Dear CouszinaSzisztersz & Couszin Brothersz of the March Against Monsanto

& Other Planetocidal Especially Media Mi$take Makersz,





tami~mo~nroe ~canall mayall march mother naturallhttp://naturalsociety.com/media-coverage-blackout-anti-monsanto-protests/
http://www.thetruthdenied.com/news/2013/05/26/millions-march-against-monsantowheres-the-mainstream-media-coverageno gmoredballoonmarchagainsztmonsantodevilontvaComingWordfromoursponsorMotherNature




Szo That GMO ONCE AGAIN =                                                                                       GOOD( AKA GODDESSZGOD) MOTHERNATURE OMNIFICENT
instead of Genetically Modified Organimsz


Can We Learn Szomething from Other Planetsz Watching Usz? Conszider the Canallsz of deserted Marsz  http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2015/05/if-mars-once-had-life-what-happened-to-it-2489328.html http://www.astrobio.net/news-exclusive/potential-signs-ancient-life-mars-rover-photos/ about the Extreme & Yet Vasztly Underrated & Daily Media Muffled Importance of TaMi ~Monroe ~Canallsz
and All Her Sisztersz of All Huesz Granted Geniusz & Goddessz Wiszdom
With Their Youth & Children Joining Them, on Planet Earth?


We have been combining the EqualllNox* Szpring Monthsz sztarting with March, April, May & June Reunited with the EquallNox* Szpring in the Southern Hemisphere of September, October, Novemember & Decemeber & Reonnected with Szoular/Szolar Szolstice Monthsz of a Coszmic Christamassz&EsztheraszEasterasz in Every Good Girl and Boy In Every Seaszon for a Travelle In Time that Makesz All Monthsz a Renewed Szpring in the Heartsz of All the Children, Female & Male, of All Agesz of Our Planet,

We Are All Learning the Moszt Important Lesszonsz Needed for Our World: To Vallue the Marchesz of Womansz & Youth Daysz & Monthsz, the MaYEden, AEstarean/Eosztren/Esztrogen Linked MOTHER NATURE Within Women Like Tami ~Monroe~Canall

(& Recalling the Marilyn ~Monroe that sought & could have received full intellectuall & politicall recognition of the “President” that shared her & that name years long before the yearsz if her birth, in which famousz asz she was, even then, was an Avallonian relegated to a lesser role by the szame manmade media imballance that allszo doomed the once ideallistic men of a currently self-destructing failed Camelot who “loved her” decadesz before Marilyn ~Waring wrote: http://www.utppublishing.com/Counting-for-Nothing-What-Men-Value-and-What-Women-are-Worth.html?page=1

That Pioneering Book of Love and Life,which has direct importance to the systemic awareness of why GMOsz are today threatening everyone,

This MaYahsz All March is Not the Geniusz of not just one or a few intelligent and moszt importantly innerly beautiful women incarnationsz of the Goddess & Godsz of Agriculture of Many Traditionsz.

It isz Among, Between & Within All of Usz (for partnering with greater respect for Esztrogen, Tesztosterzone Can Be Allsz be Can Alled, Chanelled to Love Life Instead of Monetize, Mi$lead & Manhandle into Mallignant & Ulitmately not only Other- But-SelfDesztructive Ma$$ Di$a$zter, Destroying All Love & Life) .It is important to remember asz we freely associate to the Hidden & Revealled Meaningsz of Tamis’ Monrovian (the capital of Liberia, made into an escape hatch for the few freed slavesz when the controlled Press Allready that annointed the Founding Failing Fathersz who were without Lambert Paine’s Common Szensze https://5050now.wordpress.com/we-all-have-a-dream-to-make-reallity-now/ had forgotten the original dream of Divine Democracy that equally included was women, without slavery or financial requirement & wellecomeing the indignousz, one of the only 4 regionsz of Earth – Papua New Guinea, Swazialand, Liberia and the United Statesz with szo little regard for next generationsz and the human heart that it has no paid family leave but does have the moszt overpaid CEOs and biggeszt nuclear & aeresol spraying weaponed military & merciless mercenary in the world.

