Rachel ~Carson & More RiszenRebirthEveryday in All: NewMillenniallGoldenRule for Spring

Written on & Around ~May 27th: May Be & May We Cellebrate Back & Forth In Time

A Date of Earth Native-ity, Rachel ~Carson’s Birthday From Her Locall Globall Neighborhood



Rachel & Rachels, Reincarnated & Riszen

How Rachel ~Carson~CaringDaughter from Silver Spring Came Back & Brought Gaia Back for a Silver&Golden Spring


My Name is Dr. Rajchelle OneFamily. I live a few minutes where our Great Sister Rachel ~Carson lived in Silver Spring Maryland, and have visited and communicated with her Homestead and the organization named for her there within recent months. I frequently hug, the often ~ in verdant Maryland ~ flowering, trees and thank the flowers, butterflies and bees, birds, squirrels, neighborhood cats and dogs, and the human grassroots and flowers, the Children of every Age, of Silver Spring, which I am now also adding to the village’s name, “Golden” https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/, because events are occuring not only in Silver&Golden Spring, but around the world, to take the Earth back from the grip of even more Dangerous Developments of Toxicity than the chemical DDT that Rachel ~Carson brought to world attention.

This is being sent about a week after the officiall Birthday. On May 27, the day after a Memorial Day Weekend when many remember fallen soldiers but forget the many more numerous children and women and noncombatant men who are the casualties of war, domestic abuse, and human exploitation, as well as the land itself, Google featured a commemorative graphic, called a Doodle, of Rachel ~Carson.

The graphic was done entirely in mono-palette color, in blue,


the color associated with both boys and  men, who comprise most of Google’s management decision-makers https://googlesmissingwomenandmengoodorevil.wordpress.com/ as with most non-coop US corporations that all fail to compare with Europeans on female presence & family leave, and the most dangerous emergency situations in hospitals when life is at urgent risk, Code Blue, codebluealertan apt description of the current decisionmaking processes concerning environmental issues. The color associated with women and girls and being heallthy, pink, was missing, as was the flesh color of a living human being, and so missing was the green of photosynthesis, growth and flowering grassroots empowement, and the rainbow and multi color flower hues of Nature in Her Glory.

On May 27th I&We revised this color scheme as it is as You can see above, in honor of my famous predecessor and neighbor in place and time, this most recent famous Rachel (see other famous Rachels below), and there is also another graphic regarding Rachel I&We created earlier this not so Silent Spring. Around Mother’s Day, inspired by the Famous artwork of Judy Chicago whose Dinner Party featured Dinner Plates that symbolized the life and work of women who changed our world, of nearby Anacostia Maryland where Anacostia Dollars have featured Rachel ~Carson in a black and white version for many years now, I&We created the beginnings of a colorful and flowering grassroots treasury of a Commemmorative Cellebrationall Consciousness Currencyes https://5050now.wordpress.com/the-your-she-kin-amp-youmariam-lambert-susan-be-precious-anthony-commemmorative-consciousness-currencyes-travelling-in-time-with-precious-common-sense/ https://5050now.wordpress.com/gender-balanced-new-millenniall-currency-your-infinite-weallth/that honor, fully value, and represent with the titles they deserved, CoPresident and CoSecetary Generall, and indeed, EmmanuElle or CoSavioRa, the name of every female as Savior, many famous and some less famous but equally priceless women, including starting with my own Mothers & Granmothers, and All SheKin, Including You and Yours.

Our beyond Blue-only graphic adds the possibility of ethical & environmentally protective gender reparative cooperative coleadership at Google & all US Corporations transformed by Light, & has been renamed a Goodle, with the double G for Girls/Gaia/Golden & Good. Because it uses an outmoded GDP model that does not count unpaid work, so much of which is done by women, the value of sociall well-being and Nature, as is now being counted officially in Rachel Carson’s & MyYour Maryland (also a State of Mind and Heart Everywhere), Conventional Money is Patriarchal False Hierarchy on $teroids. Every financial transaction that occurs without transforming this, is like passing poison or plague of misperception & planetary imballance, from person to person. So, We have provided the Truth Telling Consciousness Currencyes https://5050now.wordpress.com/the-your-she-kin-amp-youmariam-lambert-susan-be-precious-anthony-commemmorative-consciousness-currencyes-travelling-in-time-with-precious-common-sense/ for easy consciousness raising, system change via what physicists call “Spooky Action at a Distance” and ReEvolutionary Transformation. Print them Out. Use them to Counteract the Moments when you are using Conventional Money especially at Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Give them to Bus & Taxi Drivers, etc, Give Them as Gifts, and Pass Them Around Everywhere.

