Could the use of a universal complementary currency bring about a Spiritual New Millennimum and Star Trek?

What if everyone used a complementary currency that symbolized all the infinite synergistic wealth of the Universe, and counted all human productivity and talent currently invisibilized by our current Old Millennial monetary and underlying social habits?
All you have to do is print your own complementary currency and give it as a Higher Consciousness-raiser during every transaction.
The result would be a spooky-action-at-a-distance

transformational ripple effect that would bring about a better complemetary utilization of the differences in the female and male brains and use of all our brains, such that there would be an explostion of Divinely Given scientific and social scientific genius of a kind that coalesced the complementary intelligence of both genders, and we would understand and utilize matter energy transer, there would be abundant wealth for all, and the use of money would be outmoded and pointless, as it is is Star Trek’s visionary 24th century., For more on this topic visit

What is needed is a transitional transformationl currency that reflects a global accounting system where all human effort and talent throughout time, including the historically and currently unpaid work of especially women, worth an estimated $11 trillion each year, and the talent of women and men both if both were equally represented citizens in the decision-making of society and government, where women are in the US (which ranks 71st, tied with Turkmeninstan) and worldwide currently severely underepresented and The brains of women and men are complementarily different. and If, as in Star Trek (,
,, and
), they work in cooperation and equality instead of division and hierarchy, human geninus in decision-making would result, and a better integration of right and left brain in men, something which women innately have. We would eliminate war and eliminate waste born of selfish aggreesive corruption. We would better costeward and live in harmoney with the environment. We would utilize more of our individual altruistice brains, the result would be a collective quantum leap in utilizing Divinely-given human genius. and

This is not as far off as it seems. The speed of tha transformation depends on if we consciousness raise about it and discuss it in our everyday transactions, our expectations of politics and in the media, which has been censoringly silent on women’s coleadership, gender balance and issues in the United States. Worldwide, there has been much progress on the issue. 22 nations now meet the 1995 UN Conference for Women Beijing Platform Guideline for at least 30% women in office by 1995. Several nations are at or close to 50-50, and people are striving for gender 50-50 in government all over the world including the US,,,,, and people are making tools at the local, national and global levels and educational packages for adults and children in this area. The Nordic countries, especially Sweden, have long been gender balance leaders, Gender parity has brought 50-50 to all French city councils incluidng Paris and the Panchayat Raj has brought at or near 50-50 to all the village councils of India, affecting many hundred million people. The Wales National Assembly is at gender 50-50 as well.

Many countries have undertaken censuses to count the unpaid work of women.,, and are seeking to close gender pay gaps and value unpaid work

and Canada has done a series on this issue,, and, and major economists such as UN Consultant Hazel Henderson, Marilyn Waring and Bernard Leitaer, have advised the world on the importance of this topic.
There has also been developed an alternative to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) an economic indicator that measures the real well being brought about by economic transactions, called the Genuine Progress Indicator. “GPI is an attempt to measure whether a country’s growth, increased production of goods, and expanding services have actually resulted in the improvement of the welfare (or well-being) of the people in the country. GPI advocates claim that it can more reliably measure economic progress, as it distinguishes between worthwhile growth and uneconomic growth.” and A significant number of communities are already using complementary community currencies,,,,,,, and
All they and you have do to is symbolize the GPI, the unpaid work of women and the Value of Nature on their complementary currencies, or simple use this one, too, to create the quantum leap ripple effect that will turn society into Star Trek. If the world switched to the GPI as a measurement of economic growth, it would be the equivalent of an economic system that counted true well being. That is what gendertender symbolizes, and switching to this alternative system would unleash a quantum leap, spooky-action-at-a-distance ripple effect that would bring about such Divinely inspired genius creativity that we would understand matter energy transfer, switch to all renewable energy production (solar, wind and fusion), open the Star Gates for interplanetary travel, and have abundant wealth for all, with no further need for money. We would be living in Star Trek and Stargate combined. A quantum leap over money that shows the faces of just dead men only, the gender tender symbols include the sun and the moon to symbolize the solar system, earth represented in the middle of a Tree of Life populated with faces of equal numbers of females and males of all the races of humanity, snad stars and planets to symbolize the Universe and its infinity, in connection with humanity. Patriarchy Iinstead of gender partnership) and its habits, such as our current money system and its male-only-faced symbols, are the underlying causes of extreme social and economic inequaltiy, scarcity, depressions, and war. They induced a war culture instead of a peace culture. But a peace culture is within our reach with every transaction with gendertender.

Couting the invisbilized work of humanity means credittign the unpaid reparations for slavery and the unremitted Jubilee debt forgivenesses of all time.,,, and it means redeeeming humanity from money as the root of all evil (as it is based in patriachy and mainly only one gender skewed decision-making and all its accompanying societal ills such as disease, crime, mental illness and waste and war), and making Good.

Gendertender guarantees its bearers higher IQ (intelligence quotient), higher EQ (emotional quotient), and a higher SQ (spiritual quotient) It is the ultimate spiritual and all true growth and wealth instrument, and all you have to do is print your own using this sample and give and explain it with every transaction, as Star Trek money that eliminates money because it counts the work of women, of all people, and the value of Nature. For additional insights on this topic visit: Http://,,,,, and Become and Make Your World Abundantly Wealthy in True Wealth. Take the Money Now and (co)Run Your Star-Travelling Planet!!!!!


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