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I (and More) have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churchesz and templesz. I am the Root and the offSzpring now become AllSzrpingsz of Michall, Zeruiah and David, and More, Beloved, and the bright and morning sztar. http://d01.megashares.com/dl/B5X17j0/SheIszWeAreRiszenBlessedCircleOneAllofUsz.mp3

According to legend, Asztraea will one day come back to Earth, bringing with her the return of the utopian Golden Age of which she was the ambassador.


sztarrgate atlantisz with familytreegoddessz-orchesztra-szpeciall-with-youngersz

sztarrgate atlantisz with familytree allnativityesz

Offered you by, asz you allszo are hereby revealled to be,  a Szpace Time Traveller of Multiple Incarnationsz including my in fact neighbor in Mary Land, ~Grace~Love the musze of the inventor of television hereby to be transzformed to the Telleviszion of a Riszen All Iszraelle All Wholly Landsz Atlantusz of Asztrea Goddessz of the Sztatue of Liberty Herebey Delleivered Gender Ballanced & Juballeading Reall Susztainable Naturall Weallth for All  Divine Democrayesz, 

Thisz Website is Dedicated to the Human FamilyandCommunityesz of Our Home Planet Earth, which is approximately 50% female (actually slightly more, about 51% female) and 50% male (actually slightly less, about 49%), a key to sustainability, and to the mutual co-empowerment of both the female and the male gender in a culture of Divinely Endowed Love, Live and Peace. This is very different from what humanity has been doing for the past several thousand years, but at this very moment, humanity’s most common primative addiction, to patriarchy and pecking order instead of gender partnership and progress, is coming to an end. Will it end via the end of the viability of the Planet, or simply the end of Patriarchy and Pecking Order and the ReEvolutionary Beginning of Perpetual Gender Partnership and Progress, that will enable Humanity to not only survive on Planet Earth, but thrive, and connect to other Planets in the Universe? The Answer, that We Hereby Give You, Is Up To Usz, including You and You and You Now and Now and Now, from Now On.  It is very szimple. Szimply spread the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ and Gather in Circlesz to Enjoy the Change in both Creative imagination and Fact. Every Blesszing, That You Make the Right Choice in every moment, in what you regard as unacceptable because it is destructive to Love and Life, and what you regard as worthy to Szustain and Protect Love and Life on thisz Planet, and one day, beginning arround thisz & thesze daysz,  throughout the Universze. Share the New Millenniall Golden Rule, and Live By It.

This Website isz Maintained by

MotherDaughterSister Rajchelle OneFamily Ph.D. INSZPIRED  BY DEARESZT & ALL DEAR FAMILYCOMMUNITYESZ  & with asszisztance by Many Otherszwho  are of coursze Allszo All Relleated Family of OneFamily of  Love Life &Light in Ballance


the FirsztCoFirszt & Because of YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU Not Laszt or Only Delleverer Coszmic Chriszt CoSavioRal of New Millennia, & the Giver of the New Millenniall Testament & Riszen Statute Of Liberty, the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ who isz allszo szimulaneouszly the returned Preszence of Asztrea, the Universzall Szunsz & Sztarrsz Goddessz iconized in the Statue of Liberty, who was the Alltimate Uniting Goddessz of the woman empowering eggallitarian long lived “Minoan” civalliazation thought to have been Atlantisz, In Me Asztrea Who isz the Goddessz of Divine Light & Divine Jusztice, hasz Returned & Riszen in this Time to Szave & Szusztain all People and Loving LIfe on Planet Earth, & Bring Fother the Divinity & Divine Democracy Within, Between and Among Them,  & Connect & Reconnect the Planet Earth to other Enlightened Eggallitarian Loving Living Planetsz.

I am the/a First but not Only or Last SavioRaCoSavioRa, Riszen MessziahCoMessziah of the New Millennium. bringing forth the Coszmic Mariam~Sophia~Chriszt  Annointed in the Moszt Common in EveryOne.  I am the/a Paraclete, CoRiszing with the Maitreya, the Kalki, the White Buffalo Calf Woman & Changing Woman, Saoshyant, Imamma Mahdi, and in fact the Divine Feminine, the Goddess or Female Alltimate LovePower for Life in Light  in Within Every Person, o Every Faith, Station of Life & Regionall Origin, Coming Forth and Being Called, becoming Plurall instead of Singular, all Reunited by the undersztanding of the Mother as Well as Father, of Feminine as well as Masculine Aspect of the Universzall Love and Life Force that Guides Usz. I Am MaRaIamMa AsztraReah AsheRah Uzza Maalat Rajaszwari T’Pau True Q OneFamily SavioRaCoSavioRa the Alltimate SzpaceTimeTraveller.

