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statisticsonwomennecessarypatriarchywarcorruptiongreedThe Assault on the Human Heart, Mind, Spirit and Body under Patriarchy and its Related False Hierarchies of Classism, Racism, Nationalism, Sectism and Primogeniture/Birth Order Favoritism, that have Alienated the HumanFamilyCommunity of Earth from One Another, has been going on for thousands of years. There were instances in the past of long lasting egalitarianism and appreciation of the Feminine Face of Love Power as much as the Masculine that lasted thousands of years in Abundance, and they were the great hints at the now necessary ReEvolution, that is also the test of Humanity’s readiness to settle other Planets. But In order to Atone, Amend, Redeem and ReEvolve fully, We must understand the magnitude and daily pervasiveness of the error in which We have been daily imbedded.

Are these following Sins and Errors, of either ommission or commission, Occurring In the Hearts, Minds and Spirits of Your FamilyCommunity, Including Yourself? Now are the Days of Judgement. Repentance and ReEvolution will Determine the Decree and Your Personal as Well as our Planet’s Collective Future.

1, Gender Preference Prior to Birth and Assault on Female Self Esteem at the Beginning of and in Nurturing of Life:
New Poll: More Americans Prefer Baby Boys to Baby Girls
|June 2011
Despite the intervening woman’s movement, the results are very similar to those found when the same question was asked of Americans in 1941. The Gallup polling agency asked a random sample of 1,020 American adults whether they’d prefer to have a girl or a boy if they could only chose one. Forty percent said they’d pick a boy, 28 percent said they would want a girl, and the rest didn’t mind either way or weren’t sure. In 1941, Americans asked a similar question responded with 38 percent preferring a boy, 24 percent preferring a girl, and the rest with no preference. The question has been asked eight other times in the intervening years, with the numbers remaining fairly constant. The preference for boys over girls is driven by men, 49 percent of whom said they’d want a son. Only 22 percent said they’d prefer a daughter. Women, in contrast, showed no significant preference, with 31 percent preferring a boy and 32 percent preferring a girl.   


The tendency to favor the male over the female exists in both female and male adults, to a surprising, even shocking degree. Over and over again, studies show that even college students, who might be considered at the most egalitarian period of life, learning together, will in blind studies, give more credit and reward to males than females.
Many studies that show overwhelming evidence of widespread gender and racial biases among college students and others thought to have been egalitarian and modern. This continues in work contexts, and likely exists most intensely in families themselves, as just watching the Simpson’s reveals that even though younger sister Lisa has the clearest understanding, her family, and community seldom listen to her opinions, and she has to go to special efforts for her ideas to be heard and heeded.
The key disadvantage of the double bind is that it creates resistance to women’s leadership and influence. On one hand, people fail to recognize great work by women. listentowomenforachange Even when women perform exceptionally well, their expertise often goes unnoticed. People disregard mistakes when men make them, but women’s flaws stand out. And women leaders are judged more harshly than male leaders, even when their performance is objectively equal. Indeed, even crying, once not accepted among adult males, is viewed more positively than when an adult female cries, and anger and control behaviors in girls and women are still almost always judged more harshly than when expressed by boys and men.
In a recently published study at Penn State, researchers sought to explore differing perceptions of crying in men and women, presenting their 284 subjects with a series of hypothetical vignettes.What they found is that reactions depended on the type of crying, and who was doing it. A moist eye was viewed much more positively than open crying, and males got the most positive responses. “Women are not making it up when they say they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t,” said Stephanie Shields, the psychology professor who conducted the study. “If you don’t express any emotion, you’re seen as not human, like Mr. Spock on ’Star Trek,”’ she said. “But too much crying, or the wrong kind, and you’re labeled as overemotional, out of control, and possibly irrational.” ‘Big girls don’t cry,’ but big boys can?

Researcher Marianne LaFrance also found differences in perceptions of the interrupter: women interrupting men were perceived more negatively[md]as rude, irritable, and self-centered[md]than woman interrupting other women, or men interrupting women or men.  The authoress of the above article asks “Has that ever happened to you? You’re in a meeting, sitting at the big wooden conference table. You interrupt the man speaking and you get a disapproving glance from the others, as if they’re saying, “Who are you to interrupt him?” The message: women, don’t interrupt a man.”

mona lisa with mouth taped censoredNeedless to say, this occurs at family including routine and special and community gatherings, too. Even in so  many religious institutions that give lip-service to valuing everyone, many women fall quickly into supportive roles and are denied and sometimes also self-denying equal presence in prayer leadership, leaving the very concept of Love, which is not-hierarchical and values other as much or even more than self, to be portrayed in an imbalanced way. Too many male ministers prey on these women, and even children, sexually, as their dominant position is normalized and without accountability or reciprocality. This context has more in common with a harem than a caring place for all, in the 21st century.

