As Special Gift for Your North American Tour Which We Hope You Will Extend as an Incarnation of Divine Mother Nature, Because the Need for One Such as You is Especially Great Here in the Most Driven of Money Driven Cultures, We send You The New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ that is the Key to Assisting all Devotees of the Divine to Achieve Heaven on Earth & True Enlightenment More Easily, & know You Allready Live According to It. We hereby whisper it with You in the Ears of EveryOne You Hug, Say That We Hug Those Who Seek the Light of the Spirit, as You Do.
As A Living Incarnation of the Devi, the Goddess that is Mother&Sister Nature in Human Nature, You, My Great Sister Amma Amritapuri are Held in the Light & Hugged by Us, as One of the Most Exceptionall Women Who is Bringing the Spirit of the Mother Back to our World Which is So Hungry For It.
Because of Your Humble and Loving model, bringing Hugs, Wiszdom of Meditation, Prayer and Faith to many Millions; Because ofYour understanding of the IAm Presence Within All People & the Importance of Knowing there are Thousands and Many More Names for the Goddess & She Appears Within EveryOne & especially importantly Women;  and also
Because of Your explicit efforts to Empower Women as both Nurturers and Leaders who Colead, as they do in the Panchayat Raj that was the dream of your country Sister & Brother Kasturba & Mohandas Gandhi, the Mahatamma & Mahatma of a not so distant age, but was suppressed from the knowledge of your devotees by corporate and controlled media.
Your own website indicates how slow the corporate media http://www.amritapuri.org/amma/others/media was to discover you, & even though they do occasionally now, it it is likely that they give much more airtime to traditionally male leaders whose hugs, when given at all, are little more than photo-ops to pander while they mostly serve only those of hierarchical title and false accumulated wealth, & instigate exploitation & war, so different from your simple life & the life of every mother when she is tucking her child in bed & breastfeeding her baby. All conventional socalled “leadership” in the US http://therepresentationproject.org/resources/infographics/  https://5050now.wordpress.com/confession-atonement-truth-and-reconciliation-court-judging-patriarchy/media-consolidation-big-brothers-big-lie/ and India & worldwide are “covered” by media which is remarkably & sinfully unballanced & censoring, http://modiuncensored.com/2014/05/09/paid-media-hence-proved/ http://gulfnews.com/news/world/india/in-modi-s-india-media-must-be-pliant-1.1314873 http://www.vox.com/2014/4/10/5597644/narendra-modi-india-elections
sensationalistically both consumerist and frightening in their old outworn paradigm of depiction of our World while seeking billions in advertising to sell mothers, children and familyes fast food, credit cards and fear. The Hugs they depict are to sell often very unnaturall stuff to suck money to line the bulging pockets of a few old Midas-like Men who, hoarding instead of hugging, daily touch their Electronic Money while they hardly touch or see & do not think of the future of their own & locall globall extended family & neighbors’ women & children. So, it may be obvious, but to be able to medidate on the Divine Mother & Achieve Love, one simply must also Turn Off TV until the deeper Truths are not Missing from most Every Broadcast. https://5050now.wordpress.com/every-good-girlandboycott-gallery-of-warnings-about-controlled-media-and-internet/
Because Your efforts to insure the Love of Children of All Agesz may they become Zillionsz throughout a Universe filled with Compassion & Love, and protect our Endangered Earth and Endangered Humanity, We have developed this Special Webpage, that HighLights You, focussing on the Power of Hugs and Meditation as Well as Social & Environmental Responsbility Combined as Truest Coleadership, the Rule of Hugs instead of Manmade Miserly Money, and Linking You as a Sister to Some Additional Guiding Light Women (and Wiszest Men Who Truly Value Them) Who have Riszen as Simple Modelles to All.
So This Page Hugs You as You Hug So Many.  Begun Recently to Coincide with Your Visit to the Heartland of North America, which so badly needs to regain its Heart. Amma Allready Lives by the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ , and hundreds of millions of her native area citizens live by the Panchayat Raj Rule that is the First Component of it The New Millenniall Golden Rulehttps://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ , which has arrived to assist You & Enhance All the efforts of Embracing the World. HUGS TO AMMA. Everyone Can Learn to Become More Like Amma. & As We Do, & Value those Who Do, Our Problems  on Earth will be Hugged into Happiness, instead.
