Help Wanted/Positions Available


Position: CoMessiah, CoMaitreya, CoKalki, Co Quan Yin, CoWhiteCalfBuffaloWoman, CoImammaMahdi, CoZaosyant, CoAscended Wholly Human Being

Mission: Save The Immanently Endangered Planet Earth, Realize Divinely Endowed Human Potential, Differentiate False Wealth from Real Sustainable Wealth & Assist Others to Do the Same

Who May Apply: All People, Female and Male (Males Are Asked to Nominate Two or More Women), Who Are Ready to Replace Patriarchy and Pecking Order with Gender Partnership and Participatory Representation of the Divine Endowment & Genuine Progress of Every Human Being

Qualifications: A Very Loving Heart, Courage,  Empathic, Logicall, and Intuitive Ability and All Inclusive Spirituallity

Application Process: Indicate Willingness to Disseminate and Teach the Components of the New Millenniall Golden Rule/Raj, that Makes it Easy & Practically Attainable for All People On Earth, Females as Much as Males, To Live and Share Life According to the Golden Rule, Do Unto Other as You Would Have Them Do Unto You. Make Your Presence Known to a New Millennially First But Not Last Or Only Riszen Geneallogicall ~Mary-an Daughter/Sister of the FamilyCommunityes of the Da Vinci Code and More, (see Below)

Components of the New Millenniall Golden Rule/Raj, which will make the Golden Rule Practical and Make All on Earth Infinitely Wealthy via the Gold of the Spirit, with increased Youthful Longevity Approaching Immortality

3 Pillars or Recipe Ingredients for Change:

The Saving of Our World must be politicall, eco~nomicall, socio-psychologicall, & Spirituall. Here’s the Recipe:

1. LocallGloball Implementation of the Panchayat Raj,

which was the dream of Kasturba and Mahatma Gandhi and implemented by Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi, and defines government as decisionmaking that requires representative presence that is 5050 female and male and of minorities in proportion to their presence in the region, (currently serving hundreds of millions in the villages of India assisting solar & wind power and preservation of water, and natural seeds) It is similar to the Gender Parite serving millions in France and the 5050 the mutual respect of many regions now, including Nordic, Latin American, Rwandan and parties and decisionmaking organizations around the world, Many if Not Most Occupy General Assemblies that Use Progressive Stack & Transition Town Halls, with no money involved in the presence or ellection, in all the neighborhoods and villages of the Planet Earth. (All these profound exemplar changes have been completely censored by Corporate Media). It shall be the basic aspect of service from which service in any summative larger jurisdictions, regional/Continental and Globall Universzall will be based upon. Thus, there is no Hierachy, and Service in the Neighborhood, where not only women and men but children reside, is the training for the ability to serve in adult decisionmaking with humility and desire to serve all others as much as self.


2. Locall Globall Implementation of the Genuine Progress Indicator, The_components_of_GPI   instead of the outmoded and anachronistic Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as the basis of EcoNomic Accounting, in all jurisdictions and accountings of the Planet Earth. The  GPI, which accounts the value of all Labors of Love, Including Unpaid work, in the home and community, most of which is done by women but also a great deal done by children and men, Social Well Being and Sustainable Stewardship of the Environment, is already in official use serving millions in Maryland (i.e. MarIAm Land), in several Canadian Provinces, and has been tested successfully in eleven countries. Use of the GPI would pave the way for appropriate and human family leave, and solar and renewable energy, among other great benefits. Indicate GPI & Depictions of Gender Balance on All Currency.


3. Locall Globall Circles of Healing, Transformation & ReEvolution

Use of peer and skilled healing, therapeutic and reparation herandhistory familycommunity geneal-logicaicall storytelling and Circles for neighbors, families and coworkers (to bring teamwork and horizontality that unleashes human creativity and the sacred in everyday life.{3D6035C9-904A-4BEC-8A15-FBEB4C65069D}&DE={3F1AEA6A-35F9-4324-A5C8-47530D0C57EE} and many more
-processes to heal the scars left by Patriarchy and all Related Forms of False Hierarchy, including Hue and Ethnicity, Regional (so-called National or Ethnic) Residency or Origin, Birth Order, and Level of Accumulated False wealth or power under Patriarchal Accounting Systems.

