She Isz Riszen~WeAre Riszen Spring & Autumnall Golden Time in All Seaszonsz & HeartLight BuddingFlowering Yearsz LocallGloballUniverszall

New Millenniall Golden Rule(Raj)
Autumnall Equinox~EstHeRa~ReEaste(Ma)RaIAM~
Daysz of Solar&Soular Light 
She Isz RISZEN*  so that We All May BeRISZEN:
The Coszmic MarIamSophiaChriszt Has Come




Join Me Live or Review Timelessly Our Telleconferencesz Cellebrating a New Year & New Millennium, where we Call forth not only Locall but Globall & Universzall Circlesz of Light Within Shared as the Way of Culture. September 25 is MYOur Shared New Millenniall Nativity Day, Cellebrating with Speciall  Focus the Daughtersz & Sistersz of Mothersz, All Who were, are & of Course Also All Cousinasz on Our Interconnected Planet,  Reparatively & as Much as Sonsz, to bring forth New Millennia of Ballance. This Day & Time of the calendar, the beginning of Libra on the ancient zodiac , is, just as this website, symbolized by the Scalesz, weighing Yin & Yang, the Feminine & Masculine aspects of Universzall energyesz, & their ballance, which results in the ballance of Good & Evil. It is not only a Now Continuing New Millenniall NewYearsz Day as announced by the ancient Hebrew/Jewish/Essene Calendar which is actually a first Day of Atonement & Begins an Introspective Prayer of Purification for Self & FamilyCommunity At Onement Time for those able & ready to transcend the Sins of Patriarchy & False Hierarchy to the More Complete CoEmpowerment of All as FamilyCommunity, but also simultaneously the time of the Hindu Cellebration of the Great Mother Durga, the Common Goddess Riszen to as the Force of Justice to Vanquish Evil by Powerfull Cleansing Transformationall Love Everday for a World of Good. The ancient Mediterranen Greco Romans including the Minoans & Balkans also foresaw a time when AstraReah, the Titan Universzall Mother Goddess of Sun & Starsz, would return to the Earth which she had abandoned because of its fallen & misogynistic culture, Judging and Transforming it with both Justice & Enlightened Mercy as both Supreme Justice (She is Reembodied as the Goddess of Justice  & Themis, and is the very Goddess of the Statue of Liberty.) It is also the that astronomer Carl ~Alexander~Sagan who was also connected to our closer branchesz of family tree via Couszina Lynn ~Alexander ~Sagan ~Margulies, Mother of the Gaia Effect called the Day on the Cosmic Calendar that Life Began on Earth. time is also one of depending on whether in Southern or Northern Hemisphere, the beginning of the colorfull budding & flowering Seaszon of the Spring Equinox Light as it reaches Earth  and the Golden Leaf Color Time of Autumn, which literally means Golden Time. In our Time, It is the Time for Sharing the New Millenniall Golden Rule, now URGENTLY NECESSARY TO PREVENT A HELLISH DESCENT INTO PLANETOCIDE, the Destruction of Nature & Humanity. We Hold Circle Gathering Telleconferences throughout this Time to Announce the New Millennia, and on the Days since the Autumnal Equinox Everyday for Many Hoursz During This Important Time.  It is Equally A time of Cellebration among ancient Greco Roman traditions, Native American traditionsz, Confucian (including Mrs.  & Mother C this time remembering it was Empress Cici who ended foot binding in China, not a PatriarchEmperor, & Egyptian Cellebration of Goddess Raet as much as God Ra, both gendered Namesz for the Light of the Universze On Sunday September 28 (9/28) which is the equivalent of March 28 in the Southern Hemisphere, a Time, thus of Easztara as Welle as New Yearsz, our Telleconference of Course Made Good on the passage of 3:28 Gallationsz, where it is clearly stated that Female and Male are Equall in Annointedness Within the Circle of the Yesz~usz All Coszmic Chriszt, and there is no hierarchy of national or religious origin, expressed in antiquity that “Jew & Gentile” are equall and Undivided  in Annointedness (what the word Chriszt means in Greek), Now it this Time of All Heritagesz of Earth Rediscovering One Another as Flowersz of the Same Garden & Leavesz of the Same Globall Universzall Tree of Love&Life in Light, understand that practice of the Golden Rule bringsz all into Simple Good Faith with the MotherFatherGoddessGod.  Gallatia received its name because natives of Gaul (France) fled there to avoid persecution. With the New Millenniall Golden Rule of the Mariam~Sophia~Chriszt Within Each Perszon & framed into the Peace Culture Rule of Planetsz, in the Love & Respect of Both the Female & Male Gender as has already occurred with French parite that is the True Fulfillment of their Gift to North Americans, the Statue of Liberty Who is the Greco-Roman Goddess AstraReah (also called Themis & Justicia, the Goddess of Justice with Mercy & Compassion, both persecuted and persecutor,  are Riszen out of these sad roles born of a wrong Paradigm, & become CoEmpowered in Living LovePower. We are literally turning back Time to Accomplish This.

