The How of ConfessionAtonementApology and Enlightenment

In a  Patriarchal System, Sin or Error, is most often a cause for judgement, separation and punishment, and in many cases, no accountability and repeated sin because in extreme patriachies, the most patriarchal and sinning are least held accountable, and, indeed, may often hold high title to cover their sin.  In a balanced Matriarchal-Patriarchal System, Sin, which is actually viewed as ignorance or impaired development, is a cause for repentance, establishment of common ground, reparation, truth and reconciliation, healing, enlightenment out of darkness/lack of awareness, and reestablishment of mutual and inclusive appreciation, including better understanding of the self. Today, courts in many places are mostly based in a patriarchal system, the sins are defined as crimes,  those making the laws and judgements are usually male without female equal presence tribunals and usually of majority races or ethnicities, and the evidence is clear that that does not work. The greatest sinners make unwise laws, corrupt the courts and are not held accountable, and those held accountable are punished but seldom restored to constructive serving of the community or making amends for their sins toward others, self and GoddessGod.

In this Period Between the two weeks prior to and including September 25 and the two weeks after  December 25, the world as a Whole, Needs to Confess, Atone, Find Common Ground, Repair, achieve Truth and Reconciliation, and Heal via the Reestablishement of Mutual and Inclusive Appeciation of the Divinely Endowed potential of All People, even those most fallen and corrupt.

We Have Established a Special Phone Line to Assist You in This, and Your Call to the Line Can Use the Following Information about what to say when you call in about your sin, your error that hurt others and self, your anava, your hubris, or even the pain you received because of the sin or sins of others. Your Call to the Line is just the Beginning of a Process that will help you prepare for New Miillennia in the Light of Love and Sustainable Life, and Free You From Sin, Ignorance, Darkness and Death.

Here is a Twenty First Century, New Millenniall Approach to Confession, Atonement, Repentance, Truth and Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Loving Enlightenment

1. Realize that patriarchy is a system, and as a system of the hierarchy of one gender over another and other resultant false hierarchies, once established, becomes intertwined with all aspects of relationship and culture, and therefore, any individual embedded in it, will commit sins or crimes against balance, against Nature and Nature’s GoddessGod. So, each confession, atonement, tawba, enlightenment and healing must be a collective and systemic as well as individual one, 
“Say Please Forgive Me and Us All, I and We Have Sinned, I have accepted living in and have lived according to patriarchy and the acceptance of false hierarchy, the Root of All Evil, and forgotten that GoddessGod is MotherFather to All. From Now On, I will seek, create and sustain a culture of balance and Sin No More”

2. Realize that the deepest felt scars and pains we inflict on others, for most people, are among those we know: family, friends and neighbora, colleagues and coworkers who are misperceived as “employees”. To this, we believe the best approach is reparative justice, where victims are encouraged to speak their suffering and victimizers to make reparation. This is imbedded in many religions traditions, and is most specifically given a processes of cleansing and soul purification (see below”). We must understand that, under patriarchy, all people are to some extent both victims and victimers. Many if not all sins are reactive, mutual and interactive, with precursors in childhood and intergenerational experiences, When they pinpoint patriarchy or male over female gender hierarchy,  and its associated false hierarchies of class, race or minority/majority status, nationalism and birth order as the causes of abuse and neglect at any stage of Life, the destroyers of Love, Sinners become free of error and Sin, and can be free, restored and redeemed.
So Say : Say Please Forgive Me and Us All, I and We Have Sinned, I and We Will Repair the Injuries we Have Done to Our Kin Sisters and Brothers, who I and we know, including Myself. I and We will apologize for either inflicting the pains of patriarchy and false hierarchy or remaining silent about them when  and after they were inflicted. I and We Will Ask Every Person I know whether I and We have either inflicted pain or been a complicit enabler or bystander to it”. This is best done in family and community circles (see the 4 Pillars to Save Our Planet with the help of numerous ancient and newly enhanced therapeutic processes of listening and responding with empathy, focussing, and sometimes, gentle physical touch.