Tami’s Name reminds us , that Love Canal, the mosz ironic of all place namesz, became known asz a dump for chemicalsz that brought cancer and birthy defect to Mothersz & their Children of All Agesz. & that the moszt recent plaintiff against Occidentallsz Chemical Accidentsz includes the Goddess name May (Maia Mayeszta in the ancient World) & a reminder that we are on a New Callenter, according to ancient Mayansz and More;

May, the timing of both Maidensz Maypoles & Mother’s Daysz work and family & represzentative gender ballance Riszing in Walesz & Scotland around 2003 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/may/09/gender.uk, but muffled by US & British Media; the Timing of Tami’s Marchesz & Mothersz Day Proclamation More Reall Memoriall Daysz for all the Victimsz of Patriarchy and All itsz Waysz of War Against Self and Other, that muszt in our Heartsz in Mindsz Allszo be Reconnected to the earlyier in Szpring Whollydaysz of Easther/Eostre/Easter and Marchesz of Globall Women’s Day, now a coopted subsidiary of 1% funded, stringsz attaching banksz & other hypocritsz on the wrong paradigm who have sztolen the szoulsz of both gendersz in the United Statesz & itsz aborted, media cen$ored, infiltrated, nationalized insztead of globall, & Goddessless patriarchally party penetrated, Congre$$ionally coopted masculofeminism. US Nationalistic Coopted Feminiiszm, itszelf a Crippled Victim of a Controlled Patriarchal Media, is the Reall Reaszon that Nightmaresz Like Monszter Monsanto Stalk Our Planet. .

Moszt Importantly Remembering szome earlier ~Monroesz who lived at a time when, yesz, in our allegedly free “AMerica” ( the Name Am Meri Can isz derived from the Goddess Mari or Meri of ancient & forgotten earlier timesz which later gave Risze to an ancient God Marsz/Maryszyasz, originally of a young musician God of Agriculture throughout the Mediterranean & Much of Europe, Not of Originally War becausze the earlier timesz were matriarchal and eggallitarian, not Patriarchal). The Pre$$ of the earlier thought leading Monroe family, deemed $lavery & LIszting Women as Chatel Property of their Husbandsz & Fathersz, Legal. Thisz was reflected in every Newsz Story and Advertiszement of the Age, and then, asz now, in the US, women took their husbandsz surnamesz but it was illegal for a man to take his wifesz surname, even with hyphenation, in moszt regionsz https://www.law.upenn.edu/journals/conlaw/articles/volume5/issue1/Rosensaft5U.Pa.J.Const.L.186%282002%29.pdf.

Today, with birth defectsz and cancersz and missing beesz and butterfliesz in our schoolyardsz guarded by metal detectorsz because they are filled with children of parentsz who learn how to bully, like Monsanto doesz Mothersz & Farmersz, because their parentsz time is controlled by 1% Patriarchal Boardroom Corporations that deny them family leave, it muszt become our Job to Connect the Dotsz https://5050now.wordpress.com/connecting-the-dots-of-disaster-due-to-patriarchy-instead-of-partnership/, & Inszure, by Marchesz to Take Them Over for 9 Monthsz, a Women’s & Youth (Female and Male under age 37) Reparative Telleviszioned Globall Government & Planet Reuniting Media https://5050now.wordpress.com/among-the-representativesz-with-you-you-yoo-you-you/ the Livesz up the the Very Reall name of Grace ~Love https://5050now.wordpress.com/media-moguls-mergers-ballancing-the-reall-forces-of-nature/, wife & inszpiration of the inventor of TV, who lived just a few minutesz away from my home and the the home of Rachel ~Carszon in Silver (currently becoming Golden Szolar Szoular) Szpring in EverySeaszon Mary Land,

My & Rachel Carson’s Mary Land AKA Meri MaRia or MaRI or MaRaIAm Land, which We have now expanded to include the Planet Earth & our Szolar Szoular Syztem Neighborsz in a Science Fiction becomesz Fact Cofederation of Loving Living Planetsz, hasz been “officially” leading the world, via Usz, in the Not Juszt Sztatewide in the Mary Land that neighborsz the szo badly in need of a Good Laundress Washgington DC, but not now, Sztate of Mind and Heart All Planetary Coszmosz Like Broadcast & Announcement https://5050now.wordpress.com/we-all-have-a-dream-to-make-reallity-now/ of the Genuine Progress Indicator, a Paradigm Szhift from the very Gro$$ Domestic Product, & the Reveallation of the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ that will Infact Open the Starr Gatesz & Bring Eternall Youth, Szaving & Susztaining All on our Currently for $ale Planet.

