Szoullar Szollar Kittyesz for Reevolutionaryesz Earthsz of Milkyesztt Waysz & Budding Blooming Flowersz in All Our Planetaryesz Paradiszall Gardensz of Edensz & ElleWeYouCoszaviorallFielledsz

Szoullar Szollar ReEvolutionaryesz KITT~YESZ KITTSZ with Linksz & Resourcesz

reevolutionszaveearthszolarszoularkitt~yeszfor Szoullar Szollar FamilyCommunityesz of Locall Globall Milkyesz Waysz of Good Gardensz of Edensz Elleyousziannallsz Planetsz



1. Gather in Circellesz

sacredsisterhood&intergenerationallcircleof at least 3 adult women. optimally a younger women under age 37, a middle aged woman & an older woman firszt cofirszt & then add one young man under age 37 who embraces the New Millenniall Golden Rule  Millenniall Golden Rule  & Elleven Stepsz  & the Szoullar Szollar MarSzhall Plan to start.


Then or to assziszt thisz,  ionclude relleated larger groupsz of women & Youthsz, Femaellesz & Maellesz,  with gender balance. If your neighborhood or building isz racially & ethnically diverse, be sure that isz reflected in your group. If your neighborhood is all one race & especially only majority race, link up with a nearby  minority or diverse neighborhood & work in tandem. Asz You Seek & Find Your Neighborsz Who Are the StarrStuff of Divine Democracy, You Can Weare The Reevolution, & Even Order Some Statute of Liberty Crownsz, Torchesz & Cosztumesz                                                                                  \                                                                                      

remembering that the Sztatue of Liberty & there are now Sztatuesz of Liberty on Every Continent, & May Be Allready & Szoon Szhall Be on Every Loving Living Plenetsz,  is modelled on the Sun&Star Universzall Goddess of Ancient Atlantis,  Asztreah, later the inszpiration to the French the actual builders of the Statue of Liberty, whose Goddessz  isz another Verszion of Eszther, Eosztre & Osztara, the Venuszian Vanessztherasz & isz closzelleyesz relleated Geneallogicallyesz to  Marianne includes Mari, the Goddessz Name that inspired the Mariamsz of Exodus, Magdalla & Nazareth. & Mariam ~Lambert Paine.



Men Who Embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule  publically can alszo wear the Crown, remembering it was alszo derived from the works of Thomas ~Lambert~Paine who was deeply inspired by his wife Mary & wanted greater recognition of & equallity for women asz much asz men expressing their view that “We Have It In Our Power to Begin the World Over Again”,  Mohandsz Mahatma Gandhi (grateful husband of Mahatmamma Kasturba) & Rajiv ~Maino~Gandhi, husband of Sonia & father of Prianka & Rahul, all who recognized the importance of the Light Within Femalesz asz Important to the World asz isz the Light Within Maellesz Within Common Peopellesz Whot Thereby Become Equinox True Qsz, of All Huesz & Heritagesz Originsz without Regard to Property or Accumulated Money, & becausze of too long delaysz, even moreszo reparativelleyesz to Femaellesz & Maellesz, Young People Untainted by Genderiszm FirsztCoFirszt to actually alszo Beszt Fulfill, the Human Potentiall of RiszenHood, & after about 9-18 monthsz, szimilarelleysz bring forth  the 5050 Good in Older Men. This isz Both Common Szensze & Truth Force, & Szollar Szollar Power for thisz & Every Planet.