In addition to Rachel ~Carson, some of the other women associated with profound love and defense of Mother Nature included in this series of Commemmorative Cellebrationall Currencyes which you are invited to print out and urged to use to accompny any financial transation you make, are:

Lynn ~Alexander~Sagan~Margulis, a not very distant traceable Cousina of mine and biologist mother of the Gaia effect

Petra ~Kelly, founder of the World Wide Green Party

Julia Butterfly ~Hill

Vendana ~Shiva

and a whole speciall series of women involved in Transitioning Our World from Dirty Destructive Toxic Energy to Renewable, Especially Solar Energy, the Energy which now is beginning to turn Silver Spring, & the Possibility of a Recovered Spring in All Our Hearts, as Golden and Pink as a Sunrise. Another Cellebratory series is underway about organic farming, gardening and agriculture, since several has Riszen now to show that organic yields are often greater than conventional, often petroleum linked practices. Many More Women & Men Who Have Spoken Up for their Importance and Equallity, & Who Are Especially focussed on Saving Earth’s Water, Air, Land, Flora & Fauna & the physcial Environment can be added; including You & Your Shekin~d.

But the word Environment has a larger meaning than even our direct relationship to protecting Nature. It has to do with the psychosociall, politicall, economicall, and ethicallspirituall environment of our interconnected Planet, and even our geneallogical reallization that we are all Cousina & Cousins, and potentiall CoSavioRa, on the Tree of Love & Life. Our Commemmorative Cellebrationall Currencyes value women of diverse fields of leadership, and all women, children and men, beyond patriarchy. Especially Important, Everyone can make some, as we have for our Mothers & all the She Kin & their Young of our Family. WE WANT EVERYWOMEN & EVERY MAN OF WISZDOM TO PRINT CONSCIOUSNESS CURRENCY OUT ON YOUR HOME PRINTER, BRING THEM TO EVERY TRANSACTION, & SEND THEM WITH EVERY EMAIL.

https://5050now.wordpress.com/gender-balanced-new-millenniall-currency-your-infinite-weallth/ https://5050now.wordpress.com/the-your-she-kin-amp-youmariam-lambert-susan-be-precious-anthony-commemmorative-consciousness-currencyes-travelling-in-time-with-precious-common-sense/

Today, we face threats that mulitply the threats from the chemical DDT manifold, and there is a reason this monster has multiplied and spread like a currently terminal Cancer so quickly since 1962, especially since November 22 1962 when an administration associated with Camelot but forgetting Avalon, was cut short by a society even then of human error which was filmed and later televised, along with another murder of his assassin, for all to “see” but few saw deeply enough, and also, interestingly.the death date in 2011, of Mother of the Gaia Effect, Lynn Alexander~Margulis~Sagan, my not very distant relative, a contemporary of my Grandmother Rae, Mother HeraHarriet, All the Women of My Family & All Our Family in these Times:


Rachel ~Carson warned:

It is the public that is being asked to assume the risks… the public must decide whether it wishes to continue on the present road and it can only do so when in full possession of the facts…””

TheDDT we face today is the Domination & Destruction of Truth, especially via Domination & Destruction Television & Corporate Media. Spreading superficiality, half truth and lie daily much faster and wider than cropdusters ever dropped chemical DDT, the Poison that is Planetocidal Patriarchy, has impaired all our ability to Feel with our Hearts, Think with our Minds, Know with Our Souls, and even Care for Our Bodies. Women and men who have tried to expose this monster, like Amber Lyon who tried to expose how Arab oil shiek money controls at CNN and Jane Akre with Scott Wilson who tried to expose Monsanto’s GMOs contaminationg of milk, of Fox TV, who have been fired, and an even larger number who have not want to function within that Domination and Destructions Toxin’s Den of Iniquity are screened out from hiring or airing in the first place by the mostly over age 70 almost all male executives, and their token female henchwomen, like the CEO who admonishes the will to tell the truth, substituting Money for Mother Nature and Democracy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIC2TX7h9KM, and his amoral father-hungry and likely adulterous father-imitating token lone female henchwoman Program Producer Diana in the film Network, who have spread DeVolution and Domination Terribly, instead of caring for Terra, our Mother Earth and All he Children, female and male. Even am ecologically minded millionaire’s ads protesting the Keystone Pipeline, another ulitmate vampiric suction tube, needless gash aimed at Mother Earth while ignoring the Power of the Sun, was censored and silenced, because “bigger money” spoke by muzzling free speech.



