Casze for a New Paradigm

















(where the v transforms from “versus” to
VICTORIUSALL Via Transformation to Virtual-and-truly VIRTUALL of US ALL)







with Transfomation of Conventional Harming Money to Transformative Harmony Consciousness Currency


(Combining that famous 1943 French Jean Giraudoux Play, the Madwoman of Chaillot that starred Katherine Hepburn in a hat, Dame Edith Evans, and other most famous actresses of the world, and remarkably like YOur rebelleious Grandmothers who actually knew that women were often wiser than men in certain ways and need to respect one another, and was greatly admired by so many who can feel and think about Presidents, Businessmen and Generals Digging Up the Mother Earth under Paris for Oil & Gas,

with the Encounter at Far Point/

qasjudge.jpgTrue Q

Episodes of Star Trek of Humanity On Trial and Saved, As We All AurelliyahszAmandas Reallize Our Power Comes in Talking and Working Together as Women in A Circles
and As A Group, and Then and Caring for those Most Hurt By Patriarchy First, While Caring For Everyone In a Circle.

A More Complete Accounting of Humanity’s Sins Under Patriarchy is available at:







AS IS IN FACT THE CASE, as ALLEGED HERE, under Nature’s Accounting, Ma$tercard & the conventional paradigm owes every woman (and through her, her
family and community) at least $one million (see Case Evidence Exhibits below), and,

if each woman has a new True Q paradigm and gift to the world and future here worth infinitely more
Jubillean Quadrillions, Trillions and Zillions — Unlimited Wealth ~

due to better balanced decision-making on environment, renewable technologies, conflict resolution instead of war & familyandcommunity destructive hierarchical courts, reconnection of sisterhood, cousinahood and then all family and community as a Circle of family Circles of Love and anthropological maturity — (that will even help even the minions of Ma$tercard themselves be better rewarded by letting its highest Masteress/Master be Love instead of Mammon,

Need anyone be a billed Debtor or billing Creditor, or mindlessly pass any Mammon Money without transforming it????

Can a True Q Paradigm Soular Solar Genuine Progress Indicator GPI instead Gross Domestic Product GDP world

cancel all debts while also rewarding all humanity with heretofore unimaginable mature, compassionate power and
stewarded, sustainable wealth beyond any scarcity, saving All Souls as Well as Planet Earth? Can the Whole World Become an Even Better Mary(MARIAM)land via HER(&HIS) NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE

The Case of Ma$tercard and the “United States & United Nations (NOT)” and New York Wall Street Corporate Community’s System of
Wealth Personal, National and International Calculation of Values and Accounts”


the Most Sanely Mad (only at Past Paradigms of Error — Not All Too Human and Still Growing and Redeemable
People)-Hatted Women of a Universal Earth,

as Represented by EmissarYES of the Future
CountUsses Madewomen Mademoiselles AurelliYahYahsTrueQs assisted by the achievements and works of Countusses such as Hazel Henderson and Marilyn Waring, Elise Boulding,
Julie Morgan, Sylvianne Agascinski, Sonia Gandhi, Margarita Penon Arias, Pearl Means and others Travelling in Time from Mariams of Exodus, Nazareth and Magdala, Maid Marion, Poor St. Clare, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Mary Lambert who was wife of Thomas Paine, Susan La Flesche, taking the parts of the plays Women’s Circle of Constance,
Irma, and Garbrielle & More This Time, with Aurellia) and

(Joined by Truer Counts and Occupy Ragpickers many co-supporting Respected Partnership Leading Monsieur Ragpickers become RaJubAlleeing Gender Partners of Peace including Travelling in Time, Jesus, Sir Thomas More, St. Francis of Assissi, Tom Paine, Rajiv Gandhi, Bernard Leitaer, Lionel Jospin, Paul Glover, Kent Welton, Edward Anthony Salterea, Russell Means, Oscar Arias, Rhodri Morgan, Amory Lovins, Gene Roddenberry and many others, representing All Truer Kinder EmissarYES of the Peace Continuum of All Names, a NESARA that is the True Q NESARA release of Energy of Love and Light that includes but goes far beyond MONEY.


If the Debt-Collection Courts & Foreclosures of the, Your, AnyTown/City/Canton/Provice/State/DomiNation
of ________ on Earth, or any Other Jurisdiction’s Debtors Courts allow Ma$tercard Companies and
Banks to Debit not only any such Everywoman Countess AurelleyahYahTrueQ’s
IN MAKING AND DECIDING LAW & Defining What is Owed & Valued, Including Related to Credit and Debt Continue as Usual
(under the now
over eleven years old Epochal 1995 Beijing Global Conference Guideline Minimums
of Representation for Women)

Mother Nature-Father Time will indicate to them that they have acted in inadvertent but
profound Error of Paradigm,
and provoke Civil Unrest, lurking Man(outofBalance)-Made Environmental Catastrophes similar to Fukashima, Chernobyl, Exxon Valdez and Worse,
War, Disease, Blizzard, Drought, Flood, Tsunami, Earthquake, and/or Volcanic Eruption(s)
Ash of Major Proportions, e a very noticeable Record Season(s) of either
rapid aging and retirement due to obvious infirmity of many CEO’s, media executives,
and $elected leader$,as well as major increases in human dysfunction such as
markedly increased absence and poor work performance, likely often related to stress,
very likely in North America, most likely affecting the financial and
geopolitical headquarters of financial folly-centered New York City (which this most
recent winter has already been under quite an unusually lot of snow and ice, a
harbinger of coming environmental horrors that are likely to be many times more
costly too remove than the collections from all the accounts currently on this
days’ docket of debt collection!) & the Treauryes of Every Nation, especially the United States.
It is not possible to know exactly the action, timing,
feedback warningsand mechanisms of Nature on this, but we believe it is IMMANENT. But, that there will be some and more and more
is sure, unless & until overdue both gender representational and paradigm changes are made that count all
females and their & all labors of love and work, creativity, productivity and values as well as all (and not
primarily overprivileged) males , via s, NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE of the CoMessiahs, Combining Mariams of Exodus, Nazareth, Magdala, Maid Marion, Morgaine, Mother Jones, the Vulcan T’Pau, the Betazoid Trois, and the True Q with the Power of Mother Nature Heeded.



With the virtual help of world-beloved imaginative literature, and of
the work of wise world reknowned Sister Countuss sociologists, economists,
political scientists, child and family policy makers and best peaceful sustainable sociologists
economists and presentfuturists like Marilyn Waring, Elise Boulding, Belle Hooks, Winona Laduke,
Annie Leonard, Marta Ceroni, Isis Erbe, a Secretary Generall of Genuine Progress, Women of the Occupy Movement, and Hazel Henderson and YOU YOur WomenKin, Cousinas and Sisters Including Mothers Past, Present and Future and More;

political science present futurists such as Margarita Arias, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and
Socorro Reyes, Sylvianne Agacinksi, Women of the Occupy Movement, Angela Merkel, and potentially, Christiane Taubira with Segolene Royal
Women of the Occupy Movement, and Hazel Henderson and YOU YOur SheKin, Cousinas and Sisters Including Mothers Past, Present and Future and More; (if, snatching truest earth as the true planet~nation victory, they can remember to talk
about the Beijing Conference Guidelines become even more simple New Millenniall Golden Rule and take pride in their own and many
similar party’s standards for women that require gender balance among candidates
to warrant title of office that is respectable to Universal Nature); along with global
leading sisters including but not limited to such as Sonia Gandhi (she and her party
sat-in stopping their Congress for weeks to achieve balance of gender to prevent
war), Ela Gandhi, Marita Ulvskog and Gro Brundt Harlem, June Zeitlin, the late
Alice Robinson and, Tarya Halonen and Julie Morgan (of the first gender 50-50 legislature in the world), and Sonia Gandhi and her native
American “other Indian” counterparts the unforgettable Bella Abzug and all their precious sisters known or
unknown, vastly too numerous to list.

and just as
importantly, their fairest brothers and often also husbands such as Oscar Arias,
Lionel Jospin, Gustav Persson, Rhodri Morgan, Immanuel Leyco, Pentti Arajarvi,
Raymond Lloyd, Francois Hollande, Bernard Lietaer, Paul Glover, Kent Welton,
Russell Means, Allan Johnson and gratefully remembered Martin Abzug, and others known and as yet
lesser or unknown men
YOU YOur HeKin, Cousins and Brothers Including Child and Wife Loving-as-Equals Fathers Past, Present and Future and Morewho are the Brothers of Fairness and Peace
and capable of transforming to a full gender balance model of sisterhood and brotherhood, and

with the even greater assistance, in good faith, of Mother Nature and Father
Time (who never was sexist despite 9,000 years of misinformation),

Everywomen ecofeminists and human family well-being advocates of the sage genealogical
Marvelous and Miraculous Marian familyes that are, as all are people, related at the human level
to the biological “The Gaia Hypothesis” of ripple effect to sustain the Earth, are relying on
deep systems interconnectedness to put Ma$tercard and its offering companies and banks, the
New York headquartered Geopolitical and Financial Community, and the currently Unsustainable
System of residual Man-Made (note: Man, here, meaning mostly Male-Made, in contrast to Female
with Male in Balance Made/Legislated) “Law” in which Ma$tercard operates, On “Trial”, for
a Win/Win Outcome for All Humanity, Before the Universal and Proudly Unofficial Virtuall
Court of Planetary Water-Blessed Mari(a)nelands, including the Water Blessed Land of Earth
of the Present, but also including the terraformable, potentially water-and-atmosphere
revivable class M planets such as Mars, many Planetary Moons and other Planets on our
Itinerary for Human Settlement of the Future, for a Hopefully Merciful Verdict for All The
Human Family on Earth and its Future Throughout the Universe.

