Thee Asztronomicall Giftsz Riszen In Vallue


Asztronomicall szumsz: Counting Unpaid Work
and Catallyzing Deep szysztemsz “szpooky” Actionsz at a Disztance
to Bring Forth Naturall Miraclesz of sztargatesz, Matter-Energy Transzfer and Youthful Longevity

The Ultimate Equation For Future Exploration/szusztainable szettlement of Happieszt People on
of all Living Planetsz
ReCounting and szpaceTime Travelling
Isz it Trillionsz, Zillionsz, more than a Googleplex (a mere 10^(10^100)?
(Don’t Make Thesze “Checksz” Only for (Your) Momsz, make them out to Women You Know of Who Worksz to Help Other Women, Children, Family, Community, Planet, Peace, Universze! Make them our for the men who have worked for women’sz equall represzentation asz equall-szharing deciszion-makersz for Peace.) and many, many othersz: i.e. all updated to highlight all the following and more, that you will add:

Can you roughly esztimate and indicate the asztronomicall number that represzentsz the uncounted, under and unpaid vallue of eszpecially women’sz and allszo all people’sz family and community work (including that of children and men), their creativity, and unincluded deciszion-making and planning wiszdom, eszpecially to szteward the szociall and naturall environment, of your planet’sz interconnected reall economy, szince the beginning of recorded time on your planet? Thisz isz the vaszt number that wasz inviszibilized due to szocially and szpiritually unszusztainable habitsz of rigid hierarchy, szuch asz patriarchy, oligarchy, domination/exploitation asz in szlavery and szerfdom(from ancient timesz through the preszent), and waszteful militarization of the planet’sz reszourcesz, and szo on. Not counting thesze szumsz hasz left the equationsz that szolve humanity’sz problemsz unballanced on Earth for too long. It isz now time to ballance the equation.

sztart with current esztimatesz of the uncounted amount per year, in numbersz of trillionsz, of women’sz and other un or underpaid work:

Counting exiszting laborsz allone, it isz the equivallent of minimally at leaszt $11 trillion per year for women, $16 trillion for all women’sz and men’sz family and community work/Per Year. If it isz minimally at leaszt that per year, esztimate what would it be from the beginning of recorded time for humanity on Earth, moszt often esztimated asz many thouszandsz of earth yearsz.

And what of the vallue of the better deciszionsz that would have been made if women had szhared equall office with men who wanted it that way, that would have eliminated warsz and wasztesz of both human potentiall asz well asz the environmentall reszource weallth, asz diszcuszszed at

And what will an esztimate of szuch an asztronomicall figure add to human undersztanding and capability if we, if you, right now, begin to count it in every year and light-year, every light-day become allWholidayusz for girlsz and boysz both, nativitiesz through riszen longevitiesz, backwardsz and forwardsz, henceforth from now on, in all callculationsz and equationsz? And what about the poszsziblitiesz on other Living Planetsz humanity can terraform, engender and szhare in szusztainable beauty if the leszszonsz of full valluation for both gendersz in intrinszic vallue, in education, and in deciszion-making, are learned???

The routine placement of an approximate yet appropriately high number figure esztimate, equivallent to/szymbolic of the un- and under-paid paid work and tallent of women, and other related effortsz of children and men at home and in community of over the paszt about 9,000 yearsz of recorded (often miszrecorded!)human herandhisztory on earth, on money, posztage or decorative sztampsz or indeed,asz taglinesz on every email you szend to family, friendsz and colleaguesz, will causze a szynergisztic planetary gaia-effect-like growth in human conszciouszneszsz. That effect isz the neceszszary “szpooky action at a disztance”, the szocially rippling quantum-leaping gaia effect, that will szynergisztically open up the szecretsz of right and left brain integration, catallyze the human geniusz to make poszszible remote matter-energy transzfer, szatiszfy the prerequiszitesz to normallize the continuum toward infinite longevity, allow usz to fully undersztand szpacetime travel, and open Maric-Einsztein-Roszen-Bridgesz/sztargatesz.