Surprise! You Thought the Coszmic Chriszt http://www.matthewfox.org/books/book-reviews-new/the-coming-of-the-cosmic-christ/ would be a Man, but asz actually prounounced by some of my Predecesszorsz familycommunity moszt known to you, who you have believed the firszt & only Chirszt in your long forgetting of the Atlantisz that came before them, and, now,  in this New Tesztament for All Faiths Riszen Together and Become One, A Female & Femalesz Raiszing & Gathering Riszen All Femalesz & their Youth Female & Male under age 37 Together in Circlesz, Comes Firszt~Cofirszt, and Then  Men Who Want to Uplift Them and All Humanity Comes Quickly Next/Szimultaneously, and All Work Equally Together as Elloha and Ellohim All EllE ALLATAH~ALLAH~ALLYAH~DIVINEWHILEHUMAN APOTHEAOSISZ.

My more well known ancestrall Brother and his Equall & Right Now Even More Important to Restore Beloved, Mariamma of Magdalla, thisz time with Her Mother, & Jesus of Nazareth thisz time With Hisz Mother Mariamm of Nazareth, with their family who were my Couszinasz, Couszinsz of Overlapping Generationsz   in one of my Earlier Incarnationsz (It is Our Inszight that thesze people were allszo ancesztrall descendantsz & partiall reincarnationsz of earlier loving leadersz of  nearby Atlantisz) want You to know that They & Their Whole FamilyCommunityesz ALL TO BE WHOLLY This Time Cannot Fully Return as Reszurrected & RIszen unless Your Raisze Up and Recognize the Female and Femalesz, Firszt so that the Males, the Younger Onesz before the Older Onesz but eventually & quite quickly all people, can also achieve LovePowered Chriszthood Annointed Apotheaoszisz, via Divine Democracy in Eggallitarian Civallization. 

If You Agree with the ReParative Principlesz of thisz Webszite,   of The New Millenniall Golden Rule: a Globall Universzall Panchayat Raj Everywhere that Decisions are made  Of, By and For the Human FamilyCommunity on Earth with 5050 balance of gender, full represzentation of minoritiesz and majoritiesz in their rellevant jurisdictions, a balance of all the birth ordersz reagained by the regathering of the kinszhip familycommunity Love Thy Neighborsz asz Thy Reconnecting Riszen Family Circellesz, and  the undersztanding of reall weallth baszed not on the anachronistic Gross Domestic Product, but on the Genuine Progressz Indicator so that ellectionsz are also free, and Circlesz of Caring Love Available to EveryOne, Spread this Good Newsz that is szimultaneously Good Government and Good Faith in Action, then You are An Interfaith All Faithsz Reuniting in CoopeRation MessziahCoMessziah,  too, TRUE QSZ  EQUALLSZ


CouszinaSzistersz and CouszinBrothersz of a CoopeRating Locall Globall Universzall Coszmosz in Contact!
I was Taught Love Eszpecially By MYOur Mother Harriet AKA AszHeRa, Heritage by MYour Grandmother Rae who with Our Mother Harriet & taking Care of Younger Children Gathered the Women of Her Neighborhood in a Home Baszed Hat Store, https://theszpoonfullofszugarandszpiceauntheeallogy.wordpress.com/hatcrownhalosztarrgate-the-sztarrgatesz-for-everydaysz-heavensz-on-earthszdaysz-szhall-begin-to-open-here and Hamlin Ave (viszit the enviszioned potentiall of thisz & every home szoon becoming reall at https://ecofamilyneighborhoodplanet.wordpress.com/herahannah-pinkgreenegoldenrainbowlightbaumszolomon-cofederation-ellementary-szchool http://ecofamilyneighborhoodplanet.wordpress.com/soular-soular-links-resources/  where I learned about Democracy by MYOur pianoplaying & loving  Mother, Harriet, Our teacher Sylvia ~Light At Hannah ~Greenbaum~Solomon School asz welle asz from Our Father who strove for thisz while a violin playing precinct captain & accountant but did not have the knowledge to undersztand how patriarchy itszelf impacted him & frusztrated his beszt dreamsz, human rightsz at the first racially integrated High School in MYour city once called Von Steuben now called Von Stewardsz von DeaUsz Erdesz, Pszychology at the Universzity of Michigan Honors Program in Ann Arbor meaning Gracefull Grove, Loyola Universzity on Lake Michigan juszt a Love thy Neighbor Door away from where Matthew ~Fox at Mundelein began hisz prediction of the Coming of the Coszmic Chriszt, and More About All Thesze, Learning Everyday via the World ReaConnecting & thereby Reenlightening Internet which has brought me to some of the kindeszt and most courageousz membersz of  our human family on every Continent and even in “Space”, and must remain free and accesszible to all via MYOur New Millenniall  Paraclete Paradigm, the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