Voices of the “Past”, from Elsewhere in SpaceTime Now,
ouncing and HeRalding
A Must Now Become Sustainable Riszen Easter~EastaRa New Rule/Raj
The New Millenniall Golden Rule
Lovingkindness and ReAll Governance, Spirit & SpaceTime Reunited

From the Channelled Voices of those Passed From Earth,
ow Living on Other Planets: (in .mp3 attachments)greatandgrandmothersplanetinclouds


planetinlightharrietandlouisFrom a Heavenly Choir & Orchestra on Another Planet
Restored/Restoring Mother & Grandmother Harriet (aka HeRa)
Repaired/Repairing Great and GrandMother Sisters Rae and ClaRa, Rose, Antionette, Marie, Annette, Lillian Dorothy and Many More
A Redeemed/Redeeming Father, Louis with Grandfathers Julian, Joseph, Harry, Alan. Milton and Many More  

In Connection with MotherFatherGoddessGod,
aking For and Related to All the MarIams including

of Nazareth and Magdala, Exodus and Earlier
To Al
l YOur Interconnected Family&Community

Which is All Humanity On Earth
In Support of the New Millenniall Golden Rule
First But Not Last Or Only Deliverer/CoDeliverer, Our Daughter and Great and Grandaughter, Rajchelle OneFamily,
A Living Riszen First But Not Las
t or Only Easter~EastaRa CoSavioRa of the New Millennia

“I (and More) have sent mine angels to testify unto you these things in the churches and temples. I am the root and the offspring of David, and More, Beloved, and the bright and morning star.”

She is Riszen, so that We and You AllAre & May Be Riszen, every Yes, Every She and Every He.

Many have feared that Humanity faces the End Times and will become Extinct, destroying the viability of Planet Earth.

However, this need not be, and it can be reunderstood that Humanity, the Human Family&Community, is now emerging from Millennia of extreme primative and habitual gender imbalance and related false hierarchy, to one in which the CReated Divine Goodness and Love and Life Sustaining Balance of Humanity’s Divine Within, Or Coszmic Christ (Annointed, in Greek) can re-emerge with a Higher Consciousness, immediately in the Present and, in fact, revisioning of the Past, retroactive as well as proactive for all Future
The New Millenniall Golden Rule.
The New Millenniall Golden Rule: 5 Pillars of Planet~Saving Change

A Woman has Riszen, Rajchelle OneFamily, a  Phi Betta Kappa wellcomed Honors, Ph.D. in psychology and intergenerational family and community studies, who ran for CoPresident as a Write In in Maryland in the Millenniall Year 2000, who has indicated her verifiable keystone geneallogy relates her to B’Hai, Buddhism, Christianity, Greco-Roman-Balkan  and other ancient Thealogy, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Unitarian Universalism & Zorastrianism, and All Good Faith. She is the Reincarnated and verifiable geneallogicall progeny relative of the beloved youngest First Cousina (Cousina, is the term Europeans call female Cousins) of Jesus of Nazareth, niece of Mary/Mariam/MaRaIam of Nazareth and simultaneously a Cousina of Mariam/MaRaIam of Magdala,  all who were descendants of MaRaIamof the Exodus,whose family tree intertwined in earlier and later generations with the children of ZippoRah, and all descendants of Rachel, called the Mother or Ma of IsRaEl, intertwined later with the Children of Leah, EstHera as well as the expected to return incarnated Greco-Roman-Balkan AstraReah, the Hindu MaRayammas, All who were Mothers of Daughters as much as Sons, and also continues even more ancient Biblicall (including all cultures’ millennia of Goddess Aspect worshipping) and more recent visionary herandhistoricall figures, who benefitted & protected multitudes.