1. Introduction

2. The Courts of the Hearing (Some are here “On Trial”)

A. The Current Official Debtors Court of ________

B. Internet Virtual Courts of Hearing, and Greatest Literary Courts
which here represent Miracleworld LovEconomy Courts/True Q Continuum Universal Courts

C. The Highest Court of Nature/God

A. About The Current Official Debtors Courts

In that culturally-and-genderistically divided part of the New Millennial Earth that
“legal” communities of mostly
men still confusingly call the “‘United’ States” and hosts the (also grossly male
overrepresented among its 94% male-ambassadored United Nations headquarters) and corporate
headquarters which are also 95% or more male in executive and board composition,
even though the population in this region, as all over the continuous Earth, is around 50%
female significantly unrepresented, and all people are thus, divided from
true justice by error because the US now ranks around 84th in the world in representation
of women and the genders in legislative law-making decision-making balance if ties are counted,
and with only at best jurisdictions, about 23% of district and debtor court
judges who are female (critically and cooptingly less than the Beijing Minimum threshhold of
30% for functional democracy and ethics). Like a rotten Big Apple, the rules of wealth of
this part of the world,an outmoded paradigm, is being repeatedly imposed on women— and
the families and communities they love, all around the world, so the rotten apple has
been affecting the whole barrio, the Whole Global Village, so to speak.

And, while women are in “increasing” number in law and most fields in New York
and in the US, especially in graduating classes and entry level positions, their presence
is less in many places, AND they are still often in the ironic and potentially
earth-endangering position of residually gender-COOPTED decision-making — practice caught
within laws and pressures previously devised and still enforced from hierarchy, by older,
superior in rank, and much less gender-or-earth-future aware men. So, even these 23% female
judges are residually in a situation where the man-made “law” they administer is derived
from a gender-imbalanced world-impacting Congress & other imbalanced legislatures, failing to
meet the 1995 Beijing Conference Minimums for Real Democracy and Earth
sustainabilty of at least 30% women — in 1995, a level that needs increase to
above midthirties percentages, now due to the delays in implementation. The Congressional
and Corporation corrupted laws under which Ma$tercard can sue for debt in State Courts
were made by an official US Congress which is 84% older men, and only 16%, mostly over age
60, women. Even the women in this Congress, indeed, some of its world-famed Senatresses,
often are of an age in which they graduated from college and went to work in environments
where there were markedly more men than women, making and discussing concepts of law and
wealth passed down to them by fathers, uncles and sons, but not many mothers, aunts,
sisters or daughters. They all must now transform to the New Millenniall Golden Rule, or watch
the land begin to disappear from under their white outside but dark in deed buildings.

The major corporate media, deeply invested with money made by oil
companies and shieks, that reaches these judges is overwhelming also male
dominated and suppresses information necessary for women and those who respect
women and children, and real spiritual values of real justice including
amnesty and mercy. Yet, hungry for any progress no matter how insufficient
to the tasks at hand, the usually at best about 23 %s female judges and 77% and above
percents male judges in most jurisdictions (in some areas, the numbers are even much
more skewed) must act, pretend, as if they can dispense real justice in this unbalanced
context. Coopted to male-domination (and often racial minorities of women and men
are also grossly underrepresented) and an unfinished, interrupted and delayed birth of a
better way, male or female, these judges, unless they speak to this imbalance before dispensing
other judgements, are now co-opted cogs in a system that, because it is based on
a confused, outmoded and residually unigender concept of representation as well as wealth,
is now the direct infrastructural agent and cause of both war and environmental instability
on the planet Earth. Yes, it is unrepresentative definitions of decision,
money, wealth, and credit that are at the root of the entire problem endangering earth with nuclear war and/or global warming.

B. About The Unofficial But Higher, Virtual Internet and Literary Courts

Compared to collections agencies and debtors courts, a Higher, more Venusian as well as Marian (originally a godof plenty and agriculture, not war) Venue, since it is utilized and open to discussions to both us females and males of good will in greater equality, is the Internet.

Also Higher are the Courts of Great and Inspirational Literature, such as the Court Held by the City of Love and World-Protective Countess Aurelia and her Co-Justices Countess Josephine and Countess Constance in the great play by Jean Giraudoux, the Madwoman of Chaillot, brought to the screen in 1969 with Katherine Hepburn as Aurelia.

Another example is the Court of the Farpoint Episode of Star Trek, in which
Humanity is derisively Judged by a Rogue, Cynical and Lonely Bachelor Male, an
immature example of a “Q”, an intelligent but often still chauvinist
and uncompassionate, in fact, a rather still immature but still educable (by a younger and other females, as we shall see) representative of the “Q Continuum”, a more advanced and evolved humanity of extreme youthful longevity and truly advanced powers of space-time comprehension, suggested by the writing of Science Fiction author Gene Roddenberry.
As inspired by a later Episode of Star Trek, the Episode
called True Q, another Q appears, a Truer Q, a young and yet unsure of
powers that she is just discovering and exploring; she is both brave,
idealistic and compassionate, and saves humanity from its own errors.
Star Trek offers many excellent female heroines, and women and men in teams of
equal cooperation and decision-making, as archetypes.

Today, the Courts of Women of Corinne Kumar and Ethel Long-Scott have begun to take on the task, but need millionfold empowerment.

In this literature inspired and Internet-posted defense of all currently called debtors, and in this prosecution of Ma$tercard representing the current corporate and political-media injustice system, defendants of indebtedness also become plaintiffs of the Paradigm,
and Participate as Countusses embodied all-in-each-one as AurelliayahyahTrueQs,
(with the assistance of TruerCounts, the RagpickerbecomeRajpeacemakerQs, as names
inspired by the Giraudoux play.)

In their original plays and as inspirations for this virtual and playful hearing, Aurelia of Chaillot and True Q are meant to depict Everywomen. Their virtues combining the archetypal/Vulcan virtue of logic, and the archetypal/Betazet virtue (i.e. of Lwaxana and Deanna Troi) of caring and nurturing empathy, the archetypal now freedom-finding former slave/Guinan’s (she is written as born on a Planet called Aurelia)with golden virtue of most wizened experience as an escapee from the ultimate slavery and dehumanization of the Borg, are in Everywoman, and indeed, Everyperson. Therefore, they are within us, within everywoman, and within every You. Indeed, as an imaginative and literary device, they become each of us, Countuss Aurelleyahyah Truest VulCan/Beta/True Q, and we/each becomes them, and linked with other great women, (and men who respect them) in our personal and collective conduct of this case, and you and yours, may become them, also, in your hearing of it, living in great longevity and caring True Q LovePower,as part of a Quality and Quantity for All multiplied by a better Paradigm
Continuum, with increasing humble and grateful understanding that would make a
Quan Yin, the infinite-armed Buddhist female of greatest compassion who is also the archetype forthe Ancient in the Stargate series, another popular Science Fiction with archetypal and anthropological overtones.

C. An Even Higher Court, the Highest Court, is the Court of All SpaceTime,
Including the Redeemed and Understood Past, the Present and Unfolding Future, the Court of the Living Planet and the Heavenly Universe, and the Court of Mother Nature~Father Time. Their “Judgements” are often subtler, and may have a relatively slight time delay, via a ripple, butterfly or Gaia effect, that requirees the interactive and meaningful connection of seemingly disconnected events, for the public that is all humanity, to be able to clearly view the merciful “judgement” as it occurs in the flow of things day to day and moment to moment.

3. Introducing You or Someone You Know:

The Alleged Debtor-Defendants, Who Are Hereby Choosing Also to be The Prosecutors with Merciful Gifts that Transform All Illusions of Debt and Loan to the Abundant Universal Love Economy of the Truer Q Continuum.

As an archetyppal Everywoman/Everyperson
“DefendantbecomeVirtuallProsecutor” Everywoman CountUss AurelliyahyahTrueQ are
each here Representing Every and All Financially Pinched or Impoverished
(and even Momentarily Privileged but Environmentally Worried Middle or Even
Materially Wealthy but Concerned) Woman on the Planet Earth, and All their Already “Indentured, In Debt” (and Environmentally Endangered) Children, Female and Male, as Both Debtor-Defendant(s) and Global Prosecutor(s) of the Older Men Who Hold Onto Unsustainable and Residual Law. Even in the materially most wealthy regions ofEarth, women with paid employment earn only between about 40-75% of what men of the dominant majorities where they live earn, and their unpaid employment, markedly greater than most men, in nurturing families and communities, estimated worldwide to be at least Eleven Trillion in each year, is not counted at all, under the current economic paradigms, which nevertheless require them to pay bills for all services, including their “loans given” by banks and creditors with executives and boards of mostly privileged men, just as quickly, or face penalties imposed. As you will see later, each woman alleged
“debtor” alive today would likely be due about at least one million dollars more, which she could have shared with those currently billing her and with all the world, if the new and sustainable paradigms that had begun being presented in the 1980’s had been adopted by now.

How do most women get into debt? In most cases, it is by doing the unrewarded loving and critically necessary things toward their families, communities, and even their unpaid and underpaid self maintainance, that their society is still punishing them for instead of rewarding. For example, in a land where family leave is only 12 weeks unpaid, many women might lose a job because of the need
to take care of a sick family member, throwing her quickly into debt. She might be
forced to use her credit card to pay high health insurance premiums during periods where she is not working at a company with coverage, and even these most often are companies where women are not in equal decision-making, and thus, are second class citizens in the workplace, so that many women might try self-employment with no health coverage instead as a matter of dignity, and yet, thus are punished for that. Many women very actively give service to volunteer leadership in the Maginot line against environmental pollution, social decay
and insane militarism; women are over-represented in the peace, children’s and human rights and environmental activist communities, giving extremely long hours, with no pay. This too, can exhaust personal savings and sends many noble and dedicated women into debt. Many women have male partners who, under pressures from a society that is also very unfair to many men, especially men of minority status, descend for periods into substance abuse or domestic abuse including emotional. financial and physical abuse, which also victimize
the woman and/or her children, her unpreoccupied ability to work, and her health and savings. These are the most common reasons most women are, now, the fasted growing group of “indebted” under Ma$tercards old and unsustainable paradigms. The fact is that women have been so unrepresented and unheeded by residually male-dominated hierarchies, that if their unpaid and underpaid work were fully valued and credited, all their debts, no matter how incurred,
are simply dwarfed by the amount they would be owed if even just they individually
had been fairly creditted and compensated at the levels majority males have been, during their lifetimes, for equally important and valuable work. In most cases, this also impacted the lives of their sisters, mothers, aunts, the majority of the women of the society, and so the collective magnitude of the impact is exponentially multiplied. The failure to face this now is tipping the world toward environmental and social caststrophe.

