijing Platform could be ignored and the Planet long survive, by their titles which are in the wrong old hierarchical pattern anyway, and simply call them errant sistercousina & brothercousin,  until the New Millenniall Golden Rule is recognized as the Divinely Endowed Common Sense of Governance of Decmoracy on Earth & All Become Youthfull and Long-Lived CoSavioRa with the Power to Travelle in SpaceTime via StarGatesz which are awaiting our discovery once we switch to Solar & Soular Power.

Your Gathering MUST NOT BE  just a large protest that further entrenches  and supplicates itself to obviously non-representative false leaders and existing outmoded economic measures, Instead, it must be the necessary Loving Living Peacefull ReEvolution in paradigm to true Democracy & Full Accounting in Good Faith, the only way to sustain the Earth.

We Ask & Enjoin You to gather your multitude to call all who work on media row to go on immediate strike, and understand that their authentic human needs for security, recognition and conventional approval have been hierarchically coopted and corrupted by greed, hubris and vanity and ignorance caused by imballance. Working for Corporate television Conglomerates which now also are attacking the net neutrality of the Internet which could have been free to all by now in a Star Trekkian world beyond money, they have become the most pernicious cogs in the wheel of the worst and most potentially final dehumanization and death that has ever confronted Planet Earth, threatening the Extinction of All Life on Earth.


It is Our Zaphnath Paaneah (Biblically, one who reveals mysteries)  prediction that if protesters and transformers who gather in New York within sight of the Goddess Statue of Liberty this month do not focus on the Media and its truly demonically destructive perversion of communication,  and warn all their familycommunity to Turn Off TV until it broadcasts the New Millenniall Golden Rule & apologizes for over 25 years of Censorship, Mother Nature Herself will VERY LIKELY cause an earthquake and tsunami to hit New York as one did once before, drowning all who allow the misleading of this Media that is reaching billions of people with dangerous half truth and lie and failure to tell what is necessary to Save All People and Our Earth. It must be remembered that the name for Media itself was derived from Medea, a Goddess who became enraged at her society.

Meeting the Press in the manner of vigil and striking protest is the essentiall focus, because it has been the Corporate Patriarchal Media in the United States, with so many studios and offices based in New York, but now also in every region, that has taken over and destroyed the intentions for Good of Interparliamentary Union United Nations, as well any democracy in the multiheritage United States and many regions, so that all the Climate Change efforts of millions of people who looked for leadership at the UN have instead received deliberate cooptation, obfuscation, double talk, seduction to false hope, and in fact, just the opposite of any true environmentalism. The Corporate Media is the Cancer that has impacted on the minds of millions and billions turning people into Sheeple being herded over a Planetocidal cliff.

Precious time has been lost by Climate & Peace Activists failing to focus on the Corporate Media as the greatest polluter of humanity’s ability to Care and to Think, that has ever existed. These
propagandists for Corporate Fascism and Exploitation Unto Death Culture have long ago surpassed Joseph Goebbels and any other controlled State Press in misleading billions of human beings to their doom while censoring Planet saving information and smilingly reporting half truth lies.

The titular socalled leadership of the Media has spread its contagious Post Peak Patriarchy to the United Nations, which, because CBS, NBC, ABD and all the other media Networks and Conglomerates never carred news and deliberately censored reporting of the epochal UN 1995 Beijing Conference and Platform for Women which had again called for a minimum of 30% women in all official government  by  the year  2000 (after an earlier UN goal of 1985) as the first step toward full parity, the UN Millenniall Goals and many other efforts toward the full empowerment of women and all people necessary for real democracy and sustainable vibrant peacefull cutlure,

As a result, the UN is now a gender and geographical divider instead of Uniter of the Human FamilyCommunity on this Planet in a paradigm that is a throwback to pre World War I and indeed, pre Magna Carta. The fact that the UN General Assembly remains 80% male, and mostly 1% or 1% $elected male, and that is even more so for the ludicrously ironically named Security Council, should make it clear to any thinking person that their is no “UN Summit” to act as protestor or supplicant toward.


