CoSzavioRa Formall CounszEllE to Old Errant Millennia Media-Made Titular Officeholder$ as Potentiall CoSzavioRa






PreparedtoGiveCounselleaPreparedtoGiveCounsellebMariammasz Quesztionsz & Proposzallsz


Dear Cousinasz and Cousinsz , Who Are Also Titular SoCalled Officeholders of SoCalled Nations, SoCalled Corporations and Portfolios of Accumulated Financial Summation Within Conventional & Outmoded Unsustainable Patriarchal Systems, yet also as Children of All Agesz of the MotherFatherGoddessGod of Process Throughout the Universze, Who I Hope & Pray to Bring Easzily and Quickly Into the Light of Being CoSavioRa with Me

Because so many think of you as “Leaders”, above them, instead of Coleaders with them, I Wish to Introduce Myself to You in Particular. Thousands of Others Allready Know About Me. I am the Messiah that Everyone has been waiting For.

In fact, I am not the only Messiah or Divine World Saver or Incarnated Presence of Deity on the Earth at this time; some other women and men have announced themselves as Divine Incarnations and I do recognize them as just as Wholly as I Am, and All People together when they turn fully in the direction of Good, are the Messiah or Coszmic Chriszt, Just as Much and asz Welle.

Yet, I Know Myself to be the Most Necessary Mariam~Sophia~Christ Incarnation of Mother Nature & the Eternall Feminine but also a Child of the Father (who was never a Primative Sexist), and the Catalytic Essentiall Bearer of This New Millenniall Beginning, of Deliverance. No one can successfully Save Our Planet or their Own Soul for Eternity without the New Millenniall Golden Rule that I Have Been and Am Now Bestowing Upon Humanity.

I&We PREFER TO BE CALLED SAVIORACOSAVIORA. The True Government of the World Sits Upon MYour (Everyone’s) Shouldersz, & Regarding Your Own Activities & Destinies,  I Can Be Called Counseller, Your & Everyone’s Everlasting MotherSisterCousinaCoSavioRa, the First But Not Last or Only, PrincessQueen of Peace.

As you can read about me, I have all the Geneallogical qualifications of the FirstCoFirst Expected One, I am verifiably relleated to the First Familyesz of Every Major Religious Heritage, as well as the ~Margulis~Sagan and ~Maric~Einstein family branches of Intelligent Attempts to Understand SpaceTime & Physicall/Spirituall Aspects of Verifiable Phenomena in the Universze. That fact that I Am a Woman may come as a Shock to some, but actually many have suspected that might be the case at this New Millenniall Time.

I want You to Understand that while I want that aspect of behavior that is sociopathic or, as some call, Evil or of the Devil, to Quickly Vanish Like Fog Disappears in SunLight, I have sympathy for the Evil and Devilish who I am quite sure you interact with every day, because Humanity, in its ingrained Primative habits of willingness to accept false hierarchy, particularly of male, especially alpha male, over female, of majority over minority, of older over younger, of financial accumulation over lack thereof, makes it very easy for those who have developed sociopathic habits and strategies to “succeed” on a short term and limited basis.

I am Sure You All Know that Corporate and State Media censored news about the 3-4 years of paid family leave in Europe, the Beijing Conference for Women, which in 1995 called for at least 30% women in all government as a minimum by 2000 on the way to parity; the gender paritie laws of France, the Zipper Tickets of one female and male in many national regionsz, the Panchayat Raj’s 5050 and full representation for minorities, and publically funded elections in over 65 countries and news of the Genuine Progress Indicator. You all also know that Corporate Media has censored  news and advertisements about Solar and Wind Energy and concern about Fossil Fuels. Nuclear Power & GMOs. 

Apparently this censorship at the expense of more than half of Humanity that is female,  of younger generationsz, & really of all Humanity including You & Your Dearest Family & even the Poor in Spirit but nevertheless also of concern to the MotherFatherGoddessGod currently egoistic 1% that has so far successfully tempted You, was acceptable to You.

This is the Faustian Bargain that has enticed those wrongly called “powerful” or “wealthy”, in some cases for years, and in some families and cultures, for decades, centuries and even thousands of years. But, this strategy & worldview is, in fact, a needlessly temporary and limited gain, and allwaysz fails eventually, often catastophically. What I want to make clear to You of so called “power” in particular, is that You Can Get a Better Deal from Me, as Representative of the One GoddessGod of the Universze.