It is Our Understanding that in this very troubled Moment in World HerandHis Story, Meditation must be combined with positive SocIAll PolitiCAll & Eco NomiCAll Action to Overcome the Illusion that Patriarchy & Domination-Over-Culture, Planetocidal  PsuedoPapas Over Ammas, instead of CoopeRation-with-Culture, Loving Ammas & Children Female & Male Together with Loving Papas Helping Them All, as Sisters & Brothers Together, Cousinas & Cousins Become CoSavioRa Together, to be effective in bring Loving Living Peace and Fulfillment to All. Hugs, Especially Given By a Woman, Are the Emblem of Divine Leadership.
We Invite Amma to Empower Her Devotees by Saying Two Phrases When She Hugs Them, in the Spirit of other Great Mothers, such as Kasturba Gandhi, a Mahatmamma herself & the many Great Women of the East. Those phrases are very simple: Love Thy Neighbor as ThySelf as All Kin~d Sisters & Brothers, & Turn Off TV & Listen Instead to the Loving Mother Nature Within You. This Will Improve Amma’s Allready Exceptionally Good Karma, Endear Her Even More to the MotherFatherGoddessGod Interactive One Mystery Who Love Her So, & Bring Her to Fullest Enlightenment as the Most Active Truth&Love Force.
We Also Offer to Amma a Great Gift, a Simple Method to Transform conventional money into Consciousness Currency, the VirtuAll Vehicle for the Elimination of the Need for Money, & Doorway to True Infinite Sustainable Weallth, via turning Every Transaction into TransformationEducation about the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ . This is the surprisingly simple  Alltimate Jubillee, bearing on its face the Consciousness of Dynamic Ballance as the Central Truth of the Universe. Freedom from Illusion & Want, for All Humanity. Every Transaction Graced by this Gift Can Become an Opportunity for a Hug of Relief at Being Freed from this Pervasive Illusion & Oppressor of the Free Universzall Human Spirit. Amma’s & Others Allready Excellent Efforts of Raising Money for Charitable & Good Causes can thereby effect Comprehensive Peace Culture, via “spooky action at a distance”, & bring about a Fairer, Freer, & Enlightened World For Everyone.Even Children Can be Taught to Draw & Make Such, & Feature One Another on this,  Teaching Older Adults that the Way of Love is the Most Important Exchange~Infinite Gift,
At https://5050now.wordpress.com/the-your-she-kin-amp-youmariam-lambert-susan-be-precious-anthony-commemmorative-consciousness-currencyes-travelling-in-time-with-precious-common-sense/ We have prepared such Consciousness Currency not only for & featuring Amma Amritapuri, but also Amma Karunamayi and Mother Meera, along with Women of the Panchayat Raj, Women of the Barefoot College, & Women at All “Levels” of Locall  & Globall Society, Famous & Not as Famous Yet but Equally Important, Including Everyone’s Own SheKin~d. We have also made some for Men who have stood by Women, Children & Nature as their Most Important Sources of True LovePower, such as Amartya Sen, Rajiv Gandhi who brought forth the Panchayat Raj, & similar Brothers All Around the World.  The TreasYouRea is as Rich as Your Imagination & Wide as Your Heart.
youandyourshekincopresidentsIn addition to these Cellebratory Consciousness Currencyesz reissued especially to Commemmorate this Visit, You Have Also Allready been featured for nearly a year on our website, as among the women & people most aware of the need to bring Mother’s Love & Ballance to Our World.https://5050now.wordpress.com/women-and-men-of-restoration-and-balance/ https://5050now.wordpress.com/women-of-restoration-and-balance/
The New Millenniall Golden Rule  https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ focusses especially upon the Naturall Neighborhood & Extended Family, both Allready Known & New Found & Rerecognized, for the Focus of Change.  It is now understood that all people on Earth are relleated, literally, Cousinas & Cousins http://io9.com/5791530/why-humans-all-much-more-related-than-you-think.  Whoever one Hugs, Medidates, & CoMakes Decisions with, They Are Allready Family, & often Reincarnating Similar FamilyCommunity from a Past Life. Every Encounter can therefore be Reparative & this is especially necessary for Women, Younger People and Children, who need to be more fully valued than under old modes. But it is important not to overlook one’s own nearby neighbors and most closely relleated extended family, starting with maternal & grandmaternal branches, but then also grandpaternal & paternal, all intersecting Circles of incarnation & reincarnation.