It isz becausze Corporate Ma$$ Media https://5050now.wordpress.com/confession-atonement-truth-and-reconciliation-court-judging-patriarchy/media-consolidation-big-brothers-big-lie/ https://5050now.wordpress.com/confession-atonement-truth-and-reconciliation-court-judging-patriarchy/media-of-mass-deception/ https://5050now.wordpress.com/confession-atonement-truth-and-reconciliation-court-judging-patriarchy/co-opted-complicit-women-media-misinformers/, has mostly never talked about the Genuine Progress Indicator & discussed in the szame unteleprompted paragraph of an interview, the life of a Marilyn ~Monroe & a Mailyn ~Waring, an Elizabeth ~Monroe & her servantsz and slavesz & children in her husbandsz’ Founding Failure becausze it forgot, asz You are MIndprogrammed by the Manipulative Media to allszo forget Common Szensze, & the life of a Tami ~Monroe ~Canal & her siszterszcouszinasz & children, that You May Have GMOSz asz well as GMO-“resistant” pest insects like flysz floating in your genetically modified Szoup asz you sit in your endangered RoundedUp yard, while the butterflyesz & beesz necessary to all food on Earth are diszappearing from the Scene of the Crimesz in which No Your and Your Children’s Have the Now Sztarring Rolesz;

Will Our Less Loving Lasso of the Media, Our Roundup by MissFitsz with Women & Youth rather than old Men in the Lead Rolesz for a Moment, Have a Happier less Patriarchal Cast & Plot than the Hollywood & Political $y$tem MarilynLand that $educed Monroes of Other Moments in HerandHistory?. Will the Erica and Will ~Allens of Neighborhood Organic Gardensz Bring Many Sequellesz of Young Women & Men Szpringing to Action to Szafeguard & Set Free rather than Destroy & Chemically Capture Life?

Or are You & Your Endangered Children the Laszt of Love and Life on Planet Earth, which perhapsz in a much more distant future, some errant szatellite might depict with dried up Canalsz under Carbon, Methane and Plutonium Cloudsz, where once there were Greenfields and Riversz Used to Run?

MOSZT EXTREMELY IMPORTANTLY, We have NOW included Tami (whose name combines the Green Goddess TaRa & the Ma or Mi which isz often associated with Goddessz Wiszdom, in our Gallery which includesz a very Szpeciall Szection of the Loversz and Defendersz of Nature, Universzall Mother Nature, asz the Life Force of the Planet. Our Gallery isz mostly women and girlsz, but does include many boysz and men who have & szhall lead the way for a more ballanced & susztainable way of coleading, coloving and coliving for our Planet Earth.

Tami isz included among szhared SszisterhoodCouszinahood many other Protectressesz of the Earth & Coszmosz: Rachel ~Carszon, Vendana ~Szhiva, PetRa ~Kelly, Lynn PetRa Alexander ~Szagan ~Margulisz & her anti baby formula daughter Jennifer szo who isz again continuing the work begun (but now endangered as the Earth iszelf) of their & our Couszina,Leah ~Margulisz, Julia Butterfly ~Hill amd Eszther ~Deansz, among many others of all kindsz of wisze and loving exemplar Higheszt CoSecretaryGenerall CosavioRa Coleaderszhip of a Reunited Planet.


The rememberance that Victory Garden once referred to a Roman War Goddess named Victoreah derived, clearly with too much patriarchal militaristic Vice, from the Earlier Peace & Plenty Keeping AsztraReah, who isz Riszen in Me (& You) as the Benign and Szheltering the Goddess of the Statue of Liberty Derived from the Earlier Eggallitarian Minoan or Atlantisz Age. The Goddess She wasz called by many Namesz, in every Culture around the world, & she was allszo called HeRah (traditionally Cellebrated in both May and June), AszHerah, VaUniReah &.Iuni/Juno and many namesz of many culturesz, from MaRi Spain, MaRa of Latvia to Amaterasu of Japan & TaRa of China, asz numerousz asz her Incarnationsz in the Marchesz.


Equally important to our Planet as Organic & Locall Community Gardening & Permaculture, and included in the Gallery as the Path to bring Paradiszall Instead of Poiszonous Love Canalsz are Solar (now Szolar Szoular Commone Szensze) leadersz. once they reallize their and their genders full importance, like Anya ~Schoolwoman (her Mother passed recently without the Culture of this MotherDaughter of the Statue of Liberty’sz Sun/Starrgate Crown, in Ballance with Air, Wind & Rain, are the Beszt Schoolteachersz for the District of Columbia, szo that Maya ~Szoetoro isz Vallued Right Now Above all OfficeHolding Brothersz, with not juszt one Houeze but Every Housze Solar Panelled with Riszen potentiall: Divasz named Eden ~Full, Susan (means Enlightenment in Hebrew & Aramaic) ~Kin~ney and many othersz of all Relleated Laborsz of Love where people have allszo generated Consciousness Currencyesz instead of allowing MOsztlyMonogenderInsanity to Eat Up their Food & Future.