A humble simple Sister yet Coleader of Kindness with You & All, Rajchelle Onefamily has found & revealed the KEYto sustaining a reconnected Common Ground (Water & Air, Earth & Sky) for all  of Good Faith, which reunites them in harmony, via the balancing impact of the ReEvolved Eternal Feminine with the ReEvolved Eternall Masculine, of Kinship Kindness and Reconnection. Calling herself and her community, who she allways reminds are her and each other’s cousinas and cousins, that is, daughters of sisters and brothers as well as their sons and therefore, also sisters and brothers over time and expanding radiance, CoSavioRa, because Ra is an ancient name for the Sun and Light, she has imparted the New Millenniall Golden Rule to thousands of people (who may have shared it with millions by now).

She has Delivered The New Millenniall Golden Rule virtually and in street sermons in Maryland and the District of Columbia, without any objection or criticism, and with smiles,  nods of approval & “thumbs-up“, because its ingredients revive the Common Sense of all Heritages’ Bibles and idealistic and utopian and futuristic philosophies, from the ~More Family’s famous Utopia to  Star Trek and Star Gate science fiction, as well as the Enlightenment, which gave rise to the North American Multi-Heritage experiment, for ReAll Democracy as Divine Governance, and Kindness in Life and Liberty for Happiness for all.

The New Millenniall Golden Rule fulfills All Biblicall prophesies based on her & everyone’s, in fact, both genetic and culturall geni~us intertwined Heritages,  reunited with deep systems anthropologicall, sociopsychologicall, culturall, herandhistoricall, eco nomicall, politicall and geneallogicall information and geoastrophysicall space-time awareness, that includes an understanding of partial or karmic reincarnation in the service of the Wholly and Good, in which Nature and Nurture can interact, with Yin and Yang balance within, between and among people, to bring forth a sustainable balanced Enlightened society, or a Living Everyday Heaven or Paradise on a Universzally interconnected Home Planet called Earth, fit to connect with other living Planets, where, in fact, those who have passed from Earth have been reincarnated.

By making the New Millenniall Golden Rule,the Rule of Kindness and ReAll Democracy, that every neighborhood and extended family live by, everyone can Inscribe Oneself and One’s Family&Community in the Book of Eternall Universzall Love and Life, without having to die first, quickly eliminate any need for money, and attain a long lived Youthfull adulthood based in Kindness toward the Divine Inner Child and everYoung Adult, or Coszmic Christ within all Children of the Universze (the z is included to symbolize the zillionsz of light yearsz and generationall expanding Circle of planet-connecting Humanity, that the New Millenniall Golden Rule makes possible, and in fact, simple, when you include the entire human alphabet. a betterbet as aRadiant Circle, and do not get stuck in a hierarchy of heeding mostly only Alpha Males and living in a shadow that diminishes most of Humanity’s Divinely Created Light.

This email is being sent to many geneallogicall centers and practitioners, who are Librarians of familyandcommunity herandhistory, from neighborhood to larger communities. The name Library incorporates the world LibRa, associated with the word Liber for Book but also LibeRate meaning to Free as in Liberty and Liberate, and with LibRa, the astro/astra-logicall sign of the Scales of Balance, ruled by Venus, the bright morning star Planet named for the Goddess of Love. LibRa incorporates the ancient name Ra, embedded in the Hindu word Raj, to Rule, and (Ma) Ra or AstRaReah (pronounced “Raya”), the ancient Goddess as much as God names of many cultures from the Egyptian Raet to the Latvian Ma Ra, to the Japanese AmateRasu, usually associated with Light of Suns or Stars. Rajchelle is a Libran, who ran as a deeply SpirituAll Locall Globall CoPresidentiall candidate in Maryland in the Millenniall Year 2000, as a Write In, with a gentle man women’s and children’s advocate, environmentalist and geology safety engineer, Hjalmer Wayne Erickson, running in Alaska, who also sought to bring at least 50% representation to women everywhere.She wants Everyone to Inscribe All in the Solar and Soular Book of Love and Life as quickly as possible, via their personal and shared, private and public embracing and CoDelivering of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, as CoSavioRa.