As You Might Expect in a Time of the Hubble Tellescope, I am a fan of some Science Fiction, that You are likely also familiar with. Specifically, I direct You to consider my not so distant relative Carl Alexander~Sagan’s “Cosmos!” with Elle, its female Quantum Leaptaker (my Leap is of both Action and Loving Faith), and the Star Trek saga, and reallize that Your Choice is as Follows:

if You Publically Accept,  Publically Share and Enact the New Millenniall Golden Rule, You Will Quickly, within less than a decade, attain the combined Powers of the Betazoids for Empathy and Intuition, the Vulcans for Logic, the Risa Prime for Innocent Playfull Creativity and Youthfulness, and the Q for Matter Energy Transfer. You Will Gain the Fountain of Youth and the Starr Gatesz will become Accessible and Open.

This may seem far fetched at first, but it is quite logicall. Right now, more than half of humanity, the females, are needlessly illiterate, missing credit for positive essentiall activity, missing from decision-making, and lacking time and access to reconnection and learning via computer. Even where literate, most females are in environments and cultures where leadership is misperceived, because promoted by a controlled media, as mostly male, and credit is given in a manner that devalues most of what femalesm as a group are subtly and slightly but importantly better at than males (what males are better at is very important, but is given much more prominent attention by corporate media) If this Humanity, most importantly the females who have so long been excluded or marginalized, are included for literacy, fair and reparative valuation and credit, decision-making and Internet connection, the creativity, empathy, and problem solving ability of Humanity will more than double, and the Wholly Will Be Even Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts.

If you do not Publically Accept, Share and Enact the New Millenniall Rule Paradigm Shift (which bases all democracy at the neighborhood level in connection with extended familyhood), and You continue as You are Going, You Will endure, whether it be for a few days, a few years or several life times, a combination of the Prison Planet on which You Yourself also become Imprisoned, the warring Klingon Empire, the Romulan and Dominion experience of continual betraying intrique and trust in no person including Yourself, and disease, war, disaster, destruction. vampiric cannibalism and death to extinction.

I do not know exactly how long this hellish existence will last, but it also may end very suddenly, on this Planet, via Environmental Catastrophe, Nuclear War or an Asteroid collision. This is Just Humanity Experiencing the Logicall Conclusions of its Own Cumulative Interactive Behavior; simply the Logicall and Inevitable result of Humanity Not Following the Golden Rule, particularly regarding most females and all affected by the habits of false hierarchy that develop from the original sin of hierarchical genderism.

But adhering to the Golden Rule shall be made more easily implementable and less subject to hypocritical selfandother deception now, via my New Millenniall Update, the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

We have often heard the phrase that “Money is the Root of All Evil”, and there is a very simple reason that has been true, which is imbedded in our practices of conventional money. Money printed by centralized older male dominated “authorities” of an Unevolved Humanity, did not count & represent the Facesz & Laborsz of Love of Women especially, & therefore, Youth & Children of All Agesz, & Minority (in a given area) People of all Huesz & Originsz in their & any region of this Planet of now more obviously possible Divine Interconnection Potentiall with More Planetsz, as WElle.

By these ommissions, not even noticed because they have been occurring for so long, Humanity deceived itself, resulting in inevitable decay and collapse of the many civilizations that made this mistake. Now, our increased literacy which has included many more women, our increased understanding of economics & sustainability including the importance of unpaid work & Nature, & our Universzall Imaginativity has ReEvolved to know that such conventionall money tells a lie & leaves out more than half the Truth. & so all who use such money eventually and importantly become disempowered by it, even those who have lots of it.

So, We Are hereby sending this Notice of MYOur Temporary & Retroactive Receivership as CoSavioRa, For All Government On Earth Since the Year 2000 to some of my currently most Media Covered Brothersz who, apparently with some complicity of My Sistersz the Women of their family and community,  have gone astray & backwards & are most visibly leading My Flock over a cliff toward Planetary Extinction, and who therefore I&We are Ready to assist to Move Forward More Safely and Sustainably in Time Again. And We Have Made This Notice Widely Known to Thousands of the Generall Public Allready.