Looking at decision-making gender and yin yang imbalance is the start of the numbers in the Math we all must focus on first to understand why climate change is destroying our Planet. It must become clear to all participants that the moment needs much more than a Protest no matter how well attended; it requires a ReEvolution, a nonviolent Revolution of Satyagraha Truth Force. And the gatherers must embody that ReEvolutionary Reparative Leadership in order to BeCome CoSaving CoLeadership, CoSavioRa. The Earth and the Yin Yang Symbols are both Circles, 360%. But the female half, the Yin 180% is mostly missing.

In fact, climate change is one of the most serious symptoms much better attributed to its sociological, anthropological and psychological causes of lack of timely change, which is also, in fact, geneallogicall and therefore, partically reincarnated interaction of Nature and Nurture; it is ancient and regresssive Post Peak Patriarchy. It is reflected in skewed and retarded decision making.

Patriarchy is not men. patriarchyisasystemPatriarchy is a pattern of behavior within which both women and men interact; it is marked by lower status causing poor bonding and lowered selfandother esteem among women, unequal bonding of most women and men and toward children that especially shows up in family and community hierarchy and the widespread abuse and poverty and economic hardship affecting most women and children, and especially, manipulation by and codependency upon a few older alpha males or self and control obsessed hoarding patriarchs.

Patriarchy is not Naturall, because we know that the two longest civilizations on Earth, Vedic India and the ~Pasiphaen~Minoan Civilization of the Mediterranean, were egalitarian, not patriarchal and doing the Math, each of these lasted about 1000 years in ancient times. However, Patriarchy perpetuates itself for a couple of hundred years when its interactors are unwilling to recognize the pattern to which they become habituated as harmful cumulatively over time. In that way, it is like alcoholism or cigarette smoking. It feels good enough to continue. It is a very powerful learned behavior and those caught in it, both female and male, especially as they reach adult age, can barely conceive of how to live without it, even though egalitarianism would be more sustainable beyond a few hundred years, the point at which almost every patriarchal civilization falls. This time, the fall will take with it an entire Planet.

The Numbers to start with in understanding our socalled leaders’ reliance on fossil fuel instead of sustainable renewables and its outmoded and unnecessary economic system are the Numbers which describe the comparative absence of women, the absence of younger people and minorities and their marginalization and exploitation by patriarchal majorities in any region of the world, and the missing people without accumulated unsustainable old paradigm “wealth” in so-called titular office, Titles of office are given to puppets and henchmen and token henchwomen of patriarchy, and $old to the public for purpose of control and manipulation, the Manufacture of Consent, by the media patriarchs who also sit on the interlocked corporate boards of the largest corporations and oligarchical holdings. The Essentiall Math and Criticall Connecting the Dots are discussed at references to the famed play Madwoman of Chaillot and Star Trek episdoe Encounter at Far Point later metamorphized by the Amanda Roger’s Q Episode, in which Humanity is put on trail & saved by judgement processes initiated by powerfully wisze Eternall Feminine: using Reparative Justice Circles, Women’s World Courts & WEAP of Women.htm, Panchayat Raj, Nari Adal  & oni gumpu Truth & Reconciliation Commissions https.en, & More.
These refer to the character of Countess Aurellia of the Jean Girandoux Play, the Madwoman of Chaillot, in which poor women and men hold court on a fictional President, CEO and General who want to drill for oil under the streets of Paris & also the Encounter at Far Point of Star Trek, which is resurrected later in the series from its uncompassionate male Judge by the Amanda Rogers character of the Interplanetary Q cotinuum, who I also Embody in Addition to T’Paul of the Logically Loving Vulansz (I also embody the Beta Zoid and Risa Prime characters, I am the Representative of Such Civilizations potentially Coming to Cooperate with Earth via All Who Share the New Millenniall Golden Rule We Enjoin & Invite that Sue, Sophie and May, and if they want to also Save Their People and Planet, Soon Taek, Hyun-hee,  Seon-yong, and many other women known & less known, enact Countess Aurellia updated with Time Travelle, with Me & More leading recitation of the Play during & many daysz Beyond the Convergence.

