Environmental and Democracy Groups’ Confesssing, Atoning, Connecting the Dots Now

The most alarming impact of cumulatively destructive patriarchy at this moment is the impact on Nature. But the Assault on Nature is the last act of a play that has first and cumulatively assaulted, women, children and men who care about them, thus, human nature,  democracy and the ethics of faith and trust that are the hallmarks of true Divinely Endowed humanity. Please read our section:


Although there are many many more groups and organizations which continue to pursue laudable but very partial goals while still accepting and thereby perpetuating patriarchal “leadership” of “decision-makers”  operating within the old Patriachal,  alpha male practices, we will here picture just a few, confessing, atoning and transcending, and acting as Intercessors for them, helping them to stop enabling of old patterns of thinking and quickly change to the New and Sustainable Rule or Raj of Genuine Progress. Right now, some groups focus on global warming and climate change, others focus on GMOs, some on water and bottle water, others focus on species extinction, other focus on the lobbying so visibly affecting Congress and State and local Governments. But almost none seem to understand that ALL OF THESE ARE SYMPTOMS OF ENDSTAGE PATRIARCHY and a dangerously delayed transition to balance of gender in decisionmaking and culture. The groups themselves are often soliciting for funds, without challenging the flawed wealth model that keeps the horror unfolding, and in apparent total ignorance of the Genuine Progress Indicator, the best way to Eco-Nomics. This is a sin of error or ommission, of enabling, and a very serious one, impeding and impairing success on each individual and connectablelaudable cause, because even the groups themselves either function as, or enable and legitimize existing patriarchal hierarchie$ that daily destroy more and more of the Planet. So we have prepared Intercessionary Confessions, Atonements, and expressions of transition to a more evolved New Millenniall Paradigm, on behalf of these errant but well intented efforts that are inadvertently perpetuating the problem which intensifies daily:

Here are a few examples

You might now think of it, but human ecology and psychology organizations such as the American Psychological Association and the National Association of Social Workers are in fact, environmental organizations. In fact, they actually have departments that specifically address humanity’s interaction with Nature. The Most Glaring Failure of these organizations to address the developmental impact of lack of human bonding caused by the kind of policies when we leave decision making to mostly old men and a few female tokens now required specific apology, confession, atonement and enlightenment, with a New Paradigm that must be Dellevered to all their members & those impacted by their intended but now clearly unfulfilled missions.  Check back soon for how these once very worthy  bureacracies, the American Psychological Association and the National Association of Social Workers, allowed their officers and too many members to bemisled as we all have been by a controlled patriarchal media, turned their back on North American babies, children, mothers, and families including fathers, compared to European and other cultures.  This in turn, affected many other organizations and educational institutions attempting to protect the physical environment of our Planet





Using phrases like Connect the Dots and Do the Math, 350.org is easiest to spot on the patriarchy hypocrisy meter. As brave and fine as true heroes Bill McKibben and James Hansen are, their wives, sisters, mothers and children and grandchildren’s names, female first and then male, need to be highlighted with theirs. As long as they exhort and yet accept decisionmaking bodies, including forked tongue executives that are gender and minority unrepresentative tokens, and hierarchical and money based instead of drawn from the people, the missions of 350.org will inevitably fail.  While pursuing the old way, the organization has watched carbon ppm climb to over 400. It has watched much of Labor go over to the Darkside for a small handful of GDP-measured, outmoded fast cash, that could easily be seen as the Devil’s bargain that it is by using the GPI and highlighting it in every organizational presentation.  It’s time to Wake Up and Connect the anthropological dots and due the personproblem gender, hierarchy and false wealth math that is causing Planetocide. Peak Patriarchy is Planetocide must be added to the catch phrases of this organization and all who support and work with it.



Strangely, Sierra Club Promotes a “Mr. Green” for answers on environmental questions, while its Director is a female. But she herself has not yet developed a gender reparative consciousness either, and everyday, more and world global habit is destroyed for money and patriarchal hierarchy without one official comment about it by the Sierra Club.


The Occupy Movement

While some great steps have come from the Occupy Movement with Declarations for Parity and Feminist General Assemblies, most of its truly idealistic and heroic participants are still accepting patriarchy by their complicit silence about it as the system which underpins the capitalist corporatism and oligarchy of the 1%, which has manipulated the 99% to reaccept patriarchy and live by its false rules,  by censoring important news from them via a controlled media. We have discussed this in depth in several places, and here provide the way to Occupy with Love and Life Everlasting, saving not only the 99%, but even the souls of the currently perverse and  depravedly sociopathic 1% who will only soon also die at the top of the heap of the nightmare they have created. Visit one of our precursor websites



for more about the Occupy Movement, its failure to promote the Egyptian Women’s Charter and election boycott as the way to  full representation that would have protected the Tahrir Revolution upon which Occupy was modeled, and its complete ignorance of Panchayat Raj and the Genuine Progress Indicator for too long. But these people have Great Heart and are not Quitters. Now, they have the way to succeed.

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