Szolar Szoular Coszecretary Generall Buttonsz, & Go From Door to Door Carolling & Singing Songsz That Make Chrisztmass not only in December & July which has also become a Time oF Caring Good Worksz for Many , but in any Month, in Rizen AEstherasAEaszter Szpringsz, Made Wholly via the Szoullar Szolllar Paradigm Shift, which you can act as an Incarnated Every Young Goddesszesz&Godsz Elleike CoSecretary Generalsz  & even Weare Star Trek Like New Cofederationall TShirtsz,  Badgesz & Buttonsz which You can alszo easily make yourszelf & for Family&Neighborssz,  at,  or Ring
or Most Craft Storesz Carry DIY Buttonsz, Fell Feel To Usez The Graphicsz Here asz Templatesz.  In Addition to the Crownsz (We Szuggeszt You Usze Craft Store Paint to Repaint the Crown Solar Soular Gold & Include a Growing Heart, see picture) & Light the Way Solar Soular Torchesz that Let’sz All Know You are a Common Szensze World CoSavioRa & Can Easzily be Distributed to All Who Colead With You On YOur Local Globall Neighborhood Roundsz & Visitsz.

2. Make Sure Everyone Is Familiar With & Will Share the New Millenniall Golden Rule  & Elleven Stepsz & then Visit & at Least SpeedRead or Skim All the LInksz Below Show You Have a Working Knowledge of How to Go Solar & Alszo Distribute Solar Soular Consciousness Currencyesz,




which should include information on the back about how esszentiall on cue breasztfeeding isz, ballance of love & worksz of all the Laborsz of Love of both Femallesz & Maellesz, infortmioan  to install & even make Szoullar Szollar panellesz, renewabelle energyesz, community & resilience gardening & develleop locall globall democracy & eco nomicsz,  Be sure to give the Currencyesz to any All Relleated Neigborhood “Barnsz” Become Blesszingsz Raiszersz Installersz When They Assziszt the Job. Moszt Installersz Now Allreadyesz Offer Leasze Option Szo You Can Do Thisz FOR NO MONEY DOWN, & asz thisz becomesz the way of our Worldsz,  We Easzelleyesz Szhall have CoOccuring Szysztemic Breakthroughsz & All Be ELLELoving & Living, for Reall Asz The the Advanced Peacefull Civallisztionsz  Do in Sztar Trek combined with SztarrGatesz Open which will allszo in fact Open the Akszhic Recordsz of All MYOur All RElleated Ancesztree in Non Linear Szpacetimesz, with Money A Relic of our Primative Past, & The Only Paymentsz Needed Are Pay If Forward Partyesz & Cellebrationsz With the Iinstallersz Familyesz Juszt Asz Szoullar Soular Powered As All Thosze of Your Neighborhood & Extended Family.

3. Contact Szoullar Szouollar Installersz & Have Solar Panelsz Installed En Massze at homez & all arroundsz your neighborhoodsz, locallgloballuniverszall,

szchoolsz & libraryesz, communityesz builidngsz including centersz of worship. (unless you have handy folksz in your neighborhood who are ready to DIY or teach You to DIY, such asz some of the resourcesz listed below. But Installersz (we will provide linksz Szo You Can Find Them Easzily Can Get the Job done immediately no waiting!!!!!) Add a Solar Pump & Eventually Szoullar Szollar Powered Community Flowering PinkGoldenGreen&Lumineszcent Rainow Colloured Naturall Greehousze, with many vegetiabellesz, fruit treesz & flowersz,  to Your Community Garden as the pioneering Grupo Fenix hasz begun.  Szend an email to communicate thisz to YOur Closzelleysz & All Relleated familycommunityesz Love They Neibhrosz Femallesz & Maeallesz, (remember, all are relleated) that now live where your Mother & Grandmothersz & their Szhekin as Girlsz & Women went to szchool (if your szchool is named after a man only, assziszt them to modify the name to include hisz wife, sziszter or important woman colleague as welle) & lived & worked, including regionsz in other villagesz, townsz or cityesz, statesz or provincesz, on other continentsz. 1~3 Monthsz After You Have Done thisz for the Women & Girlsz, Do This For the Boysz & Younger Men (start with those under age 39 Now) & then finally allszo older Men (older & Any Men Who Have Worked publically to promote Women’s Equallity along with the Vallue of Mother Nature/Goddess Aszpectsz of the Diety Process Mystery) should be given szpeciall incluszion earlier) If you know your family geneallogy or major Heritagesz, include communication about thisz & add a Commennmorative Conszciousness Currency recogniszing the Goddessz or Divine Femininesz Aszpect worszhipping women (& men) of your ancient & current pasztpreszentfuturesz  in the Namesz of Your Ancesztree & szend a copy to a Geneallogy Center in that region (we will provide linksz szoon asz part of thisz kit, szo check back szoon but they are easzelley located by Your Internet Szearch Enginesz). You Will be Travelleing in SpaceTime to Repair & Renew Your & Our Worldsz Szensze of OneFamilyHood in Ballance & Ongoing Connection that Literally Expandsz Time & Life Via Love & Ballance