Instead of progress toward fully representing and uniting the loving genius of humanity, the Media and Controlled Congress and UN impacted by patriarchal consolidation and censorship of the fourth branch of govenment, the once guaranteed free press that has turned into the fasci$t propagandist, has been very obvious and yet somehow escaped notice of many apparently naive or low self esteemed women who once would have thought would have blown the whistle on this clearly but instead smilingly and obediently cooperated with it. It is abundantly clear to MotherFatherGoddessGod, MotherNature and FatherTime, that the Human bessielillian eleanor rosalyn amy lynn ~smith~carterFamilyCommunity on Earth is being deliberately led over the cliff to extinction on a death march with the only goal of the Corporate Patriarchs being to last a little while longer than the masses, reduce the human population on this Planet cruelly while hoarding meaningless Midas fools Cold Gold of false wealth, and then die “on top”.

It is apparently no concern to to those misleading this hellish horror that they take more than 7 billion people related to at least 160 billion past ancestors, a multitude of souls who lived with some hope to bring their next generations a better day into untold future generations that could even settle throughout the Universze, and has been killing and now threatening all the myriad species of flora and fawna of this Planet. They have no compunction on killing Universzall Mother Nature as She is Evidenced on This Planet, because many if not most of both the men and women in this industry clearly either hated or disrespected their own mothers, sisters and daughters, and indeed, their own Divinely Created Wholly inner child that is born in every human being, that can develop into an Evolved Ascended Human Being when welle nurtured in an egalitarian peace culture instead of patriarchy.

More often than not, many of hese sociopathic mammon moguls of media and corporate holdings were more likely raised by a series of nannies instead of an attentive and non-codependent mother, extended family and father. As babies and children, these moguls learned to value money amd title, but devalue humanity and love, even within themselves. Life is little more than a Nintendo game to them. They are in it to rack up points, called dollars or shekels or pesos or lire or whatever currency they are dealing with. The chilling speech of  extreme myopia & ignorance of the Value of unpaid freely given Labors of Love and Nature of the patriarchal economic paradigm in Network of the CEO Jensen character played by Ned Beatty, is the numerical calculus behind global warming. It is the reason these men refused to air Steyer’s and many others voices, female and male, often younger voices, to alert the world to not only global warming, but many unnecessary threats of misplaced investment that have already cost millions of needlessly lost and crippled lives.

Most importantly, it is the reason these sociopaths with harems of enabling wives and staffs that cannot somehow pronounce the words patriarchal primativity, do everyting possible to coopt, seduce and demean the self-esteem of women and minorities and turn elections into ShamS while hoodwinking the public to think these election games of one complicit puppet against another complicit puppet have any meaning whatsoever. Once the public falls prey to pretending $ham elections are real elections, they become hooked into a complicit death dance that brings forth only more domination culture toward both Human Nature and environmental Mother Nature, and therefore, causes global warming and life-extinguishing climate change, and other dangerous and unnecessary sources of energy instead of the more benign and beneficial solar, wind and other renewables.


We recently read how Bill ~Halpern~Mckibben helped restore the solar panels to the White House that had been brought their by the ~Smith~Carter family before father figure habituated/hungry Americans ignored Geraldine Ferraro and the Nordic Walter Mondale and began to reentrench patriarchy under ~Reagan~Bush. But strangely, Bill himself has never told us that study after study has shown that overall as a group and across the broard brush, more females express and enact concern about global warming than males and also more females inititiate environmentally sustaining efforts and even household transition to solar panels and community gardening than males although many men do also show leadership in this area.