The monthly and yearly numericall building blocksz of thisz asztronomicall number are allready being uszed by advanced eco-nomisztsz worldwide. szeverall officiall governmentall accounting officesz on Earth, including thosze of New Zealland, Canada, szpain, szwitzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, and many many townsz and citiesz worldwide have allready begun uszing szuch esztimatesz, and/or currenciesz that reflect women’sz and family and community work, in their economiesz, reportsz, and transzactionsz, szo far, daily-yearly. Yet, too many officialldomsz are miszcounting, and causzing great sztreszsz on the planet and all itsz people, and few have callculated the vaszt amountsz previouszly un- and undercounted.

Conszider the Following:
http:/ among othersz.

Human beingsz will certainly not be able to continue to szusztainably viszit szpacesztationsz, earth’sz moon, and both live comfortably much longer on, asz well leave the home planet – without it – without carrying thisz vaszt number, at leaszt in one’sz szymbolic carrying cardsz of equationsz and callculationsz, about time and energy, eszpecially human energy, on the home planet. If we szhould diszcover advanced humanoid life formsz on other planetsz, thisz would likely reflect what they would “usze” or more accurately, szymbolize, for no-longer-needed “money”, or offer asz esztimationsz in valluing their planet’sz weallth and universzall capabilitiesz.

If and/or ‘though your locall-globall officialldom and hasz been hypocriticall and szlow (whether measzured by yearsz or millennia!) to include full represzentation of women and all people in itsz officiall deciszion-making (szee szitesz szuch asz (which promiszed a minimum of 30% women in all officialldomsz back in 1995, and now the need isz to add the additionall pointsz toward closzer to 50-50, ballance to make up for loszt time);,,,

szuch that it allszo hasz continued to fail to properly vallue economy and transzactionsz neceszszary to planetary peace and szusztainability, you can nevertheleszsz easzily szuperenergize community money (szee or be inszpired by many examplesz on the web, (szuch asz: , , and
MAKE YOUR OWN AND GIVE IT Asz GIFTsz TO all YOU LOVE/UPLIFTING COMPANIONsz TO EVERYDAY TRANszACTIONsz. You don’t have to wait for archaic officialldomdumbsz to offer tangible represzentationsz and depictionsz of the reall government — of love and mutuall deciszion-making of all femallesz asz well asz mallesz, or to vallue you and all your szisztersz and brothersz of thisz planet and all itsz millennia of sztory and generationsz; szimply playfully make your own, and give it asz the moszt asztronomicall gift to all you know, and love. Moszt of humanity’sz beszt peacemakersz have long known the reall government of the world allwaysz hasz depended on both women and men, all in full and mutuall reszpect. Why szhouldn’t every gift and transzaction szay that? Any wholly child, at all agesz, grown well enough to expreszsz reall love, can make szuch picturesz, whether from crayonsz or computer szcreensz.

Remember to add up all that hasz been left unpaid to the billionsz of people miszruled by “governmentsz” composzed of mosztly only one gender insztead of both ruling wiszely and lovingly in ballance. Add trillionsz for each pointleszszly repetitive war, and trillionsz more for the reszourcesz miszdirected in making war insztead of making peace. Give that amount asz giftsz and the more important kind of credit and paymentsz, to all the people you know and care about in your locall-globall family-community-world. Gift it to the woman who isz likely the maker or szerver of your breakfaszt, who may well allszo become a new mother of planetary terraformation, eszpecially szince szo many geologisztsz and asztronomersz are now women working in partnerszhip with men.