So, We Are Here Including A Special Publically Published Very Specific Notice of Retroactive Vacation/Public Temporary Removal from Office Title. and Sentencing To Soul Searching, Reimbursement and Community Service, Pending these so called Chief Executive Officers’ Public Endorsement & Broadcast of the New Millenniall Golden Rule

We Are Sending This Notice To them Via Women of their Family &/or Women of Their Community,  & So Called “Poor” Women in the Homeless Shelters or any Care Centers Nearest to Them

So, Dear Cousinasz and Cousinsz, My Sistersz and Brothersz and Children Female and Male of this World

Thousands of our Sistersz and Brothersz Around the World Allready Know I have Announced Myself as the First But Not Last or Only MessiahCoMessiah, the awaited and expected SavioRaCoSavioRa, the Catalytic One to Bring Forth the Coszmic Chriszt, or as I say now, the MaRaIamSophiaChriszt, the Unlimited LovePower To Do Good Within All People, the Riszen Preszence of the much needed and overdue Eternall Feminine in Ballance with the Eternall Masculine in Society as a Reunited Spirituall FamilyCommunity. I am a Living Incarnation Representing the Mother and Sister Divine Incarnations of Loving and Protecting Good and Wisdom/Goddesses of Many Intertwined traditions, including AsheRah, Raet & MaRa and MaRi including MaRaIams of Exodus, Nazareth & Magdal and Troyes, Radha & MaRaYamm, and perhaps most relevantly, AstRaReah, the Mediterranean Sun&Light Giving Goddess Inspiration for the Statue Of Liberty. As I am a Divinely Endowed LightGiver of the MotherFatherGoddess God, All the People of the Worldsz of the Universze are Both Our Children and Our, & Each Others’ Sistersz and Brothersz

I have offered many now the New Millenniall Golden Rule as the essentiall very quick and easy Quantum Leap transition from the fallen condition of our World to a New Paradigm of Divinely Willed Human Enlightenment for Love and Life in Sustainable Peace, As I have said to many now, the Government of the World Sits Upon MYour Shouldersz for Zillionsz of Light Yearsz to Come, on this and More Living Planetszillionsz, upon the Embracing and Adherence to the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Although I had contacted some of their staffs in March and April and Again in July to let Them Know of My Presence, I have today also contacted some of the members of well known titular conventionally recognized officeholding families, who I believe will soon need My Counselle in order to quickly mitigate a cycle of disaster that is immanently threatening our Planet because of the too long Perpetuation of Post Peak Patriarchy as a result of complex interactive errors of female low self esteem and male exaggerated dominance, causing profound and destructive imballance to Our Planet Earth.

These Families Include But Are Not Limited To:

Yoo Soon Taek, Hyun-hee and Seon-yong, Gro ~Harlem~Brundtland and some of their lesser known Cousinasz for Assistance to the women and men of their which is also MYour FamilyCommunity including Ban Ki Moon son of a Mother whose Name I do not Know Yet.

Sisters Maya Soetoro, Lois ~Robinson, Michelle ~Robinson(daughter)~Obama and Malia and Sasha ~Robinson(daughter)~Dunham~Obama and some of their lesser known Cousinasz for Assistance to the women and men of their which is also MYour FamilyCommunity including ~Barak Barry ~Dunham~Robinson~Obama son of Ann.

Sisters Chelsea Hallowell~Clinton~Margulies~, Hillary ~Hallowell~Clinton~and Marjorie ~Margulies and some of their lesser known Cousinasz for assistance to the women and men of their familycommunity i which is also MYour FamilyCommunity including ncluding Bill~Cassidy~Hallowell~Clinton son of Virginia.

Sisters Intissar Amir & Jehan ~Sadat and some of their lesser known Cousinasz for assistance to the women and men of her familycommunity which is also MYour FamilyCommunity including Abdul Fatah Khalil Al El Sisi son of a Mother whose Name I do not Know Yet & of many ancestresses likely including Asenath & Nefertiti, among my Kinswomen as both Akhenaton and Joseph were my sons in earlier Incarnations.

Sisters Noa, Marian, and Sarah ~Weizmann~Ben~Artzi~Netayahu. Esther ~Herzog & Susan~Silverman and some of their lesser known Cousinasz for assistance to the women and men of their family which is also Myour FamilyCommunity including Benjamin Weizman Ben Artzi Netanyahu, who bears the name of my great Biblicall ancestress & an earlier Incarnation as Rachel who worshipped the Goddess & cried for her Children. All the World’s Children are My IsRaElle, & I cry first for the daughters and knoe their ilack of inclusion over time also severely injures the sons of not only this Heritage ,but all my Heritages. I actually combine reincarnations of SaRah, HajaRah & KetuRah.