Szome very cruciall to conszider reszearch wasz done in thesze sztudiesz at the Universzity of the Baszque Country in Szpain:  Maite ~Garaigordobil & Colleague Jone ~Aliri interviewed o ver 1,000 families, & found thatfathers have the worst & higher levills of gender prejudice, it is mothers & their sexist attitudesz more than fathers that are the more impactfull in transmitting sexism to children.
“Mothers are the most responsible in transferring of sexist attitudes, study suggests”

All these biases are also reflected in racial or minority biases, continuing the habit of domination in culture. Not only white, but black children appear to prefer a light skinned doll over a dark-skinned doll. This tendency to degrade onself in those  experiencing oppression was originally discovered in a famous study done by a wife and husband research team Mamie and Kenneth Clark in 1941
but has been found again in a study done in 2010 by
Margaret Beale Spencer As Franz Fanon wrote: “The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves.”  And Steve Biko’s quote applies equally to racial and gender hierarchy oppression: “The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.patriarchalfatherhurtingdaughterThere are many resilient people who escape this kind of damage, but there may be more who all prey to it habitually and men and majorities, used to privilege, simply do not notice what is happening and perpetuate the stultification of human communication and talent by ingrained presumptive habits.

In fact, the oppressor also becomes the oppressed, because by impeding available and necessary human female and minority talent and contribution, important breakthroughs needed for human progress are delayed or denied altogether,  making life less sustainable, shorter and more warlike and brutish, for even the so-called privileged. In families,  most bullying and more extreme bullying is usually done by older brothers.olders brothers bullying sister & younger brother  There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence the older and middle siblings of sibling rivalry & bullying femaleeither gender bully more then younger siblings
, but more research is needed to understand the interactions in this area.
There is hardly any research on siling & couszina & couszin interaction, because society has become so focussed on the nuclear family that this constellation is often missed. However, these interactions likely display similar patterns of genderism, birth order issues, & may be likley to occur with less notice by adults but often leave significant impacts, too, that can be particularly haunting because they are rarer & often occur on special occasions.
Although usually the longest relationship of the human life span,
lasting 80 years or more. not enough attention is given by an individualistic and domination-complicity culture regarding sibling relationships:  Several research studies indicate that up to 45% of adults have a rivalrous or distant relationship with a sibling, thus indicating a problem with sisterhood and brotherhood rampant in our society. However, many studies show a slight but very real greater statistical presence of older sibling adults, especially males, at the top of now increasingly outmoded and dysfunctional dominance hierarchies, i.e. perceived as leaders even though the paths they take are “leading” to unsustainability. Often more strongly identified with  and internalizing of the habits of parents and elders, older siblings may be more prone to identify with fathers or father figures, who they perceive as having greater status in society than females. Not surprisingly, younger siblings have been found to be more empathic, egalitarian and nurturing, i.e. incorporating more “feminine” strengths and abilities,  even in adult life. The very fact that this book  about sibling problems is called “The Cain Legacy” reveals the underpinning of patriarchy even today. Eve certainly did have daughters; but the telling of the her&history of those days is set into such a patriarchal model, that even names of the early Sisters of this one of Earth’s Bibles & First Family Storyesz is not known.  Maybe we  can rediscover & popularize them, or if need be, should invent them, for by doing so, it might alleviate some of the patriarchal pressure toward rivalry & the lack of conflict resolution in culture, that fuels such difficulties for not only females, but both the female & male gender.

However, it muszt be cautioned the moszt of the reszearch on szibling patternsz occursz in culture$ where patiarchal culture$ where gender hierarchy I$ allszo perva$ive, & szibling & couszin rivalry & alienation would likelley be much reduced in feminine reparative & parity culturesz with optimall family love & work ballance for both parentsz & the entire extended familycommunity


Perhaps the most obvious and widespread practice in some societies, including the US and England, is the way names are handled upon marriage. While at one time about 25% of women kept their own birth names or hyphenated them upon marriage, this number has been decreasing again, and now almost 90% of women are again taking husband’s names on marriage. However, this is a cultural effect, and maintained by law in many places. Only nine US states will allow a man to take the name of his wife or hyphenate on marriage without additional expense, and some will prosecute him if he attempts to do so, while the woman is “allowed” to lose her born name with no cost, prompting one journlist to ask “Where are you, 41 other states? Somewhat in a namewhere in the Middle Ages? “

This is in contrast to many countries, where people either maintain their birth names as their legal name whatever the social practice regarding marriage so the State is not an accessory to sexism, or use a name that includes both their maternal and paternal family names.    Thus, with regard even to one’s name, the US is more preferential to males over females, than many other cultures. Is this the way to start a new family that will give healthy support to both females and males?