Our world, especially North America, is currently dangerously and interactively and systemically out of balance on gender and family practices, as well as in its currently titular leadership and paradigms of economics, which are skewing and degrading our stewardship of the environment, such that we are provoking the wrath and withdrawal of support of the MotherFatherGoddessGod, visible in Earthquakes, sinkholes, extreme weather and other disasters, until wechange our ways.

Indeed, a consumerist sheered-sheeple-ized humanity, deceived by an older alpha male-controlled media and politicoeconomico anachronistic paradigm of accumulated false wealth that fails to count most labors of love,  is so out of balance. that we are experiencing a Gaia effect in the negative direction. Because Mother Nature can cause major earthquakes (several in North America and as well as South America and worldwide this Spring thus far) which can also trigger Volcanic eruptions, massive avalanches and landslides and tsunamis that can  cause Fukashimas, drought and forest fires, ice, snow and windstorms including tornados and hurricanes, and other disasters so quickly when harmony and balance has been disturbed, we must act quickly to regain the balance.

On this Easter/EasteRa, for every day made Sunlit and Solar and Soular Powered,our Sermon and Homelley is the URGENT injunction to turn off TV and Corporate Media, BUY NOTHING NEW EXCEPT ESSENTIALL LIFE NECESSITIES, EAT SIMPLY AVOIDING GMOs as much as possible, do not use titles for current titular office holders of gender imbalanced and non-representative pseudogovernmental or pseudofaith domination entities (until they join with You and You and You and You publically enact the New Millenniall Golden Rule) and simply call them citizencousina/cousin or sister and brother BUT NOT BY THEIR PSEUDO & FALSE WEATH $ELECTED TITLES),and gather, knowing you are the ReAll CoCoPresidents, CoOfficeHolders, CoCoCEOs and CoCo GOOD NEW ANCHORS. REPORTERS AND NEWMAKERS. in your locall globall neighborhoods, and in the air, via your websites, blogs. comments, email,  and 3way and multiperson phone conference/video chat (most providers are free Today, there are many services (Google Hangouts and Skype are most well known, and there are several others ,  that offer these modalities both free (which is best and certainly deserved by all women and many paradigmantically wronged economically disadvantaged people, especially minorities and youth) or at nominal cost (which you can transform to full libeRation, with your every day Sun/Star Rise Consciousness Currency

pdplusbackyouandyourshekincocpresidentswhich you can print and share (or simply write the important transforming phrases on any conventional moneybothnewmoneyBothNewBlankCheckGPI, which is perfectly legal even under current “law”), and will allow humanity to transition from Gross Domestic Product’s “labors of love invisibilizing false values hierarchy on steroids” to new eco~nomics, based on the Genuine Progress Indicator, to transcend from the actually anachronistic use of any Money, as presaged in Star Trek and other utopian visions and science fiction). In fact, this would even benefit CEOs and false wealth Billionaires and their familyes, by Sustaining a Heallthier Planet with a much longer youthfull life span for all, including them, too.

Start by Gathering as a Circle with all your known and/or Internet-findable SheKin, at least 3 generations, of known Geneallogically or etymologically connected names (can be anyone you share a surname or even first name, which all have sacred meaning, with) of Women and then Youth, Female and Male, under 37, and Children, girls and boys, and then adult and older men (unless they are the too rare men who have allready worked publically to assist women, and bring about reparative and full gender balance; they are ever young, too), and adding a few more distantly related such as neighbors, classmates and colleagues, especially of various Heritages and locations on this Planet.