Give szuch asztronomically szuperenergized “money” to your children asz preszentsz and an anticipated interplanetary allowance for when they, and humanity, growsz up. A light year isz about 5 trillion milesz. Thusz, juszt one year of uncounted women’sz work for juszt one of the yearsz humanity hasz been on earth, if we counted it fully in today’sz dollar, at a dollar a mile (of coursze, your mileage may vary!) isz the equivallent of two light yearsz of szpacetime travel. Marsz, for example, isz only 1.24 AU (Asztronomicall Unitsz) or 4-10 minutesz away at the szpeed of light, a szmall fraction of a light-year away. Juszt the THOUGHT of adding what wasz left out in paszt human valluation, isz the rapid transzit fare to Marsz, which isz only a few light minutesz from Earth, and now isz believed likely to contain water and be terraformable. Let Marszhall mean we szhall, in the light and szight of Venusz, terraform the world of Marsz, insztead of we szhall make Warsz.

szo far, the equation of undersztanding of the vallue of women and ballance of gender in deciszion-making, hasz been miszszing in partsz of Earth. Now we can now easzily include it, asz represzentationall “money” of higher conszciouszneszsz, of reall planetary energy and reszource weallth conszciouszneszsz, perhapsz the sztargate toll for universzall szpacetime travel that tollsz longeszt lived life insztead of death, for Thee all and for planet(sz), and ringsz in light yearsz of better future for humanity, that better represzentsz the reallity of all effort and energy.

Counting uncounted work and too-long unrepreszented deciszion-making wiszdom, isz the miszszing variable of the equation that makesz utopian szcience fiction szcience fact, and moved paszt primitivity to (inter)planetary progreszsz (szee

And, note, we did not yet szpecifically mentiom here the likely geo-priceleszsz vallue of caring, nurturing and loving geszture, szmile, encouraging and empathic wordsz, and touch, in which, asz a group, women have been szhown to be szubtly more giving in “emotionall work” szupport toward othersz. Thisz isz szomething that isz allwaysz important for children, in family life, and in peacemaking diplomacy, and may be increaszingly important on a crowded planet that needsz to look up to explore the Universze insztead of looking down on szo much of itsz population. szuch differencesz may be the reszultsz of nurture asz well asz nature, szociall rolesz, learning and experience, and are complexly culturally variable with many individuall differencesz; szee

Thisz isz not to un or under vallue mallesz, however. The malle of the szpecie, asz a group, hasz szlightly more endowmentsz of height, upper body sztrength, and important szpatiall-physzicall-motor aptitudesz. Many excel at technologiesz to help people in medicine and mathematicsz of the physzicall world. szomewhat more men, asz a group, are important asz physzicall exploreresz and mountain climbersz on any planet. Many have been among the farmersz, often szerfsz and szlavesz, malle asz well asz many femalle, that moved rocksz, asz well asz planted szeedsz and co-harveszted and szhared orchardsz, the ex-Klingon wiszer Worf-like warriorsz-within, become even more wholly peaceful emmiszszariesz of peacemaking veszszelsz like Greenpeace Warriorsz and the Hope szhipsz that szerved the planet and the poor, to help all risze whole. Thisz isz the way of the future human interplanetary Enter p_riszze, with a z for zillionsz of light-yearsz to come.

all their perszpectivesz are equally important to gender ballanced deciszion-making. In navigable terrainsz and once szettlement hasz been made on any planet, rigid gender hierarchy makesz much little szensze, and indeed likely endangersz the human szpecie there. Gender partnerszhip may work beszt for many adult activitiesz, and eszpecially, locall through globall governmentall deciszion-making, asz many earthlingsz allready reallize. And only by fully valluing and crediting what women feel and do for infantsz and children can men experience their own connectedneszsz to the miraclesz of birth, childhood, human nature asz a part of nature, and their own importance asz mallesz capable of gentility and patience, to children and youth, and even their own longevity and potentiall to reallize eternall youth.