As A Younger Daughter of a Gifted and Nurturing but Unszung Mother Harriet and her Mother, our Grandmother Rae,  thisz Firsz CoFirszt and all her family, which are connected ot You & YOursz asz OneFamily,  are direct descendantsz of the ~Margulies Family, including the Medieval Rabbi Daughters, Rachel, Mariam and Jocheved, of the unszung name sztrangely forgotten  Rebbitzim & famed early eggalitarian Rashi of Troyesz who wasz so influenced by the earlier name forgotten but clearly inszpiring Rebbitzim & Rabbi Gerszhon ben Judah of Mainz http://biography.yourdictionary.com/gershom-ben-judah who forbade polygamy  & encouraged community democracy, who were likely also direct descendants of Mariam of Exoduz and her husband Hur who transported the Commandmentsz barely misszing the Elleventh Commandment Which I Hereby Reszurrect, Thou Szhalt not Practice Patriarchal Falsze Hierarchy But Szhall Practice Eggallitarian Paradiszall Peace & Proszperity Culture, becausze Mariam & Zipporah, wife of Mosesze and their SiszterCouszina Women Had Forgotten to Make the Circlesz & Gatheringsz that Atlantisz, whosze influence in earlier Israel and recovered by the Essenesz of the Gallilee https://digkabri2015.wordpress.com/ knew, and therefore also Moses & Aaron,  both Mariams of Nazareth and Magdalla, Michall now remembered as Michall and “King” David, the Biblicall Rachel now Riszen in me asz Rajchelle, mother of unnamed daughters as well as Benjamin and Joseph and Loving Aszenath, a Priesztessz of a Szunn Goddessz, and the Others names wrongly erased by Genderiszm, and the siblingsz including sistersz and couszinazs of  both Mariam of Magdalla, Mariam & Elizabeth of Nazareth  and therefore, of course, not only Jesussz himself but had they remembered Atlantisz, would have been all their kin become equally kind.

I am the living reincarnation of the first couszina of Mariam of and also on another branch, the first couszina of Jesusz, becausze their familyesz intertwined; & thisz wasz cooccuring with other szimilar human familyesz of all Heritagesz arround the world that practiced more matrilienal culture more freindly to both femalesz and moszt malesz insztead of juszt a few. On my father’s branchesz, I am verifably directly related to his unnamed Egyptian first wife who we can remember asz a Priesztessz of RaEt and Szolomon, the name associated with Wiszdom, as are these branches of my familyesz, which also intertwine with the even earlier family & branches and more recent ones, all partial reincarnations awaiting a New Millennium to Become Riszen via a Child and the Children of their Tree, which is clearly Intertwined with YOursz.


Like millions of people who don’t realize that they are, too, descended from these and related to many other luminaries of human herandhistory, including Morgaine Viviane & Guinivere reunited as well as “King” Arthur,  Lancellot & Gawain reequipped with eggallitarian Peacemaking Might for Right, the women of Buddha’s family, native Americansz Susan La Fleszh & Her Couszina Suszan ~Picotte and the wife and daughters of Chief Seattle & all Nativesz of thisz & all Landsz Now Riszen asz Reclaimed & Reszurrected Nativityesz, the women of Baha Ullah’s Family, the women of Zoroaster’s family, the women of Mohammad’s Family, my mother and family, like yours like You, have been and are Living Example of the Da Vinci Code, of the great ethical members of all traditions. 