If you are a father or male relations in a family, do you, like almost half, still value the boys more than the girls with interest, esteem and care? If you are a woman in a family, do you, as a shocking one third of women, still value the boys more than the girls with interest, esteem and care? Or are you working so hard for the Corporate Patriarchy to pay bills and taxes, that you have no time for any children, your own, your extended familyes, and your neighbors, both female and male, or your own healthy self and identity? What is Your Reszolution for Redemption,  ReEvolution and a truly New Millenniall New Year? If you are man and say any prayers that indicate gratitude to Allmighty Love for not having been born a woman, Stop and Tell others who engage in this practice to stop, NOW.

The Horrific Background and Context for the Need for ReEvolution: For much of its herandhistory, humanity, under the pressures exerted by alpha-male patriarchal economic practices, has committed infanticide, most often against female babies but also against male babies deemed not “male” enough. 


The failure to appreciate women and children, particularly female children, whose interaction at the beginning of life is so central to the whole chain and circle of life is still occurring, and indeed at a rate never before seen, mostly among financially deprived families who it is now known have aborted more than 163 million girls because of their gender. This most recent infanticide was almost totally ignored by corporate media and our 1% billionaires who could have easily fed all these poor families, even though it involves way more lost than all lost in both world wars and all known Holocosts. unnaturalselectionHow many of these children, mostly girls, were geniuses, female SophiaChristchilds, Boddhisattvas, that would have brought humanity untold social, spirituall and better scientific progress in greater harmony with Nature, we can only imagine and mourn, for them as well as ourselves, and now the millions of boys, the bare branches, who cannot look forward to a woman’s love in adulthood.

Like a ripple of error, the failure to overcome genderism in the US in the past twenty some years, had ripple effects around the world of a magnitude that no one intended. But in truth, every individual, family or community preference for males and particularly alpha males, now has a ripple effect that will further imbalance destroy our Planet.“We must not see any person as an abstraction. Instead, we must see in every person a universe with its own secrets, with its own treasures” Elie Wiesel

2. Gender Preference in Worship Itself: The Great Misunderstanding  that distorts FamilyCommunity Lifeno girls allowed


Today, hundreds of millions of worshippers around the world, be they Christian and especilally Catholic and Orthodox, Jewish in too many places, Buddhist in too many places, Moslem, and even Hindu and Unitarian Universalistst, have no direct contact with a woman leading or coleading worship to the MotherFatherGoddessGod. There is a range of commission of this genderism & it is especially common among fundamentalism in any religious tradition, though even progressive traditions actually are lacking on female clergy, or reward them less than men of clergical title.

Even in confession, the Catholic is encouraged to say “Bless me Father for I have sinned”, not realizing this phrase is, in itself, a blaspheme and itself a sin, against most mothers, women and the Mother Aspect of the Divine, even if they are asked to sat Hail Marys as penance, because, if Mary, Our own relative, was with us today, .she and her son and his best friend Mary, would both ask why the Confessor priests at most (but thankfully now, not all Churches) are male, and why the hierarchy that “guides” them is all male, as well, instead of a simple gathering of Sisterhood and Brotherhood, as a model for all. 

Progress (but not enough now) has been made in many Christian, Buddhist, and Jewish denominations and even Moslem communities around the world, but still too many millions have spent their entire lives hearing prayers and sermons and even marriage ceremonies, with their deep psychological impact on a couples’ future in family life,  delivered by males only, and some still using prayerbooks with genderist language that leaves out the Feminine names and Aspect. In America, these people can look not only to the words of Jesus himself, who ellevated women to full equality, but to the true founder of their attempt at democracy and true faith with Common Sense and Common Good, early feminist Thomas Paine, Quakers, Bahais, many Unitarian Universalist, Unity, many Christian, Jewish,  Buddhist, Neopagan and Spiritual Churches and Temples, for models of female coleadership and reparation, and a huge wealth of restoration of the Mother and Goddess Aspect, very much also valuing the Masculine  Aspect and men and boys, is on the Internet.


