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Two Very Esszentiall Muszic On thisz Webszite Includesz Two Golden Recordingsz Not Liszted Here Becausze they Do Not Include  Writtent Lyricsz They are at:

But thesze below have Written Lyricsz That We Invite You to Szing

What Have You Been Szinging Thesze Daysz & What’sz On Your Radio & Tellevision?


Szongsz for Szilver Becoming Golden Szpringersz
Carolsz of Every Land as a Reszurrected Marylandsz**

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Brief Introduction



In the mid 1980’s I&We Many More  lived in Our Mother’sz & Grandmother’sz  & Family’s hometown of Chicago & worked with Citizens Against Nuclear Power & Cofounded the Illinois Safe Energy Alliance, which sponsored the first Solar Energy Fair in Chicago at the Civic Center Plaza in front of the Statue of a Phoenix Woman by Picasso.picassoswoman

Now looking back on that time, I see our efforts were interrupted & severely weakened by the impact of patriarchy on human relationships, the obliviousness of men (& women) to the institutionalized hegemony of the older men of the male gender & lack of family community cooperation among, & even relational aggression, that arose among some very gifted women in this context (particularly between me & the missing Sun Goddess Melody ~Moore, who had little contact with Marilyn, the wife of Ed, the Benefactor of Citizen’s Against Nuclear Power & resembling the mi$take of all activist$, under the very Gro$$ Dome$tic Product which in fact all fails to count all the reall domestic home & community labors of love & for fairness & democracy of the people of Earth ),  Melody was spurned & heartbroken without reason by anti-nuclear activist but then psychologically quite patriarchal (now member of the very gender imbalanced & regressed US Green Party Cabinet since other Green Parties of the World are under their stated principlesz Gender Ballanced ) Harvey ~Wasserman,  Even smart & caring men can make big mistakes when they don’t face the impact of patriarchy upon themselves & women in their lives. & this cooccurs with women NOT LISTENING to one another, & not speaking together enough to protect one another, their children, all people, Universzall Mother Nature (the Goddess) & their World(sz)

These soon to be recorded & illustrated by graphics Songsz & Carolsz with their Resurrected Melody’s, meant to ring in our Earsz & some better Time Travelled New Yearsz, are especially in Honor of Finding & Bringing Forth The Cooperation among the Earth~Saving Missing & Separated from One Another Sun, Moon & Earth Goddesses within All the Women & Girlsz of Our World once their low self&other esteem is overcome, assisting All Boysz & Men to understand that all human intentions will soon fall to nought horrifically,  without repairing the Divinely important status of the female, & insuring that unsung Her~oic Efforts like those of Melody ~Moore are sung, With our Friend Kathy who attempted to bring Solar Power then there by sit ins that were not covered in the press, instead of the Byron Nuclear Power Plant are not trivialized & forgotten by the men of their familycommunity, or women, such as Oprah who did one show with all of us & some of the men working on this & then forgot issues related to both women in decisionmaking & energy while working for ABC (& definitions of $UCE$$ learned from mostly old men), by achieving a world of ballance for both female and male gendersz so that the beszt sweetheartsz stay together & do not just cope with or fight domination & di$a$ter, but prevent it & transform it into Love & Life for All locallly, globallly & Universallly via the New Millenniall Golden Rule

The Theme of Mrs. Dicken’s Son Charles’ A Christmas Carol

chrisztmassz carol& the Life Of Ebeneezer Scrooge & his Now Lost Once Pureszt but deeply fallen because she has so long been a cheerleader for corporate patriarchy  Lady Love (so similar to Mayo ~Shattuck’s once vibrant & trying to be altruistic within the impossible confines of patriarchy now tortured wife  & in fact many CEOs & Politicians now) is Time Travel Brough About By A Guiding Spirit. Now, IAM~WEARE the Coszmic Universzall Time Travelle~r, Past, Preszent & Future.