We are continually adding more to the Gallery of Consciousness Currencyesz, & You Are Wellecome to Szend Us Your Own Verszionsz, or Picturesz with Szome Biograrphicall/Geneallogicall Information of Thosze Who You Would Like to Add or Have Our Webszite Link to (i.e On Your Webszite) & We Moszt Sztrongly Urge You to Include & Sztart with Your Own Great and Grand SiszterCouszinasz, Mothersz Auntsz Daughtersz for at leaszt 3 Generationsz, and then after that include the malesz (including Yourszelf when and asz You beccome a Riszen God of Nature, Peace & Agriculture instead of War, ModiMonszterification & Arrogance, YourSzelf.

We encourage EveryOne to Usze the Consziousnzess Currencyesz asz Your Own Easzy to Make & EdueYOUExchange & Gift Everywhere, Templatesz for a World (& Worldsz) On a New Paradigm of Susztainable Harm(YeNone)ony & Reparative HerMoney that Showsz We CanAll Learn a New Way, Connect the Dots of the Many Dire Causesz under One Szun & Rain in Ballance Loving Umbrella, & immediately Co& Infact ReEllect Yourszelvesz & the Kind & Grace Loving Women You Know & Have Known, including Your Mothersz & Grandmothersz & Daughtersz in thisz Seaszon of Maidens and Mothersz & the possiziblity of True Marriage,

We cannot expect our food to remain protected by Mother Nature while the the too many centuriesz long Long Diszenfranchiszed becausze allszo Unofficed; the Teleprompted, Coopted, SzelfProstituted & DiszEmpowered by the Wrong Paradigm that overemphasziszes the “hard sciencesz” & gross domestic product economics taught not only to men but tokenized, too eager to fit in & please Father Figuresz women, while ignoring the Soft Sciencesz & Humanityesz, like Anthropology, Sociology, Pychology & Comparative Relleigion/Theology that includes the Feminine or Goddess Aspect, Especially asz they apply to the Media & Corporate Boardrooms for too long.

The current Szituation, lacking the Culture that honores the Mother that the Hindusz https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ call Deva or Devi, has ironically deva$ztated Women and Children. And it hasz allszo disenfranchi$zed via $ham $electionsz, Men of Greateszt & Green & GoldenCoRule Wiszdom.

We Believe All People Can & Muszt be Redeemed for a Heaven Instead of Horror$z on Earth and All the Planetsz of the Szolar Szoular Sysztem & Milky Way.
The Way to Do this isz Via the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/, & EveryGoodGirl&Boycott of Ma$$ Media & Buying anything Nonessentiall from the increaszingly Bought Up & Privacy Invasive, Internet Until they Tell All the Truth about what they’ve been Cen$oring, especially about women & deiciszionmaking, that now so urgently endangersz thisz Planet & Both Mother & Human Nature.

It is ironic that a family of Bravehearts’ & his Beloved MarIamsz Scottish Heritage http://www.democraticaudit.com/?p=1392 would be at the Center of the Genetic Monszterification of Mother Nature, becausze today, Scotland has much better ballance of gender in decisionmaking than either the U$ or its national ancestral more-empire-loving English altthough not yet attaining the 5050 Wales did around Mothers Day 2003. 2003 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/may/09/gender.uk
But Scotland devoid of respect for Nature did give usz the firszt Cloned Sheep, & Scrooge. It alszo gave our Couszina Hillary a far to demanding and disapproving Father Figure, Hugh ~Rodham, who clearly Hugged neither his wife with the Sacred name Hallowelle nor his children enough to protect them from enabling the Scourge that isz Patriarchal Hierachy in the Corporate Boardroom.