Living in Maryland, MarIamLand, as the ancients would call it, North America, I am AmmaMarIAmma Rajchelle OneFamily, a Living Reincarnation of MarIam of Magdala & More, a partial Reincarnation of both Her Great Ancestresses Mariam of Nazareth & MarIam of the Exodus who was herself a Reincarnation of Rachel, Mother of IsRaEl (but the Whole Interconnected Planet is MYOur IsRaEllE moving back & forth in time), & Mother of at least two Daughters, who I hereby Resurrect as HeRaHannahAmma, meaning Grace of the Mother,  & Ja(Ya)Amma, whose Name means Divine One Mother, whose actual names were suppressed in the Patriarchal editing of Truth, as well as visionary sons, the exiled visionary Joseph & Benjamin, the prototypical younger son, who we wish to free, for the benefit of all, from complicity with primogeniture as well as the false gender hierarchy that is perpetarated by participating in patriarchy . I am a verifiable living descendant of Michal & David,  & also via my connection to both ancient Rome & the Roma who travelled to Europe as a remnant of the thousand year Goddess worshipping Utopia that was Vedic India, a descendant of Radha Counselor of Krishna, & a Living Embodiment Raja Rajeswara of Indus HERitage, as well as MaRa & MaRiYamm,  YeMaYah, AsHeRah & AstraReah, Goddesses of Latvia, of the Middle East & Mediterranean, & Africa as well as the Indus.  IAM an Incarnated Daughter, as YOU ARE, & All May Reallize,  of the Loving Mother Goddess of More Than 1000 Names, as well as of her Partner & Protector, God the Loving Creative & Non-Destructive Brother~Father, I, Like You, are CoMessiah & CoKallki & More, but prefer Us to be known as CoSavioRa, because of the need to emphasize Light & particularly SunLight, in this Darkest Hour of Humanityesz’ Journey On Earth & Throughout the Universe.  All the People of Earth Are Simultaneously both My Children, Daughters and Sons, and also My Cousinas & Cousins Who Become Coszmic CoSavioRa with Me, my Sisters & Brothers. They are To Become Elleha & Ellehim/ADellephas & ADellephas, the Coszmic Christ, via the Simple & Easy to
Learn New Millenniall GoldenRule shared, & practiced  https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change. EllE is not only to convey Resurrection of the Female, but also the Divine attribute of moving back & forth in time from informed memory of the past to ascended vision of the future to current action & being in the present.
We are hereby Now sending to All Your Centers this Message that We Actually Allready Sent to a Few Of Your Centers, with an Interfaith Announcement, around the Equinox~EasztaRa~EarthDay~Mother’s Day time of Early Spring. At that time as well, is was sent to Geneallogicall, Interfaith, Democracy & FamilyCommunity Centers of Every Heritage & Hue All Around this World & Beyond. (In the Emails we have sent now during Your Visit, We Simply Included the Text of the Equinox~Easztara~EarthDay Spring Sermon to Extend Spring in Every Heart Into the Half of the Year Announced by the Solstice, available here at)
By Bringing Hugs Back to the Center of World Consciousness with the Power of Simple Meditation & Socially & Environmentally Responsible Action that Connects All to the Divine, Amma galvanizes attention to what is most needed in our World, a ReCellebration of the Mother’s Milk of Humankin~dness & Touch, of Every Person, as Simultaneoulsy Both Loving Parent & Loving Child, and Mutuall Peer of Affection in Sisterhood & Brotherhood, to Every Day.