Join Me&Usz, & Remember that Carol is a Woman’s Name & so can & in our timesz muszt, Chriszt refer to both femalesz & malesz, with the understanding that Estrogen, Easter & (Geo)Astronomy all have the Latin for Star in them, as my not very distant couszin Carl Alexander~Sagan reminded all that we are Starstuff, &  have the Milk of the Milky Way Bond of Child to Mother In Them & of Human Kindness (which must include Honesty & Truth  About Our Human Anthropology to be Truly Kin~d) in them.
I&We were greatly assisted in MYOur Efforts by three  Carol’s allmost again lost to Patriarchy/Female Lack of Mutuall Recognition & Cooperartion again,  Carol the younger sister of two Sistersz that we played school with in our Chicago neighborhood understanding that little girls are as important as little boys, Carol ~Bouldin, authoress of the Occupy Movement’s strangely suppressed & ignored (even by too many Occupy Women) Declaration Of By & For Women & Carol ~Brouillet, who ran for Congress as a Green in California the Firstzt But Not Laszt Or Only Genuis of Consciousness Currencyesz & who gave us permission to add the New Millenniall Golden Rule to Perception Dollars & Inspired our Gallery of Time Travelle with Common Sense  Because NOW, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN TO SAVE OUR PLANET. All these women & many more, in fact, intercessorily, all women & young people, female & male, are Among MYOur Multitudinousz New Government, New & Retroactive CoSecretary Generallsz of a ReUnited Earth, the peaceful ReEvolution lead by women called for at the World Economic Summit at Davos by Archbishop Desmond Tutu,  husband of my Biblical namesake Sister, Leah on behalf of all their & MYOur children of our own & extended family, with world as extended family.

And Let Us Also Note that Anya as Anya ~Schoolman of Community Power Network

anyaschoolmanaszcopreszidentcosecretarygenerall has a name that means & teaches Grace of the Wholly, in Hebrew & Aramaic  & I allways tell her she is a Riszen Goddess, & She & Emily (the name means the Whole/Wholly & has Mil of Millionsz in it) & Chris (if he can put the Ladiesz FirsztCoFirszt & he knows about Riane ~Eisler) Community Power & all the thousands they have been allready quickly bringing to Go Solar that can, when the New Millenniall Golden Rule quickly become billionsz of people, to the extent that they come to terms with the fact that it is the choice of Paradigm (patriarchal or reparative to females leading to egallitarian), not any token Commissions like kangaroo courts in front of the camera, print & internet media, while corporate primative patriarchal hierarhcy rules behind the cameras, the press & the internet.

When Anyas, Melodys, Carols, the Sarah Van Gelder (let us call her G~Elleder for Golden Gaia moving back & forth to understand who are the Reall Leaders of Media, of Yesz Magazine, the Geena ~Davis Geniuses About Gender & the Media, Spark Summit, Miss Representation & Me & Thee with Grace Love, the Wheaton Silver Spring Muse & Mate of the founder of tellevision, & Women Reparatively CoRule the Telling of Her&Historyesz, Only Then Can There be Not a Happy Ending, But the Happieszt of New Beginningsz, for Even the Female as Well as Male Children of even imbedded in error Montgomery Burns like Mayo ~Shattuck  who likely has all the intimacy skills of Montgomery Burns & his emotional victim become victimizer confused & quicky-divorced with no counseling abandoned wife Molly (Bill ~Hallowell~Clinton & many priests & judges  – the US has fewer female judges than Tunisia – sadly likely did worse & needed counseling, just as badly but were not dumped by  spouse or cronies, for whom patriarchy is the accepted form of sin) & even David Zaslav’s apparently mostly trotted out for decoration to bamboozle charity socialites & redecorating mansions wife can be assisted to realize she may be more important as a decisionmaker right now that he is,    Owned Oprah can be ~WinFreed  along with all the pre$$ed into teleprompterpro$titution  Electra complexed confu$ed women of the patriarchally man~aged media, &, despite all this truly degraded error,  All Our Familyesz Riszen because, in fact, All Are OneFamily, & the Family Tree, & the Female You Must Never Imballance & Trvialize the Lack of That Ballance, is Upholding the Tree of Love & Life for You & All On Earth & Every Planet.

~MaRaIamma Rajchelle OneFamily of All Namesz Riszen.