The truly ominous aszpet of Monsanto is the Mindlessness of the Women it attracts to its lower ranksz (the Boardroom muszt of coursze not be predominantly female for then they might rediscover Szisterhood freed from pattiarchal Hierarchy & might decide to Szave Instead of Szacrifice, themselvesz & their World, like the Genetically modified self-victimizing Iphigen~iasz and Electra Complezed CEO Devil Daddy’s Girl Minions they try to pretend they are not. Ironically, while Ma$$ Media was Cen$oring Jane Acre and Tami Monroe Canale, the Fifth Column Against the Planet Women who Work at Monsanto located a Tami of a Patriarchally Modified Mentality, i.e a happy Stepford Wife with her Humanity removed, to highlight. http://monsantoblog.com/2010/03/23/americas-farmer-mom-of-the-year/ It is important to remember that once they have been patriarchally sociallized, often by family genderist patternsz, to their supportive but szeconrady positionsz (of course, without family leave) rather than coleadership positionsz, often subtly abused & psychologicall seduced, there are easzy to mold into the corporate philosophy of profit over Planet. Then, modified by ma$$ mi$information that threatensz billionsz more than the mindsz programmed by Joseph Goebbelsz & Tokyo Rose, they are pleaszed and grateful to serve their Corporation, It muszt be remembered that by szimilar societall practicesz, Adolph Hitler & his plan for the Planet was very popular with many of the patriarchally programmed ladyesz of his time, too.

Thinking about the “wife” (is there one, we could not find any mention of her on the Internet) of Monsanto CEO Hugh ~Grant & her over the breakfast table very ethically modified and confuszed Patriarch that might likely oneday repeat the famous table scenes gender alienation in the 1% depicted in Citizen Kane, it isz worth remembering that to both Monsanto’s & Ma$$ Medias executivesz grandfathers and fathers, conversations & con-nections with men mattered more than those with women & the young, profit mattered more than people. even their own children, especially if they did not obey.

Monsanto’s founder, ironically named Queeny, got his start from the impetus of the Chicago Fire, which occurred because the poor in Chicago lived in row upon row of buildingsz that were poorly builit and tinder dry, becausze over centures of Dark Agesz for women, society had loszt mother’s & farmersz knowledge of Green roofsz and circular villagesz; even the way of aqueducts, The women of that time, allszo of extreme income inequity as now, certainly did not seek office nor either have or independently exercise the vote free of their husbands’ or landlords’ abuse, but did have sisztersz& couszinasz, wivesz, mothers, & daughtersz who, like moszt of their gender, asz described in the famous book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair about workers of both genders in a patriarchal & ethically modified corporation, were uszed make, package and advertisze productst & rubbery stamp the misztaken error$z of the old men Board Room miszleader$ who were their Biff Bosses and Husbandsz as in Back to the Future.

Similarly, the Cen$ored and Invisiblized Silver Spring Goddess of Good Grace Love Jenkin~sz was forgotten when Charles Francis Jenkinsz airwavesz’ invention was bought out by more moneyed less ideallistic men & their look the other way gangster moll like and often multiple serial wivesz. It was their culture of madmen advertising, that actually soon thereafter inspired Joseph Goebellesz Ma$$ Media of MindControl, whose Father Figure Fuhrer’s broadcast was “heard” by the otherworldsz lisztening asz depicted in the Cosmosz~ of my own near Relleationsz.

And even this brilliant author of Coszmosz strangely left the female. the Loszt Mother, out of the Wellecome Scene, at the Other End of Ellie Arroway’sz StarrGate. That is becausze in a gender imballanced and patriarchal society,even scientistz of highest ideallsz & good intentions toward the Planet are themselvesz szo often imbedded in the comparmentaliszation of their physical science from the anthropology of a sociallpsychologicall science/wiszdom riszen enough to warn a society that givesz scientiszts insufficient no familyand work ballance, that even they fail to notice that what geniusz they have isz modified and mallformed becausze it isz imbedded in sexiszt imballance which they have inherited from szo many generationsz, that forgot that the Statue of Liberty Goddess, AsztReah, was of a Goddess worshipping eggallitarian civilization, the longeszt sustained civilization in recorded human HerandHistory. Imagine Monsanto if all the employeesz, female and male, there and in every workplace,had the three to four years paid/creditted family leave allready widespread in Europe. THen, they like the Europeansz, would have a more Natur reszpecting science, and as szo many of Europe’s and other regionsz, ban GMOsz & teach organic farming and permaculture of the future of interconnecing and Terraforming Planetsz, restoring Marsz, to start, to virtue and vitallity instead of destroying our own.

