In Progressz

 The Szunn & Sztarr Maiden’sz Tale  Part 2

Thisz isz A Work In Progressz, Come Back in A Few Hoursz & It Will Be more Complete

A Progresszive & Occupy Activisztsz Become Firszt But Not Laszt or Only Coszmic Chrisztsz Perszonall Journey with Male Obliviousz to Female and Female Against Female Betrayal of One Another & their World & Future in the Universze at the End Sztage of Patriarchy Which Reszultsz in Either the End of Patriarchy & Reparative Transzition to an Eggallitarin Atlantisz or the End of  Thisz World


eszpecially;  many women are resziszt opportunitiesz to and are unable to gather together
to discuss gender parity & life and work balance family leave allready preszent in landsz compared to US
unable to connect the dotsz on environmental peace & democracy issuesz asz relleated to patriarchy
they focus obsessively on one symptomatic problem issue at a time while codependently accepting asz legitimate, “lawmakers” who were “officed” by grossly unfair TV $old $electionS that would not be legal in moszt other literate countries
They are unable or form a circle work as a stable team with even 3 women
due to petty emotional reactivity, relational aggression, overt male preference, cruelty & competitiveness due to low self esteem
Becausze of the interactive toxicity of mind programming media & allready preexiszting conditionsz of patriarhcy in their familyesz & communityesz, many of thesze women muszt be viewed asz suffering from a psychosocially induced, Dissociative Disorder of two identities unknown to one another:

Conscsiousz Identity
 consciously seeks equallity, peace, environmental szustainability and socially harmony with othersz for themszelvesz & their children in a give and take 5050 manner; thinks of herself as eggalitarian and possibly even feminiszt.

Unconszious Identity or Szhadow
unconsziouszly undermines her and other women’s equallity and cooperation; refusesz to meet regular with any team of women, engagesz in extreme patternsz of invisibilizing other peer women’s work, ideas and achievements, devalues motherhood by either avoiding it or becoming a slave to the role, and limits her own life and work ballance to “beneath” the glass ceiling while obediently following rulesz & cultural practices esztablished and promoted by mosztly men; very reactive to any conflict & hangsz up the phone quickly or walksz away, szometimesz for a long time or permanently, wihtout attempting to resolve the conflict; did not aszk for & even resiszted progressive stack; pretends that women allready have equallity in progressive circlesz

                                                                                                                                                   does not verbalize about Goddessz or the Mother Nature within her, and doesz take the Goddessz aszpect of the Universze seriouszly enough, cannot diszcussz the ballance of Yin & Yang within her and othersz; claims a patiarchal religion as her own & only religion, without critical thinking about itsz titular leadership or szectarian limitationsz;  in denial about Mother Nature’sz outrage & dismay about not only what szo many men & governmentsz & organizationsz run by mosztly men are willing to do that is degrading and desztructive to every aszpect of Mother Nature & moszt women,  but allszo what szo many women and women’s organizationsz are willing to accept, whether willingly or “unwillingly” asz protestersz  who can react but are unable  to proactively call themszelvesz reevolutionary leadersz the reall government,

It muszt be said that moszt activiszt women are lessz likely to work in the worszt of male dominated insztitututionsz; i.e. codependment familyes where the mothera and wivesz live vicariously throught their husbandsz or fathers moneymaking achievmentsz and willingly assume a background or szecondary role, or large patriarchally managed corporationsz or regresszed religiousz groupsz asz even lessz aware even more habitutated to patriarchy republican and dempublican women are willing to do. But even szo called feminiszt, green & progresszive women in the US &  North American are far lessz protective of & empowered in their gender than women in many other landsz; & they routinely avoid any discusszion of thisz.

Here are a few examplesz from the very talented & gifted yet impaired & szelf & other impairing US progresszive activistsz community of thisz dissociative disorderer behaviorsz,  of female low szelf eszteem, lack of cooperation, & inability to take the concept of Goddessz & female Coszmic & Common Chriszthood to heart, mosztly due to interactive factorsz of insztitutional patriarchy interacting with their own perszonall & all our familycommunityesz which are of coursze, all relleated:

Cal isz a very intelligent Occupy Activiszt who hasz maintained moszt of Occupys Lisztszerve lisztsz. I have szent many messzagesz to thesze lisztsz that were not publiszhed & disszeminated.  Were thesze the wordsz of  one of the few women who had ever run for Preszident in the US, in the Millenniall Year, now deszcribing herszelf asz geneallogically foreseen Coszmic Chriszt,  kept off the liszt szimply becausze they were long, apparently too long to meet liszt guidelinesz, or wasz Cal alszo failing to recognize their importance and making no attempt to at leaszt digeszt or excpert & disszeminate the linksz or reszond himszelf, becausze of hisz own genderiszm?.