(Note: Never was the Scene from Network more Darkly Fulfilled than since 1993, when it hid news about the Panchayat Raj, the UN Beijing Platform for Women requiring a minimum of 30% by 2000, Gender Parite in France, the female & male ballanced zipper 5050 tickets of so many countries and parties, the development of the Genuine Progress Indicator & its official use in Maryland, & now, the success of Solar (& now, we’ll add Soular) energy.  Patriarchal Oligarchial orces inve$ted in dirty energy are central to the Cen$orship.  A Very Real Amber Lyon was “let go” friom her reporter job at CNN for blowing the whistle on $hiek & oil money inve$ted in TV causing unethical cen$orship &)

Oh the Sheik of Araby-Money-Sheik-Headpiece
Is OWNing My TV
& When I am Asleep
Into My Thoughts Hell Creep

Oh the Shark Called CEO
Decides What I Should Know
& Tells Just Half the Truth
All World Problems are the Proof

corporatelawyersharklawofficediscoveryWhat she reads he censors first
youwritewhatyourtoldpresstitutesSo your thoughts must think the worst
Instead of What is Best
They Host Mostly Men as Guests

So Your Favorite TV Show
Lacks Just What You Need to Know
To Live a Loving Life
& Prevent Horrors Strife

They Have Sold Democracy
By What they Want You to See
With Bought Partie$ Red & Blue
Bringing wars they make come true

There’s no solar energy
Cus it won’t bring them money
Their Killing Planet Earth
& Calling it Net Worth

So they Dig, & Waste & Frakk
Puppet Politician$  All On Track
Of Money their Male God
Loco Motive$ Pad Their Wad

Mother Nature Is Forgot
While Global Warming’s Getting Hotfireandiceboth2
Their Gas Will Bring Hells Fire
Til We Help Them Repair & Retire

Theres No Talk of Family Leaves
Or the World Your Heart Conceives
With CorporoPatriarchy
There’s No Democracy


So No Longer Be Their Fool
Broadcast the New Millenniall Golden Rule
And Turn of Your TV
Til its Domination Free

how thesimpsons watching becomes the simplsons die wathing tv


Divorced Paul’s Google is Controlled
So We’ll Just Get More Bold                      google-dont-be-evil
Or evil we’ll all be
&  Extinct So Needlessly


So Become CoSaviorasz
Start with Creditting Your Own MaMasz
& All Femmesz & Kidsz You Know
For the Zillionsz Patriarchs Owe

Say Goodbye to GDP
Say Its GPIGenuineProgressIndicator for me
Every VillageHood Now Free
With Rule By She & He

Reszurrect Our Dear Grace ~Love
& the Suns & Moons Above
Its YOur Planet – Save Earth Now
New Millenniall Golden Rule is How

Her&History Is Reall News
Any Other Tale Is Lose
So Dont Coopt the She
& Happy All Will Be

Silver Springsz Needs Golden Rule
Every Springsz the Greatest Jewel
So Just Resurrect From Fall
Autumnall Golden Spring for All

We Don’t Want Montgomery Burnsmayomontgomery~burns chiefevilofficeron money
Montgomery County Must Not Burn
Pepco’s Patriarchy’s Rigged
All Our Graves It Would Have Digged

Princess Reah Has ReArrived
While some Evil Emperors Connived
But Her Laser is a  Flower
That is Grown By Pure Sun&LOVEPower

She Will Help All Reallize                                                                                                 The Power of Q Is Love                                                                                            Women Are the Key                                                                                                            & Young Heartsz Shesz & Hesz

& Our Heartland Needs True So(u)l
Not Plutonium’s  Death Gas & Coal
End the CorporoPatriarchy
Love&Live Fair LocallGlobally

So Make 2020  M                                                                                                                 Stand for Viszion with the Femme
& Foresight Will Prevent  
What With Horror Might Have Went

cbsat2020visitationLove Thy Neighbor as Family
Call it “Channelle Me & Thee”
Discover Peace thats Truly Free
In Our World Made Heavenlyelle~arroway&rajchelle~onefamilylistening&gracel~lovebeingheard THE BALLADE OF THE WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMEN OF THE NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE (with background chantsz of Native American Couszinasz Coszaviorasz & the Melleody  & Lyricsz asz a Riszen Feminine Calling Forth All Women & YouthFirsztCofirszt & Szupport from All Older Men, asz Reviszion of Reservation Nation; an early warning given in the 1970’sz but that then left out the female voicesz)

They Took the Not Only the Cherokee But Every Cheriszhed Nation
Put us on a re$ervation
Took away our ways of life
Called usz sqaw &  bitch  insztead of wife

Took away our maiden namesz &  native tonguesz
Taught only TV to our young
And all the beads we made by hand
Could be Fukashimad like Japan

Not  They Gave Out Their Ediction
11 Milliion Americansz Get & Billionsz More Fear Eviction
Szhining Cirkcet Sunflower Too
Represzenting All of YOU

Szuch Evictionsz Bring Extinction
To Every Szpecie including Humansz
At Riszk Isz Not Juszt Housze or Tent
But  Planet Earth. Szo All Muszt Prevent

All Cheriszhed Women, of All Cheriszhed Livesz
Be Proud to Live, but dont let Patriarchy Causze Mother Earth to Die

All Cherished Children,  All Rainbow Cheriszhed tribesz
Be  proud to live, but dont let Patriarchy causze Our Planet to Die.