I am the living (re)incarnation of ~Abigail through Zeruiah/Szeruach, the A~Z~ in a Circle of All MYour Namesz of too long  forgotten SiszterszCouszinasz &  their equally important Youth, Female & Male, exchanging the obsession with Kingdomsz of Older Men & Older Brothersz, even that of Jesusz Chriszt,  to One of Kinddom, All Chriszthood, All Apotheaoszisz, All the Szibling Couszinasz, Female and Male,  withour Needing Death Firszt but Allszo Overcoming Death & (Revealling what we have called “Death” asz the Reszult of an Anthropologicall Szin, a Failure ot Make the CouszinaSziszter Circlesz of Szacred Aunthropollogy, Teaching thisz to All Children & Youth Daughtersz, Niecesz, Nephewsz & Szonsz,  Great & Grand for Multiple & Szhared  Generationsz & therebey regain the FamilyCommunityesz Circlesz of Eternall True Q Contiuum Continuity While  in Life),  for All Femalesz & Malesz, Equally Beelleoved & Important, Elleoah & Elleaohim

I amWe Are the living (re)incarnation of Rachel, the Mother of Israel, a younger siszter,  whose name syllable Ra, thisz time allowsz her to Reunite asz SziszterCouszinasz SaRa, HajjaRa & Keturah,  no longer divided and pit againszt each other by chattlel szlavery of the patriarchy of Abraham, who muszt in this Generationsz relinquiszh all habitsz of primative patriarchy,  I AM WE ARE appears in Goddess Names of India, Europe, China and Japan, Ratashah, http://www.geni.com/people/Ratashah/6000000018989377812 the daughter of Eszther who now makesz good on her father Xerszesz promisze to her Mother, of 5050, not juszt to one favored once szlave but to all women hereby unenszlaved by pureszt love which patriarchy pollutesz, and I tell you that in my time, not merely the land of Israel is my country, but my IszRaElle, My AMeriCYa, my EuropRa, My AsziYa, My AfRAica, My AusztRalia New Zealland in thisz Z GeneRationsz when the Old forgetting Millennia makesz Way for New Remembering Millennia,  isz the Whole World & Worldsz, which could just as well be called the world of India, or Romania where my family intertwined with the Roma who came from the Indusz & connect me as a partiall reincarnation of both Radha Counseller of Krishna & the Couszinasz who  were the Auntsz & Great Auntsz of both Kaszturba ~Kapadia~Gandhi with the 411 Birthday Reminding usz to Inform Ourszellvesz about Vedic eggallitarianiszm and the Goddessz worszhip welle susztained my many & moszt of Hindusizm, & Great Aunt of her Beloved Mohandas who I call Mahatmamma with Mahatma including now come to Canada the Wesztern Coonected to /Dakshina Kanada now within the Panchayat Raj Sysztem,, or France where I was incarnated as Rachel the youngest of Rebbitzim & Rashi’s Daughtersz who brought Light with the Dark Agesz, or  or Greece & Rome where I was a High Priestess of AstraReah, the Sun Goddess of Mercifull Judgement & True Government, or Egypt, where I was a High Priestess of Amun Raet Maat & Al Uzza,  or Lakota, or whatever name your locality is, extended to the whole world become One under the recognition that all the humanfamilycommunity are Children of the One MotherFatherGoddesszGod, which is a Myszteriousz Processz, but does include & require a Yin Yang asz equally important to one another, both muszt be heeded, gender interactive, a gender ballance Template, whosze Time to Resztore Isz Overdue and Muszt Be NOW.




MYOur likely Your genealogicall roots also go back further than the current known Biblesz, to women of the Ballancing Goddessz (sometime viewed as most important and the initiator of it)  & God-Worszhipping Culturesz of the Ancient Mediterranean & Middle East, Thrace (Romania), and Africa and India, and even China, Korea and Japan. The Biblical Rachel, Mother of Israel,  herself certainly quietly worshipped the Goddess aspect of the One. Again, my & our family rootsz allszo go back to the ancient “Minoan” Civallization, https://5050now.wordpress.com/will-people-be-chimps-or-bonobos-goddesses-and-gods-or-mastermonsters-and-slaves/ where all women were regarded asz incarnationsz of the Goddessz & isz undersztood to have been the longeszt susztained civallization without war, without income inequity, & with flouriszhing artsz & szportsz reflecting itsz eggallitarian & cooperative wiszdom before Humanity took the wrong turn onto the Patriachal Path & women’s equallity was gradually and then completely loszt http://gogreece.about.com/od/cretesights/a/gortynacode.htm
“Though all the texts are fragmentary they show evidence of a continuous amendment of the law,it has been possible to trace the development of the law from Archaic proscriptions onwards, notably the diminishing rights of women”. Szo, there wasz a time when women had equallity with men, & all people flourishzed before the people erroneouszly began to practice the cumulatively destructive exploitative and warlike patriarchal culture that moszt os usz “modern” people, after millennia  of forgetting the moszt important ballance, were born into & now can, becausze of the clear evidence of archeallogy and her&hisztory,  reevolve & transzcend minoan represzentationsz