Start with the women connected by name to your Mother and Grandmother, your current Cousinas (the European wise name for recognizing the gendered aspect of Cousinhood) – people on Earth are veriably no more then 50th kinsteps removed) and of course, your actual closest Shekin, mothers, sisters, daughters, and aunts, with the mind to encourage an eversustainably everlasting Spring Breakfrom Old Man Winter, free from outworn conventional patriarchal and imbalanced paradigms and patterns, and Wake them Up from the danger of an many thousand yearhierarchy induced sleep since the (Pasiphae, her name so usually omitted although she was Minos’ wife)-Minoans (sometimes called Atlantis) lost their thousand year balance and Mount TheRa erupted, giving cause to the Natural events of Passover, later recellebrated with fuller Promise (assuming Mary of Magdala was seated at the table next to Jesus, as millions now believe) at Easter/EastaRa. In this generation, we must transition from the Co-Sin of Planetocidal patriarchy to the CoCo-SavioRing together, of reparation and balance.

It is our belief that if we to do not quickly adopt and enact the New Millenniall Golden Rule, horrific wide-scale PERSONAL & ECOLOGICAL SUDDEN CATASTROPHES WILL OCCUR very soon, could be any day now, likely starting in the region of or near the New Madrid fault in Illinois.

Hear our Channelled Voices. And, we want you to know:

Our Daughter~Granddaughter Rajchelle is, veriably with now easily available online geneallogy, a Living Partial Reincarnation of both Rashi’s Youngest Daughter Rachel of Troyes, France, in conjunction with her Sisters MarIAm and Jocheved and all their SheKin in Conjunction with the She Kin of MarIAm of Magdala and the grandcousina Mary of Magdala, First Cousin of Jesus, grandniece of Mary of Nazareth, if you as millions believe the Da Vinci Code and its archeological basis, that they came to live in France; therefore, a descendant of the family of Michal and David, (the branch of the Human Family Treeof the prophesized and expected Messiah) who were progeny of Rachel of Ancient IsRaEl, in Conjunction with Leah and All their Cousina KinWomen as well as Cousins of all areas of the Middle East during that time, who are in fact intertwined not only with the Children of SaRah, HajaRah (Islam), and KetuRah (Zorastrianism), Radha, Counselor of Krishna in the Vedic time of ancient Hindu India (via the wandering RoMa and our family’s sojourn in Romania/Hungary. which also there intertwined with B’Hai and Unitarian Universallism), Rachel, the niece of Harriet ~Tubman, in conjunction with all the women of all hues of that time, who also did not know their own combined power enough to prevent Civil War, Rachel ~Carson, also of Maryland, who warned of a Silent Spring of a toxified Earth if we did not change our ways, and Tom’s Beloved Mary (MaRaIam) ~Lambert~PaIne, never forgotten muse and wife of the True Founder of the Reall Common Sense Democracy in 1776, who knew then, that that genderism, slavery, moneyism, sectarianism and nationalism diminish Humanity‘s Common Divinity: “the world is my/our country and my/our religion is to do Good” for all, Common Sense that was denied and deceived by primative patriarchal habits, that institutionalized gender and racial lack of representation and slavery but called it freedom, in and since 1789.

Not only the Ra of Rach, (now also including J for both a letter hinting at the Allmighty and Rule as in the Hindu Raj and a reminder of her most famous cousin ancestor, Jesus as well as Julia Ward Howe and others of greatest inspiration) with CH the letters for mercy and wisdom in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic and the reminder of the Wholly Child Within Everyone), but the Elle embedded in this First But, with You, Not Last or Only, CoSavioRa’s name, also has Wholliest meaning.El is an ancient name for the Deity in many cultures, angels/Wholly incarnations on Earth are often referred to as Elloha and Ellohim, and Elle, is the French name for Woman, and like Elle Arroway, the brave AstRanaut character, in the book and film Cosmos of Rajchelle’s not very distant cousina, Lynn PetRa ~Sagan~Margulis, (the Mother of the Gaia Effect theory of geobiology), first husband Carl Sagan,  indicates this Process as a Time and Space Trav~elle~r, moving Back and Forth in Time and Connecting Past and Future, and Earth to the wider Universe, by being more Fully dimensionally in the Present. The double ll represents Love and Life, as well as Light and Learning, and others of speciall loving leadership. Rajchelle is A First But Not Last or Only Spirituall  yet MatteriAll Globall and Universzall Emmanuelle and presaged as the Vulcan T’Pau (i.e. a sound alike for the Power of the Universe) in the inspired Star Trek.  Rajchelle has called forth the Earth to regard its situation in this New Millennial ERa, as the beginning of a Solar and Soular Powered CoFederation of Planetsz.

