Ballanced AllRepresentative New Millenniall Currencyesz: Infinite Weallth


pdplusBalanced AllRepresentative New Millenniall Currency:

Infinite Weallth

NOTE: All the New Higher Consciousness Currency Templates Displayed On This Page, for bills, checks and credit cardsz, May Be Freely Copied and Used for Your Personall and/or (merged & transzacted with) every Communityesz & Being Transzformed Conventionall Currency & all Are Adviszed to Buy & Transzact only for what isz Esszentiall Until the Paradigm Szhift hasz occurred all arround our Home Planet

(There are More of a Perszonall and Commemmorative Style Allszo On thisz Webszite, and Particularly Important for You and Your Szhe Kin and He Kin at & You Can  Carry & Diszplay Your New Infinite Weallth Wearing Your Own Transzformationall Pursze, Wallet & Decorated Clothing that Beszt Faszhion Throughout YOur Thereby Szusztained Home Planet & Growing Universze.



Our Planet Earth, if solar and renewable energy and all the energy of human labors of love are counted, is Infinitely Wealthy, and Everyone On it is a TrillionZillionaire. The only reason we don’t know this is because we have been operating under the wrong paradigm; a misperception, an untruth that we became accustomed to, have been socialized to believe, and thought real.

Here, instead, based on the 5 Pillars (the 4th Pillar is YOU and the 5th is AllMighty Providence) of the New Millenniall Golden Rule    to Save or Planet  ~ 3 Allready Invented Wheels to Save our World~ And You Are the 4th Pillar to Make it Stand, the 4th Wheel to Make it Go Forth/Make it So with faith in the Loving Will of Allmight Providence, the 5th pillar~ is what ReAll money looks like. You can print your own, and must now bring them to or send them with every transaction, indeed, why not every email?,  made Divinely Empoweed Transformationall Gift. Via what physicists call “spooky action at a distance” (i.e. Divine Action via butterfly or ripple effect), by doing so, you will bring about a quantum leap to a sustainable world, that no longer needs money, in which every person is heallthy, weallthy and wise and can Live Long, Youthfully, Heallthy, True Weallthy-Wisely and Prosper Perpetually. (NOTE: This is no longer just a “option”, it is an ABSOLUTE NECESSSITY to Save Our Earth. Every transaction of conventional money without this Transformatory Action causes the  Earth to move that much closer to total destruction and Humanity to extinction; every transaction with Consciousness Currency assists Planetary Recovery and may be able to Save Our Earth, You and All the People and Life Forms You Know and Billions More from needless and pointless Genocidal Planetocide).

Perception Dollars (see full size front and back above) pdplusbackwere first conceived by activist and Congressionall candidate and mother, a Sister to All, Carol Brouillet and designed by artist Blaine Machan.   With Carol’s encouragement, the information about the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) instead of GDP, the Panchayat Raj and Gender Parity, and the Circle Process, our fast track distilled Wheels or Pillars of World Saving Change been added, in Pink, a color most associated with Women, Girls and Dawn, to bring about the overdue New Millenniall Transformation that must urgently save our world. It is estimate that over 7 million perception dollars and millions more similar instruments called community currencies, are already in circulation in many cities and towns around the world, and now, pioneers like Paul Glover of Ithaca Dollars, are enthusiastic that they can all be updated to include the Panchayat Raj, GPI and Circle Process transforming essentialls of a New Day.  THIS IS NEW CONSCIOUSNESS CURRENCY, SO PASS IT AROUND AND FLASH IT AT EVERY TRANSACTION AND YOU WILL CREATE A MARVELOUS MIRACLE EFFECT. Also included below also, are ways you can quickly transform any paper money with a pen, pencil or drymark  (doing so is protected free speech) and on checks, with You and GoddessGod’s Blessing as the Ultimate Treasury.

Gender Tender  (see full size front and back below) developed by  the Millenniall Year CoPresidentiall Candidate who is also editor of this website,  gendertenderis another example of another easily printable alternative that We conceived based on the Star Trek Utopian Vision,  to remind all that with the transition to Soular self-and-other government of Sisterhood and Brotherhood, comes Solar Energy. likely matter energy transfer, and sustainable wealth that replenishes instead of draining our world. This is Jubillee Money, Reparations, Investment in Present and Future and More. Thousands of Gender Tender have been distributed and shared in Mary~land, where the Genuine Progress Indicator is allready used officially, and community currencies are also in use in Anacostia and other communities, and it was also distributed to many households in Canada, where Toronto uses community currency. In Canada,  the Genuine Progress Indicator has several provincial programs underway, and the Panchayat Raj is a bit better known. because Canada, like India, were once both “Commonwealth” Countries: this give a new face and meaning to Common Wealth.This money, too, has been seen around the world via the Internet, and other communities may be using it that we do not know about yet.

