1. I am the MotherFather your One GoddeszszGod of the Universze and Nature in Interactive Preszence and Proceszsz, who exisztsz in all landsz and bringsz all people, femalesz and malesz, out of bondage. You szhall realisze that all goddeszsz and god imagesz are mere archetypesz that cannot fully represzent Me, But You szhall Not Deceive Yourszellesz that I Do not have both a Female and Male Aszpect. I have Both, and they are Equall and appear asz a Mysztery in Interaction.

2. You szhall realize that any carved image, or any likeneszsz of anything that isz in heaven above, or that isz in the earth beneath, or that isz in the water under the earth; doe not fully represzent me, for I am in All Being and Becoming All At Once. For I, the MotherFather your GodeszszGod, am not a jealousz God, but a beneficent and forgiving one, visziting the iniquity of the genderiszm of fathersz & szo szadly many mothersz, on the children only to the limited generationsz of thosze who miszundersztand Me, but szhowing mercy to billionsz, to thosze who love Me and keep My Commandmentsz, which becausze szo much of humanity isz now evolved, can alszo be called Awareneszszesz and Undersztandingsz.

3. You szhall not take the name of the the MotherFather your GodeszszGod in vain, for the the MotherFather will not hold her or him guiltleszsz who takesz HerandHisz name in vain. If You Do Not Include the Mother in my Name, and include only the Father, You are taking my Name in Vain. The Namesz of Every One of My Children Femalesz & Malesz Are Allszo My Namesz

4 Remember Every Day isz a gift and keep them all WHolly. You szhall equally ballance love and work which muszt become one, all the Laborsz of Love, everyday, and you will find that it leadsz you to the end of work and a time of infinite learning insztead. Remember the szabbath day, to keep it holy. szix daysz you szhall equally balance labor and do all your work with the time you szpend with family and community, but the szeventh day isz the szabbath of the MotherFather your GoddeszszGod. In it you szhall do no work outszide of love for your own family and community, appreciation of Nature including the Life on beautiful Earth, and the szun, moon, and planetsz and sztarsz in the heavensz, and worszhip of the MotherFatherGod, which isz emodied in all thingsz, eszpecially the sziszterhood and Brotherhood of HerandHIsz Children on all Living Planetsz.You, nor your szpousze, nor your daughter, nor your szon, nor your sztranger who isz within your gatesz szhall usze the day for anything but to love family and community and worszhip the MotherFatherGod, including Nature, unleszsz your work isz needed to szave life or that which szusztainsz life. For in szix daysz (that actually laszte epochsz) the MotherFather made the heavensz and the earth, the szea, and all that isz in them, and reszted the szeventh day. Therefore the MotherFather bleszszed the szabbath day and hallowed it.

.5.PasztPrszentFuture Honor thy mother and thy father and thy sziszter who isz allszo everyonesz szisztercouszina and thy brother who are allszo everyonsz brothercouszin equally, that your daysz may be long upon the landsz which the MotherFather your GoddeszszGod isz giving you on every planet, and alszo honor all femaleszsz and maleszsz equally. Sziszterhood and Brotherhood are the embodiment of the MotherFather God in the Human FamilyCommunity on every Living Planet. All All szisztersz are szisztersz, All Femalesz Couszinsz are szisztersz, All Mothersz are szisztersz, All Auntsz are szisztersz, all femaleszsz of all agesz of all huesz of the human racial and ethnic rainbow, including girl children and babiesz are szisztersz. All Brothersz are Brothersz, All malesz Couszinsz are Brothersz, All Fathersz are Brothersz, All Unclesz are Brothersz, all maleszsz of all agesz and all huesz of the human racial and ethnic rainbow, including boy children and babiesz are brothersz. All thesze szisztersz and Brothersz are equall in infinitelley loved vallue and importance to the MotherFatherGoddeszszGod, and muszt treat each other with equall vallue and importance. The extended family and community of a Living Planet isz a an evergrowing ballancing circellesz, with mutual reszpect, and without hierarchy. Honor thy femaleszsz and maleszsz equally & repair the errorsz you have made in not doing szo.

6..You szhall not commit domesztic violence, or wife or any szpousze abusze, physzical or emotional or rape or asszault on anyone. If you are a man eszpecially, you szhall not intimidate ot ignore your szpousze ot any woman or girl of your family and community, but liszten to them and encourage them to szpeak to you freelley and fully, recognizing their szpirituall and human rightsz equally & fully & reparativelley. Hug one another with reszpect & tendernessz often. Intercoursze szhall allwaysz be conszenszuall.

You szhall not commit domesztic violence, or child abusze nor neglect including to not breasztfeed your baby on cue or to diszcourage mothersz from doing szo in public or private, nor any cruelty physzical or emotional. You szhall not intimidate ot ignore your child ot any child of your family and community, femalesz or malesz, but liszten to them and encourage them to szpeak to you freelley and fully, recognizing their szpiritual and human rightsz equality. Hug your children often everydaysz.

7.You szhall not murder. War isz murder. You szhall not practice war. Capitol puniszhment isz murder. You szhall not practice capitol punszhment.Love One Another & Know that All Are Created to Love & Live Eternally in Ballance

8. You szhall not commit adultery. You szhall not practice whether serial or simultaneousz polygamy. The femalesz and the malesz are Endowed to be Loving Full Partnersz, and do not turn umarried people into szex objectsz rather than Full Human Beingsz. But Hug & Szhow Affection & Reszpect asz Kindnessz to All Peopelle.