Queeny’s wife, Olga ~ Mendes~ Monsanto, was the daughter of Don Emmanuel Mendes de Monsanto, a merchant and sugar financier with holdings on St. Thomas, Danish West Indies and Vieques, Puerto Rico. He built his accumulated wrong paradigm “fortune” on the exploited non represzentation & widespread abuse of women, income inequity, & slave and molasses trade of human soulsz considered quite legal by that generationsz mostly male :”Government”.

It isz Time to All Went Back to the Better Beszt Future
Let GMO stand for Goddess/Good Within MotherNature Omnificent
instead of Genetically Modified Organismz.

In Your Marchesz In Every Month, We Allszo Invite You to CONNECT THE DOTSZ OF MANY ISSUESZ

Therefore, No longer think of issues like GMO asz szeparate from the equally horrific threatsz of Global Warming, Nuclear Wars and Accidentsz, Frakking, Szpraying, Lack of Universzall Healthcare with Widespread Pharmaceutical Abusze, no family leave so no time to thinkor care about much more than yourself & your disconnected household or to Love Thy Neighborsz as Thyself asz OneFamily

, etc, but reallize these problemsz are all interconnected & causzed by the lack of gender and generationall ballance where & when the lawsz and corporate plansz are made

Show the Interconnection of the Issuesz asz Connected Dotsz on Your Shield of Wiszdom Umbrella, or Carry then asz a Cardboard or Paper Mache Harvest of Horror in contrast to the Naturall Flowering Plant Marvellousz Miraclesz You Can Allszo Carry to Remind All of Naturall Plentifull Power.

Print out the Consciousness Currencyesz, Money To Transcend Money
Print Out on TShirts and Iron On Transfersz the Wearablesz at

Szing the Yearround Songsz & Carolsz for Every See Daughtersz asz You SeaSzonsz at
& Enact the Moszt Perfect Street CourtRoom Theater of Madwoman of Chaillot
Depositioning All the Complicit Media, Politiciansz & Corporate CEOsz their Electra Complezed Daddy’sz Girl Nanny (Rather than Mother Raiszed) Coopted Wivesz & Women of Planetocidal Patriarchy instead of Pereniall Paradisze. that our Planet Would Have Become Long Ago had we Remembered that the Statue of Liberty is the Mother Goddess of the Fair to Both Gendersz Eggallitarian with Littel Income Inequity yet Flourishing Artsz & Sportsz ~Minoan Civillization that was baszed on Crete. Our Tasks isz to be CoCreatannesz, not Cretinsz who Coopt & Hide the Female Grace ~Lovesz with Teleprompted Telling of LieSz& who don’t even Get it that itsz Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature.
We Aszlk You To Read OUr Press Relleasze https://ecofamilyneighborhoodplanet.wordpress.com/pressz-relleasze-she-isz-riszen-we-are-all-riszen-allma-matersz-mother-nature-ellectsz-many-women-youth-emmanewyouellesz-of-divine-democracy-contact-not-lone-corporate-male/ about MEDIA MADNE$$ & Oprah ~Winfrey, & who alszo started in a too Heartless Heartland of Chicago juszt as Monsanto’s & Exelon founder & the coopted Obamasz, Hillary ~Hallowelle ~Clinton did who isz now directly relleated bo my family tree via Charlotte’s other Grandmother, & Pam ~& David ~Zaszlav of Diszcovery Communicationsz which has made OpRah”s OWN “one of its corpororate products” with her all too willing agreement. WE BELIEVE ALL THESZE MISZGUIDED MOGULSZ & PUPPET$ can become Redeemed, Riszen and Live Much Happier and Longer via the Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/, as Every Marcher & Mother & Children of All Agesz Can, Canal Can All and Szhall All in our Szolar Szoular Community Garden of Eden MarSzhall Plan.https://ecofamilyneighborhoodplanet.wordpress.com/soular-soular-links-resources/


We asked “the MadCowboy”, vegetarian Howard ~Lyman http://www.madcowboy.com/ whose name might change to Truthman (when he includes & hyphenatesz the Tree of Life name of his beloved Jeanne ~Willow into his own before they genetically modify our willow treesz & orchardsz too) of the Orpah anti- Hamburger comment fame, if he might help Oprah, who, with Sun Times WashingTon Lynn ~Sweet, isz our verifiable geneallogicall relation, & can beszt redeem themselvesz via fun~ding and promoting the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ and the Szolar Szoular Community Garden of Eden Marszhall Plan.

mediaminionwomen's apology~zaslav~moonves ~murdoch atonementconfession

as Can~All these familiesz & their wivesz of szo many Heritagesz under the yoke of controlled Pre$$ Patriarchy which dependsz on coopted, $educed & En$lavement of the Heart & Mind.