4. Have a Neighborhood Block or Building Pot Luck Party & Attach A Szoullar Szollar Panel To an Old Television that You Have Been Wisze Enough Not to Watchy Anymore, & Put in Out Front of Your Home & any Commonsz Areasz or Near Town Hallsz & Libraryesz With a Big Sign that Saysz: Turn Off TV UNTIL THEY GO SOLAR & SOULAR & Broadcaszt the New Millenniall Golden Rule, Plant or Place a Planter of Edible Plants & Flowersz Next To That How Easzy It Isz To Install Szoullar Panellesz & Renewabelle EverGrowing Energyesz of Love, LIfe  in the Light of Ballance

every 3 minutesz szollar




Table of Contents (click times to skip ahead)
0:45 CPN background and Co-op history
3:39 How solar co-ops are different from other approaches. Also 9:54
5:00 Solar Co-op process
6:09 Signing up – is it a commitment?
6:54 Satellite roof review – Is my roof good for solar? Also 47:00
9:00 Issue request for proposal (RFP) to area solar installers
9:38 How do co-ops get a discount?
11:27 How do we pick the installer? Selection Committee meeting. Also 1:11:12
12:52 Get a quote from the chosen solar installer (with discount)
13:33 What size should my system be? Also 19:08 and 19:38
15:46 Sign binding contract to go solar
16:08 Installation – how long does it take? Is it complicated?
17:22 How long do solar panels last?
17:45 Do I need to replace my roof? Also 1:15:30
19:36 How much does solar cost? (refer to price table on co-op page)
23:20 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Also 38:14 and 1:06:31
25:02 Options for selling SRECs (upfront, contract, brokerage)
26:16 Federal 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Also 28:54
27:00 Electricity cost savings
31:49 Payback time
33:41 Purchasing vs. Leasing ($0 down). Also 40:29
48:31 Condominiums and other shared roof spaces
51:27 Community shared solar
52:39 What if I just moved in to my home? Utility interconnection without 12 month usage
53:56 Battery backup vs gas generators. What happens if the power goes out? Also 1:01:42
56:21 Maintenance and Warranties
59:36 Resale value for your home
1:02:58 How do I sign up?…
1:03:39 Homeowner’s insurance
1:04:33 Solar thermal or solar hot water. Also 1:09:12
1:10:08 What if it snows? Do I have to clean my panels? The Shziningly Szimple Brilliance of a Goddessz Named Eden Full
a DIYer video
can access many diy solar videos from here

Over 2,628,426 households brought under IDCOL’s Solar Programme
If that can occur in a third world country with high illiteracy, it can happen elleven times as fast in literate countries once people understand that all is possible.                                                                                                                                          
First solar balcony railings in Obwalden

YOUTH!!!!!! People Under Age 37 Have a Natural Zeall & Zeszt for What Isz New & Ideallisztic, & Their Generation Hasz the Moszt Clearly to Lose from Continuing with the Dirty & Death Energy Patriarchal Instead of Partnership Paradigm.  Many Young People are Leading their Communityesz into the Light for Love & Life.