As Both Defendant(s) and Prosecutor(s), Every Woman
is a Countuss AurelliYahYahTrueQs of Earth, and is/are hereby Offering the Action of Nature as your Guide to the need for paradigmatic Conflict Resolution of this matter that can and will save and redeem Planet Earth from environmental collapse. Each such She, thus asks and assists Internet Readers of the
Virtual Continuum, and Those of the Highest Courts to Decide, with Justice and Mercy, Who Is (are) the Real Debtors, Who Is (are) the Real Creditors due Payment, in the eyes of the Humanity composed equally of Female and Male,and in the Eyes of Universal Infinite Love and Sustainable Life.

Please Note:
The Sections of the Evidence will be Introduced by
Relevant Quotes from

Madwoman of Chailott” (most people may remember it as the 1969 film with
Katherine Hepburn as Countess Aurelia), and Star Trek Episodes, including Encounter at Farpoint, True Q, and Other Episodes and quotations of other Earth as Universal Planet heroines that illustrate them.
The Quotes are Red

These sections are:

4. The Factual Case
Every Countuss Everywoman AurelleyahyahTrueQ v the Ma$tercard Paradigm
Including its Promising Yet Currently Poorly Informed and Coopted Women Employees and Affiliates, and the Profoundly Male-Dominated Geopolitical Political and Financial Community in the old paradigminded city called New York of an aging yet still youthfully renewable Planet Called Earth.

4. The Factual Case

Opening Statements

Each of your and our born names is really AurelliyahyahTrueQ in its meaning of Golden Rule of, or in Appreciation of, the Feminine Aspect of the Almighty. Like a Rosa Parks or a Cindy Sheehan and billions of more unknown women who found themselves in similar circumstances, each allegedly owing but in fact owed AurelleyahyahTrue Q represents the common everywoman, of any and all races, heritages, or times in herand history, working for Peace and Environmental Sustainability. Each is defending and prosecuting “her” (but not only her) case, not just AGAINST a financial system billions believe is causing immanently
earth-threatening nuclear proliferation and war, but also FOR a sustainable
infrastructure of a culture of social and ecological health and peace, and a
viable environmentally friendly and livable Planet that we hope Earth will
become for all its Children. For the purpose of these both very real and very
imaginative “trial”, those who are still being billed by corporations such as
Ma$tercard can call themselves Princesses of Peace Countusses AurelliYahYah-
VulcanBetazetTrue(QuanYin)Qs, and have called to assist them, especially the work of several other Earth women, including Elise Boulding, Famed Sociologist, Marilyn Waring, genius Nobel/and Everyone’s Noble Prize-considered and deserving Professor of Economics in New Xealand, and Hazel Henderson, Globally Recognized global econofuturist, and our person Not So Distant Cousinah relative, Lynn Margulis, Mother of the Gaia Hypothesis in biology and ecology, as well as a Mother who was forced, as were here husband’s Carl Sagan and Thomas Margulies, to sacrifice their balance because they unwittingly accepted outmoded political and economic paradigms based in patriarchy and false hierarchy

Such as Everywomen, offer ourselves in our many roles, as Neighbors and Coworkers and Colleagues as well asMothers and Grandmothers, Daughters and Granddaughters, Sisters, Nieces, and Cousins of a Marvelous Gaia Hypothesis in Human Behavior as it links to the Future of the Planet Earth.

AurelleyayahTrueQs are of all ages. Many of us are that large group called
Baby Boomers, born just about or since midcentury of the 20th century, many entering our Golden Fifty Years as the New Millennia begin. Aurelia means Golden Rule in Latin, and this central character of the Madwoman of Chaillot (played by Katherine Hepburn in the 1969 film) Aurelia and her concern for all life, and especially that of next generations even younger than herself. A Heart of Gold of Kindness is our first inspiration for the understanding of the Longevity of Live Long and Prosper of Aurelias later alter egos, such as Lwaxana and Deanna Trois, Kira Nerys, Guinan – born on the Planet Aurelia in the Star Trek Saga, and Amanda Rogers (the more beneficent and kindly young Female earthborn Q that inadvertently, just first discovering her powers, saves humanity from otherwise immanent self-induced destruction

Typical Opening Statement of a CountUss AurelleyahyahTrue Q, a VulcanBetazetRaiszen Citizen Truer and Kinder Q Earthling):

All our grandmothers and mothers, our aunts and great aunts, as sisters and
kind cousins in time, who, with others, cobequeathed the resources in question today have bequeathed each of us to have both high expectations for fulfillment of potential, as well as profound passionate compassion, for all people on earth, female and male, young as well as old, of all regions and heritages on all continents, and those called, under current measures, the financially “poor”, the financially “rich”, and especially the financially “middle class” . Today, all people, of all levels of income and financial holdings on earth have been seduced and habituated to to support a money system that leads, inevitably, in fact, to a global war and environmental destruction system. War is literally caused by humanity’s current misunderstandings about wealth and money, particularly related to our valuation of women and all children, both female and male.

Because women have been structurally and systemically both made comparatively poorer under the current illusion-based paradigms of decision, power and wealth, it became spiritually and religiously as well as materially logically clear to us that it would be unwise for each of us to simply voluntarily pay our Ma$tercard account bill as a legitimate bill.

Initially, we wanted, instead, to send an equivalent size more orless last time contribution, WHICH WAS INSTEAD OFFERED AS A GIFT CONTRIBUTION to be used to educate about better paradigms, that was in fact, in many cases, initially,charitably slightlyeven more than the original amount We were/are initially billed, with the plan that our magnanimous GIFT contribution would be presented at a community meeting discussing and clarifying the issues brought to light here on large macroeconomic issues. Such bill payments, thus transformed to merciful gifts, could be applied as amnesty assisters for our bills, and to each bill, and to help and educate the billers as well as the women being billed (under an insane war and environmental destructionlinked-economic paradigm) by Ma$tercard and especially women being “served” by some of its banks’ affiliates which say they are devoted to women. We felt that it would be unwise for us to send any further payments, as just “debt” or “bill” payments , until Ma$tercard and its many banks that offerwomen-focused affilitates, and even say they give to women “charitably” fully understand that Ma$tercard$’ and Ma$tercard’s paradigms and
practices, and those of its industry and community, are not only paradigmatically
deceptive and corruptive, if without suchtransformation, to cardholders, but even
to charitable and world-concerned spirit, which it has been imbedding in a paradigm that can only produce unsustainability and eventually impoverishment of the entire planet. That such bills are not only unfair to each such alleged debtor and defendant (for this hearing also the prosecutor on behalf of better paradigms for a livable future), and not only unfair to millions of women “credit card holders”, younger as well as older, but also unfair and ecologically dangerous to Ma$tercard’$ own ecological survival, yes, even those who are the CEOs of Ma$tercard, because the billing procedures are imbedded in outmoded paradigms and gender in decision-making imbalances, that both increase the likelihood of nuclear proliferation, war and planetary nuclear winter, and also directly endanger the planet Earth with the other extreme, global warming and extremes of nature, which easily could equally blight the financial viability as well as the environmental and social health and well-being of all Ma$tercard$’ surrounding community,
which, if it would not be too generous to speak of them as humans instead of Ferengi (the greed obsessed chauvinist race of Star Trek) also includes the financial community itself.

In fact, while still willing to have them also credited under the old paradigm we had been seduced into participating in, many Aurelliyahyahs initially made a few more payments, with sometimes with a symbolic bit of financial contribution by others in our community of similar sentiment who believed such bills too high, in any case. On paper as in so many prayers, these payments were in fact often called in as or graphically labeled “Gifts from a Course in Miracles”, and we sent them, charitably, hoping againt hope that they’d be the last ones ever billed to be paid, because certainly the Nobel prize-considered work of new paradigm economists would begin to make sense even to the corporate Boards, to various offices at banks that offer Ma$tercard. We believed that at least our own understanding sustainablity
economics, already widely available on the Internet that is certainly accessible to everyone who works at any bank as a collector or customer representative, would immediately produce small starter miracles, beyond our previous imaginations, for our Planet.

Hoping our “last miracle Payments” gesture would begin to create some interest at Maste$card, we kept discussing potential community meetings plan with Ma$tercard phone representatives who dutifully and routinely called, but none of them apparently felt empowerred to heed or carry our request for a spiritually and global ethics toward nature and peace oriented-community meeting, to a supervisor, or others, who deal with the public at either Ma$tercards, or other similar women-focussed bank offshoots and affiliates of Ma$tercard. But no one ever called to follow up on these suggestions and requests. The customer representatives that called, as might be expected, felt they needed to be interested in simply getting our money, viewing it as a debt payment instead of a gift, under the current fractured and unrepresentative system, and much more interested in collecting money than in our thoughts and spiritual or religious beliefs about it, and what this money represented “in the Grand Scheme of Things” (to use the phrase the Baileys used when dealing with the Potters/Financiers of
“It’s A Wonderful Life” and it’s remake witn Margo Thomas as the main character and Cloris Leachman as the Angel in “It’s a Wonderful Christmas”.

Therefore, after attempting unsuccessfully to suggest to the collection
representatives and women-focussed affiliates of Ma$tercard offering banks and
institutions(some even are charities) that they and their employers offer community based meetings about thse concerns, we realized it was more advisable for Us to simply wait, and not “pay” at all, anymore, even with payments labeled as GIFTS, any further (Ma$tercard) credit card bills. For our concerns about paradigms were being ignored, and so any further payments would be misunderstood and received under the current paradigm, that passes for economics among large institutions on Planet Earth. As a matter of deepest
faith and religious freedom, we would simply wait until the matter could be handled by processes someone nearer than corporate boards, our and every real community, such a class action-type ripple effect, via word of mouth about presenting such concerns, websites, even to community based collection agencies or courts not located or having their offices based in New York where most Ma$tercard banks often meet with larger financial and geopolitical
decision-making community and all its outmoded rotten apple paradigms of wealth.