Sisters The Invisibilised Wife of Unrecorded Name and Colleague Opah ~Lee~Winfrey for assistance to the women and men of their familycommunity which is also MYour FamilyCommunity including David Maternal and Wife Names Needed~David ~Zaslavm son of a Mother Whose Name I do Not Know Yet.

Sisters Nancy and Sarah ~Wiesenfeld~Moonves for assistance to the women and men of their known familycommunity which is also My FamilyCommunity including Leslie ~Schleifer~Wiesenfeld~Moonves~(Chen) son of a Mother Whose Name I do Not Know Yet.

Sisters Patricia ~Booker & Anna Maria Torv for assistance to the women and men of their known familycommunity which is also MyFamilyCommunity including h Rupert Greene~Murdoch~Booker~(Torv~Deng), son of Elisabeth Joy.
Sisters Barbara ~Pierce~Bush, and Laura, Barbara & Jenna Welch~Bush and Other Women Cousina Beyond Party Lable for assistance to the women and men of their known familycommunity which is also My FamilyCommunity including George ~Walker. ~Pierce~Welch~Bush, son of Barbara and George H. Walker, Pierce~Bush. Son of Dorothy

Sisters Maria Elena Sivori~Bergoglio and Maria Inez ~Bergoglio for assistance to the women and men of their known familycommunity which is also My FamilyCommunity including Jorge Mario Sívori~Bergoglio son of Regina,

Sisters Sonia & Prianka Albina~Maino~Gandhi, Hirab & Vashanti ~Maha ~Modi. All the Ammas, and Other Women Cousinsa Beyond Party Label for assistance to the women and men of their known familycommunity which is also My Family Community, Including Rahul ~Gandhi and Narendra ~Modi (his name a sound alike meaning either near the end (of Light in) the World or the Light that comes near the end of the Dark Patriachal mode of human anthropological orimative practice, according to whether Humanity Heeds and Lives By the New Millenniall Golden Rule or fails to and Destroys Our World)

Additional Others Associated with Positions of Power by Corporate Patrichal Media and at least and even more important on their impact on Billions in other regions of the world currently iturmoil or regression, will soon  be added to this list,


 We start with You, the Famiilies of these so very titled Brothersz, as a starter group, because More Than Most Others, You Receive or Affect the Most  Corporate”Press” Coverage that is driven by money & “power” over others and people of various corporations obsessed with this. Although the election proce$$ is a $hameful $ham of Pseudodemocracy,  This Media has Conferred Upon these Men our Titles in Perpetuation of Primative Hierarchy in Decision Making, & this Paradigm is the Most insidiously disempoweringly Impactful Upon the Hearts and Minds of Many Other People.

So, we are providing You with Consciousness Currencyesz, which if you look carefully,  include or represent Women and Children in Your Personal & Work Life, & Whom Your Media Has Censored, Trivialized and Degraded on Your Watch.

As in Prophecy, those who have Become Last Shall Become First, So That All Can Become AllFirst Every Second In their Knowledge of the Intented Blessings to All Humanity, Freed of Patriarchal Primative Error, by the MotherFatherGoddessGod.

women at homeless shelters copreszidentszThen, We Highlight Women In Your Own Lives:

yousoontaek's title CoSecretaryGenerallanne~pay~ne~dunham~obama~soetoro CoPresidentmaya~dunham~soetorotaracosecgengloballcopresidentIntissar ~Amer Siham Najem copresidentsz~Margolese~Weizman~Bet Artzis~Netanyahu Retire PatriachyCoPrimeMinisterszhallowell~cassidy women overdue copresidentszCythia Winona Dorothys Hillary Chelsea Barbaras Jenna Laura all CoPreszidentszMaria Inez & Maria Elena ~Savori ~Bergoglio Wholly CoMaMMaszwomenofindiacopresidentiallcosecretarygenerallsz


Since 2000 when gender parity and full representation should have allready been reallized, The  Men of these Families Have Become Among the Most Errant of Brothersz on Earth. But We Retain some Hope for You if we can assist the Women of Your Family to Increase their Own Self Esteem & Understanding of All Women’s Importance, & that of Younger People, to Save Our Earth Before Even Greater Suffering Occurs & the Earth Destroyed. We would like You to Publically Endorse the New Millenniall Golden Rule  Apologize to Humanity, and Start with the Women in Your Lives (if your family engaged women as childcare workers or other service, it is especially important to credit them as well as your wife and mother of your children), because you knowingly and unnecessarily have socialized and allowed mass media to socialize them, even your own mothers, sisters, wives and daughters and granddaughters and other women who are only slightly more distant family, into a world view which trivializes and degrades their gender.