Before looking at our Credit Card examples (below), a few more reparative examples for women and gender balance examples for women and men, are in order after 8,000 years of a money system that did not count most of the work done on this Planet that is essentiall to all but because unpaid, was invisiblized and in each generations, uncounted, devalued and increasingly diminished, truly unbalacing society and in every generation, tipping culture toward the most aggressive of men instead of all people, female and male and, exploitation and war.  Here are a few more printable examples of a better world, some again, with a Divinely Empowered and  Science Fiction made ReEvolutionary ReAllity theme:


For those of Humorously Loving Yet Rebelleious  and ReEvolutionary Spirit, Wash away the New Plantation Sexist Racist Token Puppet Government of Washington DC with Loving Irony: instead of Confederate Dollars, call them  CO Federation Dollars as in Star Trek, 5050 dollars, Milky Way Dollars, or Geena instead of Jefferson Davis Dollars, or Mrs. and Mr. Jeffersdaughters (or daughters & sons money), or Daxies (after the Star Trek reincarnation-reminding characters who are pictured with others from the Utopian Visionary Saga) instead of Dixies, as they were called when genderism and sexism tried to win by more overtly by weapons instead of cooptation and the gradualism that both Geena Davis and MLK warned against (but most of the US and World have been so dangerously deluded and media misled by). ITS TIME TO WAKE UP TO THE GENDERIST RACIST CLASSIST WAR ON THIS PLANET & WAGE & INVEST IN THE POWER OF THE CONSCIOUS CURRENCYES OF CIVIL CIVALL LOVING LIVING PEACE INSTEAD).


womensandmensnewcofederationdollargbnesaraCredit Must Go to Those Ready to Practice the Golden Rule toward both genders, all races, and all geographical regions of Earth> All Connected by Nature. Carry the Credit for Love and Life with You, the Jubillee Credit Card, worldofheartszcredtcardand Don’t Leave Home Without It. (see below for larger version)

With your and your neighbors’ computer printers or even just a drymark used each time you go to any store or write a check, that makes you the Artist of Treasuree, that could easily become billions and trillions of such transformational dollars almost overnight. Bring them to and send them with Every Transaction whether mail or Pay Pal (just send an accompanying email with the graphic), and you will be overturning the tables of moneychangers that have destroyed the Temples of Democracy and Good Faith in Everyone, You Will Change the Money, and the Heart, Mind and Spirit of All, to Infinite Blessing and Wealth, as GoddessGod originally intended.for Humanity’s best New Millennial Present and Future.

Perception Dollars for Parity Panchayat Raj & Planet Progresst’s It’s Time Our Pictured Patriarchs On Money Remembered and Pictured their Wives, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters & All the People, Female, Male, Ever Hue. Be an Artist of Real Wealth, It’s Protected Free Speech.


                         Checks that Change the World


Gender Tender


gendertender PersonallPlanetaryReBallance Credit Card


What’s in Your PersontoPlanet Wallet? Laminate these Templates at Your Local Copy Shop and Carry With You to Show at Every Transaction, to help you Discuss the untruthful and destructive aspects of Conventional Currency and Cards. Even if you need to use Conventiona Currency for necessities for a while, each transaction where you also show the Consciousness Currency, will bring forth, again, via what physicists call Spooky Action at a distance, the return to Divinely Endowed and Allmost Unlimited Abundance for All, via the Rebalancing of Human Consciouness in Everyday Life. Truth is LovePower.


These are examples of  Do It Yourself PEOPLE’s GOOD NE(W)SARA FUNDS, that will allow YOU TO, ALLMOST AS ALCHEMISTS REACTION, Catalyze the release and reallocation of conventional accumulated funds, in the form of NESARA. JUBALLEE and/or MORE, WORLDWIDE,  FOR GOOD instead  OF ILL, MISUSE, WASTE AND IGNORANCE (EVIL) that are only limiting and shortening everyone’s life, love and happiness. This is the Money of the Universe, a purse and pocketfull of Marvelous Miracles for All.

Again, these instruments of Reall Weallth can and must be used everyday, starting Now. We cannot know that prayers or protests alone will convince even those within the entrenched patriarchy to release funds NOW (i.e. NESARA, or other top-down visionary restructurings) for Jobs of Love and Light, even though that would be most redemptive and desirable. But these Jobs, of Healers, Teachers, Permaculturists, Ecologists, green and pink and multicolored Garden, Orchard and Living Rainbowmakers, CAN START TODAY. RIGHT NOW. 