Just to give a few more examples, watching Domination & Destruction Television, we are told that soldiers are fighting in Russia and Ukraine, but it is not covered with any frequency that 14,000 women per year are murdered in domestic violence scarring their children, in that troubled region that allready gave us the decisionmaking that brought Chernobyl. We are shown scenes of American soldiers and asked to support military families by pundits and politicians; but the families of the 4,000 women killed per year in domestic violence in the US and the 75% of US women, all without any paid family leave while millions of Europeans receive 3-4 years full time and 8 years full time, reporting gender related psychological abuse at home and workplace harrassement, and their babies and children left with the scars that often lead them to later life violence, drug abuse, disease and crime, the increasing sexual trafficking here and around the world, are not covered with any frequency if at all.


Women candidates and non major parties and independents for VicePresident and President are kept off tickets including even Google’s presentation of Conventions https://googlesmissingwomenandmengoodorevil.wordpress.com/, without comment by any reporter, and even arrested if they try to participate in televised debates. But in fact, even the notions of Presidents and VicePresidents, and Parties,( instead of CoPresidents Locall and Globall not in Parts but Wholly parities and democracyes), is an anachronism which Domination and DeVolution Television and the patriarchal % they act as Planetocidal Goebbels for, induces us to deem acceptable and necessary. We are treated to scenes of propped up Princes and Popes, but the common women who have become priests, ministers, and daily pray in their homes & act as Princesses of Peace to resolve conflict, are not given any air time. This is all old Patriarchal Paradigm, Its Day Is Done if we simply TURN OFF TV. Or Else, the Earth is Dead. Soon. Sooner than You thought it could happen.


Never before has it become more important that women, and all people of grassroots who want their world to flower in colors other than Code Blue, regard themselves and these women, currently retroactively, and proactively in visioning the next 7 to 11 generations, the truer CoPresidents and CoSecretary Generalls and the CEOs, Chief Ethical Officers instead of the current CEOs, Chief Evil Officers, of Our World.


Today, if Rachel ~Carson published her book, just as when Sylviane Agacinski published her book that became law in France in May of 2000 http://www.amazon.com/dp/0231115679/?tag=googhydr-20&hvadid=31916702730&hvpos=1t2&hvexid=&hvnetw=s&hvrand=7450656332367996287&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_8rnugv94s6_e, DDTelevision would simply never have mentioned it, just as they have never reported on the Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler http://www.rianeeisler.com/chalice.htm, and Counting for Nothing http://www.amazon.com/Counting-Nothing-Value-Women-Worth/dp/0802082602 by Marilyn Waring, and many more books even more central to the underlying reason that DDT and now GMOs and frakking and drilling instead of solar and wind, and so on, occur in the first place, and no hearing would be scheduled to discuss it on mostly male millionaire Capitol Hill. Indeed, a few token women henchwomen and celebritized “anchorwomen” would have been highly paid and awarded titles, Committee posts, and their own carefully censored talk shows, to keep the story and issue in the shadows, to keep as many sheeple people consumers from knowing about it as possible.


As I& We see it, all people have had some complicity in this situation, because, like Rachel ~Carson herself, we were raised in patriarchy without even realizing that’s what it is, because that is the way it has been during all our lives and many generations before us. As Ashley Judd as said so aptly,

“Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, inter alia, the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women. It is subtle, insidious, and never more dangerous than when women passionately deny that they themselves are engaging in it.


But Planet Poisoning Patriarchy is NOT the way it has always been on Earth, and indeed, the two longest lasting and happiest civilizations on Earth https://5050now.wordpress.com/will-people-be-chimps-or-bonobos-goddesses-and-gods-or-mastermonsters-and-slaves/, that based on Crete, before the eruption of Mt. TheRa, often though to have been Atlantis, and the early Vedic Civilization of the Indus Region, were not patriarchal, but female empowering, Goddess as much as God worshipping and viewing people as embodiments of this Divinity, and egalitarian, with high levels of education and quality of life.