Rather than pay up as good little exploitees and cogs in the planetary war and
waste system, We decided to let our little bills accrue, let the matter come to a public hearing, even just by ripple effect, so that We could publically put those official Collectors, and, if need be, the Debt Courts themselves, that routinely deal with these matters without understanding their planetary and geonatural implications, on futuristically-oriented “trial” themselves, at least in people’s consciousnesses, and as a test of Nature, including Human Nature including human intelligence, in all its IQ (intellectual quotient: its ability to prefer new paradigms) and EQ (emotional quotient, the ability to see the old ones are causing major distress to middle and financially poor classes and leading to systems of painful want and war) and SQ (spiritual quotient, that humanity is meant for something better than this) manifestations of how people on this planet should be counting decisions around who owes who, wealth, and what harms their
misunderstanding causes, both daily and eventually cumulatively to the Planet and its Natural balance. For extremity of natural disaster and escalations toward war are more likely to happen, when humanity repeatedly, daily, misvalues and misaccounts what is important, and especially, the value of women, their many kinds of work, their ideas, and their love for the young, the vulnerable, their planet, its ability to change, and to have and sustain peace and the environment, and all its people.

Many – although by no means all – “debtors” could, (with considerable strain and impact that further hurts families and communities by draining local resources that should be going to something far more important than paying the shieks and CEO’s that rule Ma$tercard) have mindlessly paid our bills as a bill, at an earlier stage of amount “owed”, rather than allowing the matter to continue until it came to the level of a collections agency or a court trial. Many of us had just enough money to do so at the earliest stage. But, if We had done so, because of our consciousnesses and awarenesses as an EmissarYESof the future,
we believed such a small yet significant complicit action, even at low levels of payment, with a war and global-warming-causing economic system, would have already BY NOW, have set off a devastating Earthquake or Tsunami, very possibly in North America and especially likely affecing the New York geopolitical financial community, because Mother Earth does not want women (or men) of conscience and Higher Consciousness to simply, routinely, like automatons, follow planeticidal corporate orders, and pretend that such bills, and the global wealth paradigms of Mammon accounting and decision-making system that they are part of, make sense anymore.

With each pointless war or battle where the young, brave and woefully uninformed are sent for no good reason (and there is never a good reason for conflict resolvers and pacifists such as us to see one mother’s child resolve a conflict by killing another mother or parent’s child), to defend old men’s wealth and power that count bad decisions on energy as more important than women’s energies of love and nurturing; with each environmental catastrophe, Mother Earth~Father (never a Sexist) Time is crying out that we, that is all humanity, change our economic system from a scarcity-illusion war system to a peace and sustainable renewable prosperity for all system. It is time now to change the system to one that values women, youth and children (the future) as much as unnecessary hoarding systems made by (past and passing generations of) aging mostly men, and heeds women’s (and kinder men’s views, in contexts of balance) on how economics should work, so that all on earth, female and male, young and old, may truly live and love long and prosper continually and beyond our previous imaginations.

The AurelleyahyahTrue Qs are pleading each and all our cases, therefore, not only or first and foremost, then on our own behalf, but on behalf of ALL THE CASES ON THE AND EVERY DEBT AGENCY CASELOAD AND COURT DOCKET. This also is relevant in many other decisions and courts, and many other related cases of shrinking middle class and poverty law, from credit counseling, to small claims courts where debts to Ma$tercard are being disputed between parties who are both un and underepresented people. Instead of conflicting with each
other, they and all could realize they both and all are really owed something — a change in paradigm! THe notion in any case, that anyone can be owed or credited, and especially regarding big corporations like Ma$tercard, (that are in fact, even
endangering their own Planet and therefore even their own future operation in any,
even better and more prosocial line of work), must now come up not only for
our cases, but in those that will come next immediately after each of ours.
Because millions of women and youth “debtors” and indeed, all “creditors” as well
according to our misnomers of misunderstanding about true wealth; thus, not only
women, but millions of men, too — ALL are equally systmically and therefore cumulatively, endangered, with bad gender imbalanced paradigms and decisions on resources, values, the need for war and the environmen. We believe and attest, that not just We, but all these people, as so-called debtors, but just as well, those who are confused enough to think they are wronged creditors and just
plaintiffs, are exposed to the terrors of unnecessary war and global warming, by
the systemic financial practices and paradigms of Ma$tercard, and even its women-focussed affiliates, if it remains complicit and coopted in the unreformed accounting system used by corporationsand most male-dominations and international bodies, the New York Legal and Financial Geopolitical Community and its current system of accounting. Yet, this is still the daily system used by most male-made corporations and nation-states on an interconnected and now urgently endangered continuously interconnected earth that is shared by all earthlings as their one potential sharable homeland for happiness, health and harmony.

We are aware that some special groups of people, members of minorities and/or ancient natives within regions, or even whole impoverished regions or nations themselves, are also additionally allegedly overindebted because they never received real payment for labor and for lands they had given, or perhaps more accurately stated, was taken, by force, from them. Some of these are also striving for reparation, and release from current debt. Some of these who may also being called before debtors courts for personal indebtness, while a collective debt owed to them and their ancestors remains taken for granted. So, they, too, may also experience a sense of sustainable victory — for their own unique instance as a pressing example of a change of good for themselves and ALL, ALL at Once, if new paradigms, which also count minority and native women (who often were stressed even by gender injustices within their groups) as well as men, for their unique stories, and for representative levels reasonably proportionate to all their presence, female as well as male, of all heritages, are applied, which insure that not only they, but all people on earth, majorities and minorities joined as earthlings in common higher love and value, need never know scarcity or exploitation again.
Links of interest are added here at:

As AurelleyahyahTrue Qs, we came to the conclusion that We could not and must not pay Our personal (or organizational) bills to Ma$tercards voluntarily on time. Because, it is HIGH TIME that we worldwide put our collection courts and the economic and anthropologial and spiritual misunderstandings of “wealth” that they “serve” on public, if good-natured, trial, with the intention of the Ultimate and Most Merciful Verdict for all — a Quantum Leap into a Star-Trekkian like economic
reality that is beyond scarcity, abundant for all, and has literally made money outmoded because of the quantums leaps and breakthrought in technology and anthropological sociologies of work and productivity, that accompany such a Quantum Leap.

By making each of their cases as a collective case against the whole misogynist and anti-earth upsidedown system of past-millennial inherited Mammon by male domination instead of gender partership and mutual respect, the AurelleyahyahTrueQs (and the Ragpickers become Rajpeacemakers who respect them) are asking and assisting Ma$tercard (and the world) to recognize a new and more spiritually and future-wise sound paradigm, that of what Hazel Henderson and now many others call the “Love Economy”, but could also be called the Star
or Universal Trek Economy, that is Beyond Scarcity because it is implementing the
Highest Principles of Love and Sustainability. Thus, as in Star Trek, this promises
a world fully rich and yet beyond the need for even the use of Money, which has become simply a shell game of illusion about resources and value, that keeps the decision-making of non-representative gender (and age-generational) imbalance overall, and egoistic elitism of a proportionately very few who have been coopted into it, even at the risk of their entire planet, in place.

Compared to the danger of continuing to risk an entire planet by continuing
an outmoded paradigm on decision-making and wealth, AurelleiyahyahTrueQs hope the occasion of their own small finanicial risk as so-called debtors, sometimes now several thousand in collections in some cases, and being potentially summoned by and to agencies and Courts with mostly male or coopted female boards and judges (still over 75% male and less than 23% female in most places, and almost 100% male at “tops” of hierarchies) upholding laws of still mostly-male legislatures (over 86% male in the US as a whole, corrupted by corporate boards that are over 95% male) and just as bad or worse in many states and provinces), would enable us to arrange a higher level of attention,
and heighten the intensity of meaning, of this parallel Virtual hearing,
on the Internet. For at this virtual collection agency, this virtual court, humanity’s
informed conscience, and even more than conscience, its informed consciousness, could become its own best jury, and sentence our world and institutions to change and life, with sustainability and quality for billions, for all people, instead of business as usual and death for an entire planet. AND of course, before an even Higher Court – Nature, which we believe ready to lower the boom on corporate business as usual old paradigms, that daily pretend so many who are especially owed not only amnesty but reparation (at least symbolically, via the change in paradigm to count women and their families and communities more fairly) are those who owe, if the corporations are not willing to admit the moral and ethical unsustainability of their accounting systems and representation of women in determining them.

Why, do each one of us, as a female and Truer Q, like a Quan Yin, have Compassion Instead of Contempt of Most of the World’s Debtor Court(s?

The billing corporations have Boards of Directors that are usually less than 5% female at best. Furthermore, less than about 20’s% judges (see links below for reference) in the US, where the world capital of Credit, New York, is based, are female. Because they are less than the thirties percentages level clearly indicated, by so many, and at the Beijing Conference for Women, to be the critical
MINIMUM threshhold to upholding women’s values and the planet
itself, this insufficient number judges with cooptation to fit in with the male-dominated majorities in legislatures and court deciders, not true judgement. This is, if you think about it as if you were an intelligent being from another planet or earthling of the future, an unfair and deceptive gender imbalance in the processes of decision-making, structurally incapable to justly serve a world population that is 54% female, including even judges and attorneys and their children at home, let alone their clients plaintiffs and defendants. In addition, most judges, male or female, still operate within a somewhat overly unitary, bacheolorized and unnecessarily lonely and hierarchical judicial framework, formed over past millennia, in which virtually no women were present as justices or attorneys and certainly not as the legislators who make laws, or advisors who understand human systems, including the cumulativve impact of law, routinely,
callously and mercilessly applied, on each family and community. Created in a past millennium, still too few courts offer a context of conflict resolution bodies of panels of co-peers that have the freedom, as peers, to dialogue about the wider context issues, and become a place for constructive community-friendly and accountable group consensus. So, most of us little people ought have a form of compassion for these lonely and either callous or coopted judges, especially because we would not want to be the judge whose decision inadvertently triggers significant destruction, via the human dimension of the Gaia effect, of the Planet Earth.