Ecofeminism has long taught that a higher regard for women, both as individuals and collectively, reconnecting them to Goddess like potential for Good, reflects in a higher appreciation for Nature. The men who appreciate women more often are those more serious and public about their statements to bring overdue equality to females. but often find their voices drowned out, as do some women, when having to interact with other lesser mortals who are so habituated to patriarchy that they cannot even talk about its prevalance and danger. We are unaware that Bill ~Halper~McKibben has raised his voice prominently in this regard, and his doing so is overdue, learning from scholars like Richard York who worked in partnership with Kari Norgaard,, Environmentalist and Tree Hugger  Bahram Maskanian, and even Jimmy ~Smith~Carter in linking the math of gender balance and connecting the dots of filling the missing seats of decision making as the way to halt and reverse global warming.

And, it is likely that Bill has failed to do so because his wife and daughter, his associate May, and other women of his life circle have not come forth publically in this way themselves, because like most American women, they have been targeted by not only generations of marginalization of women in their own familes, but also media, for invisibilization and esteem lowering mind control. The situation has been made much worse as well by the reactive abortion-overfocussed and female corporatizing version of feminism in the US, which has become its genders own worst enemy by leaving out family leave, so that every woman and man working at Middlebury and every college and university and workplace, from academics to food preparer and janitors like Good Will Hunting and mentors like the character played by Robin Williams who was likely in despair in part because of the lack of Riszen Feminine in this society, do not have the 3 year family leave the Germans and Austrians do, and is what every psychology department has ever taught is important for family bonding and early childhood development of lifelong intellect, ethics and welleness.

If you read their biographies, you learn that Yoo Soon Taek (a sound alike for You Soon Take Over, in line with Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s injunction)


and Ban Ki Moon (what the UN should have done, a banning of public exposure toward the Key Regressie Impact of Leslie Moonves (Weisman~Moonves~Chen) of the CBS and Corporate Media Monopoly that subverted the UN Millenniall Goals on gender balance) started their relationship with the woman leading her community in her youth in public service,
Ban Ki-moon met  Soon-taek in 1962 when they were both in high school. Ban was 18 years old, and Yoo Soon-taek was his secondary school’s student council president. Ban Ki-moon married Yoo Soon-taek in 1971. However, today, no one thinks of Yoo Soon Taek as holding a position as important as her husband, because our culture imballances and skews the responsiblities of service to family to women and service ot larger society to men instead of following the European models of balance which afford both realms to both genders in greater cooperation via family leave, vacation time and greater representation of women via zipper tickets, gender parity and so on.

Today. despite her being class Preszident in Youth when she lead her husband, Yoo Soon Taek is almost never pictured as leading an event with other women, and seldom pictured without her mate. Their daughters and son are not pictured anywhere on the Internet (we included other Cousinasz pictures to represent them on the Consciounsness Currency). The world of their father, who was appointed in part by George Bush a man with two daughters, a wife and mother who are mostly invisibilized accept as eye candy or secondary to their men. Ironically, one of the most known women in the world (outside of the information censorhip of US Corporate Media_ is the Soutk Korean Vice-President Park Geun-Hye, But even she is hampered by legislatures that are mostly male, so that peace with North Korea and the sharing of abundance throughout Asia and the world has faltered, and much of the Korean peninsular remains under a fanatic patriarchalism, hampering the human genius there, and also the underlying reason why Japan at first went dangerously nuclear in its energy mix instead of solar and renewable and China has the highest suicide rate of women in the world and has cut back on its incredible solar progress and is slipping back toward coal and unclear under the false paradigm pressures of GDP instead of GPI.

