For a Riszen Solar Soular Forest Glen of the Tree of Love & Life in Light

forestglenlatterdaysaintsvisitations2Download Link to share: Glen Sermon.mp3,

Now, in this sermon or what i call ServeMendforAll Women&Children&Men instead of for mostly only alpha~Male Men, I hereby Deliver the New Millenniall Golden Rule to Forest Glen Seminary, & the nearby Family Her & History Geneallogicall Center, & all the Heritages & unrepresented Heritages they must come to represent reunited in freedom, peace & sustainable balance with Mother Nature.. The Seminary at Forest Glen is on the Registry of Historic, or more properly stated, HerandHistoric Places, and is one of. the richest landmarks in the world in evocative, graceful and truly globall and universall Spirit, and especially, of the potential of the Eternal Feminine when Riszen in culture.. It began in the late 1800’s, when a developer decided to build a hotel as a vacation retreat for the then thought to be leading socalled weallthy families of the nearby Capital Washington Dc. Built in the mode of a German rustic Inn, the multiroom Ye Olde Inn was built on land green with large trees and flowering grassy fields, that had earlier been a plantation and included slave quarters for those who likely then did most of the maintenance of the land itself, which of course, earlier hosted Native Americans of the region.

The Inn did not do well financially, and was then scooped up by an incredibly visionary couple, Vesta and John~Harvey~Cassedy, both educators with a deep commitment to educating women. Once they purchased the property and Inn, they expanded by adding many new buildings, initially many in the style of ancient Greek temples with Goddess figures, and then as the school grew, the young women students organized themselves into inclusive rather than exclusive sororities (at least among the women in attendance then) that built their own unique houses according to plans that the Cassedy’s had obtained at the World Columbian Exposition Held in in Chicago in 1893 which had included the famed Representative Women’s Congress, & the first World Parliament of Religions, which women were most prominent in bringing forth, & an African American Congress among many other Congresses sponsored by Nations represented at this World’s Fair, at least as Fair as it could get then. The plans that the ~Harvey~Cassedys brought back with them, were in the styles of architecture of different parts of the world, and included Greco-Roman Temples, a Japanes Pagoda, a French chateau, a Dutch windmill, a Spanish hacienda, and an English castle. The land was then transferred to another famly, that of the Theresa Catherine & James ~Aments, and later the Helen & Roy ~Tasco~Davis family, Then, when the Depression led to World War II, both inevitable results of patriarchy instead of true democracy, the land was taken under the War Powers Act into the possession of the US Army and used as an adjunct to Walter Reed Hospital.

After the war period, the Army allowed the buidlings to fall into delapidation, an indicator of how our culture was degrading the Goddess. Due the the heroic efforts of a citizens group called Save our Seminary, who were assisted by other wise community, it was finally allowed that the land was given to Montgomerty County and then was finally sold for rehabilitation to a landmark restoring architectural enterprise called the Alexander company. Of course, the name Alexander or Alexandra means Savior of Humanity. Today, the place is somewhat physically rehabilitated, and in the uneasy partnership of private use for gentrification as condominiums that only a small percentage can could afford, but also continues to hold tours and educational efforts for the general public.

Not everyone in Silver Spring knows this haunting, evocative and inspiring place exists, but I was lucky to have a friend from the Unitarian Universalist Church I attended who did, and we visited the place with friends together several times, Then, as I began to envision a world in which women and girls were valued as much as boys and men, I began to come to this area almost every week, to pray, especially in front of the young female Kouri or Goddess figure statues that hold up the portico, at the round fountain in the wide green lawn surrounded by tall oak trees, and near the ravine where a footbridge once functioned to connect the main campus to the area where the Castle was built.

I visited this place with family of my geneallogical Heritage who’ve been leaders in educating for global peace, education & human rights, with a woman who developed Siblings Day, and with the the founder of the Menare Foundation for the study of the herandhistory of the Underground Railroad, who actually had lived just a few blocks away in his childhood & understood the importance of knowing that the land once held slave quarters & was also originally the land of Native Americans. A neighbor of mine of German Heritage who educated together for peace culture came here togethter, too, & that led me to value how Germany offers 4 years family leave & leads the world in solar power. Most importantly, I often would call my family in other cities from this place on Whollidays and Birtthdays.