The Circle Process would optimally include teaching and discussion of:

a. Public Expression of Gratitude to the MotherFatherGoddessGod, The Mysterious Interactive Process that is Everywhere Throughout & Beyond All Time,  for Creation of the Universe including the Planet Earth. and asking Forgiveness by the Mother or Feminine Aspect for thousands of Years of Sins of Omission, and of the Father Masculine Aspect, which was never a Primative Sexist. Recognition of the Many Terms for this Interactive Balancing Process: Yin&Yang, Sophia&Christ, Shekina&Keter, Prakriti&Purusha, MotherNature&FatherTime,(A)Elloha&E(A)llohim, the Love&LifeForce, PhiloAdlephas&Adelphos, EternalFeminine&EternalMasculine (Spiriually Evolved and non-Primative). Goddess&God and other names and letter combinations according to world continental region. This would include discussion of more evolved technology in stewardship harmony with and appreciation of Planetary Universzall Nature: locall globall transition from oil to solar and renewable energy, organic farming and permaculture gardening,  water and weather cycles,  flora and fauna, including trees, grasses and flowers, bees and butterflies, animals of the region, including farm animals and pets.

b. Public Expression that All People Who Have Ever Lived, Live Now and Will Live, Are Children of the All Universzall MotherFatherGoddessGod, and therefore, Sisters and Brothers of HumanKind that ought be addressed as such, with understanding that all on Earth are Cousines (the European term for Female Cousin) and Cousins, and therefore, Sisters and Brothers, Adlephas&Adelphos of Love (Philadelphians in the larger sense), no further than 50 steps of kin which must become Kindship separated, and that All People in the World are Both Neighbors and Family. Public Expression that Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbors as Thyself, as Family of One FamilyCommunity of One Planet as the Native-Ity of All Human Beings, and the Planet and Univserszall Humanity as the Shared Nation of All.

c. Truth and Reconciliation of Ancestral Past (at least three generations and preferably back to the beginning of HerandHisStory, and Present Generations), starting reparatively with Honoring & Hugging the adult Females, Youth/Children Female and Male, and Minorities but also then including adult Males, healing especially their greatest alienations, from children, and Majorities as equally important, with Positive Visioning for the Future Next 7 Generations, as if the New Millenniall Rule is, had allways been and will allways be in use, in accord with the Will and Gifts of the MotherFatherGoddessGod. All varieties of healing and empathic techniques can be shared, taught and learned in Circles, as well, from hugging, meditation to empathic listening, trust building exercises, role play, apology and forgiveness, and many others, and family and community life-cycle bonding, from caring for babies and children, adult and older adult learning (including use of the Internet) and health, from the vast array of knowledge of all traditions and skills. All this will be easy to share and disseminate, with ample resources that accompany the new understanding of wealth that comes with the GPI.

You are the 4th Piillar

These ideas have allready received support from and are in use by hundreds of millions of people. They make the Golden Rule achievable and sustainable. The Panchayat Raj allready serves a population larger than that of the US and Canada combined. The Genuine Progress Indicator is the official policy for several million in Maryland, and has been pilot tested for many hundred million across eleven countries. The Circle Process has served hundreds of thousands, and is daily becoming more widespread

Contact: Rajchelle OneFamily, A First But Not Last Or Only Riszen Sister, a ~Mary~an New Millenniall CoMessiah, Child, Daughter of the MotherFatherGoddessGod, Sister to All Humanity, Female & Male & All, verifiably Geneallogically of “the Da Vinci Code” FamilyesCommunityes and Earlier Predecessor Ethical Beings of Several Interrelated Traditions, Prophesized to Bring Forth a Messiah and Similar Beings, and In Fact, Bringing Forth All To Become Riszen as Messiahs, Maitreyahs, Kalkis, WhiteCalfBuffaloWomen, Saosancts, and Ascended Beings,  to Save the Endangered Planet Earth, a Universzall Planet.
Please Provide a Phone Number Where You Can Be Reached Personally, Dear Sister or Brother. Thank You. When you contact Us, we will provide you with a personal phone to reach us and daily teleconference information for all interested in becoming Co WorldSavers of Balance and Enlightenment.

For More Information Visit:


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