Therefore, We are asking for citation, not for contempt, but compassion, before Nature, for not only ourselves, but also for the court officerss and all their families, and the Maste$card plaintiff and all its families, with the protection of the Highest
Court, Nature and God. We here ask for public forgiveness of the real debts, not for only ourselves, and the millions of financial victims like each and all of us, but even for that Ferengi-like Deviltry of Unenlightenment borne of Past Millennial Ignorance based in mostly-male defined Paradigms, Precedents and Practices that still residually runs Maste$card and corporations systems of accounts in their New York and worldwide headquarters, and also the accounting system used by everyone. For with each transaction of money using this system, the earth moves closer to planetary dearth and death. Using the current old paradigm system, the more you spend and transact, the more you endanger, in such dollars, francs, yen, marcs and pesos and in sustainability beyond such labels; especially as they pass
through the coin-counting hands of Ma$tercard, the more you kill the planet.
Therefore, in past weeks, many of us have limited ourselves to only the barest of conventional expenditure. We have been living on less than $20 week, and are trying to live well at that level, in women and children respecting, local and resource based contexts, so underlying paradigms of money can be exposed, retired, and transformed into something that will make everyone, even the CEOS, vastly richer, not only materially and sustainably, but spiritually.

In the action of Nature on a clearly long genderimbalanced and non-mutual
in decision-making and therefore spiritually imbalanced Earth, it may already be
too late for complete Mercy (we hope not) for some at higher levels of Ma$tercard and those politicians who, while receiving large campaign contributions from Ma$tercard, make and influence the laws in which is operates. It is our true belief that these halls of power, and the natural wealth they have taken for granted and misused under these old paradigms, are now vulnerable to oceanic tsunami or the ash clouds of potential supervolcanoes that may well be triggered if humanity continues its current mistaken paradigms of wealth. It is these financial communities that must come to realize, now, that women, especially currently financially middle class and poorer women, who are too often called debtors, are often society’s biggest undcreditted creditors, owed a great deal of unpaid and underpaid credit, reward for endurance, heroism and compassion, by humanity, that they have not gotten, and for too long. But, perhaps it is not to late for anyone to learn and understand truer concepts of wealth, and Nature will give the world’s financial community’s major host city, New York’s financial community, and the endangered earth it depends on, anenvironmental reprieve.

A bit like Aurelia in the original Madwoman of Chaillot who, to protect the young and innocent of her community, by not paying for a while, we have allowed the greedy to lure themselves — but we hope it would be into greater awareness of the power of Nature and the Earth. We, and even more like very real women like
Hazel Henderson, Marilyn Waring, Sylviane Agacinski, and many others (and men
like Bernard Leitauer and Rhodri Morgen or Lionel Jospin, (who We would choose to play either the Ragpicker or Pierre in “Madwoman” and a kinder truer Q in Star
Trek,) We come as creative and everyperson emissarYES of the decent and loving
respect for life of the past and the viability of a future, for those who have a
good one. We want to lure and welcome everyone into an economic, social and
environmental future that is one of real and sustainable wealth.

Here, given as quotation as well as website resources for your reading and consideration, are the Sections of Our both very Personal and Collective Defense of Each, Self and/with All, Alleged Debtors/ Our Prosecution Against Ma$tercard and the Paradigms of Its Activities that are Not Only Impoverishing Many Middle Class and Poorer Women and many less privileged people including many children and men as well, but More Importantly and Interconnectedly Simultaneously Threatening the Entire Earth.Again,each section is preceded by quotes from Giradoux’s Madwoman of Chaillot, StarTrek episodes, and the wisdom of some of Earth’s most enlightening citizens and human family members.



I know perfectly well that at this moment the whole universe is listening
to us – and that every word we say reached to the remotest star. To pretend
otherwise is sheerest hypocrisy. — Countess Aurelia, the Madwoman of

In the life of the spirit, there is no ending that is not a beginning. —
Henrietta Szold of Baltimore, Maryland, founder of Hadassah. (The name Hadassah
is the Hebrew name for E(a)sther (which translates to Morning Star in ancient
Greek language, and is the female version in many ancient traditions (i.e. Astarte,
Ishtar, and, for example, Eostre in Celtic, who rose daily with a New Dawn, and
after a rest in work in hours or seasons rather than any human death of any
precious child become an adult). So Women represented with men who want them their might be called Risen Eosters orE-usters, and why not also, Westers, Northers and Southers, all Stars in their sections of the Earth as they connect with the potential of humanity expanding in all directions throughout the Universe under new paradigms.

That’s the thing about faith. If you don’t have it you can’t understand it.
And if you do, no explanation is necessary. Kira Nerys, Bejoran Oppressed
Woman Become Community Leader, Star Trek, Deep Space Nine

Ma$tercard is using an millennially outdated accounting system. It is
the same system used by the entire New York Financial and Corporate Community
and being used, as a result, by the nearby mostly male and therefore still earth and
humanity-dividing although so-called ‘United’ Nations. If this New York community used the better paradigm, fit for this new millennium, it would owe itself
infinite wealth, spiritual and material, in two steps: 1)Official calculation
as best as possible, and symbolically gifted return of what’s cumulatively owed to women, to underpaid workers and their oppressed groups progeny,
during the Millennia where common women had not reached above midthirties presence alongside men who want them there in all lawmaking and lawdeciding venues. This would also immediately make Ma$tercard and its community infinitely spiritually wealthy, and immediately upon this, Step 2 would occur almost effortlessly:(it is our faith backed by some understanding of science) for Step 1, done as a world-announced gesture, woudl produce a synergy, which would occur via spooky action at a distance to simultaneously bring forth scientific breakthroughs such as tripling the life span, warp space travel (star
gates) and matter and energy transfer, and all human beings would have no
further need for money, as scarcity of any resource or product would be

EVIDENCE: As evidence of our religious belief that is based in reality
that is also intuitively, even to a lay person, scientifically and
mathematically sensible. To sustain this Planet and to be able to Peacefully Explore the Universe, humanity needs an economic/political all-decision-making Quantum Leap, that will both cancel old debts,as in the ancient concept of the now grossly overdue Jubilee, for the good of the whole community, female as well as male, as both and moral and material beings, and especially for the sake of the future, because true sustainable growth on this planet requires a paradigm shift now, or Nature will begin to force humanity to pay a toll for maintaining old worth and wealth paradigms, including the so-called indebtedness of most
people. Maintaining the old paradigms, as developed by mostly one gender, is
to use them beyond their usefulness for the planet, and daily endangers the planet.

Exhibit A:

Moreover, we present the following ESSENTIAL simple facts which are referenced by many urls listed later and throughout this hearing on Everywoman’s so-called debt:

Similarly, Exhibit B: Uncounted and Recounted Numbers of Blessings: On Representing All That is of and Brings Value, and Cancelling Debt While Giving More True Credit Where it is Due, and Recognizing the New Paradigm
of Real Wealth for Life and Love on Earth:

Once Each Defendant, Each in Everywoman, realized the logic of the above

(P>In our Aurelliyahyahs’ view, as in the original Aurelia’s mind and heart, this
Virtual Trial is, then, a symbolic community meeting. And yes, it is we, as a Earth-Saving EmissarYES of a more Heavenly future, with the help of the Earth and Mother Nature/Father Time, that are putting Ma$tercard, and the New York and World financial community, and its legal including legislative community of law, on “Trial”, for a meeting of Win-Win Conflict Resolution, with Nature the ultimate arbiter, with mercy and compassion in my seemingly insignificant yet in fact quite synergistically empowered heart.

Exhibit C:
The following links will explain more of this defense/prosecution/natural

The following link describe a Ma$tercard-linked institutions’ potential relationship
to women willing to speak the truth, if the institution will listen

When We originally found this Ma$tercard connected (because Citigroup/Citibank is one of the largest offerers of Ma$tercard) “working with oneness”
article on the internet, We were delighted because We thought it would give us the
best audience within the Ma$tercard community for our plan then, which was to pay our bills AS GIFTS and NOT A DEBT, and if We could be assured it would go to help other women, within the system and its companites, to provide information to change the paradigm to one that reflects real wealth and credits the unpaid and underpaid labors of women and all alleged but not really, virtuously speaking, debtors. So far, we were not able to gain such interest in a community meeting among the functionaries connected to Ma$tercard, we came to realize that the elites of the financial and even charitable community are coopting all their staffs to act as drones in simply draining from the middle class to give too much too the very rich, (while, as at some of itsaffiliated charities, guiltily yet insufficiently giving only very small crumbs to the global poor, while allowing Earth’s Ferengi-like misunderstanding of wealth to fuel a system of war and death to the Planet. We were curious as to whether that may be an underlying reason that the author of the “Working With Oneness” article may have also felt unheard, and left formal
participation with one of Ma$tercard charities that advertises it is to benefit women, for, under the current paradigm, such simply could not live up to a women-and-earth-respecting purpose.

Exhibits D-H…through the WHole Alphabet!!!!

At this stage, We also learned of many others concerned about these matters,
and continued to ponder, what could We do that would not just make us simple pawns, blindly following bill paying corporate orders based in paradigmatic ignorance, that are endangering our HomePlanet Earth.

In some of our cases, become scheduled for an official collection and/or hearing, by bringing to light the shell-gamelike gender and other derivative representational imbalance absurdity of the decision-making system under which Ma$tercard is billing us and impoverishing of middle class or already nearly impoverished Patricias to in pittance global “charity” Pay impoverished Paulas that Ma$tercard/thus Ma$tercard-linked yet well intentioned sections/charities
are conducting it’s women focussed “charity” in, without holding the highest elites responsible toe change and within an outmoded and earth-endangering paradigm that denies everyone real wealth and sustainable future, We are, in essence, financial conscientious objectors, representative deserters of the bill paying army, which, while in the field, we came to realize was engaged in a a moral sin, what would be called a crime if representation was real,an exploitation, based in an absured and outmoded paradigm, particularly regarding the wealth and representation of the time and work women, that results in war and global warming, against women and children, and against humanity.

Humanity is now dedicated to the task of destruction. I am speaking, of
course, primarily of the male sex. A man doesn’t take your hand nowadays. He
gives you his paw. You don’t think it’s only the men who are changing? You
(women)change along with them. Unless we do something, humanity is doomed!
Constance, have you any suggestions? –Countess Aurelia, The Madwoman of

Women count for nothing. War is marketable. War pays. The economic system
says so. – Dr. Marilyn Waring, Professor of Economics, Member of the Federal
Reserve of New Zealand, and Gloria Steinem’s nominee for a Nobel Prize

I’m not as young as I used to be” –Guinan, Intergalactic Sage, Star Trek
Next Generation
I’m sensing great pain!! –Deanna Troi, Ships Counselor,
Star Trek Next Generation

Exhibits H through M through the Whole Alphabet and Back Again…!