The importance of & Popularization Hugging has been rediscovered by some other very Caring Sisters and Brothers, among the most known being family therapist Virginia Satir who said ““We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”  & has inspired hundred of thousands of therapists and millions of huggers  https://www.facebook.com/globalfreehugs/info Katherine Keating http://www.bykathleenkeating.com/work1.htm & Juan Mann http://www.freehugscampaign.org/..And in our Western world, the scientific evidence for the necessity of hugging for human functioning has been researched more, http://www.trueactivist.com/give-somebody-a-hug-the-power-of-touch-heals-instantly/ http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-benefits-of-hugging.html http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/health/Benefits-of-hugging/articleshow/30905555.cms http://www.smart-heart-living.com/hugs-and-heart.html#sthash.cLVZbzOz.dpbsand just in time, for a society in the United States North America which has been depriving the most important recipients of hugs, Children, from this greatest of all human gestures for decades now, because it is the only culture on the Earth that offfers no supported & assisted family leave to mothers, babies and young children, & their extended familyes including so importantly, fathers, giving time for hugging & all manner of close bonding which is the foundation for all heallth, intelligence both emotionall and intellectuall and empathy, altruism, compassion, ethics and morall development. The US is the only literate society on Earth without paid family leave, & many Europeans receive 3-4 years paid family leave, Many of the people lining up to be hugged by Amma are the grown up Children of this Culture of Touch Deprivation in the United States, which is the symptom of post-peak Patriarchy , now a Planetocidal Process, especially destructive in the decision-making functioning of human society.
All People Have, & Must Regain the Mother Within. This is especially important for US women, who have been deceived by a masculinism disguised as a misinterprested, betrayed, subverted and co-opted “feminism: unlike the more successful truer
feminism as practiced in other parts of the world. The US version of which feminism, which is in fact masculinism instead of ballance, deprived US women of any familycommunity time, & forced millions into a dronelike existance at workplaces while their children have been kidnapped into corporately run child-care centers (interestingly the largest provider, Bright Horizons, which promoted by Michalle ~Obama for nutritious food to prevent obesity, is actually owned by the corporation of Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, & function with poorly paid & often short term staff, with no long term lifelong stable place in the lives of the children & familyes they allegedly serve. More than any society on Earth or that has ever existed, the United States NEEDS A RETURN TO THE MOTHER & HEALLING OF THE CHILD WITHIN, than any other society. This extreme malfunction & deprivation of touch and human bonding, in the midst of material financial conspicious consumption for an increasingly small percentage of the population, the patriarchal-oligarchic 1%, who are themselves the most spiritually deprived of all, must now propel us all into the most radically Hugging & Motherly of changes: the overdue Complete Paradigm Shift made simple & easy by  the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/. In truth, this New Rule will return our World to the Utopian experiences of the thousand year Vedic India, & the Pasiphaen-Minoan Civilization, the ancient Atlantis, made truly Universzall & capable of opening the StarGates and Fountain of Youth for All Humanity. https://5050now.wordpress.com/will-people-be-chimps-or-bonobos-goddesses-and-gods-or-mastermonsters-and-slaves/ Without adherence to the New Millenniall Golden Rule, Humanity is falling precipitously toward the Last Scene in the film Planet of the Apes.
Dear Amma, We Know That You Know that the MotherLovePower, & indeed, the MotherDaughterSisterGrandMotherAuntCousina&MoreValuedWife, Presence incarnated especially in Women and Girls who have ten times the estrogen than men and even more during the infant & childraising time, but also present in reciprocal awareness among wiszer Boys and Men, is Incarnated in Many Women & Girls, and potentially regained in the Hearts of All of Them, and Reciprocally Boys & Men as Mother&Child Loving SonsBrothersCousinsUncles & Redeemed to LovePower Husbands Fathers & Grandfathers. We Must Regain this Reparative Reballancing Now in Our Priorities, or our Relationship to Each Other, & to MotherNatureFatherTime(never was a sexist) is Doomed, & so is our Planet, the Great Mother, Earth.