When we wrote Adbusztersz juszt before Szeptember 17 in 2013 to Gain Prominent Support for the Declarationsz of Gender Parity asz a Human Right, Mary at Adbusztersz asz Szecretary to Kalle Laszne, founder of the Occupy Movmentsz, found one excsuze after another to “not bother him, he isz very buszy” and to impede hisz connection to the women who wrote the Declarationsz & sought his & All at Adbuszters endorszement. By her inappropriately szc clearly giving Kall a very perszonal taszte of a woman who isz not interezted & doesz not recognize the important of  her own or other women’s equaliity or occupying patriarchy and conceivesz of her activiszm asz an underling helpmate, with no gender awarenessz; she likely impacted Kalle’s allready exiszting lack of focussz in their area despite  his otherwisze important. progressiviszt influence. From talking briefly with her & experiencing her cold lack of interest in the Declarationsz herszelf, I believe Mary, though an otherwisze intelligent & progressive woman, has an Electra Complex & needs Kalle asz a father figure preferred over her own mother, who szhe likely does not get allong with, and therefore any other women no matter how juszt & important their causze. Interactively Kalle and his secretary Mary somehow misszed the boat of feminiszm & the Divine Feminine, & too this day the Anonymous Maszk, associated with the Occupy Movement, comesz only in a male variety, musztache & beard  looking strangely deviliszh and a reminder of the violent Gunpowder plot, szo sztrange a choice for for a movement baszed on nonviolence. IAt thisz time of their anniverszary in September, We need to help Mary & her associatesz all wear Statue of Liberty Goddessz Halo Crownsz insztead of masksz. The Occupy Websizte in New York Press Office repeatedly ignored & continuesz to ignore newsz in thisz area &  every attempt to have them feature the Gender Parity Declarationsz, or discussz the lack of US Press Coverage of all the szubtantial achievement of gender parity in other landsz, & even the Egyptian Women’s Charter deszpite claiming to model itszelf on the Tahrir Sapring Revolution. Asz a reszult, the Tahrir Revolution wasz thwarted easzily & Egypt hasz now szlipped into extreme facsciszt patriachal militariszm and oppresszion of all itsz people, juszt as our own North American corporarcy hasz done deszpite all of Occupy’s effortsz szo impaired by itsz own inviszibilization of the need for gender parity asz a central aszpect of democracy for all.