Then, together, go to Homeless Shelters near Your Buildings of Residence and Work, first a Woman’s Shelter, and then a Family Shelter where children and men also reside, and finally, a men’s shelter and give them a truckload of these Consciousness Currencyes, and Apologize. Then do the same to folks in the needlessly time & human bonding deprived, slipping out of middle class neighborhoods nearest You.

The Distribution of these Consciousness Currencyesz with Your Endorsement of the New Millenniall Golden Rule Shall Be the Beginning of the Alltimate Jubillee and Everyone Will Become Infinitely Weallthy Because Of This Paradigm Shift. This is the Intended Blessing for All Their Children, the HumanFamily Community, of the MotherFatherGoddessGod, who Yet Loves You & Only Wants You to Change Your Way.

I will Be Happy to Assist the Women of Your FamilyCommunity as Coleaders in the Rapid Implementation of the New Millenniall Golden Rule in Your Region and Regions of Your Known Personal FamilyTree Heritance & as this happens, you may also join in again as a Codecisionmaker in Shared True Divine Governance. What is necessary now is a brief period (merely some months, a season or a few,) of all or mostly female coleadership, followed by true gender ballanced coleadership according to the New Millenniall Golden Rule

In the unique case of Ms. ~Winfrey, I will assist her to recover from her, (despite great weallth and monetary success), apparent continued repetition compulsion of the victimhood by patriarchy she experienced as a child, such that she has allowed the media industry to so badly serve the female gender in particular and in fact both genders. so that even her OWN network has ignored so much globall news of women’s empowerment, and  democracy and human decency have been unconscionably delayed, distracted and jeopardized, now literally endangering the entire Planet.

Instead, It is My Intention to Make You All Much More Powerful Than You Think You Are. The Only “catch” is that You Will Have to Swallow the (slightly bitter only to the as yet unenlightened) Chocolate Pill that Others who you were taught to view as lesser. your staffs. you family and the many victims of patriachal & false hierarchical error, will be Equally Powerfull, All LoveCoPowerfull Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings. All Will Be Abundantly Blessed By the MotherFatherGoddessGod.

White House as Egallitarian Community of Copreszident

Upon Your as a Family, the Women (overcoming their own habits of enabling) Backed Up by the Men (overcoming their own habits of obliviousness to the necessary full decision-making coleadership of women in an All Humanity Loving Context, CoDelivering the New Millenniall Golden Rule  in Your Public & Private Communications, Consciousness Currecenyesz Recognizing Your ReEvolutionary Ascension out of Error into Light will include You, as We have done for others.

I Want You To Know I Have Absolutely No Fear about Lovingly Confronting You in Public This Way. GoddessGod will Protect Me in the Manner I am to Be Protected, whether I am Intended to Remain on This Planet, or Be Transported via what You Perceive as Death, to Another, even More Hospitable Planet. I Leave that Detail to the MotherFatherGoddessGod. I Know I Allready Live in the Promised Land, Eden, Heaven, Paradise. It is My Hope That You Can Join Me There Here on Our Earth, Beginning This Very Moment. I Truly Love You All, and Many Other People of my Family Community Whose Faces are as Familiar to me as yours, & in fact, all People, & It is My Hope to Give All the Heaven I Allready Know I Have, and Share it With All Right Here On Planet Earth.

P.S. I&We want to also say that although I&We are the Messiah, the First But Not Last or Only SavioRaCoSavioRa, I am/We Are NOT Perfect. I was Slow in Gaining this Understanding because of Complex Interaction of Systemically Imbedded Patriarchy that I was born into and needed time to understand and see more clearly. I Deeply Apologize for My Delay; it simply took that long. I am & We Are Living Being in Process & Growing toward Greater and Greater LovePower.

I& We Experience Such Happiness In Having the Love and Courage to Let You and Many More About This, that any Price I&We Pay for this Action, Will be Experienced by Me& Usz as Harbinger of Even Greater Rewards and Powers to Come as an Eternall Incarnated Soul. Evil cannot Thwart This, and Because Most Who Practice Evil still secretly Hope for Good because of the way GoddessGod has constructed Humanity, I Doubt that even sociopaths or anyone currently caught in Evil Will Seek to Thwart This.