They took the whole Humanityes Nation
Made Earth the 1%sz  plantation reservation
Women Who Wear No Shirt & Tie
Szhall reveall Patriarchys Lie

Humanity One Planet People Humanity Home Planet Tribe
Be Kind to live, Not Mean & Die
Be Fair to Live, Be Wisze to Thrive
Heed Asztrea Liberty & Jusztice Light
Szo You Wont have GMO & Radiation Blight

But maybe someday today When You & All learn
Every cheriszhed nation reunited with one another will return
All Nativityesz Wholly Happy Will & Do Return
One Planetary Family Will & Do Return
Love All thy Neghborsz Now Returnsz
Atlantusz All Now Riszen Returnsz
Women & All Friendly Beszt Gortyna Code Now Isz Riszen
Asztrea Sztatue of Liberty Law Now Returnsz
New Milleniall Golden Rule Code Now Beginsz & Now Returnsz
Earth & Planetsz Paracletesz Cofederacy Riszen & Now Returnsz

All Szaintsz Go Marching In Returnsz
All Szinnerssz Trsnzfomed to Szaintsz Returnsz
Szoullar Szoullar Shesz & Were All Returned
Atlantisz Riszen Now Returnsz Now Returnsz
Gendenwitha & Godasiyo Now Returnsz
Gardensz of Edenw Now Returnsz
Elsyzian become Elleweyouszavorall Fieldsz Return
World & Worldsz of White Buffalo Calf Women Returnsz
Mitakuye Oayasin We are All Relleated Retunsz
A World Of Durgasz to Transzform Dark Heartsz Now Returnsz
A World Of Men Who Wellecome Them Now Returnsz

No Longer Buffeted the Three Siszters Return
Dancers Pink Green & Rainbow All Return
All Landsz Sazcred Groundsz  Again
Szoullar Szollar isz Ellected
Community Gadening of Edening Perfected
MotherFatherGoddesszGod LandLady&Lord of Love Lifet & Light Ellected

Wholly Ghoszt Dance Has Returned
Mother Nature Hasz Returned
Father Time Loves Mother Nature
Time for Humanity to Become Mature

Common Szense to AllNowReturnsz
Yin Yang Ballance to All One Circlesz Returnsz
Pochahontasz Abigail Adamsz & Sozjourner TruthszNow Return
Eliabeth Cady Stanton & Susan La Fleshe & Janet Rankinsz All Return
Jigonahsasee  Now Returnsz
Minnehaha Now Returnsz
Degonoweda Now Returns, Hiawatha Now Returnsz                                                         Harriet & Rachel Rossz ~Tubwomen, Frederick Bailey Douglassz & Thoreau Returnsz Bravesz Who Honor Women & Youth Firszt Szo All Can be Cofirszt  Now Return

Magdallensz & Nazarenesz With Sshe & He Equall CoAposztlesz Now Return
Shesz & Hesz Equally Annointed Now Returnsz
Aszhera & Hera Now Return, Raet & Uzza Now Returnsz
Gaia.Europa & Panchamama & Orishayasz Now Returnsz

Szaoszhyant, Maitreya, MaGu, Immamma Mahdi & Kalki with White Calf Buffalo Women Now Return
Brigid & Maive, MaRa & ZaRa ThuszTra Now Return,
Amateraszu & Tara Quan Yin Now Returnsz                                                                                                                “Poor” Claire & a Non Hypocrical Non Miszogyniszt Francisz Returnsz

Ceresz & Perszphone All their Cirlce of Kindwomn & Youth Returnsz
Triptomenusz Green God & Do No Harm Whollystic Aszclpiusz Now Returnsz
Goddessz Circlesz In Every Park Now Returns
Godsz of Kindnessz in Every Park Now Returnsz
Rosza Parks Riszen at the Front Returnsz
Norma Rae & Mother Jonesz Now Return
Chief Wilmasz & All Mayasz Angelousz Now Returnsz
Coretta &