Valuing the Accounts of Generations of Womenkind and The Children of

Is this the last Generation to Live Only on Earth, because we are beginning
Peaceful Space Contact. Or is it simply the last generation of life on Earth.
The choice is up to you. It will be assisted by reading these links: Put the pictures of YOur Locall Globall
Family, including Yourselves On Transformative
Money with Every Transaction

about Women and Ethical Leadership, i.e. “Women Will Change the Nature of Power”, by Bella Abzug and Devaka Jain
– This inspirational wisdom
of Marianne Williamson was made known worldwide when Nelson Mandela used it for his acceptance speech ending racial apartheid — it is now time to end the gender apartheid of our policial and economic understandings of the planet.

We have always felt, as women, that many of our most important tasks involve nurturing. Of course, We try to nurture everyone. But, as many women and people, We feel We have a special duty to nurture youth and children, and make the world, not worse, but better for them. It was when We came to understand the Ma$tercards are so actively seducing young students at colleges
and universities into major debt (under this Past Millennial paradigm that has
no place, really, in any young person’s life or future) even before they
graduate, that We became most inclined to not simply voluntarily pay our bills.
Many children and youth today are raised and supported entirely by their
mothers, especially young adults; and whether these young are born of us,
they are collectively all our children. The burden, indeed, the illusion, of debt on these groups is inhumane, and whether We have our own biological children or not, We feel deeply unwilling to “contribute” to a system that is daily compromising those who most, even in the words of the Bible that enjoins us to protect widows (single women) and children, deserve uplift and amnesty from debt.

Women and Children and World Debt
(Economics of Star Trek)

Young Peoples Debt

I am the law. When I speak, that is the law….it is a cherished
privilege, guaranteed by the Constitution.
-Ragpicker, Impersonating a
Corporation President, Madwoman of Chaillot

Do you know what your credit score is? – Frequently played commercial,
sometimes played during the newshour, about what residual late twentieth century
past Millennial New York Advertising Corporations and their clients thinks is
the most important thing for citizen need to understand about wealth and what is
credited on earth, while the work of economists such as Marilyn Waring and Hazel
Henderson, and issues pertaining to the levels of women deemed sufficient to
have democracy, and thereby, make laws covering debts, are totally absent on the
news which, even according to the 1984 film Network, was already then heavily
influenced by the stock holdings of Saudi Arabia, one of the cultures most
suppressive of empowerment and representation of women and the non-wealthy, on earth.

Media Executive played by Ned Beatty, “explains” to truth seeking idealist
Howard Beale how the world works: It is the international system of currency
which determines the vitality of life on this planet. That is the natural order
of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of
things today! And you have meddled with the primal forces of nature! And you
will atone! Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale? You get up on your little 21
inch screen and howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is
no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT, and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union
Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today….You have meddled
with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won’t have it! Is that clear?
You think you’ve merely stopped a business deal? That is not the case. The Arabs
have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it
back (even if it means we don’t report on things, such as human rights, economic
fairness and women’s news)! It is ebb and flow, tidal gravity. It is ecological
balance…There is only one holistic system of systems; one vast, interwoven,
interacting, multivaried, multinational dominion… of dollars!…. — the
film, Network, 1984

The Tarellians (could also have referred to the Ferengi) had reached Earth’s
late twentieth century level of knowledge. That’s all you need if you’re a
damned fool. ~Dr. Crusher, Haven Episode, Star Trek Next Generation

Timeline? This is no time to argue about time, we don’t have the time! Deanna Troi, StarTrek Next Generation

The Balance of Decision-Making

This is the best of times becoming the worst of times. During the 1990’s much
of Europe worked successfully to meet and exceed the 1995 Beijing Guideline of
at least 30% women in elected and appointed government office and balance of
women and men in decision-making. But, under Saudi Oil influence, he United
States and England, and some other major lands, still failed to implement the
guidelines as of now, in 2007. Insufficient presence of women in decision-making means all varieties of stress and problems for millions of families. The American and British middle class is disappearing into bankruptcy and the ranks of poverty,
with all the other ills that brings from increased drug and alcohol abuse to
child neglect and abuse to stress related illness. An Earth without a strong
middle, including of caring and educated women here and now, is, here and now a
potentially dying Earth. An Earth without an informed middle class that is spreading
the middle to most people, instead of watching it shrink while a few decay morally
within extreme material excess; a middle without a met standard for democracy for both genders, is an earth in danger of environmental collapse and
world, even nuclear war. At this very moment, our Earth is at risk Dying in the
moment of Imbalance. Only by understanding the role of companies like Ma$tercards in causing this imbalance can we create and restore the long overdue and too long delayed balance needed, in time to save the Earth.

Exhibits Z Through A and Back Again!!!!

The Beijing Platform for Action calls for a 30% minimum representation of
women in decision-making bodies. Some NGOs have expresses dissatisfaction for
the 30% as there has been a lack of progress since Beijing; these NGOs call for
gender parity, with a range of 45 to 55% as acceptable in a democracy.,3604,952106,00.html
Yes, even Gender Balanced Co-Presidential and Co-Justice Teams of Two Women and Two Men already exist on earth, within a context of increasing gender balance
throughout all decision-making and determination of priorities and values.

The laws on debt that Agencies and Courts are asked to apply today were made by a 84% male, 16% token female Congress of a land that hosts the largest corporations including Ma$tercard, in an widely suspect election process rejected
by a voter turnout of about half of those eligible and that proportionately was
especially missing younger more educated women and less genderist generations. It was a Congress that does not have enough women in it to meet the largest earthwide gathering of women in all time, 1995 Epochal Beijing Conference on Women Guidelines (at least 30% women) and those of Nature now eleven years later (between 35-50% for each gender), for the making of democratic and
representative legislation, or law that is environment-sustaining. (Most of the
State Legislature also do not meet the Beijing Minimums let alone sustainability
levels). It was a Congress in which almost all the members received large
donations and lobbying from Ma$tercard and other mostly male board
membered and CEOing interconnected corporations using the same destructive
practices regarding money, as Ma$tercard. On behalf of ourselves and all the women, the sisterhood of humanity on your case docket,These almost all male ceo robber barons earn 821 times the amount of the minimum wage workers and consumers, hundreds of times more than most of the middle class as well, and perhaps thousands of times more than at-home mothers unpaid for their daily work, all caught in the corporate feudal systems of bill collection, that also keep
billions worldwide in comparative extreme poverty and unable to take steps to
protect their environment. Some of these CEOs, including sheiks and old royalty
who have entwined their money with them, come from oligarchical families that
have been pyramiding their imbalanced financial clout for generations, while
generations of families have struggled under debt loads.

Therefore, We say We AurelliyahyahTrueQa and We All, All Humanity, are
cumulatively profoundly owed, not indebted, and not in any way indebted to
support systems that support such CEOS and their sheik and royal investors!!!!
Every person on earth is owed significant rebate and amnesty from further bill
payments until the system is fixed and apologized for, by these CEOshieks, and the
boards and stockholders that have allowed them to get so out of balance with the
great multitude of victimized and exploited humanity on earth. THe Jubilee
is overdue, and especially for women and children, who nationwide and worldwide
in true great number are called “debtors”, when it is they who are in most
deserving place of receiving systemic-wide recognition of their importance —
full credit that was withheld from them for too long. Worldwide these arethose who are most often called debtors under the sick old system of hierarchy and paradigm that does not value love and future. And more important,if this case insures the credit owed to these, all women and children, is paid by a change in paradigm, and men who prize them, then everyone else will also become revalued, as all humanity must be the most valuable to each other, and we will all benefit, in a Quantum Leap, that makes all, and not just a few mostly male CEO’s, truly, instead of falsely, rich. We rest our cases, on this fact alone.

Exhibit B for Beta through Q through Z for Zet

Everyone knows that little by little, as one wears pearls, they become
real. Wickedness evaporated.
– Countess Aurelia, Madwoman of Chaillot

The woman counts for something. She can help change the world. – Marilyn

… it’s time to throw that (old man’s/old centuries and millennia’s
accounting) book away – Guinan, Best of Both Worlds II, Star Trek

More on Debt Good Faith and Credit Due: From Whom and Toward Whom?
Huffington — God or Mammon: We Cannot Serve Two Masters — About Credit Card Protests — about the
Debt Peonage Society
Dollar Diva

Much of the US and world public has agreed that the laws on debt are punitive and
destructive. Because the sheik and CEO investment influenced and male board
controlled media has failed to report in entirety about the importance of women in political economic decision-making with men who welcome them as partners, and their necessity to bring forth sustainability economics, though, even this alarmed public and middle class do not yet fully understand just how daily and cumulatively destructive current laws are, from the perspective of planetary balance and Nature.

In case of emergency, it is permissible for the court to order the first
passer-by to act as attorney for the defense. — Countess Josephine, Aurelia’s
friend and an imaginative expert of women’s law of the heart of Nature, the
Madwoman of Chaillot

Loss and Gain are Narrow Terms, Eclipsed In GAIA s cosmic economics. – Hazel
Henderson, Economic Advisor to those who tried, in vain, to reform corporate
practices and the UN.

Guinan: “This is not a ship (or planet?) of war. This is a ship (or planet?)
of peace.” Star Trek

Exhibit A for Aurelleyah and the Golden Rule of Doing unto Others, including
Females, as you would have them do unto You, in Kindness and Balance.

Women’s Worth/Everyone’s Worth/Earth’s Worth

Astronomical Gifts

Exhibit Q for True Qs, female and male, matured, kind and powerfully good for
Each and All Together.