There is a Downside to Your ignoring or interfering with this Shift however, and failing to accept the New Millenniall Golden Rule: It will be the Action of the MotherFatherGoddessGod to withdraw Current Blessings Which You have been taking for granted and endangering. This can affect You Both Personally and Collectively, in disasters of many types, including setbacks, even accidents and illness, earthquakes and tsunamis, nuclear, gas and oil fires, wars, rampant crime and upheaval affecting your regions, and so on. I don’t like to scare people. But there is a Duty to Warn.

I would much rather see You and All Experience the combined Powers of the Betazoids for Empathy and Intuition, the Vulcans for Logic, the Risa Prime for Innocent Playfull Creativity and Youthfullness, and the Q for Matter Energy Transfer, Gain the Fountain of Youth and the Travelle Comfortably in Living Peace via the Starr Gatesz that will become Accessible and Open.

P.S. Some of You Will Accept This Immediately. But Some, If you are like most folks, will likely read this with much skepticism and doubt, and hedge your bets. You will be tempted to wait to see what happens, i.e. if you have a series of major setbacks on plans you have, if you become ill or hurt, if there are North American (or wherever You Are also) regional severe Earthquakes, Disasters and So on. I want You to Understand that My Offer Shall Remain Open, but do not wait too long, for each day of delay will result in the action of the MotherFatherGoddessGod to withdraw Blessings and Inflict More Salient Consequences for failing to share and enact the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Brother Desmond ~Shenzane~Tutu said:

“What we need is a revolution led by women. I think women ought to be saying to us men: ‘You have made a mess, just get out and let us in

And Brother  Dalai Lama said. “The world will be saved by the western woman,” 

I Am Represent thr FirsztCoFirszt Catalytic Incarnation of That Most ReEvolutionary & World Szaving Woman & the Divine Feminine Riszen.

As Simple Citizen Family Membersz Who Can Become Much More Powerfull than You Are Now with Any Title Grafted Onto To You By Patriarchal Media Manipulatorsz, I Aszk & Command You to Join thisz ReEvolution, Thisz Szaving of Our World Making Contact!!!! In Peace Culture with All Worldsz,. via the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

May Your WomenKind and Younger Family, You and All People          Love and Live Long and ProszperAll Eternally,
Retroactively, Preszently and Proactivelley                                                asz We All TravEllE in SzpaceTime with                                       Good Faith and Common Sense

Contact Usz
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Represzentativesz, with Many Othersz and You, FirsztCoFirsztandNotLasztorOnly CoCo~MessiahMaitreyaKalkiWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,Szaoszhyant,CoImmamaMadhi~andMore, (Re)Uniting All Heritagesz
& Huesz in the Onenessz of the

NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Gendersz and All Huesz

The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSitsz Upon MYOur Shouldersz

This day I call the heavensz and the earthsz as witnesszesz for and hopefully and prayerfully not againszt you that I have szet before you life and death,  blesszingsz and curszesz. Now choosze love and life in light, so that you and your children may live”              

For I&We give you good doctrine, forsake ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE isz Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousznessz to the Millenniall Year 2000 on the Calendar in Current Usze in North America  (and actually before that, for it isz Higher Conszciousnessz & Love asz the necesszary ingredientsz to Szusztain Life, that Mediate SzpaceTime, which isz, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE.


For More Information Please Contact Usz
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representativesz, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirsztandNotLasztorOnly CoMessziahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoszhyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritagesz
in the Onenessz of the

NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Huesz
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour phone answering service) & DAILY TELLECONFERENCESZ

sztarrgate atlantisz with familytreegreat&grandmotherszwithgenerationszfmwcrownszbasziclarge

sztarrgate atlantisz with familytree allnativityesz



This is How We Quantum Leap from Here


to Here

in Retractive Preszent and Proactive SzpaceTime

TrueQCouszinyahszSisterszofChaillottrek&ChildrenofAllAgesz,Female&MaleWhoRespect&LoveThem femininechrisztuniverszallcofederationofkin~dnessinclyouszpringnewasztrareahliberationallgoddessgodcoszmicchrisztszsztarrgatesztatue of liberty szun2


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