Chrisztmaszz & Esther~EaszterSzpringsz Now Returnsz
In Every Seaszaonsz Now Returnsz
Every Day isz Mothersz Day Returnsz
Every Day isz All Her Chilldren Female & Male Equally Loved Returnsz
EveryOnesz Heartlightsz Now Returnsz
Budding Blooming Flowerssz Now Returnsz
Butterflyesz, Beesz & Birdsz Now Returnsz
Milky Way of Human Kindnessz Now Returnsz

Mahatmaama Kaszturba & Mahatma Mohandasz Now Returnsz
Radha & Kriszhna Now Returnsz
Coretta & Yolanda Now Returnsz
Martin & Russell Now Return
Every Pearl Riszen Ripened Now Returnsz
Every Loving & Ballancing Meansz Necesszary Now Returnsz
Aurora and Appollo  now Returnsz
MaRaIAmsz & Marszyasz Riszen Now Returnsz

Szhe Women & Szhamen Now Returnsz
Star Treks Journeysz End Becomesz New Beginning &  Returnsz
Janeway & Chakotary Now Returnsz
Opened SztarrGatesz Now Returnaz
REall Cofederation of Planetsz Beginsz & Returnsz

Sztatue of Libertysz Light to All Returnsz
Shesz & Hesz Lazarusz Now Riszen Returnsz
Atlantusz Riszen Rainbow Now Returnsz
Apotheaoszisz In All Human Szoullar Szollar SztarSzeed Sztuff Now Returnsz

Divine Democracy Now Returnsz, Locally
Divine Democracy Now Returnsz, Globally
Divine Democracy Now Returnsz, Universzally                                                      Szacred Ground Returnsz Everywhere On Earth & COsmically
Heavensz to Our & All Earthsz Returnsz
New Millenniall Golden Rule Beginsz & Returnsz
All Our FamilyCommunityesz Treesz of Love, Life & Enlightenment Now Returnsz
All An Expanding Circlesz of NurtureNature Now Returnsz
Szeventhsz Becomesz Elleventhsz Generationsz Riszen Returnsz
Now Riszen Returnsz Now  Riszen  Returnsz Now Riszen Returnsz


Over the River & Through the Wood                                                                               (To Grandmother asz Sun Goddessz’ Housze We Go)


The authoress~composer of this traditional song, Lydia Maria Child was a passionately creative woman & children’s right activist & educator, & an ardent foe of any kind of slavery, regarding the treatment of all women & children in patriarchal society as a form of slavery & dehumanization. We Know She Would Have Embraced the New Millenniall Golden Rule, & served it as the First Course, & Thanksgiving Day Prayer of Grace at every Dinner & You&Meall Made Thankszgiving. We have altered the words slightly to highlight solar soular energy of generationall love that our US society, with its lack of vacations & family leave has been making nearly impossible for most people who live in the US region of our Planet.

    Over the river,  & through the wood,
    To Grandmother’sz house we go;
    The sun knows the way to light up the day
    Szparkling white & frosting sznow.

    Over the river, & through the wood,
    to non patriarchal Grandfather’s housze away!
    We would not sztop for doll or top,
    for ’tis Thankszgiving Day.

    Over the river, & through the wood—
    oh, how the wind doesz blow!
    It turns the windmill szo there’s never a bill
    To tax the ground we know

    Over the river, & through the wood—
    through the szolar barnyard gate,
    Our progressz has been too szlow,
    it is so hard for Szoular Szolar Timesz to wait!

    Over the river, & through the wood—
    When Grandmother szees us come,
    Szhe will say, “O, dear, the children are here,
    bring a pie for everyone.”

    Over the river, & through the wood—
    now Grandmother’sz cap I spy!
    Hurrah for the fun! Is zthe solar cooker pudding done?
    Hurrah for New Golden Rule pumpkin pie!

chrisztmassz carol

At the Illlinois Commonwealth Edison Hearing before the Illinois Commerce Commission that then regulated Com Ed before it became Exelon, We (a few other activists & myself) went to the hearings dressed as angels & sang a similar song I wrote, with each verse bringing more ills from Nuclear Power instead of Solar, thas was inpsired by Three Mile Island a few years before Chernobyl. Of course, that was before both Global Warming & Fukushima awakened those not in extreme stuporous sleep born of growing up in thousands of years of male dominated technology obsessed without anthropology-attentive culture. At the time, it was just before patriarchal processes in my own family (including my own unwitting imbeddedness it this process) forced me into exile from Illinois to come to Maryland, where I eventually officially ran for CoPresident on a Ticket of Gender Ballance for the world & now backdate all our Calendars to that time).