WHY WAIT? DYI DO IT YOURSELF NESARA/FINANCIAL RESET. PRINT OUT THE MONEY ABOVE, OR MARK YOURS WITH VISION. YOU ARE THE TREASURY OF THE GODDESSGOD, and can bring about the change, via what physicists call “spooky action at a distance” of a few, some and then quickly many people using tender that reflects the changes they want in the World, NOW TODAY.  Let the Printer Presses Roll, and Your Occupy Camp, Neighborhoods and Transition Towns will quickly become Solar Soular Centers Radiating Kindness and Sustainability Everyday and Everywhere:

transitiontownsand your Cities of Love, Life and Light will reflect  that which is Sun and Star Powered, mature enough to connect ancient wisdom with humane technology, terraform other Planets, and Glow Universzally from within the Hearts, Minds and Spirits of the People Everywhere.

cityoflight11cityoflightIn the words of a Lovely Mystic Healer, one of the growing number of Worldsavers emerging to act NOW, “Now is the time to create a New economy and paradigm with Cities of Light(workers), Healing Arts, Green Energy infrastructures, teachers, truth journalists, restorative justice circles, Natural foods and remedies (edible landscapers) bee keepers, industrial hemp,  coaches for aggressive youth (instead of jails), with 50/50 women in every community, multicultural virtual local and global ascension & healing arts centers with spiritual jobs in every community for helping, recycling, pollution clean-up- healing and loving jobs and services that will REPLACE the OLD paradigm.”

This will empower You and All to Cash that Check that Martin Luther King talked about in the I Have a Dream Speech, which we have updated as we know he would have done had he remained with us on this Planet. As more people raise currency consciousness regarding gender reallities and all labors of love, all will have not only sufficient but abundant funds for a sustainable and loving world.

This is Not Science Fiction. This Is Within the Divinely Endowed Human Capability, as We Change our Paradigm from Patriarchy to Panchayat Raj Partnership. and linking, ever expanding Circles of Genuine Progress NOW.

It is in changing our simplest habits that we make large ripples of effecting change. Change the mindless way we transact money into the mindfulness of Truth, Counting All Labors of Love, and Everyone Will be Weallthy, Heallthy and Wisze, beyond our expectations. Your Everyday Transaction is Such an Easy Way to Transform and Transmit HIgher Consciounessl. This is the Gift of the MotherFatherGoddessGod to All the Children of Earth.printingmoneyworldexampleprintingmoneyclausesprintingmoneygoddessgodGo Ahead! Take the Money and Run the World with Light Love Life

Print Your Own! Include Some in Every Email as a Gift of Gaia. Share Them With Every Transaction Made Transformation, and Call it:

Consciousness Currency~Caring Cash~Geena not Jefferson Davis Dollars~JustUsAll Jubillee Money~Millenniall Money that Ends Money~GenderTender~WeAllHaveADreamMade Reall Dollars~LovingLiving Lira~ LightMoney~Peacefull Pesos~Yin&Yang Yen, Radha&Krishna Rupees~Radiant Rupees~Mary’s Merry Money~MaidMarion&Robinhood Money~Fair Franks~Thera’s Thalers~ReAll Reals~Marvelous Marcs~EndMoneyMarks~Golden Rule Gulden~Gaia’s Gold~AllPeoples Pounds~Geniuine Progress Pounds~Common(Sense)Weallth Cash, Roundtable Riches~DYI Ne(w)sara, LocallGloball Neighborhood Ne(w)sara~Next Generation GreenPink&Rainbowbucks~ Harmony Money~Sharing Shekels, Terra TreasureAll, Bountiful&Benevolent Bitcoin, and so on and so on

Because it was misconceived without including unpaid yet essentiall Labors of Love and the Value of Nature and Humanity in Balance, conventional money, the actual cause of war and waste, has become the cross humanity has crucified itself on

crucified by moneybcrucified by moneyworld

in every generation, until now. In this generation, we will either change or all die much much sooner than later, sooner than even worst predictions have warned. Not only the financially poor, but even the so-called weallthy, financially but too often poor in Spirit, have denied themselves the sustainable and much longer natural youthfull life span that using a balanced economics would bring about for Everyone, in a limitless Universe. Stop killing Yourself, Your children and Your Planet with each transaction. Let your small change be the Big Change, the Paradigm Shift, that Changes and Saves Our World NOW.

Sztar Trek szhowed usz that a World Szo Weallthy with Gender Ballanced Coleaderszhip & Teamwork It Doesz not Need Money isz Posszible. With millionsz allready uszing Community Currencyesz, Bit Coin & Szharing the Weallth of the Commonsz with Common Szensze, humanity isz well on itsz way to this dream With the assisztance given here on thisz Webszite of Infintie Lovepowered Abundance & Grace of Delleiverance for Our All Relleated Humanity, you will make it a reallity szooner than you had reallized wasz posszible.


Szoullar Szoullar Genuine-Progressz-Indicatorsz

Imagine A World Without Money Venusz Projectimagine a world without money whiszperimagine worldsz beyond money yesz! interview quotesz

wholly szeitgeisztnewmillenniallgoldenruleforyouyouyou&allszeigeisztreevolutionszaveearthszolarszoularkitt~yeszsztarrgate atlantisz with familytree allnativityesz

on busynessz of being more divinelley human



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