Q: “All the galaxy is a stage.”
— Q, Remember Me Episode, Star Trek

Deanna Troi: We still have to learn how to live in the real world, mother,
all of us. Lwaxana Troi: She’s absolutely right, (telling this to a young
Ferengi child rebelling against the greed culture of his father), but only when
necessary. ~Cost of Living Episode, Star Trek the Next Generation

Amanda Rogers (A True and Benigh Q who tries to keep humanity from destroying
itself): “For me?”
Riker: “It’s all yours.”
Rogers: “It’s so…big.”                                                                                                                                            Riker: “For honors students, only the best.” — True Q Episode, Star Trek

Closing Statement:
Verdict-ion-Benediction-Transcendant Resolution

Even if we were to continue to use conventional paradigm money, every woman
would be owed about a million dollars BY Ma$tercard, to correct for
injustices that occurred related to gender simply during her lifetime. If we
were to include our mothers’ and grandmothers’ and great aunts lives and
interest charged on their unpaid labors, the amount exploited of them would
triple, no quadruple. If women were to include all their female ancestors’
lives, the amount owed to most women, middle class and poor women, by men and by elitist but also unrepresented women, who then coopted themselves to fit in with men’s values unwisely would be astronomical, it would be a number large enough to balance the planet, and protect each grain of earth beneath the Cumbre Vieje volcano that could cause a landslide that could bring a tsunami to America’s East Coast if forgotten, or, if remembered and credited, open the StarGate and usher in a quantum leap for humanity, able to discover the even settle the mountains of Mars as well as of Earth, in quality of life and scientific as well as compassionate understanding.

Only by crediting each woman that number now, and wiping out all debts of women, especially of the dangerously shrinking middle class and of the poor, and all those not adequately counted by thus are still blind elites failing to
adopt the Love Economy, can Ma$tercard guarantee itself the shared wealth that all will have on a planet, that realizes it has technology now advanced enough, to
Like Star Trek, move beyond money. Literally, Ma$tercard’s methods, all the New
York and Corporate and official global and national methods of accounting and
billing, are, case by case, bill by bill, mindlessly made payment by payment,
endangering the Earth. But if they were transformed, simply by public
announement as frequent as M$tercard$ television ads, of the paradigms offered by Hazel Henderson, Marilyn Waring and the importance of having enough women on all corporate boards and legislatures, it would heal the Earth, bring humanity to
live long and prosper with Peace, Kindness and Love, and Open the StarGates that
both the Maric-Einsteins believed might open a door to warp speed time travel in
the Universe.

Money that does not count and symbolize in the daily transactions of the
human consciousness,the work of women and the sustainability of the environment, is itself an artifact of the Past Millennium. The sooner humanity understands that, the sooner it will move beyond the dangers caused by a lack of women in legislatures, their underrepresentation in the courts still designed under
paradigms that left out female ideas and viewpoints, and their missing places in
shared executives, corporate and political, and scientific and religious.

And then, like the characters in so much of visionary fiction and science
fiction, we will understand understand better who owed who, and how very much we will all benefit if we stop sweating the small stuff of a million once middle
class women like us by too long applying the accounting books of not yet
enlightened descendants of elite apes, and instead, in our fully matured and
transcendant humanity of this New Millennium, as Living Morningstartrek Angels
of our Better Nature on Earth, receive Astronomical Gifts of the Universal Love
Economy that Our Mother~Father of a Heavenly Earth always had intended for us,
and we were, til now, too blind and unvaluing of women, to figure the equation
out. This is our AurelleyahyahTrueQ scientific and religious understanding
of Power and Wealth – unlimited! We are here to provide the paradigms that
will allow all humanity to experience it — all credited for love, and debtors
no more.

Not just our accounts, but all the accounts next on docket after us, are like
the pebbles benearth Cumbre Vieho. A pull on one more pebble to add to the
bloated coffers of corporate machievellian princes co-invested with shieks could bring the wearing away of female humanity that triggers that landslide that brings a tsunami to Mother Nature’s coastline upon which corporate communities and courts rest.

But an awesome awaring of power that Nature/God has put into respecting, not
attacking and caring about every small pebble of care and wisdom, especially
that of females just now beginning to receive the value and credit due them on
earth, may help us to rebuild a world of love and good faith with all the
Children of that One Love that is the infinite wealth of all, female and male.

AurelliyayahTrueQs, LIke Maid Marions, and the serfwomen of her times,
realize our little bit of accrued wealth and decision-making morality can easily be stolen temporaily by the Modern Equivalent of King John , such as Citibank’s CEO
Charles Prince (yes, that is his Machiavellian-sounding real last name; to remind especially US citizens that like Prince Charles, such US CEOs represent a throwback to unelected royalty that alert citizenry must this time, not rebel against, but, with a better paradigm, help transform to democracy and wealth for all, female as well as male, younger as well as older, beyond nation, if it wants to achieve and preserve democracy, and the earth itself, for real.

Like the men of business who stroll through prospecting Countess Aurelia’s Paris for oil in Giradoux’s Play, the Prince of Citibank and his enabling family and
community are affecting all the cities of earth, and their paradigms of energies
that do not include the love energy of women, are environmentally endangering all these cities, and all their children, of all ages,now.
How many workers could be supported by Charles O. Prince’s $22,994,729 pay
package? 22 Nobel prize winners 69 average university presidents; 57 U.S.
presidents; 102 AFL-CIO presidents; 212 Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; 901
average workers; 2,146 minimum-wage earners. How long would it take to equal
Charles O. Prince’s total compensation for 2005? A Nobel prize winner would have
to work until 2028 A.D. An average university president would have to work until
2075 A.D. A real President of the United States would have to work until 2063 A.D.
AFL-CIO President John Sweeney would have to work until 2108 A.D. The Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would have to work until 2218 A.D. An average
worker would have to work until 2907 A.D. A minimum-wage earner would have to
work until 4152 A.D. Prince sits on the Board of Directors, which includes 17 people, only one an obviously coopted woman. It is likely all their incomes are in the top 1% of the world. Visiting reveals that one Board Member was even a Republican (of course male President of a certain country that has never had a female President or female and male shared Co-Executive Presidency (even though many other countries have this now)
in over 200 years, with a Congress and Supreme Court about 90% male instead of meeting the now eleven years old 30 percent critical minimum of the
Beijing Platform, and who was in so-called elected office for the beginning of OPEC’s
financial take-over of North America, and and whose wife sadly became best known for her addiction to alcohol and medications for depression instead of as a Coleader in actual gender shared office, as so many wives and children of such so-called men of power. So-called Power that is not guided in its decisions by the balancing power of women with men who want them there.

In contrast, to such Prince’s Boardrooms look at Ma$tercard’$ few women-focused affiliates at many banks, and their tiny but highly advertised tokenized staffs of directors and volunteers, which gives charity for small business start ups to poor women who have already been oppressed in parts of the nation and world, some for several thousand years, but usually by unwittingly taking systemic forced contributions from shrinking middle class women and already becoming increasingly widely impoverished women of the US, who actually just began to allowed to own any property of their own in the 1800’s, and are America’s now fasting growing group going into bankruptcy. All as Saudi and Chavinist CEO influence pulled the US Congress and UN away from 200 years of progress for women and its Commitment to the minimum of 30% of the 1995 Beijing Conference for Women’s Guidelines and allowed it to sink to 70th in the percentage of women in office compared to other lands. Like the 16% women of Congress and even more so, the good women of Ma$tercard’$ token charities and sections
devoted to women, have become little more than coopted and insufficiently present cogs in a grossly global corporate-sheik-male dominated system of confusion about what is real wealth. Is that, perhaps, the reason, that the good Paige Church(wo)man of the Working With Oneness Article cited herein may have left her Ma$tercard-offering Bankgroup?

Yet, it is precisely women such as the coopted directors of Ma$tercard Affiliates like the systemically forced to be hypocritical, as well as the myriad numbers of tellers and customer service representatives who need ellevation within the Ma$tercard system, to break free of the hypocrisy, and meet the levels now being arranged in Norway, and using the paradigms of Hazel
Henderson, (who helped the Calvert Fund begin to state some
“Women’s Principles), Marilyn Waring and others, that can save the New York finanical and diplomatic community from its false concepts of wealth, and bring them far greater powers, including the ability to bring forth sustainable world peace.

But alas, the shift has not yet occurred, and Ma$tercards and Ma$tercard serve the wrong Master, a very devilish hierarchy ignorance, with Charles Prince (and
likely friends like Prince Charles) at the top that has already undone the
American Revolution to protect the middle and common person from from a royal elite while giving hope to all the poor of the world with the Light of Lady Liberty, and is now urgently threatening both New York, all of North America, and the Earth
itself, with environmental disaster, global warming desertification due
to gender imbalanced investment in premature genetic engineerings of crops,
or a tsunami.

It is Ma$tercard’$ male dominance hierarchy, and its coopted and ill-informed
minions of misinformed lower-echelons of women, it’s uninformed and coglike
polite but uninformed customer service representative harem, that call, to claim they must have our, and the other unrepresented middle and lower class women’s and people’s on your dockets’ money. That would of course, make what less of the little remaining of our such shrinking middle, working and poor class yet middle path world protective Class M for middle or temperate Planet for all funds unavailable to most, funds that we would use to help people and try to save the Earth from extremes like Armageddon, Nuclear Winter, and Global Warming.

Many of our accounts that could be garnished are held at credit unions,community
banks and mutual funds; some are even socially responsible mutual funds. We
are offering this virtual case transcript, as well, thus, to the smaller and more
responsible institutions where many of our accounts are held, and other funds and financial institutions and departments that have benefitted from the work of Hazel Henderson. We are asking that they use their influence to discuss changes of gender balance in the paradigm, quickly, to save the Earth from earthquake and tsunamis. Theirs, too, must be this case of the need to change our paradigms on wealth and decision-making powers, not only as our personal and collective defense, but that of every person currently paying bills to Ma$tercard,
and any corporation where the CEO earns more than 100 times the average worker, and while most women’s work at home and in community remains unaccounted for in the entire system.

And yes, True Q with greatest compassion for humanity and all life
on Earth, We strongly encourage everyone to DELAY OR STOP PAYING
BILLS in the old paradigm on time voluntarily, to delay payment long
enough to assure community discussion of the new and overdue paradigm
of sustainabilty that counts the work and thoughts of women as well
as the value of children, the environment and the future of all people
as well as it does the decisions of overprivileged men.
Be a loving and constructive grain of sand instead of being an oiled
cog in a wheel of planetary destruction. Send copies of some of the
links and information given here, and to be willing to flood the
Internet with cases of America’s gender and privilege imbalanced
courts (of corporate conflict coverup instead of conflict resolution)
with defenses such as this one.