Looking back, I now see clearly that the Illinoic Commerc Commission hearings, like those in DC Now, were in part just for show, because patriarchy was empowering a few men behind the scenes to actually make the decisions & because even the protestors did not grasp how deeply imbedded all of us & our familycommunity were in patriarchl hierarchy though struggling to risze out of that.

Now, I have declared myself the Immanuelle necessary to the current Mayor Emanuel & taking over that City Of Chicago as well as Silver Spring & Every City,  Governor of Every State realize it is a Mary/MaRaIam Land under siege on the verge of becoming patriarchally Brown instead of ballanced, until Mayor ~Emanuel  & Mrs. ~Brown & the tokenized Mrs. Mikulski & of every Nation missing the Mayasz but accepting the Baraks, the organizations accepting the Ki ban Moon  & Leslie Moons but forgetting the You Soon Taek’s & the Sun who’d beszt with me & the common (Sense) folk, Take Over for A Little While & All wake up to the dangers of our political-economic-energy system of patriarchal (like Shattuck Mayo, the true behind the scenes Mayor of errorenergy missing the R for reparative, rationall or righteous in his name), patriarchy in thought to be ruling families under our media socialized habits of false hierarchy, that turns the phsyical lights on for a moment but the light of sustainable wiszdom off in every North American & World city if we agree with the notion that who the media tells us are our leadersz ARE our leadersz, instead of heeding the ballanced wiszdom of far lesser known people who don’t get any airtime on the corporate media & didn’t even in 1776 when the ~Lambert~Paine family attempted gender & all inclusive democrarcy.

At that time of the ICC hearings in the mid 1980’s Illinois, I did not yet know enough about patriarchy to connect all the dots, including how women, especially in the media who influence other women, coopt themselves to fit in with patriarchy, & invariably unwittingly betray themselves, their children, even their men & their world. Even women who think they are liberated from this thousand year old error that lost humanity Atlantis because they did not understand that who tells the story determines the way the story goes;

Does it end in horror & tragedy or does it continue with happily everafter? Now, we can either have a Montgomery Burns Plutonic Hell in every Patriarchally Pluto (Greek God of Death) city, or we can have AstraReah (the Goddess of the Statue of Liberty) Atlantis Back & Even Better than Before, everywhere on Earth & soon other Planetsz, via the New Millenniall Golden Rule.


On the Fir$t Day of Chri$ma$$
PepecoExelon Gave to Ms
My Neighbors Cut Down Tree
& Ga$ & Plutonium Tea
On the Second Day of Chri$tma$$
The CorporoPatriarchy Gave to Me & Thee
A Toy Tank
& a Radioactive Aluminum Tree

On the Third Day of Chri$tma$$
The CorportPatriachy Gave to Me & Thee
A Regre$$ Called Congre$$ To Betray Me & Thee

On the Fourth Day of Christma$$
MatrioPatirarchal Feminists Gave to Me & Thee
The Abortion of Family Leave

On the Fifth Day of Chri$tma$$
MatrioPatriarchy Gave to Me & Thee
Gender Tokeni$m Instead of Reall Represzentation

On the Sixth Day of Chri$ma$$
CorporoPatriarchy Gave to Me & Thee
Death Of Bees and Plankton from GMOs

On the Seventh Day of Chri$ma$$
The Wrong Paradigm Gave to Me & Thee
A Few Years of Hell Leading to the End of My World



On the Eighth Day of Chri$mta$$
The Patriarchal Paradigm Gave to Me & Thee
163 million aborted baby Wholly babygirl Chriszts/Messiah Figures of Every Heritage never mentioned in the Corporate “News” & billions of baby girl Mariammas/Radhasz & boy Jesus/Krishnas’s enslaved, hurting, exploited & ignored instead of Cotriumphant.