You Soon Taek and her mate have two daughters,  daughter, Hyun-hee is a field officer for UNICEF in Nairobi and daughter Seon-yong, born in 1972 who works for the Korea Foundation in Seoul. and a son,  whose name will add then he endorses the New Millenniall Golden Rule publically, was born in 1974 in India a culture in a pitch battle between dangerous patriarchy and emergenging Eternall Feminine that is so regressing under the wrong paradigm that it is likely that India and Pakistan will have a nuclear weapons exchange before this vast population can successfully go solar, unless the world recognizes the importance of the Panchayat Raj intersection model of democracy at every level of governance including larger national-regional and global. Both unenlightened Koreas and India/Pakistan patriachyesz are currently in the lead of the pack to become Death over some nationalistic patria-tic obsession, as Robert Oppenheimer quoted when then first Atomic Bomb was “tested”. A world with leadership so patriachal it continues to make nuclear weapons instead of disarm them all, has allready failed the test, whether it dies in an atomic boom or a Fukushima Chernobyl meltdown. We specifically invite Mother & Daughters to Bring Other Women of their Continent with Them & Being to CoRule Our World at Daily Telleconferences, begun in Commemmorative Cellebration of MYOur Marvelousz Cousina, Mariam of Magdalla

yousoontaek's title CoSecretaryGenerall

The flag of South Korea ( a sound alike for CoReah, Reah, prounounced Ray as the Sun, being AstraReah, the Greco-Roman Titan Goddess of Light & Judgment with Mercy)  gives a remarkable clue to how the New Millenniall Golden Rule can change the world. This flag wiszely shows a Yin Yang symbol which is of course, in a circle, called the Taeguk in Korean, and trigrams that actually depict a gender balanced family, something very unusual among the other national region flagsz on this Planet which for thousands of years has thought nations more important than families & almost never depicted or symoblized family. But because the culture and media of any national regions at this regressed moment remain somewhat patriarchally Old Millenniall (& is is of course even more so in North Korea whose Star, a like those of the US Stars & Stripes, is often associated with militiary generals instead of peace culture that will make Earthlings Sustainable long enough to become Wellecome in other Solar Star Systems of the Universe), the Yang on the South Korean flag  is currently depicted hierarchically above the Yin instead of side by side, and the symbols of the trigrams, as described by Wikipedia, put the father first, the mother last, and the daughter closer to her father (the Electra Complex that patriarchy produces in women & causes them to perpetuate patriarchy, with daughters underestimating their own full gifts as they underestimate their Mother’s more nurturing & connecting importance)  & sons kept lower than fathers  but above mothers (until they are fathers themselves to sit atop a hierarchy again, so that of course, daughters become lowered in the hierarchy when they marry & have children and become mothers) so that the more egalitarian tendencies of younger men are delayed & weakened by a mother idealized as courteous or deferring especially to the father, rather than Equally Recognized as Just as Powerful via Love which is importantly linked with Estrogen especially in women but also in both genders; for men do have estrogen& it the source of their Easzter Within just the assertiveness to act in women’s testosterone is also connected to Easzter Within). In fact, all the flags of the World Imply Yin & Yang, but were so Yang in their emphasis on separation that they often fail to include circles of any kind. The United States flag started with a circle but then lost it as its unconscious hidden primative hierarchy reasserted itself when Common Sense was lost. The Circular Shapes of the UN & IPU flag logos reveal the beginning of a More Circular Awareness, but the symbolism for family that does occur in the South Korean flag but is not yet gender ballanced or Universzall, is missing. With the advent of the Internent, billionsz of people now converse daily with people all around one United Planet. They need not depend on ambassadors or even gatherings in this place or that that would require place to place travel, to conduct diplomacy & mutuall learning, unless the Internet is blocked by Primative Patriarchy. This blocking by non-democratic gender imballanced State Authoritarians has begun & is very ominous. If this happens in the United States, & especially regarding MYour Communications relleated to the New Millenniall Golden Rule,  Mother Nature & Father Time Will react with fury, because the Internet is one of the Most  Virtually VirtueUsz Reallities, and an ReEvolutionary Step Necessary to Sustain Our Planet Now.  Those Who Would Block or Remove the Human Heart to Connection that makes the Internet so important betray every national flag including their own, and today, all branches of the human family are not only connecting the flags into one tapestry of flagsz in a circle without hierarchy, but are alson going beyond national identification in their Humanity; many billions in their Hearts Minds & Spirit, as Tom ~Lambert~Paine & Helen Keller with Anne Sullivan said, are those who regard the world as their country and rediscoverd Family as in fact they are.