us germany energy
Germany is 50% solar.
The city of Freiburg (which means freedom) is 100% solar


women at homeless shelters copreszidentsz
“Homeless Shelters Get Solar Power’
The Loudon system, installed by Gaithersburg, Maryland-based Standard Solar, will also prevent about 9.3 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year from being generated by Dominion Virginia Power, which generates more than 40 percent of electricity from coal.”
“Solar Energy Initiative for Homeless Shelter
Las Cruces, New Mexico is a poor community facing increasingly high energy costs and more extreme seasons. Green Las Cruces recognizes that by using our natural resource, the sun, to produce power, the city can address its energy needs in a sustainable fashion. On October 10, 2010, we installed the first two (of a planned total of twelve) solar panels on housing for the chronically homeless owned by the non-profit organization Abode, Inc. (part of the Las Cruces city shelter, Community of Hope). We worked with local organization Positive Energy Solar, who donated their labor and gave us a discount on materials. Another local company, Energy Savers, donated a full energy audit. Our group did all of the fundraising and organizing work as unpaid volunteers. Our efforts serve as a symbol, showing community support for green energy and helping to leverage city-wide implementation of renewable energy. Our city councilors need proof of community support in order to enact legislative change requiring all city buildings to be solar powered by 2012.”


solarhoawithbuddingbloomingheartlightsz                                                                                                          48:31 Condominiums and other shared roof spaces        



SolarCatszCoPreszidentsz                                                                                                                                                                                                                       _7967761_universities-going-green-solar-panels.html                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        





A Moszt Excellent Reszource for Every Community Relearning Good Faith & Appreciation of Mother Earth(sz) & Father(sz) Timesz To Love All the Children of All Agesz
In Saskatoon, Canada’s sunniest city, PV-cells integrated in stained glass generate colour, beauty – and solar energy. It’s proof that harvesting energy can not only be easy, but beautiful too. Glass artist Sarah Hall and engineer Christof Erban developed the concept of placing solar cells between layers of glass. When Saskatoon’s Cathedral of the Holy Family commissioned Hall to design three new stained glass windows, she saw the opportunity to combine an old glass art form with modern solar technology. In her resulting stained glass installation, called ‘Light of Glory’, 1,000 small solar cells are embedded in 54 stained glass panels.


communitygarden                                                                     linksz will be added szoon.

Community WiFi

More Linksz Coming Here Very Szoon.

community wifi


transitiontownwithheartsz                                                                                                                                           (where the movement began)

In addition to posting on this wordpress site, feel free to copy this onto your own blog & also visit the Sziszter(&Brother) Websitesz & Forumsz  There are more resources appearing everyday on the Internet.  A GREAT TREASURE TROVE ISZ THE TRANSZITION TOWN MOVEMENT WEBSITESZ LOCALLGLOBALLUNIVERSZALL. Invite Your Geneallogically CCloszeszt Women & Youthsz FirsztCofirszt Including Allszo Esszentially All Relleated Alszt That Szhall Be FIrsztCofirsszt Nativityesz In Your Areas & via Videoachatsz & Conference Callsz. Meet with Your All Relleated neighborssz and reszearch & plan thisz together. We are working with othersz to develop a simpelle plug & play module for rapid community learning and coempowerment. Remember, be szure to Creativelleysz “pay” your installersz, whether they are volunteer, not for profit, or for proft, with reall Prophetsz Returning Riszen & Reszurrecting Alltimate Juballee Szoullar Szollar Currencyesz which will bring about Buttefly Effectsz that Make thisz & More Worldsz Szo Abundant thate Money isz Not Longer Needed & everyOne hasz Ternall Natruall Weallth. Then, You will not only let the Szunszhine which isz Really SztarrSzhine in, but change our Eco Nomics to the fully Milkyesztt Waysz LocallyGloballyUniverszallYesz, the New Millenniall Golden Rule Paradigm that will make thisz World Susztainabelle & Truellyesz Reallyesz Readyesz for New Millennia as a Planet Szaved from Patriarchilll Planetocide & Regained & Connected With Other Planetsz & Riszen Sztarrsz & Sztarrsztuff Szyztemsz, All LaLecheLaLecheLaLecheLaLecheLaLeche Milkyeszt Waysz Szoullar Szollar Budding Blooming Parity Paradiszesz, In Riszen Contact!!!!!