On the Ninth Day of Chri$tma$$
The Patriarchal Paradigm Gave to Me & Thee
Big Brother$ (with Enabling Big $i$ter) instead of Sisterhood Restored & Brotherhood Redeemed

On the Tenth Day of Chri$mta$$
The Patriarchal Paradigm Gave to Me & Thee
Drought & Starvation, Race & Neighbor Against Neighbor Wars in Every City Become Embattled & Walled Fortre$$

On the Elleventh Day of Chri$tma$$
The Yang over Yin Imbalance Gave to Me & Thee
A Family&Community Without Grace&Love

On the Twelfth Day of Chri$tma$$
The Patriarchal Paradigm Gave to Me & Thee
An Asteroid Hitting Earth As GoddessGods Judgement



On the FIrst Day of Chrisztmassz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
A New Calendar & Stolen TIme Restored & Redeemed

On the Second day of Chrisztmasz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
Tom & Marys 1776 Common Sense Democracy of Founding MotherSisterCouszinasz with BrotherFatherCouszinsz of All Income Levelles, & All Heritages Become CoSavioRa

On the Second day of Chrissztmasz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
A World of Soular & Solar Energy

On the Third Day of Chrissztmasz the New Paradigm Gave to Me & Thee
A World of Riszen Daughtersz and Sonsz without Slavery, Exploitation or Alienation

On the Fouth Day of of Chrissztmasz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
Silver&Golden Spring In Every Seaszon & the Fountain of Youth


On the Fifth Day of Chrissztmasz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
SpaceTime Travelle and the StarGatez Opened

On the Sixth Day of Chrissztmasz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
Panchayat Raj Divine Democracy & Mutuall Shared Living Peace Among All Religious Heritagesz Shared & Appreciated
by ReIncluding the Eternall Feminine Goddess Aspect of Universzall Energy

On the Seventh Day of Chrisztmassz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
A Reunited Universzall Earth with Nationalistic Armies turned into Plows & Pruning of Solar Powered Sustainability & the End of War

On the Seventh Day of Christmassz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
Mrs. Dr Spocksz La Leche League Milky Way Restored Family Reunion Family Love & Life Ballance To Love & Live Young and Prosperall

On the Eight Day of Chrisztamassz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
The end of disease, addiction & lost human potentiall & the Resurrection of the Dead via Naturall Reincarnation

On the Ninth Day of Chrisztmassz, the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
25 Hugsz a Day For Everyone in Sisterhood & Brotherhood & Family Reconciliation Among All Estranged Family 6 Neighborsz,
Starting With Women & Young People & Waking Men to the Consequences of Long Term Exploitative Hegemony


On the Tenth Day of Chrisztmassz, the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
All Happy Marriages of Mutuall Spousall With All Family Appreciation, starting with the females but definitely including the males, and the Disappearance of Divorce

On the Elleventh Day of Chrisztmassz, the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
All Women Fully Esteemed, All Children Wanted & Born Wholly, the End of Sexual & Physical Abuse & No Need for Abortion

On the Twelfth day Day of Chrisztmassz, the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee
The Youth Of the Risa Prime & Immortallity

On the THirteenth Day of Chriestmessz the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & Thee & Mastery of SpaceTime Travelle at the Snap of a Finger of the Q on Star Trek
On the Fourteenth Day of Chrisztmassz the  the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me & TheePartridges & Doves In Every Flowering Sacred Tree
Including All Our Shared Family Tree on this Planet

On the 365 Daysz of All Wholly Birthsz,  the New Millenniall Golden Rule Gave to Me&Thee Merry Chrisztmassz & Happy Wholly New Yearsz Bay Whine Me Everyday.
SPOKEN: For Every Person, Female & Male Restored & Redeemed Wholly & Riszen fEternall Youthfull Soular Solar Love & Life
HumanKind~ness With Solar Soular & Renewed Renewable Full Energyesz Of Love Overflowing, the Sun & Rain & Wind, in Ballance

& Heaven On Thisz & Every Earth.



Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should new acquaintance be ignored,
and days of travelled time?

CHORUSZ for Zillionsz of Loving Living  Light Yearsz:
For days of travelled time, my dear,
for days of travelled time,
we’ll share our cupsz of kin~dness yet,
for days of travelled time


And surely you’ll fill your world cupsz!
and surely I’ll fill mine!
And we’ll share our grails of’ kin~dness yet,
for days of travelled time


We all have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine;
But we’ve wandered many weary feet,
in daysz of travelled time.

