FOR A UNIVERSZALL HUMANKIND, MARVELLOUSZ MIRACULLOUSZ FEMALESZ AND MALESZ,                                                                                      EACH ONE, RESZPECTING  BOTH, & ALL TOGETHER PRECSZIOUSZ:

Astronomicall Sums: Counting Unpaid Work
and Catalyzing Deep Systems “Spooky” Actions at a Distance
to Bring Forth Natural Miracles of Stargates, Matter-Energy Transfer and Youthful Longevity

The Ultimate Equation For Future Exploration/Sustainable Settlement of Happiest People on
of All Living Planets
ReCounting and SpaceTime Travelling
Is it Trillions, Zillions, more than a Googleplex (a mere 10^(10^100)?
(Don’t Make These “Checks” Only for (Your) Moms, make them out to Women You Know of Who Works to Help Other Women, Children, Family, Community, Planet, Peace, Universe! Make them our for the men who have worked for women’s equal representation as equal-sharing decision-makers for Peace.) and many, many others: i.e. All updated to highlight all the following and more, that you will add:

Can you roughly estimate and indicate the astronomical number that represents the uncounted, under and unpaid value of especially women’s and also all people’s family and community work (including that of children and men), their creativity, and unincluded decision-making and planning wisdom, especially to steward the social and natural environment, of your planet’s interconnected real economy, since the beginning of recorded time on your planet? This is the vast number that was invisibilized due to socially and spiritually unsustainable habits of rigid hierarchy, such as patriarchy, oligarchy, domination/exploitation as in slavery and serfdom(from ancient times through the present), and wasteful militarization of the planet’s resources, and so on. Not counting these sums has left the equations that solve humanity’s problems unbalanced on Earth for too long. It is now time to balance the equation.

Start with current estimates of the uncounted amount per year, in numbers of trillions, of women’s and other un or underpaid work:

Counting existing labors alone, it is the equivalent of minimally at least $11 trillion per year for women, $16 trillion for all women’s and men’s family and community work/Per Year. If it is minimally at least that per year, estimate what would it be from the beginning of recorded time for humanity on Earth, most often estimated as many thousands of earth years.

And what of the value of the better decisions that would have been made if women had shared equal office with men who wanted it that way, that would have eliminated wars and wastes of both human potential as well as the environmental resource wealth, as discussed at

And what will an estimate of such an astronomicall figure add to human understanding and capability if we, if you, right now, begin to count it in every year and light-year, every light-day become AllWholidayus for girls and boys both, nativities through risen longevities, backwards and forwards, henceforth from now on, in all calculations and equations? And what about the possiblities on other Living Planets humanity can terraform, engender and share in sustainable beauty if the lessons of full valuation for both genders in intrinsic value, in education, and in decision-making, are learned???

The routine placement of an approximate yet appropriately high number figure estimate, equivalent to/symbolic of the un- and under-paid paid work and talent of women, and other related efforts of children and men at home and in community of over the past about 9,000 years of recorded (often misrecorded!)human herandhistory on earth, on money, postage or decorative stamps or indeed,as taglines on every email you send to family, friends and colleagues, will cause a synergistic planetary gaia-effect-like growth in human consciousness. That effect is the necessary “spooky action at a distance”, the socially rippling quantum-leaping gaia effect, that will synergistically open up the secrets of right and left brain integration, catalyze the human genius to make possible remote matter-energy transfer, satisfy the prerequisites to normalize the continuum toward infinite longevity, allow us to fully understand spacetime travel, and open Maric-Einstein-Rosen-Bridges/Stargates.

The monthly and yearly numerical building blocks of this astronomicall number are already being used by advanced eco-nomists worldwide. Several official governmental accounting offices on Earth, including those of New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, and many many towns and cities worldwide have already begun using such estimates, and/or currencies that reflect women’s and family and community work, in their economies, reports, and transactions, so far, daily-yearly. Yet, too many officialdoms are miscounting, and causing great stress on the planet and all its people, and few have calculated the vast amounts previously un- and undercounted.