3. Realize also that we have inflicted pain due to patriarchy on people we did not or do not know. This is a huge sin of domination and exploitation among those mispercieved as “powerful”, ie. CEOS, billionaires, politicians, lobbyists, and we urge them to repent Now. But it is also a sin of silent, conventional conformist complicity for millions, especially in countries of exploitative entrenched empire of one kind or another. Say, Say Please Forgive Me and Us All, I and We Have Sinned,  I and We Have Sinned against people and Life I do personally know or see. I realize now that my well being must not be based on the pain or servitude of others. I will implement the New Millenniall Golden Rule, the Globall Panchayat Raj and Genuine Progress Indicator and Circles of Healing, to bring forth Love, Light and Life, locally and globally.

4. Recognize the a readiness for forgiveness must be present at all times, but it is a naive and immature mistake, indeed, a sin of complicity and passivity, to not hold people accountable, in a caring and respectful way,.for impactful or repeated identifiable sins in which they are playing or have played a central role as either perpetrator, enabler or bystander, One wise version of this is about the Day of Atonement in Judaism:  For transgressions against God (i.e.GoddessGod), the Day of Atonement atones; but for transgressions of one human being against another, the Day of Atonement does not atone until they have made peace with one another.”
Holding people accountable is usually accompanied by deep emotion: sadness, hurt at what could have been and was lost,  anger or sense of outrage and  fear about what could happen if the error and sin continues. All these emotions: sadness, anger and fear must be appreciated as an naturally and Divinely Endowed “idenitifier” emotions, helping us to identify that something is awry, and should not be dulled, placated or treated as cause for derision, ostracism or drugging, especially until their has been a reparative therapeutic circle to better identify the sources, most often intergenerational, of the problem in every instance where these emotions arise.  “Say, I will hear and express sadness, anger and fear with empathy,patience and compassion. I will not live in denial or numbing or expect others to do so.”.

Who Should You Address These Statements To:
Most People on the Planet Today are Blaspheming Every Time they Pray, because more often then not, they Pray to a Father, instead of a GoddessGodProcessMystery, that is both MotherandFather, in interactive Presence that Creates the Oneness and Connectedness in Design of the Universe. So, For Now On, Pray to the MotherFatherGoddessGod that is Within All People and All Creation. Your traditions may have unique words for this, such as:
any Such Names are Acceptable.

Although the Riszen person appreciates both females (reparatively) and males (especially non alph males as much as alphas), equally and realizes that Gender is just one aspect of Humanity and All Human Beings Share the same Basic Intelligence that Unites them Beyond Gender, it is a mistake to think that the Love and Life Process is Neuter. Everywhere in Nature, and in the process of Human Development, there is Gender. But in Humanity is Gender Given its Greatest Opportunity for Balance and Inclusive Appreciation, Within, Between and Among.

In Humanity, the Gender difference is Subtle, not Mean, as Einstein once phrase a conception of the Diety Process. Because humanity has practiced male preference and worshipped Alph Malism in leaders for a long time, it is especially necessary right now to Repair and Address the Goddess or Mother~Sister~Wife aspect of the One.  But the Father~Brother~Son aspect of the Truly Divine has never been Sexist or an Oppressor of Gentler men. It is a carry over from our Primative Past, when Alpha Malism came in very importantly handy for slaying sabertoothed tigers and wooly mammoths and cutting down heavy brush, that has induced us to think that.  Alph Male worship on an advanced and interconnected Planet is a wrong and unnecessary paradigm at the wrong time, an anachronism.  With the New Millenniall Golden Rule, the HumanFamily Community can catch up to the Time it is NOW, and the Future.  And, in fact, this will not hurt Alpha Males, It will simply allow them to explore and develop aspects of themselves they had not noticed, and will, with Everyone else, enormously expand their Quality Longevity Learning Life Span, as well. Gender Balance is not a Win-Lose Paradigm, It is Win-Win. This is the Way of the True MotherFatherGoddessGod.

We Apologize for Sins of Patriarchy:

BlessMeMotherFather, for I have Sinned

We Apologize for the Sin, Anava, or Error of Practicing Planetocidal Patriarchy and False Hierarchy
We Transform Ourselves Immediately to Gender Balance & All FamilyCommunity Balance: A New Paradigm, The New Millenniall Golden Rule
We Endorse a Global Panchayat Raj (Gender 5050 & minority/majority fair presence in every neighborhood and existing body of decisionmaking)
the Genuine Progress Indicator for All Accounting and indicated on all financial paper or ecommerce and Eliminate All False Wealth Illusions
The Use of Circle Processes to Reestablish the Rule of Love, Horizontal Team Organizations and Listening with the Heart & Spirit as Well as Mind