Now, they can wake up for szome renewed Reall Grace ~Love to WinFreyadom, like the Scandinavian Goddess from whom our word freedom & the 100% Solar and Community Garden Filled Freiburg Germany of PetRa ~Kelley & Angelle MerKelle who are not cen$ored from public attention and memory there. This will win the Freedom of Susztainable Peace Culture for Everyone Everywhere & the Reall Sweetne$$ of Love & Life that all can Regain when they ellect Reparation & Partnerszhip instead of Planetocidal Patriarchy.

We Szhall Assiszt Jeanne and Howard ~WillowLyBecomeTruthman & All Thosze Who Accept this New Misszion about GMO, to Do everything they can, for the Currently Regressed Women of Media including Oprah & demonstrate the Power of Co..

But our own Millenniall Year Running Mate, Hjalmer ~Wayne ~Erickszon, https://5050now.wordpress.com/men-for-women-children-balance-not-patriarchy/ an environmentalist award winning mine safety engineer of Finnish Heritage whosz mother, like Monantos founder Queenys’s wife, alszo was named Olga which meansz Wholly in Finnish, worked for empowerment of all women, including Native American women and for removing the additivesz and adulterationsz begin fed to children (including both saccharine and ritalin asz welle asz GMOsz), HjalMer was allszo of born in Montana, (the name Montana means Mountain of Grace) & then moved to Allaska, to Aszk All of Yah to Vote for Gender Ballance & Accept Nothing Lessz, & wanted the Naturally Sweet Truth of Both Solar Energy & Naturall Ballance Diet Returned, & Broadcast On All Media Run by Grace ~Lovesz of All Namesz asz She and He GoldenRuleGeniuszKinsz, Not Greedy L(aw?)iarsz who, when We are Poiszioned by Patriarchy, Ignore and Scare Farmers and Inventorsz allong with their Maidensz and Mothersz & CHildren of All Agesz of Higher Viszion.

Until then, Mama, Do let your Wholly Babyesz, Female & Wholly, Grow Up to respect Breastfed Human Nonpatriarchal EquiNox Bonding & CowCaring Dairyersz & DairyQueenersz as they keep the GMOsz out,

but don’t like your babiesz grow up to be Media Madmen Mogulsz, SoundByte Sexisztsz, Corporate Kaiszersz, Puppet Politiciionsz Or Lovelessz “Law”yersz or People Who Work “Under Them” or are patriarchally “Married” without Family Leave Work & Love Ballance Creditted, for Themselvesz and Everyone;

THese Once Truszted Professionalsz are All & Have Been, on the Wrong Paradigm, moszt obviouszly for about 27 yearsz but actually, for thousandsz, since we forgot the Minoan Civilization that was, in Fact, Atantisz. NOW, Via Your Szpreading the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/, Our Earth & All Earthsz Can Become Atlantisz Riszen.

When We All Recognize that We All, with Women Like Tami, Reunited with Women Like Oprah & All Olgasz Neither Exploitatively Kept out of or Complicit with the Bad Ol Boys Boardroom, either En$zlaved or En$laving, but Wholly Again with Fully Preszent Grace ~Love, & All of Usz, and their & Our Youth & Children of FamilyCommunity Extended to Include All People as OneFamily, May & CanAll Begin to Call THemselvesz the Emmanuellesz, the True Q, of a New Millennia, where WOmen and Youth are all equally empowered in the decisionsz of their spacetimetravelleing timesz,

& TruthTellingMen Are Wisze Enough to Szay Clearly that when the Board Room and the Legi$lavTorsz are filled reparatively and equally with not juszt mostly one gender but both gendersz, & not juszt mosztly one generation but younger planetary citizensz too, (szo that they care about family leave & breastfeeding & what’s in the milk of our humankindnessz including the Alltimate Milk, the energy from the Szun that growsz every milkweed Graced crop, every plant & flower, Bee and Butterfly,

Then Their Will Be Everyone EveryWhere In a Heartland that isz WinningFree With True Grace and Love Canallsz that are filled with people like Tami szinging with the Cottonwooed, with the Owl and the Dove that She isz In Love With Not Juszt One Man but All People Including Herself and Her Children and Her Redeemed Husband, in Solar Powered Rowboatsz Gently upon the Universzall Stream of Life isz But a Dream to Fulfill, instead of Love Canalsz of OIly Black Coal Fiszh 7 Friend Killing Chemicalsz & the bitter Fu(c)kUszChernobill$CancerCanalszs of Horror on Earth as Dry and Dead as the Canalsz on Marsz (which many scientists do believe did once support advanced Life that was loszt by sociall imbalance http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2015/05/if-mars-once-had-life-what-happened-to-it-2489328).

