Sermons on the MAll and MaryLand~EarthPlanet

In the period between November 1 through Thanksgiving and Christmas into the New Year through a Better Valentimes and a RePresidents Day,  MessiahCoMessiahs, direct desecendants of Mary of Nazareth and Mary of Magdala and More) of the New Reparative Gender Balance Paradigm have already or will be visiting the following locations in Washington (let us remember Martha and their women relatives, servants and slaves who actually did the Washing as much as George, and even he would agree the region needs a good Ton of Washing now. ) D.C. (Remember, Columbia is a female or Goddess Name and nearby also female Goddess name related MaryLand and Virginia, to Deliver the New Millenniall Golden Rule   The New Millenniall Government now sits upon Her, Their and All My and YOur Shoulders, in a New Paradigm.  Ongoing videos and audios of these visitations, the Stations of Societall and Environmentall Salvation, are posted here and more will be very soon.

A technical note: The videos are best viewed on VLC. (perhaps in this case it also symbolizes Very Loving Care). These videos may display needing rotation to be right side up (just as our culture needs a rotation so our Earth can keep rotating sustainabily!) Simply following the instructions depicted at.
Open your video file by going to Media  > Open File… and browsing for your file. Or, by just dragging and dropping your video onto the VLC player.
Choose Tools from the Menu bar and select Effects and Filters.
On the Video Effects tab, tick the Transform checkbox and choose your degrees of rotation. The video is rotated counter-clockwise, so to rotate clockwise 90 degrees, you’ll want to choose Rotate by 270 degrees. Use Highspeed Download to Accomodate Each Video in Entirety.

Visitation Locations in Order of the Journey of Deliverance and Blessing:

Rachael’s Women’s Shelter Homeless Shelter 2.mp4   MessiahCoMessiahRachaelsFull Hasn’t the Value of These and All Women been underestimated for thousands of years? Let Everywhere and the Whole Earth Be Their Home This Shelter shares the name of my great ancestress and namesake, Rachel, the Mother of Israel, the younger Sister who was deemed of lesser value by her patriarchal father. The name embeds the name of the Sun Goddess, Ra, with Ch, for Chesed and Chochma, Mercy and Wisdom. and El, a name for Allmighty LovePower. The women here carry the names of the many women whose names were deleted from mention in a patriarchal Bible. Let us see all these women’s names restored as equal partners to their world, and the World itself will become Restored. The most common causes of women’s homelessness is their need to escape domestic abuse, estimated at 25% of all women in its physical form, and as high as 80% as emotional abuse, both the clearest symptoms of Post Peak Patriarchy, and the fact that their labors of love are uncounted by an outmoded economic paradigm. except in the nearby state of Maryland, (and in some cultures, Mary is given the name MaRa. combining the names of LovePowerful females.)  LET US COUNT THESE WOMEN AS PRICELESS  and GOLDEN and there value high ABOVE RUBIES, as we embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule,

The White House  MessiahCoMessiahWhiteHouse House.mp4 Shall we Call them Sisters Robinsdottir Obama? And him simply Brother, too? And Cherish All the Staff, Who Live Here, and their Families, without Hierarchy? What if Upstairs and Downstairs changed places for a few week, and then regathered as intentional community, with a community Presidency as imagined by F. Scott Peck?  May the Garden be expanded with permaculture, the Roof be entirely Solar and the inhabitants. all hold the same title as Children of the GoddessGod and become Soular rather than Souled Out.  We have here Delivered them all, via the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

Capitol Women’s (Spouses) Congressional Club and The Capitol  MessiahCoMessiahCapitol 2.mp4   Wouldn’t our Country and World Be Better Off if the Wives, Daughters and Women Staff and Younger Male Staff Ruled for A Few Months Before Transformation to 5050? Can Our World Survive if We Regard as the DecisionMakers Mostly Old Alpha Males,  who hardly have time to be with and learn from their Wives, Children and Grandchildren? They will all live twice as long, on a Long-Living Loving Planet, under the New Paradigm of Partnership instead of Patriarchy. Let them imitate the Vulcans, not the Klingons, Ferengies and Paclids,  nor the bunker hideaway Morlocks of Time Machine, nor the large number of extinct and dying species  those their environmental policies have doomed so needlessly. We have here Delivered them as they step away from the old false paradigm, via the New Millenniall Golden Rule.

GreenTree Family Shelter   greentreearisehouse There are between one and two millions homeless in the land of the most accumulated capital in the world. Why should AnyOne, a representative of the Mother Father GoddessGod be homeless? A hefty proportion of these are families with children, approaching 40% of the homeless, while millions are foreclosed from their homes per year and live in makeshift arrangements. Today, we would describe Mariam of Nazareth, her willing-to-be-less-patriarchal-and=selfish than most men. dear Joseph, and the newborn Jesus and much of their family to have been homeless. When our weallthy corporate and governmental people are feasting on the coffers of corporate lobbyists while the homeless are too often turned away for lack of room at the inn, we know humanity in this part of the world have most obviously not practiced what is has preached. And that is simply because too many of our so called governmental decisionmakers are male, old, and majority privileged racial and ethnically, in the so-called governments, while women, youth and minorities around the world and their neighborhoods are uncounted, devalued and struggle, yet act like sheep. instead of Riszen human beings, in calling these old dogs government.  In the name of Allmightly Love, we change this, via the New Millennial Golden Rule  Thereby, The Government rests upon My, Our, YOur, the Peoples Shoulders, and Ultimately, in the Hands of the CreatorSustainer, who must be fully and fairly Represented by ALL, female and male, both.