Rachel ~Carson wrote:

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find resources of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.



Because of the Hubble Telescope and the work of many women and men astronomers, most scientists believe life is allways somewhere in the Universe, and will last forever. But, will it last much longer here? Will we continue to have a Living Planet during our own time? Will Life continue Within Our Solar System? Will there be Life On An Earth That Can Explore the Milky Way? Love & Light is needed by Life to continue t is something very Universzall within You that must find the resources of strength and wisdom to say Yes, if it is up to me (and in fact, it is).


The name Rachel, is in fact, a Universzall and Titan Goddess name. The Ra, a syllable, pronouced as both Rah and Ray, found in many ancient and modern languages, is a reference to Light, particularly of the Sun, our Light & Warmth Giving Star. It appears in Goddess names like HeRa, AstaReah (the inspiration for the Sun-Crowned Statue of Liberty), Ma Ra, Raja Rajeswari, AmateRasu, (who will reappear in Japanese women to prevent Earthquake-Fukishimas including similar disasters on the North American continent, which we have warned about especially regarding the New Madrid Fault in the Heartland of North America if their is a failure to rapidly share and Implement the NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE, when they look in the mirror as the Goddess of Myth did, to know they are Divine, necessary, and become equall decisionmakers for Solar Soular instead of Nuclear Plants and Male Dominated Media. CH is ancient in meaning mercy and wisdom, and El is a name for Divinity in many ancient languages.


Like hundreds of millions of people, I&We believe that The Divine is Present in All People, and I also believe in partial reincarnation. As a doctorate in psychology, I know this is a process that combines both Nature and Nurture, genetics, placements in time and place/space, and culturall. I believe I am a living embodiment through time and place/space, backward, present and forward, of these archetypes of their Ra Spirit seeking continuity to achieve full Ascension/ReEvolution, and actually reincarnate several Rachels and Ras that I know of and some that I probably don’t know of yet.


Rachel ~Carson is One such Reincarnation, especially important NOW, another is Rachel, the sister of Harriet ~Tubman, another is Rachel ~Foster ~Avery, young close colleague of Susan B. Anthony & cofounder with her of the world’s first organization to advocate for women beyond national boundary, another is Rachel, the youngest daughter of Mother and Rashi of Troyes France who, with her sisters Mar(a)iam and Jocheved, functioned as Rabbis around the year 1000 bringing a cessation to wife abuse and war there when the rest of Europe was embroiled in the Dark Ages, another is the first Cousina of Jesus of Nazareth whose work I am here to complete, who was of course, niece of Mar(a)iam of Nazareth, and also a close Cousina of Mar(a(iam of Magdala because these family branches were intertwined. I also believe I reincarnate Mary (MaRaIam) ~Lambert, wife of Thomas ~Lambert~Paine, who gave us Common Sense, the original founding document of North America’s attempt at democracy, which called for equal office and representation for women and people of all hues, without regard for money/property. Another was Radha, a Shepherdess who advised Krishna. And of course, I embody the Rachel, the Shepherdess (the name is also used to represent the Mother Ewe(You) who the lambs and kids nestle with her warm soft wool and milk and gathering closely with one so they are therefore safer from wolves, who prefer to divide the herd by intimidation and then attack the divided and separated individuals) of the Old Testament, called the Mother of IsRaEl, but, not one nation, but the World as one Native-Ity is My IsRaEllE. I am the Good Shepherdess. I/We are All Riszen. May Be, if You Love Rachel ~Carson and all of these and Millions More, You Are, Too.



I&We Embody the HumanFamilyCommunity’s BackUp Plan when it is clear that Patriarchy has Peaked and Passed.


In my (and many women’s) name, the French version of Rachel, the El appears twice, EllE, indicating both the French word for the female, and the wisdom that the Divinity Within Each, Both and All, female and male, of every hue, must be able to move backward as well as forward in our manner of thinking, feeling, deciding and valuing. I have added the J to my name to link the name to the word Raj, which means to rule in Hindi and a reminder of the Panchayat Raj, the most major New Story beginning censored by Old Story Tolling DDTelevison, and also to emphasize the J or Y, also indicated in ancient names for the Divine, but usually associated with males including my ancestRall cousin JesUs and other historically important in leadership including Julius Ceasar, named for his aunt Julia and so naming daughter Julia, who all are also on my family tree, is very much present in females, as well. By honoring our Mother Nature, we also do a much better job of honoring a Father Time of Love Life instead of DeEvolution and Death.