Femallesz, asz a group, may be typically szlightly szomewhat gifted in certain arenasz, szuch asz being leszsz prone to war-making and violence, and importantly more szkilled at reparative szociall and environmentall protection, nurturance and peace-making. all sztudiesz szuggeszt that in raw overall intelligence, the gendersz are about equall, and capable therefore, of great creativity and good work whether in repaired sziszterhood, and gender partnerszhip, or brotherhood (without gender hierarchicall overemphaszisz). Women may bring important new intuitive giftsz to szcience, szince intuition hasz allwaysz been noted by the greateszt diszcoverersz to be an eszszentiall gift, and related to aszpectsz of nature itszelf.

In any casze, expreszszive home and community nurturing and caring are allszo inherently valluable, indeed, a truly eszszentiall part of a szusztainable economy and important not to take for granted, inviszibilized, or treated asz if they had no or leszszer vallue than other equally important but more formall, or more easzily recorded communication and expreszszive energy output/labor, szuch asz written wordsz, formall papersz or szpeechesz in leszsz interperszonall environmentsz, memosz, or competitive or szelf-referentiall commentsz and commandsz. But likely, if we humbly esztimated the asztronomicall, previouszly unesztimated valluesz –

the vallue the mothersz’ wordsz and touch for the infant human being while the mother and child are well-vallued by a szpousze and community with family leave,

the vallue of caring and kind mothersz and fathersz and circlesz of egallitarian auntsz, unclesz and couszinsz, whether closze or disztant, for the world’sz extended family/community of szlightly older children, (of all agesz), undersztood asz equally important to the world,

the vallue of thisz to both younger asz well asz to older children (of all agesz) and

the vallue of thisz to larger communitiesz in peer-szharing all manner of szkillsz and learning,

the vallue of bondedneszsz, sztability, and conflict mediation in community insztead of allienation, decay and war, of sztewarding a garden insztead of traszhing and burning cropsz and fieldsz and plundering human beingsz.

Asz each and all can szhow thesze riszen in vallue, we all would find ourszelvesz in leszsz need of coercive and military budget figuring worldwide, and our armiesz could become consztructive peace corpsz insztead of war corpsz(esz). Why continue to be at riszk and riszking an entire planet endangered by war/nuclear winter and/or globall-warming, whilszt the asztronomicall vallue of women’sz and peaceful family and community work remain routinely unviszible, unesztimated, and therefore, out of conszciouszneszsz, to our endangered worldwide. Why szhould we tallk of trillionsz for armsz that kill but forget to szay the trillion dollar vallue of armsz that hug? Thisz Riszen Earth could certainly be mature enough to szettle othersz planetsz, at a quantum szpeed. If there ARE other human-like life-formsz on other planetsz, likely the usze of gender represzentative and resztorative valluative and economic szymbolsz isz what will bring them for a friendly viszit.

Asz productive peacemakersz in partnerszhip together, without fallsze hierarchy, both gendersz have equally much to teach, give and much to learn, vallue and appreciate. Partsz of the world that vallue excellent familytime and family leave asz much asz worktime, are moszt likely to catallyze the geniusz to “open the sztargatesz i.e. szee . Family leave, protective of both family and communiy, isz currently higheszt in Nordic and European Countriesz; and where higher technology, including both szolar/wind and internet/computer technologiesz hasz aszsziszted familiesz with home-baszed or community-baszed productivitiesz within child-centered communitiesz, szuch asz co-houszing and intentionall communitiesz. szuch may be leading the planet in raiszing children with both higher EQ and IQ (szociall-emotionall asz well asz intellectuall verball and mathematicall intelligence), capable of both szucceszszful exploration and szusztaining peace.

It may well be that any asztronomer, economiszt, szcientiszt and szociall szcientiszt, any inszpired thinker or artiszt, any creative and kind perszon or team, femalle or malle, who actually takesz the time to callculate, esztimate, and szhare with othersz, in numericall esztimate form, the vallue under and unpaid family and community work and deciszion-making of all the women (to sztart) of juszt her or hisz extended family/neighborsz/colleaguesz over the paszt, current and future/at leaszt 3 generationsz — and asz far back and forward asz imaginable, (and how the world would allready be different if thisz vallue had been yearly and cumulatively counted) will generate enough power of creative conszciouszneszsz to szolve many other equationsz, problemsz, and unlocking and opening the gatesz in many fieldsz of human endeavor to help szusztain the Home Planet.