Consider the Following:
http:/ among others.

Human beings will certainly not be able to continue to sustainably visit spacestations, earth’s moon, and both live comfortably much longer on, as well leave the home planet – without it – without carrying this vast number, at least in one’s symbolic carrying cards of equations and calculations, about time and energy, especially human energy, on the home planet. If we should discover advanced humanoid life forms on other planets, this would likely reflect what they would “use” or more accurately, symbolize, for no-longer-needed “money”, or offer as estimations in valuing their planet’s wealth and universal capabilities.

If and/or ‘though your local-global officialdom and has been hypocritical and slow (whether measured by years or millennia!) to include full representation of women and all people in its official decision-making (see sites such as (which promised a minimum of 30% women in all officialdoms back in 1995, and now the need is to add the additional points toward closer to 50-50, balance to make up for lost time);,,,

such that it also has continued to fail to properly value economy and transactions necessary to planetary peace and sustainability, you can nevertheless easily superenergize community money (see or be inspired by many examples on the web, (such as: , , and
MAKE YOUR OWN AND GIVE IT AS GIFTS TO ALL YOU LOVE/UPLIFTING COMPANIONS TO EVERYDAY TRANSACTIONS. You don’t have to wait for archaic officialdomdumbs to offer tangible representations and depictions of the real government — of love and mutual decision-making of all females as well as males, or to value you and all your sisters and brothers of this planet and all its millennia of story and generations; simply playfully make your own, and give it as the most astronomicall gift to all you know, and love. Most of humanity’s best peacemakers have long known the real government of the world always has depended on both women and men, all in full and mutual respect. Why shouldn’t every gift and transaction say that? Any wholly child, at all ages, grown well enough to express real love, can make such pictures, whether from crayons or computer screens.

Remember to add up all that has been left unpaid to the billions of people misruled by “governments” composed of mostly only one gender instead of both ruling wisely and lovingly in balance. Add trillions for each pointlessly repetitive war, and trillions more for the resources misdirected in making war instead of making peace. Give that amount as gifts and the more important kind of credit and payments, to all the people you know and care about in your local-global family-community-world. Gift it to the woman who is likely the maker or server of your breakfast, who may well also become a new mother of planetary terraformation, especially since so many geologists and astronomers are now women working in partnership with men.

Give such astronomically superenergized “money” to your children as presents and an anticipated interplanetary allowance for when they, and humanity, grows up. A light year is about 5 trillion miles. Thus, just one year of uncounted women’s work for just one of the years humanity has been on earth, if we counted it fully in today’s dollar, at a dollar a mile (of course, your mileage may vary!) is the equivalent of two light years of spacetime travel. Mars, for example, is only 1.24 AU (Astronomical Units) or 4-10 minutes away at the speed of light, a small fraction of a light-year away. Just the THOUGHT of adding what was left out in past human valuation, is the rapid transit fare to Mars, which is only a few light minutes from Earth, and now is believed likely to contain water and be terraformable. Let Marshall mean we shall, in the light and sight of Venus, terraform the world of Mars, instead of we Shall make Wars.

So far, the equation of understanding of the value of women and balance of gender in decision-making, has been missing in parts of Earth. Now we can now easily include it, as representational “money” of higher consciousness, of real planetary energy and resource wealth consciousness, perhaps the stargate toll for universal spacetime travel that tolls longest lived life instead of death, for Thee All and for planet(s), and rings in light years of better future for humanity, that better represents the reality of ALL effort and energy.