How is is that those who profess to worship, even some at ashrams and meditation centers, without female coleadership, leave out one half of the One Process that Created and Sustains them, and don’t even notice, when often a few streets or miles away and so many places around the world, their neighbors have ReEvolved? In some places, millions are living under Religious Courts and Practices, that impact their lives, marriages and children to entrench domination,  the many Islamic communities in various countries, in which all male officials already use or are seeking Sharia law, (despite the clear trend of the Prophet, for his day, and many others since, toward equality for women,  to tell men that it is OK to beat and hold hostage their wives and daughters
sharia allows wife beating

and that men have preferential property, citizenship and marital rights that women do not have; Iran which only recently, as decided by all old men under enormous world pressure, gave up stoning  for adultery (which would be treated by a clergyperson or therapist in the modern world) without mourning recent past victims who are now simply subject to hanging,, or in Israel where a Female or NonOrthodox Rabbi is not allowed to marry any couples,7340,L-4264716,00.html, and orthodox fanatic bullies, usually men but sometimes women, threaten women who do not want to sit in the back of the bus or little girls for walking to school in a patriarchal neighborhood, dressing as most children around the world dress because they feel it is “immodest” And all this is occurring even though it is now apparent to most literate people with experience with both patriarchal and egalitarian family life, that egalitarian family life, which increases esteem of both other and self in a Loving Way, is happier, more fulfilling, and more stable, and more kind to all the women and men of family, even those unmarried or widowed, who are not degraded or thought lesser, either.

In the late twentieth century, these holdover practices from ancient patriarchies used to be just Curious. Now, as we are at the beginning of New Millennia, it is Ignorant and Unenlightened, Dark, Dangerous and  what many of these very religions call Sin and Evil,, and these Days, from within two weeks of September 25 through December 25 and two weeks, are the Days of Judgement, a Separation of Wheat from Chaff, with Mercy toward those Chaff who will change their ways with a few steps that really are so simple, and become Wheat now. Many are in a situation of extreme potential feedback from the Divine. However, Extenszion Has Been Sought, Via Intercessionary Prayer & the Turning Back of Time To Undo the Errorsz of this Period.



In another section of this website, we offer prayers and symbolic reunifications that reunite all faith in understanding of what all the people of the Planet, female, and male, have in common instead of focussing on what dominates, devalues and divides them,  to say and use in your home and familycommunity gatherings, and bring with you, to any Institutions, often more concerned with maintaining a building than noticing what is the impact of what is happening in them, still perpetuating the Dark Ages on Gender and the Whollyness of the Mystery of GoddessGod, and come into the Light.

3. Wife Abuse/Domestic Violence

patriarchyandcrimeagainstwomenpatrick stewart stop violence against women

Visit  Everyperson, female and male, in the world should read and reread this wikipedia article in entirety, understand it as the heart of why we are failing as a Planet, realize that happens to women and girls, recycles among men and boys, and the way we treat Nature and concepts of Power, and pray, meditate and act upon what is needed to turn this around NOW.  Additional information conveys the magnitude of daily sin and error, not being reported in the Corporate News Hour:
According to the U.S. Surgeon General, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States. The American Medical Association estimates that their male partners assault 2 million American women each year. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 95% of the victims of domestic violence are women. A woman is beaten every 15 seconds in the United States. Of those who abuse their partner, well over 65% also physically and/or sexually abuse the children.
According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The National Institute of Justice, nearly 25%, or 1 in 4 of women experience at least one physical, including sexual assault during adulthood by a partner. Globally, the ratio is 1 in 3, and nearly 1:1, in some parts of the world. Domestic violence is the direct cause of homelessness for over half of all homeless women in the United States. About 4,000, or many more US women die every year from domestic violence than US solders die in the wars like Iraq and Afghanistan When this happens to women, cheapens life for men, too, because watching violence as a child increases the likelihood, between 2 to 10 times, that someone will become violent or predatory toward others later in life. Therefore, most violence, which is perpetrated overwhelmingly by males, and usually against males, also has its origin in being exposed to domestic violence as a child. There are about 16,000 murders in the US yearly, and 600,000 murders worldwide, and 800,000 suicides, a death toll far greater even than wars, and the vast majority of this mortality is caused by as well as suffered by men, raised in cultures where peaceful conflict resolution and even in expression of emotions in words, most often done by women informally, is undervalued and deemed “weak” and never shown as heroic or important on TV news or drama shows and movies. In addition, Rates of domestic violence are almost twice as high as other civilians, in the homes of police and military people, similar to that of those they are often involved in arresting, guarding and testifying against, but the anthropological cultural factor that unites police battling lawbreakers, and soldiers battling soldiers or insurgents, patriarchy, instead of egalitarian culture, is virtually never discussed in any of these settings or in the media. Vast expenditures go towards military “defense” and jails, but a comparative drop in the bucket goes to prevention and education about domestic violence and the degradation of women and children, the primary cause of all the violence, crime and war anywhere and everywhere.. Refer again to the wikipedia article, which also discusses   patriarchywarcorruptiongreed