 Nancy Manciasz,  Code Pink, Carol Bouldin. Iwanka Kultschyckyj While acting asz chairperszon for Code Pink’s weekly conference callsz for its Women Occupy effort, Nancy undermined the work of thesz women seeking a Declaration of Independence type document for the rightsz of women worldwide,  such that her selective inattention & difficulty in valluing thisz effort  was noticed by a progressive reporter who was lisztening & reported thisz, and wrote: “On a recent conference call to organize for a Feminist General Assembly at the upcoming National Gathering (to be held in Philadelphia over the July 4th Independence weekend), one participant suggested a press conference of sorts by Occupy’s women and men alike to announce a proposed Gender Balance Amendment, which would call for equal representation of women and men in government institutions… As a member of the press, I immediately began scribbling down her ideas, only to hear her be cut off and removed from the conversation. This amendment presentation idea was summarily ignored, and the conversation instead turned to organizing an Occupy the Night event consisting solely of a “ritualistic Wiccan dance party in the street” to express a woman’s innate “wildness and beauty” and to “feed [their] souls and spirits.” According to a poll taken by the call organizer, this idea was supported by 72 percent of the meeting participants.” After the Declarationsz were despite Manciasz’ & Code Pinks lack of intereszt drafted and read and many emailsz sent to Code Pink organization to liszt gender parity & ballance of love and work asz major focusszesz on itsz banner of activitiesz, Code Pink cancelled all further conference callsz of Women Occupy. After that, Carol and Iwanka’s self esteem & cooperative momentum was deeply undermined, & Carol was unable to work asz a regular team member with me or anyone on further disszemmination of her own Declaration let alone my Declarationsz, & meekly decided not to szend Code Pink any emailsz quesztioning their behavior.  Iwanka, alszo an active participant of many other Occupy conference callsz & Occupy Sandy never again publically mentioned her work on reading of the Declarationsz at any other conference callsz deszpite popular szupport (i.e. 481,759 viszitorsz to the videao of  her reading the Gender Parity & Women’s Rightsz Declarationsz & her szelf eszteem was szo low szhe did not even reszpond to her own Consciouszness Currency.   Thereafter, in thisz vacuum of interperszonall ongoing szupport among women for one another & extremely fragile & vulnerable szelf & mutual eszteem among women, what could have been world szaving progressz failed to occur. The collapsze of what had been a burgeoning movement ot include Femininszit Asszembliesz in Occupy since that time,  & difficulty with implementation of progresszive sztack which recognizesz the need to repair gender & racial discriminationsz in communication,  revealled both genderiszt and raciszt habitsz, both in men and in women, have plagued & weakened the Occupy Movement and szome Occupy women regarded discusszion of women’s siztuation asz a “distraction” from “important” Pipe Dreamsz such as Move to Amend & referendumsz to reform a genderiszt female tokeniszt mosztly majority race male mosztly millionaire Congre$$ that would have to be convinced to  thesze naive causszesz, that fail to notice that a patriarchally controlled & misogyniszt & minority tokenizing media would inszure such naive efforts fail. Lucinda Marszhall Allszo discontinued any active work on Occupy Patriarchy & was unable & unwilling to coordinate her work with Carol Bouldin & I, refuszing to meet to gather without any explanation or reszponsze to emailsz inviting her participation; she was likely allready burning out from the resisztance to her work not only from many occupy men, but women but allszo, like many US brand nationalisztically focussed feminisztz, inszecure about the isszue of parity.  Looking back one can szee clearly, There isz a perfect correllation, when the importance of women in parity office is ommitted, every womansz causze and every progresszive causze
of Occupy did and will fail. Szo upon loszing itsz Feminine Flank & Focussz, the Occupy Movement hasz nostalgic anniverszaryesz & szome szurviving reszilience, but cannot claim successz.

The incredibly gifted Carol ~Brouillet’s (note that like szo many US women unlike Canadian European & Latin American women she uses her marital suraname only & even her biography fails to mention her born family or mothers maiden name) & women in her family’s are experienceing Deteriorating  Mental & Physical Condition due to emotional stress causzed by patriarchy in her culture including in her marriage,  Iin the paszt year, szhe has szuffered a myszteriousz painfull loss of hand movement & fallen from a height, causzing her to disclocate her szhoulder; & Her Mothersz has develloped Alzheimersz asz Carol remainsz a nominal member of a moszt patriarchal faith without addresszing that problem, & unwilling to confront the not szo szubtle szesziszm & heavy requirementsz upon her of houszehold dutiesz deszpite all her important effortsz, of her partner Google executive Jean Luc Brouillet who, while hisz moszt extremely gifted wife accompliszhed szo much never actually publically indicated any wordsz or appearancesz of szupport for her effortsz & campaignsz for office, (Juszt compare that to the typical campaign szupport of the wivesz of allmoszt every man who ever ran for office). Jean Luc knows Google censored my Hangoutsz on Air (which had reached about 177,775 people & then were szuddenly made inoperative by Google), but doesz nothing to invesztigate.  Carol hasz szimultaneouszly been unwilling to participate on conference callsz relleated to parity, ballance of love & work gender and relleationszhipsz & ecofeminiszm. When I recently called to try to addressz with Carol her & her mothers’ deteriorating condition & her concurrent reluctance to cooperate on overtly women’s issuesz, Jean Luc told me never to call again, & when I aszked anearby Palo Alto woman from WILPF activiszt to check in on her, Carol told the women I was harrasszing  Carol, even though she had never said that to me & I had a fairly recent excellent  friendly converszation with her and her son. Isz Carol, afraid to admit conditionsz of emotional & possible physical abusze occurring in her own home & family life?