Atlantis worshipped Her and Him
Shesz & Hesz All Codecide
We’d beszt return to that Way now
Or We’ll Cause Face Planetocide


The Sun Is Shining Loving Power
The Moon Muszt Bring Good Tidesz
A Heavenly Earth All Timesz To Share
Kin~d Ballanced for Our Guidesz.


And there’s our handsz my trusty friend!
And give me those handsz o’ thine!
And we’ll take a good-will peace culture draft,
Sunny Daysz of Travelled Time





The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon YOur Shouldersz

This day I&WE call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and hopefully and prayerfully not against you that I&WE have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose Love and Life in Light, so that You and Your Children may live”              

For I&WE give you good doctrine, forsake ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,

which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).


For More Information Please Contact Usz
c/o Everyone’sz SiszterCouszina Become                                                                 FirsztCoFirszt But Not Laszt or Only CoSavioRa Riszen                                         AsztraRea*n Goddess of All Heritagesz Atlandtisz                                                        Rajchelle Onefamily & More                                                                                           (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All) asz CoSavioRa

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoMessiahCoMaitreyaCoKalkiCoWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,CoSaoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi and More, (Re)Uniting All Heritages
in the Oneness of Sunlight Starstuff of Space Time

The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earthsz Sitsz Upon YOur Shouldersz
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929
(24 hour phone answering service)

Telleconferences Every Day at 4 & 8 PM EST & 1PM Sundays, via                         (011) 1-641-715-3580 Access Code 773 342; call & we will give you access to public video chat also if you have webcam;  (& upon addressing the matter with them, we will be reestablishing a video chat also at Google Hangout Broadcasts which were recently suddenly blocked by some apparatchik at Google in what appears to be a shoddy attempt at Big Brother!!!!!)

*Astrarea Is the Ancient Titan Universzall Sun&Star Goddess Upon Whom the Statue of Liberty is Modelled.

Allszo Viszit Thesze Recently Rekinnected Relleated Pagesz

For Background on the Very Reall Women, Anna Marie Szinging Cricket & Her Mother MaPatricia(yah) SzunFlower & Other Women of Their & All MYOur FamilyCommunityesz Who Inszpired Thisz Ballade Viszit & Liszten To All Three (& LIkelley Szoon More) Golden Recordsz Together THE BALLADE OF THE WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMEN OF THE NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE (with background chantsz of Native American Couszinasz Coszaviorasz & the Melleody  & Lyricsz asz a Riszen Feminine Calling Forth All Women & YouthFirsztCofirszt & Szupport from All Older Men, asz Reviszion of Reservation Nation; an early warning given in the 1970’sz but that then left out the female voicesz)

We are Family We Got All Our Sisztersz & We & EveryDaysz Riszen People (to Melleody of We Are Family (& Coming Szoon EveryDay People) (of a Hereby Alltimately Ennlightenned Loving Living EarthSztone FamilyCommunityesz) (For People of African Heritage & their Preszence & Contributionsz to the Locall Globall Universzall Rainbow)

Spzeciall WhollyDaysz Szongsz incle EsztHer’sz Prayer, HerUszszhallIam.Heraklionsz of Gold & Oh Chrisztmassz Treesz, Family Can You Hear Me & Hine Ma Tov & Pszalm of Peace In Hebrew & Arabic Made Gender Ballanced) (for People of the Book Judeao~Chrisztian~Moszlem~Bahai & other MIddle Easztern Heritagesz) & More YearszRoundsz Reszurrected Chrisztmassz&EstHerEasztarrMassz & All Whollydaysz Carolsz

Do CoCreate True Q Generationsz (To Mellody of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina; for people of Hiszpanic & South & Latin American Heritage & their Heritagesz Preszence in the All Relleated Rainbow avallonc/

EverEveryDayszAreSzunndyasz (to the Melody of Never Never on a Sunday)(For All People of Reall Democracy/Demokratia, which did exiszt in ancient Atlantisz & szought  & longed for by all of Greek & Classicall Learning) For People of Greco~Roman, Mediterranean, Balkan & European Heritagesz & their Important Preszence in Our MultiHeritaged Rainbow

 femininechristuniverszallcofederationofkindnessinclyou&moreSolarSoular Goddesses&PanelszAuroRa&ApolloMaraiammJesusRadhaKrishna

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