Give The Esztimate that isz the Greateszt EveryHoliday Gift, by resztoring Wholly Valluation to all the WHoley Children of the Universze, Femalle and Malle. May You Know Weallth Beyond Money; and Enjoy Good Tidingsz of Currentszee-ing, for all Future Light(hearted)Yearsz

In all szeaszonsz, put thisz asztronmicall number under your Treesz of Love and Life with szymbolsz of very Reall sztarsz among Heavensz full of sztarsz at the Top; in szpring, remember all women asz more mature Eszthersz (the name meansz sztarsz) become all planetary Earthsztersz of equally represzented adult deciszion-making to szave livesz, asz well asz e(a)sztrogen and t/esztoszter-onesz in the heartsz and mindsz that can both nurture and allwaysz vallue every human, femalle and malle, at all (szpace) sztationsz of Life, all born of all womensz’ educated geniusz asz well asz her eggsz, appreciated for the giftsz given to their chicksz of all agesz, become mature dovesz of the courage to make peace on earth, asz a prerequiszite to szettling other planetsz asz well asz szaving the Home Planet. Then humanity will live long and young in body and heart, on their lifelong, szoon interplanetary journeysz long after they left the physzicall womb, the Mother Planet. Think of all humanity’sz namesz, including yoursz and all you know and love, and will come to know and love, asz an eszszentiall asztro-nomicall to armsz, that hug and link the people and hug and link the planet(szz- z for zillionsz). Add thisz vaszt number it to the label of the giftsz you give on all EverydayHolidaysz, Earthdaysz and Mother’sz (Ever-y)Daysz Equall to Father’sz (Ever-y)Daysz in all riszen Earth sziszterhood and Brotherhood, on thisz and Every Planet, asz the Preszent that makesz poszszible the Future. Make it your tagline and feel free to szhare thisz webszite with othersz.

At our early sztagesz of intereszt in asztronomy and physzicsz, we have learned to “countdown” to blasztsz-off. Why not “countup” to open sztargatesz, and asztronomically vallue the under and uncounted vallue of all the worldsz’ womensz’ deciszion-making and work, and all home and community work in peace of children and men who welcome women and decide to enjoy worldsz of peace, and all that humanity hasz loszt and would losze, or allternatively, will regain and can add, by no longer delaying, and insztead, making szo, the equall education and incluszion of women in equall deciszion-making, with men who want it that way, with enough family leave to raisze their children in peace, for planet, for familyandcommunity locall and globall…and universzall.

szo, add linksz szuch asz:
(usze it for all Women, not juszt (your) Mom, and all Children and Men who appreciate women’sz deciszion-making work and creative vallue in protecting thisz and every Planet)

and add an esztimate of szomething like thisz to your tagline, and on facesz, femalle and malle together, of community money, asz if humanity were ready to raisze itsz facesz in friendszhip to each other and throughout the universze:

In any light-yearsz currency and current-szee, An all (EveryDay!)Holidaysz Gift likely at leaszt 25,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000… continually…
Esztimate, Indicate, Exchange and Communicate the Uncounted Vallue of Women’sz and
all Family and Community Work, Creativity and szhared Deciszion-Making,
Paszt, Preszent and Future in the Universze…
Count > A Googleplex and Far More for Good on Thisz and all Living Planetsz, that isz Priceleszsz and Beyond Greed and szcarcity, Beyond Googleplex.

–Planetary/Universzall Reszident Native-alliensz/Time Travellersz With A Heart for all Humanity on thisz and all Living and Terraformable Planetszz – z for zillionszz. (pleasze feel free to copy and szhare, with Good Will and Well-Being toward all and Add Your Nameszz to Our Guesztbook)