A Word to NSA or any Internet Censors

A Word to the NSA, or any Internet Free Speech-blocking grown up child of a family unaware that is has been imbedded in past peak planetocidal patriarchy

WHY YOU MUST NOT BLOCK THIS WEBSITE or emails associated with it:


Speaking to You as Deanna (the Name Means of Grace) and Luwaxana (The Name Means Growing Light of Grace) characters Troi of Star Trek would speak to a Klingon, Paclid, Romulan or Dominion character

If you are one of those that believes security comes of controlling. suppressing and thwarting others, it is because your mother likely, in order ot please your often military or corporately hierarchical father, left you in a crib too long when she and they and your whole family including your father could have been hugging you and enjoying watching your mother breastfeeding you. You therefore, like too many people in our endstage culture, started life as an emotionally deprived child, and your natural inner resources of empathy. non-hierarchical bonding with others, and mutual esteem and caring respect, were suppressed at a very young age. You learned to control via false and rigid hierarchy, and to associate with those who control via false and rigid hierarchy. Your family likely actually rewarded you for these tendencies, for example, if you are an older sibling, allowing you and even requiring you to act as a parent rather than a sibling peer toward your younger siblings, cousins and other children, who you may have seen rarely because your family moved around a lot if they were in the military, and if you were a younger child, expecting you to obey older children, especially sons, as if they were parents. Your parents actually encouraged you to control others, even self righteously, and also taught you never to question them or their authority, especially your father’s authority, with your mother acting as an enforcer of this hierarchy, i.e. saying to you ” Never talk back to or question your father, or me in the role of the enforcer of this order.

In general, you learned that men are more trustworthy than women, because the women of your family and community had very weak bonds between one another, and often ignored and sometimes betrayed and belittled each other and even their children, to curry favor with fathers and men in the family. You thought this was the way all women behave and they are untrustworthy. That is not true, but it seemed to be the case because of your life experience at endstage patriarchy, which has impacted many families and communities, particularly those in military and corporate hierarchies.

Speaking to You as T’Pau (the name is a reference to The Power of Logic as Golden, AU being the symbol for Gold of the Spirit), the High Priestess of Logic of the Vulcans would speak to a Klingon, Paclid, Romulan or Dominion character:

This family practice fits well into an 8,000 year old societal misstep that has values accumulated money adn war  but does not value Nature including much of Human Nature. The notion that Humanity can survive long while continuing to exploit-destroy Nature and commodify Nature and human beings, for profit and control, NOW, is essentially an attitudinal near-term deathtrap, for any human being, including YOU. This website will change our paradigm in such a way to insure that YOU will have enough to eat and water to drink in a few years, and a viable Planet. IF YOU BLOCK this website or emails associated with it, within just a few years, YOU WILL BE INSURING YOUR OWN PREMATURE DEATH FROM THIRST AND STARVATION, as well as the Planetwide Social Chaos Violence and Environmental Catastrophe, that would enter all your ranks, and that even YOU and any in Your Hierarchy, would not be able to control.

There are experiential ways to heal from endstage patriarchy, and know how to respect and love women, children and all aspects of Yourself, your more balanced inner human Nature, which also seeks to Love and Trust again at some level, even if those needs have been suppressed within you for a long time.  Do Not Block the Inner Child Within You any longer. Do Not Attempt to Block or Censor emails associated with this website.

The authoresses and women and men contributors to this website are First Cofirst but not Last or Only Messiah CoMessiahMaitreya and Similar Names of All Heritages. Her and Their geneallogy has been verifiably traced to that of Mary of Nazareth, Mary of Magdala, Jesus and all their family, and even farther back, reconnecting All the Human Family to their Best Lights. She and They are the reincarnated faces of the people, the children,  Mary of Magdala, Mary of Nazareth and Jesus loved most familiarly and tenderly. We seek to bring You Eternal Life in youthful health, not just a few years of overcontrol before your death of Body and Soul.

According to even the unsuppressed Books of the Gospels, Jesus saves the life of a child of a Roman Centurion by action at a distance. This website is similarly intended to Save All the Children of the World, of every Age. Your choice to not censor this website, but endorse and have faith in it, will save every Child in YOur Family, including the Child Within You. both Body and Soul.

YOU MUST NOT BLOCK THIS WEBSITE or emails associated with it. THIS WEBSITE and the Dissemination of its Good News, WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE,  AS IT WILL ALSO SAVE OTHERS.
Every Blessing

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