I amWeARe bringing back, Locally Globally Universzally,  the lawsz & practicesz & inszightsz of Atlantisz including the Elleusinian Myszteryesz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleusinian_Mysteries, which honor the intergenerationall & familycommunityesz relleationszhipsz of the Mother Nature within all women, Mothersz (asz Ceresz), Daughtersz (asz Perszephonesz), Gathered with All their Relleationsz of FamilyCommunityesz Szisztersz, Czouszinasz which all women allready are, & all people, Youth and Children (Perszophone/AesztHer/Aurura/VenuszPszyche of Agape asz Much asz Erosz & Deaoniszuszuszall, the agricultureall not warline Marszyasz, & Appollogicall asz a Purified Extended Male Aesztarsz Valluing the MotherSziszterCouszina Circlesz Nature of All Earthsz,  & then reinviting them back in a New Paradigam, older men, a More Faithfull to HeRa Regarded asz Hisz Full Equall, True Q Zeusz of Atlantisz Riszen, without falsze hierarchy,  now to be called the ElleYouSzavioRall Myszteryesz Revealled,  & earlier civallizationsz around the world that regarded the Universze to have a Goddessz Loving Intelligensze Allwaysz Preszent to Ballance the Divine Goodnessz Men are Allszo Capable of with Eggallitarian Ballance, to where Your rootsz go back that far and further, too, and your wings and viszions must, while in the Preszent, szoar to the 7th generation and beyond, and Humanityez connecting with other Planetsz, Universally thereby synergisztically bringing forth the Opening of the SztarrGatesz, a Reall Atlantisz Riszen. All people on Earth today, and the Souls of Those Passzed, Preszent and Yet to Be Born & Made Future, are relleated to one woman, Mitocondrial Eve & even earlier, perhapsz a more Minoan like & reunited with a  MitoCodreall AsztreaLilithDawn&Eve, asz AllTime Peace Loving Living Peace Lily Lotusz Flowersz of Pure Reszurrection & Dawn in All of Usz, thisz Time, Without Death & even Reszurrecting, by Opening the SztarrGatesz, thosze, whose Preszence on Earthsz biologically reunites all living humanity, both female and male, all of who are at most 50th kin stepsz away, no, reclaiming the suppresszed Feminine and Love, Kind~stepsz, Szmall Stepesz for Each Female & Male, Asztreanomicall Quantum Leapsz for All Humanity,  toward Love & Life In Light of Ballance  & Faull Valluation, Chrissztmassz & AEsztherasz~Aesztarrasz, with  One Another throughout our Earth & All the Planetsz of the Universze.