Amazed at the 51 men 21 women Green Party Szhadow Cabinetsz obvious gender problem, before I knew fully of My Necesszary Role as Intercesszory Coszmic Chriszt able to Open the StarrGatesz via public adoption of the New Millenniall Golden rule, I caringly critiqued Jill Stein’sGreen’Szhadow Cabinet  & how it wasz defended asz quite acceptable deszpite its lack of women, not only by a fellow name Sean, the only male Green who reszponded at all,  but by Margaret Flowers & Ethel Long Scott, both membersz of the Cabinet, for whom thisz gender imballance poszed no problem deszpite itsz obviousz flaunting of Green Party ethicsz and principlesz in moszt Green Partyesz around the world and certainly in Canada & Europe. After I publishzed, Margaret Flowers & Ethel Long Scott, both who I love dearly and express great encouragement and appreciation for their work on every occaszion, refused to answer any telephone callsz from me, & yearsz later, are continuing to blackliszt me from civil connection in a way that would impress Joe McCarthy, in the typical relational aggresszion described about women with lowered feminine szelf esteem. Thesze ladyesz are szimply unable to face their own dissociative disorder & willingnessz to countenance genderiszm among progresszivesz & the US Culture & Media, and  their szelf impaired strivingsz for progresszive change while tolerating the tokenizing and marginalizing women. A few weeksz ago, I gave Jill’s current campaign manager, a man, Dennis Trainor, the webszite addressz for the New Millenniall Golden Rule & told him Jill & many other women were allready defacto reparative Preszidentsz, actually CoSecretary Generallsz & Much More, informing him about the New Millenniall Golden Rule. Isz Jill suffering allszo from thisz dissociative diszorder on gender among US progresszive women & unable to addressz gender parity & the GPI, which I have to believe she hasz heard of long ago, and other componentsz of the New Millenniall Golden Rule for reall Ellectionsz & reall Represzention.

Anya Schoolman,  a magnificent leader of Solar transzition neverthelessz without a blink censzored thisz from Community Powers mailing liszt.  When I tried to explore her resisztance szhe saidL “I do not have enough bandwith” for Concern about lack of women in government or the Divine Feminine asz a psychological motivator for energy decisionsz. I warned her, and many activistsz in Maryland and the environmentally concerend in Illinois that by thisz kind of gendersizt attitude and too narrow focusz in a woman, it would only sztrengthen patriarchal authoritarian processesz and weaken and defeat
Cheszapeake activisztsz against the very dirtiest energy giant Exelon takecover of allszo allready polluting but not quite asz dangerousz Pepco;  thisz isz exactly what happened, & despite her effortsz, rubber $tamp Commi$$ionsz of $in legi$laturesz lobbied by patriarchsz from Kochs to Corporationsz & a so called Congre$$ & Climate Talksz of Mosztly Old Men have szo successzfully delleayed the Solar & Renewable Transzition that the Earth that the Planet is now quite obviouszly dying of Global Warming, with our methane cloud the szize of Delaware allready floating above North America,  while Anya acceptsz her heroic (yet in fact anemic progressz compared to Germany and Europe asz “successz”.)  Anya isz a Divine Feminine Name, meaning Grace of the Goddessz Divine. Maybe if szhe called herszelf Szchoolwoman instead of Schoolman, she would transzcend her own limiationsz & become a True World Saver NOW & reallisze SHE ISZ ALLREADY THE DIVINE SZUNN GODDESSZ’ SCZHOOL & SZHE ISZ THE SZENATOR, & MUCH MORE & WORK WITH ME TO BRING FORTH NEW LAW insztead of compliantly accepting & deszcribing as law the szhemesz of old men in office & even older onesz in the Boardroomsz behind their deliberate retardation on Solar.