koreancorean circle symbolszun logpoldmillennialnewmillenniallflagsz

Our New Millenniall World symbol of Yin Yang shows the Vertical Yin & Yang in a Love Embrace of Equallsz of both CoLeading & CoSupporting Interactively, Imagine it Spinning so that sometimes the Yin & Yang exchange the left & right positions.  Our concept of the archetypcal roles of the simplest family unit requires the closer proxmity as first priority of Mothers and Daughters whose relationship is also connected to Cousisnasz, to make a Love Circle, that Sons & Nephews and Younger Male Cousins, & Finally, while enjoying a restful time of some waiting, Fathers who recognize that a family and world with High Technology cannot survive if it remains ruled only by Fathers who do not consider Mothers and Children their Equals in rank or Importance. The equallity of the gendersz although retaining subtle complementarity of estrogen and testosterone linked abilities, depicts a Riszen upright  Yin and Yang embrace so that marriages between wives and husbands are more mutual, more loving to both their own and other familycommunity children whether female or male without the cumulatively now very dangerous and world destabilizing preference for males (as exposed by Mara Hvistendahl but shockingly  ignored by Corporate Media)& extended family & community,  & less rigid and rote, and therefore, the marriage is more Emotionally, Spiritually and Intellectually developed to enhance the  Intimate aspects of marriage. Such a marriage depicts the ability of a couple as more than simply procreating, but of sustaining and valuing the Whole Wholly Family, while also Each Other as well. Yin & Yang have their opposite embedded in them and overlap. They are a complementary overlapping symmetry, not two extreme poles that turn human beings into machine-like caricatures of culturally imposed limitation.


This Earth needs a period of Reparation to the Yin, the Lovepower, a brief time of leadership by females in preparation for full shared leadership among all females and males everywhere.  Our advanced technologies make this possible now as we use tellecommunications for LovingCoEmpowerment with the new Modelle, New Paradigm that is the New Millenniall Golden Rule . That is a world of gender ballance. That is the Inner Coszmic Chriszt made ever evident in the Journey of Each Person and Planet in the Designed to be Heavenly Universze. All the flags of the Earth sharing and mergining, Reuniting, a PanGaia, in a Circle within a Symbol of Love and Ballance that Unitesz All. That is the Way of a Sustainable Planet, Wellecome throughout the Universze.

Not far from that part of Asia, Prianka and Sonia Gandhi and Najma Heptulla former IPU President Who we also call retroactively a Cosecretary Generall of the Interparliamentary Union, who has three daughters whose names have been invisbilized but who we also simultaneously retroactively call CoSecretary Generallsz along with the Common Women Goddesses like Vendana Shiva, Devaka Jain and those of the Panchayat Raj, the truly greatest most widespread Rule on Earth & the key to the Planet’s Universzall Future in Loving Life.

womenofindiacopresidentiallcosecretarygenerallszUntil Errant Brother Barak (with all Living once titular “Presidents” & Prime Ministersz of All Regions that Do Not Have gender & representatitve demographic democratic ballance)  reallizes his $election was a $ham & embraces the New Millenniall Golden Rule, Michelle, her mother Lois and Daughters Malia and Sasha, who planted the White House garden, & SisterinLaw Maya, are in fact, more important decision makers for a paradigm shift to renewables that can with other women in their DC neighborhoods thare are allready doing that, than Barak. But, They just don’t realize they are and so the world careens toward death while the mostly white male corporations that effectively used Barak Obama as a puppet make deals with Arab and Canadian oil magnates, all whose wives and daughters and most importantly the common women of their regions, remain severely underrepresented.