Counting uncounted work and too-long unrepresented decision-making wisdom, is the missing variable of the equation that makes utopian science fiction science fact, and moved past primitivity to (inter)planetary progress (see

And, note, we did not yet specifically mentiom here the likely geo-priceless value of caring, nurturing and loving gesture, smile, encouraging and empathic words, and touch, in which, as a group, women have been shown to be subtly more giving in “emotional work” support toward others. This is something that is always important for children, in family life, and in peacemaking diplomacy, and may be increasingly important on a crowded planet that needs to look up to explore the Universe instead of looking down on so much of its population. Such differences may be the results of nurture as well as nature, social roles, learning and experience, and are complexly culturally variable with many individual differences; see

This is not to un or under value males, however. The male of the specie, as a group, has slightly more endowments of height, upper body strength, and important spatial-physical-motor aptitudes. Many excel at technologies to help people in medicine and mathematics of the physical world. Somewhat more men, as a group, are important as physical exploreres and mountain climbers on any planet. Many have been among the farmers, often serfs and slaves, male as well as many female, that moved rocks, as well as planted seeds and co-harvested and shared orchards, the ex-Klingon wiser Worf-like warriors-within, become even more wholly peaceful emmissaries of peacemaking vessels like Greenpeace Warriors and the Hope Ships that served the planet and the poor, to help all rise whole. This is the way of the future human interplanetary Enter p_risze, with a z for zillions of light-years to come.

All their perspectives are equally important to gender balanced decision-making. In navigable terrains and once settlement has been made on any planet, rigid gender hierarchy makes much little sense, and indeed likely endangers the human specie there. Gender partnership may work best for many adult activities, and especially, local through global governmental decision-making, as many earthlings already realize. And only by fully valuing and crediting what women feel and do for infants and children can men experience their own connectedness to the miracles of birth, childhood, human nature as a part of nature, and their own importance as males capable of gentility and patience, to children and youth, and even their own longevity and potential to realize eternal youth.

Females, as a group, may be typically slightly somewhat gifted in certain arenas, such as being less prone to war-making and violence, and importantly more skilled at reparative social and environmental protection, nurturance and peace-making. All studies suggest that in raw overall intelligence, the genders are about equal, and capable therefore, of great creativity and good work whether in repaired sisterhood, and gender partnership, or brotherhood (without gender hierarchical overemphasis). Women may bring important new intuitive gifts to science, since intuition has always been noted by the greatest discoverers to be an essential gift, and related to aspects of nature itself.

In any case, expressive home and community nurturing and caring are also inherently valuable, indeed, a truly essential part of a sustainable economy and important not to take for granted, invisibilized, or treated as if they had no or lesser value than other equally important but more formal, or more easily recorded communication and expressive energy output/labor, such as written words, formal papers or speeches in less interpersonal environments, memos, or competitive or self-referential comments and commands. But likely, if we humbly estimated the astronomical, previously unestimated values –

the value the mothers’ words and touch for the infant human being while the mother and child are well-valued by a spouse and community with family leave,

the value of caring and kind mothers and fathers and circles of egalitarian aunts, uncles and cousins, whether close or distant, for the world’s extended family/community of slightly older children, (of all ages), understood as equally important to the world,

the value of this to both younger as well as to older children (of all ages) and

the value of this to larger communities in peer-sharing all manner of skills and learning,

the value of bondedness, stability, and conflict mediation in community instead of alienation, decay and war, of stewarding a garden instead of trashing and burning crops and fields and plundering human beings.

As each and all can show these risen in value, we all would find ourselves in less need of coercive and military budget figuring worldwide, and our armies could become constructive peace corps instead of war corps(es). Why continue to be at risk and risking an entire planet endangered by war/nuclear winter and/or global-warming, whilst the astronomical value of women’s and peaceful family and community work remain routinely unvisible, unestimated, and therefore, out of consciousness, to our endangered worldwide. Why should we talk of trillions for arms that kill but forget to say the trillion dollar value of arms that hug? This Risen Earth could certainly be mature enough to settle others planets, at a quantum speed. If there ARE other human-like life-forms on other planets, likely the use of gender representative and restorative valuative and economic symbols is what will bring them for a friendly visit.