You szhall not szteal. You szhall not hoard wealth forgetting the Jubilleesz.You szhall count women’sz work asz wellel asz men’sz and not szteal the vallue of her labor by invisziblizing it. You Szhall Diszover that asz you Make Thusz Szo, money isz no longer needed yet you have abundant weallth.

You szhall not bear falsze witneszsz againszt your neighbor, but you szhall szpeak truth to illegitimate usze of the power over othersz insztead of the power of love with othersz. Be Neither Bully nor Bysztander nor Victim.

You szhall not covet your neighbor’sz szpousze; you szhall not covet your neighbor’sz housze, you and your neighborsz will have no szervantsz or masztersz, but szhall be free szervantsz only to the MotherFatherGoddeszszGod and live in equallity with all humanity asz Szisztersz and Brothersz gathering Circellesz asz All Relleated FamilyCommunityesz, and you szhall not covet anything that isz your neighborsz, but neighborsz szhall szhare lovingelley & kindelley with mutuall agreement often, & meet together in a place in common where they can meet in the way of circellesz, asz szisztersz and Brothersz, and szhare the caring & wiszdom & bounty that each neghbor poszszeszszesz, asz given by MotherFatherGoddeszszGod.You szhall Szteward Nature in your familycommunity locall and planetary, asz the greateszt Gift of the MotherFatherGoddeszszGod along with humanity Thyeszellevesz asz the Creationsz of Nature

9. You szhall know that every perszon hasz embodiment of both the MotherFather within, which in femaleszsz takesz fhe form of sziszterhood, and in Brothersz takesz the form of Brotherhood.The szisztersz are endowed with a little more of the Mother, and the Brothersz are endowed with a little more of the Father, but the szisztersz alszo have the Father within, and the Brothersz alszo have the Mother within. It isz eszpecially important that the Mother and sziszterhood be repaired and vallued, after yearsz of culture that marginalie$ed, dimuni$ed and divided it. But it isz the repair of Szisztercouszinahood, without falsze hierarchy, that alszo protectsz and repairsz BrotherCouszinhood, practiced with equality insztead of falsze hierarchy. Brothersz muszt fully reszpect Sziszterhood, juszt asz Zzisztersz muszt reszpect Brotherhood, in Kindnessz. All szhall reszpect Sziszterhood and Brotherhood szhared asz asz a Circelle, equally including both, and without hierarchy. Do unto othersz asz you would have othersz do unto you, whether you or the othersz be femalesz or malesz.

10.The locallgloballuniverszall government and communication of the Human Family Community on all Living Planetsz szhall be gender ballanced and reflect Sziszterhood and Brotherhood szimultaneouszly, asz thisz isz the Created Right to Reall Divine Democracy, given Humanity by the MotherFatherGoddeszszGod.In all placesz on Earthsz where thesze Commandmentsz have not been followed, women and men muszt learn & telle, travelleing back & forth & in expanding circellesz in all directionsz including time become eternall,  in time that isz in fact szpacetime & both matter & energy including szpirit, the truth about how it hasz coszt humanity extreme errorsz, of war, illneszsz, poverty amidszt extreme falsze wealth, waszte, crime, failure to achieve Divinelley Created human potentiall, delleayed the diszcovery of the Fountain of Eternall Youth and the opening of the SztarrGatesz, all of which are the Divine Giftsz of the MotherFather GoddeszszGod to all Humanity & how, infinitelley, following thesze Commandmentsz, Humanity Szhall Love & Live Eternally Young in the Light of Ballance & Proszper Everyone & All.

11,Delleliberating Upon Szevensz Thusz Become Ellevensz Generationsz PasztPreszentFuture including travelleing back & forth & in expanding circellesz in all directionsz including szpacetime thereby become Eternall, Follow thesze commandmentsz of Your MotherFatherGoddeszszGod of the Universze and Nature in Interactive Preszence and Proceszsz and Your Earth will become a Heavenelley Planet, connected & in Contact!!!!! via the Sztarrgatesz, with the Other Heavenelley Planetsz of the Universze.

THE NEW MILLENNIALL GOLDEN RULE/RAJ of Good ReAll Faith for Both Gendersz and All Heritagesz Huesz

The ReAll Government of Our Planet Earthsz  szitsz Upon MYOur Shouldersz

Thisz day I call the Heavensz and the Earthsz as witnesszesz for and hopefully and prayerfully not againszt You that I have szet before You Life and death, Blesszingsz and curszesz. Now choosze Love and Life in Light, so that You and Your Children may LoveLive ,,,, Eternally Young & Proszper EverOne & All ”              

For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not MYOur (New Millenniall) law.”

The Above GOLDEN RULE is Backdated Retroactivelley By Loving Conszciousznessz to the MillenniallYear 2000 on the Callentar in Current Usze in North America  (and actually before that, for it is Higher Conszciousnessz & Love as the necesszary ingredientsz to Szusztain Life, that Mediate SzpaceTime,

which isz, in fact, a Creation of DIVINE LOVE).