Rachel ~Carson was a biologist who arose in a time and generation where far fewer women had higher eduaction & none had Internet. My doctorate, from Loyola University is in Psychology. (But my most important teachers were My Mother, Harriet, My Social Studies Teacher Sylvia Light, all the Sisters and Brothers I have ever known with all their warts and great potential, and the Internet.)


I&We say there is one greatest toxin impacting our Planet. It is interactive internalized and institutionalized habits of Patriarchy instead of the Sparkling Spring Water of gender ballance.. In women, Its takes the form of either low self-esteem/learned helplessness, or male identification in women, such as they think of themselves as powerful and valuable only when they imitate or are approved of by men and are valued in dollars or concepts of false wealth created by mostly men. Internalized, it is the Daddy’s girl or Electra Complex, or the preference for an internal warlike Athena, who sprang from a FatherGod without a Mother, over a Ceres or Gaia or Chrysostom, Mother Figures and Mother Valuing Daughters. Organizationally, it appears in so called women’s groups that never mention the Panchayat Raj & Parity Democracy, the family leave of 3-4 years of millions, which is developmentally sound for child, parents and extended family, the Genuine Progress Indicator allready in use in Mary(Mary’s or MaRaIamLand, which is in fact, everywhere in billions prayers), and Mother Nature as our awareness of the Goddess aspect of the Divine that must lead us to question GMOs and the delays on the needless delay on Renewables, but obsess themselves with aborting Life as a first priority instead of last resort for the seduced without loving committment, violated, raped and incested, that a paradigm shifted society would make safe but rare instead of so common.


In men, Patriachy, instead of gender ballance, takes the form of silence about the male above female preference hierarchy in which we all have lived, silence about extremely widespead domestic abuse that also grows out of the lack of family leave and loveandwork balance, and the willingness to allow mostly old and majority hue or nationalistically ethnic moneyed men to rule over younger generations and minority and nonmonied groups of men, many if not most who actually currently desire women to make decisions as reparatively valued, full partners, and indeed, primary leaders in order to swing the pendulum back from the thousands of years of imbalance since the eruption of Mt. TheRa. But All these people have been deliberately, with malice aforethought, poisoned to think that the focus on these problems, and the rather simple solutions if we would only focus on them, are not necessary to discuss on Death and Destruction Television. In fact, our DDT has added some Ds and Ts. Domination, Death, DeEvolution, Disabling, Destruction and Toxic TimeWasting, Terrifying, Troublemaking Terminators.


But there is a very bright side to this now. The most powerful way to stop spreading DDDDTTTT is to simply turn the TV off, and a simple phone call to let the networks and advertisers know you will not buy anything new except essentialls (organic and non GMO food as much as possible) until they broadcast all the storyes they censored for the past 25 years about gender parity, including the (then less corporately controlled) UN Sponsored NGOs Beijing Platform for Women of 1995 and focus on women’s equallity in Millenniall Plans, the Gender Parity of France, the Panchayat Raj, the zipper tickets and 5050 achievements of many regions and jurisdictions from Wales to Rwanda, and the Genuine Progress Indicator and Circle Processes of Repairing and Justice.


And they must apologize for not telling what scientists do indeed know, that how a lack of balance of love and work actually poisons the human physiology, lowering estrogen, increasing adrenalin beyond normal ranges, lowering endorphins, and literally causes people to become so driven by lies, ommissions of what is actually occurring in their world so that the feedback between reallity and thought is broken, and lack of time, that they are literally unable to think logically, intuitively and intelligently. This is in fact, Chemical Warfare on the Human Heart, Mind and Soul. Rachel Carson herself died of breast cancer. It is possible that watching television, where both men and women reading teleprompters mosts tell news about men, and even in drama, comedy and cartoons, there are far fewer females than males, literally, induces cancer in women because of the mind-body interfact which we are beginning to recognize as very impactful.


For now, just watch New Tellevision’shttp://newtellevision.wordpress.com/ Collection of Censored and Underaired Videos, and other alternative media that fully empower women, youth and children, and value men who value this.


Rachel Carson wrote:


Over increasingly large areas of the United States, spring now comes unheralded by the return of the birds, and the early mornings are strangely silent where once they were filled with the beauty of bird song.”


