Media Consolidation: Big Brother’s Big Lie

The following infographic, from because it comes from a freedom seekers a father and son who call their website Frugal Dad, reminds us that all men are not Big Brother, and men can become the allies of self-respecting women who realize we must reclaim the media with from patriarchy and gender domination, with female and male gender and diverse balance and Love for All that makes money extinct so we can enjoy the generosity of Nature, instead of living frugally while a patriarchal 1% consumes us all to death. The following is the way it is for the moment, but we must all change that now, and help the approximately 232 mostly men who control the misinformation reaching billions, to change their paradigm NOW

The BIG LIE is that one gender is competent to make and report the decisions of the world. That is a disaster for all people, and Mother Nature with Father Time, who was never a sexist.  Media consolidation, with mostly alpha males patriarchs driving the disaster, has become the greatest threat to all humanity, Love and All Life On Earth. What is fails to report or discuss is even more important then the lies and manipulations told about what it does report and discuss.

TURN OFF YOUR TV, watch New Tellevision, read Yes Magazine, and listen to those of re-evolution, all over the Internet and in your familycommunity. Your and Everyone’s Life Depends on It. Frugal Sons and Dads  can still be Replenished and Graced by Abundant Daughters and Moms,  fully empowered for coevolution to sustainability and goodness instead of evil lies, if we change our ways on this Planet in these fateful months and days. We can have media of Sisterhood and Brotherhood, instead of lying and dominating Big Brother. Be and visit the New Millenniall Media Spread the New Millenniall Golden Rule  in what you say in conversations, on the World Wide Web, and in everything you write and say,

Our Atonement, Confession and Path to Enlightenment for the Media has several sections including this one of the most clear infographic that everyone must see to understand how dangerously their perceptions have been controlled and mannon-ipulated:


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