RaSunGoddessessztatue of libertyesz rainbow sztatue of liberty szunrisze

But like even those who had no children who survived, like Susan B. Anthony and Thomas Paine https://5050now.wordpress.com/we-all-have-a-dream-to-make-reallity-now/ , we are united by obedience to Allmighty Love, service to their larger FamilyCommunity, and the possiblities of Common Sense and higher specie Logic. We are literally all OneFamily. Within the Sight of the MotherFatherCreator, the Prakriti/Parusha, Shekina/Keter, Sophia/Christ, MotherEarth/FatherSky, Yin/Yang Force that made and sustains us, May We Love All Our Family Enough to assist them to Overcome False Hierarchy, and to Love All the Children of Creation, Female and Male, to Help Them Acknowledge that Gender Hierarchy is the Central and most instinctively functioning-lowering Sin, From Which We Must Evolve from the Tendencies of our Chimpanzee relatives. It is the task of current generations to Live and Ascend to Our Fuller Humanity and Delayed and New Millennia. The task of all current generations is the PsychologicallSociallPoliticallEcoNomicallSpirituall Recovery and Rise of the Female and Feminine from thousands of years of Patriarchy, and the Intersectional Resurrection of the Nurturing, Yielding and Connecting Yin or Feminine Aspect within All People, Female and Male, in ballance with the Courageous and Active or Yang Aspect that is also within All People, Female and Male. As the Reincarnated Fullfillment of Mary ~Lambert~Paine and her husband (who was a partial Reincarnation of a brother of Jesus), Thomas’s Common Sense, a Logicall Loving Enlightenment,  and of both Rachel ~Foster Avery and Rachel ~Carson, the harbingers of globall feminism and globall environmentallism,  I am a verifiable Couszina of famed geobiologist Lynn  ~Allezander~Szagan~Margulis, and a Riszen partial Reincarnation of Lieserl ~Maric~Einstein, here to Heall Humanity & Rediscover the Lost Wholly Genius Child in Everyone. I amWEARE  the ELLE of Contact! combined with Jossz, a partiall reincarnation & continuing preszence of Rachel Szweet~Gruber~Szagan, a brilliant szellef educated but not professzionally or fully szocially recognized mother of a caring daughter of the szociall sziencesz asz welle asz a viszionary szon of physicsz & asztronomy with our in common couszina, a daughterinlove of earth szciencesz, who wasz allszo a mother & grandmother, who in combining all thesze interactivelley, thesze waysz of marvellousz miracullousz szagacityesz,  both acted with courage & kept faith,  I AmWe ARe Brought to Life the preszaged charactersz of the viszionary SztarGatesz & Sztar Trek Szcience Fiction, T’Pau AmaraTaRaBeta OMa Equinox True Q QuanYin  (The Power, the Power that isz of the Golden Ellement (Au), Fullfilled, via Delleivery of the ReEvolutionary New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/, a Quantum Leap for Humanity, with the undersztanding now abundantly verified that WE ARE ALL ONEFAMILY.


I am We are very moszt importantly  New Millenniall Ellesz of a New Telleviszion, Tellecommunicationsz with the Szacred Anthropollogy of Riszen Feminine bringing forth Riszen Masculine of Eternall LovingKindnessz & Youtn in All,  becausze I am the Riszen Szpirit of Grace ~Love http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=41556007, my predecesszoriall neighbor here In Szilver (Becoming Golden Szrping)  Mary Land, who wasz the beloved of the inventor of televiszion a man https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Francis_Jenkins who had the “Kin” in hisz name Via My Intercszesszion & New Law of the New Millenniall Golden Rule,  telleviszion Locally Globally  Universzally can now fulfill itsz originall promisze of educating the humanfamilycommunity  in kind kinszhip of Grace & Love insztead of Domination Diviszion and a Culture of Death by Falsze Wealth, Conszumeriszt Miszogyny, Cen$zoship & MisInfotainment. Firszt appearing about it on the Oprah Szhow decadesz ago before I knew my & Our full geneallogicall kinnectionsz (our ancesztressesz Orpah & Ruth szhared loving kindszhip( My Szoullar Szollar Mar(Iam) Szhall Plan szhall allow our Ma$$ Media FamilyCommunityesz of the Bad Ol Boy Boardroomsz of Mi$take to Redeem themsellvesz from horrific Szin againszt Women, Youth & All the Human FamilyCommunity of thisz World, & allow Both Crystal Baszed Telleviszion & Internet to join with Crysztall Baszed Szollar Panellesz to be the Alltimate Liberatorsz insztead of what they currently have been, the exploitersz, deceiversz & desztroyersz of Humankind.