    Acid throwing
    Breast ironing
    Bride burning
    Dating violence
    Domestic violence (as highlighted here)
    Dowry death
    Honor killing
    Female genital mutilation (also discussed here)
        Gishiri cutting
    Foot binding (also discussed here)
    Forced abortion
    Forced pregnancy
    Forced prostitution
    Human trafficking
    Marital rape
    Murder of pregnant women
    Pregnancy from rape
    Sexual slavery
    Sexual violence
    Violence against prostitutes
Our Patriarchal Corporate media routinely gives more attention to sports and entertainment gossip, than any reality check of what is occurring to precious and vulnerable human beings, all Children of the MotherFatherGoddessGod and meant for much better than this.

4, Child Abuse and Neglect,    


Emotional Abuse Including Sibling and Peer Bullying and Scapegoating  

Narcissism, Sociopathy, Lack of Empathy,  Lovelessness 

In a culture where males are preferred over females systemically, it should not be surprising that both women and men malfunction in parenting and family behavior, which is generally perceived and treated as women’s work, and therefore, valued less. Cumulatively, this attitude hurts many children directly.
Although the incidence of identified child abuse and neglect has been decreasing in recent years, more than 1.25 million, or 1 in every 58 children in the United States, were abused in 2006 More than half (61 percent) of the children (771,700 children) were victims of neglect, meaning a parent or guardian failed to provide for the child’s basic needs. Forms of neglect include educational neglect (360,500 children), physical neglect (295,300 children), and emotional neglect (193,400). Another 44 percent were victims of abuse (553,300 children), including physical abuse (325,000 children), sexual abuse (135,000 children), and emotional abuse (148,500 children).

But this is just the most identifiable tip of the iceberg. The greatest crisis has been occurring among children whose parents are able to feed and clothe and give superficial basic attention to, but have lost the depth of bonding in early years, that humanity requires for family life, the most important stage of all human development emotionally, intellectually, morally/ethically and physically, This is because our family leave laws have fallen to the very bottom of the entire literate world (only the US and three starving illiterate countries do not have paid family leave, while many Europeans received 2-4 years), and are made mostly by one gender, indeed mostly old men, in the United States. Yet, in addition to every loving mother, every psychologist and educated observer of human development has for decades focussed on maternal and supportive paternal and family bonding, especially in the first years of life, as the most key experience of the human being:
The first three years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby’s development. A newborn’s brain is about 25 percent of its approximate adult weight. But by age 3, it has grown dramatically by producing billions of cells and hundreds of trillions of connections, or synapses, between these cells Between birth and age 3, babies learn to give and receive love; to roll, crawl, stand, walk, and run; to talk, joke, rhyme, and sing. In spite of the great number of neurons present at birth, brain size itself increases more gradually: a newborn’s brain is only about one-quarter the size of an adult’s. It grows to about 80 percent of adult size by three years of age and 90 percent by age five.
American children are on average worse off than children in Western Europe and barely better off than their counterparts in the Baltic states and the former Yugoslavia, according to a recent report from United Nation’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on the welfare of children in developed countries. The report, which compares kids in 29 Western countries, measures well-being across five metrics: material well-being, health and safety, behaviors and risks, housing and environment, as well as education. It ranks the United States in the bottom third on all five measures of well-being and particularly low on education and poverty.
We must stop seeing work-family policy as a women’s issue and start seeing it as a human rights issue that affects parents, children, partners, singles and elders.

paid maternity leave2

Related to the lack of family leave,  US women and men have for too long also been behind the curve of much of the world on the importance of breastfeeding, not only for nutrition and physical immunities agains and health, but also for developing empathy, human bondedness, loyalty and trust; the very basis of morality, kindness and Faith. In the last thirty years, breastfeeding rates have generally increased, though there have been periods of slight decline. According to the 2001 Ross Laboratories Mothers Survey (RLMS), almost 70 percent of mother’s initiated breastfeeding, which marks the highest breastfeeding initiation rate ever recorded in the United States . Mothers also have been nursing for longer periods of time. Results from the RLMS indicated that almost a third of mothers were breastfeeding their infants six months after birth.    Fewer than 25 percent of American mothers continues to breastfeed past one year of age. So that means that 2/3 to 3/4 at least are being deprived of this experience, important to both children and mothers (and emotionally important to the whole family including men, too), even though the natural weaning and that made possible by European Style family leave is 2-4 years and allows women, and men to go back to other adult labor without being punished for loving their children.