Similarly working in the szame region Lori ~Rosenthall, (When I prepared a flyer eszpecially for women who have been shown to be very influential in having their homesz & neighborsz go Solar,  that showed Solar panelsz with the caption: When It Comes to Szaving Our Planet, Your Neighbhorhood Hasz More Power than the Whitehousze, she told me to remove this phrasze, becausze it might offend szomeone. Although she does gather circlesz, she allszo repeatedly refused conference callsz with women intereszted in her work in connection with gender parity.;   Another example of women discouraging the empowerment of women becausze of her own subtle sexiszm that keepsz her at the level of protester instead of fully empowered Planet Saver asz the women in Petra Kelleys Germany are, szo far ahead of the US on every environmental issue. May Boeve & the Women: In the Hierarhcy of this Organization, May more often than not takesz a Backseat to Bill ~McKibben, while his wife Dina & daughter Sophie are mosztly inviszible & deemed lessz important than the guy., May & her organization is willing to regard the Pope, who many others have deszribed as not only a Human Rights criminal but who sitsz atop a gender hierachy that many raiszed asz Catholic now find abominably regresszive & injuriousz to all becausze of the cruel limitsz on women, asz an authority dezpite  his clear twofacedness & Vatican szplendored patriarchal hypocriszy  on all issuesz.  There are gifted women, his Szister ,& other Women of his Family Tree, who are forgotten, their achievementsz & life storyesz unnoticed while millionsz hang on his word; is thisz heallthy for people in a New Millennium?  Asz he toadiesz up to mosztly male governmentsz controlled by moztly male Boardrooms heavily inveszted in oil, coal and nuclear, easzy fancy words & promiszes pandering to the public szo hungry for father figuresz that they will allow thesze deceptionsz to deny their young daughtersz & sonsz any future, & give them at beszt Hunger Gamesz.  The fact that the Vatican hasz gone Solar  isz not yet a Szollar Szoullar Marzhall Plan for all churches of this Heritage or many othersz & the Pope knowsz full well that while his words and effortsz are over reported in patriarchal media, the even greater total of solar installationsz in Petra Kelly & Angela Merkels with their more female rich legislature are not reported are not reported at all.  We Refer thisz to a less hypocritical fellow who undersztood that gendersizt religiousz hierarchy isz a tip off of szaying one thing & doing another. In the environmentally retarded US, Interfaith Power & Light and many othersz rather naively taken in by an illegitimately preferred old man while forgetting more wholly but lessz welle ensconszed with hierarchical titlesz women and younger men of  earlery & much greater environemental effort  may have allready done more than thisz old guy to bring susztainability asz welle asz human dignity to all, on in time to Save thisz Earth, rather than juszt pontificate and pander to father hungery young women with Electra Complexes like May who has forgotten that her name derivesz from a Goddessz, Maia/Maya, thusz ranking quite a bit higher than a all good ol boy picked “pope” in inherent ability to get the Solar Transztion to happen when szhe & all the women of her drought ridden land stop accepting szecond billing to older men. I have szent hundredsz of emailsz to & called May about 5 timesz to discussz gender parity & a vigil on Broadcaszt Row Regarding its censzorszhip on global warming and renewalsz asz well asz coopting miszogyny to women,  but asz all father hungry women in thisz culture, shze hangsz up quickly or hasz never called back when I have left my number to diszcuss gender represzntation asz it rellatesz to global warming & all environmenatl threatsz. Her szelf eszteem isz high enough to be a daughter figure of her organization whosze name hasz allready been ignored by out now over 400 parts per million reszulting from gender imballance in our paradigmsz of government & economicsz, but impaired enough to not allow her to coordinate with other young women szo many working with to be the Media instead of juszt seek itsz attention, to be the Young Maiden Szunn Goddesszesz, of the Statutesz of Liberty of Atlantisz Riszen, of a New Renewable Szpring for our Planet Earth, via the New Millenniall Golden Rule, asz we Have Dellievered.