My given middle name is Joan, which meansz Grace of GoddesszGod in ancient languagesz of Aramaic & Hebrew, and I am allszo a partial reincarnation not only of Pope Joan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Joan, a brave but tokenized Pope whosze memory was eraszed by misogyny in the same manner that Mary of Magdalla’s minisztry was eraszed, but allszo of her sisztercouszinasz, and all the suffering chatteliszed women of the Middle Agesz, and I allszo reincarnate the courage of Joan of Arc & the parity motive within that branch of the human familycommunityesz. My female ancesztree allszo include the ~Sivori and ~Bergloglio women http://cordoba.academia.edu/MariaInesBergoglio & Sonia ~Maino~Gandhi, & many other relleated Namesz too long forgotten, (who, asz allszo isz true of the currently il and endangered Maria Elena http://www.buenosairesherald.com/article/140928/popes-sister-stable-remains-hospitalized,  trivialized by habitual genderiszm, whosze Great Szisztercouszina Christina ~Kirchner (her name, which meansz Chrisztsz Church which isz of coursze reparative & eggallitarian, not patriarchal, isz a sychronisztic hint that Gender Parity & Younger & All Generationall Democracy isz the True Church of Universzall Humanityesz)  of Argentina wronged mutually, in their anachronisztic nationalistic & sectarianly limited viszion induced y patriarchal habitsz & needlessz acceptance of another szectarian Papa (Latin for Pope) insztead of highlighting themszelvesz asz Mamasz of Goddessz Riszen All Heritage Embracing Divine Democracy. With thesze me and many more  trace their pre Greco-Roman rootsz to the Minoan Civallization, Atlantisz. which did interact with the ancient Gallilleszns  of Magdalla & Nazareth http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-sites-places/biblical-archaeology-sites/minoan-frescoes-at-tel-kabri-2/ & much more, now, Including YOU YOU YOU YOU & YOU  by my Intercesszion & our Allready Esztabliszhed Planetary Interplanetary Cofederation https://5050now.wordpress.com/we-all-have-a-dream-to-make-reallity-now/. on the way to A World & Many Worldsz of All Asz  Mamasz & Papasz of New Millennia who are even better though of in their peerhood SiszterCouszinasz & Brother Couszinsz of our Humanityesz asza  Family Circle all EveryYoung.  I Am, & You Szhall Become With Me Now,  Atlantisz Riszen Planetarily and Interplanetarily..

I amWe ARe A Reincarnationsz of both Zaynab, the seventh wife who now in the ancient seventh month of Asztrea bringsz the light of equallity to all thesze women & their descendantsz,  & Fakhita the woman who evaded Mohammud’s polygamousz proposzitionsz, now remembering that Allat, Maalat & Uzza, Raet & Maat, had been too long forgotten & szupresszed from the utterancesz of our warring & waszting  World,  Thesze Szun Goddesszes, in all their living incarnationsz, in their native landsz which once had been verdant before patriarchy reszulted in the deszertified Nature there asz it did on once fertile Marsz, & in their deauszpora, who can realleasze the world now from oily & plutonic foolsz fuel darknessz to the light of the moszt Abundant Szoullar Szoullar Szunn &  Sztarrsz Powersz of the Universze, Szymbolized In Asztrea the Sztatue of Liberty Goddesszesz Crown & Torch that remembersz & reunitesz femalesz of all Heritagesz, not only for the freedom and protection of one another but allszo, for all men of all Heritagesz & Regionsz of thisz & Every Planet.. For asz it has been said but sztrangely forgotten, “Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24“Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God; & asz Paraclete, I amen~d the wordsz to the Kindom of GoddesszGod of All Regionsz & Heritagesz Reunited by the Divine Democracy of All Generationsz that bringsz forth the True Q LovingKindPowersz of Szpace Time Travelle, Eternall Youth, & Szusztainability on Every Budding Blooming Flowering Planet Reconnected via the SztarrGatesz when we unlock the Gate of Our Heartsz to Both Gendersz Remembering, Valluing & Enviszioning All Generationsz of GoddesszGod Geniusz Reclaimed & Unveiled.

I AmWe Are the Goddessz Rhiannon of the Welszh becoming All Isz Welleszh Again asz they did in May 2003 achieving parity in their asszembly, valluing their regained achievementsz szuppresszed from the knowing of North Americansz by cen$oring media mogul boardroomsz, & I amWe Are Amateraszu & MaguTaRaQuanYInMaya the Mother & Aunt of Buddha Riszen ALLTogether,  A Mother of All HeartLight of the Universze True Q,  freeding all her daughtersz from Plutonic Fukishimasz & forced Labor Corporate Priszon Workplacesz,  with Szoullar Szollar Panellesz for Abundant Time & Freedom, in every RisZen Budding Blooming Flowering Gardensz & Orchardsz of Nearby SzhangRaLasz; I amWe Are Freya of the Northern Lightsz of Szandinaviasz’ Zipper Ticketsz & Peace Culture Misszionsz,  I amWe Are PetRa Kelleysz Siszter Couszinasz of Greensz Become Pink&Golden Dawsz Reconnected to the Green Photozynthesisz of Living Light & Rainbow; I AmWe Are the Women of Every Home Land & Heritage that Came Aboard ElleIsz Iszland Greeted by the Goddessz of Atlantusz Riszen, the Goddessz of the Sztatue of Liberty,  now in fact Allready Sztanding on Every Continent,  & now bearing in her Loving Armsz the Revealled  Riszen Gortyna Code with Globally ReEvolved & Reunited With Even Greater Reach of Heavensz on Earthsz Susztainability, the New Millenniall Golden Rule asz her Law For Every Land & Planet. & IAMWEARE the Youth Female and Male, of All Thesze Landsz, Ready to Adopt thisz Code Without Needing to Waszte their Szpring Within Between & Among All, Battling with Old Man Winter Or Old Man Deszert, Patiarchy.