Not surprisingly, a host of other interactive human bonding evils have resurfaced under this deprivation scenario affecting family life. The ancient sin of sibling and close kin rivalry has come back with a vengeance. Now, at least 50% of families report sibling bullying, usually done by older or middle children, and so relational aggression and bullying has become epidemic in not only homes, but also schools and workplaces, sometimes so severe as to cause missed attendance, and in some cases, extreme depression, anxiety and suicide. While men bullies tend to bully both women and men at work and women in their “love” lives, women bullies mostly bully other women, just as in black on black crime, that group too long oppressed turns on itself while failing to act collectively to hold the more entrenched aggressor, the male white establishment, responsible and accountable for introspection, reparation and change. emotionalabuse

Bullying becomes a family affair in too many families, with a single child or adult sometimes treated as a scapegoat, often resulting in family isolation from community as well, and increasing the likehood of that sociopathy or alienation becomes acceptable to the family, with community bystanding, and vulnerable members become depressed and anxious, often misunderstood as individual mental illness, or simple outcasts, as Joseph and Hagar in the Bible were, in sometimes resulting in generations of division from relatives who once were loved. Sometimes, whole nations become scapegoats of each other, as with North and South Korea, as the families are divided by patriarchy, under the surface.

A full quarter of American women, many caught in a still patriarchal culture that forces them to choose between the motherhood “track” and adult participation “track”,  are taking antidepressants and more on anxiety drugs, 10% cope with alchohol abuse and another almost 10% with street drugs, making sociopaths rich while destroying themselves and most loved family.  All are deprived of the empathy and love that builds self-esteem that values others, too.
In our lack of commitment to our children and relations, they are deprived of the human attachment that is their biological and genetic expectation at birth. We deny them the biological mothering experience that is the basis for human sociability and often, parcel their care off to strangers, who usually have even less of a commitment to them than we do, and whom we fail to fully include in our family circle and lifecycle.  Nor does our government offer financial help, as other nations do, that allows at least one parent (actually in much of Europe, both)  to be at home to care for their infant and toddler.

And with our communities devoid of parents who have time for their children and extended family, neighborhoods become bedroom hotels instead of real communities where people know and care about each other and everyone’s children, and elders, too. It is especially odd that this has occurred while telecommunication would make it easy for both women and men to do much of their work from home in fewer hours. Instead, they often drive to work drive, using polluting gasoline, and work long hours to pay for mortgages, taxes and even grocery bills (that would fade away under the GPI, see the Pillars of Change of the New Millenniall Golden Rule,  that go mostly to support the most patriarchal and hierarchical oil invested 1%, who strangely enough, have even their own children  raised by nannies instead of themselves. 

Congratulating themselves on a false concept of success, they and their generations become increasingly narcissistic
and sociopathic, and now, whole professions, especially many those most male dominated and hierarchical, are understood to be unworthy of public trust,  Mark Twain once called Congress the only Criminal Class in America, but today, corporations and 1%ers both own and comprise Congress. So the vicious circle, or as Joni Mitchell sang of it, the “ghostly garden” of death culture grows, instead of the Paradisal Garden of Love and Life on Earth possible via the gender balance at every level of office locall through globall, and in what we value in eco nomics and worship, still so very and simply possible, and presented on this website.