ChristHouse Men’s Shelter       christ housewvisitation Although they earn more than poor women over lifetimes, in our broken money and value system, the majority of the homeless are men. About half of them are veterans, driven to alcoholism, drug abuse and so-called mental illness, because our society has misled, used and abused them, and failed them in their trauma and lost human potential as peacemakers. Many are sons of mothers who were abused and impoverished.  Like those in our other homeless shelters, the prisons, many were victims of child abuse and, as children, witnesses to wife abuse, both physical and emotional especially by fathers, step-fathers and exploitation by other men in our world’s false hierarchy.  All could be healed. Our homeless military and offenders could unlearn the ways of war and learn the ways of peace, and understand how patriarchy causes war and exploitation. and how the New Millenniall Golden Rule will change that. Like the Tom Joad and the Preacher characters of the Grapes of Wrath, with the New Millenniall Golden Rule, Christ House, renamed to Sophia Christ House and working in partnership with any nearby women’s and family shelters, could rise again to make Peace on Earth and every Homeless Shelter a Light unto the World and the beginning of the reunification of the human family as all Christs, all annointed by Love, female and male.

United Nations Information Center messiahcomessiahuninfocentre1775 K Although it promised 30% women in every government in the world by 30% by its commitments to CEDAW and the Beijing Platform for Women, the UN has become a hypocrite, a lackey to an outmoded paradigm. The World must be a world of United FamilyCommunityes where every person’s birthday, female and male, is cellebrated as a Native-ity on a Divinely Given Planet One Reunited Gaia Earth, not a World of Sovereign Nations with Cold Cash as their highest Sovereign. The New Millenniall Golden Rule assist those who once believed in the original ideals of the UN, and its Sister Organization, the InterParliamentary Union, to fulfill on the promise of Living Peace. everywhere on Earth.

CBS  (A Revisitation from Earlier
Visit in 2012)
cbsat2020visitation The name of CBS,  Columbia Broadcasting System, is a reference to Columbia, the Goddess name of the experiment in democracy called the United States, and it logo, the Seeing Eye, was derived from the barnside art of the simple living Shakers, founded by Anne Lee, considered by many to be a female Messiah in her day, and overlooked by too many because of her gender. The address, 2020 M Street is a synchronicity for how the world will look back in Memory, on the years since 2000, and its opportunity to achieve 5050 not only now, but retroactively to 2000, by undoing the damage and misinformation spread since then. Yet, today, CBS is a corrupt patriarchy, complete with men and women characters who go along with making money and ratings their monarch, in the same way as the corrupt characters of the film Network., not even realizing that as they betray the Goddess Columbia, they betray themselves, their children, and any viable (not Viacom) future. They urgently  need the New Millenniall Golden Rule, as well as the Declarations for Gender Parity as a Human Right, of the wiszer women of the Occupy Movement, given to them in 2012 at this very address on July 4th of that year.

Discovery Communications Officesdiscovery-mural-art-silver-spring-wvisitation Located in Silver Spring with the intent of great creativity and sharing of knowledge, Discovery Channel can now make the Ultimate Discovery: it need not sell its Soul for Money and Ratings, via the New Millenniall Golder Rule, All the families of the people who work in this buiding are in fact, its truest community, and Maryland is beginning to count all their labors of love and creativity, in a way that other States have not yet figured out. When Discovery Figures this out, it can stop coopting its recent aquisition for more money, the once winning and free spirit of Oprah Winfrey of OWN, and all these sisters and brothers can discover that it profits neither men or women to own the world but lose their Soul. Better to keep Soul and World, in a new paradigm, as Delivered in the New Miillenniall Golden Rule

Christ Church on Capitol Hillchristchurch The Episcopalian Church began to ordain Women as Reverends in 1944. and now almost every major faith and denomination ordains women. but the wisdom has stymied under the aberrant work and family laws of the US, the only literate country in the world without paid family leave, while many Europeans have 3-4 years. so too many women of Spirituall gifts have experienced a most unGoddessunGodly glass ceiling while male Reverends. Rabbis, Imams and Gurus mislead their flocks to continue in unnecessary impiety and imbalance.  All religions can learn from the Circle Process and the direct access to Light of the Quaker and other traditions, where access to the Divine is sought to be experienced without any hierarchy needed. However, some rotated and shared dellegation of duties can work well, if there is an avoidance of the 8,000 year old male over female gender hierarchy in worship ceremonies (the word ‘ceremony’ is derived from the Mother Goddess of Loving Bounty, Ceres) All faiths are reunited with sharing and practice of  the New Millenniall Golden Rule.  Here in the shadow of the patriarchal capital of the world, a community is thriving that values women, children minorities and all people, of course including all men, equally. Knowing the The New Millenniall Golden Rule Lift Up the entire Neighborhood, City and National, North American region, and World, which can all go both Solar and Soular quickly, within a year, as the nearby neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant has allready done, under neighborhood based leadership of women and men who know their and all childrens, female and male, infinite value and the greatest sources of energy are both Solar and Soular.