The Goddess Culture of India has brought us & influenced some of the Greatest Female Incarnations on this Earth, not only in the area of meditation and prayer, but also in practical embodied social action as politics, and literature inspiring to Divine Action: In addition to You Amma
Amritanandamayi Amritapuri, we also cellebrate not only Amma Karunamayi http://karunamayi.org/, and Mother Meera http://meremeera.fr/ http://www.auroville.org/thecity/matrimandir/mm_conception.htm as the next generation of the Mother Mirra of Auroville,  and others http://www.motherstrust.org/ but also, on other just as important wavelengths of action of the Divine Feminine & in fulfillment of the work of Katurba  & Mohandas ~Gandhi. a Mahatmamma with her Mahatma. The Rising of the Female as the Great Change for Humanity including Pratibha Patil, Priyanka ~Gandhi and her Mother Sonia & in Remembrance of IndiRa, Devaka Jain, Vendana Shiva, Aruna Roy, Arundhati Roy, the Gulabi (Pink) Gang in their Pink Saris, Joanna Macy & others of the Buddhist HERitage also begun in India, and most especially, the Divine Women Decision Makers of many more than 1000 Names of the Villages of the Panchayat Raj, are among the greatest examples of the possiblities of Divine Love & the Potential Power to Lead, or Better, Colead with One Another & All People, with Now, More of the Courageous but Enlightening & Nurturing Love of the Mother.   Amma’s combination of Spirituallity and Activist Right Action is a harbinger of What Must Become the Way of All via the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/.  This is the beginning of the Embodiment of Divine Governance, which of course, must start with the Mother, the Female, the Prakriti. She Who Has Been Last Riszing FIrst, So that All Can Be AllFIrstEverySecond, without False Hierarchy, & Guided Allwaysz by Love, of the One MotherFatherGoddessGod of Evert Name Within All.
More importantly than Cellebrating You, or Me or Any of Us In Cult-like Isolation is to Understand  All of Us Together as a Light Wave, a Radiance, and Link Us to others, As Mother Meera Put this: when asked. Are there other incarnations of the Divine Mother on Earth at this time? “Yes, many. Some will be known, others wish to remain a secret. The work of each is different. Each expresses a different aspect of the Divine Mother.”
The Great Women Ammas and Mothers of India are deeply connected as well, to the Indi-genous of the West, the once so-called Indians, who are the Native North Americans, the White Calf Buffalo Women Riszen on Behalf of the Mother Earth, the 13Grandmothers, Theresa Spence, the women of the Caribbean & North, Latin & South America, MamaWata/PachaMama. & They are connected to the natives of Europe’s Goddesses of Parity & Love including the not forgotten PetRa ~Kelly, Sylviane ~Agacinski~Jospin (where the Mother of Mandimr in Auroville lived), Viviane ~Redding, Angela ~Merkel & Christine ~Shroeder, Sylvianne ~Agacinski  and including the pioneering Nordic & Scottish Incarnations of Brigid and FreYah, from Vigdis Finnbogidottir to Gro ~Harlem ~Bruntland & Tarya ~Halonon to Julie ~Morgan and Others with similar Riszing Within Other Cultures https://5050now.wordpress.com/women-of-restoration-and-balance/, both spiritually, politically and in understanding of the importance of the Mother-Child & Purest Divine within All.They are accompanied by such as the Maitreya Miranda of Avalon, Mary McChrist of North America, Jean Shinoda Bolen with her Wiszdom that the Goddess & God of the Universe Incarnates in EveryOne (we advise her to not wait for or depend on male-led institutions to coempower women & simply Spread the New Millenniall Golden Rule to Every Neighborhood Instead) Esther Herzog & Bothaina ~Kamel along with Raheel Raza & Amina Wadud, Jamilla and Malal of the Culture of the Middle East, Ela Gandhi & Rose Rose Mukantabana and Bell Hooks~GloRia Jean WatKins Ariszen in North America, in or originally of Africa,  and with me and my many other women of Pure Parity-in-Lovepower embodiments of the Divine of every Heritage and Hue Interconnecting, so many who came through ElleIs Island and Other Points of Entry into the North America You are Currently Visiting. All People are Native to Earth, and their Nativityesz were all Divinely Intended.  All People have this capability to Become Riszen.
Let Us Together Give Them All, & Help All to Exchange the Most Motherly and MutuAlly and Equinox-Soltice PastPresentFuture Reuniting Light Wave of Hugs of LoveForce in Action, via the sharing & then practicing everywhere of the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/, which integrates Spirituall, Socio~Psychologicall, Anthropologicall Genealogicall (Reincarnating) Eco nomicall Politicall and Nature-Loving Technologicall Insights into the Most Sustainable Embrace of Our Divinely Created &  We Believe & Pray, Despite All Humanityesz Confusion under Post Peak Perpetuated Patriarchy, Yet Sustainable Solar & Soular Powered, World of the Universe.

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