US MasculoFeminists Apologize

For Not Including Family Leave
For Not Inclufing Unpaid Work (GPI)
For Not Including Representation/Real Democracy
For Codependent Overemphasis on Abortion Within an Unrepresentative Mostly Male Decision Making Context
Minority Unrepresentative False Primative Wealth Concept “Law”Making DecisionMaking Context

US CEOS & Other Multimillion and Billionaires Apologize

For Not Counting the Value of our Mothers or (as if quite often in our case) the Nannies Who Raised Us
For Not Counting Unpaid Work
For  Operating Within NonDemocracy While Real Democracy Is Possible
For Not Understanding that Real Wealth Is Primarily Service in Peerhood to Others and Spiritual

For Sins of Cowardice, Cooptation, Delay, Undignified Submission (“Realpolitik” that normalizes codependent lack of representation and accepts an
unfair $Election Process
For Sins of Not Working Together as a Movement, instead of just organizations.
For Sins of Imitating Alpha Male Hierarchy Practices and Not Forming Egalitarian Circles & Working Togther
For Not Asking for Reparation, at Least Symbolically
For Failing to Bring Forth My Goddess Nature, often imbedded in my own name, and leaving out Ecofeminism for too long..

For The Comfortably Callous Blindness of Male Privilege
For Not Helping So Many of My Gender Overcome Abusive and Violent Behavior
For the Blindness of Majority (racial or ethnic) Privilege
For Nationalism More Important than Earth Allegiance
For Accumulated Finite Wealth instead of Infinite Wealth
For Misunderstanding God as Blessing Dominating Gorilla instead of a Beneficent Loving, NonSexist, NonNational Boundaried Father
Who wants Sons to Act Like Brothers to Sisters and Each Other as Peers, Not Hierarchically favored Little Dictators

For Turning Politicians & CEOS/Bosses.Media into Missing Father Figures & Acting Like Codependent Childreh Instead of Thinking Linking Adult Sisters
For Hiding Behind Materialistic Consumeristic Motherhood to Avoid Community/World Participation
For Putting Paid Work Above Children, Family/Community instead of Achieving Balance
For Turning/Tolerating Husbands and Bosses Into Father Figures or Ex Husbands into Unrepentant Strangers or Enemies) instead of Spiritual Brothers
For Holding A Grudge Against My Own Mother, Sisters, Aunts or Cousin for Sins She Committed Without Helping her see She was Imbedded in Patriarchy

For Turning Politicians & CEOS/Bosses into Missing Father Figures & Acting Like Codependent Childreh Instead of Thinking Linking Adult Brothers
For Turning Wives and Mothers Into Servants or Ex Wives into (Degraded Strangers or Enemies) instead of Spiritual Sisters
For Putting Paid Work Above Family/Community, especially my own and family/neighbors Children
For Ignoring or Degrading any Sisters, Mothers and Female Cousins including Colleagues, Classmates, and Neighbors
For Trying to Better the World Without Realizing that Cannot Be Done While Half of Humanity is Not Considered Necessary for Decision Making
For Either Serviley Submitting to or Imitating Fathers or Older Brothers or Rebelling Against them Without any Discussion of Patriarchy as a System

FOR CEOS, 1%ers and MillionandBillionaires
We Will Understand That Having Been Raised by too many Nannies or Often Separated from Mothering
Alienated Us from the Eternal Feminine Intelligence of Loving Fully Respected Mothers, Grandmothers and She Kin
that is the Basis of Shared and Sustainable Wealth instead of Hoarded and Military-Dependent Wealth
We Will Discuss Cooperative Ownership of All Stakeholders and Stockholder
We Will Discuss Why So Many Avoided Jubilees or Even Tithing
We Understand that the Benefit of this will be to Increase the Healthy Human Life Span by decades if not centuries
and will stimulate a harmonious science that will allow stargate space travel

We Understand this will not make us poor, but will make us rich and everyone rich beyond our previous imagining.
We Understand we must stop behaving as chimpanzees and apes and become Evolved More Humane Divinely Endowed Human Beings

The Public, Especially the US Public
For Mindless Complicity without Logical Thought
For Expecting “Leaders” to Think for Me
For Turning on the TV and Pretending I didn’t know it was Controlled.
For Individualism: Being So Focused on my Own Home and Life that I forgot about Most Others, Including Extended Family, Neighbors and World

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