The Holocost  Museumholocaustmuseum museum.mp3 The name Holocost has imbedded in it the ultimate cost that humanity pays for not being Wholly in contact with the Divine Feminine. A world where the decisions are made by mostly one gender and does not value unpaid work,  systemically makes love and life increasingly hollow and dehumanized, and ultimately results in exploitation, intergroup hostility and genocide, and now, Planetocide, the complete genocide of humanity turned against itself due to patriarchal imbalance. Our world remains filled with titular Vaterlands and VaterCorporations, and lacks the balance of gender in government that brings sustainable peace and outmodes wars and military wastefulness. The New Millenniall Golden Rule is the clearest path to Millennia of Living Peace, an end to all holocosts, and the Saving of Our Planet. We Deliver the New Millenniall Golden Rule in names of all the victims, including the 163 million who might have been people, baby girls, aborted in the recent 20 years, the largest Holocost in human herandhistory, simply because of their gender, in an anachronistic economic system that places the old patriarchal paradigm of dowry cost amd commodification above human and planetary life and societal viability.

The Home Of Rachel Carson and the Rachel Carson Council In Silver Spring Maryland

Rachel_carson_house_md When Rachel Carson, perhaps We should call her with the name that Nordic women do, Rachel Cardottir or Caring Daughter, wrote Silent Spring from her home in Silver Spring Maryland, she was of a generation to whom it had not yet occurred that the government regulators and the bird and bee killing pesticide producers they were to regulate, were mostly male, as were the legislatures and Congress that drafted the laws. In her. which is my, current home area, the weather has been increasingly warmer in summers, and some terrible ice storms and even tornadoes have developed where they were previously more rare. Rachel C. warned us of a business model that took no account of nature, decades before GMOs, and fossil-fuel induced global warming. As a living partial reincarnation of this Rachel, living in the very same area in which she worked, I hereby deliver the New Millenniall Golden Rule remembrance and respect of this foremother. This Rachel would be deeply proud that the area and State in which she lived lead the entire world to the Genuine Progress Indicator, and indeed, has been a leader in representation for women within North America although needing to improve on this now, too, and includes many women who use the circle techniques to improve the lives of their familycommunity neighborhoods, and help them become both Solar and Soular in harmony with Mother Natu

The Neighboring National Park Seminary and Latter Day Saints Temple & Family HerandHistory Center


Download Link to share: Glen Sermon.mp3 This Place is one of the most haunting, beckoning & promising places on the face of the Planet Earth. Now, we know we must help fulfill this promise. Not five minutes away from each other in a neighborhood called Capitol View near Silver Spring Kensington Maryland, the Forest Glen National Park Seminary, once an educational campus for women replete with buildings  & statues of the architectural style of many Earth regional Heritages amidst tall trees and flowering grassy glens,, on the Registry of Her and Historical Places, and the Church of the Latter Day Saints Temple and nearby Family Life Center for Geneallogy. unite the story of a women’s Seminary and an attempt to reach Spirituall enlightenment within the context of an Eternall Family on Earth as it is in Heaven. Do we, in the year “2014” on one of Earth’s calendars, believe that the Heaven all dream of, keeps women in a second class position? In another area of our website, we have channelled in a very personall way, the voices of female and male members of our familyesz from Heaven allready on other Planetsz, so we can bring Heaven to Earth & reallize that Earth has allwaysz been in & of the Heavensz, the Universzillionsz of Living Planetsz.  We deliver the New Millennial Golden Rule here to all of them, and reunite the spirit of these regions to honor the generations of women of the past 8,000 years, those Present and future Generations, as well as their children girls and boys of All Ages. thus of course, including men who value women in their wisdom, and reincorporate the Goddess aspect in our understanding of God, reuniting this faith with all faiths reunited in this way for a sustainable Earth and a more Saintly and Satisygingly Sustainable Life for Everyone.

Local Neighborhoods, Including Homes, Schools and Metro Stops

Local Churches, Synagogues, Temples and Natural Settings Where People Seek and Share Connection with Divine LovePower                                          

Other World Capitols and Neighborhoods will Be Visited  as Well. Watch for Announcements                                                                

(Some of the Recordings were made by, assisted  by another  CoMessiah, a Young Goddess incarnation still learning her own value,  and witnessed and applauded by several CoMessiah Goddesses and  NonSexist GodIncarnation/Representatives, passers by, and now, linkers in, of These and Not So Distant Regions and the World)

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