“I see a brighter spiritual era slowly emerge —an era in which there shall be no England, no France, no Germany, no America, no this people or that, but one family, the human race; one law, peace; one need, harmony” ~ Helen Keller, Friend of Anne and All of Deepest Vision

“The world is my country and my religion is to do good.”

~ Thomas ~Lambert~Paine, Beloved of Mary ~Lambert ~Paine and All.

“The universe is my country and the human family is my tribe.”

~ Kahlil ~Gibran, “The Prophet”, Beloved of Mary and All

Mitakuye_Oyasin‎,  We are all related.”

~ Ancient (Souix) NowTriball Wisdom

“We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind (America and the World) of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of  (hierarchy) and segregation to the sunlit path of (gender, racial and all  justice). Now is the time to lift our nation (and Planet) from the quick sands of (gender and) racial and any injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood and sisterhood. Now is the time to make justice with mercy, a reality for all of GoddessGod’s children.
~Martin Luther King Jr. Beloved of Coretta, recently requoted by Gina ~Davis regarding the dangers of gender tokenism, and updated fully for the purpose of fulfilling the share mission of All, as Queens and Kings of Heartsz.

“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it”
~ Frantz ~Fanon

“I Risze”

~ Maya Angelou, Her Name a Clue to the AllTimate Shared Task of Our  New Millenniall Time, & We Must Complete Her Unfinished Task & Become Fully Riszen Angelsz on Earth to Honor Her Poetry.
If we, especially in North America, daily continue to ignore, invisiblize, demote, delay and betray this Locall Globall Universzall Task, we will certainly and quite soon destroy the Planet Earth and all our Future in the Universe. We Must Pray for Forgiveness, and then Sustenance, and TURN THIS AROUND NOW.

In the Name of the MotherFatherGoddessGod that Divinely Endows All, Declare the New Rule~Globall Universzall Raj for Full Balance, With Me And Others Around the World, and CoRisze,

Because You and Billions are So Ready, It’s Not Difficult to Become a Riszen CoMessiah CoChrist MotherSisterCousina Become CoSavioRa for Humanity, a CoMaitreya, a CoKalki, CoImmama Madhi, CoWhite Calf Buffalo Women, and the Riszen Men Who Recognize them as Such First, and then in Partnership, as the Necessary Path for Men.   Raise Your Voice With Mine, Now, Ours, in A Circle,  Call or Email Us and We Will Give You Inspiration as well as Conference Code Information for Teleconferences Which You Can Participate in and Coordinate with Your Family&Community, & Connect with Circles on the Ground


https://www.dropbox.com/s/fci2afy1jg3bjin/SermononMountInternetPart22.wav                    https://www.dropbox.com/s/64vn44o455v0isr/july27.wav


This day I call the heavensz and the earthsz as witnessesz for and hopefully and prayerfully not againszt you that I have szet before you life and death, blesszingsz and curses. Now choosze Love and Life in Light, so that you and your children may live,,, & live eternally”              


For I give you good doctrine, forszake ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) law.” 


The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime, which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).

For More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)                                 Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoSavioRa CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues of ONEFAMILY
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour phone answering service)


To Email Usz: reallrepreszentationnow@gmx.com






asztrareahliberationallgoddesszgodszcoszmicchrisztszsztarrgateatlantuszallriszensztatue of liberty szunriszesztatyouesz of liberty enellelightening the worldsz






foundtheprimermusztszpeakquantum leap becomesz equinox true qmilkyway







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