As productive peacemakers in partnership together, without false hierarchy, both genders have equally much to teach, give and much to learn, value and appreciate. Parts of the world that value excellent familytime and family leave as much as worktime, are most likely to catalyze the genius to “open the stargates i.e. see . Family leave, protective of both family and communiy, is currently highest in Nordic and European Countries; and where higher technology, including both solar/wind and internet/computer technologies has assisted families with home-based or community-based productivities within child-centered communities, such as co-housing and intentional communities. Such may be leading the planet in raising children with both higher EQ and IQ (social-emotional as well as intellectual verbal and mathematical intelligence), capable of both successful exploration and sustaining peace.

It may well be that any astronomer, economist, scientist and social scientist, any inspired thinker or artist, any creative and kind person or team, female or male, who actually takes the time to calculate, estimate, and share with others, in numerical estimate form, the value under and unpaid family and community work and decision-making of all the women (to start) of just her or his extended family/neighbors/colleagues over the past, current and future/at least 3 generations — and as far back and forward as imaginable, (and how the world would already be different if this value had been yearly and cumulatively counted) will generate enough power of creative consciousness to solve many other equations, problems, and unlocking and opening the gates in many fields of human endeavor to help sustain the Home Planet.

Give The Estimate that is the Greatest EveryHoliday Gift, by restoring Wholly Valuation to All the WHoley Children of the Universe, Female and Male. May You Know Wealth Beyond Money; and Enjoy Good Tidings of CurrentSee-ing, for All Future Light(hearted)Years

In All Seasons, put this astronmicall number under your Trees of Love and Life with symbols of very Real Stars among Heavens full of Stars at the Top; in Spring, remember all women as more mature Esthers (the name means stars) become all planetary Earthsters of equally represented adult decision-making to save lives, as well as e(a)strogen and t/estoster-ones in the hearts and minds that can both nurture and always value every human, female and male, at all (space) stations of Life, all born of all womens’ educated genius as well as her eggs, appreciated for the gifts given to their chicks of all ages, become mature doves of the courage to make peace on earth, as a prerequisite to settling other planets as well as saving the Home Planet. Then humanity will live long and young in body and heart, on their lifelong, soon interplanetary journeys long after they left the physical womb, the Mother Planet. Think of all humanity’s names, including yours and all you know and love, and will come to know and love, as an essential astro-nomicall to arms, that hug and link the people and hug and link the planet(sz- z for zillions). Add this vast number it to the label of the gifts you give on all EverydayHolidays, Earthdays and Mother’s (Ever-y)Days Equal to Father’s (Ever-y)Days in all risen Earth Sisterhood and Brotherhood, on this and Every Planet, as the Present that makes possible the Future. Make it your tagline and feel free to share this website with others.

At our early stages of interest in astronomy and physics, we have learned to “countdown” to blasts-off. Why not “countup” to open Stargates, and astronomically value the under and uncounted value of all the worlds’ womens’ decision-making and work, and all home and community work in peace of children and men who welcome women and decide to enjoy worlds of peace, and all that humanity has lost and would lose, or alternatively, will regain and can add, by no longer delaying, and instead, making so, the equal education and inclusion of women in equal decision-making, with men who want it that way, with enough family leave to raise their children in peace, for planet, for familyandcommunity local and global…and universall.

So, add links such as:
(use it for all Women, not just (your) Mom, and all Children and Men who appreciate women’s decision-making work and creative value in protecting this and every Planet)

and add an estimate of something like this to your tagline, and on faces, female and male together, of community money, as if humanity were ready to raise its faces in friendship to each other and throughout the universe:

In any light-years currency and current-see, An All (EveryDay!)Holidays Gift likely at least 25,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000… continually…
Estimate, Indicate, Exchange and Communicate the Uncounted Value of Women’s and
All Family and Community Work, Creativity and Shared Decision-Making,
Past, Present and Future in the Universe…
Count > A Googleplex and Far More for Good on This and All Living Planets, that is Priceless and Beyond Greed and Scarcity, Beyond Googleplex.

–Planetary/Universal Resident Native-Aliens/Time Travellers With A Heart for All Humanity on this and All Living and Terraformable Planetsz – z for zillionsz. (please feel free to copy and share, with Good Will and Well-Being toward All)