Puppet$ of Corporate Patriarchy

Women are a bit closer to Mother Nature because of the estrogen that urges them to nurture over time a bit more than the testosterone that urges men to act quickly/ But a flash flood, lightning and Earthquakes that take place in seconds also reveals that Mother Nature can act quickly to clean out the stable.
Women have been shown by repeated studies to overall be slightly, subtly but importantly more protective of next generations, the enviornment, human and mother Nature, than most men (there are of course important exceptions to these group collective tendencies, which are prevented from effective ballance when women are underrepresented in decision making and men are under represented in connection to children.
Some of these studies are:
When it came to starting a discussion about installing solar power, the women in the household often led the charge, the survey found. “Sixty-three percent of the respondents said that they, the wife, initiated the conversation about solar It also became apparent that the woman of the household also did the legwork for a solar array, researching the options and contractors available. An overwhelming amount of them, (61 percent) said the woman of the household conducted research. Another 27 percent researched solar with their spouse.
• Most men and women support increased government spending for the environment. Women,though, are less likely than men to support environmental spending cuts.
• Women are less sympathetic to business than men when it comes to environmental regulation—but they are also more likely to have no opinion about this issue.
• Women have more positive feelings about environmental activists than men do.
• Both women and men reject “jobs versus the environment” as a false choice.
• Women are particularly concerned about environmental problems that create risks for their health and safety, especially at the local level.
• Women have less trust that the institutions responsible for protecting the environment are actually doing their jobs.
• Women’s higher levels of empathy, altruism , and personal responsibil ity make them more interested in environmentalism as a way to protect not only them selves and their families, but also others.
• Women who support feminist, peace, and other progressive” causes are most receptive to environmentalism.

The most important speech that must be made at these protests and to connect with them from anyone’s cell phone or home computer, is the verbal connection of Sophie and Sue and both Mays to Yoo Soon, Hyun-hee and daughters and all the women of the UN neighborhoods and neighborhoods of New York. which once were home to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Her Sister Harriet Cady Eatons, and their Children, Daughters and Sons Who Respected Daughters of the Common Person, and Tom ~Lambert~Paine and Neighborhoods of the Whole World Listening, calling each other CoPreszent and CoSecretary Generall of the ReUniting Female Family On Earth. who then are in position prominent to Reunite the Whole Humanity Family with the Best and Most Sustainable Enerby, Love, on the Planet. with Each Other and the Whole World Listening, and of course, heard by MotherFatherGoddessGod Who Are Allwaysz Listening and Weighing the Fate of Humanity in the Ballance, to see if we are Time Travelleing with the Enlightenment of Common Sense.






After Reading This, We Urge You To Contact Us Immediately, & can simply join into this via Telleconference, occurring everyday at 3 CST/4 EST and 7 CST/8 EST at 213-416-1560 access code 877 907 160, or
VoiceBox Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3900  Extension: 380929 for schedule information of Broadcasts and assistance in reconnecting, & initiating and sharing Circlesz with those You Know Best and Related Othersz Locally & Globally.

The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth Sits Upon MY & YOur Shouldersz
We WELLCOME, WARN & ENJOIN YOU & YOURS to  Start NOW ReNewed To Be Inscribed in the Book of Love, Life & Light.

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for or hopefully & prayerfully not against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

THE GOVERNMENT OF LIGHT SITS UPON  My~OUR Shouldersz. Love Thy Neighbor as ThySelf as OneFamily. The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the Millenniall Year 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime, which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


For More Information Please Contact Usz
c/o MaRaIAmma Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of Many More for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, First CoFirst and Not Last orOnly COSAVIORA  CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth Sits Upon YOur Shoulders
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929 (24 hour phone answering service) 



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