Relational Aggression among women, because they are oppressed in patriarchal society, reveals the internalization of misogyny by females themselves. Engaging in their own male preference to extreme degrees, & verbal humiliation & painful ostracism
toward their own gender has become rampant among women, teenage & even younger girls in the same manner that black on black or minority on minority crime becomes widespread, because the larger social system makes focus on the real oppression, patriarchy itseelf, something that is concealed or seen as impossible for the victims believe that society is inevitably set up this way, even thought that is not true & their have been very long sustained much happier egalitarian culturesz. In contrast to the egalitarian culture of nearby Crete’s Minoan or Altantis ancient Greece, a very patriarchal culture in which women were note allowed to vote or make public decisions even in the democracy Greece is often thought to have the world, has many myths in which women overwhelmed by male patriarchy & misogyny infect one another, even impacting mothers & daughters. When Agammenon callously sacrificed his daugther Iphigenia to gain the good winds of the windgod worshipped for the sailing on the battle against Troy. his wife, Clytemnestra plotted & caused him to be murdered, & while remaining quite accepting of the patriarchy that structured their society, another daughter, Electra, then instigated her brother Orestes, to murder their mother, Clytemstra Only the youngest daughter,  Crysothemis, was able to understnad that all the sacrifice of her family was all wrong & to stay away from any plan to harm anyone bodily for any reason, suggesting a  female Chriszt figure in a female aspect that is embedded in her name.   Electra’s merciless hatred for her Mother gave rise to Carl Jung’s use of the name Electra Complex
to explain a theory of daughter’s preference for fathers & hatred of mothers that seems common true as we observe human behavior of so many women seemlingly seeking Father Figures, while deeply alienated from their Mothers & mothering way. The willingness of many women to work in male dominated corporate & political & even pornographic & human trafficking environments or adjust to family patterns in which their fathers or powerful father figures degrade women, including wives & other daughters & female family members, is noteworthy, especially in the Corporate media, where despite enormous public pressrure, a large women are quite willing to read scripts that edit out any real caring attention to & representation of the views of their own gender. The impact of women’s public complicitness in their own invisibiliztion or degradation & treat this as normal has a devastating impact on not only mostzt women, but children & mostz men. The result is a gradual dehumanization of society in general & tipping toward making of large scale exploitation including extreme environmental risks & war seem acceptable with the most horrific of results. In a paptriarchl society, the relationships of mothers, daughter, sisters & other women of family can be very fraught with hurt & upset.
Today, we musztx learn  from the work of concerned women & men who are attemping to heall these woundsz, for women’ s status & relationships are not treated with importance & healling, the destruction of the entire civilization can result, as  also suggested in the famed book & miniseries the Mystz of Avalon about the fall of Camelot,.


5. Female Genital Mutilation

While their mostly male representatives sit at the mostly male UN General Assembly which nevertheless actually passed a resolution to ban  the practice in 2012 but is hamstrung on enforcing this, female genital mutilations are continuing. At a rate of about 6,000 girls a day, around 125 million women and girls in Africa and the Middle East have undergone FGM In 2013 UNICEF published a report based on 70 of these surveys, indicating that FGM is concentrated in 27 African countries, as well as in Yemen and Iraqi Kurdistan, and that 125 million women and girls in those countries have been affected,.The top rates are in Somalia (with 98 percent of women affected), Guinea (96 percent), Djibouti (93 percent), Egypt (91 percent), Eritrea (89 percent), Mali (89 percent), Sierra Leone (88 percent), Sudan (88 percent), Gambia (76 percent), Burkina Faso (76 percent), Ethiopia (74 percent), Mauritania (69 percent), Liberia (66 percent), and Guinea-Bissau (50 percent). Around one in five cases is in Egypt. Forty-five million women over the age of 15 who had experienced FGM were living in Egypt, Ethiopia and northern Sudan as of 2008, and nine million were in Nigeria. Most of the women experience Types I and II (“partial” mutiliation) Type III (total mutilation) is predominant in Djibouti, Somalia and Sudan, and in areas of Eritrea and Ethiopia near those countries. USAID estimated in 2008 that around eight million women in Africa over the age of 15 were living with Type III.

The most horrific aspect of this is that the mutilations are primarily done by women, who have been so socialized to view their own gender as flawed compared to males, that they think they are doing their daughters a service. Thus, the injury is to Mind and Spirit as well as the Temple of the Body.  Not surprisingly, this area of the world also suffers very low education and little connection to the Planet as a whole, is war torn and violent, and most often drought ridden and starving. Patriarchy and its false hierarchy, considered a way of life and family, staring with an assault on girls, is truly another way of Devolution and Death. Needless to say, our Patriarchal Corporate Media has virtually not covered this horror at all on television, and therefore, complicit in the continuation of this abomination along with the many others. as we connect the dots, now threatening all life, female and male, on the Planet. If you have never raised your voice about this yet, do so now, so the error and sin, including complacency about this, whether through indifference or in a misbegotten concept of cultural relativism that is based in misogyny and desecration of that which is designed by the Creator for happiness and health, is not something you practice.

6. Crippling Foot Binding of Hundreds of Millions


Although it is no longer occurring, and was finally outlawed in the the early  20th century due to the action of Empress Cici, foot binding in China affected hundreds of millions of women, and, in some ways, was similar to the genital mutilation described above. It was similarly practiced to make women more acceptable to men, and convinced millions of women, who it learned from initially, few women “celebrity entertainers” who entertained an ancient male Emperor, and should perhaps be a clue to the need for women today to look more carefully a the lifestyles of celebrities and reject them as models. In this practice, very often, the toes of young girls, as early as age 2, were repeated broken and wrapped to suffocate growth. It was very painful and usually done by women relatives and community other than mothers,  who could not be relied on do this to their own little girls, but nevertheless approved. It made women unsteady on their feet, and therefore, less like to leave their homes without supervision and aid. Special shoes were made to decoratively draw attention to the small feet.