That would be necessary, unless, of course, out of the angels of his better
nature, the potential Ms and Mrs. Prince(sses)of Peace of the Ma$tercard and
its token yet present women and world-caring Communities, remembering slave Princess Esther realized there is a shared power better than that of material wealth hoarded at others expense under systems where sisters are not equally and wholly represented. If the Miss and MRs. Princesses of the Courts of any Canton/Province/State and the more alert offices of Ma$tercard will simply work together to help the Mr. Prince’s understand that his CEO system is a Chief EarthExtinction Officer, killing the Earth, and like Esther’s ancient Prince offering 50-50 or Maya’s son Siddhartha understanding that respect for Nature, renunciation of male excess in decision-making and definition of wealth, and
Compassion for All is real wealth, stay his hand and offer the overdue
50-50 to every Princess of Love, then all men can become Mr. Princes of Peace and Conscience everywhere, there will be peace and wealth of not just material but spiritual sharing of untold power on Earth and all the terraformable planets that, if we all become BetaTrueQ of Caring and Vulcan Logic instead of Ferengi greed, Klingon aggression and Romulan arrogance. This can still be in our everyouthful and temperate Raisan(an idyllic planet in Star TRek) Risen Future.

5. Your and Nature’s “Verdict” Calculate:

What does a Machiavellian Prince’s Industry under that old paradigm of manipulation and deception Owe You? What does he Owe himself, as a potential Siddartha, this time fully remembering equally his mother and the aunts who raised him as well, and all their sisters and daughters, too, around the world now decision-making for a better world equally with him: able to renounce false wealth and take a Middle Path that assures that all, female and male, may be restored to and allowed to continue to enjoy never less than the Middle Class of a Class M for Middle Planet and together, by such mutual care, bring truer wealth to all instead of a falsely materially preoccupied elite that has lost connection with most people on Earth? What Mercy Does Nature Owe Him and other such currently Machiavellian instead of yet but potentially, like all people Peacemaking Prince finally recognizing that all women are Princesses when the Golden Rule of Love is applied? Doesn’t he too, and his children, deserve a planet he/they can live on? A City Not Destroyed by Tsunamis that his reliance on an old paradigm made by mostly one gender only, too long, could cause?

Again, here is the new Siddharthan Middle Path We offer the hierarchy that Ma$tercard represents: Renounce personal wealth above a Middle Class level. Redevelop shared community based on love and respect for all people, with shared decision-making with roughly equal numbers women at all levels, and better funded sections with special reparations for women and other oppressed or exploited groups, so that can they can really do good instead of being coopted
into a few egoistic paleopatterned male’s slave and war system. Save New York
and North American coastlines from environmental destruction due to
the globally overheated oceanic action of MotherNature. Save Your Soul,
so that you may have the powers of a noble mystic rebel become leader Jacote in Co-Executive partnership with a woman in a balanced crew. Become like a centuries long-lived Tzarek who so greatly loved and honored his earthly wife and All her humankind sisters, the whole planet’s worth of them, as colleagues, community members and cared about full counted codecision-making priestess citizens and world family members. With such Vulcan logic ,understand that despite their presence on the Star Trek saga as interesting characters, Earthlings who are more like Ferengi, Romulans and Klingons than full and wholly ethical Vulcan and Betazet human beings, will not sustain long enough to travel the universe in living, terraforming Peace of the Aurellean Golden Rule, “Do unto
others as you would have them do unto you” with the Rest of Us. For
we, with all our accounts and cases, represent the greatest number, the so-called
middle and lower classes of Earth, rejoined as all humanity, in the middle and
temperate climate of a Class M for Middle and Miraculous for all loving one another planet, with those of the “upper” financial classes (under a false and unsustainable old paradigm) becoming wise enough to wake up and change their paradigms of wealth via selfish egoism and power before Nature’s tsunamis or hurricanes make it too late for their offices of Lauding of Financial Midas’Fools’ Cold Gold instead of the Loving the Golden Rule.

Until the episodes “Ferengi Love Songs” (in which it was revealed that Ishka
(a reference Ishtar/Astarte/Esther) , had become romantically involved with
Grand Nagus Zek and the similar episode “Profit and Lace”, the laws and society of the Ferengi were extremely harsh towards its women. Female Ferengi were forbidden to make profit, wear clothes, talk to strangers, or travel without the permission of the eldest male of the family. Ferengi women traditionally softened food for members of their family by chewing it, and selling one’s mother for gold-pressed the principal form of legal tender, is an act that would be looked on with admiration in Ferengi society. As the links above show, a similar society has today invested billions in New York’s and US finances, under the old oily paradigm. They influenced media and editors to keep the need for change from public knowledge. Was this wise, even for such men of the very old ways? And yet, do they not also have many young Q women among their daughters and wives, and brothers and husbands ready and eager to recognize such women and all women as full partners in making a sustainable and fertile instead of dying and desertified Planet.

(In reality, a Ferengi-Klingon-Romulan-like society, either unevolved or regressed, would kill their own HOST PLANET. By the time of Deep Space Nine’s episode, “The Dogs of War” it was indicated that Ferengi capitalism and Klingon militarism was coming under greater regulation, with herandhistoric changes being made with respect to things such as female rights, universal health care, workers’ rights, etc. —

Would any of the following help prevent the Earth endangering Ferengification of the human business executive, the drone-like haremification of their workforce, and their unwitting systemic necessitation of a Romulan or Klingonlike war machine, by holding onto paradigms that cannot sustain any living planet, including its financial headquarters?>

Perhaps their encounter at Nearpoint and Farpoint must be recognizing that
even in their worlds, there are Aurelleyahyah TrueQs, females heart of Golden Heart and Truth as well as Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual intelligence, who can convince even a Ferengi (or Romulan or Klingon) that their women have great and fully equal value because they are so critical to the Power of Conscience and Love on any long viable Planet..

“The Light of your God or
Goddess will guide you. Seek and ye shall find that Light. Knock and the door to
the Spirit World will be opened to you. Your God or(and) Goddess is waiting for your call…. You, my brothers and sisters can also be One with your Father or(and) Mother if you have the necessary Desire and put forth the Effort.” (from

The king again said to Esther, What is your wish, Queen Esther? It shall be
granted you. And what is your request? Even to the half of my kingdom, it shall
be fulfilled. —-

Higher emotions are what separate us from the lower orders of life… —Deanna Troi, _Imzadi_, Star Trek – The Next Generation

It is turning a disadvantage into an advantage. Deanna Troi, As a Respected Colleague, Reempowering the Peace Powerful Counselor Riva
to Speak, with her as needed, for Peace as the Primary Value, Loud as a Whisper, Star Trek

The Woman True Q: “For me?”
Riker: “It’s all yours.”
The Young Woman
True Q: “It’s so…big.”
Riker: “For honors students, only the best.”

Things are only impossible until they’re not.
—Jean-Luc Picard, (and his Sisters as well as Brothers, eventual Wife, and Family) likely descendants of Sylvianne Agacinski, Lionel Jospin, Christiane Taubira with Segolene Royal, as well as Julia and Rhodri (together far more Love Powerful than ever was a Pierpont Morgan ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ (representative of the Near and Far point

With the help of female True Qs — NOW and NOW– the human male transcends his mirrored Nemisis Relationship with the adolescent chauvinist Q, and meets the mature Compassionate Women such as those represented here before you by each of us today. And so each poor, wounded or cynical man, nomatter how materially “wealthy” or “poor” transforms spiritually from a Ragpicker to a Love-Coruling Rajpeacemaker, now also a True Q of balance as well
as compassion himself, practicing also the Aurellean Golden Rule with Women as equal partners, all with an unlimited life span, matter and energy transfer based unlimited wealth without scarcity. This is the True Q Enterprize and Economy of Love come to the Home Planet, with commonly shared greatest powers, Powers of unlimited travel in Peace and Prosperity for All, throughout the Universe, gifts given to currently present next generations of just and merciful everyday shesusses and hesusses, the spirit within all within common royally GoldenRuling
everypersons, that had heretofore never imagined ALL had the True Q Power to bring about — until now, with this birth, and infinitely sustainable life, of a new paradigm for this Class  for Miracles Planet! (with, the help of the Loving,Living NatureGod, the Highest Court of All.

We Rest Our Cases, at the Birth of New Paradigm that Can Sustain the Planet and All Its Children ForNow and All Future Time

<-Queen-Princess AurelleyahyahsTrueQs of All Names, Each A True and
Compassionate Q of the Q Continuum Aurelliyahyah through AlphWith~Beta Through M and Q and SZet~Planets and People of All Names ~A through Z~ and back again, All of Highest Q, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Quotient, a Sustainable Paradigm of Material Quantity with Love for Spiritual Quality, and Each One/Some of Earth’s First EmmissiarYES of Universall Millennia for a mature and RaisaRiszen Humanity.



This and other related websites are dedicated First to my Mother, Maternal Grandmother, and Sister and then all the women of my global and universal interconnected extended family/community past, present and future, especially those who have worked and are working for equal representation of women and the equal and appreciated status of women and girls with men and boys, and equally to my First Brother Nephew, who was raised in part by by me and my Mother/his Grandmother, who was an undervalued Living Goddess of Love on Earth, to all the girls and boys of all ages past, present and future especially those living during, around and since my Nephew’s birth, and to all the men of my extended global and universal family/community, past and future who have worked and are working for the equal representation of women and the equal status of women and men and girl with boys, to my redeemed Father, who was redeemed by my gender balance work, and these websites were assisted, preserved, and saved for the Internet by my husband, who first encouraged me to appreciate the Value of the Internet. I have used it to transform the local/global human family/community to gender balance in thought, action, decision-making, economic paradigms, and belief in the MotherFatherGodGoddessOneinInteractionProcess Mystery that Loves All Divinely Endowed Children who require gender balance to meet their Divinely- Endowed Full Potential. That MotherFatherGodGoddessOneinInteractionProcess Mystery was and is still and Eternally Always Present, awaiting our Full Recognition and Ready to give Humanity a Wake Up Call for delaying and not evolving to gender balance for too long.