Since, 2000, Maryland has been touched by major hurricanes Isabel and Sandy, and had much more violent weather than in previous years, all clearly a result of global warming, Some trees in my yard, and many in our neighborhood, have been struck by lightning associated with these storms, cracked by ice storms, and often, decimated by men working to install wires or unnecessarily clear natural areas of growth for purpose of money-focussed purpose. The Great Chesapeake Bay is threatened as is the Ocean itself. Birds are still singing audibly, but I wonder how many were affected allready by this loss of their habitat, here and where they migrate on this Planet. In other parts of North America, people are hearing the booms and cracks of frakking and drilling instead of birdsong. THIS WAS NOT REPORTED MUCH OR AT ALL ON TELEVISION, but what Kate Middleton or Brittany Spears or Michelle Obama wore, and what unrepresentative political man argued with what other unrepresentative political man was heavily discussed.


Simply Turn off the TV Until their CEOS and their wives write you an apology letter and indicate they will broadcast the New Millenniall Golden Rule


And take a simple moment to call every major women’s organization, almost all which have left full representation for women, European level multiyear family leave, and the envionment and war off agendas, and ask them two questions: are your officers really feminists or actually reactive masculinists who have been unconsiously tryiing to become like men in order to avoid being raped or abused as your mothers were, and why have your officers never dared to include the Goddess, i.e. Mother Nature, everything from the importance of breastfeeding and estrogen-linked hormones to peacemaking, and environmental issues, in your top agenda? Although not quite as culpable as the men and women of media and Corporatized political patriarchy, these women, too, became part of the problem, and need to share the New Millenniall Golden Rule NOW and retroactively as well as for all the future, to radiate solutions instead of bringing radioative Fukushimas on North American or any soil impacted by North American policies.


If Rachel ~Carson were here today, the media would censor her book, and our Regress would deny it any hearing


So, if she were with Us in Silver Spring today, I&We would simply tell her:

Know that No Further ConningUs all Without Common Sense Regressional Hearings are Needed.

Common Sensically, This is not the time for Reforms, It is Time for Insurrection and NonViolent Revolution, or better stated: ReEvolution. IT IS TIME TO REALLIZE THAT WOMEN ARE THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST GOVERNMENT IF THEY WANT THEIR PLANET TO SURVIVE.


And this is the ultimate irony: if the old men holding hearings, “the irrevelevant agencies” that Julia Ward Howe aptly decribed in the Mother’s Day Proclamation also associated with the Month & Season of Maidens and Mothers and All Children of any Age singing around a MayPole May, had reallized all along, and would now, that the Rachel ~Carsons, the Rachel and many other named Caring Daughters, and most women, and children, knew so much more than old men alone do, they all would have doubled and tripled even their own lifespans in youthfull stressfree harmony with Nature, for Silver Become Golden Spring, heeding the wisdom of women as equal to that of men, and caring for Children and the future, is actually the Spring that Feeds the Fountain of Youth for All. All our current Chief Evil Officers and Titular Officials of Patrarchydumb can do at best, is Die, Prematurely, on “Top”


It is women’s, often all too father hungry women, all too often mother alienated women, sometimes deliberately coopted and self-coopting.complicit willingness to think they they have to talk first to old men or be approved for media that talks mostly about men, before they gather and talk to one another, and then with younger people, to share their wisdom, that keeps this horrific habit of silenced wisdom going.


The True Government

and the True Symbolic Treasury of Nature’s Infinite Universzall Treasury

of the World Sits Upon MYOur Shoulders and Begins With Loving Thy Neighbors,

Locall and Globall,

Via Telleconference and In Person Both,

In what we can print ourselves, and pass as reall tender with every transation.

as Thyself

as FamilyCommunity

Including Loving Thy Sisters and Brothers pf Other Species, the also endangered Trees, the Flowers, the Birds, the Butterflies & Bees, Fish, Squirrels, Pets & Many More.


