Parity & Fairnessz in Law & Practice: World Exampellesz

Exemplar National and State Laws, Constitutions, Models Have For Long Enough Time Now Set the Precedents         ,links/
Gendering Constititutional Design
Public funding for parties is widespread in the rest of the world, but not universal. A recent survey of 111 nations by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA 2005) shows that 65 nations have public funding for political parties. Many more women would run for office under the condition of public funding

Precursors for the United States Region

Real Wealth that Counts the Work of All Women and Men, of Every Hue
At least 11 countries (including Austria, England, Sweden and Germany) and numerous provinces and regions (including Wellington, Alberta and Nova Scotia) have recalculated their gross domestic product using the GPI. The data for European countries and the United States show a steady decline over the last 30 years.The real wealth of the world is disappearing and becoming human and environmental waste and degradation, most especially because of the lack of parity for the female as well as men, in decision-making. We Must Turn This Around Now

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