I dreamt that when the area was restored, the statues would be cellebrated in the Spirit of the Goddess & Will to Fairness, so that, as I threw coins I had brought from home, the Fountain I circled so reverently would become a true Fountain of Youth as the incredible untapped genius of young women would assist humanity to a peace culture of low stress and lifelong learning in which everyone could live almost forever. I envisioned that the Castle would house a roundtable, like that of Camelot, but this time, combining Avalon & Camelot, with reparative equality for women sitting around the table with men, so that instead of destroying itself in waste, dissension and war, the Capitoal area would symbolize an eternally youthfull sustainable culture of the feminine and masculine in balance, for the entire world.

A few minutes away from here is the beautiful white spire filled Church of the Latter Day Saints, its also beautiful fountain, trees and woodlands and its nearby geneallogical Family HerandHistory Center. Yet, today, a large number of Mormon women, like those of all faiths, are aghast at their second class role in worship. This is not what Jesus, who said female and male are equal in annointedness, nor his beloved partner Mary Magdalen had in mind or heart, so what is perpetuating such practices in any faith? Now, I have honored my mother and grandmother and all our family, the women of all our Earth family, at these and all the Genallogy Centers of the world using the Consciousness Currency that fully values & represents all women, and all their Children, Female and Male, Past Present and Future, & the Goddess Feminine Aspect of the Divine as Much as the Masculine God aspect, which you can see here in the Gallery of Time Travelleing with Common Sense, which is based on the Genuine Progress INdicator, which has received its first officiall use right here in Maryland, or as it would be pronounced both Biblically and in reference to ancietn Goddess names, MaRaIamLand.

Even before I reallized I reincarnated Jesus first cousina, niece of Mary of Nazareth & also Cousina of Mary of Magdala & knew my mission on Earth was to restore gender ballanced extended family&community Kindness, I envisioned that this landmark would be a model for combining democracy with the Divine Powers of the Goddess, especially important to restore, and GodessGod within all, and would host Internet Stations within A Library, that would be linked to every place in the world, & especially those many places with Statues and landmarks of the Goddess, & Gods of Peace and Plenty instead of War or Want. I visioned that it would inspire similar campuses on every Continent & indeed, models in every neighborhood, with a sculpture of a World Globe at the Center, & a Street Intersection Sign Saying, Earth & Milky Way. Today, I am already assisting this vision to come true, and for Forest Glen & a SilverSpringBecomingAlsoGolden to go Soular & Solar, so that all women of this area, the homeless, the middle class and those of accumulated weallth could come together as a model to the world in helping one another Go Soular and Solar quickly. That peace and essentially everlasting sustainability is possible for all, the greatest weallth made unlimited for all under a new paradigm, and ours to make so now, and women will lead it together with men who appreciate this.

This is a weallth that can continue forever, in a world far beyond the Primative use of Money, a world like Star Trek’s Utopian Raisa Prime, Betazet & Vulcan Planetary. Utopias achieved. Atlantises Riszen. So Now, in this ServeMendforAll&NotJustMen, I hereby Deliver the New Millenniall Golden Rule, combining the Panchayat Raj neighborhood based gender parity inclusive democracy, the Genuine Progress Indicator allready the law of this land of MarylandMarIamland as we assist its buildings to go solar soular, the use of caring Circles for listening and learning and the law of love among neighbors locall and globall, to this marvelous and miraculous place, which is just as important in the Heart, MInd, and Spirit, as it is on the Ground, and now is available to everyone around the world, via the Air, of the Internet. When we reallize that such places belong not to one religious sect or one so called class, but to all good faiths riszen above patriarchy to partnership, and When the day comes that humanity establishes a presence on other Planets as well as our own, I would like to see some of the first constructions built, as this place is, to celebrate all the people and Heritages of the world, and especially, reparatively women as decisionmakers locall & globall, who bring balance of love and work & Solar & Soular Power, to both the female and male genders, for & in the names of All Children, female and male, Past Present & Future, of any age, all younger at Heart & Riszen. With GoddessGod, all things are possible & we will find the ways to make this so. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW


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