Rachel has Riszen with all Women as Sisters, with Men Who Value Us as Much as Our Brothers May it Be All,

and Mother Earth and Mother Sun as Our Mothers

She Has Riszen, We Are Riszen


Its Time to Stop Watching and Listening to DDTVs

Tokenizing, Cooptation, Silencing and Division of Women

The Silencing & Seduction of the Young

The Silencing and Tokenizing of the Non Majority Race

The Silencing of the Non Party Affiliated

The Silencing & of the Non Millionaire & Invisibilizing those in Material Povery

by False Habits of Patriarchal Hierarchy and Division


Your Most Important Task Now is to Share and Spread the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Start with the Women and Young People of Your Extended Family and Neighborhood, and Adopt a Neighborhood across the World Together,

and Go Solar and Soular Together


Around the time of the publication of Silent Spring, the Song Sounds of Silence was popular:

Its lyrics said:


Hello darkness, my old friend,

I’ve come to talk with you again,

Because a vision softly creeping,

Left its seeds while I was sleeping,

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence.


And in the naked light I saw

Ten thousand people, maybe more.

People talking without speaking,

People hearing without listening,

People writing songs that voices never share

And no one dared

Disturb the sound of silence.


“Fools” said I,”You do not know

Silence like a cancer grows.

Hear my words that I might teach you,

Take my arms that I might reach you.”

But my words like silent raindrops fell,

And echoed

In the wells of silence


And the people bowed and prayed

To the neon god they made.

And the sign flashed out its warning,

In the words that it was forming.

And the signs said, ‘The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls

And tenement halls.

And whisper’d in the sounds of silence.



So, This Time, Do not Allow Your Spring (and Spring in your Heart in Any Season) to Remain Silent About the New Millenniall Golden Rule

while Distracting, Divisive, DeEvolved Nonsense, even Worse than Silence, is Blathered While A Planet is Destroyed









Sing Sweetly as Loudly as You Can,

& Being & Wearing Pink and Green & Rainbow and Golden White Sun Light of Ra

CoSaviorRa Each and Everyone Who Has Heart and Sense


We Are Family; All of My Sisters and Me

We Are Family Sisters and Brothers with Me

We Are Family, Stand Up Every Body and Sing

We Are Family Stand Up EveryBody and Spring




Because the Light Within is Never “Little”

Unless We Wrongly Think Others Are More Powerful then Ourselves


This Golden Rule of MIne

I’m Gonna Let it Shine

This Golden Rule of Mine

Im Gonna Let it Shine

Let it Shine Let it Shine Let it Shine


This Loving Light of Mine




This So(u)lar Light of Mine



This Golden Light of Mine




From the Goddess Aspect of the One

Whether Called HeRa, AstaReah (the inspiration for the Sun-Crowned Statue of Liberty), Ma Ra, Raja Rajeswari, AmateRasu,


with Love, Life and Light in All Our Human Incarnations In Silver

May Be Coming Every Day Silver&Golden Springs of an Enduring Fountain of Youth

On This and Neighboring Planets


From Divinely Endowed Rachels & MaRas ReInCarnated & Riszen,

Rachel ~Carson, Rachel ~Tubman, Rachel ~Foster ~Avery, Lynn PetRa Alexander Sagan Margulis, PetRa Kelly, Rachel of Troyes, Rachel of Nazareth, MaRaIam of Nazareth, MaRaIam of Magdala, MaRaIam and ZippoRah of the Exodus, Maid MaRaion, MaRaIam ~Lambert~Paine, MaRaIam Wollstonecraft, MaRaIam ~Baker ~Eddy and

Many More


and All the Goddess Names in the Syllables of Your Name, Equally Important

and Necessary as Never Before in the HerandHis Story of Our Universzall Planet


After Reading This, We Urge You To Contact Us Immediately, & can simply join into this via Telleconference, occurring everyday at 3 CST/4EST and 7 CST/8 EST at 213-416-1560 access code 877 907 160, or
VoiceBox Dial-in Number: (6
41) 715-3900  Extension: 380929 for schedule information of Broadcasts and assistance in reconnecting, & initiating and sharing Circles with those You Know Best and Related Others Locally & Globally.

The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth Sits Upon MY & YOur Shoulders
We WELLCOME, WARN & ENJOIN YOU & YOURS to  Start NOWReNewed To Be Inscribed in the Book of Love, Life &Light.

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for or hopefully & prayerfully not against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.” 

THE GOVERNMENT OF LIGHT SITS UPON  My~OUR Shoulders.The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime, which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


milkywaycoszmicearthandmorecofederationFor More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the O
neness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders & All Hues of the Children of All Ageszillionsz

The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth Sits Upon YOur Shoulders
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour ph
one answering service)

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