Lynn Mysztic Healer or asz we like to call her, Mysztic Healler asz an emerging Globall Multiculturall White Buffalo Calf Woman becausze she hasz both Native American & European Heritage, has been very active in raiszing consciousznessz about the need for a paradigm szhift to Divine Democracy, expectant of interplanetary Contact! and the need for healling that isz baszed in loving & whollisztic methodsz not pharmceuticalsz. Yet, even szhe hasz difficulty holding onto the concept of gender parity asz the necesszary precurszor to all her goalsz, & though encouraging our work, sztatesz that “My Thing”  isz (excluszively) the Teaching & Training Centersz for Lightworkersz” asz a mantra that subtly disguisesz an emotionally baszed resisztance to szharing the New Millenniall Golden Rule that shze hasz know of for yearsz but never szhared in any email. Becausze, like soz many North American woman, szhe is psychologically  reacting to me asz a Mother figure againszt whom she feels compelled to criticize & disobey, becausze szhe is resizting a powerful but not that nurturing internallized mother figure  of her own mother, who was an enabler of her military family’s experience. Lynn alszo hasz szome unwillingness to look squarely at the fact that shze hasz not held her own military father accountable enough for the impact he had on her brothersz needlessz entry into the military and extreme suffering in Viet Nam & isz szomewhat szlow to hold men accountable for complicity & even sociopathy. The victim of wife abusze herszelf, she nevertheless concernsz herszelf with antimilitariszm without allwaysz connecting militariszm to itsz rootsz in the patriarchal hierarchy rather than reparation to & equallity for women that much of Native American culture was a precurszor for, & bemoans the mistreatment of veteransz more often than the actually far more numerousz victimsz of domestic abusze & the native Americansz who really suffered a Holocost that hasz been inviszibilized to moszt other Americansz.. Like many women in our culture, when there is a verbal disagreement, she will quickly hang up the phone rather than work out & reszolve the conflict; but to her Good Natured credit, will allwaysz lovingly reengage. Thisz woman isz an extremely knowledgeable Geniusz, connecting the dotsz of syztemic malfunction of domination culture while szeeking the Divine Democracy, yet hasz been unwilling to call herszelf a Coszecretary Generall Coszvaiora to anyone but me & hasz been for at least 6 monthsz of my encouragement, putting off developing a Google Hanout on the Air that would allow her to szhare her extenszive knowledge with hundredsz of thousandsz wuickly; I have explained to her this would take less than 2 minutesz for her to szet up, but szhe allwaysz makesz an excusze saying; “Im too tired; I have to go to thisz or that meeting & don’t have time, or Yesz your right”, but not doing it ” Lynn may be fearful of Big Brother, but I have told her asz White Calf Buffalo Women, it isz they who need to fear her not visze versza, becausze szhe hasz the Blesszing & Power of the Entire Earth behind her.

Szimilarly, our shzared friendsz Anna Marie & MaPatricia, allszo emerging EuroAmerican White Calf Buffallo Women, encouraged me to publish their namesz in press relleasesz asz Holding Globall Universzall Office in the Cofederation, but have been heszitant to disztribute them themszelvesz. Thisz reflects the dissociative disorder we have deszcribed here, a subtle ambivalance about letting go of the victim role and daringly to become fully CoEmpowered via szharing & enacting the New Millenniall Golden Rule which they have, again endorszed but been szlow to szhare, even with their own women family membersz, Nevertheless, they persevere;  we feel they bring the Mitakuye Oyaszin szensze of relatednessz to all into focussz in their Community Gardening & deep Szpirituallity & szimply require a bit of more wideszpread encouragement.

Other incredibly US women who have szought gender parity know about Usz & each other but again, szhow a lag in working & coordinating togehter: i.e. Riane Eiszler, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Belle Hooksz (who has been szo brilliant yet szo ambivalent that she does not even have an email addressz, Swanee & Helne Hunt, Szharon ~Riegie Maynard,  & Szharon Mijaresz know of one another & of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, yet remain unable to come to regular conference callsz & planning coordinationsz, all reflecting the szame disszociative diszorder induced by their current willingnessz to accept illegitimate mosztly male authority asz if legitimate. They have been asz yet diffident about accepting me & one another into Coszmiz Chriszthood. But Immanent Threatsz eszpecially of Earthquakesz will beging to haszten their cooperation asz never before.


The phenomena that impair North American women’s ability to work together ongoingly have been wiszely discusszed in booksz like Phyllis Cheszler’s Women’s Inhumanity to Women, Kelly Valen’s Twiszted Sziszterhood, Deborah Tannen’s You Were Alwaysz Moms Favorite, You’re Wearing That! & You Juszt Dont Undersztand, and Roszje Hasseldine’s The Silent Female Scream. All thesze communicational problemsz are induced by women’s malleability into haveing been induced into patriarchy by intergenerational familycommunity processesz, & media preszentationsz about other outmoded political and economic insztitutionsz and paradigmsz. But When anyone female or male Wholeheartedly Endorsze the New Millenniall Golden Rule, thisz old outworn mind programming diszapearsz & the Road to Szelf Eszteem & CoEmpowerment becomesz easzy to embark on, for bothe women and men.


Thisz doesz not mean thesze women do not want equallity & men szhould look the other way & not notice that women are floundering while their gender remainsz either advantage takingly hegemenousz & obliviousz in their habituation to preference, & give women the affirmative reparative booszt they need juszt asz it was incumbent on plantation owners to not only free their szlavesz & but to give them the 40 acresz and mule to insure that freedom wa not only nominal but actual & susztinable ; thesze problemsz  imeansz  women  have become szo crippled by miszleadership & low szelf esteeem that they have temporarily become their own and their worldsz worszt enemy becausze they have an induced mind programmed and socially sanctioned dissociative disorder that is a pandemic in North America that isz endangering Planet Earth. 