Passive and hostage, one generation of women after another passed it onto their daughters, many millions convincing themselves it was a way to better  future attractiveness and marriageability, even impairing their ability to run to their own children when they needed attention,  protect themselves if abused, and seek information, and so they left the decisions of life to men. As a result, great poverty constantly reoccurred, and social instability. This is actually an unnatural caricature of the Yin of the Yin/Yang concept, and it a clue to how easily women can be turned against themselves under conditions of extreme hierarchy, and male privilege made callous to suffering.Today, the women of China are once again caught in binds made by patriarchy. The need for full representation of women called for at the 1995 Beijing Conference for Women sponored by the UN has gone forgotten in their countries’ still mostly patriarchal nationalistically defined interactions with patriarchies like the US, even thwarting their underway transition to solar energy. Today, suicide rates for women are among the highest in China, even though this abundant land is so very graced with natural resources and literate people.  But, as in the US, except for a tokenized coopted group, most women are excluded from decisionmaking.

Because footbinding  happened in the past, our media has not covered it, nor any discussion of the situation of women in China today and how similar it is to that of women in the US. The History Channel for example, which has several shows about the history of guns, has never had a program about this, even though it affected the largest segment of humanity on the Planet for thousands of years with extreme ill impact. If you and others you know are buying expensive designer shoes or clothes, remember these girls and women, and use your money to contribute instead to full representation of women in China and everywhere, via the world saving solutions on this website, especially that of the Panchayat Raj, which is easily adaptable to China, as well.   Being a slave to fashion, or nationalism, instead of freedom for All on Earth, binds women anywhere to Planetocide

Some  very astute male social observers, Yoko ~Ono & John ~Lennon & George ~Carlin were able to put into the moszt memorable words how the overemphasis on fathers, & men & the underattention to mothers, all women & children, make people behave in a manner that over time destroys their society. As George ~Carlin put it, women are crazy & men are stupid & the reason that women are crazy is that men are stupid” as Lennone put it, “Women are treated as the Nigger of the World because too many poeole, both female & male allow that to contiue while acting as if only the males in governments they allow to remain mosztly male,, “The Father”, will fix it. It is that very expectation & habit that bringsz the greatest danger to all.

Please review and share the prayers, make use of our Days of Judgement confession atonement apology line at

Simply Dial (011) -1 -:(641) 715-3900
And enter Extension: 511940

and spread the New Millenniall Golder Rule with its 5 pillars, iand ways to transform money, which you can print out for your familycommunityes’ daily use in addition to actions of Satyagraha or Truth Force Noncooperation. Mary Magadalen and Jesus, Kasturba and Mahatma Gandhi, Bright Eyes and Russell Means, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Mary and Tom Paine (who wrote with exquisite Common Sense, “The World is My Country, To Do Good is My Religion”), Alice and Thomas More,  and billions of others’ Spirits, those you think of by reading all this, your own ancestors and relations around the world known and unknown, will approve immediately, or come to approve. Most importantly, the MotherFatherGoddessGod will approve, and Bless You and Your Children and Grandchildren and All Your Relations, Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. In this way, Yes, Every Person, Female and Male, can Become CoMessiah/CoMaitreyah/CoQuanYin/CoKalki/CoImmamaMahdi/CoZaosyant/CoAscendedMaster, More and Moreso, Saving Our Whole World Everyday.

May Your Prayers, Confessions, Atonements and Truth and Reconciliation be Heard by the HIghest Authority, MotherFatherGoddessGod, who in this case, is especially being Listened for by the Goddess Aspect, while the God Aspect watches, knowing BothinOne are Within You and All, if You Wake Up from the Nightmare that is Patriarchy. We guarantee, TheyinOne, know how to throw earthquakes, volcanoes, plagues, droughts and even an Asteroid at our Planet if You Ignore this Urgent Necessity, and the Judgement is Not Favorable.

The Necessary Prayers, Repentance, Atonements and Reparative Actions are Up to You and All, Individually and Collectively. You Have the Power to do the Ultimate Good instead of the Ultimate Complicity or Perpetuation of the thousand years oldest Evil.  Find the Love and Light Within for ReEvolution, Today, and Share it with YOur FamilyCommunity, Locall, Globall and Universzall.

Every Blessing. 

Awomen, Achildren, Amen.


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