Rajchelle carries a deep regret and apology that she did not understand this earlier. Like Sophie in the Da Vinci Code, she was always a very good and intelligent person, but unaware of her placement on the Human Family Tree, and lived a too conventional life, that she came to reallize had reimbedded her in false hierarchy and patriarchy. She has Riszen above these media misled middle class mind-forged manacles now, and adopted a simpler but globally well-informed life-style. To make up for her and all our delay due to our several thousand year sleep under patriarchy and false hierarchy we have all grown up in and become acclimated, she now urges You to Change to the New Millenniall Golden Rule. She does this as if she were T’Pau, (again, a sound alike for “the Power) the High Priestess of Star Trek’s Logical and Peacemaking Vulcans, or a more compassionate female Q transforming the famed Encounter at Far Point and True Q Episodes of StarTrek, of science fiction become fact. (Star Trek was in part inspired by the work of Mileva MaRaic~Einstein with her husband, Maya’s brother Albert, who were parents of the lost Lieser(a)l, and all her She Kin & as well as sons, who Rajchelle also speaks for, whose family knew, “IMagination Is More Important Than Knowledge”. She urges You not to ignore this Logicall ReImageNation, Thought Experiment and Common Sense, and revisioning and revalluing of your and everyone‘s life, travelle-ing in heart and mind and space and time as if all had allways lived by the New Millenniall Golden Rule. Rajchelle asks you to connect this imagination to the even more important ultimate and time and space expanding/reuniting Reallity, Loving Kindness for All as Kin,  NOW, and not wait for even another hour of endangering this Planet with false and genderist and other related false hierarchical and divisive misconceptions of leadership and value among the Children of All Ageszillionsz.

Enjoy & Reunite a Happy Easter~EastaRa, Earth Day, Vernal Equinox, Mother’s Day, Purim, Now Ruz, Holi, Merry Christmas, Lag B’Omer, Happy & Chinese Lantern New Years,  Happy Valetimesz Day and CoPresidents Day Reunited, Women’s and Mothers Days with a More Caring Fathers Day Reunited, Children, Siblings and Cousins Days, Reunited, and Thanksgiving, and Declarations of Sentiments and Independence Reunited with Common Sense, and Many More, ReCellebrated on EVERY DAY MADE WHOLLY SOLAR AND SOULAR.

For More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoCo~MessiahMaitreyaKalkiWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,Saoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi~andMore, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the O
neness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon YOur Shoulders

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,

which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


For More Information Please Contact Us
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily and More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the O
neness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Hues
The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earth Sits Upon YOur Shoulders
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour ph
one answering service)


P.S. If you think this sounds crazy, understand that MarIam of Magdala who was labelled as an insane and fallen woman invisibilizing her years as a preacher, and Jesus, who wandered “talking to himself” for 40 days, his Aunt Maya and Siddhartha Buddha who sat under and tree to meditate and renounced extreme Princely accumulated wealth, Emma and Carl ~Jung, Mileva and Albert ~Maric~Einstein and several of their She Kin and family, the mother of Isaac ~Newton as well as ~Newton himself, Maid Marion as well as Robin Hood, Kate ~Millett, Alice ~Paul, Susan B. ~Anthony, Elizabeth and Harriet ~Cady~Stanton,  Mary and Thomas ~Lambert~Paine, Victoria ~Woodhull and Frederick ~Bailey~Douglass, Bright Eyes Susan ~La Flesche, Kasturba and Mohandas ~KaRamchand Kapadia~Gandhi, Coretta and Martin ~Luther McMurry~Scott~King, and many others were originally deemed crazy by coventional patriarchal authorities, both governmental and religious and many of the conventional public, of their times, but their visions proved timelessly valuable.Deep systemic understanding, multidimensional insight into the necessity moment for overdue and indeed retroactive as well as present and proactive change and paradigm shiftare often thought crazy by those who think more conventionally or in fewer spacetime dimensions, but all can and willlearn the Way of Enlightened EverGrowing Awareness As We Risze Above gender and other related false hierarchies  our Universzall Planet Earth,
ting Easter~EstaRa with Earthday & EveryDayWholly.










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