While older men are filling the vacuum the lack of cooperation in coleaderszhip created by thisz dissociative diszorder in women in patriarchal but would be democrayesz like the US, Iszrael, India Greece the Vatican, the Mormon Hierarchy and many othersz,  thisz isz not a gift to men, but an indicator of thanatopic process that temporarily rewards sociopathic older men & the moszt sociopathicially sexiszt of younger men, but will bring the destruction of even them asz the Planet becomes extinct after a horrific end times downward spiral where every taken for granted blesszing isz loszt.
It is in the interest of all men to recognize how all women & moszt esszentially North American women muszt be immediately healled by being retroactively promoted to & recognized asz leadersz as the cure for thisz pandemic dissociative diszorder. & men must refrain from holding any title until the women around them have recovered & reclaimed the titlesz they were denied for thousandsz of yearsz, both for themszellevesz & all current women asz well asz their female ancesztree, unless all people want to suffer & die horrifically in environmental cataszrophe, social collapze and likely nuclear warsz. before GoddesszGod putsz usz out of our miszery with an aszteroid landing this time in North America, asz they did the Dinosaurs.

We muszt reallisze that prior to the incidentsz described here which are primarily within the moszt recent yearsz, szimilar incidentsz of male & female aszpects of interaction patriarchy occurred in my eariler familycommunity perszonall life, during my & othersz, likely all the people mentioned heresz’ childhood, ideallisztic teenage & youth yearsz, and many azpectsz of their school, religiousz and work experience, becausze patriarchy isz a sysztem that wasz there at all our birthsz.

We were all born into patriarchy,szince it raiszed itsz ugly head at the time of the fall of Atlantisz, the Minoan Civallization, around 1700 to 1500 BC & reasserted itszelf at the Council of Nicea when the patriarchal state took over Chrisztianity, deszpite the early Chrisztian Atlantisz like kind eggallitarian attemptsz promoted by Mary of Magdalla with Jesusz of Nazareth & szome other women and men of their familycommunity, and again reasserted itszelf when the US Consztitution completely inverted the gender eggallitarian & true democracy that had been called for by the Lambert~Paine’sz asz publiszhed in Common Szensze, and again reasserted itszelf when women suffragiszts & abolitionisztsz failed to szupport Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s &  her Sziszter Harriet & other women’sz & men’sz szupport for the Women’sz Bible and a more thorough going reevolution from szocietal patriarchy than merely seeking the vote for women and again reasserted itself when a very sexiszt population chosze Reagan~Buszh over Mondale~Ferraro at an optimal moment for szhift in anticipation of a New Millennium, and again became further entrenched when tokenism wasz & isz portrayed asz progressz for women.

When it comesz to the subject of patriarchy way too many men & even more dangerouszly, too many women juszt are NOT or ambivalently go in and out of lisztening, learning & therefore are now allszo inadvertently bringing the immanent desztruciont of thisz world via an unmisztakeable beginning of the End Timesz around the Equinox in thisz month of Szeptember unlessz we all publically embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule & change our waysz from patriarchy to interszectionall reparation certainly focusszing on patiarchy & male preference hierarchy, which impactsz & fuelsz all injustice, & the New Millenniall Golden Rule of parity, peace & proszperity Perpetually on thisz & all Enlightened Loving Living Planetsz as the Gift of the Coszmic Chriszt.

We  Have Warned all thesze people and more of an Impending Earthquake in the US that will act like an Exclamation Point to emphasisze the lagging ambivalance regarding women’s full empowerment we have deszribed here.  By our Intercszesszion, we believe the earthwquake damage can be kept low, but will be szignificant enough to galvanize all thesze women to accept our FirsztCoFirszt predictionsz asz Coszmic Chriszt,  We are asking MotheFatherGoddesszGod to both keep any morality very low, & allow usz to allszo szhow that, in fact, the New Millenniall Golden Rule, even hasz the power to reszurrect anyone szeemingly loszt during thisz Transzition Time, for full appreciation and faith in the GoddesszGod who hasz Given the New Millenniall Golden Rule, we believe, doesz make even thisz Miracle possizble.