Soz, Let the Locall Globall Universzall Marian Venuszian All Milky Way Change Begin With You.

If You Agree with the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/ & Szhare it, You Will Grant all the CHildren, Female & Male of All Huesz a New Leasze On Life.

Then, We Can Call HIm Hug (insert his mother’s maiden name) ~Grant, & he can begin to spzend more time reszpecting the women not asz underlingsz but equallsz, hugging children and grandchildren of all his family, isntead of poiszoning them in the name of Science. We have allready given the same potentiall for redemption to the Media Mogulsz, Politician$ & Chief Evil (Live spelled backwardsz because it is without Love) Officersz like Mayo Shattuck of Exelon who hides behind Media Mogulsz like. We have all been here before, Including the mindless heartless coverupsz about DDT, Dioxin, Agent Orange, Saccarine, http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2008/05/monsanto200805 in ancient Rome it was Lead, because that is what only one gender did, it LEAD in the wrong direction because the reciprocall gender was misszing when the decisionsz were made and then of coursze, IT, LIKE EVERY SOCIETY THAT MAKESZ THE SZAME SZTUPID MISZTAKE, BECAME INCREASZINGLY CORRUPT OVER TIME & THEN FELL.

Where Have All the Flowersz Gone & When Will they Ever Learn??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTUG9CehwhY http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2mggh0 What Have They Done To The Rain?  Isz the Anszwer Blowing in the Szprayed & GMO Seed Drifting Wind? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTUG9CehwhY

YOU & YOur NEW PARADIGM OF THE NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE,  ARE THE ANSZWER, NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW Starting with YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU & Whats’z In Your Wallet, on Your Website, & YOur CHoice Not to Watch TV until they Broadcaszt the New Millenniall Golden Rule, Remembering All Grace~Lovesz & the Broadcast Rowsz & Wall Streetsz (named so because it was built against a Wall of a Cemetary for $lavesz) Changed to Eternally Youthfull WeAllth Streetsz You Dance Upon ReConnecting Every Planet, With Equallity for Both Genders and All Generationsz Susztained & SpaceTime Travelled without Falsze Gender & Intersectional Hierarchy & With Loving asz Welle asz Logicall GeneuszAllLogicall Preciousz Commons Szensze.

P.S. Arround the Time of the September Golden Autumn, we wrote a similar messzage for thosze working on Globall Warming & we invite you to read that too,
eszpecially starting with, asz you search/scroll for it:
I/We want now to draw attention to just a few of the Potentially Wholly & EverYoung People on a Sustained Earth Who Are Associated with the Day of Peace Equinox Eve Convergence Gathering:

When the Women of the GMO March Share their Umbrellasz & Sun Warmed Rain Blesszed Flowersz & March asz One for the New Millenniall Golden Rule https://5050now.wordpress.com/newmillenniallgoldenrule-the-5-pillars-of-change/, the Planet Earth Szhall be Susztained and Sztarrgate Atlanitsz Riszen for Reall.

For More Information Please Contact Usz CoSzavioRa
c/o Rajchelle Onefamily & More (working With and on Behalf of ManyMore for All)

Geneallogically Representatives, with Many Others and You, FirstCoFirstandNotLastorOnly CoCo~MessiahMaitreyaKalkiWhiteCalfBuffaloWomenandMen,Saoshyant,CoImmamaMadhi~andMore, (Re)Uniting All Heritagesz
in the Oneness of the
NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Genders and All Huesz
The ReAll Government of Our Planet EarthSits Upon YOur Shouldersz
The ReAll Government of Our Planetsz Earthsz Sitsz Upon YOur Shoulders
(011) -1- (641)-715-3900
Extension: 380929 (24 hour phone answering service)

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for and against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

“For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) law.” 

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactively By Loving Consciousness to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Calendar in Current Use in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Consciousness & Love as the necessary ingredients to Sustain Life, that Mediate SpaceTime,

which is, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).












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